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    • Glad
    • By Glad 31st Dec 17, 11:59 PM
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    The Compers Inn (part 48)
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    • 31st Dec 17, 11:59 PM
    The Compers Inn (part 48) 31st Dec 17 at 11:59 PM
    Welcome to the new Inn

    for comping and non comping chitchat leaving the rest of the board for comping discussions

    previous thread here
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    • leanfun30
    • By leanfun30 11th May 19, 6:21 AM
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    Morning. We were very lucky yesterday with the weather after the downpours on Thursday it was lovely and sunny.

    SIL had a good flight from America. She lives in LA but had been working at a conference in North Carolina. The flight was eight hours. She flew into Heathrow and had booked a coach to Victoria. Fortunately I was forty minutes early meeting her as she was through airport very quickly and caught an earlier coach. She’s off out with DD1 and GS today. Our DS came home yesterday as well.

    Sheils great you all had a brilliant evening for DD’s birthday. Loved the pics on instagram.

    Indie I still haven’t found direct messages on Instagram on iPhone. Must try to sort that.

    Alfie sorry to hear lappy still giving you problems. Great you took part in the litter clearup yesterday. It just should not be necessary. Suspect local people are not the culprits but all the visitors.

    Well as I’ve woken up too early for me I’m off comping.
    Have a good weekend and good luck everyone.
    • indie
    • By indie 11th May 19, 8:08 AM
    • 2,698 Posts
    • 14,967 Thanks
    Morning, glad you had a good litter run Alfie,it's a nice thought people might be getting the idea but as leanfun says it's probably visitors. I have no idea about iphones leanfun so can't help you there. It took me ages to work out how to open a message i had on the phone and it was a red dot,lol.It's sunny here at the moment, yesterday it really warmed up and we had all the open and the fan on.
    I recieved a book in post today "the meaningful money handbook" but no note with it. I will have to try and see if i can find the comp to thank poster later.Hope you all have a good weekend.
    • AlfieBlue
    • By AlfieBlue 12th May 19, 10:08 AM
    • 14,583 Posts
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    Good morning

    It's beautiful weather here, think it's going to get quite warm
    as the day goes by too!

    I can hear the garden calling!

    Went out very early this morning for my walk, except this time
    I took a bag & gardening gloves to pick up any litter on the
    way. I'm going to do this every time I go out forest walking

    I think you may well be right leanfun/indie. I actually found
    just a small amount of litter: 1 ciggy butt, 3 tiny pieces of
    plastic, 1 small piece of foil & a lollipop stick. Whereas in
    the well known parts of the forest, there tends to be a lot
    more rubbish lying around. Lol - 3 ponies sauntered up to
    see what I was up to, so nosy!

    I just ignored them & they went on their way. They were
    probably on the lookout for food - another dreadful problem
    we have down here. A lot of visitors insist on feeding the
    ponies/donkeys which is a big no no. The animals start to
    make a nuisance of themselves, making it impossible for
    people to sit with their picnic food etc & occasionally the
    animals may become aggressive.

    Very sad case of the lovely pony recently removed from the
    forest after quite a few years of being continually fed titbits
    of food by visitors. She'd changed from being a gentle soul
    to becoming rather aggressive with humans especially if they
    were enjoying food & not giving any to her! The owner is
    understandably extremely upset & is just hoping that the
    pony will revert back to how she used to be. Only time will

    Visitors are reminded not to feed to ponies and failure to
    adhere to this byelaw results in a £200 fine and criminal
    record. For safety of both the animals in the forest and
    visitors we ask you admire them from a safe distance as
    even the gentlest looking pony can kick and bite.

    On a different note - not sure if anyone else loves Marmite as
    much as I do. This was posted on 10th May ......

    Did you spot Marmite in the Google Doodle today? Some love it,
    some hate it, but there is something special about Marmite, as
    Lucy Wills discovered in the 1920s. The pioneer medical researcher
    discovered folic acid and changed prenatal care forever. Find out
    how Lucy Wills uncovered a medical marvel in Marmite:

    Have a lovely Sunday all, take care.

    Alfie xxx
    Eco Warrior
    • AlfieBlue
    • By AlfieBlue 12th May 19, 6:52 PM
    • 14,583 Posts
    • 64,786 Thanks
    I recieved a book in post today "the meaningful money handbook" but no note with it. I will have to try and see if i can find the comp to thank poster later.Hope you all have a good weekend.
    Originally posted by indie

    Hi indie - forgot to mention this ^^^ in my earlier post, very
    well done on handbook win, great prize!

    Alfie xxx
    Eco Warrior
    • indie
    • By indie 13th May 19, 5:34 AM
    • 2,698 Posts
    • 14,967 Thanks
    Thanks Alfie. We like marmite in this house,well my DS and i do.Thanks for the link. Sad about the pony being sent away but hopefully he will revert back. I was working yesterday and am off to work again soon,and it's going to be another nice day,lol. Hope you all had a good weekend.
    • leanfun30
    • By leanfun30 13th May 19, 7:24 AM
    • 2,484 Posts
    • 36,421 Thanks
    Morning. Well done on book win Indie. Hope work goes well today.

    We had a good weekend with SIL. She went out to Leeds castle with DD1 and GS on Saturday and was very impressed as she had never been there before. DD1 has the family card I won. She even managed to go by train to DD1s in LA they drive everywhere. She’s off by train to meet a friend today.

    Alfie I have memories of our two small daughters sat at a picnic table but with no food and a pony coming up to DH and suddenly kicking him. It was frightening and as I say we had no food. It’s crazy what people do food animals with. Do hope pony is able to settle down.

    Thanks for link re Marmite Alfie. DD2 is the only one here that likes it.

    Hope all are well. Have a good week and be lucky.
    • sheils6
    • By sheils6 13th May 19, 7:53 AM
    • 15,602 Posts
    • 112,985 Thanks

    Been wonderful weather here. Been getting gardening done and sitting out in afternoon. Also been to our local NTS house and meaning to do a few more reasonably local attractions this week. Heading up north on Sunday so going to visit DS2 and his gf then too.
    Can't remember if I said but finally got our Forest Holiday booked - would have cost £545 so nice prize. Also won tickets to Blackpool Madame Tussauds but looking at the terms and conditions it looks like they might just be dated until the end of this month! Hopefully a mistake as probably be lucky if they arrive before then. Not going to Blackpool until September.

    You will be in your element in the garden this weather Alfie.

    Well done on win indie.

    Glad your SIL is enjoying her visit leanfun.

    Hope things OK with your and your DH FF.

    Must get the washing hung out and go and get some shopping. DH is making a wholemeal loaf and has decided he is going to make some soup to have with it so need some carrots.

    sheils x
    Best Win of 2019 - Forest Holiday
    • AlfieBlue
    • By AlfieBlue 13th May 19, 10:54 AM
    • 14,583 Posts
    • 64,786 Thanks

    Good morning

    It's another glorious weather day here, apparently set to be
    warmer than yesterday! Although the land is
    quite dry - may have to do a DIY rain dance.

    You're most welcome re the Marmite link indie/leanfun - it's
    most definitely a spread you either love or hate!

    I'm sorry to hear of DH being kicked by the pony leanfun,
    sadly most ponies now see all humans as providers of tasty
    little titbits, whether they've actually got food or not. Dreadful
    situation - we're hoping the people who do feed them scraps
    will eventually realize that it's a big no no!

    Linky .....

    The New Forest is well-known for its roaming ponies, donkeys,
    cattle, pigs and in some places, sheep. For their safety and your
    own please donít feed or pet them; there is plenty of natural food
    and itís best that they donít come to rely on peopleís attention.
    They may look friendly but they are unpredictable and can bite and
    kick, especially mares with foals.

    The feeding of ponies is against the byelaws and giving them
    human food, or even things like carrots, causes serious issues in
    the New Forest. Some ponies and donkeys develop an unhealthy
    craving for human food and become aggressive with people who,
    quite rightly, try to keep their picnics to themselves. The animals
    also tend to gather near roads, looking for people with food, and
    this makes them more vulnerable to traffic accidents. Human food
    also gives the ponies colic (bad stomach ache) which is very

    Only had to pick up 2 ciggy butts & lollipop wrapper on my walk
    today. Things are looking up!

    Me thinks you've also been a busy bee re gardening sheils!
    I've managed to get quite a bit done these last few days,
    off out there in a while to carry on doing this n' that.

    Brilliant that you've heard back from Forest Holiday -
    excellent news.

    Interesting link re Forest Holidays & National Parks via New
    Forest post ......

    Find out how Forest Holidays and National Parks are helping to
    connect more young people with nature 🌱 National Parks UK

    Well done too on tickets win to Blackpool Madame Tussauds!

    Sounds as if SIL is having a wonderful time leanfun. I can
    remember all the cars in LA too, horrendous!

    When we were out in LA, we took ourselves off to Venice for
    a couple of days - hired bikes & cycled along the beach path.
    The place was absolutely buzzing - we all had a great time,
    kids loved it. Mind you, that was years ago, would love to go
    back there again.

    Venice Beach is the perfect spot to take in the Southern California
    scenery. Popular Venice Beach Bike Path provides an excellent
    route for both biking and rollerblading. Starting at Navy Street on
    the North end of the beach, the path continues to the Venice Pier
    at Washington boulevard. Itís easy to rent bikes and blades right
    at the beach, but be sure to wear a helmet. The path is crowded
    and the somewhat sandy surface can make it easy to skid. Keep
    an eye out for distracted pedestrians and patches of sand that can
    make bike tires skid. If you take it slow, youíre sure to safely
    enjoy both the ride and the view.,_Los_Angeles

    Interesting post today from Historic UK .....

    Today in 1787...the 'First Fleet' of 11 ships leave Great Britain to
    found a penal colony that will become the first European
    settlement in Australia.

    British Convicts to Australia

    by Jessica Brain

    26th January is the official national day of Australia and marks the
    arrival of the First Fleet of British ships and the raising of the Union
    flag at Sydney Cove. Australia continues to recognise the story of
    its modern founding to this day.

    The First Fleet as it became known, was formed of 11 ships that
    left from Portsmouth in southern England on 13th May 1787. This
    was an historic voyage across oceans to the other side of the world
    in order to establish the first European settlement, and penal
    colony, in Australia..... [Cont'd] >>

    Have a lovely & lucky day all, take care.

    Alfie xxx
    Eco Warrior
    • indie
    • By indie 14th May 19, 6:47 AM
    • 2,698 Posts
    • 14,967 Thanks
    Morning,The sun has got his hat on again today, and i am going out to play.(later).lol.I have a couple of days off now and although will be busy in the mornings, should be able to get out in the garden in the afternoons,weeds are loving this weather as well and seem to shoot up when i am not looking.
    Glad your SIL has nice weather to get out and about leanfun.
    Well done on getting the Forest holiday booked sheils,hope the Blackpool tickets dates can be extended and it is a mistake on the T&C's.
    I came home to a surprise win last night from UK Mums TV. a easy yo maker and 2 packets of the mix to start us off.There was a note this time so know where it came from.Hope you all have a lucky day.
    • leanfun30
    • By leanfun30 14th May 19, 7:43 AM
    • 2,484 Posts
    • 36,421 Thanks
    Well done on your win Indie. Sounds good. I love surprises. Have a good few days off. I managed to clear a bit of our back garden yesterday

    Sheils your Forest Holidays was a great win, pleased you have it all booked now. Hope the Blackpool tickets work out for you. Enjoy your visit with DS and Gf.

    SIL managed the two trains to visit her friend on Kent Sussex border yesterday. They took her to Bodium Castle. She’s off to meet her sister for lunch today up town. Our DD1 is going with her. She’s been lucky with weather and seems very fit to keep up with it all. Tomorrow I’m going on the train with her to visit our DD2 and children.

    Take care everyone. Be lucky.
    • sheils6
    • By sheils6 15th May 19, 7:15 AM
    • 15,602 Posts
    • 112,985 Thanks
    Good Morning,

    Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather. We are trying to spend so much time getting things up to date and so much time pretending to be holiday makers in our area! Been to our 2 local NTS places and heading to Caerlaverock Castle today. There is a wildlife area there too for a nice walk.
    Got a voucher for a free meal at Table Table so think we might go for a late lunch while out.
    Treated myself to a Fitbit with a birthday Amazon Voucher so having fun seeing how many steps I do. Did over 12,000 yesterday.
    Forgot to say I got a gorgeous bunch of flowers delivered on Saturday from DS1 as it was International Mother's Day on Sunday. He always sends on it rather than the UK one so I always get a surprise when it arrives.

    Well done on another win indie - sounds interesting.

    Hope you have a good day out leanfun.

    Expect you will be gardening Alfie - enjoy!

    Must get on as got a day out to go and enjoy!
    Good Luck all.

    sheils x
    Best Win of 2019 - Forest Holiday
    • indie
    • By indie 15th May 19, 7:56 AM
    • 2,698 Posts
    • 14,967 Thanks
    Morning, another lovely day here.It's great when you can get out and about in your local area sheils. Enjoy your meal. Hope you have a good day with family leanfun.
    I have been to Dr's had bloods taken, blood pressure done and weight noted. Got a follow uo appointment in a couple of weeks. Once you reach 60 they like you to have a health check up. Well blood pressure was ok, weight was interesting, lol. I don't weigh myself, just cut back if clothes feel too tight. I thought i was a certain weight but i am over half a stone heavier, Expect they will tell me i am obese but hey ho. Couldn't wait to get home and have a coffee as it was a fasting blood test. She said it was nice and warm whatever that means.Off out again soon to take son to hospital for his consultation ref his op. Hope you all have a good day.
    • AlfieBlue
    • By AlfieBlue 15th May 19, 10:25 AM
    • 14,583 Posts
    • 64,786 Thanks

    Good morning

    It's another glorious weather day here, although
    the garden is very dry now - so would really love a bit of
    rain, preferably through the night!

    Thoroughly enjoyed my forest walk this morning, only found
    three bits of litter .... one ciggy butt, short length of plastic
    string and a cottonwool bud. Can't for the life of me
    think why anyone would even have one of those in the forest,
    let alone drop it! Thankfully, it was clean - but this is why I
    always take my gardening gloves when picking up litter.

    I'm really chuffed! As you know, I love my gardening & my
    daily walks, well since Xmas I've also cut down big time on
    choccies, biscuits, crisps, drinkies etc., (apart from son's
    surprise birthday meal & a few other special occasions -
    Easter springs to mind.).

    Since then I've lost approx 1 stone in weight & phew - now
    happy to be back to what I used to weigh last year & can
    comfortably wear my clothes again.

    Only just read your post indie - I'm the same as you, never
    weigh myself - just go with how tight my clothes feel. But
    when I had a struggle to get into my jeans & couldn't breathe
    when mission was completed, I realized I may have put
    on an extra pound or two. That's the moment
    when I thought I'd better step on the scales (Xmas time) &
    again I stepped on them this morning, when I found that
    I could actually fit comfortably into my beloved jeans.

    Lol at being told your blood is nice & warm.
    I've got my blood tests next week, wish me luck!

    I came home to a surprise win last night from UK Mums TV. a easy yo maker and 2 packets of the mix to start us off.There was a note this time so know where it came from.Hope you all have a lucky day.
    Originally posted by indie

    Brilliant surprise win, very well done!

    Have a lovely trip to Caerlaverock Castle today sheils. Yes,
    I've been making the most of the beautiful weather & been
    busy gardening. Just waiting in for a delivery (few bits n'
    pieces for hols), then will be back out pottering around again,
    although may choose a shady spot!

    Have an enjoyable time today visiting your DD2 & children
    leanfun with SIL. Sounds as if she's having a wonderful time

    Puffin picture plea: Snaps needed to help save endangered

    Puffins are vulnerable to extinction, with concerns they may be
    facing a reduction in available food due to climate change.

    People with a keen photographic eye are being asked to join the
    "puffarazzi" and snap pictures of puffins with fish in their bills to
    help find out what the seabirds are feeding their young.

    In a continuation of a citizen science scheme launched in 2017, the
    Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is asking for help
    in its bid to identify areas where the threatened species are
    struggling to find the large stocks of nutritious fish it needs to feed
    their chicks.

    More than 600 people sent in 1,402 photos from almost 40
    colonies in the first year of the project, and researchers want an
    even greater number of submissions across the spring and
    summer of 2019 and 2020 >>>

    Have a lovely & lucky day all and please take care, whatever
    your plans.

    Alfie xxx
    Eco Warrior
    • AlfieBlue
    • By AlfieBlue 15th May 19, 1:33 PM
    • 14,583 Posts
    • 64,786 Thanks
    Love this verse! .......


    Back in the days of tanners and bobs,
    When Mothers had patience and Fathers had jobs.
    When football team families wore hand me down shoes,
    And T.V gave only two channels to chose.

    Back in the days of threepenny bits,
    when schools employed nurses to search for your nits.
    When snowballs were harmless; ice slides were permitted
    and all of your jumpers were warm and hand knitted.

    Back in the days of hot ginger beers,
    when children remained so for more than six years.
    When children respected what older folks said,
    and pot was a thing you kept under your bed.

    Back in the days of Listen with Mother,
    when neighbours were friendly and talked to each other.
    When cars were so rare you could play in the street.
    When Doctors made house calls; Police walked the beat.

    Back in the days of Milliganís Goons,
    when butter was butter and songs all had tunes.
    It was dumplings for dinner and trifle for tea,
    and your annual break was a day by the sea.

    Back in the days of Dixonís Dock Green,
    Crackerjack pens and Lyons ice cream.
    When children could freely wear National Health glasses,
    and teachers all stood at the FRONT of their classes

    Back in the days of rocking and reeling,
    when mobiles were things that you hung from the ceiling.
    When woodwork and pottery got taught in schools,
    and everyone dreamed of a win on the pools.

    Back in the days when I was a lad,
    I canít help but smile for the fun that I had.
    Hopscotch and roller skates; snowballs to lob.
    Back in the days of tanners and bobs.

    D.Wood 2012©

    Alfie xxx
    Eco Warrior
    • lfc4eva
    • By lfc4eva 15th May 19, 7:32 PM
    • 1,477 Posts
    • 32,507 Thanks
    Hi all... just wondering (delete if not in correct place) does anyone on here come from Wolverhampton. I'm hoping to go see Rod Stewart June 8th.. and most hotels are fully booked or asking ridiculous prices. Are there any pub accomodation ... i'm really struggling to find anything or is there somewhere to stay a little further away but with easy travel (bus etc) to Molyneux Stadium... Thanks xxxx
    • AlfieBlue
    • By AlfieBlue 16th May 19, 10:43 AM
    • 14,583 Posts
    • 64,786 Thanks

    Good morning

    Hope you're all ok. Yet another beautiful day here, sun's
    shining away & bird feeders, baths etc have just been topped
    up yet again! Lots of very cute chicks in my garden demanding
    food from their parents.

    Hi all... just wondering (delete if not in correct place) does anyone on here come from Wolverhampton. I'm hoping to go see Rod Stewart June 8th.. and most hotels are fully booked or asking ridiculous prices. Are there any pub accomodation ... i'm really struggling to find anything or is there somewhere to stay a little further away but with easy travel (bus etc) to Molyneux Stadium... Thanks xxxx
    Originally posted by lfc4eva

    Hi lfc4eva Welcome to the Inn. I live way down South
    & have never ventured into Wolverhampton, so can't really
    help. I've been googling to try to find you accommodation but
    as you say, the prices are ridiculous plus all the cheaper places
    are now fully booked. I've been racking my brains - have you
    thought about youth hostels or similar?

    I do hope you find somewhere to stay soon, so sorry I can't
    help. The Rod Stewart concert will be absolutely amazing.
    Good luck with your search, hope you're successful in
    finding accommodation. xxx

    Have a lovely & lucky day all and please take care, whatever
    your plans.

    Alfie xxx
    Eco Warrior
    • indie
    • By indie 17th May 19, 7:40 AM
    • 2,698 Posts
    • 14,967 Thanks
    Morning, same here lfc4eva I live down south and never been to Wolverhampton. I hope you can find somewhere to stay.
    It's very dull and threatening rain here at the moment.I was at work yesterday and they still have the heating on so we were all sweating buckets all day.Got a couple of days off now so time to relax and catch up with comps. Hope you all have a lucky day.
    • leanfun30
    • By leanfun30 17th May 19, 9:07 AM
    • 2,484 Posts
    • 36,421 Thanks
    Morning A bit dull here too this morning after such a sunny week.

    Hi ifc4eva wellcome. Sorry I can’t help either as live in the South too and never been to Wolverhampton. Hope you have found somewhere to stay and enjoy the concert.

    SIL and I travelled to Southampton on Wednesday to visit DD2 and the two GKs. Alfie we had choice of seats in empty carriage at Waterloo but it soon filled up. Lots of people going on cruises.

    Yesterday I went shopping with SIL and today she has gone up to Central London to check out a hotel for a big conference next year. In America people never seem to fully retire. She works part time and the rest of the time she’s either out dancing or at the gym.

    We have friends living in the Midlands and the wife’s mother is 91. She became very ill this year and after a recent stay in hospital my friend was distraught that they would not be able to organise the 24 hour care she needed. They had had problems finding help with day care and were exhausted. Her mother agreed to go into a nursing home in their area which fortunately could take her. She died this week after only two weeks there but my friend knows she had the best care she could have had.

    Don’t mention weight and exercise. Like you Alfie I intended to go out walking starting in the New Year. You have succeeded but here not so good. SIL was shocked when she saw how badly DH was walking but he is improving and went to the hospital physio yesterday. Despite lack of walking I managed to wear some linen trousers yesterday which were tight last year. So I know I have lost a bit of weight. No checking on weighing scales here.

    Hope to have a quiet day here today. Good luck everyone.
    Last edited by leanfun30; 17-05-2019 at 9:09 AM.
    • sheils6
    • By sheils6 17th May 19, 11:03 AM
    • 15,602 Posts
    • 112,985 Thanks

    Had a few drops of rain this morning but sun trying hard now. Supposed to go up to 19 degrees later. Forecast rain for all day tomorrow . It is needed though. There is a field we pass near a river that has had a flooded portion for at least 7years (swans lived on it for a while!) and this is the first time I have seen it dried up.

    Got my last wash on the line anyway. Head off on Sunday. Will get the ironing and packing done tomorrow when the it is wet.

    Sounds like your wildlife is being looked after Alfie. I was moaning about our noisy sparrows which seem to be everywhere to a friend down south and he said I should hear the racket the wild parakeets make in his area.

    Wouldn't like to work in central heating just now indie. Enjoy your time off.

    You are keeping busy as usual leanfun. I do loads of walking but keeping the weight off is a nightmare. Have got a fit band thing though and it does encourage me to move when I have been sitting comping for a while! I also make sure I do at least the 10,000 steps. Be interesting to see how many I do on our breaks.

    sheils x
    Best Win of 2019 - Forest Holiday
    • indie
    • By indie 18th May 19, 11:46 AM
    • 2,698 Posts
    • 14,967 Thanks
    Afternoon, dull but warm here today. I have just done weeding out front and time for a coffee break now.Hope the weather stays dry for your trip
    sheils.We expected rain yesterday but only had a couple of light showers.Maybe it will arrive today.Hope you all have a good weekend.
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