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    • Natty68
    • By Natty68 31st Dec 17, 5:47 PM
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    Weekly Flylady Thread 1st January 2018
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    • 31st Dec 17, 5:47 PM
    Weekly Flylady Thread 1st January 2018 31st Dec 17 at 5:47 PM

    May I wish each and everyone of you, regulars, oldies, newbies, returners and lurkers a very Happy 2018 may it be filled with happiness and not too much dust.

    This week will see a LOT of newcomers which happens every year, sadly many of these ladies and gents do not stay long. This influx usually means the thread is very very busy, please do not lose heart if you cannot keep up with everyone else or reading the thread, don't try to reply to everyone and please remember to include something about flying in your posts, chat is for the weekend when your home is looking beautiful!!! Things will settle again in a couple of weeks so don't worry it will return to normal and we will hopefully have some new fledglings.

    What is FLYLADY? Well, it's our version of the US flylady idea - but we work on the principle that housework is not fun, it's boring, can be time-consuming, is often thankless but, unfortunately, necessary. It's here on Old Style to provide the support we all need and to make the whole task easier and quicker. We also accept that, sometimes, life just gets on top of us and we can't keep up, maybe because we're time-poor, not in the best of health and/or we have littlies who need us. We are definitely NOT control freaks aiming for perfection and utterly spotless show-homes.

    Welcome to the weekly Flylady Thread. You're more than welcome to join us in the everlasting battle against dust, grime and gibble. The aim of our thread is to make those onerous tasks less daunting, and to support each other - and to make time for the finer things in life!

    Thank you Valli for last week's thread

    Please follow the forum rules on this thread as Flylady has been here a LONG time and is a fabulous support and resource for lots of us. All posts should have some Flylady-related (ooh a compound adjective) content!

    There are 3 levels per day deepening on how much time you have. Feel free to mix and match to suit your own personal circumstances.

    Every room comes back around next week so please don!!!8217;t stress about catching up.

    These lists are only suggestions and not a must do list; you are more than welcome to post and follow your own lists.

    Also adding a declutter mission each day will help to gradually clear the clutter and make flying easier.

    A few of the basics before we start the week

    Hotspots are areas where if one thing gets put there, loads of other things follow!

    Daily routines are anything you need to do on a daily basis like washing, swish and swipe kitchen and bathroom, ironing, making beds, vacuuming high traffic areas, making meals etc.

    Night-time routines are all things which make getting ready in the morning easier, preparing clothes for the next day, making lunches, swish & swipes of the kitchen and tidying the living room before you go to bed plus personals like shower/brush teeth etc.

    Swish and swipe/S&S means have a quick wipe over an area such as a sink or toilet to prevent the build up of dirt. This is usually done on a daily basis

    HHE/HHC/HHI Half Hour exercise/challenge/ironing ... run around for 30 minutes to the Benny Hill music frantically cleaning exercising or ironing.. other music may be used if you prefer![/color]

    Some of our abbreviations: DH- dear husband, OH- other half, KH/CF- affectionate term for ex husband or partner DS/DD- dear son/daughter, DGC- dear grandchild, WM- washing machine, DW- dishwasher, LR/DR- living/dining room, RoD- room of doom, Mr S/A/T/M/L/Al- supermarkets Sainsburys, Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Lidl, Aldi. You get the picture!

    MAD half hour- Mad is the abbreviation for Make A Difference.
    The idea is that you have a Forth bridge (ie never-ending - or just huge) task but that you work on it in half-hour bursts. This way you know you ARE stooping, and that you won't get it finished but you will make a difference - so it might be clearing out - the garage or shed, or clothes sorting, or weeding - you get the picture - but rather than keep going until you've lost the will to live you do half an hour...but, eventually those half hours will get the job done!

    Click here to read Toots wonderful welcome guide

    Mondayday - New Year's Day
    Just some bits and pieces for those in the mood, if not have the day off ready to start tomorrow. Remember to spend sometime with family/friends if you like that sort of thing.

    Hoover out smoke alarms and test
    Put up those calenders for the new year
    Update calendar/diary with all those important dates
    Delete some emails/favourites
    Back up photos from phone/laptop etc, enjoy looking over some
    Put away any glasses used last night
    Hoover any areas in dire need
    S&S toilets and sinks if required
    Sort out that drawer/cupboard/shelf which has been on your list forever.

    No Laundry !!!8211; you don!!!8217;t want to wash away any good luck.

    Write a list of 5 things you do that make you happy and 5 that make you sad. Ponder on how to do more of the first list and less of the latter.

    Tuesday ~ Kitchen and Living Room

    Level One
    S&S Kitchen
    Empty out bins
    Wipe/scrub sink
    Level Two
    Straighten up cushions/covers/displaced toys etc..
    Move clutter so you can vacuum under it
    Vacuum and wipe (if needed) sofas
    Dust any areas below eye level
    Find homes for new appliances/books that you may have received for Christmas
    Level Three
    Dust anything above eye level (if safe to do so)
    Clear anything that shouldn't be where it is..maybe the Christmas tree if don!!!8217;t want to wait till 12th night
    Look for the good in others and notice their strengths..

    Extra Mission Tasks - as usual if you fancy tackling something else you could try one or more of these
    • Check the useby dates on stuff in fridge, double check your fruit bowl !!!8211; do you need to get rid of anything furry or a funny colour?
    • Wipe the bits next to the steps on the stairs, yours might be skirting board, edging of some sort, grab a cloth and give it a wipe

    Wednesday ~ Master Bedroom & Landing
    Level 1

    Check fire alarms are working
    Remove and wash bed linen.
    Level 2
    Dust surfaces & make sure no cobwebs..
    Vacuum mattress before replacing with fresh linen, air the bed if possible
    15 minutes floordrobe clearance
    Level 3
    Vacuum floors in bedroom and on landing
    Sort one area of clothes or linen storage making sure only what should be in there is, anything that's had it's day or doesn't belong there is removed
    Clear a hotspot., or spend 15 minutes clearing one.
    Do three extra acts of kindess fpr other people.

    Extra tasks list, as usual choose one or more
    • 27 fling boogie time, time for that midweek fling, go on grab a bag and clear that clutter
    • Clean windows in these rooms
    • Check the airing cupboard, anything that is way past it's use by (maybe recycle for rags if possible, you could donate old sheets oor towels to a local animal rescue for bedding)
    • Clean tops of wardrobes and drawers (if safe to do so, no pregnant flyladies on ladders please delegate the job instead)
    • Check through undies drawers, anything more holy than the church which needs to go/be repaired? Anyone need anything replacing?
    • Give everyone at home a bag to collect the things which belong to them that are not where they should be, give them 15 minutes to find them all and put them away You could threaten to bin whatever is left if they don't seeing as everyones being quite ruthless this week
    Thursday ~ Childrens/spare rooms
    Level One...
    The most important task first.. make time for yourself.. a haircut, manicure, or just a relaxing bath in peace!
    Strip, wash and replace bedding
    Level Two...
    Sort through a box of toys/shelf/cupboard see if you can fit in some of the christmas stash
    Tidy a chest of drawers
    Vacuum, even if it means kicking all the mess into a corner heap!
    Level Three..
    Binbag Dance.. fling those broken things and empty packaging!
    Wash windows and sills, and curtains and blinds!
    Make sure games are in boxes and books are straight on shelves
    • Wash stinky pet beds/houses
    • Dust all the light fittings
    • Chase appointments/put off call and emails/catch up with a friend you have been putting off
    • Check when appointments are due for dentist, opticians, smears etc.. Make notes in diaries/calendars

    Friday ~ Bathroom and study/pc area
    Level One
    Declutter floors and chairs and pile all the paperwork in one heap
    Clear desk of papers and junk.. give it a good wipe
    Level Two...
    Wipe mouse, keyboard and polish screens while pc runs defrag.
    Declutter 50 emails, 5 dead links and any unused programs.. make backup disc of pics etc.. just in case!
    Scrub bath, loo, sinks, showers
    Level Three...
    Wash shower curtains/mat etc that are grotty
    Clean paintwork and shine mirrors
    Empty and wash out bins
    • Sort through that pile of hotspots!
    • Make room in the bathroom for your new christmas smellies! and get them installed
    • Clean radiators.. don't forget the back (sock on a stick/coat hanger!)
    • Get those christmas 'Thank you's' sent out!
    Last edited by Natty68; 04-01-2018 at 9:17 PM.

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    • atypicalblonde
    • By atypicalblonde 7th Jan 18, 2:53 PM
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    Going to do a HHC, anyone in?
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    • Lover of Lycra
    • By Lover of Lycra 7th Jan 18, 3:08 PM
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    Lover of Lycra
    I've not had a particularly productive Fly Lady week. All I've managed is to take down the Christmas decorations, buy a 2018 calendar, and cleaned the kitchen. I have an exam on Thursday so I doubt next week will be any better. Onwards and upwards.

    • atypicalblonde
    • By atypicalblonde 7th Jan 18, 3:32 PM
    • 2,876 Posts
    • 20,232 Thanks
    In my HHC I:

    Put away the laundry
    Put another load on
    Cleaned the hob and kitchen table
    Put some more rubbish out
    Checked on DD (in bed with earache)
    Made DH packed lunch for tomorrow
    Hoovered kitchen and hall

    Phew! Aside from bathing kiddies I'm done for the day. See you all on the new thread xx
    Mortgage 8.2.15 - 171,064.64 Mortgage 1.5.2018 - 99,980.45
    Aiming to be MF 1.10.2020
    • Fayolle
    • By Fayolle 7th Jan 18, 3:34 PM
    • 636 Posts
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    Well here's something I never thought I'd be saying in the name of the slinky challenge I have been for a walk with a friend (jogging mojo seems to have left me permanently) and then been to the allotment for a couple of hours digging and tidying up. I am sure that I will regret the aches and pains tomorrow, but as I'm still decluttering Christmas goodies, drastic action was needed to compensate. I have been thinking about giving up the allotment as I don't have time ( or sometimes energy either) to do it, but I'll go with it for this year as I need the exercise.

    Also, for the first time ever, I have had a fairy on the bird feeder! Thought of you, Narc0, straight away.

    Pigpen - hope your DS is ok.

    Minimal flying today so far. Must stir myself as there are things to be done. I might tidy up the magazine pile....I don't want to exert myself too much and I am sitting right next to it

    See you all on the new thread.
    • roundtuit
    • By roundtuit 7th Jan 18, 4:01 PM
    • 593 Posts
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    Since lunch I've scrubbed clean my comb , put a pile of odd socks in WM - these were among the bags in the kitchen that I'm decluttering. There is a similar pile of odd socks in my bedroom, these too will be washed. The clean odd socks will then be kept in a bag until all possible sources of odd socks have been uncovered; socks will then be paired up or slung. It's a plan

    Another plan has been actioned: I asked DS to bring down a box from Bedroom 3: this box and all its contents have now been recycled (mostly) or flung (4 empty files) This was a box of 4 Home Health Fact Files: cards which I collected in the early 1980s - the box hasn't been opened since we moved into this house in 2003 and most of the info will now be horribly out of date. Anyway if I need medical info I go to Dr g00gle. Gone now .

    Also... DS said I had inspired him and he's just brought down a bag of rubbish and some bits for recycling from his room.

    HB 20 minutes makes sense - I'm ok for so long (not actually timed it) and then I have to stop as it 'becomes too difficult' to decide what to do with stuff.

    Time for a laundry shuffle - got to make room for a lot of wet odd socks

    pigpen thinking about you and DS1 xx Parenting isn't a case of 'right I've got you to 18, you're on your own now' is it? Good to hear that his siblings are there for him too. Hope you are both soon feeling better xx

    Slinky Challenge 2018 target - lose 56 lbs
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    • Valli
    • By Valli 7th Jan 18, 4:21 PM
    • 20,483 Posts
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    Valli, is your elderly cat struggling at the moment?
    Originally posted by Honey Bear
    No, she's fine - it's just getting her to stay in with the 'kitten'; she has not got used to her and keeps a low profile. I can now lock the catflap to keep her in without her going mad and clawing at it (or trying to make an exit through another way) and was thrilled that she spent hours in the house yesterday; she certainly was in when I went to bed.

    Been to Aldi (was v. busy but happened to be going to the tills just as they opened the one I was passing! Got the last yoghurt pot too!

    Have brought in washing, filled up hutch and made casserole which is in oven along with chicken breasts (batch cooking) for quick dinners for me.

    Old shower curtain fastened across car windscreen. Outside temperature plummeting.
    Last edited by Valli; 07-01-2018 at 4:24 PM.
    "I would like more sisters, that the taking out of one, might not leave such stillness" Emily Dickinson

    Thank you Honey Bear
    • funfairprincess
    • By funfairprincess 7th Jan 18, 4:52 PM
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    Hi all

    So far I have. .
    Done a couple of loads of washing
    Hung up or TD as needed
    Cleaned up the scullery
    Dismantled the Christmas tree, bubble wrapped and boxed up all the decorations and put in the spare room till I decide where they can live permanently.
    Stuck some mince on for the dinner
    Decluttered a nap

    DD should be home soon she's been out from 9 this morning first dancing then ice skating. I'm hoping the early start will make going back to school tomorrow easier for her.
    Will need to do some ironing absolutely not looking forward to it.
    I've also locked myself in the house, I left my keys in work on Friday and I'm using the spare set from my SiLs. When I came in from the ice cream van I automatically locked the door behind me and this particular set of keys won't open the door from the inside This is what happens when you're in such a rush to get out of work and get home to get ready for the theatre

    Valli absolutely freezing here too. The frost hasn't lifted all day.
    I'm not a muggle...I'm just magically challenged
    • pigpen
    • By pigpen 7th Jan 18, 4:54 PM
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    DS1 handed off to my youngest sister.. everyone keeps telling him he will feel different in a couple of days but he is refusing to accept it just yet.. but he will.

    I have 2 grandbeasts here now while DD1 is in hospital getting sorted for her vomitting again..

    My life is a soap opera!!
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    • Valli
    • By Valli 7th Jan 18, 5:17 PM
    • 20,483 Posts
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    "I would like more sisters, that the taking out of one, might not leave such stillness" Emily Dickinson

    Thank you Honey Bear
    • wishingthemortgaheaway
    • By wishingthemortgaheaway 7th Jan 18, 7:11 PM
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    7 out of 7 items on my bullet journal list completed for today.

    These were:
    1) Dry washing away
    2) Prep dinner (slow cooker chicken casserole & accompanying veg)
    3)Bring more books down from the loft
    4)Meal plan and do a shopping long list*
    5)Wine to the cellar (box of wine ordered and delivered before Christmas that was cluttering up the hallway)
    6)Things into the loft office (receipts and new wrapping paper)
    7)cleaner proof the house (hopefully she's coming tomorrow)

    *my shopping list creation involves writing a long list of everything I'll need today, then I'll whittle it down by looking in the cupboards etc until I've got the short list of what I actually need before I go shopping on Wednesday or Thursday of this week.

    As it's the end of the week I'll report on my monthly to do list progress:

    10 items on the list
    1 item completed this week
    1 item completed this month.

    See you all on next week's Fred.

    The 100 payment countdown (each payment = 400) 2018 Starts at 13/100 o/s 34,750.
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