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    Wandering on
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    • 30th Dec 17, 9:42 PM
    Wandering on 30th Dec 17 at 9:42 PM

    I've had just over a year off the forum and a huge amount has happened in that time, but it feels like the right time to dip back in. 2018 is going to be the year that turns thing around for us.

    2016 headlines: Financial burnout to the tune of 22k which accumulated over time due to house renovations, Unsteady income and growing expenses for childcare. Resulted in a DMP...which I self manage and is slowly decreasing.

    2017 headlines:
    Moved house with the ultimate aim of helping out aged relative, changed jobs etc.
    Currently paying for 2 houses and 40 hrs childcare a week.
    Finishing off old house and moving has racked up more debts to tune of 15k. 17.3K
    Tried to sell house but first sale fell through at the last minute as buyers for cold feet.
    House sold again for 5k more (crossing fingers and hoping)
    Got much better job in December 10k payrise, DH now also on regular income

    Things to look forward to in 2018:
    Selling house - we'll clear the new 15k 17.3K, and be able to bank a huge pot of cash for future house plans.
    DD will become eligible for 30 hrs free childcare.
    No mortgage and reduced childcare will mean we are 1500 a month better off. This should all kick in by April.
    Will be able to pay more off DMP as a result.

    So, 2017 has been a turn around year in many respects. A lot of hard work to come but it's all to play for in 2018.

    Some other facts...
    We have YNAB, and it definitely helps but I'm not living by the rules and it shows....I'm going to use YNAB better.
    Sticking to a budget is our biggest trial....
    This year as finances will be oh so better I want to get our budget balanced right so we can live comfortably as well as save and pay off more on DMP.
    Hubby never knows what there is to spend so falls back on CC so this is something I definitely want to sort...thinking a prepaid credit card with phone app instead so he can see before he spends....I'm guilty of this too though (must use YNAB better.)
    I should get a pay rise in 2018 too, but want to increase my pension to 10% as company will match it (currently it's only 5%).

    And that's it for now! Will set myself some goals later...
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  • archived user
    Thank you for recommending tilly tidying to me! I have managed to find a couple of quid. I am surprised!

    I have been reading your diary. Love your lists and love your focus!
    Originally posted by pidge04
    Lists help sometimes - but always need more focus!

  • archived user
    Hello diary!
    I've had a lovely couple of days off from work. Went to Bath with my mum - treated her to a facial and lunch for her birthday and mothers day (all saved up for) and then did a bit of shopping. Didn't go too mad - but did spend about 150 - had about 90 put by, and then my TCB payout of 105 came in - so sorted it out out of that. Means that i'm unlikely to do much of an extra debt payment this month, but we will see - still 14 days to go.

    Now at home on my customary Friday - but am housebound as car is back in the garage to have a sensor fixed, and the final tyre. Asked for tracking to be done too. Have only got 63 left in car pot - so this will have to come out of buy a house fund as the sensor is 120 on it's own and tyre will be about 75, so plus labour and tracking I reckon 250?
    Annoyingly it also needs a full service as light has just come on - but will wait for this and book in again after payday as that should just about cover it.

    Hit a bit of a snag too with me setting up 2 of those regular saver accounts to try and get a load of interest - the household account is looking depleted!! I have to pay final balance on holiday accommodation next month so hopefully there will be enough in there for that....but when we want to take our spending money it may be stored in those accounts - which means they will stop gettting interest. Oh well!! At least I will get interest for when it was in there!

    So jobs for today:
    • Do some of DH's accountancy sorting out
    • YNAB up to date and plan spends
    • Freezer write up and meal plan
    • make banana muffins
    • a bit of gardening and weeding with DD
    • check on all the animals and enjoy the sunshine!
  • archived user

    It's been a long month!

    Positives = - we have come in on budget for food and eating out. Not sure how, but it has happened!

    Negatives - 3 car tyres and a sensor light wiped out the car maintenance pot. And now the service light has come on! I should be getting some work expenses this month so will throw this all at the car.

    DH has negotiated down to 20 hours a week. Not a negative really as he will be much happier. BUT.....we will see how long this employment lasts - Hopefully with a better work life balance, he will put up with it as the money is great (15/hr) - he's getting more than he did in previous job full time even just doing 20 hrs! So fingers crossed!!

    Nursery this month is cheaper than usual - short month - so we will be 83 in credit towards next month.

    Debt bust down pot is not going so great. Still saving 500 a month for holiday though. With less income coming in, this means other pots are not being funded. When holiday is done, I'm hoping to fund some more into debt pay down, but can't see me achieving it by the end of the year. Unless a miracle premium bond comes good!

    No major plans for this month - just a calm and quiet one. Weeks holiday at the end of the month - but just for me, so chilling at home.

    2018 Challenge Debt buster pot:191.31 of 3670 goal (5.2%)
    EF is at 225 (+400 on loan due back in at some point)
    Holiday pot is at 1275/2372 (54%)
    Car pot is at 0
    House deposit pot is at 0
    Christmas and gift pot has 67 in it. No presents to buy.
    Grocery budget has been set to 300 with an entertainment/ eat out pot of 80. Last month we did 400, so be good to see how we do.

    Expecting child benefit in, and interest payment - not yet accounted for - if I have a really behave-myself month then I might be able to put some of this towards debtbust down.

    Off to do my work expenses!

    Happy bank holiday folks.
  • archived user
    Work expense total 356, so that should cover getting my car serviced and the aerial fixed - been over a year with no radio - driving me bonkers!
    Hopefully may be enough to do a valet. All in readiness for our holiday at end of July.

    Good news on the DH front - he has found a new and much cheaper vehicle - insurance dropping from 75/month to 15 a month, and will be less of a gas guzzler too. Every little helps.
    Only down side is having to pay up front to get the new vehicle, before he can sell the current one, so money had to come out of a regular saver. But hey ho - it can go straight back in there all being good.

    Organised a fee free abroad CC for when we go holiday and plan to load it up with cash before we go, so that should save .

    Feeling a bit skint - but nothing major to pay out for either.

    TTFN X
  • archived user
    Just a check in. Everything pretty tight -and petrol up in price too.
    Expense claim now approved for 350 so that will be in soon but going to use to sort the car out.

    Just organised European breakdown cover for holiday - 68.

    Realised that I need to reduce the amount of childcare vouchers I am paying for as now paying too much - by about 100 - works out about 60 up on wages (just shows what a fantastic deal that is!)

    Starting to budget for logs and oil now as we don't have enough logs of our own. Have contacted a nearby sawmill to see if we can buy some unprocessed timber in lengths for DH to process - won't necessarily be ready for this year, but a good future investment so we might need to do a bit of buying processed too. Oil tank is full though already which is good (aga broke down so will need to be fixed before we get going.....)

    Called roofer to get a quote to repair holes in roof and guttering issues (yep there are holes - we had snow in the attic this winter!!) Am I selling a vision of our house yet? It also has stone flag floors and resident slugs.

    Urge to spend money, but going to be good. Do need to food shop though so will make a plan (going to Aldi)

    In other not so good news, I found a lump in my breast, got an appointment next week to follow that up - I am hoping it might be cysts rather than anything more sinister as got smaller and less painful so thinking it may be menopause related. Nothing like that to make you appreciate what you have got. Also made me get some quotes for life insurance (and hope it's not already too late - being optimistic, I will wait and see what happens and sign up for it if all OK.)
    Feeling pretty chipper about it all really. No sense in stressing.

    TTFN Ramble
    • pidge04
    • By pidge04 22nd Jun 18, 9:44 PM
    • 579 Posts
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    Oh, how are you? Have you had your appointment?
    O/D 1000
    CC 3025
    LOAN 4416
  • archived user
    Whoops. Sorry for posting delay. Thankfully all was well - it was a cyst rather than anything more sinister...although probably heralds the start of the big M with hormones going awry. Huge sigh of relief from me. Also have now arranged life assurance as being the major breadwinner, this at least means I know everything will be sorted should anything go wrong in the future.

    Isn't the NHS amazing. Was seen within 2 weeks and the staff were fantastic.

    So June has been a reasonable month from a family budget point of view. DH now working reduced hours and it is much better as a result - and we can manage with the income too.

    We've spent 411 on food and eating out, which is within budget. Doing 2 big shops at Aldi has definitely helped with this.

    We're still saving 500 a month towards holiday and just managing to do that (with the aim of having an 85/day budget on holiday which seems like loads - so hoping we can come back with some.) Have organised a CC that you can spend on fee free abroad, and I'm planning to preload it with our funds. Wanted to buy an in-car DVD as will be a lot of driving for DD - managed to find one 2nd hand locally so will be 40 rather than 140. Next challenge will be finding suitable DVD's!

    Next couple of months will be a bit tricky as discovered that my free childcare for nursery has not been stretched over the whole year so I have to cough up 588 for August!! Some of that will get covered by vouchers, but need to find the rest. Also SS needed an extra 140 this month for school trip.....don't begrudge the spend, but we only ever find out about this the month we need to pay it - happens every time. No idea if it's just that his mum forgets to give us advance notice, or if it's the school. VERY ANNOYING....might write to the school and complain and ask to get the letters as well....or find a polite way of raising it with SS mum. Really don't want to embarrass her or make things awkward.

    Extra debt busting is not really happening at the moment - and won't until we have finished with holiday saving. I am hoping then I may start being able to save 300 a month for holidays, 300 a month towards debt. So no way the first one will be gone this year but hey ho. Small steps.

    In DH's world, not great news in that he's had a machinery failure so extra expense needed, but he's going to borrow on a 0% CC and pay back within 2 years - all easy to do with this current budget.

    At home all week and weather is looking glorious.

    Aims for the week:
    • Tidy Garden
    • Do several tip runs
    • Take copper to the scrapyard and make some
    • Haircut
    • A day off with DH
    • car to garage for service etc (money all set aside)
    • and there's probably more....
    Last edited by ramblehan; 24-06-2018 at 2:44 PM.
  • archived user
    Money in the bank. Complicated money movements all done, and budget looking ready to spend.
    Car currently in garage having service and other stuff done. Have 300 put aside for this so fingers crossed it comes in on budget. If there is any change, I am going to get it valeted....and if there isn't I'm going to do it myself. Be more MSE to do it myself anyway so may just do that.
    Was planning to do garden and tip runs tday but can't do that with a courtesy car so will tidy and get ready and do the tip run later or tomorrow.

    Right time to catch some rays and do some work in the garden.

    2018 Challenge Debt buster pot: 221.42 of 3670 goal (6%) - if I manage to increase payments to 300 from end August, then I will be able to pay off in full June 2019.
    EF is at 166.02 (+400 on loan due back in at some point)
    Holiday pot is at 1541.75/2030 (76%) - Going to give us 77 a day budget.
    Car pot is at 350 (expecting to spend 300 today tho)
    House deposit pot is at 0
    Christmas and gift pot has 167 in it. No presents to buy. Have stashed the money ahead in YNAB so not very visible, but there ready for Xmas!
    Last edited by ramblehan; 25-06-2018 at 2:39 PM.
  • archived user
    Nearly ready to go on holiday.
    Have about 1300 saved up for spending - which 300 is for fuel - so 1000 spending for 15 days (66/day) eek that feels tight. Might try and find another 150 as that would take it to 75/day which feels OK.

    Had some bad money news this month - I have to pay full nursery bill for August - I thought my childcare vouchers were being spread out over whole year - but they are not - so I am going to have to pay the full august bill. After some childcare vouchers coming off, I think I am going to need to pay out 299!! A bit of a shocker after paying nothing for months.

    Feeling in general frustrated with how budgeting is going month to month and feeling that a change of focus is needed as we are not really getting anywhere. Talked to DH about trying to build a buffer (YNAB's 4th rule) so trying to get a month ahead. So have been thinking about how I can do this after we have got through August (reduced income from DH due to holiday) and I think it is do-able - I also want to increase my DMP payments. Having spent some time looking at it all - I think I can increase my DMP payments by 50 a month to 150 (and then my plan is to increase again when I get a payrise next April - ultimately I want to get to paying 300 a month. I had thought that I could "save" this up to pay off - but the reality is something always happens to steal this away so I think I will just up my payments after all.

    I also think we can then allocate 150- 200 a month to paying ahead - and starting to build the buffer into YNAB. We'd need to start with DH's work account first - and then the Farm account - and then move onto the household. Had a good look at what we are budgeting for monthly too to make sure we had the right categories in place. This will have to start from end of September I guess as we will be too short to do too much at end of August paycheck.

    I always feel so impatient - I need to take a long term view and just slowly chip away at it all. If we start to put money aside for our true expenses as well as trying to get ahead - ultimately we will be in a much better situation.

    We've invested a huge amount into the farm business this year - but hopefully the worst is over - I would like to pay that back too - but in reality, if we want to buffer our accounts, I can't do that as well. Only hope there is that at some point in next 2-3 years, we will be able to get a bit of money back out - so I will have to just be patient there too!

    Still feel like a budgeting failure most of the time. DH NEVER knows what is in budget and what he's spending - and if I try to get him, he tells me I'm nagging. Stressful situation that makes me unhappy.
    I'm going to try and get him onboard when we are on holiday.
    • Chrystal
    • By Chrystal 15th Jul 18, 1:25 PM
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    Take a deep breath and try to relax (((hugs))) Rome wasn't built in a day.
    You are doing a great job in difficult circumstances so don't be so down on yourself.

    Is it possible for OH to have his own accounts to take the money from? Even cash in different envelopes so that he is aware what is left in each and what it's going on? Other than/ as well as that maybe a short time every night to go over what's been spent on what by each of you? It must be really difficult if he doesn't put the effort in, but he HAS to realise that the way things are ALL of the pressure is being put on you..... which is totally unfair. Then lots of praise and appreciation when he does something right ( male bodies grow up but I've found that in their minds they are still about 7 years old and need treating as such..... without them realising it )
    I Believe.....
    That it isn't always enough, to be forgiven by others.
    Sometimes, you have to learn to forgive yourself.
  • archived user
    Thanks Chrystal - Perhaps I could do a small cash envelope that he can use for emergency food spends. Mostly I get irritated by him popping to the shops and getting stuff we don't really need - and that all adds up to scupper my budget usually. Perhaps I need an extra DH wreck the budget pot!!!
    I think though I will just have to force him to sit down and go through it all with me once a week. I don't think it's too much to ask.


    Anyway on the up side, I sold his car today so that's back into the bank account.
    • Chrystal
    • By Chrystal 15th Jul 18, 10:30 PM
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    How about insisting that any unasked for food spends have to come out of HIS pocket/spending money?
    I Believe.....
    That it isn't always enough, to be forgiven by others.
    Sometimes, you have to learn to forgive yourself.
  • archived user
    How about insisting that any unasked for food spends have to come out of HIS pocket/spending money?
    Originally posted by Chrystal
    That's probably half the problem as I don't let him have any!!
    • Chrystal
    • By Chrystal 16th Jul 18, 9:26 PM
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    That's probably half the problem as I don't let him have any!!
    Originally posted by ramblehan
    Oh dear!
    I Believe.....
    That it isn't always enough, to be forgiven by others.
    Sometimes, you have to learn to forgive yourself.
  • archived user

    Another week closer to holiday - I can almost smell it. Just got to survive one more week of work!! Preparations going well.
    Finances going crazy (and not in a good way)
    Car went into garage today for some extra work (have already spent 400 this month on a full service and some bits and bobs) looks like it will be 600 plus for this one. Car is old and high mileage - but really there's no option of a new car - and at least this one has been regularly serviced every 700 miles and is otherwise doing OK. Need it to go on holiday. Cost will have to go on CC, but by reprioriting spends, I should be able to pay at least 300 off this month and still go on holiday with planned cashpot.

    From start of Sept we are starting new money focus, and DH has some kit to sell so hopefully CC all gone by then as well and we can start from ground zero.

    In other news, the pigs went off to meet their maker and in exchange we now have I don't know how many Kgs of meat - 2 freezers worth!! Neighbours have bought some already so a bit of money trickling back in. Going to give my mum a meat package as a thank you for looking after the dog on holiday. Have to try and sell some more - want to at least make back the 200 out of approx 400 costs - with a view that we will be eating the other 50%!
    At least we won't go hungry.
    Just got interuppted neighbour came round to say he wants 2 more packs of sausages! that's good news! So far 34 sold in all.
  • archived user
    51.50 now sold......25% of the way there.

    Glorious here again today. This weather is amazing. Slightly worried we will run out of grass for animals tho....! Just goes to prove no one is ever happy with the weather. Loads of chores on list today including tidying up the stream from overgrowth- probably end up doing most of that as it will be cool paddling!

    Car still not back - preparing to wince when they tell me the bill....
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