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    • mumof3.12kindebt
    • By mumof3.12kindebt 23rd Oct 17, 9:38 PM
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    Best put on my big girl pants! my saving for a deposit diary
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    • 23rd Oct 17, 9:38 PM
    Best put on my big girl pants! my saving for a deposit diary 23rd Oct 17 at 9:38 PM
    My diary to debt free and saving for a deposit by 35 .*updated feb 2018 - aim to be homeowners by if not hopefully before 30*

    we aim to save 25k before even going to the bank for a dip

    current age 25 . current financal status . trying but not trying hard enough . in debt with hardly a pot to wee in ... it has to change ... from today

    we have consolidated our debts as of November so will just do an update regarding extra payments and a remaining balance every few months.

    for the most part this will be my diary on saving for a deposit the highs lows and raising 3 children all currently 8yo or younger while doing it .
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    • mumof3.12kindebt
    • By mumof3.12kindebt 10th Jan 18, 10:51 AM
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    Stayed at home since last posting as still not feeling well.
    Got electric today. £20
    Got a letter to say our water payment will be increasing by £6 a month.
    Work later. Then I'm off till Saturday as its eldests birthday Friday. Need to make or buy a cake for him
    He's asked for money so that's easy enough will put £50 in his card. Also going to give him an extra £20 to pick out some more trousers when he goes shopping with his money as he needs some. A family member has brought him a coat so he will have a spare. And the rest of the family have given him money.

    He also needs new school shoes. So I need to find a good hardwearing pair.

    One of my items has sold. Will add the money to the savings when they collect / Pay.

    I've ordered a wig. As I've tried for a while to get my hair back blonde and it's just not happening. So I decided to finally bite the bullet and purchase one and it means I won't have to keep spending money dying my hair for a while. The plan is to cut it short and wear the wig when out and at work and let my head breathe at home. I know it will help me feel confident again so for just that alone it will be worth it.

    I have my brothers 21st birthday this month (money already put aside for him along with eldest)

    I wont be topping up my Giff gaff this month. If I do find I need some minutes I'll just top up the £5 package.

    I need to keep a close eye on our spends to really work out if our budget is realistic.

    I have been noting all our spends so this will be used to look back at how we can improve sooner.

    I've also been toying with the idea of not going for a part buy and moving out of the village although this means I'm going to have to put the pressure on oh to get his driving licence .
    • mumof3.12kindebt
    • By mumof3.12kindebt 11th Jan 18, 12:28 PM
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    This was my goals posted about a week ago

    At the moment I hope to save
    5k by April
    10k by August
    15k by December

    If everything goes to plan I should have 3800 saved by the end of this month. I'll add my overtime at the beginning of next month which will hopefully bring it up to the 4k
    Then I'll add 1k next month. So by March we should of hit our 5k target.
    Essentially by the 1st of April we should have 6k saved .
    Plus we will be in 1k less debt than we were on the first of January.

    I've worked out mortgage affordability and we can either put down. 5% on traditional buy but this wouldn't leave much spare for overpayments unless we were to continue to stick to a tight budget. Until the loan is paid then we would be able to pay an extra 1/3 of the mortgage monthly payment each month
    Or we could do 10% deposit over the same period but would be able to overpay half the mortgage amount each month comfortably and match the mortgage payment as an prepayment each month once the loan is paid.
    Here's the thing.
    We currently rent. Costing us 5k a year. If we were to raise a 10% deposit we would need to stay here probably an extra 2 years Vs putting down a 5% deposit. So by putting down a 5% deposit we will save ourselves 10k . And would still possibly we able to pay the mortgage of early. We would aim to knock off 10 years more if we could.
    But 10% we would potentially pay our mortgage off 20 years sooner but spend 10k extra in rent

    I've worked out after factoring the extra rent. It would cost us 11k more in interest over the period to do the 5% but we would be on the property ladder 2 years earlier so would still have the mortgage cleared at the same time of saving for the 10% deposit.

    Either way we plan to overpay on a mortgage .

    Gives me a lot of food for thought
    • mumof3.12kindebt
    • By mumof3.12kindebt 12th Jan 18, 1:09 AM
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    had a phone call a few hours ago off my dad to say my brother had crashed his car. Luckily my brother is unharmed and no one else was involved the car is probably a right off. And is in a ditch until recovery can get it out.

    It really put life into perspective. The outcome could of been very different. I'm just glad he's okay.

    It's like I told my dad. His car can be replaced him son can't.

    It's my eldests birthday today.

    I'm just going to take some time to appreciate my family and our lives.

    I'll still be plodding along with my savings journey but foremost I'll be making sure my loved ones always know I love them. And not taking everyday for granted. We were lucky I get to see my brother and we all get to carry on life as normal but somewhere someone will be saying goodbye for the last time to their brother or son for the exact same reason they just wernt as lucky.

    Much love to you all. Catch up soon
    • debtaghh
    • By debtaghh 12th Jan 18, 6:01 AM
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    That’s so true, life goes to our fast! Your post has really made me think about things so thank you. Glad to hear your brother is ok.
    Debt 16th October 2017: Cc £49,987- family £37,561: total debt £87549

    Current debt: Cc £43,953 , Family £ 39,264 total debt £83,217

    Frugal living challenge # 10- £8000 presents/ food/ entertainment/clothes/shoes/haircuts
    • mumof3.12kindebt
    • By mumof3.12kindebt 17th Jan 18, 11:14 AM
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    It was my brothers 21st yesterday. His party is on Saturday. I put some money in his card.
    Budgeted for.

    I think I'm going to pay off the catalogue next month in full. It's interest free ATM but it means I don't have to remember to keep transfering money each month to make sure it's payed before the interest kicks in

    I was hoping we could have a really frugal year thia year and possibly move the end of this year beginning of next. I'm still going to aim to be able to start the process around Xmas but I don't know how likely this will happen. I'm unlikely to be able to do any overtime from now until August due to the way my sons nursery sessions fall. Special needs nursery so can't change the hours etc. But we will plod On. Next month I'm going to try Even harder.
    I aim to save 1k a month more if we can. Between now and the end of the year. This is not counting overtime so by December I should have at least 12k saved for a house. A small emergency fund and any car expenses and Xmas covered. If we were to put down a 5% deposit we could start looking at properties in January. But this would leave our bank balance close to empty once we have moved and all costs have been paid. So I'll see how we feel at the time. I will probably end up leaving it until summer next year to allow us to get some extra saved so we have money to fall back on. Then again once we get to 16k we would have a 10% deposit saved so I know I'll just want to keep saving to be able to put down 10% instead as the repayments would be much lower.
    First off get to 5k . Then 10 . 15 ect and see how we feel. Will staying here an extra 6/12 months really matter when we could save ourself 200 a month over the course of the mortgage. Not really. The way I'm going I won't even consider looking until we get to the 25k I was originally aiming for
    • mumof3.12kindebt
    • By mumof3.12kindebt 17th Jan 18, 12:30 PM
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    one thing we have decided and agreed on is we wont be going down the part buy option to stay in the village. It's really not financially worth it for us. So we will be doing a traditional purchase as I call it.
    • mumof3.12kindebt
    • By mumof3.12kindebt 1st Feb 18, 4:34 PM
    • 358 Posts
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    01/02/18 update
    House savings total 3000
    Emergency fund 377
    Loan 9700
    Catalogue 530
    Family 40

    I've had to take some time off work due to illness . Nothing serious hope to go back next week.

    It's not the progress I'd hoped but the debt is less and the savings more than they were 6 weeks ago so we are heading in the right direction

    Spends for 01/02/18
    50 electric
    85 food.
    • mumof3.12kindebt
    • By mumof3.12kindebt 1st Feb 18, 4:39 PM
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    Feb aims / to-do

    •Log all spends or no spend days daily on here
    •Have 10 no spend days
    •Complete 3 online courses
    •Get a start date for my nvq
    •Concentrate on spending as little as possible .
    •Aim to have 5k saved by April still.
    •Clean car
    •Sort through dds clothes
    • playhouse in shed
    • finish hall
    • mumof3.12kindebt
    • By mumof3.12kindebt 4th Feb 18, 1:39 AM
    • 358 Posts
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    Having some time off sick has really got me thinking about my life.
    I've decided this year is going to be the start of my journey.
    My first goal is too end the year with a good chunk towards a deposit and a good emergency fund.
    To have less debt. Hopefully less than 7k
    I'm going to focus on self development and progression.
    I'm going to develop further in my education and possibly end the year with an extra qualification or two.
    Towards the end of the year I'm going to look for some volunteering / work experience to help me with progressing towards my career goals.
    I'm going to create lots of fabulous memories with the family
    I'm saving up towards internships overseas up-to two weeks at a time . To start doing In the next few years (youngest will be around 4) .
    next year I'm going to go back to my degree .
    But ultimately I'm going to make sure Im living life to the full. No excuses. No more I'll do it tomorrow. No more I'm too tired. Excuses won't get me anywhere. But effort and hard work may make my dreams come true and even if they don't I would of gained so much from it all its still worth doing anyway.

    I have an amazing partner. And without his support non of this would be possible for me to do.
    Studying 20/30 hours a week plus working 20-30 hours a week with a disability and mental illness and a disabled child and 2 more kids. I really couldn't do any of this without his help. The house and debt yeah maybe. But the rest would be completely out the question if I didn't have his support.
    We also plan to take the kids traveling across Europe and the further in the next few years
    • mumof3.12kindebt
    • By mumof3.12kindebt 8th Feb 18, 10:46 AM
    • 358 Posts
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    so life is about to get a whole lot busier.

    I've applied for a new job. (a few different ones all in the sector I currently work in but different types of work)

    I've made an appointment for my first blood donation. It's not until may but I'm Hoping to be able to donate twice before the year is out.

    Still haven't found out about my nqv through work.

    I've contacted a number of charities, the local children's hospice and st John ambulance regarding volunteering

    I've completed 6 online courses

    I've made a list of everything I want to do this year. Experiences. Acts of kindness. Personal goals. Educational goals and career goals and family goals etc. It's a really long list if I can get half to three quarters of it done by this time next year I'll be thrilled.
    I've figured regarding my mental health the one thing that keeps me healthy is staying busy and keeping positive.

    I want to gain a qualification in sign language next year . I hope to eventually take it up to degree level .

    On the money side we are doing okay and sticking to the budget. I must keep my focus on the important things and worry less about the rest.

    Work is causing me exteam anxiety at the moment. Not so much the job it's self but other colleagues. I've decided Im going to keep my head down get some more qualifications under my belt and apply for jobs that interest me but not worry to much If I don't get them. Next year though I will be trying as hard as possible to get a different job.
    • Tahlullah
    • By Tahlullah 8th Feb 18, 9:03 PM
    • 871 Posts
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    The list sounds wonderful and all encompassing. I wish you every luck with its success and your future. I am certain you will get there!
    Striving to be mortgage free.
    2018 MFW #135

    £600 of £2000
    • mumof3.12kindebt
    • By mumof3.12kindebt 22nd Feb 18, 7:15 PM
    • 358 Posts
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    so whats been happening,
    i went for a job interview with the nhs - i haven't yet heard back , they said i will hear this week. i haven't yet. and i don't think ill be offered the job but going for the interview was a good experience.
    middle child has been ill with a sickness bug- the fun ! (note complete sarcasm) so ive had tons of washing to do.
    today i went for an interview as a volunteer for a cancer charity. and ive accepted a position as an emotional support volunteer.
    ive started gaining weight. so im able to give blood later in the year. (i need to gain almost a stone) so far ive gained 1kg in just under 2 weeks.
    ive completed all my online courses for work. so my manager added 6 more. i have done 4 so have 2 left to do.

    we have managed to save 4k so far since we started our savings journey . its been hard but its worth it too see our savings account rise ...
    the development in the village will have part buy . we are going to enquire but i don't think we will go for one. it would have to be perfect for me to go ahead with it
    Ive worked towards getting things crossed off my 52 things list.

    The 52 things I aim to achieve / do are :

    1. Start nvq
    2. Finish nvq
    3. Start degree - health sciences
    4. Volunteer for Macmillan - interview done, position accepted , start my training in the next few weeks
    5. get teeth sorted
    6. Volunteer for acorns children's hospice
    7. Give blood - BOOKED FOR MAY
    8. Gain a stone in weight 2/3 lb so far
    9. Attend church at least 6 times
    10. Do 30 online courses with openlearn / done 6
    11. Save 50% towards a house deposit (13k) 4k so far
    12. Give 52 items to the food bank
    13. Current debt 10,020 by Feb 2019 6000
    14. Earn 2000 is overtime / 300 so far
    15. The one month water challenge
    16. Go to the beach
    17. Stand at the edge of a cliff and scream hello
    18. Go swimming
    19. Dance In the rain
    20. Jump in puddles
    21. Frame one each of the kids pictures
    22. Do a picture which all of us have taken part in and frame
    23. Bake 100 cupcakes
    24. Quit smoking
    25. Go for a walk in a wood
    26. middle child potty trained
    27. See middle child off on his first day at school
    28. Go to eldests class assembly
    29. Go to eldests sports day
    30. Write up about being a mum to a disabled child
    31. Kids christening - BOOKED
    32. Write up about suffering with mental health illness
    33. Do something to help the homeless
    34. save. £1k towards internship overseas
    35. Visit London
    36. Attend all parents evenings - eldests DONE
    37. Finish the hall - STARTED
    38. Finish the boys room
    39. Finish the living room
    40. Finish the kitchen
    41. Finish the bathroom
    42. No alcohol all year
    43. Go to Butlins or camping
    44. Go to a pantomime
    45. Go skiing
    46. Go ice skating
    47. Teach eldest to roller skate
    48. Teach middle child to scoot a scooter
    49. Snorkel with sharks
    50. Feed sharks
    51. Water zorbing
    52. Fly over London in a helicopter with eldest

    as you can see some are simple, some are harder. i started it this month . and aim to complete it by january next year
    Last edited by mumof3.12kindebt; 22-02-2018 at 7:29 PM.
    • debtaghh
    • By debtaghh 22nd Feb 18, 10:03 PM
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    Well done, you seem very motivated and it's a very encouraging post so thank you.
    Debt 16th October 2017: Cc £49,987- family £37,561: total debt £87549

    Current debt: Cc £43,953 , Family £ 39,264 total debt £83,217

    Frugal living challenge # 10- £8000 presents/ food/ entertainment/clothes/shoes/haircuts
    • mumof3.12kindebt
    • By mumof3.12kindebt 23rd Feb 18, 10:58 PM
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    Oh I also need to fit in a doctors appointment this week to sort out my medication and seeing if I can get them put on repeat prescription.

    I cant edit my post as I'm on my phone but will delete this one and edit my post above as soon. As I can get on my laptop.
    • mumof3.12kindebt
    • By mumof3.12kindebt 25th Feb 18, 2:15 PM
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    Plan for this week.
    Saturday -
    Declutter - fill at least one bin bag.
    Sort junk drawers
    Have a shower and bath two littlies
    Do a skip run - skip shuts at noon
    14.00 go to work
    Church with eldest
    Go for a family walk maybe to the park
    Fill another bin bag with stuff that can leave the house.
    Relax -sort and respond to emails
    Shower / bed

    We also donated some food to the food bank today 26 items so that's more progress towards my 52 things list.

    Off to the park in abit. It's cold. So we will be wrapped up and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed I can still feel my toes and fingers by the time we return home.

    I'll also try and get more crossed off my list tonight.

    Savings still on track.
    I need to buy a costume for world book day for eldest as we have nothing here. And I dont Have anything to make something

    I hope to fit in some time to bake this week.
    • mumof3.12kindebt
    • By mumof3.12kindebt 25th Feb 18, 8:37 PM
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    we went for a walk down to the park.
    ive sorted my emails out so thats another job crossed off.

    my ahstma is really playing me up tonight. i hope it settles.
    i planned to do the kitchen drawers tonight . i will see how i feel in a little while.

    i picked up some cake mixes . i would normally bake from scratch but these will enable me to whip up a cake a little quicker. ill add them to my list for later in the week

    i have 2 hours of online training for work to do this week. and 3 hours for my charity volunteering so ive added that to my ever growing list

    ill do a skip run tomorrow on the way to work i think

    done a food shop online tonight . its within my budget, but i hope to get the foos budget even lower over the coming months.

    I've been window shopping online. found some beautiful things. but i wont buy them while we live here as its just more to move when we eventually do move. can't wait till the day we go shopping for our 'new' home. hopefully the next few years will pass without too much stress.

    im off to sort out my junk drawers , and have a bath, hopefully ill even have some time to read some of my book .

    goodnight all x
    • mumof3.12kindebt
    • By mumof3.12kindebt 25th Feb 18, 10:00 PM
    • 358 Posts
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    money will be tight the next few months if we are to stick to our £1000 a month into savings

    our emergancy fund is running low so i will use any overtime to put into our emergancy fund. ill be happier when its above £1000 would be a good start.
    i hoped to have £5k saved by april. we currently have £4k . with further savings being transfered on the first of april (hopefully £1k) so we should be on target .

    then the next targets are
    £10k by august
    £15k by December

    we are currently looking at £9k and £13k . so ill have to try and find a way to strip back the outgoings and or make some extra money somewhere.

    ive just opened a h2b isa . so things will continue to move in the right direction

    200 will be paid into the h2b each month
    550 into the standard account (im not sure how i go about getting a better interest deal without moving the money to another bank , as id like to keep it all with the same bank)
    250 into the 5% savings account

    any extra will go into the emergency fund until it reaches around £8k ( which is 6 months bills or thereabouts)

    ill keep you all updated over the next month and try and log all spends so we can see where we are slipping up .
    • mumof3.12kindebt
    • By mumof3.12kindebt 26th Feb 18, 1:18 PM
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    Need to check my to do lists and see what else is on there.
    I also need to shuffle money around due to an unexpected bill.

    I'm very tempted to pay off my catalogue . Then I'll only have my loan debt.

    I'll think about that one.
    • mumof3.12kindebt
    • By mumof3.12kindebt 26th Feb 18, 1:58 PM
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    Paid the bill.
    Also paid the catalogue off.

    House savings are at £ 3200

    Also Paid an extra £200 off my loan
    • mumof3.12kindebt
    • By mumof3.12kindebt 27th Feb 18, 10:18 PM
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    brrr its cold outside.

    been to work. picked eldest up from school. came home. made 2 cheese cakes . cooked the kids tea . im off to bed now. im tired and achy, theres a bit of washing up in the sink but it can wait till tomorrow now. other than that the place is tidy i havent done any of my studies tonight so i must crack on with that tomorrow. i need to order some ink cartridges for the printer as i need to print off a form to send with my birth certificate to see if im eligible for funding for my nvq , i hope i am i really dont fancy spending out £2400 in fees for it. and the owner of the place i work for has refused to chip in despite my managers best efforts to talk him round. failing that i may look for a job where they are willing to help towards my nvq costs . from the research ive done i should qualify for the learner loan . fingers crossed. i was going to start my degree again soon. but now im thinking ill be better to get my nvqs first . another thing to think about,
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