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    • Seabiscuit
    • By Seabiscuit 11th Oct 17, 6:57 AM
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    Countdown to the big 4-0 - time to get my life in order!!!'
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    • 11th Oct 17, 6:57 AM
    Countdown to the big 4-0 - time to get my life in order!!!' 11th Oct 17 at 6:57 AM
    So, as the title suggests I'm on the countdown to 40 - ok it's just over 3 years away but I figured it gives me time to action my plan to get my life on track. I've had diaries on here in the past and have found they've worked well for me as long as I keep posting!!!

    A bit about me - I'm Mummy to my amazing 2 year old son. I went back to work part time so this has meant a 40% cut in my previous salary. We currently owe just shy of 9k split across credit cards, family loan and overdraft. This has largely come about off the back of a series of car issues (2.5k in 18 months ), subsequent purchase of a reliable car (4.5k), horrendous vets bills (totalling another 4K!) and plugging the mat leave shortfall. If the truth be told the route cause is the fact we have no savings. We've been chipping away at the debt since I returned to work and are doing ok-ish but it could be better.

    On a personal level the focus of this diary will obviously be our debt free journey but also my journey to getting a grip on my life. I currently have over a stone to lose (would like it gone by Christmas - may be wishful thinking!). My house is a tip and I need to get organised and also my work life is not great at the minute. I've arrived at the conclusion that I'm the only one that can do anything about this as speaking to my boss has fallen on deaf ears - the question is what do I do. I need to ask myself a lot of questions and may be push myself out of my comfort zone, but I'm determined one way or another work issues will not impact my home life or mental health.

    Well done if you've made it through my ramblings - turning 40's going to be great
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    1000km in 2017 = 641/1000
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    • Seabiscuit
    • By Seabiscuit 8th Jan 18, 5:44 AM
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    Happy Monday!
    Busy weekend, OH was working Saturday so it was just me and my boy. Day started with SW, then a trip into town and food shopping. Not terribly exciting but that's life!

    SW lost 5lb! Really pleased with that so 5/28

    I also managed my first run in 2 months. I'm aiming to complete 1000k in 2018 (tried in 2017 but ended the year about 200k short ). It wasn't quick and it wasn't pretty but managed 4 miles without stopping or walking so I'm pleased with that! Takes me to 6.4 / 1000km - it's a start!

    A few eBay sales over the weekend mean that budget is now just 30 short for the month. Should be fairly easy to sort. Think I've over budgeted for petrol and hopefully they'll be a few more eBay sales, so hopefully it'll be sorted.

    Did treat myself to a new notebook to start my new bullet journal for the year. Is it sad that I'm really excited about this The plan is it'll keep me on track with every aspect of my life - finances, weight, exercise, housework, social and family, birthdays, Christmas etc - the list is endless!!!!

    Right best go, got some eBay items to package up - have a great day x
    1000km in 2017 = 641/1000
    • fatrab
    • By fatrab 8th Jan 18, 6:53 AM
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    Good luck with your plan! I'm also hoping to lose a bit of weight along the way of my debt free journey.

    As my username implies, I'm no spring chicken. At my heaviest I was 17st 8lbs. I'm currently 17st 2lbs (6lbs off since Xmas!) and I plan to lose a pound per week on average in 2018. Which should see me under 14st by next xmas!

    I hope to be completely debt free by 50 so in a similar mindset to yourself. I shall follow your diary and wish you all the best with both your debt and health goals!

    You can have results or excuses, but not both - Wannabe debt free by Dec 2022
    June's targets - Be 15st by end of month, 19/30 AFDs
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    • Seabiscuit
    • By Seabiscuit 14th Jan 18, 7:05 AM
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    Hi Robert - thanks for stopping by and well done on the weight loss hopefully we can help keep each other motivated.

    Payday still seems along way off - 14 days in fact We've already blown the food budget so really need to rein it in. Will sit down and draw up a meal plan later.

    Checked my TCB this morning and 60 has become payable this will be a massive help with muddling through til payday.

    DS has had a rare lie in this morning (by lie in I mean 6:00- he's usually up by 5:00!!!) This has given me an hour to get listing on eBay. Hoping for a few good sales - fingers crossed!

    Yesterday was a busy one - weigh in first thing (1.5lb off 6.5 / 28lb), food shopping and then a trip to the feed shop for the ponies feed. Also need to get dog food this week, so more planned spends......

    The bullet journal is up and running and will hopefully help me get my life in order. All the weekly / monthly chores are listed, all my finances, weight, running, Birthday and Christmas pressies to buy. I've also made a list of potential day trips and things to do with little man. I'm determined to start living more and hopefully getting a wee bit more organised will be a step in the right direction!
    1000km in 2017 = 641/1000
    • MatyMoo
    • By MatyMoo 14th Jan 18, 9:47 AM
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    Had another look at last years progress (or lack of it) and just feel so frustrated. I seem to spend half my life trying to get us out of this mess (and probably the other half getting us into it!) and feel so disheartened that the effort has pretty much gone to waste.
    Originally posted by Seabiscuit
    This jumped out at me.

    The year didn't go to waste, you didn't increase your debt (bet you did in previous years), you made a reduction of 1k

    In my book that's a success!

    If you can get a handle on the food budget by menu planning & shopping lists based around thar will help! But it's tough going to reduce spending in one go. If you spent 100/week before try to reduce by 10/week. Once you have cracked that reduce by another 10. Much easier to do it in smaller blocks
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    • Seabiscuit
    • By Seabiscuit 16th Jan 18, 5:32 AM
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    Thanks MatyMoo, your words of support mean a lot especially when it all seems like one huge never ending slog!

    Had 30 in eBay sales over the last couple of days, so this has been transferred to the current account to help see us through.

    Not a great deal to report elsewhere but checking in helps keep me on track.

    Have a great day x
    1000km in 2017 = 641/1000
    • Seabiscuit
    • By Seabiscuit 22nd Jan 18, 5:16 AM
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    Good morning!
    Eek I've been awol for nearly a week. So what have I been doing......Truthful answer - not a great deal! Fortunately spends have been reasonably low. Managed to get by this weekend without doing a big shop and instead just spent 17 on essentials, so pleased with that. Also had a mamouth listing session on eBay and fb so hoping for some sales there.

    Payday is still 8 days away and there is a slight shortfall, but I'm hoping a few sales along the way will help with that. I still have my Christmas money so can use that if necessary.

    The pressie stash is building up nicely for next Christmas. I've been using personal spending money to fund this so no impact on the main accounts. I like to get everyone except DS, OH, parents and my sister and bro in law sorted by September ish. Had a 25 off 50 spend at Very so have managed to get some nice bits there. I'm also taking part in the save 365 challenge out of my personal spends - all going well so far- I've got one of those tins from the 1 shop that you need a tin opener to open so I'm not tempted to dip into it!

    Right best make soup for work and crack on with packaging up the weekends eBay sales. Have a good week x
    1000km in 2017 = 641/1000
    • enthusiasticsaver
    • By enthusiasticsaver 22nd Jan 18, 8:22 AM
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    Would it be worth posting an soa so you can get feedback on your budget as budgeting seems to be the problem here. The debt is going down though but I think some emergency savings would be useful particularly as your car seems to need a lot of work.
    Debt free and mortgage free and early retiree. Living the dream

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    • Seabiscuit
    • By Seabiscuit 29th Jan 18, 6:15 AM
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    Good morning! Payday tomorrow (at last!!!) so thought I'd pull together the figures while I have 5 minutes to myself!

    Cc1 was 931.40 now 876.40 = -55.00
    Cc2 was 1578.52 now 1528.52 = -50.00
    Cc3 was 4556.20 now 4406.20= -150
    OD was 498.20 now 497.07= -1.13
    Parents was 750 now 650= -100

    Total was 8314.32 now 7958.9= 355.42

    Weight loss = 9.5/28

    Running 1000k in 2018 = 13/1000 (whoops!)

    Not a too bad start to 2018 (other than the running!) February is going to be a challenge though- Road tax due @ 99 ish, house insurance @ 128 ish, potential vet bill @ 70 ish (although 28 day payment terms means this could be paid in March).

    I have upped the food shopping budget from 200 to 300. Whilst I'm hoping to come in well below this but have upped it to protect our debt repayment budget if that makes sense? It's always the food shopping I'm robbing peter to pay Paul for come the latter part of the month, which has a negative effect particularly on the OD (as I no longer use the cc at all). We'll see how it goes. I'm also going to really focus on meal planning as this in turn will help both my weight loss and food spend.

    The BT period for cc3 finishes in Feb so need to look into alternatives. I'm hoping I can transfer it onto one of my other cards just to help with admin side of things. Will have a look into my options.

    Right sounds like little one is deciding that the is starting so best jump to it!

    Have a good day x
    1000km in 2017 = 641/1000
    • Seabiscuit
    • By Seabiscuit 4th Feb 18, 7:31 AM
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    Good morning!
    Thought I'd nip in for a quick update whilst little one is suitably distracted by Peppa pig and breakfast! I've submitted our meter readings and suprise suprise we're paying too much - monthly payments have been reduced by a very welcome 40 per month! I've also completed a BT on cc3 to combine it with cc1. The interest free rate expires in Feb so needed to get it sorted - new 0% rate expires in August 2019 - the race is on to pay it off by then!

    A batch of soup for the week is bubbling away and will need to sit down and meal plan. SW was a 0.5lb gain (not a great surprise to be honest) so the meal plan will help with the s and lbs.

    Not much planned for today just jobs around the house - the weather is pants here anyway. Need to get some eBay listings done later too.

    Have a good day x
    1000km in 2017 = 641/1000
    • Seabiscuit
    • By Seabiscuit 28th Feb 18, 6:36 AM
    • 146 Posts
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    Good morning my poor neglected diary!
    So its that time of the month again....

    Cc1 was 876.40 now 5209.86 = + 4333.46
    Cc2 was 1528.52 now 1438.00 = -90.52
    Cc3 was 4406.20 now 0 = -4406.20
    OD was 497.07 now 479.74 = 17.33
    Parents was 650 now 550 =-100

    Total was 7958.19 now 7576.70 = -294.59

    Would have been about 425 but I had a BT fee to pay for switching cc3. All in all not too bad...

    In other news we have a contingency fund . Ok minimum effort went in to it as OH had a very welcome letter from slc saying he was due a refund, but we now have 1k put away. Some of it is planned for home maintenance but the rest we'll leave until it's REALLY needed!

    Weight loss I'm 11lb down and beginning to feel a bit like my old self again - just another 17 to go! My running mojo still not returned fully tho - I suspect this freezing weather has something to do with that!

    Save 365 is up to date and going well - can't wait to crack open the money tin in December! I'm still stashing bargains away for Christmas pressies so fingers crossed come December there won't be many left to buy and the tin can pay for food and fun Christmassy days out with DS.

    Right I'm off to brave the beast from the east and sort the ponies. Have a good day x
    1000km in 2017 = 641/1000
    • Seabiscuit
    • By Seabiscuit 27th Apr 18, 6:18 AM
    • 146 Posts
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    Wow - can't believe how long it's been since I lasted loved in Time to change that!
    So current state of affairs is as follows.....
    Cc1 was 5209.86 now 4809.86 = - 400
    Cc2 was 1438.00 now 1299.00 = - 139
    OD was 478.74 now 361.35 = -117.39
    Parents was 550 now 350 = - 200

    Total was 7576.70 now 6720.20 = -856.50

    Not too bad - almost the same as I paid off for the whole of last year gone in 2 months

    Running mojo slowly creeping back and hopefully will kickstart the weight loss - still hovering at 11lb.

    Save 365 up to date, can't wait to crack the tin open in December.

    Was hoping for a nice long post but little man has other ideas - I WILL BE BACK!!!
    1000km in 2017 = 641/1000
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