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    • determined new ms
    • By determined new ms 9th Oct 17, 7:22 AM
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    determined new ms
    What small DFW things will you do this week - w/c 9th October?
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    • 9th Oct 17, 7:22 AM
    What small DFW things will you do this week - w/c 9th October? 9th Oct 17 at 7:22 AM
    What small DFW things will you do this week - w/c 2 October
    When we start out on the DFW trail we do loads of "big stuff" that makes quite a difference to our situation. These include having our lightbulb moment, cutting up the credit cards and cancelling Sky and the gym.

    But once we have done the bigger stuff, we often feel that we are not making the same amount of progress, when in fact the small steps are helping us form good financial habits and helping us get closer everyday to staying in control and becoming debt free, or staying debt free.

    Examples could be hanging washing out instead of using the tumble dryer or leaving your purse/wallet at home to avoid the risk of spending.

    So be proud of those small steps, they really are important
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    • foxgloves
    • By foxgloves 11th Oct 17, 6:30 PM
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    And now I'd better kick in today's list. A pretty good day for money saving, once I'd got the ironing out of the way, & even with that, I only ironed what really needed it.
    *Updated October's budget.
    *Sorted out 3 different budgets which I discovered I'd muddled up yesterday while I was out shopping. All now ship-shape.
    *Sorted home insurance renewal. Ran identical policy through our provider's website & found it (yet again!) to be cheaper online. Web-chatted with advisor to sort out cancelling existing policy. He gave me a number to call. I asked if it was charged at local rate. He said it was, but offered me another one which is freephone from landlines so I used that. Identical policy purchased from same provider. Saving £48-66. I know plenty of people wouldn't have bothered for that amount, but the way I look at it is that I wouldn't go outside & put £48 in notes down the nearest drain, would I, so why would I give it to an insurance company?
    *Entered a prize draw.
    *Did a few surveys - motivated now I've cashed out on Ipsos again.
    *Checked CC bill & paid off the amount I budgeted for this month. Wish I could clear it in full as I usuallly do, but those new glasses have done for that this month I'm afraid!
    *Rounded up small change for shrapnel jar & paid another 2 x 50ps into my sealed pot.
    *Baked a loaf.
    *Picked the last of our sweetcorn crop plus a couple of small courgettes.
    *Fed sourdough jar.
    *Did triage of the veggie baskets & fridge which led to a pile of gifted apples being made into apple sauce for the freezer & a big chunk of butternut squash being chopped, roasted & added to tonight's pasta bake.
    *Made tomorrow's packed lunch,
    *Used a pretty piece of recycled wrapping paper from my stash to make fancy lids for a couple of jars of my preserves. Added nice biscuits bought yesterday, put in a recycled gift bag & that's all made a birthday present for an elderly relative I shall see next week.
    *Dug out chickpea moussaka recipe to make next week to use up a huge courgette. I think we have everything in stock to make that & it will do us 2 days, so needs to go on the meal plans when I do them tomorrow.
    OK, that's my frugal efforts for today. mr f will be late home tonight. He's had to go to an event he really would rather have avoided. I've just texted him to say I'm making a rice pudding (he really likes home made rice pudding with a blob of jam, like 1970s school dinner, lol) to try & make the evening seem less tedious.
    F xx
    Money can't jump out of your purse on its own so ask 'Can I borrow one, make one, grow one, bake one, re-purpose or recycle, acquire it for free?' Yes? Then put that purse away & keep your money because little savings grow!
    Loan pay-down fund instalment 2 = £800-01
    Payment received from surveys: 2015 = £320 2016 = £210 2017 = £304 2018 = £259
    • determined new ms
    • By determined new ms 11th Oct 17, 7:36 PM
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    determined new ms
    Hi guys late one for me! Faffing around this morning

    Went to work on my day off for a 3 hour training session - must stop booking training on my days off as it causes me resentment! But often the courses are days I'm not working.....

    Went for a quick coffee with a colleague I really like but rarely see. a very rare treat to have coffee out for me! So that was nice

    Then met with dd, had lunch - my treat but chips from the chippy so cheap!, caught up and she got madam a couple of pairs of fleecy pjs from primarnie

    Nipped to L1dl and got a few bits - only stuff on the list

    dropped shopping at home, unpacked then went and picked up madam and went to ballet. Took snacks for her to eat in the car - ballet day is military precision! Knitted sock and nattered to a mum there I like.

    went and picked up a parcel from sorting office on way home.

    Cooked dinner using 3 day ood mince - tis fine used 1/4 of a giant squash with potatoes for mash. See if it gets past oh's taste test....

    crazy half hour tidying/cleaning as mil is round tomorrow - she will never know how slovenly we really are

    Need to update diary with spends

    tried washing machine's timer function and came home to washed clothes, will hang up after dinner

    going to sit down and do some knitting, might have a bath/pamper session - but likely I wba'd after dinner

    read newsletter

    that's me!
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    • FatVonD
    • By FatVonD 11th Oct 17, 10:50 PM
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    Evening all,

    I've been a bit glum and headachey today but got on with stuff that needed doing and felt better for doing it.

    I had to do a trip to the local shop this morning for milk and butter and managed to get DS a YS sandwich instead of the meal deal he'd prefer, I had a jacket potato and cheese.

    I have however just done another run for chocolate and crisps, just because I've been glum and headachey! I did manage though to get more YS sandwiches for tomorrow, YS mushrooms plus YS grape snack packs for work while I was there. DS has both my cards so I was counting pennies out to make the amount

    Work tomorrow for me and I remembered (just!) to wash and dry my uniform.

    The cat litter needs changing, joy of joys, I love my life
    Make £25 a day in April £0/£750 (March £584, February £602, January £883.66)

    December £361.54, November £322.28, October £288.52, September £374.30, August £223.95, July £71.45, June £251.22, May£119.33, April £236.24, March £106.74, Feb £40.99, Jan £98.54) Total for 2017 - £2,495.10
    • determined new ms
    • By determined new ms 12th Oct 17, 6:21 AM
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    determined new ms
    Morning been up an hour, really have nothing to show for it

    Today is a working day and my *longer* day - I work until 3.45 today but the silver lining is I get to have a lunch break so at least I can eat my soup (am addicted to this soup. It's sooooo good!) in the office rather than from a thermos between visits

    just checked the weather and it's going to be nice so I will hang the washing out

    mil is having madam so £3 saved on after school club


    phoning dd tonight to help her with her form

    quick bath in a minute

    check banking

    check meal plan and get out whatever is needed. Madam can have lo shepherds pie

    knitting tonight

    wrap up gift (from stores) for a birthday tea we are going to tomorrow using recycled paper. Card from stores

    that's all! Have a great day guys, nearly at the w/e

    carrie have a great holiday! x
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    • PurpleFairy26
    • By PurpleFairy26 12th Oct 17, 7:50 AM
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    Morning all

    Broken nights sleep so today is going to be a long day and I have to fast for something this afternoon so no coffee to keep me going

    List for today:
    Appointment later paid through work, would be £400 if I paid. Itís a MOT type thing. Letís see if I pass
    Meals from stores (after fasting)
    Some washing out on the line
    Quick tidy round
    Check banking
    Post fleabay item
    Make a yogurt cake
    Print the last of the invoices off so I can submit my partnership return which means I then do my tax return. Only have until 31st October for the first one.
    Early night here I think.

    Back later. Purps.
    • carrielovesfanta
    • By carrielovesfanta 12th Oct 17, 8:15 AM
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    Morning folks

    FatVonD - I hope your headache clears
    Purps - as a fellow caffeine addict, I feel your pain

    Slightly bad start to the holiday. OH had to swerve to avoid hitting a child yesterday whose dear friend pushed him into the street
    Unfortunately he donked the wing mirror of the car coming the opposite way. Our wing mirror glass is broken (although will be a cheap easy fix as the car isn't fancy). The other car had its wing mirror casing obliterated. Luckily only £70 for the casing and OH gave the guy the cash yesterday. If the whole mirror had gone it would have been £400 as it was a fancy heated type

    On the plus side, I have had another crochet commission request for a large rug.

    Yesterday's round up

    Today's plan:
    • Meals from plan - done
    • Plan meals up until our holiday as much from stores as possible (only 3 days so should be fine) - done
    • Plan a small packed breakfast to take to the airport on Sunday - healthier and much cheaper than fried brekkie! Flight is at 8.05am so will need to keep us going til lunch. - done
    • Charge phone in work - done
    • Gym at lunch time - done
    • Put sheets back on spare bed
    • Crochet and relax - done
    Originally posted by carrielovesfanta
    • Meals from plan
    • Hair cut for me - done
    • Try to take down the nets in the kitchen/utility and wash them (cannot see how the bars were put up and the nets gotten on) - done. I will not speak of the horrors that lay within the nets. They were REVOLTING.
    • Gym this morning - done. Really good workout today
    • No drinkies
    • OH working tonight - done
    • Start packing
    • Lots of washing to be done before we go (DNMS the timer on my new machine had been a revelation) - done
    • More epilating!
    • Research crochet rug and give a price - done
    • Windows open to air the house - done
    • Washing on the line drying nicely - done
    • Mopping down the windows behind the nets. THE HORROR. In case you're wondering why I'm such a filthy mare, these windows are behind the fridge so hard to reach. I know they are horrible but it's easier to ignore them - done. I deserve a medal. Or at least a nice cuppa.
    Will add as I go

    Have a good one all

    clf x
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    LBM 11/06/2010: DFD 30/04/2013
    Total repaid: £10,490.31

    SAVINGS: £9433.44
    • mumofthetwins
    • By mumofthetwins 12th Oct 17, 9:46 AM
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    Morning guys ...

    While I remember anyone looking for memory cards or USB sticks Morrisons reduced loads to £1 .. I picked some up yesterday for the boys for school .. oh and anyone that uses a lot of the plastic packaging envelopes these were reduced from £1 to 5p a packet .. so if your close by pop in and have a look ...

    Well today started great ..
    I have baked some muffins and made a quiche using up all bits that were starting to look a bit ropey
    House tidied and hoovered
    Packaged a few things that was paid for from eBay last night
    Then I started my workout DVD ... love it as it's free and I do get good results from it .. well half way through the blooming tv decided to give up so that's now a new TV and phone (my phone gave up last week after a bit of a swim in a bag of Pepsi max) my emergency fund already took a hammering as I bought a new car in auguest and a new cooker a few weeks before this ... gutted but hey ho at least I've got some yummy quiche and muffins for lunch while listening to the radio lol

    Hope you all have a better day than me ...
    Lisa x
    June £1000/£19500 Murphy £500/£500
    May £3085/£23042
    April £1266.27/£25843.54 STF £1500/£1500
    MFW OP 2018 £400
    • La escocesa
    • By La escocesa 12th Oct 17, 11:00 AM
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    La escocesa
    Hi everyone

    I'm WFH today and tomorrow - OH had his op yesterday so I am chief looker-afterer. We still don't have all the results from the op but doc said they didn't look promising. He doesn't need another op and his condition isn't making him ill/won't kill him so that is the positive news.

    Wow, CLF - how scary for that kid!! Glad it didn't cost your OH too much either.

    Hope you are surviving without the coffee Purps! I was similar yesterday. Don't know why I felt the need to go nil by mouth just because OH was but didn't feel right making a morning coffee with him really wanting one. (that's me being a saintly wife and getting some wife points in the bank for future )

    DNMS - which soup are you having these days??

    Arghh Arc and FS - I was so annoyed with our last deposit dispute - in the end they took £15 for paw prints on the outside of the back door!!! No joke!! I couldn't be bothered with taking it further but what a b loody joke!

    Right... best get off and back to work...

    Meals from stores
    Working job#2 tonight

    Can't really think!
    • foxgloves
    • By foxgloves 12th Oct 17, 2:07 PM
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    Hello Money Savers,
    Oh, that's a worry for you, La E. Hope your partner recovers well, anyway x

    Woke with a headache in the middle of a stressy dream this morning. Two paracetamol, toast & a humungous coffee put me to rights & I'm now having quite a productive day:
    *Put a colour on my hair. Soooooo much cheaper than having it done at the salon, which I did pre-LBM.
    *Did 40 mins of surveys while my colour was 'cooking'.
    *Noticed more meat than I need for tonight's stir-fry so will freeze a piece to use in a spicy rice or noodles another time.
    *Made tomorrow's packed lunch.
    *Home made tomato soup from freezer for my lunch.
    *Free exercise outside clearing & sweeping back courtyard.
    *Pelargoniums all potted up & brought indoors for winter. Divided one up so as to give it as a gift.
    * on final sock for my sales basket. Am time pressured on this, so choosing a pattern with a lace panel up the side that I haven't knitted before probably not my wisest move, but it"s not too fiddley & I kind of hope they don't sell as I like them myself.
    *Do next week's meal plans. Am about halfway with this so far. Mr f wants to cook Madhur Jaffrey's whole Indian spiced chicken on Sat, which means very tasty leftovers to work into other meals. If I make a big veggie moussaka too, I shan't need many more meals for the week.
    Ok, sun streaming through the window. Am off outside to do more garden clearing now.
    Peace to all,
    F x
    Money can't jump out of your purse on its own so ask 'Can I borrow one, make one, grow one, bake one, re-purpose or recycle, acquire it for free?' Yes? Then put that purse away & keep your money because little savings grow!
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    • 1LuckyLady
    • By 1LuckyLady 12th Oct 17, 2:26 PM
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    Afternoon all,

    Another late list from me as I've been out visiting a poorly friend.
    LaE, hope your oh recovers well
    CLf, hope your hols improve!

    Todays list
    * last slice of ys bread for ds1's toast for breakfast, gave him a small bowl of cereal too
    * Ds2 had free breakfast at school's breakfast club
    * Gym session done and refilled water bottle
    * As friend was poorly we changed our lunch out plans for a coffee at theirs instead so no money spent
    * Lunch at home for me (as missed breakfast completely that's money saving I guess!) - had the last 4 crackers with a cup a soup dh found in an old work bag of his at the weekend. It was only 2yrs out of date but I wouldn't have it again as it wasn't very tasty!
    * Make families lunches for tomorrow
    * Shared bath water later
    * Clean kitchen using stardrops
    * Leftover fish pie for the kids tea, freezer dive for dh & I
    * Posted a letter using a free stamp from RM surveys
    * Hoover my bedroom, didn't manage it yesterday
    * Check shopping list on Mr T as Ive a delivery booked for tomorrow.

    Have a good day all, its nearly weekend!

    ** Checked fruit bowl and have made fruit salad to use up some things that needed using

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    Sticking with the "Small things" thread to keep up us on the straight and narrow.
    • determined new ms
    • By determined new ms 12th Oct 17, 6:20 PM
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    determined new ms
    mumoftwins I feel your pain! In the last month our kettle and something broke on my exhaust and I ended up paying out £300 to get it fixed, we purchased a super king size bed and mattress and even though that was painful enough to see the best part of £1000 go down the drain our washing machine broke and we had to get a new one

    La E - this is the soup. And as a soup connoisseur I can personally vouch it's the BEST SOUP EVER

    I just happened to have some pearl barley that has been kicking around a lifetime but in the comments someone said they didn't but used brown rice and it worked. I also added some chilli powder and lemon juice as per comments. sooooooooo good!
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    • DawnW
    • By DawnW 12th Oct 17, 6:37 PM
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    ((Hugs)) La E, hope your OH is ok!
    And Foxgloves, you take care of yourself too!
    Late check in from me on a less than productive day
    Woke at 4am after a broken night and couldn't get back to sleep - shattered now!
    Walked dog x 2
    Walked to post office with ebay sales. Did yet another top up shop - I have totally blown my budget this month
    Sold 4 more ebay items, but one is to go to the US, aargh! I stopped selling on ebay while I was ill, and have only recently got back to it. My preferences have obviously disappeared / defaulted, so a total free for all I have discovered. Now nailed down to UK only again (I only sell small things costing a few pounds at most, really not worth any extra hassle), but in the meantime I have to queue up to do international, customs etc stuff for a £3.20 sale I will sort it out tomorrow
    OH moaning about his sciatica, his pulled muscle and now he is getting a cold, apparently
    My brother has at least decided to go back (not sure what to ) tomorrow
    Cooked sausages in onion gravy, mash, carrots and green beans for dinner, apple crumble to follow. Feel like a food production machine, but if brother disappears with his enormous appetite, there will be enough leftovers for OH and I tomorrow
    Listed 2 more items on ebay
    Did a couple of surveys for onepoll
    Will clear up the kitchen and that is me done for today I think - hope for a better day tomorrow!
    NSDs for June 8 / 10
    Groceries / cleaning / toiletries / pet food etc £162.73 / £250
    Fuel 99.95 / £100

    • uphillstruggler
    • By uphillstruggler 12th Oct 17, 8:20 PM
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    Hi everyone,
    Hope everyone has had a good day.

    Managed a NSD today so happy about that. A colleague offered to buy me a coffee. Tough day at work and back again at the crack of dawn...
    Off to bed in a sec but here is my list for tomorrow:
    *pop to bankbank -done
    *November budget
    *check accounts
    *meals and water at workwork -done

    Night all,
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    Groceries Feb 2018: EUR74.52/150 NSD Feb 2018: 1/8
    • Happy Kitties
    • By Happy Kitties 12th Oct 17, 8:52 PM
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    Happy Kitties
    Hugs to everyone having a rough time or just feeling under the weather. It just seems a tough time of year for everyone at the minute.

    Still managing to catch up on some badly neglected errands and paperwork. Was chuffed today that I finally managed to get my cousin's little one-his birthday presents wrapped and sent. They have just been moved around the kitchen for the last week and a half. Postage paid for by RM survey stamps
    Also sent off a game I sold on Amaz@n last night. Really didn't think it would sell as you can pick the game up for peanuts and not a popular game, but it sold
    Was up and productive really early this morning, by 8.30am the cats were sorted, breakfast eaten and I was working on some paperwork.
    Washing out-made the most of a windy and dry day
    Banking all checked and monies have gone in for the Wii games sold so far. Going to send some more off tomorrow.
    Met a friend for coffee-their turn to pay and it was nice just to have a bit of time out. After they had mentioned it a couple of times previously I have finally given in-going to the docs tomorrow as I think i have a chest infection, the coughing hurts so much but I feel okay now except for being wheezy and shortness of breath. I'm just pleased I am managing to get things done.
    Ordered DD some makeup today for her Christmas stocking. Technically apart from my cocktail baubles I've finished all my present shopping, but items are ones she uses all the time, they were on a special offer and at least a starving poor uni student won't have to fork out for them for awhile.
    Keeping my spends book up to date, everything up to date.
    Couldn't be bothered cooking, picked up a YS curry after having coffee. I did enjoy it aswell
    Have a good evening everyone x
    2017 birthday savings shopping frugally = 481.15:money. 2018 birthday savings so far=359.51
    • 1LuckyLady
    • By 1LuckyLady 13th Oct 17, 8:39 AM
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    Morning all,

    Hk, hope you are feeling better soon.

    Feeling a bit out of sorts today, I've had to cancel the gym as the people ikea are sending to look at my sofa are coming between 8am-1pm arrrgghhhh and they'll probably be at the later end of the slot anyway They were here by 9.30am and have re-lacquered the cushions so they look good as new again Ah well it means more time at home to get sorted for the weekend I guess.

    Todays list
    * Cereal for the kids breakfast from the back of the cupboard as we've used up all the ys bread now
    * Cancel this mornings gym class and book next weeks classes
    * Check banking/update spreadsheets
    * 2 loads to go on the quick 30 degree wash
    * Hang washing on hangers and onto airers as its forecast rain all day
    * Empty dishwasher , clean out the filters and wipe it round
    * Make enchiladas for tonights tea and prep salad to go with it Scratch that, I just can't be arsed so its pizza night instead, quick and easy
    * Film night from stash planned so long as dh isn't too late home from work tonight.
    * Hoover everywhere
    * Tidy out fridge before mr t delivery
    * Update freezer & use up box inventories, helps remind me what we need to be using up next
    * No heating on until at least the end of the month, plenty of blankets/fleeces around and we might light candles later too
    * Clean kitchen and bathrooms using stardrops

    That's my starter but I hope to add more as the day goes along.

    Have a good day all.

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    Sticking with the "Small things" thread to keep up us on the straight and narrow.
    • determined new ms
    • By determined new ms 13th Oct 17, 8:41 AM
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    determined new ms
    Morning guys whoop to it being Friday agreed a late start for some of the hours time in lieu I've accrued and I'm going to try to slope of 1/2 hour early (one of the benefits of community work. Although now I've said that I'll probably work later! )

    oh away for the weekend so just madam and me

    Not much smalls planned:

    * hung washing on the line as weather forecast is good
    * taking a sarnie & fruit - no bought lunches for me
    * WM loaded up for next lot. Will set the timer so it's ready for tomorrow morning as forecast good for the next few days
    * make note of mileage
    * NSD I've managed 3 so far this week and think I can manage 2 more this is unheard of for me!
    * wrap presents from stores using recycled paper - party postponed until saturday as little boy has been poorly
    * phone dd tonight
    * go to the lottie after work and pick raspberries
    * general tidy and whip round tonight to stay on top of it all

    Ok that'll do for me! Have a great day guys x
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    • DawnW
    • By DawnW 13th Oct 17, 8:53 AM
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    Morning all
    Will try not to be such a grump today. OH has got a cold and I am a mere amateur in the grumpiness stakes
    Lots to do:
    Cooked breakfast as my brother is off later this morning - not sure what to I have implored him to sign on if he doesn't get work immediately - he has money but is spending over £100 a week on smoking (or so OH reckons) atm, and he will run out. Also urged him to get some proper lodgings for the winter. He lives intermittently with his ex wife and various others, including us, but he is difficult to live with, doesn't do a thing for himself and you can only put up with him for so long. Sometimes he just sleeps in his car He earns good money most of the time, as a contract electrician on building sites etc, but sadly it just goes on smoking and gambling - he just can't or won't sort himself out

    Walk dog x 2 Done
    Clean kitchen floor as someone has spilled something on it and it is sticky Done, also ran hoover over the living room, conservatory and hall
    Post office with ebay parcels. Thankfully after yesterday's US debacle, I don't have anything ending today Done, 2 more items have just sold incidentally, but not anticipating any hassle with these! I hope!
    Make a bolognese with some very slightly OOD mince and the veg at the bottom of the fridge Done, also used up some odds and ends from the freezer - loads left for another day - or two
    Spare bed stripped and changed
    Load of washing done and dried on the line
    Did a few onepoll surveys, Prolific doesn't seem to be coming up with anything for me at the moment

    Right, better take dog out as soon as kids going to the primary school up the road stop whizzing past on their scooters!
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    NSDs for June 8 / 10
    Groceries / cleaning / toiletries / pet food etc £162.73 / £250
    Fuel 99.95 / £100

    • carrielovesfanta
    • By carrielovesfanta 13th Oct 17, 8:57 AM
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    Morning all

    Hugs to those who are under the weather

    Dawn - I'm sure that you've suggested it but is there any way to encourage your brother to go to the doctor?

    Very productive day for me. Did result in a small unplanned spend on some quick-cook bits for dinner though. I met up with a friend for coffee. She picked me up at half 5, though I'd be home about half 6. We got kicked out at 8 because they were closing

    No way was I going to cook a shepherd's pie from scratch at that time
    However picked up 2 packs of steamed veg and some ready made mash. Remembered that I had some sausages in the freezer. Total spend about £3.50

    Today's mission is mostly based around FUN.
    • Meals from plan
    • PT session for me, gym for OH
    • Bake muffins for packed brekkie
    • Nails done this afternoon (not mse but def MHE)
    • Gig tonight (neither of us drinking more than a couple so will be fairly cheap)
    • Message facebook seller
    Will add as I go

    have a good one all

    clf x
    LBM 11/06/2010: DFD 30/04/2013
    Total repaid: £10,490.31

    SAVINGS: £9433.44
    • La escocesa
    • By La escocesa 13th Oct 17, 8:58 AM
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    La escocesa
    Hi everyone

    Thanks for your well wishes for OH - he's up and made me a coffee so things must be improving...

    WFH today again so no car parking/shopping in town/nipping to the tuck shop/popping into the 'spensive clothes shop/going for a drink after work... I think I've just figured out why I still have a CC bill!

    OH is picking up his new car today (if he feels up for it) so next week we will start a new regime - I'll be taking my car and coming home at lunch to walk the dog. I found the cheapest place for parking at £5 a day. OH gets free parking and will probably half his travel time by not dropping me off so all good there. We also save on dog care as I can get home on lunch. Plus, the payment is covered by drop in mortgage payment. V exciting!

    OH's parents are coming over to visit tomorrow so I'll need to tidy round tonight (would need to anyway, but Saturday is usually my cleaning day rather than Friday y'see )

    PAD to CC £13 for Friday 13th

    Worked job #2 last night

    Updated YNAB for those goings on...

    No heating on - been pretty warm in the house tbh...

    Probably more but best get some work done...

    Catch up soon!
    • Happy Kitties
    • By Happy Kitties 13th Oct 17, 10:31 AM
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    Happy Kitties
    Many thanks LL. Unfortunately part of my spinal damage carries autoimmune/immune problems so things hit my body hard. While my brain wants to race off and get things done like a greyhound, the body becomes a great big St Bernard that refuses to move from the spot-first time I've ever compared my body to breed of dogs

    Dawn I hope your OH is feeling better soon. It is interesting what u said about ur brother. A good friend I knew years ago, her brother was very similar. Worked in the building trade, earned really good money but could never settle. I lost contact with my friend so don't know what happened with her brother but so very similar from what you have said.
    We've got an event tomorrow so DD home from uni. It's the first time I've seen her since I dropped her off. Can't wait
    Was up early again this morning.
    Cat cleaning all done
    Paperwork done
    Banking all checked, all direct debits all to date
    Parcel with more games all packaged up to send today
    Out in a bit to drop some things off at my mum's. Going to pop to Asd@ later for their own brand of vege mince(did some price checking here) ready to make a lasagne for DD.
    Been having a general tidy up-don't want DD to think her mother has turned into a slob while she has been at uni
    Was really good this morning. Was told in B@@ts yesterday that the Yankee candle set would be half price today. It's a lovely set. Thought about it and while i WANT the set, I dont NEED the set. Have plenty of candles and always get some at Christmas so money saved just by having a think and not automatically going out to buy the item-one time I would have done this without thinking about the money i was spending
    Have a great day everyone x
    2017 birthday savings shopping frugally = 481.15:money. 2018 birthday savings so far=359.51
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