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    • Singlemumwithplans
    • By Singlemumwithplans 14th Aug 17, 10:16 AM
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    • 14th Aug 17, 10:16 AM
    ThelittleladyandI 14th Aug 17 at 10:16 AM
    First timer seeking organisation, security and a lovely life for my daughter and I.

    My husband has recently left, he is a good person, struggling. He is still very present in DD's life and at the moment is contributing financially a lot. His leaving is very very recent. I am heartbroken but need a new focus and some positivity. (I still hold out hope that things will resolve themselves but until then......)

    I am 30, work part time, 3 days a week. My daughter is 18 months old, the cheekest monkey, hard work but she is what has kept me going recently! We live in our home with our guard dog haha! Old Labrador, soft dog!

    I'm aiming to get finances organised as much as anything. Currently I have no idea how much bills and costs are, when they go out of the accounts, whose name they are in or which account they go out of (joint, mine or his) I want to be able to manage the finances better and pay back outstanding debt!

    The debt has accumulated over a few years, just by buying stuff we don't need! It's in the form of two credit cards and also finance agreement for a sofa (not too worried about this as its 0 percent!)

    I'm going to start by paying off the sainsburys credit card. It's in my name and I would like to have it at 0 by Christmas. I hope that this is realistic. It stands at 1125.29 eek!

    The other thing I'm really keen to do is get an account sorted for emergencys. What husband dint transfer money .....i wouldn't have enough to cover the doesn't bare thinking about! A few months mortgage in a savings account would help me to feel more secure.

    I've started off well for August. I'm keeping a spending diary which I will add in next post. Is it just me or do others like to start diets (food or money) on the first of the month, better still the first of the day year!?

    Well let's throw this out into the virtual world!
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    • Singlemumwithplans
    • By Singlemumwithplans 7th Sep 17, 11:25 AM
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    Thank you for the advice wishing,

    I'm defintely going to try looking around and I've bought bits in sainsburys before which were really cute! I think I might start 'bottom drawing' some bits for the little lady in bigger sizes and then it won't be such a ' need to buy her a whole wardrobe of clothes because she has grown out of eveyrthing' situation!

    I've been shopping this morning to aldi and printed up a few photos to put in old frames to replace he wedding ones. I'm feeling good about that and it only cost 1.20! I do need to collect them tomorroe as it was cheaper to do next day so I might take the little lady to feed the ducks when I collect those.

    Gotta go the little lady is squishing play dough into the carpet
    • Singlemumwithplans
    • By Singlemumwithplans 7th Sep 17, 8:41 PM
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    I have spent this evening batch cooking my favourite curry. All boxed up and in the freezer for next week so thats productive! Other than that another boring evening spent in front of the TV.

    Fingers crossed funds arrive tomorrow! Nursery need paying as does the mortgage! Oh it's never ending......

    I'm trying for a no spend day tomorrow!

    • Singlemumwithplans
    • By Singlemumwithplans 8th Sep 17, 6:57 AM
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    Friday to do list

    1. Contact water company (it seems I haven't been paying for my water )
    2. Make a payment to the cc
    3. Collect photos from boots
    4. Take doggy for a long walk
    5. General clean
    6. Pay nursery (if funds arrive)
    7. Face the balance on the Halifax cc
    8. Get things prepared for tomorrow
    9. Contact council tax
    10. Write a financial plan
    • Singlemumwithplans
    • By Singlemumwithplans 8th Sep 17, 11:31 AM
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    Achieved my to do list apart from collecting the photos as I'm going to do that this afternoon. Pretty pleased with how productive I've been. It's not even lunchtime! I guess that's what happens when the little lady has a long nap hehe!

    Outstanding balance for water wasn't as bad as I thought and I've set up a dd to pay that which is good.

    I haven't heard anything from the working tax credit people. I don't know whether to chase or leave it a bit longer. It has been almost a month I guess. Ummmmmm

    I'm still hoping for a no spend day today (which I should manage) as I'm going out tomorrow with a friend whilst the little lady is with her dad. It is likely to be an expensive one but I will try my best to keep it as low as possible!

    I've also realised that my car needs a service (desperately) and a mot. I've organised that for next week so fingers crossed it won't cost too much. I'm not going to worry about it now as there's nothing I can do about it.

    • Singlemumwithplans
    • By Singlemumwithplans 11th Sep 17, 6:07 PM
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    I've had such a busy weekend I havent really had a chance to post! Anyway Friday was indeed a no spend day. Saturday I went out with a friend and spent a little bit but did have a brilliant time! Sunday was another no spend day!

    So spends for this week

    Monday - no spend day
    Tuesday - diary for work 90p
    Wine and chocolate 5.99
    Wednesday- petrol 21.01
    Frozen pizza 2.00
    Thursday - aldi 32.26
    Morrisons 2.94
    Photos 1.20
    Wine 6.00
    Friday - no spend day
    Saturday - Burger King 11.00
    Snacks 8.75
    Ticket 26.00
    Sunday - no spend day

    So that's a grand total of 118.05
    Unfortunately I didn't sell anything or make anything extra!
    But I did get my 3 no spend days in!

    • Singlemumwithplans
    • By Singlemumwithplans 11th Sep 17, 6:24 PM
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    I rang up the working tax credit people and they said that they had sent a letter out wanting more information so at least that is moving. Fingers crossed that they will be able to help!

    I have also been paying off small bits here and there on the target credit card and it's going well. I'm excited to get the statement (that's never happened before) I always had Christmas as a a date that I'd like that cc to be paid off by and I'm feeling more positive that that is achievable now which is good. Maybe even a little bit before hehe!

    My daughters daddy has given me so extra money to buy her some new clothes so I get to go shopping for some bits for her which is really lovely!

    • timetobefrugal
    • By timetobefrugal 11th Sep 17, 9:01 PM
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    Just wanted to pop in and say hello! Sounds like you are making a great start and once you have found your feet with your new budget you'll be well on your way. Sorry to hear about you and your husband, I mis my daughter terribly when she's with her dad but the bonus is it gives me a good chance to deep clean the house!
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    • swimminginaseaofdebt
    • By swimminginaseaofdebt 11th Sep 17, 9:39 PM
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    I rang up the working tax credit people and they said that they had sent a letter out wanting more information so at least that is moving. Fingers crossed that they will be able to help!
    Originally posted by Singlemumwithplans
    It's worth signing up for an online account with them if you can. Once you're up and running you can log on and see what payments you are due in addition to updating any changes that happen.
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    • Cumbria lass
    • By Cumbria lass 11th Sep 17, 9:51 PM
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    Cumbria lass
    Just catching up with your diary, sounds like things are on track. Once tax credits sorted you will be in an even better place .
    CC1 3980 June 2018
    • Singlemumwithplans
    • By Singlemumwithplans 12th Sep 17, 6:37 AM
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    Thanks everybody!

    I will set up an online account as it will help to stay organised, that's if Im entitled to any help!

    Happy Tuesday!
    • Singlemumwithplans
    • By Singlemumwithplans 14th Sep 17, 8:24 AM
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    Hello everyone!

    I'm all finished with work for the week which is nice! I had to get petrol yesterday so not a no spend day unfortunately. My car has gone in for an MOT so fingers crossed it won't cost too much also means I'm house bound for the day which Is annoying although at least it means I can't spend anything

    I'm hoping to go to town this weekend to get some new clothes for the little lady and I am desperate for a new coat and boots although I might limit myself to buying one or the other to start with.

    I've been continually paying a little bit off my credit card here and there and I should get the latest bill fairly soon......

    Still nothing from the tax credit people. I'm very impatient!!!

    Things are a bit dull here. last weekend we went to the farm but the weather is terrible here so outdoors days out are a bit of a no no. I guess soft play could be an option?

    That's all.
    • louby40
    • By louby40 14th Sep 17, 9:07 PM
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    Hope your car has flown through its MOT, mine is due the last week of September. I dread it.

    Weather has been terrible hasn't it.
    • Singlemumwithplans
    • By Singlemumwithplans 15th Sep 17, 10:24 AM
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    Well MOT and service set me back 332-19 ouch! This obviously puts my budget all out. I get paid in a few days and then I'll have to have a look at how things look. So freaked out a little bit last night, spent the evening listing old baby clothes etc on Facebook selling pages. Hopefully I can earn a little extra for this.

    I am still going to go to town tomorrow as little lady is with her dad and I need to get her some new clothes. Will try my best to get the most for my money.

    Still nothing from the tax credit people.....

    • Singlemumwithplans
    • By Singlemumwithplans 16th Sep 17, 3:46 PM
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    Very spendy day today. I had a lovely time wandering around the shops getting the little lady new clothes. It's so much easier than buying clothes for myself. No trying to find something that makes thighs look smaller or boobs look bigger. No queueing up and trying on. Just pick something cute. Done!

    Anyhow I spent 130.99 on said clothes but since my ex gave me 100.00 to get little lady new clothes I'm calculating that I only spent 30.99. Is that a cop out? Not sure, but that's what Ive decided!

    I saw a few things I liked but I'm going to keep them in mind for next month if I can.

    My house is clean and tidy and laundry is up to date. Fridge is full and I'm feeling cheerful.

    • wishingthemortgaheaway
    • By wishingthemortgaheaway 16th Sep 17, 3:58 PM
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    Sounds like a lovely day. Where did you go for the clothes? I know you have previously used some of the high end high street shops, did you trade down this time?
    Some of Pickle's tops are getting very short, so I'll need to delve into the abyss that is the bottom of the wardrobe to see what we've got in the next size up.

    Have a nice evening. Is little lady back tonight or do you get a glorious disruption free night?
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    • Singlemumwithplans
    • By Singlemumwithplans 17th Sep 17, 7:55 AM
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    Hi there wishing,

    It was a lovely day! The little lady was back just in time for bath and bed. She doesn't stay overnight unless it's with her grandparents. Only because his place isn't really child friendly. He knows he can come and see her anytime though, things are friendly between us it's not me being awkward. So lay ins are a rarity!

    I went to a real range of shops. I still bought bits in the higher end shops but I also got some bits in the boots sale and a bunch of stuff in sainsburys. Baby steps and all that! I also tried to buy things that I could easily mix and match. I'm sure I'll still pick up bits and pieces as the season goes on but I'm happy with what I got.

    I'm envious you have an option of hunting through bigger sizes at the bottom of the wardrobe. IM defintely going to do that when the sales arrive!

    I have very little money until payday on the 19th so I need to not spend too much. I have food and petrol which is the only things I really NEED! I sold some baby clothes on Facebook so that's 6 and there are other bits still up for sale so fingers crossed.

    I have been thinking about myself a little actually. Just that for a long time other people have come first and I don't mind. But with everything that's happened in the last year I think maybe it's time to do some things for myself. I'm not sure what form this is going to take yet but it's nice to be thinking about it. I'm going to think about the things i enjoy or the things that I used to enjoy doing and plan some of those things in. I do of course love doing things with my little lady too!
    I do know I'm going to budget in some new clothes for me next month as my daughter looks like she just stepped out of a magazine and I look like a tramp.
    Last edited by Singlemumwithplans; 17-09-2017 at 7:59 AM. Reason: Add in
    • Singlemumwithplans
    • By Singlemumwithplans 17th Sep 17, 2:16 PM
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    So it's sunday (the day to post my weekly spends....

    Monday - 19.96 - aldi
    Tuesday - no spend day
    Wednesday - 32.52 - petrol
    5.75 - wine
    Thursday - no spend day
    Friday - 30.00 - aldi
    6.65 - morrisons
    332.19 - MOT and service
    Saturday - 5.20 - parking
    5.00 - lunch
    130.99 - clothes for he little lady (I'm calculating this at 30.99 as her dad gave me 100 to get her new clothes.
    Sunday - no spend day

    So total spends - 136.07 (this doesn't include 332.19 on the MOT and service of my car

    I managed the 3 no spend days that I always aim for so pleased about that. Hoping to spend a little less next week!
    • Singlemumwithplans
    • By Singlemumwithplans 18th Sep 17, 6:55 AM
    • 80 Posts
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    Good morning!

    It's Monday so the start of a new week. It always feels like a fresh start at the beginning of the week. It's 6.30am the little lady is still snoozing. Her clothes are warming on the Aga and I'm showered dressed and ready to go. Just need to make my lunch. Smugness of being so organised!

    I had planned a no spend day but last night I saw a snowsuit for sale on Facebook so I'm going to collect that tonight. Pleased Ive got the little lady one second hand and it will be ready for when the really cold weather hits although it feels freezing here already! I'm already picturing the cuteness of her wearing next to a snowman in the back garden. Here's hoping we get a little of the White stuff this year!

    I get paid tomorrow (thank goodness) although most of that will go on the mortgage but at least I can be relieved that The roof over our head is paid for another month. It's really tight and at the moment I don't have enough money to cover the bills going out of the accounts.(this is because of my mot and service not frivolous) My plan to cover this is to empty my savings tin (has almost 400 in it) and cross my fingers that friends pays the money back that she owes me. I am a little sad that the 400 was meant for Christmas and it is having to be spent on bills. I'm a creative person I know I can sure we have a really special christmas on a little less money! Especially as the little lady's presents are already bought!

    Hi ho hi ho it's off to work I go.....
    • Singlemumwithplans
    • By Singlemumwithplans 18th Sep 17, 8:27 PM
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    It's been a good day today. I collected the snowsuit after work and it's really cute! You can't even tell that it's second hand. I ended up in Asda after work buying bits that I didn't really need. I'm worried that I'm falling back into old habits so going to try to get s grip of spends this week.

    I've got friends coming over tomorrow evening which will be nice. Might turn the heating on as its a special occasion hehe!

    Still nothing from the tax credit people.....

    Now I just need to think of cheap ways to entertain the little lady this weekend.

    • mummytogirls
    • By mummytogirls 19th Sep 17, 9:40 PM
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    So glad that you're happy with the snow suit SMWP, thing is you will probably be able to sell it on after too.

    Hope you enjoyed your friend coming over tonight xx
    Mummytogirls x

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