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    • Nathaniel Essex
    • By Nathaniel Essex 6th Aug 17, 8:10 PM
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    Nathaniel Essex
    Cats and their owners!
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    • 6th Aug 17, 8:10 PM
    Cats and their owners! 6th Aug 17 at 8:10 PM
    Cats and their owners, oh how I detest them. Without going into a full on rant I will get straight to the point. Cats keep crapping in my garden and it is has officially gotten to me. I recently laid down some wood chippings and got some garden furniture so I can finally enjoy my garden. Where I have laid wood chipping, there are at least 5 different points where the cats have decided to use it as a toilet. Even worse, they crapped and peed over new furniture that I got. This within just the last 3 days.

    Short of enclosing my entire garden, is there a near-bonafied way I can keep the cats away?

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    • yorkie22
    • By yorkie22 16th Aug 17, 6:26 PM
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    We are always getting cats in the garden making a mess. At first we thought it was a dog getting in as the pile was so big. I phoned a vet and he suggested getting a dog Why would I get a dog when I go out to work so it would be left alone all day. Barmpot. I did find some granules in Wilcos which does work providing it does'nt rain shortly after spreading it about the garden,that is about 1.70p per bag. Boyes do one at 1 in a tube. Yes a lot of people don't let their cats out but there is a lot more that do,it's never done in their own garden. When my grandchildren come round I have to check the garden before they can play and I should'nt have to do that.
    • MoneyMate
    • By MoneyMate 16th Aug 17, 7:11 PM
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    Old large plastic bottle cleaned and filled with water, apparently they don't like reflections.

    Don't put them inside the bottle its cruel and hurts
    There are more questions than answers
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    Please excuse me Spell it MOST times
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    • Apodemus
    • By Apodemus 16th Aug 17, 9:33 PM
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    I reported any posts that suggest poisoning cats.
    I would also request that anyone that has mentioned specific chemicals could remove the names of such chemicals to avoid encouraging those who might wish to miss use them.
    Originally posted by stator
    Stator, I've removed the reference to individual chemicals in my earlier post but I think you are wrong to request it. We had got into a discussion on pet poisoning and my point is that the limited data available suggests that far more pets are poisoned by accident than by intent. It follows that the more that people are aware of the risks from particular chemicals the less the chance that these are used in ways that will harm pets. If we can't name the risks, then there is no way to educate pet owners and the wider public.
    • stator
    • By stator 17th Aug 17, 12:36 AM
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    I think in a thread like this, the subject being how to get rid of cats, it's best not to give anyone ideas. But in general on pro-cat discussions I agree.
    There was a petition on the government website to try and combat accidental poisoning but the government gave a crap response They want a voluntary system, which is useless when you have poundshops selling any old crap.
    I hope someone tries again sometime to get the government to change their mind.
    Changing the world, one sarcastic comment at a time.
    • Danien
    • By Danien 17th Aug 17, 2:29 AM
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    I've been a dog and a cat owner. I know which I prefer to deal with - a barking dog or a pooping cat, and it's a pooping cat - a bit of effort and I can get a cat not to poop in my garden, using benign methods - the one which worked best was simply feeding the cat in the garden nearby the favoured pooping spot, they don't like to poop near where they eat. A constantly barking dog, I can't solve, it's just continual noise pollution. And I agree with others - cats don't poop on things unless they're very sick and have the runs and can't get to a preferred spot - you're looking at another animal there, maybe a fox.
    • Laz123
    • By Laz123 17th Aug 17, 8:03 AM
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    I saw an episode of Supervet when one of the staff's own cats was brought in with poisoning, they said it was antifreeze.
    Originally posted by Slinky
    Still, at least we have the satisfaction of knowing the car owners engine blew up after overheating due to a lack of coolant.
    There's no present. There's only the immediate future and the recent past.
    George Carlin
    • lesbro
    • By lesbro 17th Aug 17, 8:30 AM
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    I had cats sharpening their claws on my shed posts so I pinned orange peel up them and it stopped. They dislike oranges so peel on the chippings where they went might help.
    • rwgray
    • By rwgray 17th Aug 17, 10:20 AM
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    Sorry, I don't have time to read all the replies to check whether you've seen this one. I used to live in a basement with a tiny back yard and a cat issue. I used to put orange peel on the steps from the garden above. Citrus is bad for cats and most of them have the sense to keep away from it so this worked completely. It wouldn't work with my current cat who happily sits with his tail in orange juice on my fruit board until I clean up; but then he also likes paddling in the sinks, bath and shower tray, among other things.

    This suggestion is akin to the buried teabags idea above. You can use citrus oil on a used teabag too. Mark the boundaries where cats are getting in, and mark their favourite toilet spots.

    I'm aware that my cat goes elsewhere to cr*p, just as other cats used to come to my current garden likewise, and I know it's a nuisance for many. Even fellow cat-lovers.

    I don't know anything that will stop foxes or badgers, though.


    ps. If you are reading this because you are a cat-hater with a dog, please, when your dog cr*ps in the park, don't bag it then leave it lying around. Much better to be honest and just leave it lying around loose for nature to take its course! Ditto in open countryside. I do not advocate leaving dog cr*p anywhere, under any circumstances, in fact it should all be removed and binned, buried or burned, but if you are going to drop the stuff before going home then it is so much better left loose than leaving the stuff in plastic bags waiting for a mower to come along...
    • BobbinAlong
    • By BobbinAlong 19th Aug 17, 8:26 AM
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    I'm an ex cat owner since my 20 year old moggy died but when he became somewhat incontinent, I found that a solution of a few drops of citronella oil in water got rid of the smell where a cat has peed or dumped and also put them off repeating it there. It doesn't harm the carpet indoors either and is pleasant for humans to smell.

    We are out in the country and my neighbour's two well fed, active cats have decimated at least two blackbird nests and two robin nests this spring alone, because these birds don't nest particularly high up and the cats climb. Cats may limit the rats and mice but I'd prefer the local owls and foxes to have them.
    Also these cats have been seen on our roof (three floors high at that end) trying to get under the tiles to the sparrows' nests. They failed there when they were scared off and slipped a bit on the tiles!
    The neighbour just says Oh it's just a like a takeaway for them and won't restrain them, so I wouldn't be restrained in claiming if my property got damaged.
    • Fellwalker
    • By Fellwalker 19th Aug 17, 4:57 PM
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    I always find it amusing when people bash cats/their owners. Would they prefer mice running all over the place. The amount of rodents that cats in the UK must kill every year, we would be overrun without cats. The balance of nature.
    Originally posted by davemorton
    They sadly kill more wild birds than they do mice. At least the cats my friend owns do.
    • Fellwalker
    • By Fellwalker 19th Aug 17, 5:16 PM
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    I've found that ultra sonic scarers have been the only things that have stopped cats from crapping in the garden. They will still walk through but do not leave their stinking mess.
    Lion dung, sprays, gel capsules, citronella, orange peel, chicken wire, old bottles filled with water, spikes on the fence. All utterly pointless.
    One neighbour whose cat has been seen crapping in another neighbour's garden absolutely refuses to accept that her cat could even potentially be the culprit. Why? "Because the cat uses a litter tray at home". Regrettably it doesn't stop that same cat going elsewhere!
    • tracywilko
    • By tracywilko 22nd Aug 17, 3:05 PM
    • 8 Posts
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    ultrasonic cat scarer
    Hi, we have an ultrasonic cat scarer that does seem to work. it eats batteries so you could try just switching it on at night time when they are out and about . we put it on a stick so that the range is better.

    ive also seen neighbours using bits of orange and lemon peel but I have not tried that yet.

    the cat scarer we got off amazon a few years ago.
    • slinga
    • By slinga 30th Aug 17, 1:09 PM
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    Hi, we have an ultrasonic cat scarer that does seem to work. it eats batteries so you could try just switching it on at night time when they are out and about . we put it on a stick so that the range is better.

    ive also seen neighbours using bits of orange and lemon peel but I have not tried that yet.

    the cat scarer we got off amazon a few years ago.
    Originally posted by tracywilko
    It worked part time for me and ran off the mains.

    The sonic scarer I had was supposed to have a range of 30 feet.
    A neighbour who lives over 150 feet away knocked at my door and complained about the noise from a possible cat scarer.
    Where I had the sonic scarer positioned was on a 9'' thick brickwall which prevented line of site and line of sound to this neighbour's house.
    Anyway he heard it or rather his children heard it so it had to go.
    I use netting these days. Works a treat. Unsightly to me but I know it's there, no one else seems to notice it.
    It's your money. Except if it's the governments.
    • andrewf75
    • By andrewf75 30th Aug 17, 2:16 PM
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    They sadly kill more wild birds than they do mice. At least the cats my friend owns do.
    Originally posted by Fellwalker
    Birds are not really a concern. They can fly so can easily escape and any losses are balanced out by us feeding birds which brings more into gardens in the first place. The real impacts are on small mammals, amphibians, reptiles which are already struggling with fragmented habitats and don't have any escape from a cat.
    A few blue tits makes no difference to the population, a few slow worms could wipe it out.
    • Laz123
    • By Laz123 31st Aug 17, 8:27 AM
    • 1,498 Posts
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    Cats are useful too, they help to keep the mice and rat population in check.

    I had an Abyssinian who liked to play with the frogs from our pond but because their skin is so thin the conservatory walls looked like a slaughterhouse. Luckily he was very bright and due to my reaction of horror realised to not make friends with amphibians any more.
    There's no present. There's only the immediate future and the recent past.
    George Carlin
    • Silvertabby
    • By Silvertabby 31st Aug 17, 7:03 PM
    • 2,996 Posts
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    Nathaniel - you are a sad excuse for a human being. If there is any justice in this world - ie, if there is such as thing as reincarnation - then you will return as a mouse.
    Last edited by Silvertabby; 31-08-2017 at 7:07 PM.
    • John_the_Boy
    • By John_the_Boy 31st Aug 17, 8:15 PM
    • 199 Posts
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    Nathaniel- what a Sh*tty excuse for a human being you really are.
    • no1catman
    • By no1catman 31st Aug 17, 9:17 PM
    • 2,687 Posts
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    Thread title is incorrect - Cats don't have 'owners' they have staff!
    I used to work for Tesco - now retired - speciality Clubcard
    • tallyho88
    • By tallyho88 16th Sep 17, 5:16 PM
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    Hide behind a bush with a Nerf.
    • tony6403
    • By tony6403 17th Sep 17, 12:43 AM
    • 1,222 Posts
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    Cats are useful too, they help to keep the mice and rat population in check.
    Originally posted by Laz123
    But versus dogs they pale into insignificance, who could imagine :-
    - guide cats for the blind
    - cats that can detect cancer
    - sniffer cats for detecting drugs etc.
    - police cats for apprehending criminals
    - mountain rescue cats
    - cats that herd sheep
    - guard cats
    - hearing cats for the deaf
    Forgotten but not gone.
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