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    • happytails
    • By happytails 27th Jul 17, 5:20 PM
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    The NEW waiting to exchange thread...
    • #1
    • 27th Jul 17, 5:20 PM
    The NEW waiting to exchange thread... 27th Jul 17 at 5:20 PM
    So the other thread has gone awol so thought i'd start a new one! It was keeping me sort of sane during the house buying/selling process!

    A place to document your timelines and discuss the triumphs and woes of moving house!

    My timeline -
    Offer received and accepted on our house 17/07
    Offer made and accepted on the house we want 17/07
    Solicitors Instructed 17/07
    Meeting with mortgage advisor, all docs given 18/07
    Mortgage application submitted to Nationwide 19/07
    Documents picked up and filled in from Solicitor 19/07
    Documents and ID returned to Solcitor 20/07
    Valuation booked 20/07
    Solicitor composes draft contract & starts local searches 25/07
    Valuation carried out 26/07
    Solicitor gave us our fixtures and fittings form for purchase and requested marriage certificate 26/07
    My buyers valuation carried out 27/07
    Mortgage offer given 27/07


    Official Insert:

    Hi all! For more help with your move read our guide:

    50+ House Buying Tips
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    Trying to move up the house ladder in 2018, running a business with 3 kids in tow & slowly going crazy!
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    • mailmannz
    • By mailmannz 4th Jan 18, 11:48 AM
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    I was going to do that too...but just threw the question at the vendors because the worst they could say was no (as we would have moved anyways).

    All worked out in the end which is great
    • CommitedToChange
    • By CommitedToChange 4th Jan 18, 4:43 PM
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    Thankfully my mortgage offer has been extended for one month - but now my vendors are waiting on a surveyor for a date for building works. Not sure what this is about but very frustrated as before Xmas it was a sudden probate issue and now building works?

    Attempting to buy a house
    • Cheery Daff
    • By Cheery Daff 4th Jan 18, 6:45 PM
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    Cheery Daff
    So vexing when things keep dragging on...

    Good to see some folks have exchanged though Hooray!

    No news here. Our timeline looks something like this (edited highlights...)

    Early July - house on market, accepted offer in a week
    Mid July - buyers sold their house
    9th August - offer accepted on house we're buying
    17th Aug - full mortgage application in
    31st Aug - mortgage amount for 20k less than asked for
    (lots of messing about and arguing)
    11th Sept - new house valued at 0 because land area is bigger than building society limits
    21st Sept - building society FINALLY agreed original mortgage amount after I paid off student loan and had a pay rise
    (lots of messing about with solicitors changing title deeds to get mortgaged amount under the right acreage and arrange to buy the rest for cash - in this period everything else was done, searches back, everyone else ready)
    6th Nov - our full buildings survey done
    9th Nov - finally received mortgage offer
    16th Nov - signed all docs with solicitor including mortgage deeds
    17th Nov - bottom of the chain (our buyers' buyer) pulled out
    30th Nov - our buyers found new buyer for their house - all back on
    21st Dec - new person's survey done on our buyers' house

    And then everything stopped for Christmas... so now we're all just twiddling our thumbs waiting for the new person to catch up. In the meantime, the gas tank has run out on the place we're buying (which is empty) and the sellers have drained the heating system to stop the pipes freezing. It's going to be bloody freezing by the time we finally get there!

    Hoping to exchange in January, move early Feb. But then we were hoping to move before Christmas so who knows??

    Mortgage over payments since Feb 2018 = 558.25
    • SassySaver88
    • By SassySaver88 4th Jan 18, 10:09 PM
    • 77 Posts
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    We've signed all our parts of the paperwork today and sent back
    Set up buildings and contents insurance

    Exchanging is imminent!!!
    • kates08
    • By kates08 5th Jan 18, 7:27 AM
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    Some progress yesterday, finally got hold of my solicitor after trying all week and he wanted us to come in asap to sign the contracts so we could try and exchange tomorrow (I.e. today)! Took a half day and rushed over there to sign everything, the rest of the chain has suggested next friday as completion.

    However he then rang our vendor's solicitor and they are still awaiting one bit of paperwork, which is due today. They don't think they can get the paperwork and be ready to exchange in the same day. We need a weekend between exchange and completion to pack so we've said that if we don't exchange today then we need to push completion back to the next week.

    Feels like we're so close but still so far away! If we move before the end of January it will be 7 months from house going on the market to moving so I'm reaching peak stress levels now :-(
    • mailmannz
    • By mailmannz 5th Jan 18, 9:53 AM
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    So vexing when things keep dragging on...
    It's going to be bloody freezing by the time we finally get there!
    Originally posted by Cheery Daff
    Look on the bright side, it could be summer when you move in so not such an issue

    BTW, we exchanged contracts yesterday and complete next week!


    • FloppyDisk
    • By FloppyDisk 5th Jan 18, 11:24 AM
    • 629 Posts
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    Reading your posts makes me very pleased that we are chain free, it should be straight forward right? So why after a week have the vendors not chosen a solicitor??

    Mortgage- 415,836
    BTL- 162,782

    • juniordoc
    • By juniordoc 5th Jan 18, 12:15 PM
    • 364 Posts
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    Are you sure the are serious sellers FloppyDisk? That would be sending alarm bells ringing for me. I'd keep viewing other properties if I were you. And maybe let their estate agent know you are doing so if they haven't picked one by the middle of next week!
    • howisthisriskfree
    • By howisthisriskfree 5th Jan 18, 1:30 PM
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    Getting a bit impatient. Someone tell me these time scales are all in order. Have had no communications at all from anyone, only from me chasing things up! Totally chain free transaction, was hoping to get done by Christmas

    25/10 - Offer accepted.
    17/11 - Survey done by buyer
    22/11 - Signed my copy of contract and other bits
    30/11 - Additional enquiries replied to
    13/12 - Called sols to enquire if anything else, they said everything in order, but they are waiting for local search
    4/1 - Called sols, last contact from their sols was before Christmas and that was still awaiting search before discuss exchanging; basically no update from last time

    Would have thought the searches might have been done by now.....
    • JoJo1978
    • By JoJo1978 5th Jan 18, 2:55 PM
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    Searches can be one of the longest parts and reliant on local authority so probably would have been impacted by an Xmas shutdown if they weren't back before the break. I think most places will be back at full staff strength by next week so maybe chase again middle of the week?
    Last edited by JoJo1978; 06-01-2018 at 4:16 PM. Reason: Typo
    Hamster in the wheel (London) 1999-2017
    Mortgage free since 2015; Pension pot sorted 2017
    Part-time gigger and charity volunteer 2018
    • FloppyDisk
    • By FloppyDisk 5th Jan 18, 3:24 PM
    • 629 Posts
    • 4,227 Thanks
    Are you sure the are serious sellers FloppyDisk? That would be sending alarm bells ringing for me. I'd keep viewing other properties if I were you. And maybe let their estate agent know you are doing so if they haven't picked one by the middle of next week!
    Originally posted by juniordoc
    I don't think we will know that until a few months have passed!

    Mortgage- 415,836
    BTL- 162,782

    • CommitedToChange
    • By CommitedToChange 5th Jan 18, 3:30 PM
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    Called my vendors EA so they could pass on the message that's my mortgage offer will expire at the end of the month and if I have to reapply it will mean more fees, higher rate etc so lower offer.

    Hoping this lights a fire under them.
    Attempting to buy a house
    • spendinglikemad
    • By spendinglikemad 5th Jan 18, 5:36 PM
    • 287 Posts
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    New update, received a letter from our solicitors saying we need to apply for adverse possession of land (boundary wrong on land registry) which is a pain and seriously hope this does not hold up our sale - they have discussed it with the buyers solicitors and it will cost us 248 but has to be done and hoping it is quick (we have lived in the house for 19 years and never needed to check if registered correctly. Am hoping somehow the solicitors can expedite it .....

    Otherwise queries are just on windows - building regs certificate - seriously I can't believe they expect a building regs certificate for new windows in 2009 - so another 100 down the drain on insurance that won't be used! Cant wait to reach the end of this sale!!!

    30 Oct - Offer accepted
    6 Nov - Notification of Sale Received & seller forms
    11 Dec - Initial enquiries raised
    5 Jan forms to be signed for Adverse possession hopefully submit 8th Jan

    Congrats to all those exchanged this week!!

    Family of 4 plus cat & pup!
    • SassySaver88
    • By SassySaver88 5th Jan 18, 7:48 PM
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    Im here to rant....Please take a seat...

    We were due to exchange this week
    Sent all our documents back, spent a day getting them witnessed, paid our money for today to chase...(me to chase that is) and be told they haven't responded to the outstanding enquiries and we now cant exchange till next week when all the enquiries are back
    Plus it takes 5 days for the mortgage money to come after enquiries so our solictor is now saying we will complete on week commencing 15th!!!!

    Frustrated beyond belief
    We are packed and have given notice

    Rant Over
    • kates08
    • By kates08 5th Jan 18, 8:34 PM
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    Well we nearly exchanged today, but the chain couldn't agree on completion dates. Our buyer wants one week, vendor wants two. We'ce said that we would go with whoever compromised first but have now said that as exchange didn't happen today we can't move next week. I'm too superstitious to pack before exchange and we need at least a weekend between exchange and completion to pack up out house.

    Trying again for exchange on Monday with completion sometime w/c 15th. Sooo over house buying and selling now!
    • LitteButterfly500
    • By LitteButterfly500 5th Jan 18, 11:16 PM
    • 15 Posts
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    I!!!8217;m feeling quite disheartened this evening.
    Went to see my solicitor this afternoon with the intention of signing contracts and settting a date for exchange.
    However going I had 1 query I was still waiting for a reply on.
    The vendor has not come up with a satisfactory response to that so back to batting that back and forth between the solicitors.
    But a much bigger issue has also arisen.
    Solicitor got the title deed out from the land registry out and something didn!!!8217;t look right to me. The house is quite unique in that it has a garden that is much bigger than all its neighbours. All the properties on the road have gardens which are approximately the same width as the house going straight back with a common access road separating the houses and the gardens. But the one I!!!8217;m trying to purchase has a garden twice as wide. Appearing to have subsumed the garden of the property on the left. Therefore I thought when we got to see the title deed it would either show a kind of weird stuck on bit to the side or a separate deed for that bit of the garden, but it wasn!!!8217;t there. So then the solicitor checked the land registry and it would appear that part garden still appear on the title for the property next door.
    I suspect ththat vendor doesn!!!8217;t even know this themself as they bought the property at low price and have done the place up for a quick sale.
    I!!!8217;m really struggling to see how it moves forward. Either they do own it and something is very wrong with the land registry or their neighbour now owns a garden they didn!!!8217;t realise belong to them. The only way I can see proceeding forward with the sale is if they can either buy the land now from tha current owners or I will have to ask them to significantly reduce the value of the property. I would assume this will also require a revaluation from the mortgage company seeing as the property is no longer on as much land as it appear.
    I!!!8217;m scared that I will have to drop out of the sale and start again which is so demoralising when I was all mentally prepared for the move in the next couple of weeks. I just really don!!!8217;t have the enthusiasm to start all over again, searching through Rightmove everyday, making offer and getting rejected!!!
    • chazzab
    • By chazzab 6th Jan 18, 8:31 AM
    • 26 Posts
    • 60 Thanks
    A surprisingly productive week considering it was the first week back, we went into our solicitors yesterday to sign everything ready for exchange and our buyer received our answer to their enquiries and were 99% happy with the response. They won!!!8217;t budge on needing an asbestos survey on the communal area of our flat which consists of a 3m long hallway and one set of internal stairs. Will cost me 150 quid for ten minutes work but hey ho. It!!!8217;s the last piece of the puzzle for the sale.
    Unfortunately our vendor who is supposed to be replying to the really easy enquiries we sent them, is now not back in the country till the 20th and will look at them then!!

    I should be grateful there isn!!!8217;t anything major holding us up but just frustrating we will have two dead weeks now waiting for the vendor to get back here.

    Good luck everyone, hope the weekend brings a little relief. I!!!8217;m spending it !!!8216;sorting!!!8217; the flat (not packing!) and getting double glazing quotes for the new House!!
    • Tiglath
    • By Tiglath 6th Jan 18, 1:49 PM
    • 3,555 Posts
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    Our vendor wants to know when we're ready to exchange - we're waiting for our property developer buyer to complete on the sale of a property (he's already exchanged) to fund his purchase of our place. I'm presuming up the chain is also looking okay, so we could cautiously be in a position to exchange in a couple of weeks. I've mentally checked out of living in our current house already, and the decluttering is about 80% done. 17 years worth of stuff has been sifted through, which is quite an achievement. So many dead computers in the loft ...
    Looking forward to a move to the country!
    • SassySaver88
    • By SassySaver88 6th Jan 18, 3:26 PM
    • 77 Posts
    • 96 Thanks
    Looks like we're all ready to exchange....
    Its just so frustrating waiting...
    Hubby needs book time off work n stuff
    Just feel in limbo
    • spendinglikemad
    • By spendinglikemad 7th Jan 18, 4:18 PM
    • 287 Posts
    • 1,636 Thanks
    Congrats to those closer to exchanging.

    We will be waiting for some timings from our solicitors next week on our sale, I think we are a few months off right now but strangely we received 2 letters to our property (so glad we called round as its empty!) to find the potential buyers have called an energy company and set up an account - why on earth would you do that before getting a completion date????
    Then the next letter was to me from my current energy company telling me that they were going to stop my agreement with them as I had requested this so cue 3 phone calls:
    1 - to inform the new energy company the new name at the address had no rights to set up an account yet
    2 - My current supplier to inform them that I didn't want to switch suppliers and to continue to provide gas/electric
    3 - EA to let them know and to pass the info on to the buyers
    On the positive side shows how keen they are to be in but honestly no idea how a mid Jan date was given as no-one had mentioned an imminent date to us........I would be really happy if we could exchange that soon though
    strange that a potential buyer can set this up - if I hadn't been round to the property I wouldn't have found out!!!
    Family of 4 plus cat & pup!
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