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    • Slinky
    • By Slinky 19th Jul 17, 2:04 PM
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    KonMari 2017 - The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up
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    • 19th Jul 17, 2:04 PM
    KonMari 2017 - The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up 19th Jul 17 at 2:04 PM
    Since there seems to be a few new threads being started in case old ones are accidentally lost, shall I do the same for KonMari?

    Here's the links to the old threads with thanks to VfM4meplse and greent



    'The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up' by Marie Kondo is a home organisation/ decluttering book like no other. Instead of looking for things to discard, Marie Kondo says we should instead look for things we wish to keep - using the 'does it spark joy?' method. Ultimately this means that everything in our homes should spark joy for us You might not think that everyday and seemingly mundane items can't spark joy - but you need to think around it a little. So whilst an iron may not spark joy, wearing ironed clothes may. A cheese grater may not spark joy, but your child may really like grated cheese in their wraps - which brings joy.

    Marie Kondo also says that this should be done quickly and properly. This may take six months to achieve, but tidying properly should mean doing it just once. This is against the often-seen decluttering advice of doing 15 minutes a day, or a drawer/ shelf a day.

    MK suggests an order as to what to sort through first and subsequently. This is important - she starts with items which many people do not have an emotional attachment to (clothes) and builds up to sentimental items (photos) so that a person's joy-meter can be developed along the way.

    Many MSE-ers have been following the KM method (kondo-ing) successfully. It fits into the MSE ethos by changing your mindse - you will no longer want to shop mindlessly for something 'just because' or 'it'll do' - you will want to buy only joyful items, thereby often saving on random, impulse purchases.
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    • Picklepot
    • By Picklepot 6th Sep 17, 11:12 AM
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    Yes you ve hit the nail on the head . I was thrilled to see our local national trust are after books so i will happily take a pile, but i seem to hang onto to stuff for that opportunity when people ask.I am held back by the need to send things to the appropriate places.
    In the last few years i have now learned to stop others from decluttering stuff to me. If they insist i now say' if i dont find a use can i pass it on'. If they say no i suggest they keep it
    Thanks for reminding me about flylady of course that makes absolute sense and i have no excuse i have charity shops en route with good parking (one is supporting me at the moment). Since i cannot give them cash i like to receive the letters telling me how much they have made from my stuff i feel like ive given something back.
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    • kittie
    • By kittie 6th Sep 17, 11:34 AM
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    I am so chuffed nothing remedial needed doing on my car, so no cost. I`ll be able to go to the tip tomorrow and then the cs and will altogether offload quite a bit of stuff.

    No holds barred in the garden now and I will be creeping ever closer to doing the outbuilding. I am still rightmoving ie eyeballing houses but that is all and becoming aware of what is realistically available ie one single garage, so would have to get workshop stuff plus outbuilding stuff in there. Its ok to eyeball as it helps me to plan ahead, just in case
    • Wednesday2000
    • By Wednesday2000 6th Sep 17, 11:37 AM
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    I dropped off a couple of bags of stuff for the CS this morning.

    I made the mistake of looking around and did buy a couple of new tops and a cute pair of socks. I must have had a premonition as I got home and took off my trainers and my sock had a huge hole in the toe. I gave the old pair of socks to my dog to rip up.
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    • PollyWollyDoodle
    • By PollyWollyDoodle 6th Sep 17, 4:04 PM
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    Kittie, I'm addicted to Rightmove! I have no plans to move at the moment, but I am always on there. My best friend has just moved to the other side of the county (sniff) and I really like the town she's moved to, I will want to downsize in four or five years if I can afford to retire so I'm already looking for houses in her area. By the time I'm ready to move I'll know exactly where I want to be! I also look up houses in my area to see what prices are doing, and I look for ideas on wallpaper, paint, etc.

    And sometimes I think 'they really should have tidied up before those photos were taken'!
    "Inconceivable". "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."
    • Slinky
    • By Slinky 6th Sep 17, 6:12 PM
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    Polly if you haven't already looked, there's a fab thread on the House buying section of the forum 'have a look at this', there's some right corkers on there.
    • kittie
    • By kittie 6th Sep 17, 6:32 PM
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    I cannot believe the mess some of the RM houses are in, puts people right off, if they make no effort to superficially tidy then they must be honking filthy underneath. Polly I too am trying to be realistic, saving money, looking, getting to know areas and prices. I may well join U3A in that area and get chatting to locals. Tbh I know I could pack up and go but it isn`t the inside space, it is the outbuilding, garage and crammed full freezers. I do want to go while the outside looks and is, well maintained, that kind of gives me a year or so. I am more and more looking at newer builds for low maintenance, rather than a doer-upper. I admit that if I use every bit of my savings and raid my pension pot, then I could buy a house while I still own this one. That is exactly what we had to do to move here and it was the best move, a bit at a time. I could not face the `all in one day` stress. I have seem allotments close by in the area so that would be a good garden compromise
    • Frogletina
    • By Frogletina 7th Sep 17, 2:53 AM
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    Can someone help me multiple quote please?
    Originally posted by Picklepot
    Hi Picklepot

    To multi-quote you just need to click on what I call the purple and orange balloon icons below each post. Each one you click gets a tick on it and then when you have clicked the ones you want, you then click reply and all the quotes you want will be on there.

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    • grunnie
    • By grunnie 7th Sep 17, 8:13 AM
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    I have never mastered the art of multi quotes either. Thank you for all the ideas about my little carriage clock will report back in a few weeks when I have decided what to do. In the meantime it is smiling at me at 10 to 2 on its face
    • greenbee
    • By greenbee 7th Sep 17, 8:33 AM
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    Thank you for all the ideas about my little carriage clock will report back in a few weeks when I have decided what to do. In the meantime it is smiling at me at 10 to 2 on its face
    Originally posted by grunnie
    It knows you're going to save it
    • Sj62
    • By Sj62 7th Sep 17, 10:00 AM
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    Hope it's alright to come back to the fold after a bit of a gap? Have been too caught up in RL but this week I Kondoed my bedroom and spare room into submission. I tackled clothes and paperwork. It took ages but I went through all my paperwork, shredding four full bins and sorting what was left into a set of office filing was a horrible job but freed up so much space it's amazing.

    After that it was clothing. I'm a charity shop junkie and have far too many on the go. So, working an hour on, hour off, I've filled four Rebag bags and two rubbish bags. The chest of drawers is now useful again as I can finally shut the drawers and the contents are organised and "properly" folded. The wardrobe (huge old fashioned one) is tidy and the rail organised by length of item, then colour. The shelf has summer clothes in a giant vacuum bag and the cupboard only has coats/jackets/bedding. It will be great to be able to find stuff again. I know people complain about lack of cupboard space but sometimes there can be too much when all it does is encourage clutter!

    After all that dusty work the asthma has kicked in but I don't care. Now it's done it should be manageable at last!
    • silvasava
    • By silvasava 7th Sep 17, 1:05 PM
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    Went shopping yesterday with some friends - bought a pair of shoes but have released 3 pairs today. I bought 2 pairs of jeans - one pair is going back and two tops - one of those is going back!
    SJ62 - I'm a sucker for charity shops too but I'm going to categorise my clothes first and then have a huge cull!! I know I have too many but TBH I do love them.....and I do wear most of them!

    Ooh - I forgot - I also bought a pair of leather autograph ballerinas in a CS this week too - but I'm still one pair up!!
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    • MMF007
    • By MMF007 7th Sep 17, 1:12 PM
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    Sj62, well done!

    It is soooo worth it, isn't it, doing the MK tidy?!

    A cool, sometimes rainy day here today. As I am away this week I can't kondo much! We have been enjoying a quiet morning in front of a log fire. Bliss. DH is reading and I got my painting gear out of their neat shoulder bag and one smallish plastic tub ( am really proud of myself for not impulse buying a tonne of stuff for this new hobby).
    I bought a short book offering a sort of step by step in painting techniques in a CS so have dipped into that this morning . A scene of sunny sea and fishing boats on the shore is materialising, slowly! Very basic but pleasing to see I have improved a bit and there is actually some depth to the items and the scene as a whole.

    Right, off to kondo some leftovers from last night's soir!e into lunch
    I have changed my work-life balance to a life-work balance.
    • Wednesday2000
    • By Wednesday2000 7th Sep 17, 1:27 PM
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    SJ62 - I'm a sucker for charity shops
    Originally posted by silvasava
    I am too. I hadn't been in a charity shop for ages but I went to the PDSA shop today and yesterday and I also looked in the Sense shop today. Sense is very reasonable in price. I bought some lovely M&S cardigans and a new bag and a teddy bear there. I bought a little cat LED light and a silver Buddha in the PDSA shop too.

    I seem to be doing the opposite of KM these days!!!

    I think I'm trying to cheer myself up, all the things I have bought do spark joy though.
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    • kittie
    • By kittie 7th Sep 17, 3:39 PM
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    house hunting has started and reality quickly set in re grotty homes in grotty areas, so am having to re-vamp my projected outlay

    large load to tip and cs this morning and I am just about to get changed into scruffs to make another pass through the outbuilding. I know exactly what I will throw out, sigh, all the foods that I dehydrated in the past, so I can wash and pack the lock n locks into big really useful boxes. Its another chapter starting soon and I have to be ready
    • Eirlys
    • By Eirlys 7th Sep 17, 3:53 PM
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    My First Post Here!
    Love the Marie Kondo book. Have disposed of 11 bags of clothes to daughter and her friends. (was pleased to learn 7 items of "my" clothing went on holiday to the US).
    400 + books given to charity shops. Am now re-reading books " for the last time" before thanking them and giving them away.

    Most difficult items? China and items from grandparents and parents. Offspring don't want them. I intend to take photos of many and then give them away. Hope this relieves my sense of guilt.
    • kittie
    • By kittie 8th Sep 17, 7:12 AM
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    I didn`t do any outbuilding stuff yesterday, I needed to de-stress and become calmer, so just did a relax tape instead and wrote lots of e mails and phoned sisters and in-laws, Speaking and writing offloads stress nicely

    So a new day today and am energetic enough and back to normal, psychologically. Garage today and am working top down, clearing high up shelves, leaving them empty. I have some packages of enviromesh etc and will pack those into empty really useful boxes that are taking up space. I will probably get another load for the tip but slow and steady as even wood offcuts could be useful for my wood carving scrollsaw future. Trick is to label all boxes clearly and you can see a sharpie written label through them, that is how I label these large boxes

    Eirlys, I had a similar china dilemma once and didn`t want the cs to sell them for pence so I gave them to oxfam, who seem to know the value of items and sell them appropriately. There is a sense of guilt at first but just say `thank you and goodbye` they will be re-homed and not destroyed. Once they go then it is easy to forget about them
    • Picklepot
    • By Picklepot 8th Sep 17, 8:15 AM
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    Thank you frogletina i will have a go
    • MarieMac
    • By MarieMac 8th Sep 17, 9:21 AM
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    Hi all! I hope you don't mind me joining this thread. I read KondoMari's Spark Joy over the weekend and have now pretty much finished decluttering my clothes. I think I ended up only keeping less than half the clothes I've had sitting around taking up space.

    I do have a question for everyone though, does anybody else find that folding things the way she suggests takes up a lot more room than 'traditional' folding? I feel like the bundles are just so bulky that it makes it hard to fit everything in my dresser. Of course this could be because I'm using the dresser from my dad's teenage bedroom, so it dates to the late 50s and has much smaller drawers than most modern ones. However it's so well made, has sentimental value, and fits more perfectly into my tiny bedroom than any other dresser I've used in the past so I'm hesitant to look at replacing it. I've used a variety of folding methods in the past but none have really 'stuck' - does anyone have a non-Kondo method they swear by?

    Most difficult items? China and items from grandparents and parents. Offspring don't want them. I intend to take photos of many and then give them away. Hope this relieves my sense of guilt.
    Originally posted by Eirlys
    Eirlys, can you look into seeing if there are any organizations in your area that help resettle refugees, the homeless, or victims of domestic violence? Many times those sorts of places want homegoods that they will use to help a family furnish their new home. I'm sure they would appreciate them and you know they would be used and making a new family very happy. Plus they won't just be destroyed or sold off for pennies.
    • Karmacat
    • By Karmacat 8th Sep 17, 9:39 AM
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    Taking photos of things I'm letting go helps me a *lot*, I stick them all in a single folder under My Pix on the computer, and thats that. Its a great thing!

    I'm not kondo-ing properly, but I can't bear to leave the thread but I *am* paying attention to all my clothes, all my textiles - tops that feel rough to sensitised skin, a dress that I've worn to the funerals of 3 close family members (no one wears black to funerals any more ... and its not a dress I'd ever wear at any other time), socks worn out. Tried to replace my manky boot slippers but the cheap Primark replacements are itchy, inside the foot! They were reduced, I suspect they've been in the shop a long time, and they've got dust and other people's mucky fingers on them. I'll swill some washing machine liquid inside and see. Otherwise it might be back to full price M&S stuff, boo!
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    • VJsmum
    • By VJsmum 8th Sep 17, 9:50 AM
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    Love the Marie Kondo book. Have disposed of 11 bags of clothes to daughter and her friends. (was pleased to learn 7 items of "my" clothing went on holiday to the US).
    400 + books given to charity shops. Am now re-reading books " for the last time" before thanking them and giving them away.

    Most difficult items? China and items from grandparents and parents. Offspring don't want them. I intend to take photos of many and then give them away. Hope this relieves my sense of guilt.
    Originally posted by Eirlys
    Vintage china is in much demand for those that do traditional afternoon teas. Apparently, though I have never looked into it, you can hire them out.

    I have a non-sentimental vintage tea set, it was my great grannies, left to an auntie who left it to me "because you won't sell it". When Mum told me that was why I'd been left it - after auntie had died - i said "then i don't want it. if i needed to feed the kids, i'd sell it". Mum assured me auntie would understand that. But... it means nothing to me, i don't like it much. I have no idea of its value (though Auntie thought it was worth 'something'). it sits in a box in the loft....

    MarieMac - welcome to the thread. Most of us have found that kondo-folding takes less room up, not more. Though, personally i like that way of folding cos you can see everything without rummaging...
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