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    • Knit Witch
    • By Knit Witch 18th Jul 17, 8:29 PM
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    Knit Witch
    The Garden Fence - proper Old Style support and chat!
    • #1
    • 18th Jul 17, 8:29 PM
    The Garden Fence - proper Old Style support and chat! 18th Jul 17 at 8:29 PM
    As threads are going walkabout I thought I would start the next stage of this off - I will try and do the links later!
    Must use my stash up!
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    • mardatha
    • By mardatha 10th Aug 18, 8:22 PM
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    Cake and gin sounds very nice.
    • Hard Up Hester
    • By Hard Up Hester 10th Aug 18, 8:56 PM
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    Hard Up Hester
    Can anyone recommend a website with recipes measured in cups rather than with scales, scales don't work on a boat and I want to make a light fruit cake.
    Many thanks.
    Chin up, Titus out.
    • Islandmaid
    • By Islandmaid 10th Aug 18, 9:03 PM
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    Hester I have used this recipe when out of eggs, it's in cups
    Note to self - STOP SPENDING MONEY !!
    • Hard Up Hester
    • By Hard Up Hester 10th Aug 18, 9:09 PM
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    Hard Up Hester
    Brilliant, thanks Island Maid
    Chin up, Titus out.
    • maryb
    • By maryb 10th Aug 18, 9:37 PM
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    For DD1's last birthday I made a gin and tonic flavoured cake. Yum!

    In case anyone is horrified, it was her 28th birthday!!
    It doesn't matter if you are a glass half full or half empty sort of person. Keep it topped up! Cheers!
    • MMF007
    • By MMF007 10th Aug 18, 9:39 PM
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    Welcome new posters!!
    Welcome Donkey - awww, isn't it lovely and gentle. We had 3 over a few years when I was a kid. Their names were Muffin, Jacko and Jenny. Fairly obvious names to choose but they were all such characters. The first one wandered in from his paddock one afternoon and when my dad came home from work, walking up the front path he saw Muffin staring OUT of the front window at him

    About to look up Lammas bread! Although I too am concentrating on low carbs atm. Have 2.5 stone to lose. Was doing well until end of last year. Finally getting back to the right mindset* and am determined. Mostly because I have seen nice clothes i want to be able to wear, and to get fitter so i can enjoy more hillwalking * I know i am because DH went for a chippy tea tonight and i said No, and cooked spicey chicken with cauli and broccoli for me
    I have changed my work-life balance to a life-work balance.
    • Softstuff
    • By Softstuff 10th Aug 18, 10:19 PM
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    I'm so glad it worked for you Fuddle. Substitutions are my special skill... mostly because for many years I kept the grocery budget so tight I worked round more expensive ingredients (and nobody noticed, not even the original recipe owners!).

    Mardatha, are we going to have to strap you up like Hannibal Lecter??

    Monna, glad you're having a lovely time xx

    Islandmaid and Mardatha, you don't have to miss cake, you can have your cake and eat it:
    (I also made a choccy version adding 2 tbsp cocoa - no reason you couldn't have a coffee and walnut version... in fact, I'll make that this weekend)
    You can also have donuts:
    Ice cream:
    I'm also planning tiramisu and cheesecake soon. We don't miss out at all, we just work around. Shoot, I couldn't go on without cake If I was round the corner I'd bring you both cake!

    Hester, if you visit the site, a lot of australian recipes are in cups.
    Softstuff- Officially better than 007
    • Squiggly Diddly
    • By Squiggly Diddly 11th Aug 18, 6:46 AM
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    Squiggly Diddly
    Thank you for the welcomes !!!55357;!!!56898; I love cake... I used to regularly do wedding cakes & similar for friends/family for a few years but that has dropped off where other things have take over. I do enjoy baking and cooking but trying to reign it in as I need/want to shift some weight. I figure while there!!!8217;s nobody else in the house, in theory it should be easier..!! The Lammas bread sounds tasty too - we have a weekend Lammas festival here in late July, and various other pagan based events in the county to celebrate nature and the seasons.

    My plan this weekend is to sort through my freezer, organise it a bit & do a list of the contents so that I can meal plan. I don!!!8217;t think I have any camels, donkeys or elephants in there... Also need to prepare a range of lunch options or I will end up buying something in the refectory each day which will not be kind to my hips or budget... !!!55357;!!!56883;

    However first today I!!!8217;m off along the coast to return my sister & nieces home after a lovely week. That means a visit to her Home Bargains as it!!!8217;s one of the nearest two to where I live !!!55357;!!!56898;

    Have a good day all!

    Sorry about the numbers, need to find/change the setting on the phone/iPad so it doesn!!!8217;t do it....
    Last edited by Squiggly Diddly; 11-08-2018 at 6:47 AM. Reason: Punctuation
    Live your life until love is found, or love's gonna get you down" (credit to Mika!)

    • Hard Up Hester
    • By Hard Up Hester 11th Aug 18, 7:41 AM
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    Hard Up Hester
    Thanks Softstuff, I'll check that out.
    We are now heading towards Hungerford, six miles and 16 locks to get there, not sure how far we will get today. I'm also not sure where there are any mooring places.
    It's bright and sunny at the moment but it's not meant to last, hey ho, I'll get wet again, I've only just dried out from yesterday.
    Chin up, Titus out.
    • Jazee
    • By Jazee 11th Aug 18, 8:15 AM
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    Hester, I hope it dries up for you today. Welcome newbies and lurkers.

    I don't post much, I don't have much to say, and the only animals I can offer are my doglets, LittleyDog and Poppet. Real characters though, and no one is allowed to freeze or eat them, so there.

    Gardening today.
    Spend less now, work less later.
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    Keep Moving Challenge - walked 90.5 miles
    • silvasava
    • By silvasava 11th Aug 18, 8:36 AM
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    Morning all - I'll budge up a bit to make room for the newbies
    Up in Lunnun town yesterday with DS1 and friends to meet another friend. Spent most of the time in Borough Market - oh the food choices - thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Did think of Mar as one of the fish counters had a blinking great octopus but wasn't sure if she liked fish......... felt sorry for the octopus though.
    My trip to Monna's neck of the woods is off - high winds and rain tomorrow so not fun - but will reschedule asap!
    Off to pick up a Preloved freezer in a wee while to replace my garage one - it's a frost free one Woop Woop!!!
    Small victories - sometimes they are all you can hope for but sometimes they are all you need - be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle
    • FairyPrincessk
    • By FairyPrincessk 11th Aug 18, 8:39 AM
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    Morning all,

    Fuddle I'm glad the yoghurt worked. Mrs LW I never knew that you could 'sour' plant milks the same way as animal milks that is really useful!

    As for cake, I love it but I don't often have it when out. I can never tell which cakes are fresh and which have been sitting, which cakes will be too sweet and which will be perfect so I tend to stick to my own baking which has also been curtailed a bit. I have found some lovely low fat recipes although nothing yet that is absolutely perfect. I'd like to try the lemon and courgette recipe on the national trust website but wondering if I can substitute half the oil for apple sauce. It isn't too bad as it is but that would make it much better....
    • MrsLurcherwalker
    • By MrsLurcherwalker 11th Aug 18, 8:47 AM
    • 13,004 Posts
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    FPK you should be able to substitute ALL the oil with apple sauce, I've used a fat free recipe for a Christmas cake that used pureed prunes instead of any fat and it was lovely, moist, lovely texture to 'bite' and kept pretty well too! give it a go with the apple sauce you might find you like the taste better than cakes made with oil or fat. Keep the finished cake in the fridge, it will last longer there than at room temperature. Let us know if it works if you do try it?
    Thumpers mum was right - if you can't find anything nice to say don't say anything at all!
    • FairyPrincessk
    • By FairyPrincessk 11th Aug 18, 10:12 AM
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    Thanks Mrs LW, I might give that a go this weekend. Just in time to add the courgettes to the shopping list
    • MrsLurcherwalker
    • By MrsLurcherwalker 11th Aug 18, 10:32 AM
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    I've just been to the Co-Op for some fruit and got a shock when I got the usual own brand fat free Greek yoghurt that I normally get from them, in the past couple of months the price has gone up from 1, to 1.05., to 1.15 and today it's up to 1.35p now I know we're having problems because of the weather and the heat which might account for some of it but I wonder how high it has to go before people stop buying it? I'm close to it now as it's a 500ml tub and I can probably make my own plain but not Greek yoghurt for much less than that and then strain it to get the Greek consistency. I wonder how many other of us feel like we're being rooked by the retailers?
    Thumpers mum was right - if you can't find anything nice to say don't say anything at all!
    • ivyleaf
    • By ivyleaf 11th Aug 18, 10:34 AM
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    Welcome Vegpatch and Donkey (I love donkeys)

    Squiggly Diddly How lovely to see you, I always enjoyed your posts! it sounds as if RL has been extremely busy for you. Are you still doing what I will refer to as your very enjoyable rhythmic hobby?

    Monnagran So glad you are having a happy time xx

    Oh dear nursemaggie, that does sound just like Virgin Media. I remember our neighbour having problems with his phone and broadband when he was their customer; he had to keep coming over to borrow our phone to try and get things sorted, as it was the only way he could contact them!
    • ivyleaf
    • By ivyleaf 11th Aug 18, 10:50 AM
    • 5,999 Posts
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    Lyn I did notice yesterday on a poster outside the Co-Op that their "Fresh 3" which was always 69p each, is currently 69p, 79p and 89p (i.e. one item at each price iyswim) I don't buy the yogurt so hadn't noticed that.
    • Doveling
    • By Doveling 11th Aug 18, 10:53 AM
    • 441 Posts
    • 7,664 Thanks
    Hello, I'm back and nearly mended

    I have a delicious bottle of Forest gin.... well there's a bit left

    Anything exciting happening?
    Will read back but it looks as though I will have to tread carefully and take a shovel and poo bags.
    Where on earth have all these animals come from? Last time I looked there was just one elephant!
    Not dim .....just living in soft focus
    • Witless
    • By Witless 11th Aug 18, 11:13 AM
    • 687 Posts
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    I wonder how many other of us feel like we're being rooked by the retailers?
    Originally posted by MrsLurcherwalker
    Or the guvmint?

    They tell me inflation is 3% or less when increasing my pension but when I check my expenditure Excel tells me differently.

    unleaded petrol
    14/08/17 1.139 per litre
    6/09/17 1.149 per litre

    On Thursday in local bigger town it was 1.319 - no, not a typo!

    3% my 4rse.

    Sorry - rant over: I'm away to doze in the background.
    • Softstuff
    • By Softstuff 11th Aug 18, 11:22 AM
    • 3,059 Posts
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    Welcome back Doveling, don't worry about all the animals, Mardatha has... thinned the herd.

    MrsLW, I worked out a bit back how much ordinary yoghurt I'd have to strain to get greek and it didn't work out for me here, but prices on milk may be different there. It's a bit different for us now since we buy a lactose free greek yoghurt that doesn't have thickeners, and there's only 1 brand.

    Prices never cease to astonish me, they can shoot up here literally overnight. One day avocados are 2 for $3, the next day they're $2.50 each... and it's the same bloody pile of avocados. Don't even get me started on the rest. My husband grimaces when I climb up on that particular soap box! I think the problem isn't so much how prices are going up, but it's how for most of us income is staying the same or decreasing. Previously, both went up a bit as time went on.
    Softstuff- Officially better than 007
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