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    • Knit Witch
    • By Knit Witch 18th Jul 17, 8:29 PM
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    Knit Witch
    The Garden Fence - proper Old Style support and chat!
    • #1
    • 18th Jul 17, 8:29 PM
    The Garden Fence - proper Old Style support and chat! 18th Jul 17 at 8:29 PM
    As threads are going walkabout I thought I would start the next stage of this off - I will try and do the links later!
    Must use my stash up!
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    • monnagran
    • By monnagran 6th Jul 18, 1:39 AM
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    kittie, lucky you. I had a Clearview logburner in my old cottage and it was the best, much better than the Hunter it replaced. Have you got a moving date yet?

    MMF your in laws may not have enjoyed the holiday as much as you would have wished but it will have got them out and given them a break. They probably enjoyed it more in retrospect and it has given them something new to talk about.
    Your FIL sounds like my Dad, stubborn as they come. He was given a walking frame which he carried triumphantly before him. I don't think the feet ever touched the floor.

    VJsmum, how well I know that feeling where they are planning something that you think is foolish beyond words but are told to stop fussing.

    Softstuff, I've said it before and I'll say it again - you are a walking miracle. There's you embracing the torture of the gym and there's me moaning about a 2 mile hike.

    Polly, I hope you find a bit of coolth somewhere.

    Nursemaggie, I'm coming shopping with you. I never seem to find those sorts of bargains.

    Wel my eyes are hurting and I really ought go try to get a bit more sleep.
    I believe that friends are quiet angels
    Who lift us to our feet when our wings
    Have trouble remembering how to fly.
    • fuddle
    • By fuddle 6th Jul 18, 3:23 AM
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    Excellent news silvasava. It's settling to know what you need to fight your stubborn nasties I think. Ivyleaf how is your tum? Softstuff amazing progress and I'm trying very hard to follow in your 'self help and change' footsteps. It's heartening to know that with tweaks and persevering better health can be achieved.

    Speaking of which that's why I'm up and at 'em at this hour. Although my pain has completely gone (even that 2 year old niggle when I yawn!) I'm windy and releasing smells like my insides have died. I have been eating strictly low fodmap for the past few days so as not to comsume gas producing foods. The only exception has been milk and yoghurt so I'm going to give up dairy for a while to see what happens. I won't be having anymore buscopan but will continue with peppermint tea and have peppermint oil once they arrive.

    If there's been an underlying issue for a few years that has been pressing on my organs a bit (yawning pain might be diaphragm maybe and certainly spleen lately) then maybe that been putting a bit of pressure on my heart too.

    kittie it comes across as you're excited and relishing planning your new batten-down-the-hatches abode.

    Ivyleaf Mr Ivyleaf is a worry as awful as they are to a person's self esteem I am cheering for the side rail. It need not ever be an issue again with one of those. I get why there will be a bit of falter but at the end of the day, who cares. I'd have one the minute I needed one... on the understanding that I can Yarn Bomb it in crochet that is! I wonder if your tummy troubles are down to worrying about Mr Ivyleaf maybe? 0

    Allotment Tales: first blackcurrants picked and compote made in the slow cooker. Word is Mr Pea Seedling is giving up a couple of plots, keeping only one by his cronies. I'm not by his cronies. I live in hope.

    Well I'm off to go investigate high fibre low fodmap foods because if I have to give up beans and pulses I'm concerned for my diverticular issue and then off to look at sock wool online. Sleep won't be happening now.
    Be like a tree.
    Stay grounded. Connect with your roots. Turn over a new leaf.
    Bend before you break. Enjoy your natural beauty. Keep growing.
    • kittie
    • By kittie 6th Jul 18, 6:32 AM
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    Fuddle are you eating anything wth probiotics, if so stop them. You may well have probiotic overgrowth, they don`t always work well with your body and can trigger allergic reactions. No capsules, sauerkraut, live yoghurts etc. Just image the extra probiotics having a mighty battle with your own natural probiotics. I think that doing this will sort you out and you will be able to give up on the peppermint/colpermin. Re-ntroduce some natural pre-biotics slowly in a few days, if you are worried about `smooth n natural movements` see about adding some ground up flaxseeds, whole seeds not very good if there is a hint of diverticulitis

    Monna, no date yet but estimated mid august. Nothing much I can do here except prep for my photos and plan for my new house. Going to clean paintwork today, I could see marks last night. I have my fingers crossed for you maybe look a little further afield to somewhere with obviously the facilities that you need. My new house was very unexpected and an accidental find but is the perfect future-proofed area

    I am not anxious about security now as I have a battleplan. The trick is not to think `arghh` but `what can I do about it?` new strong doors, burglar proof hedge all along the vulnerable open side, eventual fence and gate across from garage to house and eventual new double glazing with strong multi locking. Plus getting to know my neighbours. I have butterflies while I am awake, did my floor plans and furniture last night, I must get that sliding door put in beteen conservatory and dining/snug, it will require a floor rail and I need to get flooring in the snug before I get furniture moved. I will ring and sweet talk them, see if they will pencil in september. I am a mix of scared/excited
    Last edited by kittie; 06-07-2018 at 6:41 AM.
    • Floss
    • By Floss 6th Jul 18, 6:33 AM
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    MMF would a word in the ear of their gp suggesting some OT advice re mobility aids work? DHs brother had to do that for their parents as they would not take on board any advice from their sons.
    • FairyPrincessk
    • By FairyPrincessk 6th Jul 18, 7:47 AM
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    Morning all,

    MMF, it is hard to know how to help people sometimes, isn't it? It sounds like you're doing a wonderful job of balancing care and concern with respect.

    Monna, your halo will be glistening for helping out. Ok, some of that might be perspiration but I hope they appreciate your hard work.

    Kittie you do sound excited, I love hearing these plans.

    Well, I have plenty of radish and mustard sprouts and just a hint of spinach. I don't see signs of the spring onions yet, but maybe soon. I don't know how this will work, I've never done late sowing before but the idea is to see what we might be able to have fresh in autumn in the future.

    My neck is still a bit sore and stiff but I've decided to brave the gym anyway and just be gentle. Last night's pizza was nice, and I didn't end up feeling over stuffed so that was nice. I think we'll have the rest of it tonight when we get back from town alongside a salad. Now, I just need to teach OH that he should harvest from several lettuce plants, not the same one all at once
    • FairyPrincessk
    • By FairyPrincessk 6th Jul 18, 7:48 AM
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    Nursemaggie--we had one of the refurbished Aldi's before we moved and they did have more stock which was nice!
    • mardatha
    • By mardatha 6th Jul 18, 7:51 AM
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    I'm feeling a lot older than I did, even a few months ago. Arthritis in the feet make walking painful, and the doc says my arches are crumbling so that's why none of my shoes fit, I bought 5 pairs of expensive shoes one after the other before I realised it wasn't the damn shoes it was my damn feet And now with this sling and the hellish shoulder pain if I move the arm at all, I keep hearing this song
    • monnagran
    • By monnagran 6th Jul 18, 7:52 AM
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    A long post just disappeared into the black hole.

    Fuddle, keep going love, you'll get there in the end. Fingers crossed Mr P.S. goes to an allotment far, far away.

    Kittie. Fort Knox will be head-hunting you shortly. You are so well organised.

    MMF do what Floss suggests. Write to the in-law's GP emphasising that they must never find out about it. I did it for my parents when I realised that Mum was not herself. She was diagnosed with vascular Dementia after various people visited them on all, sorts of subterfuges and, to the end of his life, Dad never discovered what I had done.

    FairyP, I wish I could glow with perspiration, I hardly sweat at all. The heat just builds up inside me and makes me feel quite ill. I am downing pints of water but still no glowing!

    mar, I think if you were a dog the RV might have taken you for a last visit to the vet. I can't think of anything helpful to say. We are always here for a moan and a giggle. It's not fair that you should have all the ills that life can throw at you and someone like me gets away scot-free.
    I have my fingers crossed behind my back as I type that. With difficulty.


    The scientific theory I like best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline baggage.
    Last edited by monnagran; 06-07-2018 at 8:15 AM.
    I believe that friends are quiet angels
    Who lift us to our feet when our wings
    Have trouble remembering how to fly.
    • silver-oldie
    • By silver-oldie 6th Jul 18, 8:21 AM
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    silver-oldie, thank you for posting again. We were missing you. Are you OK? I know life isn't easy for you but there is usually a listening ear here.
    Originally posted by monnagran
    Thank you Monna

    Just had a bad month. Food poisoning to start, let down by DS, DiL and DGS and DH wandering off, only for a few moments, but panic.

    It really made me think about how I really am on my own, no-one knew I was ill, and I think I'm lonely but I don't have the social skills to change things. The thought of going out to socialise fills me with terror.

    Sorry, rant over
    If you walk at night no-one will see you cry.
    • kittie
    • By kittie 6th Jul 18, 8:31 AM
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    yes silver-oldie so many people are lonely and I include younger people. We don`t have any more popping in for a cuppa, like in the old days, however I am not up for that because I am always busy. My loneliest time was as a stay at home new mum, new house that we could not afford, it was awful. Hobbies are a short cut to acquaintances, rather than friends and when the day is over it is back to square one. These threads are absolute life savers for letting stuff out, rather than talking to the walls. My best friends are my 3 sisters but 2 are in australia. My neighbours etc are always there but I still keep stuff back, so that makes them more like good aquaintances. My children are my children and I hardly ever tell them things that might worry them, I am this solid wall that never crumbles
    • mardatha
    • By mardatha 6th Jul 18, 8:55 AM
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    Monna pet ty. I'm always all right. I have this very useful backing of sheer bloody mindedness to hold me up
    what my American pals call orneryness
    • ivyleaf
    • By ivyleaf 6th Jul 18, 8:58 AM
    • 6,002 Posts
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    IVYLEAF would something like a cotton reel or some marbles in a bag under the bottom sheet at the edge of the bed in a couple of places be enough to wake him if he rolled towards the edge? like folks do to make them roll over off their backs if they snore?
    Originally posted by MrsLurcherwalker
    I don't think so, but thank you
    • VJsmum
    • By VJsmum 6th Jul 18, 9:24 AM
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    I'm feeling a lot older than I did, even a few months ago. Arthritis in the feet make walking painful, and the doc says my arches are crumbling so that's why none of my shoes fit, I bought 5 pairs of expensive shoes one after the other before I realised it wasn't the damn shoes it was my damn feet And now with this sling and the hellish shoulder pain if I move the arm at all, I keep hearing this song
    Originally posted by mardatha
    LOL (at the song) - my mum went out in her wheelchair for the day a few years ago and ended up like that! Sorry about your troubles

    My loneliest time was as a stay at home new mum
    Originally posted by kittie
    Mine too!!! But you are supposed to be #soblessed and so thrilled and i have never felt more wretched. I joined the local NCT group and it was AWFUL - all they talked about was babies I went back to work (for 2 days a week) when she was 4 months old - best thing i ever did. You just aren't allowed to say that small babies are boring - I remember the comedian Cathy lette saying that you can sit and watch your plants photosynthesise

    MMF - my mum had a real internal battle before she went into a wheelchair. She asked me what i thought and said "isn't it just giving up?" I said that right now (at that point) the illness (rheumatoid arthritis) had got hold of her and was dictating to her, going in the wheelchair meant that she'd told it "b@lls to this, i'm doing things anyway". She liked that, went in it and never looked back - she went on holidays, days out, could go shopping and had a much fuller life. i should say, though, that my mum was only in her early 60's then. We have just persuaded MiL to get a motorised scooter and she can now go on dog walks with her daughter and out with her baby great grandson... She's not thrilled, saying things like "I used to skip from rock to rock walking up Snowdon" but i just say "Well i used to turn cartwheels down Sheerness high street, but things change. Now if i were to turn a cartwheel, I'd have to lie down for the rest of the day.".
    I wanna be in the room where it happens
    • Softstuff
    • By Softstuff 6th Jul 18, 9:30 AM
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    Thank you for the congratulations, I feel like you lot are my cheerleading squad In all honesty, couldn't have done it without my husband, my GP and you lot.

    MMF007, it's the milestones that make you more determined and walking up a gradient without puffing like a steam train is a great one, I wish you every success and we're all here cheering you on.

    Silvasava, glad you're on the mend now. I couldn't have done without my meds previously, but the one I have now stopped first is one that required my GP to get authorisation before prescribing it, it has been banned for this use in most countries and has a high risk of causing heart attack Fingers crossed I'm ok, the GP is all ready for me if I need him though. I'm glad you've been able to ditch one too.

    VJsmum, does he have a camelbak for cycling? I fret when hubby cycles in summer here, but to be fair you scarcely find any aussie cyclists who cycle between 10am and 4pm here in summer, most set off stupidly early to avoid the heat.

    Monnagran, I'm far from a walking miracle... today I had to go into work unexpectedly and was feeling far more effect of the gym than even yesterday. I had to endure much ribbing for walking a little like John Wayne and wincing every time I sat down, I have supportive yet cruel colleagues Meanwhile, as regards "glowing" with perspiration, I don't... I sweat like a pig. In summer here I drink like a fish just to keep up.

    Fuddle, I have every confidence you'll get there health wise. Not everything can or will be fixed (I still have issues), but a fair amount can be at least managed well and with your level of determination I'm sure you'll get there in the end. Incidentally you'd be surprised in an emergency room what symptoms and conditions can be caused by trapped wind or constipation (and how many people come in with it). Kitty mentions ground flaxseeds, we make this: not sure if it's good for your issues, but as a hot breakfast that gets you moving, we like it.

    Mardatha, would some orthotics with good arch support help? The song did give me a chuckle though I'd steer clear of any vets just in case Monna has precalled them. I like "ornery" as a word, it's stoic but with more of a cantankerous streak and some dark humour to my mind.
    Softstuff- Officially better than 007
    • kittie
    • By kittie 6th Jul 18, 9:38 AM
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    I bet AnE is full of poorly people at the moment, who aren`t coping with the heat. Thankfully my new house has a cool side and I bet had a larder on the north wall at one time

    I changed my mind about snug/conservatory wall divider. I will be getting the conservatory upgraded to a summer/winter room with an insulating roof, it would I think be better to leave it all as one sweep, rather than a division. Conservatory is approx 12 x 12, a nice size. Money saved because I would be getting the conservatory upgraded anyway

    I think I will slosh clean water on my stone floor later, it will cool the air
    • monnagran
    • By monnagran 6th Jul 18, 10:41 AM
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    silver-oldie, I wish I lived near you. I'd be hammering on your door, clutching a bag of cheese scones and begging a mug of coffee.
    I know that 'alone' feeling. You spend your life being a rock for everyone and suddenly you're a bit older and a bit limper and you need a rock of your own. Where is it? Not there, that's for sure. That's when it hits home that there is no one there to rely on. Friends are great but as you get older they all have their own problems and you don't like to involve them in yours. Family is great too, but they all have busy lives of their own and often still expect you to be there and available to help them, as you've always been.
    In my own case I have always lived in the middle of a 3-ringed circus with chaotic life swirling around me, but suddenly I am on my own. I often wonder if I happened to die in my sleep how long it would take for someone to realise that I wasn't around.

    When I have an important decision to make, there is no-one to share it with me. People are kind to give their advice but mostly it is not going to affect them one way or another.

    I know that I have lots of friends but it takes years to make them, and like you, I am not a joiner of things.

    Yes, silver-oldie, come and live next door to me, we'd have a great time.
    I believe that friends are quiet angels
    Who lift us to our feet when our wings
    Have trouble remembering how to fly.
    • kittie
    • By kittie 6th Jul 18, 10:52 AM
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    a poignant post monna and every word of it is true
    • monnagran
    • By monnagran 6th Jul 18, 11:07 AM
    • 4,085 Posts
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    kittie, I hope you don't think I'm moaning. Fundamentally I'm a happy and positive person, but I know too well that feeling that you are, suddenly and completely, on your own.

    I also know that I am far from the only person to feel this.
    I believe that friends are quiet angels
    Who lift us to our feet when our wings
    Have trouble remembering how to fly.
    • ivyleaf
    • By ivyleaf 6th Jul 18, 11:24 AM
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    Thank you all so much for your concern about mr ivyleaf
    I'm going to tuck a cushion between the bed and the bedside cabinet with it protruding just above the surface of the cabinet, so he can't bump his face again. Sadly no space for a separate mattress on the floor, or a separate bed, but box cushions on the floor sound a good idea as he could stand them against the side of the bed to get them out of the way when he's getting up.
    When we first moved here we had a 2-metre bed with 2 separate mattresses, which we'd bought when we lived in Germany. It was lovely, but there was no room for anything else beside the bed, and when the mattresses needed replacing (Dunlopillo) it would have cost more than we could afford, so we went down to a 5ft bed then. at least it meant there was room for bedside cabinets for our glasses and a drink etc.

    fudds I do get cramps when I'm worrying, but also have lots of diverticula and a colon that's "narrowed", "looping" and "tortuous" so even small amounts of gas get trapped.
    I bought a "low FODMAP" cookbook, but the intro says that foods that upset some people may be fine for someone else and it's a case of trial and error, which would seem to let the author off the hook nicely. As I like porridge with some golden syrup in cold weather, I looked to see if golden syrup was on the high or low FODMAP was in both lists. Oops.

    MMF It was lovely of you to take your In-laws on holiday, and it sounds as if you did all you could to try to make sure they enjoyed themselves. I don't know what your FIL would think of Mr ivyleaf who's been using a stick since he was in his forties due to a dodgy hip that tends to give way (not to mention the numb foot).

    silver-oldie I'm so sorry you feel lonely, and being anxious as well is horrid. I hope you'll accept several cyber-hugs. (((HUGS)))

    mar My auntie had terrible trouble with shoes as she got older, due to osteoporosis. In the end she had to have some specially made for her by the hospital podiatry dept. Maybe worth inquiring?

    monnagran I do worry about your walking so far in such heat. Could you use a taxi next time, if one is available? I know it means extra expense and your haircut or whatever will be much dearer, but it would be so much better for you. xx
    Last edited by ivyleaf; 06-07-2018 at 11:32 AM. Reason: typo
    • MrsLurcherwalker
    • By MrsLurcherwalker 6th Jul 18, 11:31 AM
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    We have a 2 metre bed with two separate mattresses also bought when we were in Germany and last year exchanged the Bio mattresses we got with it for two of exactly the right size from Ikea and they are supremely comfortable and I think were 160 each and worth every penny too.
    Thumpers mum was right - if you can't find anything nice to say don't say anything at all!
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