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    • Knit Witch
    • By Knit Witch 18th Jul 17, 8:29 PM
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    Knit Witch
    The Garden Fence - proper Old Style support and chat!
    • #1
    • 18th Jul 17, 8:29 PM
    The Garden Fence - proper Old Style support and chat! 18th Jul 17 at 8:29 PM
    As threads are going walkabout I thought I would start the next stage of this off - I will try and do the links later!
    Must use my stash up!
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    • Hard Up Hester
    • By Hard Up Hester 14th May 18, 7:21 AM
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    Hard Up Hester
    I went to a juicing versus blending workshop yesterday with DD1, I only went to keep her company as I have neither a juicer or blender, nor do I have the room, money or sufficient power to run them.
    But it was interesting, I'm of the opinion that blending is better as when you juice you throw away all the stuff that you should be eating. We had a nice mix of pineapple and spinach in coconut water, promoted as a way of making raw spinach palatable, but I like raw spinach anyway.

    DD2 text me this morning at 5:30 to ask if I could do childcare next Thursday 7:30 - 11:30 in the morning, so I've added it to my diary along with the Tuesday that I'm already booked for.
    Chin up, Titus out.
    • kittie
    • By kittie 14th May 18, 7:57 AM
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    blending is better as when you juice you throw away all the stuff that you should be eating. .
    Originally posted by Hard Up Hester
    No no no

    absolutely untrue. These course organisers often don`t know what they are talking about, no doubt someone paid them

    I have a vitamix and a very good upright omega vert juicer, used to have a twin gear masticating juicer, bought that in 1977 and it lasted for 38 years when I gave it away to get the vertical juicer with the much smaller footprint

    Too much fibre is BAD for us and these specialist juicers extract the goodness plus enough fine fibre to be healthy not bad. eg yesterday I made a juice from celery/fennel/carrot/ salad leaves/ginger and lemon. Later in the day I blended in the vitamix, hemp/water/frozen blackcurrants/cacao and made my daily gorgeous drink, which I do sieve to remove blackcurrant seed remains and hemp hulls, which can irritate the gut

    I never juice fruits, I eat them neat but rarely, apart from currants and berries and I certainly never blend bananas, too high in sugars and the surface area is disrupted, so exposing more surface and causing too high and too quick a sugar hit, same with many fruits. Eating a whole fruit is much better and starts the salivary digestive process, which is bi-passed with a smoothie
    Last edited by kittie; 14-05-2018 at 8:29 AM.
    • monnagran
    • By monnagran 14th May 18, 8:32 AM
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    After reading the last page I am even more of the opinion that we should all be born with our own, personal diet sheet attached. At the moment, finding all our allergies and intolerances seems to be very hit and miss.
    fuddle, I don't think there can be one square inch of your body that hasn't been tested, examined or scanned over the last few years. You poor love, let's hope and pray that something can finally be sorted out for you and that all this uncertainty is put to rest.

    As for those trying to lose weight, well over the last 7 decades I have seen all the advice come and go. Low calorie, low carb, low fat, high carb, high fat, high fibre, don't eat eggs, eat lots of eggs, don't eat bananas, eat only bananas, cut out dairy, cut out sugar, cut out red meat, cut out kale (OK, I made that up for mar ) don't eat cheese and tomatoes together (seriously, that was a very early WW rule), I've seen them all and tried most of them.
    Monna's rules.........

    Don't cut anything out, unless allergic, you'll only want it more.

    Eat from a small plate.

    Chew a lot.

    Eat slowly and mindfully.

    Stop when you've had enough.

    Think stomach not mouth.

    When the munchies strike, clean your teeth.

    You read it here first. I may publish it and retire on the proceeds.

    Nursemaggie, I get the feeling that you are enjoying yourself. How about eating the caramel custard with bananas, or give it to DS and suggest HE eats it with bananas.

    Can't remember what everyone else is up to and if I go back I will lose this post. Have a happy Monday all.


    We must be willing to make an intelligent compromise with perfection, lest we wait for ever before taking action.
    I believe that friends are quiet angels
    Who lift us to our feet when our wings
    Have trouble remembering how to fly.
    • FairyPrincessk
    • By FairyPrincessk 14th May 18, 8:53 AM
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    Morning all,

    Already made a nice start on work this morning, feeling much more rested after this weekend.

    Nursemaggie, it must feel a bit better to be able to see all of your stuff now

    Monna--that thought for the day reminds me of a short quip I sometimes trot out for myself--perfect is the enemy of done.

    I'm not sure about tea tonight--either fishcakes or a lentil salad. I cooked some edamame for a snack yesterday and shared them with OH. I used to eat them as a starter in sushi restaurants when I was young and lived in a trendy place--no idea why i never thought to make them at home. Seeing a small pot for 1 in coop gave me the idea. I think I spent 1 on around about 500gr. which will make loads of small pots. OH looked sceptical at first but then admitted they were really nice and scoffed loads of them.

    My thoughts are with all of you today.
    • silvasava
    • By silvasava 14th May 18, 9:12 AM
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    FPK - I prefer Endemame beans to broad beans - Morrys do a bag of frozen ones too!.
    Took boat off the pontoon yesterday all by myself and DH & I motored down the channel, I let him helm for a bit we came back & I put her on the mooring successfully first go! Bit of a brisk cross wind that I allowed for so feeling a bit more confident.
    Today I will be hitting all the housework that hasn't been done for weeks!
    Need to sort something decent for tea too as we've tended to eat on the run the last couple of weeks - not good.
    NM - how does it feel to have some extra space? Shame it couldn't be quiet too.
    Fuddle - do hope you get your tummy sorted soon and it settles down.
    Hope everyone has a good day xx
    Small victories - sometimes they are all you can hope for but sometimes they are all you need - be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle
    • Hard Up Hester
    • By Hard Up Hester 14th May 18, 9:13 AM
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    Hard Up Hester
    I don't think the course organiser was paid, I expect they made enough money selling d juicers that cost 1200 and blenders costing a mere 780.
    I won't be blending or juicing so it's immaterial.
    Monna I'll be following you advice, when I've lost the 10 stone my Dr advised me to lose I'll give you the credit so you can retire.
    Oh and if I lost 10 stone I'd weigh less than my 3 year old dgd, which is why I tend to ignore the Dr's advice.
    Chin up, Titus out.
    • ivyleaf
    • By ivyleaf 14th May 18, 9:14 AM
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    DSIL lives in Germany and every now and then she decides she needs to lose some weight. Sometimes she does it by juicing, but I'm not sure she's doing it right because it leaves her very tired.
    The standard German way of dieting seems to be to spend a lot of money on all sorts of expensive special products. They both work in the short term, but of course as soon as she starts eating proper food again the weight goes back on.

    I remember one of my colleagues trying a banana and skimmed milk diet. Every 2 hours he would either eat a banana or drink a glass of skimmed milk, alternately. The weight fell off him, but he said he never wanted to see a banana again, and he put the weight back on when he stopped the diet.

    nursemaggie tuna trifle I know a lot of people eat tuna or salmon with pasta, but that doesn't appeal to me at all.

    Islandmaid Glad you're on the mend

    I suppose we need to shop for food today. I'm baffled as to how I can have so many cookbooks, yet have no idea what to make for dinner. I think it's because I worry that I'll decide what to cook and buy the ingredients accordingly, but then when the time comes I know I might not feel well enough to prepare them. That puts me off taking a cookbook off the shelf and choosing something, iyswim. OH is no help at all; if I ask him what he'd like for dinner he'll just say he doesn't mind
    • Hard Up Hester
    • By Hard Up Hester 14th May 18, 9:22 AM
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    Hard Up Hester
    I'm supposed to eat a banana every day to keep my potassium levels up, I can only manage half a banana at a time. My other alternative is avocado but they are often out of my price range.
    Chin up, Titus out.
    • Hard Up Hester
    • By Hard Up Hester 14th May 18, 10:58 AM
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    Hard Up Hester
    Kittie, everyone seems to have a different opinion, it makes it so confusing
    Chin up, Titus out.
    • fuddle
    • By fuddle 14th May 18, 11:02 AM
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    Honestly I could scream. This is why telephone consultations are not a good route in terms of things happening with our health.

    Having had the red/ick episode last week I called the surgery. No appointments, no had a telephone call instead. This morning I logged on 8am sharp and got an appointment with my good doctor. He isn't saying I don't have UC but my problems point to diverticular disease especially as I've not had grains for months. I also have hemaroid (can't spell it sorry) he said I have only just had two full blood counts done which showed no disfunction in organs and no deficiencies. Yes the white blood cells are there but with the Mri so close we can give that to the heart until proven otherwise.

    So (having walked back up the hill for the first time in a couple of months and was OK - pray the twinges stay away!) I come home with instructions to drink water, and consume aloe Vera juice to aid healing, prune juice and increase pulses and grains. He gave me a prescription for omezprazole incase the acid reflux came back Am I eck taking that.

    So now I'm a bit confused about what wholegrain to have (extra fruit and veggies won't work because it's a different kind of fibre I need - soluble/insoluble and fibre balance apparently) I think from what I know already I'm going forward with making my own wholegrain spelt bread. I seem OK on spelt flour. I'm waiting for a book to arrive to help me get to grips with foods in even more detail.

    Monna I think there's some truth in that we all should come with our own do's and don't diet sheet when we're born.

    what a ruddy palaver and worry over, maybe, something I've done to myself. He did say that I give it a month and if no improvement he will refer me for a colonoscopy. Fingers crossed.
    Be like a tree.
    Stay grounded. Connect with your roots. Turn over a new leaf.
    Bend before you break. Enjoy your natural beauty. Keep growing.
    • kittie
    • By kittie 14th May 18, 11:51 AM
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    Huh, there are many potassium rich foods

    opinions and scientific facts are two completely different things. All I know is that we need to take responsibility for our own health. We are what we eat, no question
    • Softstuff
    • By Softstuff 14th May 18, 12:01 PM
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    Sheesh, Fuddle, it's a heck of a lot of ups and downs for you with those doctors eh? You musn't know if you're coming or going. Hopefully you'll get to grips with all that advice.

    I'm not a fan of juicing things, gave it a bit of a go, but to be honest I'd rather just eat the veg as is. Much less washing up too. I've seen some of those powerful blenders on some fun you tube videos "will it blend", where a chap blends all kinds of random objects in one... even a hockey puck. A good chuckle.

    Ivyleaf, I seem to collect recipes I'll never make too! Mostly I can't be 'arrised to faff when we'll both be satisfied with something simpler. When I make a big fuss and do something complicated, the result seldom meets the expectation and hubby has made it clear he's happy regardless so I'm learning to relax into simpler cooking.

    FPK, I used to adore edamame beans, nicely salted at a sushi place, but when I cooked them at home they just weren't the same, don't know what I did wrong
    Softstuff- Officially better than 007
    • CRANKY40
    • By CRANKY40 14th May 18, 12:15 PM
    • 3,195 Posts
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    Cranky, as you know, I'm on low carb with plenty of fat. After reading the research, skinny hubby is doing it too and, anecdotally, has found improved endurance and his personal best jogging times (we're both very active now and becoming more so), so it doesn't preclude exercise. But I think what you eat is very personal, and though this is very much working for us, it's not one size fits all.
    Originally posted by Softstuff
    Thank you. That is exactly the kind of information that I am looking for. Carbs are not me.....I was insulin resistant when pregnant and had PCOS before the menopause, both of which are indicators that my body does not process carbs or sugar well.

    I'm using myfitnesspal to keep an eye on my daily eating plans and I'm trying to take in extra protein to carry on with the process of healing my leg (it's no longer an open wound but it sure ain't pretty and the circulation isn't right yet either). I'll carry on with both the running and the low/no carbing and see what happens. I did run 1 of week 3 this morning, dreading it in case I couldn't do the run (short, fat and asthmatic) but it was fine.
    Weight loss 2019 5 lbs
    • maryb
    • By maryb 14th May 18, 12:46 PM
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    Fuddle are you OK with oats? Maybe make sure you get the gluten free oats to be on the safe side. I cannot cope with wholemeal wheat fibre but oat fibre seems more gentle
    It doesn't matter if you are a glass half full or half empty sort of person. Keep it topped up! Cheers!
    • VJsmum
    • By VJsmum 14th May 18, 12:53 PM
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    Agree on the issue of dietary requirements being so individual. My DS for example is intolerant to cow's milk, but only if he has loads. he can eat the odd yogurt, ice cream or bit of cheese but if he has lots of it then he can't be far from a loo for a day or so. We thought he'd grown out of it but, the other day, he had a cheese toasty, followed by a lasagne starter, followed by pizza with chocolate cake and ice cream for pud ( i know but we'd gone out for OH's birthday), he got up and went back to uni early the next day but couldn't go in cos his stomach was so upset...

    I am allergic to something in alcohol - I get a rash around my eye and mouth similar to contact dermatitis. It had gone and i have been on an elimination diet for 3 weeks but, last night, had a bottle of no alcohol beer and PING back came the rash. So, it's either barley malt, yeast or hops. I'm hoping for barley, but fear it's yeast.. though I can't eat maltesers (give me wind sorry if TMI )
    I wanna be in the room where it happens
    • nursemaggie
    • By nursemaggie 14th May 18, 2:29 PM
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    I am enjoying myself. Now that I have most of the things out of my bedroom I can move my bed. It's very spacious in my bedroom now I could even get an extra chest of draws in it.

    I have just had a call from DS he left his wallet here.
    • Hard Up Hester
    • By Hard Up Hester 14th May 18, 3:13 PM
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    Hard Up Hester
    Glad you have more room now NM.
    Chin up, Titus out.
    • ivyleaf
    • By ivyleaf 14th May 18, 7:17 PM
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    That sounds lovely, nm
    • FairyPrincessk
    • By FairyPrincessk 14th May 18, 7:35 PM
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    Fuddle you must feel as if you're doing somersaults. I hope this does resolve.

    Nursemaggie that sounds fab--space to move and all of your things where you can see them

    Silva--I got these at Mr. T about the same price. They had both in the pod and podded
    Softstuff--the ones I got were already outside their pods and frozen. I just boiled them for 8 minutes. I only added a small sprinkle of salt, but I love the really salty ones in restaurants.

    Hester I'm not fond of bananas either. In fact the smell really puts me off. I particularly hate opening the bag from the shop with the sticky residue inside as this smells quite strong. OH eats at least one a day, I don't quite manage that but I do manage them. I find them a bit easier sometimes with a bit of nut butter. I remember freezing them, dipping in melted chocolate and rolling in crushed nuts as a child to make lollies. Have never bothered doing that as an adult but perhaps they're less banana-y frozen? I'm not sure what your freezer space is like on the boat--I'm guessing it is bijoux, so perhaps not practical

    The lentil salad was lovely actually. I wasn't looking forward to it, but it was actually really tasty. I couldn't make the fish cakes as the fish was two days out of date. I was furious with myself as we only bought it Saturday...then I got furious with Mr. T for selling it on the date. Then OH pointed out there were worse things and being furious with myself over a missed date on some fish was perhaps a little unnecessary.

    Right. A bath now and then some watermelon for pudding.
    • Softstuff
    • By Softstuff 14th May 18, 10:00 PM
    • 3,059 Posts
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    We must send you a cat an elephant to swing about immediately Nursemaggie! You'll not know what to do with yourself, able to wander around not bumping into furniture. I'm betting you have room for your ironing board too now?

    FPK, I might have another look at edamame, always possible I had a bad batch too I suppose. I know how you feel about the fish, I hate throwing food out with a passion, regardless of who caused it.

    VJsmum, if your son is lactose intolerant (rather than some other intolerance to cows milk) parmesan, grano padano, jarlsberg cheese and ghee don't actually contain lactose by virtue of their processing. This might help his toasties! Wine doesn't agree with me, yet I persist in trying
    Softstuff- Officially better than 007
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