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    • Knit Witch
    • By Knit Witch 18th Jul 17, 8:29 PM
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    Knit Witch
    The Garden Fence - proper Old Style support and chat!
    • #1
    • 18th Jul 17, 8:29 PM
    The Garden Fence - proper Old Style support and chat! 18th Jul 17 at 8:29 PM
    As threads are going walkabout I thought I would start the next stage of this off - I will try and do the links later!
    Must use my stash up!
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    • nursemaggie
    • By nursemaggie 7th May 18, 10:23 PM
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    I'm fine ivyleaf Been busy helping DS pack. It is a struggle to get space to put the boxes. DS's bed almost fills his room but he has managed to get a lot of boxes round the bed. They are in the living room now. We will be out most of tomorrow. He moves on Wednesday morning then I will be on my own.
    • monnagran
    • By monnagran 8th May 18, 7:25 AM
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    Nursemaggie, you will feel strange living on your own again, but I'm sure you will also have a sense of freedom. It's quite difficult when you have spent a lifetime in the midst of family life with all its stresses and dramas to realise that now you have no one to please but yourself. It's good though!

    Well, what a day it was yesterday. I do hope that everyone was able to make the most of the glorious weather. Listen out for the plaintive violins..........I spent the day in the church kitchen. We didn't really expect many people to turn up, but we were rushed off our feet. Many elderly people appreciated having somewhere to go that didn't involve a journey or battling with crowds and having a nice lunch and a chat with their friends.
    Those of us in the kitchen wondered, as we do every year, how much longer we can keep this up.

    However, upward and onward, tomorrow is Lunch Club and I have lemon meringue pies to make today.

    I'll come back later when I have read through yesterday's posts and can make more sense.


    Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly. (Morticia Addams)
    Last edited by monnagran; 08-05-2018 at 7:36 AM.
    I believe that friends are quiet angels
    Who lift us to our feet when our wings
    Have trouble remembering how to fly.
    • Emptynester
    • By Emptynester 8th May 18, 8:14 AM
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    I'll ramble on a bit if that's ok. Hopefully I will get better with practise.
    The good news is that whilst I have been reading along and getting the warm feeling that you caring people spread, I have improved health wise. Still taking baby steps (and many baby naps) but going in the right direction. I also feel confident in my decision to finish work. Whilst there are loads of things I can't do; I have managed to play with my grand-babies which is medicine for my soul if somewhat pain inducing for my body. I have also in very short bursts pottered in my green house and put 3 baby plants in a raised bed!
    DD2 passed on a light weight buggy which will make it easier for me push DGD who lives in the same town as me. DH will help to get more plants in raised beds if I need help. I am in no great hurry at the moment. IMHO the weather can't be trusted with all of my plants yet. If I can only put them out a little at a time, the others can stay safely in the greenhouse while I see how the first ones planted fair. Hope that makes sense. This is a big change for me. I have gone from a garden for several hours and do the same again tomorrow person, to a that's 15 mins done, time to rest or stretch or do some even lighter activity for a little while.
    Enough for one post. Thank you for all your posts. Best wishes to ALL.
    • silvasava
    • By silvasava 8th May 18, 8:38 AM
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    Morning All - beautiful day again here and do hope everyone gets to enjoy some sunshine.
    Got my boat off the mooring yesterday and picked up some friends, we motored across the bay and rafted alongside another friend - we were joined by 2 other small boats and had a picnic on the water for a few hours. We motored back to the clube club & I put back on the pontoon ready for DH & I to go down today to start repainting the deck. Pleased I managed all the manoeuvres although did have two goes on a couple of them - but DS1 always says slow is pro!
    While I was out having fun DH was jet washing the drive bless him!
    Monna - my darling godmother used to do lunch club well into her 80's bless her. She finally gave up cos she said she got fed up with people who were active and younger proudly telling her how old they were while she was slogging away! She still lives on her own, very independent, I'm only sorry I live too far away to be able to help her n any way.
    Emptynest - baby steps are the way to go - in a little while you will have a whole new life that suits you and brings you much joy. There's a lot to be said for a slower pace of life - it often results in an improvement of health too!
    Small victories - sometimes they are all you can hope for but sometimes they are all you need - be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle
    • MMF007
    • By MMF007 8th May 18, 9:04 AM
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    Oh Emptynester, what a lovely positive and uplifting post! You sound so happy and are clearly getting the hang of being kind and gentle to yourself.
    Silva, your day sounded wonderful.
    monna, yes, it is amazing how other people take the volunteers for granted
    NM, I bet you are excited for your son spreading his wings, and I hope you can relax a little, not having to worry about him not getting enough sleep and you having to prepare meals at funny times.

    Right, lots to do (it's my day off but I have to catch up on housework and domestic paperwork that have accumulated while I enjoyed the sunshine ).
    I have changed my work-life balance to a life-work balance.
    • Hard Up Hester
    • By Hard Up Hester 8th May 18, 9:09 AM
    • 3,983 Posts
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    Hard Up Hester
    Silva glad you had fun on your boat, I don't moor out boat, CHS does. I went on a helmsmans course to improve my confidence but as CHS as a fit of the vapours if I so much as touch the tiller I leave it all to him.
    We will be having words soon, there are things I can do competently with the boat but he is always convinced he knows best and will insist on redoing everything I've done.
    He will only get worse as he gets older so I need to nip it in the bud before I brain him. On Saturday he insisted on showing me how I should be hanging the washing out. How I didn't wrap the line round his neck I will never know.
    Chin up, Titus out.
    • Softstuff
    • By Softstuff 8th May 18, 9:24 AM
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    Hester, I'd take that as a missed opportunity. If my hubby tried that one I think I'd suggest that since he's obviously the expert, from that point on he'd be the one doing it. I have no aversion to handing over tasks to those persons who feel more confident and capable than I am

    Monna, I bet with all that lovely pastry making your hands are buttery soft. It's something I always remember about my nan, she had buttery soft hands from always having her hands in baked goods, and she always smelled warm and sweet.

    Nursemaggie, it'll take a bit to get used to your DS's absence, but it could well bring you closer together too.

    Emptynester, I think gardening is best appreciated slowly anyway, it's nice to gradually achieve bits (unless my hubby is weeding, which he can tackle as fast as he likes ).
    Softstuff- Officially better than 007
    • ivyleaf
    • By ivyleaf 8th May 18, 9:44 AM
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    Emptynester Nice to "see" you again Baby steps and baby naps are definitely the way to go.

    nursemaggie I imagine your DS climbing over the boxes to get into bed - am I right? I hope his new flat will be much quieter, and that you won't have to wait as long as you fear to move home yourself.
    silversava/B] I remember an older lady I met on the bus years ago saying to me proudly "I'm seventy-two, you know!" as if she was telling me she was at least ninety-two.....

    I was very proud of Mr ivyleaf yesterday - he cut the unruly hedge at the side of the house, then, feeling he was on a roll, he cut the grass as well Lovely to be able to use the washing line without having to don the wellies

    ETA Softstuff Just seen your post. What a lovely memory to have of your Nan
    Last edited by ivyleaf; 08-05-2018 at 9:52 AM.
    • Knit Witch
    • By Knit Witch 8th May 18, 10:11 AM
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    Knit Witch
    I love bees! They will 'bump' you if you are in their way a nearly always respond to being spoken to (I always talk to them anyway) Many years ago I seem to remember reading something that said the bees have to be told of any important news. They didn't say much when I told them about President Trump though
    Originally posted by silvasava
    Probably the bees were in shock (along with the rest of us )
    Must use my stash up!
    • Hard Up Hester
    • By Hard Up Hester 8th May 18, 10:27 AM
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    Hard Up Hester
    I worked with someone who started keeping bees I told her she needed talk to them and share any important news, she didn't and they left!
    Chin up, Titus out.
    • nursemaggie
    • By nursemaggie 8th May 18, 10:28 AM
    • 2,418 Posts
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    silva perhaps the old lady came from an area where people don't live long.

    There is a very pleasant cemetery near here. I have been for a walk through it. I was struck by how young most people were when they died in the Victorian era. I suddenly came across a part of the cemetery where people had been buried in the last few years. There were still a lot of people who died in their 60s.

    We are going to get the keys in a couple of hours. DS want's me to go with him and have a look what he needs. He never checked what he gets with the flat. He did notice there were towel rails and a bathroom cabinet but not if his needs coat hooks or curtains. I have a feeling we may be going to B & M or D*nelm, this after noon. We will definitely be going to W!lk0 for cleaning stuff like a mop & bucket, dustpan and brush, washing up bowl etc. We could probably get some of them in the Market only across the road.

    One thing there is a big charity shop practically next door that sells furniture. Hopefully he will get a sofa there and he can get one of the men who work there to help him carry it home.

    I am looking forward to being able to move around myself. I also have narrow walkways through the boxes. Be back later.
    • Hard Up Hester
    • By Hard Up Hester 8th May 18, 10:29 AM
    • 3,983 Posts
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    Hard Up Hester
    Oh he doesn't want to take over Softstuff he just likes to critique!!
    Chin up, Titus out.
    • MrsLurcherwalker
    • By MrsLurcherwalker 8th May 18, 10:52 AM
    • 13,004 Posts
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    Happy Morning all! what a lovely day today too, not quite as warm as yesterday but comfortable and nice to have all the windows open, I love weather like this. I'm having a 'home day' today and blitzing the house in case we get any viewers, we're going to ask the EA to drop us a price band and see what happens, there are a couple of nice houses in our 'move to' area that would suit us nicely into getting older and I'd like a chance to get one of them so we need to sell. He Who Knows has gone to the allotment with loads of seedlings to plant out in case we're here for a while longer than anticipated or someone will inherit a full of produce plot and reap the benefits, either way is OK. Off again to DD1 tomorrow for a huge treat as on Thursday the Choral Society is performing at The Festival Hall with the Philharmonia Orchestra and she got me a Ticket and a place on the choir coach there and back. I am so excited and so proud. I'll be back sometime on Friday depending on trains (which is a contradiction in terms as I've found you just can't depend on trains these days can you?) and then if I'm lucky there will be a couple of weeks of normality and home life without any travelling involved, very nice too! Well, coffee cup is empty so I'll get back to my blitzing xxx.
    Thumpers mum was right - if you can't find anything nice to say don't say anything at all!
    • pollyanna 26
    • By pollyanna 26 8th May 18, 11:04 AM
    • 2,619 Posts
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    pollyanna 26
    Creeps in and hides for a while .

    I have two weeks posts to read . Have had a pretty well unusable left shoulder which isn't helpful when I'm 100% left handed . Today is the first painfree day so hoping to catch up .

    Wishing your son all the best for his new adventure NM . If he's not allowed to hang coat hooks it's worth seeing if B&M have those really handy over the door racks which are brilliant for coats , dressing gowns etc as they have full size hooks along a wooden strip . They've proved useful here since I mentioned them when you were struggling for space .

    Hope everyone has the sun , day four here which is pretty rare .
    I'll leave you all to chat over the fence . I'll be reclining in a garden lounger behind you catching up .
    polly x
    • Softstuff
    • By Softstuff 8th May 18, 11:05 AM
    • 3,059 Posts
    • 35,457 Thanks
    Oh he doesn't want to take over Softstuff he just likes to critique!!
    Originally posted by Hard Up Hester
    I didn't say he wanted to Hester, just that he'd have to if he kept whining
    Softstuff- Officially better than 007
    • maryb
    • By maryb 8th May 18, 12:40 PM
    • 3,972 Posts
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    Morning everyone and thank you for all your kind messages yesterday. I have spent this morning cleaning like a mad thing only to find that DH probably isn't coming home today. No problems it's just that with the bank holiday they didn't have full teams on yesterday and they don't think they'll be able to take out his pacemaker wires this morning. As he has to stay in hospital for at least 6 hours after that it's looking increasingly likely like it's going to be tomorrow. Poor man can't wait to get home

    The nurse mentioned almost in passing that he has to have someone with him all the time for the first 10 days after he comes home. I had assumed that after the first few days I would be able to pop out for 20 minutes to get milk etc but it looks like that won't be possible. So I did a huge stock up this morning and the freezers are bulging. (Not a month to do the grocery challenge!!) DD1 will pop in after work every day or so as it's not too far out of her way and I can get her to pick up salads etc as there's a M&S foodhall at Charing X
    It doesn't matter if you are a glass half full or half empty sort of person. Keep it topped up! Cheers!
    • Floss
    • By Floss 8th May 18, 1:27 PM
    • 4,902 Posts
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    Mary grab the opportunity of DD1 visiting to ask her to babysit while you escape for a little while, otherwise you'll be climbing the walls xx
    • Floss
    • By Floss 8th May 18, 1:30 PM
    • 4,902 Posts
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    The power steering failed on my little red car today, on my way to work. Managed to grab my laptop and nurse it into our garage - just had a call from the garage...a new steering column is 3 x the cost of remove & repair by their autoelectrician so I think it's a no brainer to be working for nothing for the next 2 weeks!

    At least there was no other traffic around so no impact as a result of it failing on a roundabout!
    • ivyleaf
    • By ivyleaf 8th May 18, 2:39 PM
    • 6,001 Posts
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    Goodness Floss, that could have been nasty Glad you're ok but commiserations (sp?) re the expense

    pollyanna I was wondering where you were - so sorry you haven't been having a fun time. Sending gentle hugs and I hope your shoulder continues to improve x

    maryb I second what Floss said about asking your DD to babysit, or husbandsit! Once he feels well enough. could you hire a wheelchair and take him out for a change of scene? I must admit I couldn't do that with my OH, he'd be too heavy for me to push!

    We bought a sourdough loaf at the craft show on Saturday and there's still lots left, so I decided to have poached eggs on toast for lunch. Not had that for ages, and the sourdough made lovely toast

    Good luck with the house, Lyn, and I hope you eventually get just the right one, just where you need it to be
    • pollyanna 26
    • By pollyanna 26 8th May 18, 3:47 PM
    • 2,619 Posts
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    pollyanna 26
    This is a test post . After reading 19 pages of posts I made a long post in reply . Was logged in but got the log in request , logged in again - blocked ! I did a massive flounce and walked away .

    I don't have the energy to read everything again so will try later with shorter posts .

    maryb I read about your husband earlier from the start . So happy for you both that things seem to be going well . I echo Floss and ivyleaf take all the help you can . Being able to sort things today in the house and shopping wise is better for you . Hopefully he'll be home tomorrow .

    Nargle Sending positive vibes and much hope for the biopsy results . Stay as positive as you can . All being well you will both be back in the lakes soon . The perfect place to rest and recharge .

    Lucky escape there Floss , someone was watching over you . Money can be made up in time but your life is priceless .

    Thanks for the hug ivyleaf , I hope all is well with you and yours .

    Going to send this now , if it works I'll be back later . Raining here now and rather muggy but the last few days have been lovely .
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