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    • DundeeDoll
    • By DundeeDoll 18th Jul 17, 10:34 AM
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    5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3
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    • 18th Jul 17, 10:34 AM
    5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3 18th Jul 17 at 10:34 AM
    Ok I'm diving in as I've noticed several of us have lost posts we thought had posted, and there now seems to be a serious risk of losing the whole thread. So thanks for the heads up Karcher. (and i sympathise Frith - i too like to nip back)

    I've revisited the first thread of our part 2, posted 28th October 2009. It said:
    Time for a shiny new thread The old one had got to 4500 odd posts which amounts to 22,500 OS pleasures (at least) It's so good to know that the OS life can be so rewarding.

    I'll kick off the new thread.

    1) Homemade bread and marmalade for breakfast.

    2) A walk over the Malvern Hills to blow away the cobwebs.

    3) Drying the washing outside- still, in October.

    4) Watching mydaughter making a game out of sweeping the leaves with her friends.

    5) The prospect of collecting a big order of meat from the butcher this morning and having my freezer full for less.
    Originally posted by thriftlady
    Part 2 went on considerably longer so many many more pleasures. And of course life stories shared, support given, tears of sorrow and joy shed. Part 2 I shall miss you, but here's to part 3.
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    • Frith
    • By Frith 15th Apr 19, 8:25 PM
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    Pleasures for today (Monday).

    1) Not a bad sleep.

    2) Took bigger son to work then had a walk in the forest.

    3) Hens OK.

    4) Tea not made by me, but cooked by MrA yesterday.

    5) My brother popped round.

    6) Bigger son has packed for his trip to the VSO offices in York for 3 days - a t shirt and 2 pairs of pants!
    Never took piano lessons
    But baby you're a grand
    And I will learn to play the good notes
    And tune you up the best I can
    • Purple kitten
    • By Purple kitten 15th Apr 19, 10:41 PM
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    Purple kitten
    1 Enjoying just playing and interacting with the animals, hoping they love it also, our rescue is coming along in confidence slowly but surely, itís humbling to see him getting there.

    2 Bathroom cleaned, upstairs mirrors and windows cleaned, our bedding off and clean on. Oven part cleaned.

    3 Second coat of paint is on thatís officially one third of the lounge done, however we need 2 more big tins of paint at a wow very ouchy cost.

    4 Feeling good having booked in a break date, I have a funny feeling we may need to start thinking of changing things as DHís arthritis is bad, but we will see how it goes.

    5 Popped the heating on as its downright cold tonight.
    • VJsmum
    • By VJsmum 16th Apr 19, 6:28 AM
    • 5,501 Posts
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    Morning all from the very early train. I am off to Town of Gown to the library there. I need to read a thesis, of which there is just the one copy so I'm in for the day as they don't even let you photograph it.....

    It has been a week since my last pleasures! I must do better...

    So, pleasures for the last week:

    1. Lots of walks by the sea, thinking and thinking...
    2. Had nice yummy mostly veggie food
    3. Friends turned up on Friday and it was nice to finally have company after a week alone - cycled to the pub there and then they invited me for tea. WObbly cycle ride back after much gin
    4. Wonderful anniversary party for friends on Saturday. Steam train up the line, cake and fizz at the end. A circuit by the sea finishing in the pub then buffet and dancing, dancing, dancing.
    5. Lovely also to catch up with old friends who i'd forgotten would be there.
    6. Lost a document but the pleasure is that, because i'd done the groundwork I could write it again .. but better
    7. Reasonable journey back yesterday. Saw OH at Shrewsbury station - he was going where i'd just come from! Quick peck and onto our respective trains "see you tomorrow!"
    8. Made him a birthday cake - he is 60 on Thursday. Old bu&&err DD has ordered a Thomas the Tank iced cake topper
    9. Watched the Victim. T'was fabulous. And working through the Widow. Missed Line of Duty as felt rather poorly and retired to bed
    10. my boy is home for Easter - he's already annoying but I miss him when he's away.

    Have a lovely day all.
    I wanna be in the room where it happens
    • LaineyT
    • By LaineyT 16th Apr 19, 7:13 AM
    • 2,744 Posts
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    Enjoy your trip VJS

    Monday pleasures,

    Rough night so that first cup of proper coffee.

    In to horsey town to replenish cupboards, emporium was quiet and a few bargains to be had.

    Washed little dogís blanket and my yard jackets, all dried on the line by evening.

    Watched a fox stalking some rabbits out by the old barn, he missed out that time but suspect he got his tea at some point as evidence of a kill by the beech trees this morning. Also two Muntjac were walking up the side of the field, itís like springwatch around here!

    Uni Challenge followed by the lovely MB cooking up a storm and flirting with firemen
    • DundeeDoll
    • By DundeeDoll 16th Apr 19, 8:49 AM
    • 3,442 Posts
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    it is indeed flippin' freezing mhags
    love your son doing 56 miles for the 56% frith do you have a picture of a spoon to share? i am intrigued!
    i remember reading a whole thesis on microfiche vjsmum when i started on my phd journey
    1) another strange fridge raid soup, this time sludgy purple due to wilting red cabbage, but again delicious (used half a pot of past date but still OK hummous)
    2) sharing memories of ex-colleague - she was much loved
    3) finding a pack of walnuts in my filing cabinet
    4) receiving some copies of a booklet i've done on formative assessment
    5) after finishing at 7:30, walking home in a gale then walking the dogs in a perishing park, getting home to comfort food (rest of penne arabiata) and a cosy bed with book 4 of Narnia.
    Be like a postage stampóstick to one thing until you get there.
    • Blackbeard of Perranporth
    • By Blackbeard of Perranporth 16th Apr 19, 11:04 AM
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    Blackbeard of Perranporth
    The Miracle Cure Ö
    Oh DD just realised wes is safe! All I want now for easter is for the scooooonts to be relegated! I cant put the rusty steal town name here as the filter of profanity blocks it! But ifs yous look at the fishy pages it speaks volumes. Sparra and those with a weak hart, please donít!
    Ohs Ms Friths, I stayed at a digs where one the bar peoples was from Nepal. He collected for one of there various earthquakes they have. He said that in his village, they build the houses that close together, in the hope that ifs they shudder, the lot will gently rock together and just tilt! Mostly they do!

    Good news! While preparing decent food on Sunday, I sliced me finger. It is now mended as such!

    Yes you wake up and everything is coming up smelling of roses, knowing the statin is doing you no good at all! Jenny sends out a for that! Oh I fear that the miracle cure is not all it is cracked up to be. Better has mine tested, no, just like type 2 diabetes, the cure is in the diet and staying off carp foods. Got it?

    Talking of carp foods, every once in a while, and as it is BoPsieís birthday, we sample foods that are clearly bad for you, so yous lot donít has too! Wells last nite we watched the gunners, had some wobbleade and some pringle things. Now its was justs like eating raw Cadbury smash! The one with the Martians and the tatties peeler! Avoid! There, another service for you!

    On abouts foods, Raffles was well impressed with the Moroccan chicken yesterday and wanted it before his turn. As you can see, no proper food in BoPís pad is wasted! Good for you!

    Now we is prepping this weak to do our lounge this weakened! Carpet out and things like that. Should be good as BoPsie is a dab hand at this painting game!

    Well yesterday on getting BoPsieís card, I gets me self a couple of new shirts to wear inn the boiler room. Talking of the boiler room, the shovel master has still not responded. Thinks mes just check my biographical data is up to date on the in linked pages! Mind yous millwright is happy with the amount of coal I manage to bring inn to keep the furnace burning.

    On abouts librarys and books! Still reading me book ĎPrisoner of Warí, by Major Pat Reid. Iís said before about the Blind leading the Blind, it gets interesting on how some victors treated their captures, such as Saladin in Jerusalem, where he was humbled by the citizens, to events in Korea and how we see things these days! These days to ease the calm, we probably need to rid ourselves of the politicians and have a new Saladin to embrace us all? Got another 6 days until Vets breakfast and return into our library. Minds me must download Maxís book from the web to listen too. His books take an age to read! Reading inn parallel his book on the out brake of the Great War!

    Nos yous not wrong, BoP just uses this page to give out his daily rantings, grumblings and pass on his thoughts. If yous bin effected by these words then you should join me inn the Bridge and we can discuss it! Then you will realise that BoP is Ö Nos, BoP is deliberate inn get inn words rong! In tact is quiet difficult to do sow! Guess I nearly made a pigs ear of thatís thens!

    Oh, and doníts forgets you birthday wish for BoPsie! On that, late inn this morning on the textograph thing, the pringles, seems the birds at BoPsieís salt mine are inn for a treat!

    Thatís hows it is in your version of the ĎLife of BoP!í
    Cardiac Arrest - Electrical - Patient unconscious! Heart Attack - Plumbing - Patient conscious!
    Defibrillators Cannot Cure a Heart Attack!
    • mhagster
    • By mhagster 16th Apr 19, 6:22 PM
    • 3,252 Posts
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    Hello. It's rather wet here. Was dry when I hung out my washing this morning...!

    A day that started productively. Wrote a list and got all but one thing done and weather is now preventing that.

    Then DD persuaded me to go out for lunch. Her treat. It was nice.

    Popped into the r@nge, which I don't really love as I just find it far too big and cluttery but was looking for something specific which I found. Then admired a picture of a highland coo...probably very massed produced and on thousands of walls anyway I liked it and then saw it was half price so it's now on my bedroom wall . I have named it after my middle child who was a bit of a coo on the phone to her sister!

    Sorted the remains of my big birthday bouquet. It's nearly hayfever time so less flowers inside from now on. My boyo gets terrible hayfever.

    Finished my library book.

    Had chicken with salad for tea.

    DD2 seriously considering going back to Australia and I'm making mutterings also. Who knows? Just feeling very unsettled here. Just really need my husband wherever I am and I know that's not going to ever happen. See what / where life leads me. I've always said she could go back and I just needed her to be here for that first year. So she's busy emailing Uni out there ( she had a deferred placement) As much as here is home , Melbourne is too. And I miss it so. I miss my friends as I missed my friends from here. Anyway...that's ahead not now and life is for living in the now.
    • Purple kitten
    • By Purple kitten 16th Apr 19, 10:32 PM
    • 2,062 Posts
    • 22,791 Thanks
    Purple kitten
    1 So many washing loads, nets, curtains, bedding and animal bedding all done.
    2 One end of the lounge re assembled and at the same time disassembled to make room for moving the other end of the room, detest redecorating! But it will be a pleasure when itís done.
    3 Popped to lidl for fruit and veg and might have picked up some geraniums.
    4 I was meant to be at an exercise class tonight and I literally didnít realise the time, Iím going to have to hope the redecorating is burning calories.
    5 Heard back and our away dates are available now just crossing my fingers it will be quiet.
    6 Booked all of the animals in for distemper jabs, I have to say the cost is enough to put anyone off, but then we have a few animals rather than one.
    • LaineyT
    • By LaineyT 17th Apr 19, 7:34 AM
    • 2,744 Posts
    • 34,621 Thanks
    Itís the small animal vet thing PK, little dogs annual jabs are more expensive that horse girlie, 14kg versus 3/4 tonne, go figure

    Tuesday pleasures,

    Another rough night, getting a bit of a habit albeit a bad one so pleasure of good coffee.

    I really cracked on and did most of the house ahead of a busy couple of days.

    Horse girlie had obviously been itchy and had been rolling, sandy earth of the Brecks imbedded in her coat so more cleaning needed!

    Shopped in my toiletries stash and found a posh hand cream I had forgotten about.

    Supper of pesto crusted salmon with roasted cauli and celeriac mash, then watched SF of Only Connect, tough questions!
    • Blackbeard of Perranporth
    • By Blackbeard of Perranporth 17th Apr 19, 11:09 AM
    • 5,971 Posts
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    Blackbeard of Perranporth
    Well I never!
    PM2PK Whens yous finished your lounge, BoPsie could do with a had doing ours!

    So previously I had a number, not a letter. Actually I had both though. I had a rank and did my duty. Yesterday I was relabelled as a ĎState Actorí. I am not a puppet, I had no strings!

    Nows yous expect BoP to have a hunch about the bonfire inn Paris? Nows before I lost my faith, I was told a roof stopped you talking directly with god? But imagine how quickly the worldly rich. Sorry French have contributed to replacing the roof, yet we still have uneducated, and hunger in the world!

    Enuff rant then!

    Last nite wes was out because it was BoPsieís birthday! I had balls, meat balls and BoPsie had her pie and mash! Large glass of whine and BoP had wobbleade!

    Shovel Master has responded, wes no close yet. Hard Ball mode activated on BoP! Usual rules, BoP is correct in all things! See above and notes passim!

    It is hard being like BoP!
    Cardiac Arrest - Electrical - Patient unconscious! Heart Attack - Plumbing - Patient conscious!
    Defibrillators Cannot Cure a Heart Attack!
    • Mrs Salad Dodger
    • By Mrs Salad Dodger 17th Apr 19, 11:13 AM
    • 1,512 Posts
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    Mrs Salad Dodger
    Have been rather lax with posting pleasures - not because I havenít had any but because I have been a lazy c*w . Today I HAD to post because

    Yesterday TWO cormorants, the crested grebes are back & nesting on a new two storey raft & I even saw one egg , a pair of coots has nested on the old grebe raft.

    The sun is back & DH will be back tonight after a night away

    Delivered 2 large bags of stuff to the CS & they have opened a clothes only CS.

    Reading your posts

    Have harvested some rhubarb from our plant & DSisiLís remaining plant.

    DH & I have cleared enough space in the garage to park one of his two motorbikes

    Receiving an Easter card

    Generally feeling happy & fortunate

    Will try to post more regularly

    • mhagster
    • By mhagster 17th Apr 19, 6:15 PM
    • 3,252 Posts
    • 38,132 Thanks
    Hello Mrs SD and I hope things are okay with you Sue

    What a beautiful day it turned out to be.

    Woke up with a rather sore back for unknown reasons ( but possibly stressy as for some reason I carry my stress in my back!) so that rather curtailed me this morning. Ended up going back to bed for a bit to lie down and it eased off.

    So not much done this morning but more this afternoon. Quick doggy walks.

    Entered the shed of doom...need not want! Took out my slightly damp/ foosty garden sofa cushions. I need to decide whether to dismantle shed or fix shed but it leaks and is way at back of extension out of sight out of mind with not much kept in it because it leaks!

    Washed cushions...soaked then rinsed them in disinfectant first . They've been dried on the line and now back on sofa.

    Swept up in garden and watered plants and it all looks lovely and tidy. Both sets of patio doors were open and it was all rather lovely.

    Made a lasagne with salad for tea. Made some mini-egg brownies for baby shower whilst oven was on. L!dl do a perfectly fine mix for 69p ( or thereabouts) much cheaper than it would cost me . Added the crushed mini eggs .

    All caught up on my TV dramas . There's some good ones on the go. Has anyone been watching MotherFatherSon on BBC2?

    I've been continuing to read back my old OS pleasures. I'm now at the stage of just having my Melbourne house decanted into a container and sleeping on a one inch mattress topper in a sleeping bag! Work was just in the mornings with my oft repeated I hated Tuesday's for their quietness and loved Thursday for their biz!
    • Purple kitten
    • By Purple kitten 17th Apr 19, 8:16 PM
    • 2,062 Posts
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    Purple kitten
    BOP: I'll make a cuppa..

    1 I’ve decluttered 2 very large vases I purchased for myself thinking it was a good idea from ikea about 19 years ago now, so long ago they are vintage and back in fashion, but I never use it, I always use the inherited ones half the size. A box of books a couple of tops.

    2 Ordered a token anniversary present from Notonthehighst, I’m notoriously bad at romance!

    3 Picked up 3 CS books an autobiography on James Herbert, a science neurology book and odd facts about animals, for a total of a pound for the 3, even if I just read and send them back they look like a light read.

    4 I went from getting the greenhouse done, to “starting on it” a fair amount more than I allowed for and a lot slower with animal help but they are enjoying it as they aren’t normally allowed in. One bag of rubbish so far, and sorting and tidying out the rest, I’ve inherited dads pond pump which comes with a lot of paraphernalia, so maybe that gets put in the pond over the weekend.I was also distracted by various butterflys and a robin demanding to come into the greenhouse.

    5 Stopped in at a caf! for lunch, and used up leftovers into a risotto for tea. Any fruit and veg I knew I wouldn’t use is sliced up and in the dehydrator now.
    Last edited by Purple kitten; 17-04-2019 at 8:20 PM.
    • Frith
    • By Frith 18th Apr 19, 12:05 AM
    • 4,982 Posts
    • 47,135 Thanks
    Quick pleasures for today (Wednesday)

    1) Not a bad sleep.

    2) Hens OK.

    3) Went into town for the bank and Sainsburys.

    4) Made a lamb tagine for MrA and our tea tomorrow.

    5) Managed to get smaller son to agree to apply both to college and for a local apprenticeship!

    6) An evening with MrA :-) including....

    ... collecting my "new" Ebay woodburning stove - which is perfect! Bought from a lovely couple who chatted and made us a cup of tea.
    Never took piano lessons
    But baby you're a grand
    And I will learn to play the good notes
    And tune you up the best I can
    • LaineyT
    • By LaineyT 18th Apr 19, 7:34 AM
    • 2,744 Posts
    • 34,621 Thanks
    Wednesday pleasures,

    The early morning fog quickly burnt off and it was a warm, sunny day.

    Popped in to BuryStEd and took something back to Mr Sparks, had a walk around the market there and picked up some fresh veg plus 3 bunches of flowers for a fiver.

    So tired after another night of no sleep so lay on the bed to read, woke up an hour later, something to be said for an afternoon nap.

    Lovely evening walk with small dog.

    My belovedís face when he realised that a goal was going to be disallowed and his team was going through, priceless.
    • Blackbeard of Perranporth
    • By Blackbeard of Perranporth 18th Apr 19, 11:02 AM
    • 5,971 Posts
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    Blackbeard of Perranporth
    You try it instead.
    PK, donít forget the digestives, chocolate ones please!

    Nows as yous knows that BoP does try things out for yous so yous doníts has too. Well on the way to the mill this morning, avoiding the tossed over caravans on the Almondsbury car park, I listened to some proper music song by Ms Perry, the only female lead that can create tones like that of a cat swung around with a bulldog clip on its tail! Please do not do this to yourself as it could be painful, but never consider doing it to a cat! (Bigger, Better, Faster, More! Ė Drifting)

    There, sometimes here it is like being chased by the hunting gorilla!

    Long weakened and wes is painting, see above request for refreshments! Though tonights wes is outs inn town on the Big Warster Train thing! Wobbelades shall be consumed.

    Well as mes said, wes painting. BoPsie is a dab hand and I will be running to the dump! If raffles gets in the way, see above!

    As I is doing the dumps runs, I can also get the treaders outs of the man cave and tuned up ready for some spins! Good for yous.

    After that, it is anyones guess Iíll tell you!
    Cardiac Arrest - Electrical - Patient unconscious! Heart Attack - Plumbing - Patient conscious!
    Defibrillators Cannot Cure a Heart Attack!
    • mhagster
    • By mhagster 18th Apr 19, 7:30 PM
    • 3,252 Posts
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    Hello. Just came up to bed. Not to sleep but just to be! DD2 is yakkety yakking! Non stop chatter.

    It's been a beautiful day. Haggis and I sat on garden sofa for a while enjoying the warmth.

    Plans changed as DD2 post op hospital appointment cancelled last minute ( she'd a phone call consultation and everything okay. Thankfully)

    Bathrooms cleaned. Floors hoovered and washed. Washing out and in.

    Taste tested my baby shower the interest of quality control! Delicious!

    May have eaten the chocolate eggs to go on cupcakes! Oh dear. Have not had tea though!

    Double doors open in the living room and straight out into garden. Love it!

    Found a wandering chocolate lab today when out. So took Haggis home ( he's not the most friendly at times). Dog wouldn't come to me and didn't have a collar on. Ran off looking back all the time. Went in search of him and then he came out of a back garden. So knocked on door and it was his garden! The gate had been left open. Chap didn't seem terribly bothered though did say thanks. We live next to a main road and he could so easily have been knocked down. Anyway. Happy ending.

    Just been a walk with H and it's such a lovely evening and smells like spring! A hedge across road seems to have overnight bloomed with a red flower. Two collar doves ( who are usually in pairs anyway) all cosied up next to each other in a tree. Blossom on trees. Leaves on trees. The daffodils my daughter had got me from a stately home last year and planted very late are in bud.

    Started a book. Started another book and finished that!

    Had planned on allotment-img but could I please wait in for a parcel delivery put paid to that!
    • gran3
    • By gran3 18th Apr 19, 7:56 PM
    • 152 Posts
    • 1,107 Thanks
    Mhags, been watching Mother father Son. loving it, quite complex but enthralling.
    • Purple kitten
    • By Purple kitten 18th Apr 19, 8:47 PM
    • 2,062 Posts
    • 22,791 Thanks
    Purple kitten
    We havenít got much further painting still 2 walls to go but beautiful weather means would rather be out in it!

    1 DH and I took all the animals to be vaccinated, that was quite a sight, we had an hour booked with the vet, and at least we have peace of mind as we are quirky and do walk them on leads, let them have the run in the garden as well as the house. And a lighter wallet, but we can pull in tighter elsewhere.

    2 I ordered myself a couple of things half price in a sale. It is the only way I buy things.

    3 Prawn cocktail for lunch with leftover bread, dinner ham pasta bake.

    4 I did a freezer check and Iím pleased I had a stashed rtc little pork roast picked up for 70p, thatíll do nicely for the weekend.

    5 The weather was too nice to stay in and paint the lounge, so I tidied the greenhouse instead. Ops.

    6 I popped out to Mr T this evening as I had run out of camomile and itís the only local place, I struck lucky with some reductions, a whole xl chicken for £1 and some various hams 50p each. Oh and I have just stocked up the dehydrator with 15 sliced ďplease take me Iím freeĒ bananas which were fine on the inside. Bad news thou is our loved but was second hand when we bought it, Miele fridge has just set its alarms off for no reason so we are alarmed and searching for a second hand one tonight in case we need it.
    • Frith
    • By Frith 18th Apr 19, 9:51 PM
    • 4,982 Posts
    • 47,135 Thanks
    Pleasures for today (Thursday).

    1) Not a bad sleep.

    2) Worked on the new woodburning stove - hoovered it out and cut new firebricks. Put it all back together again! Two men from the other side of the village helped me get it out of the car.

    3) Went out for lunch with mum and dad.

    4) Paced egg rolling in the afternoon.

    5) Popped to see MrA on my way to the station.

    6) Picked up bigger son from his VSO induction days at York and he is very happy. :-)
    Never took piano lessons
    But baby you're a grand
    And I will learn to play the good notes
    And tune you up the best I can
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