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    • determined new ms
    • By determined new ms 10th Jul 17, 6:34 AM
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    determined new ms
    What small DFW things will you be doing this week? WC 10/07
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    • 10th Jul 17, 6:34 AM
    What small DFW things will you be doing this week? WC 10/07 10th Jul 17 at 6:34 AM
    When we start out on the DFW trail we do loads of "big stuff" that makes quite a difference to our situation. These include having our lightbulb moment, cutting up the credit cards and cancelling Sky and the gym.

    But once we have done the bigger stuff, we often feel that we are not making the same amount of progress, when in fact the small steps are helping us form good financial habits and helping us get closer everyday to staying in control and becoming debt free, or staying debt free.

    Examples could be hanging washing out instead of using the tumble dryer or leaving your purse/wallet at home to avoid the risk of spending.

    So be proud of those small steps, they really are important
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    • Chandelier.
    • By Chandelier. 11th Jul 17, 8:31 AM
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    La escocesa, that's a great deal. I've just had a gander myself but couldn't find anything worth buying.

    It's raining here today and it looks very wet and miserable outside. I'm not doing much outside the house today, just pottering around inside finishing jobs off.

    I think I am going to cancel the mobile phone insurance. I'm going to look into how to do that later. My phone is no longer sold but there are plenty of other cheaper options I could use as if it came to needing a replacement or repair. This reminds me I must buy a new hard drive to back my photos up on. I had one before but can no longer find it anywhere in the house. It seems to be lost and it had all the boys baby photos and photos from past six years on. I can't understand for the life of me where it could have gone. I'm still sad now.

    Anyhow today's to do list:-

    - Check banking.
    - Cancel phone insurance.
    - Compare car insurance and haggle down price (due 1st Sep).
    - Research hard drives.
    - Pick boy up from school.
    - Do some baking with boy.
    - Sort out paperwork (lots to do)
    - Scan order form online and send payment (a hooded top for boys show).

    That's pretty much it for now I think.. unless I find something else to do
    Check out my Diary
    • Happy Kitties
    • By Happy Kitties 11th Jul 17, 9:11 AM
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    Happy Kitties
    Morning everyone
    No energy here today and the weather is miserable. Need to start the cat cleaning in a minute so if anyone has any energy please throw some my way......even the cats have gone back to bed!!
    Banking checked first thing
    Just checked quidco and cashed out an amount that will pay for an expensive pair of hiking socks for my uncle for Christmas. Really pleased as he gets about the only thing he ever wants and I haven't had to pay a small fortune for them
    Now saving again for a pair for my niece
    Not a lot planned for today, some paperwork this morning, just going to get some of my bargain turkey steaks out to make a meal later on when DD back from sports training, also want to hoover upstairs.
    Purse staying firmly shut today.
    Small meeting tonight but hopefully a fairly relaxed day.
    That sounds great going LaE with your mortgage and the sketchers.....hopefully no one will tell my DD otherwise I will be 'losing' my purse
    Have a great day everyone x
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    • determined new ms
    • By determined new ms 11th Jul 17, 9:32 AM
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    determined new ms
    quick post as don't want to be wasting the day online! Yippee tis my day off today (and tomorrow)

    been to the lottie for 1/2 hour. hammered in a metal post to keep squash arch upright! Think I need to hammer in a couple more. harvested £16.09 of organic veg

    need to do super crazy cleaning session. 1 hour max and aim to get downstairs and bathroom done did 1.5 hours of tidying. why are we so untidy?! Will vacuum and clean bathroom later

    Do a pantry/freezer inventory. Make meal plan and shopping list. Will go shopping tomorrow when mil has madam Phew this is a big job!

    take madam to the library to return books and get more

    madam to ballet this afternoon

    bake a courgette cake and make some fritters to use up glut. Will need to pick up cream cheese to make frosting while passing after ballet.

    photo a few things to put on flea/facebay

    oh has taken a load of stuff to drop to the tip in his lunch break. I might see if there's anything I can fit in my boot to drop there when I'm passing

    checked banking & paid an item off of cc. Text ds and gve him my bank details so he can pay back some money I lent him last week

    see about changing bank details on paypal so I can withdraw money in there!

    signed up for free amaz0n trial to get a free book. Must put it in my diary to cancel before 30 free days are up!

    ok too much to do! Have a great day x
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    • FatVonD
    • By FatVonD 11th Jul 17, 9:41 AM
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    Morning all, another day, another dollar, I'd rather be in bed still though!

    Yesterday I applied for a temporary job as a Marshall at a local station during the disruptions in August, makes perfect sense to me as I don't want to commute during the chaos and this way I can turn it to my advantage.

    I have breakfast stuffs at work but will need to buy lunch. Dinner tonight is going to be anchovy and courgette spaghetti.

    The changes are in full flow at work and the person that didn't give me the job is now out of a job themselves. I've no idea whether the other changes will be good or bad news for future bookings but I suspect bad, I'll just have to see what happens. I was 58 at the weekend and can't help thinking that by the 'old' rules I would be retiring in two years time instead of slogging on for another eight years.

    I listed a couple of things on the bay of e last night rather than take the easier WBB route.

    Must google a recipe for strawberry muffins, the wild ones are fruiting like mad!
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    • DawnW
    • By DawnW 11th Jul 17, 7:20 PM
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    Evening all
    Proper rain here, at last My garden is looking very happy, and no watering for me tonight Hope it stops for tomorrow though, as little GD's pre-school has its sports day

    Not much happening on the moneysaving front today, as I had to go to the dentist and hygienist
    Also bought some mushrooms for the macaroni cheese dish I wanted to make for tonight
    Dog walk this morning, before the dentist's
    All HM meals, and used stores / garden produce except for the mushrooms
    There is enough macaroni cheese left for another meal tomorrow, so minimal cooking will be needed
    Froze unused grated cheese (grated it because the rind was starting to go mouldy, and didn't use all of it). Also froze leftover mushrooms. No waste here! OH sliced too many tomatoes, so the extra slices are in a plastic box in the fridge for lunchtime sandwiches tomorrow
    Used some leftover cream out of the freezer to stir into the sauce to make it even more yummy
    Checked banks , had a spendy few weeks - moved some money
    Booked a camp site for a long weekend at the beginning of August, to coincide with my cousin's family party. That way, we won't have to drive 100 miles home afterwards and can have a walk on the beach
    Put OH's old bottle collection back on the newly cleaned high ledge in the conservatory - they do look nice up there now they are all clean

    I ripped a nice dress yesterday somehow I am not really ladylike enough to wear dresses! So I need to work out the best way to mend it. It is a nasty 3 cornered tear in the top layer of 2 layers of fine fabric that seems to want to fray easily. May try iron on stuff (I can always iron it off if it doesn't work). Luckily it is not in a terribly noticeable place (near the hem at the side of the garment). I am sure I can do something with it, even if it means getting the sewing box out As it is I am faced with the ironing board
    Dog is in the horns of a dilemma - he would really like to go for a walk, and is being a pest. However, as it is raining quite hard, there is no way he would actually go So he has had to make do with a quick scoot down the garden, which he wasn't happy about because a) it is raining, and b) it wasn't a proper walk. If it stops raining I will take him out.

    FVD I actually did retire 3 years ago at 60, even though my state pension age is 65 (so still not got there yet). I was able to take my work pension, which was reduced by 25% due to may taking it 5 years early, but I had planned for it, and to me it was worth it. I supplemented it with earnings from a tiny business. Might you be able to do something similar? Or cut back to part time hours? Worth thinking about?
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    • FatVonD
    • By FatVonD 11th Jul 17, 9:52 PM
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    Yay, rain here too!

    Dawn, if only but I don't have a workplace pension as I've been freelance on and off for years. The small private pension I had I cashed in recently to pay off my loan so I'm afraid I will be working until the bitter end! I was planning on trying to just work part time earlier in the year but circumstances changed which kind of made that unfeasible.

    Boo to the dress ripping, I love dresses with pockets and I am forever getting them caught on door handles.

    I had a reply from the Marshall job and they have enough already so that's off the cards.

    I went down for the YS run tonight and was chatting as I paid, got outside and realised I'd been charged way too much but have no receipt. I went back and there's nothing they can do without the manager so they said to photograph it and go in tomorrow. Hopefully it will be showing the amount in my bank account tomorrow so I can take a printout with me.

    DS has his chef apprentice job interview tomorrow morning so please all send positive vibes!
    Make £25 a day in April £0/£750 (March £584, February £602, January £883.66)

    December £361.54, November £322.28, October £288.52, September £374.30, August £223.95, July £71.45, June £251.22, May£119.33, April £236.24, March £106.74, Feb £40.99, Jan £98.54) Total for 2017 - £2,495.10
    • PurpleFairy26
    • By PurpleFairy26 12th Jul 17, 7:06 AM
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    Morning all my ridiculously busy week continues so not enough sleep here. Hopefully there is some light at the end of the tunnel. My list for today:

    Frugal rice for lunch for DH and I both to work, takes snacks and drink
    Washing out to dry outside today as there seems to be little chance or rain so I'll risk it.
    Quick tidy round before I go
    Check banking, surveys and FPL
    Cash out a survey
    Update grocery spends sheet, no big shop yet this month and small list I wrote at weekend, still not been bought
    Something out of freezer for tea (ideally something that means I don't need to go to the shop )

    Thinks that's all for now, enjoy your day. Purps.
    • La escocesa
    • By La escocesa 12th Jul 17, 7:18 AM
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    La escocesa
    Hi everyone

    I'm on a one-woman mission to find something to take for lunch today...

    I need to sort YNAB and banking

    Downloaded this month's free audio book from @mazon 'listen and read' or whatever it's called - Emma. Going to listen to that on the walk to work and see how it works out - might even help me stop thinking about my own problems! DNMS - might have forgotten about this free audio book option when you asked me.

    Batch cooking tonight when OH is out - chilli or lasagne or something with lamb mince.

    Free ebook

    Cleaning round

    Boring really!
    • determined new ms
    • By determined new ms 12th Jul 17, 7:21 AM
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    determined new ms
    Morning it is raining cats & dogs here! I was rather hoping it was going to stop during the night so I could get to the lottie! Looks like allotment dreams are over until the weekend....

    kitchen is a mess as last night decided to make blackcurrant relish & jam to make good of the blackcurrants I was given thinking today I might make some courgette chutney

    madam has had said jam on toast this morning

    need to get madam ready to go to mil's this morning. I have a pre-entrance meeting at the school and will do some jobs/running around that are just easier without her

    went through cc statement we have really overspent on the gc account this month - by nearly £100 need to speak to oh about this and reign it in! We put about £100 a month extra in the account so while we can *afford* it, it means so savings this month

    on the plus side I'm on budget for petrol & under budget on personal spends

    go through cc again later as figures aren't adding up

    do a load of washing to hang on line when it clears up

    bake courgette cake (didn't do yesterday) & make courgette fritters for dinner. Will have with lo couscous concoction made last night might throw in some sausages for the meat eaters!

    finish off flyladying

    spending time with bff tonight

    speak to a friend re getting 10 peppers from her work place (she works at a veg place so I can get 10 red peppers for £2 )

    photo and list a few things on face/flaebay

    get ready for work tomorrow
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    • Julie67
    • By Julie67 12th Jul 17, 8:14 AM
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    Good Morning all,

    FatVonD Positive vibes for DS today, hope it goes well

    Been up since 5 as my youngest has gone off to Australia today for a year. I don't think I got more than a couple of hours sleep so I will be tired later.
    We are busy working through all the jobs in the house and finishing the kitchen, fingers crossed the house will be up for sale by September.
    I have a list of things we need on my phone so will be keeping an eye out whilst I'm doing the rounds at the charity shops.
    Todays jobs
    -pull a couple of chicken breasts out of the freezer, I fancy something
    like sweet and sour chicken with rice so shall dig out a recipe.
    -need to strip DS bed and give his room a good clean. That is one room that is already done and ready for selling.
    -working hard on reducing the debt. Managed to get rid of another chunk, need to change my signature. Once we have sold the debt will be completely clear and I cannot wait.

    Off to work, have a good day all x
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    Working hard to get rid of our debt.
    • determined new ms
    • By determined new ms 12th Jul 17, 8:51 AM
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    determined new ms
    good luck to your ds FVD! x
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    • mumofthetwins
    • By mumofthetwins 12th Jul 17, 9:33 AM
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    Hi guys ..
    I'm back ive had a week away as it's been mental busy but I have been keeping up my debt squashing ways ... Over £900 extra paid of this month (that's not including any usual payments .. Yay)

    So today is as follows
    Bake cakes for work tonight
    Do prep for work tonight (might take a wee while)
    Sort dinner for boys so ready to put out as I leave for work.
    Tidy Hoover
    Pack boys bags for there dads this weekend (determined to be one step ahead this week lol)
    Wash bedding .. Put washing line up to hang bedding on lol
    Have a quick look to see if theres anything to ebay .. If so get listed.
    Listings finishing tonight so I need to package and post tomorrow.
    Prep my dinner for tonight so it's ready for me coming in late (I've found this really helps my diet )

    I'm sure there will be more but I'm off tomorrow morning so can do any over flow then.

    Have a fab day guys .. The sun is shining here in newcastle .. Whoop !
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    • Happy Kitties
    • By Happy Kitties 12th Jul 17, 10:40 AM
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    Happy Kitties
    Good morning everyone
    Just the usual for me-cat cleaning all done, banking and monies checked. Nice weather today so got a wash on first thing.
    DD picked me up from my meeting last night, wanted to go to asd@ as they've had loads of ends of line bargains, including cat food, hence why I had a big order the other day.
    A lot of items had gone, but did arrive at the right time for YS time.
    I gave FVD a run for her money last night. Picked up Danish pastries (in the freezer ready for when we have to travel to DD sports training) and French sticks for 5p, also a chicken/bacon pasta salad for 10p and 2 packs of turkey sausages for my mum 10p each, packs of large sausage rolls for my mum 10p and an end of line large sensitive washing detergent for £1.50 so pleased with my bags of goodies last night.
    Grocery spends are heading for over budget this month but have really made use of some good offers and end of line purchases, I've got enough cat food to last me for at least a month now, and washing detergent-a couple of months. Apart from fresh veges I won't really need anything else. I am def going to have a go at growing some next year, the fruit and veg you have grown DNMSis amazing,i liked the sound of the blackcurrant preserve

    FVD I hope your son's interview goes okay today.
    Well that's about it from me, have a great day everyone x
    2017 birthday savings shopping frugally = 481.15:money. 2018 birthday savings so far=359.51
    • determined new ms
    • By determined new ms 12th Jul 17, 11:31 AM
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    determined new ms
    thanks HK! It's been a lot of work, and to be honest I could probably get more from it if I wasn't so chaotic in my approach! But it is lovely to see if all growing and be eating loads of fresh organic produce

    Heartily recommend for anyone who has the inclination! x
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    • FatVonD
    • By FatVonD 12th Jul 17, 1:17 PM
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    Thank you all for your good wishes but I got the day wrong, it's tomorrow Luckily I realised before we'd left the house but I was up at 7.30am ironing him a shirt and now I have to get up early tomorrow too

    As I had some time on my hands I had some leftover strawberries for breakfast this morning before I left. For the fist time ever my YS sandwich smells a bit iffy so I have binned it and am having soup for lunch instead.

    I have a small cheque from z@pper to be paid into the bank, I've been waiting for another that I am due from them so I could do them both at the same time but they are soooooo slow, I will never use them again. I've chased up the other this morning so sod's law if i pay this one in today the other will arrive tomorrow.

    I was watching what a used copy of the book I've just finished sold for on fleabay and I may as well sell it to WBB if I can scrabble together another couple to get it up to the threshold. A trip to my old office may be in order

    I put the bin out a couple of days ago for collection tomorrow but have another couple of half bags that I must remember to put on top tonight. One of them is cat litter and it stinks, I definitely don't want that one hanging around for another two weeks!

    I have a pile of washing to be put away and another to be ironed, maybe I'll do it tonight as there's no EastEnders (I'm so sad! )
    Make £25 a day in April £0/£750 (March £584, February £602, January £883.66)

    December £361.54, November £322.28, October £288.52, September £374.30, August £223.95, July £71.45, June £251.22, May£119.33, April £236.24, March £106.74, Feb £40.99, Jan £98.54) Total for 2017 - £2,495.10
    • katy_ann
    • By katy_ann 12th Jul 17, 3:44 PM
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    Hi all hope everyone is well! I've been a very bad MSE-er I'm ashamed to admit it but I've eaten into my maternity savings by £1000

    I feel so guilty about it, I feel like I'm stuck in a vicious cycle - staying at home all day with a baby is amazing but also I find it such a long day so I try and get out for a few hours most days, going out ends up in me spending money, sometimes on things we need, which isn't a problem but more often than not its things we don't need, Ive bought clothes and toys for my little man, clothes for me, food (lunches and drinks out) and just c**p that I don't really know what to show for it!

    I absolutely cannot go on like this, I need my savings, even more so now!

    I need to get back on track, starting tomorrow I need to make some big changes. I'm looking into free groups and activities for my LO at the library etc to get us out of the house, Ive started eating healthily this week in order to lose my baby weight, therefore providing the weather is nice I can go on lots of walks with the pushchair! No buying food or drink out, Ive bought myself a water bottle therefore I will fill this up and take it wherever I go and pop some fruit into my bag!

    I also need to get back into my surveys - swagbucks/nectar canvass etc to make a few extra pounds.

    Ill also be looking for things I can - take back to shops that are still labelled and I have receipts for, pop things on ebay and post to FB selling pages.

    I also pledge to post on this thread everyday (time permitting with a 7 month old!).

    I hope everyone is ok and getting on ok! x
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    • DawnW
    • By DawnW 12th Jul 17, 5:45 PM
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    Afternoon all
    Sports day at little GD's preschool today, and the lovely teachers made sure everyone got a medal Brought her back here afterwards so that her mum could go back to work. She wanted to go camping in our camper van, but as we only had a few hours we compromised by letting her play in it for a while

    Apart from that, I have:
    Leftovers for breakfast
    Tidied the kitchen
    Mended the dress I ripped the other day. Doesn't really show (despite my very limited sewing skills) as it is near the hem on the side, and is a loose fitting style. Also sewed a button on the cuff of a blouse as I had the sewing box out. Also ironed both garments
    Did some surveys
    Sorted out receipts, vouchers etc in my bag, and got rid of the out of date ones
    New electric coolbox for camper van came today, so tested it to make sure it is ok - it seems fine No more camping purchases envisaged

    And that is about it so far

    Still to do:
    More leftovers for dinner, macaroni cheese from yesterday - I will cook some fresh veg to go with it though!
    Water anything that needs it - won't be much as we had a lot of rain Some of the big pots might need some though!
    Pick more French beans
    Pick spinach, wash and debug it
    Pick any blueberries, cherries, loganberries and tomatoes that are ready
    Check for more surveys

    Your produce looks amazing DNMS I used to have a big plot too, but have to make do with a tiny one now So I make it a personal challenge to see how much I can grow in it

    And Katy Ann, ((hugs)) stay here with us and we will soon get you back on track Good idea to find some free/ cheap things to do with your little one. Are there any mum and toddler groups near you? Walks to parks and feeding ducks are good Swimming needn't be too expensive, if you enjoy it, most pools have mum and baby sessions.
    I remember that cabin fever feeling with little ones, the important thing is to get out, but it doesn't have to involve spending, especially when they are too little yet to ask for things. Picnics seem to be very popular, just a blanket to sit on, drinks and a snack or sandwich. GD (who is 3) likes it if we take the plastic plates and cups too, but your LO wouldn't worry about that yet
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    • Julie67
    • By Julie67 12th Jul 17, 7:35 PM
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    Evening all,

    It's been a long emotional day. Youngest DS and GF are on their way to Australia for a year. He's our youngest boy (we have 4 kids) and it feels so terribly strange without him and his noise and clutter.
    It will be fine , I know, but at the moment feel like I've had my arm cut off.
    Anyway we are going to concentrate on getting the house ready for selling. We are currently fitting a new kitchen on a miniscule budget , other than that just a few painting jobs and hope to have it on the market by September.
    Todays jobs included
    -checking the bank
    -posting ebay parcels
    -making a chinese style meal for tea from the freezer and store cupboards, really really fancied a takeaway but managed to resist.
    -I'm currently looking for a few bits to help finish the house including a bedroom chair and a couple of throws for the bed. I also need a lamp shade for one room and a couple of bedside lamps, will be checking out the charity shops.
    -DH has gone off to exercise so I shall go and have a bath and start a new book. Managed to get three from my favourite author today for 1.50.
    Have a good evening all x
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    Working hard to get rid of our debt.
    • FatVonD
    • By FatVonD 12th Jul 17, 9:51 PM
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    Katy Ann, what's done is done, taking back anything you have receipts for (I'm always doing this with impulse buys!) sounds like a good idea, you just need to focus on getting better habits going forward.

    Your little man will soon be old enough for toddler groups, check if you have a sure start centre near you, some sessions are invitation only but they have all sorts. The ones run by churches I always found were good, even though I am not religious, we went to a different one every day! They all offered different things, one had a manic room with ride on toys but then a quieter one with play dough etc, another did singing and had a table all set up with bread and sandwich filling, yoghurts, salad etc for you to make your child lunch there. For a pound or two they get to meet other kids, you get a cup of tea and biscuits and you get to meet other mums, you will soon make friends with people with kids the same age. Be bold and be the first to extend an invitation to others and then before you know it he has a little bunch of friends!

    During the school summer holidays our local council used to put on free events (I was still living in Croydon then) at a different park each day (puppet shows etc.), yours may do something similar, maybe check out their website? I also used to visit the big pet shop lots to look at the animals and fish with mine.

    He'll be much more active soon and your life will get much more social.

    PS Nearly forgot, once they were a little bigger we used to take them to IKEA and put them in the free (supervised!) soft play bit and just go to the cafe for coffee instead of shopping!
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    Make £25 a day in April £0/£750 (March £584, February £602, January £883.66)

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    • FatVonD
    • By FatVonD 12th Jul 17, 10:03 PM
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    £7.67 trade on WBB and my first NSD in just about forever!

    Dinner tonight was some YS Thai green curry from the freezer with muffins made from the tiny wild strawberries for pudding so I have freed up a little bit of space in the freezer. Last night I reheated something I'd batch cooked and if we have spag Bol tomorrow night I can make it three nights running of eating from the freezer!

    I declined an invitation to someone's leaving drinks tonight not just because it was money saving but because I'm miserable like that I really do prefer my own company or just a small group of people I know and like, life is too short to be making small talk.

    Hope you all are having a lovely evening
    Make £25 a day in April £0/£750 (March £584, February £602, January £883.66)

    December £361.54, November £322.28, October £288.52, September £374.30, August £223.95, July £71.45, June £251.22, May£119.33, April £236.24, March £106.74, Feb £40.99, Jan £98.54) Total for 2017 - £2,495.10
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