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    • jemreading
    • By jemreading 1st Jul 17, 7:32 PM
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    Nearly debt free diary
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    • 1st Jul 17, 7:32 PM
    Nearly debt free diary 1st Jul 17 at 7:32 PM

    I've been lurking and subscribing to a few threads over the past few months and finally plucked up the courage to start a diary!

    As the title says ' nearly' debt free diary.. My current debt situation is below:
    -350 CC with 18.9% (interest free ended on 25th June 2017)
    - 375 Argos Card (interest free until 25th August 2017)

    It doesn't seem like much but I've shifted approximately 9,500 of debt between October 2015 - June 2017 and I'm struggling with the final bit! I have also tried to get another interest free card to shift my CC balance over but have been rejected.

    I thought a diary might be a good thing as I find myself falling back into bad habits (looking at holidays and clothes I can't afford) and also using a lot of spare change throughout the week to buy small (but adds up) snacks!

    I'm also getting married in October 2019 and plan to start saving for that come August 2017 (me and my OH have a savings plan, but it'll be sticking to it we find challenging!)

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    • jemreading
    • By jemreading 1st Aug 17, 6:16 PM
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    Today, so far, has been a NSD There were a few times when I nearly cracked and got something but I was like "no, you don't need food you have this, this and this at your desk and you don't have your treat money!"

    I've finished work for the day and I'm currently at home so I don't think I will spend any money. My plan this evening is: clean dishes, make lunch for tomorrow, sort work bags out, finish married at first sight, watch the football, go bed!

    Tomorrow is a planned low spend day as I have to pay for my football session (3 or 4)

    Still on the hunt for a sports bra but all the good ones are 20. I also want an exercise band which are about 15. I'm trying to hold off on both, as right now they are more impulsive spends. I have the money but only really decided on the sports bar.
    • jemreading
    • By jemreading 1st Aug 17, 7:23 PM
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    Looking on my surveys:

    - 7.70 on 0nepoll
    - 2.35 on prolific (I don't get many survey's on here so I will cash out once it hits 5 I think)

    Also we had a letter saying we can renew our tenancy for 12 months (yay!), however, they are looking to increase it by 25 per month (booo!), but we are still getting a decent price anyway, it's just an extra 12.50 to budget for a month.
    • Hiddenidenity
    • By Hiddenidenity 1st Aug 17, 8:42 PM
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    You're doing amazing
    • jemreading
    • By jemreading 1st Aug 17, 9:45 PM
    • 336 Posts
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    Hi Hidden, thanks for popping by

    Thanks. It's only the first day of the month and because we get paid on the penultimate working day, so I've been paid 4 days.

    I've checked my bank account and I only have one more direct debit to go then my bank will be all balanced and so will my spreadsheet! My money wallets are looking good but I've got a jam packed month of doing things so we'll see how I'll be in two weeks!
    • jemreading
    • By jemreading 2nd Aug 17, 8:36 PM
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    Today I have:
    - been to work for 7 hours
    - been gym class during lunch (spin for 30 minutes)
    - played an hour of football.

    Spends are at: 1.25 for a drink and 3 for football, this has come from using the change left from my gift money which I didn't remove from my purse. If I have any left over from my sports budget at the end of the month it'll go back to my gift budget.

    I nearly caved this morning and was not going to make my sandwich but my OH said why am I not making it, which then got me thinking and I made it (so I save approx. 3 on food)

    All my direct debits are now sorted and I go an email from Experian who have looked at and made amendments to my credit report (it's because I live in a flat, it's messed it all up!!) so hopefully my score will go up!
    • jemreading
    • By jemreading 4th Aug 17, 10:53 PM
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    I missed yesterday, sorry! I've been a little poorly, my stomach feels like it's in knots and is doing twists.

    Money situation has been ok. I haven't done any surveys as I lack the energy. The small spends:
    - 5 charity cake sale
    - 3 lunch
    - 2 drinks
    - 3 football
    - 39p crisps

    I'm still on the hunt for a new sports bra and another football shirt got released. I was tempted to buy it and relealised I already have many!

    We are off to go ape tomorrow (petrol in car from OH, day already paid for) I just don't feel up to it
    • jemreading
    • By jemreading 7th Aug 17, 7:09 PM
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    Sorry all, I've been MIA. I've been feeling poorly and tired and stress of work and life and gym stuff gets on top. Here is a round up of the weekend activities:

    Saturday (10.50)
    - Go Ape (paid for!) but were meant to pay 6 for parking (I was meant to pay as my OH paid for petrol so I saved 6 as they didn't charge us!)
    - I used my 6 for Chinese dinner (which did not go well with my stomach!!)
    - I pay 4.50 in aldi for pop and prawn crackers

    Sunday: (4.39)
    - 1.49 after gym
    - 2.90 to travel to my parents on bus.

    Monday: (16.14)
    - 8.15 on lunch with my friends (knew it was coming)
    - 7.99 on headphones (treat money as one of my headphone had no sound and it was really bugging me in the gym!!!)

    All of Monday's stuff has gone on my debit card so I need to take my 20 from my treat money and put it back onto my debit card but can do this when in town for work tomorrow!
    • jemreading
    • By jemreading 10th Aug 17, 8:52 PM
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    Sorted out my Experian credit report, because I live in a flat it causes major problems.

    My score has gone up to a good place and I've now cancelled the free trial:

    Spends for the past few days:
    - 6 at football (paid for my friend as he paid for my table tennis)
    - 5 work out top (primarni)
    - 4 Tesco
    - 70p drink

    I've saved 3 more 1 coins, if I have 20 I may take them and get them exchanged at the bank to have extra money this month.

    Still got money in my social fund but that should go this weekend. I have a friends birthday meal and drinks to pay for!
    • jemreading
    • By jemreading 12th Aug 17, 4:30 PM
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    I have 30 in my social fund left as I had breakfast after park run this morning (6 for breakfast but 4 new 1 coins which when straight into my money pot!)

    I'm hoping the 30 tonight gets me a dinner, a few drinks and a taxi home.

    We also went food shopping.. and 92.21 and 22.21 over budget later we left! I did pick up 10 worth of toiletries for me and then 10 worth of toiletries for household so nothing over on food but still a shame as we only had 70.

    I've put shopping on my Credit Card and will it off ASAP. I do have the 70 cash and I'm tempted to put 50 on my debit card and pay off my credit card and leave 20. My debit card is also down to 10.

    Honestly? I've lost track of my money this month Trying to figure out where!!!
    • jemreading
    • By jemreading 13th Aug 17, 9:44 AM
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    Went out for my friends birthday last night. Spends as followed:

    -17.10 on meal and drink (was so nice though! I paid on my CC as it's contactless so need to pay that off ASAP!!!!!!!)
    -3.60 on a drink
    -6.70 on a taxi

    I also put 4 new 1 coins in my pot and I have 35 in cash left, 20 will go back into the bank to pay for my meal.
    • jemreading
    • By jemreading 14th Aug 17, 6:10 PM
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    I feel like I've fallen off the wagon lately I can't seem to stop spending (even though they are small it's money I don't really have!!!!) I'm also looking at holidays for Christmas with again, money we don't have

    - 6.90 on takeaway (y-day as my OH was very hungover and didn't want to eat anything/much!)

    NSD today and there should be another one tomorrow and potentially Thursday. We have all the food we need now in the fridge/freezer to last us until at least the 26th August when we get back from our holiday. This includes all meals with few snacks.

    I need to get back to checking prolific and my onepoll accounts but not been motivated. I've been so busy at work or at the gym or just not at home that when I do get home I've showered, eaten and crashed in bed.

    I've been distracted lately, but hoping to get my mojo back! There are 9 days until my holidays and I aim to have 4 NSD up until then!!!
    • jemreading
    • By jemreading 15th Aug 17, 5:46 PM
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    Trying to get back on the wagon so today was a NSD I'm currently at home for the evening and have no other plans other than to catch up with some trash TV and make lunch and dinner.

    As part of my get back on the wagon of debt busting I'm doing a round up of all the monies I currently have on me and what I currently owe in debt, I'm also going to set out realistic debt payment

    Money I have:
    - 195 in travel money (my OH owes me 5)
    - 30 in 1 coins (20 bagged up and ready for the bank)
    - 73.30 in bank

    Money I owe:
    - 980.65p to Credit Card

    I need to re-look at my budget for next month and allocate money to pots. The only things I really really need to pay for in September is: a friends wedding gift, a wedding outfit, My OH birthday gifts. My phone bill will be higher next month as I had to buy more data for my phone (bill comes in on 19th) and re-do shopping list. Me and OH have been to the gym for advice and we have had to re-do a shopping list.
    • jemreading
    • By jemreading 15th Aug 17, 5:57 PM
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    15 days until payday and next month is looking as follows:

    Bills to OH - 365.00 (Rent has gone up every month - new figure covers my half of rent and bills)
    Food 80.00 (my half)
    Electricity 35.00 (my half - could be less!)
    LCFC 33.18 (won't change now until May)
    Phone 50.00 (added potential data add on!!!) :eek
    Gym Membership 29.99 (won't change)
    Credit Card 400.65 (seems reasonable?)
    Sports 30.00 (football and badminton)
    My Savings 0
    Joint Savings 0
    Beauty 10.00 (women products may be needed!)
    Treats 50.00 (includes buying wedding outfit)
    Gifts(birthday/xmas) 50.00 (includes OH gift and wedding gift)
    Date night 20.00 (may remove, need to discuss with OH)
    Travel 50.00 (Going Prague in November)
    Socials 60.00 (Covers wedding drinks - I'm not a huge drinker but will probably do a few work socials)

    Expenses 1,263.82
    Remaining 72.84

    Rather than chuck all remaining at credit card I have decided to pay less and leave more in my bank account without allocations. I do tend to buy some songs for my phone, or pay for a taxi after a night out through my bank. These are rare spends but rather than allocate more to a pot I may as well leave it in the bank and take note.

    Any suggestions welcome!!!!
    • jemreading
    • By jemreading 19th Aug 17, 7:27 PM
    • 336 Posts
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    I've lost it again. I've been super busy since Thursday. Spends coming up, some are accurate, some could be missing a few pence!

    - Breakfast (2.00)
    - Lunch (3.00)
    - Skirt for wedding (29.99 on debit card)
    - Friend's birthday gift (10 on debit card)
    - 2 songs (0.99p per songs)

    - Lunch (5.95)
    - OH drink (3.95)
    - dinner (24.10 - paid for OH too on CC)
    - taxi (6)

    - football costs (1.79)
    - gym costs (2.95)

    - 25 from OH
    - 40 (I had a 1 football bet and won 40 so I've transferred to my bank and will wait for it to come through for holiday)

    I've been super unorganised at making food for work so I need to get back to that!
    • db2016
    • By db2016 21st Aug 17, 12:14 AM
    • 78 Posts
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    hi, ive noticed you have spent money on songs.

    have you maybe thought of spotify, its 9.99 per month (or 14.99 for upto 5 people in their family thing). . you wont have a copy as such of the music but if you have wifi in places, or data on phone you can stream them, anytime.

    so for the cost of what 10 songs you "buy" you could have access to them and millions of others.

    just a thought
    • jemreading
    • By jemreading 26th Aug 17, 4:23 PM
    • 336 Posts
    • 374 Thanks
    Hi DB thanks for popping by (sorry for the last reply, I've been on holiday!) Yes, I'm looking into Spotify I do use my music quite a lot during work and the gym (both don't really pick up the wifi so it struggles to play music!)

    I'm gonna look into it again
    • jemreading
    • By jemreading 26th Aug 17, 4:24 PM
    • 336 Posts
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    I'm back from holiday!! we had a fabulous time and ate far too much and spent far too much.

    I am admitting that the credit card was used I know that my credit card has at least 1,300 on there (however, 270 of it is my OH which he'll give me when he gets paid next month)

    I don't have any other holidays until November now so there should be no need to use it. I'm going to look at my balance and re-group..
    • jemreading
    • By jemreading 2nd Sep 17, 2:09 PM
    • 336 Posts
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    Sorry I've neglected my diary I've had a few bad personal days so have been a bit here, there, everywhere and no-where.

    I've been paid and so far my rent and bills, football season ticket and gym membership have gone. Just waiting for my phone bill to go out, and for my OH to figure out the electricity bill. I also need to transfer over 25 as we have to renew our tenancy. I also got 100 for food shopping.

    All I got so far this pay day is a new pair of shoes (19.99 reduced from 25.99 which I'm using for nights out plus the wedding I'm attending in October) I'm going out with my friends tonight and need to figure out how much to take with me. It'll just be: money for a few drinks and taxis.

    To update, I took the skirt back for the wedding so I need to buy something else. I've found a nice dress but its 40 and I'm figuring how many times I will actually wear it before making the purchase.
    • jemreading
    • By jemreading 11th Sep 17, 5:40 PM
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    Sorry for not updating, hectic life and I haven't been the best at tracking where my money has gone so quick update of debts and monies left:

    Debt: 1,112.58p (OH owes 200)
    Bank card: 192.08p
    In purse: 1.25p
    1 coins: 17

    Days until pay day: 16
    Things to buy: Wedding gift, rest of OH birthday gifts, wednesday night football.
    • jemreading
    • By jemreading 17th Sep 17, 6:20 PM
    • 336 Posts
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    It's been a while I have been at work or at the gym, busy social life.

    Days until payday: 10.
    Things to pay for: lunch on Tuesday (19th), leaving drinks Friday (22nd), lunch next Sunday (24th) , two lots of football sessions. (20th and 27th)

    But bonus, I upgraded my phone this week. I had to pay 4.99 to upgrade but I have saved myself 6 a month and have got more data so I shouldn't have to buy more!!

    I've set myself the realistic goal of cutting my debt this year and entering 2018 debt free. No point me throwing money at my debt but increasing debt by putting Christmas on my CC.
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