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    • mothernerd
    • By mothernerd 28th Jun 17, 10:56 PM
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    NST Joyful July
    • #1
    • 28th Jun 17, 10:56 PM
    NST Joyful July 28th Jun 17 at 10:56 PM
    Ninja Saving Turtles

    We are now half way through the year and how are we doing with our annual goals?

    Congratulations to those on target with debt busting / diet and exercise and any other goals. Keep it going remembering to revise your target if your current stepping stone is getting too comfy.

    For those who have drifted from their path (hangs head in shame) there are still six months of the year left. You have time to wipe the slate clean and make a fresh start. Be honest about why things have not worked out. Were your original goals too tough? Did things go to pot when everyday pressures kicked in? Did you have a beautiful plan with all the details worked out but then failed to apply them (me again)? Remember Hope is not a strategy.

    If you are reeling from the blows that life has dealt you (hugs, more hugs and a sympathetic ear) just hang in there turtles. Revise your goals or write an emergency strategy if needed, do what you can you will still get there, but for now you have to use the B roads not the motorway.

    The turtle gang are all here to help, advise, celebrate with you, commiserate with you, hand out tissues and hugs as required. We even do lycra clad cheerleaders with pompoms.

    So if you are a regular contender (turtle life can be tough and demanding), a recent convert or just finding your way and trying turtledom for the first time, welcome to


    JOY Life has been hard recently. I have always found joy in the little things. Some of us find 3 things to be grateful for at the end of each day and you may find it useful too you can add it to your daily post or just write it down privately. Some days are full of good things, some days are dreadful but if you think carefully you can pick out moments of joy a ladybird, a child's glasses case in the shape of a shoe, a smile or thank you from a stranger.

    Try to wake joyfully too. It can help to write your 'to do' list (and make other preparations) the night before, so that you have a clear idea of your coming day. If possible take a few moments of peace and calm and take that forward into your joyful day. Make joyful memories with your children during the holidays and share any free/ low cost fun ideas.

    ORGANISE You should know your Debt Free Date or if debt free your savings goal (mortgage free plan/ early retirement goal). If you don't know, work it out or if it is too daunting or too far in the future, set a target for this year. Work out how much you need to put aside to achieve this and live on what is left over. Sort your budgets for the month before July 1st (if possible).

    YOU It starts from here, it starts with YOU, it starts with now.
    I'm sorry but you are it. We may wish we had more money, a better job, weren't in this mess, more abc, less xyz. This is where you are. If you don't like it, change it. You can keep wishing or you can plan, decide what you want to do, set goals, break them down into small steps and start. Every small step helps even when you can't see the bigger picture.

    Know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses.

    If life has steam rollered over your plans, write new ones. Is it just temporary (hold your nerve, do what you can, resign yourself to being in a holding pattern until the crisis is over) or longer term (take a deep breath, eat from the cupboards, check through your annual budget).

    FRUGAL The Frugalwoods are having another Uber Frugal Month Challenge . I haven't read a lot of their stuff (some is location specific) but this is a sort of 'how low could you go', cut out absolutely everything you possibly could. I might be signing up and thought it might help some of you facing a difficult month. It won't be for everyone but it might be good to spend some time considering just what you could do without 'if you had to'. I will probably use some of it for daily inspiration.

    USE what you have. Start by auditing the cupboards, fridge and freezer. Make meal plan based on these. Cook from scratch. After sorting out your big bills, the food budget is often the area where you can make great savings.

    LOOK after you. If you are it, it all depends on you, so look after yourself (especially if no-one else is likely to). Make time for a little pampering or just sit and reflect. Mental and physical wellbeing is important.

    JULY Challenge runs from 1st to 31st July.

    UNLESS you have a specific reason (special celebration, no/ least harmful alternative) you should avoid takeaways, restaurants, vending machines, costalot outlets. Take lunch to work (hospital appointments etc) every day. Some turtles have the occasional spend built into their personal/ social spending budget.

    LITTLE and OFTEN is the key for those who are poorly, new to exercise or who have fallen by the wayside. Start with 10 minutes a day, five times a week, rising to 20 minutes in the second week. More if you are young and healthy. Those of you with a well established training routine carry on - you know your needs/capabilities better than I.

    YOU will aim for 16 NO Spend Days unless you set a much lower total last month, in which case try for 2 above last month's target. Medical necessities, ys bargains (no other purchases) and filling your car with petrol from a designated petrol budget are exempt (you still keep your NSD). Super organised turtles who never exceed their budget or buy anything on impulse do not count NSDs as they have other ways of controlling their spending.

    Daily Posting is reccommended keep reading if you can't post. If it all goes wrong, confess or ask for help/ sympathy. Turtles who are on holiday should adjust targets accordingly (posting/ NSDs/ separate holiday budget etc).

    Who is up to the turtle challenge?

    Last edited by mothernerd; 29-06-2017 at 12:02 AM.
    This year I will be fierce
    NST May #13 SFD 10/19 Food 129.13/120 Travel 15.20/15 Ent 22.44/30 (+ 20 membership fee)
    No Debt No mortgage
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    • Lauralozzle
    • By Lauralozzle 9th Jul 17, 5:31 PM
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    Yesterday was a spendy day - I went out for my friends 30th - withdrew 40. I did manage to come home with 15 left though, it could have been so much worse.

    Overtime done this morning/afternoon but the system I log it on is down at the moment. I'll try again later. Went food shopping too this afternoon for fresh bits (fruit/sandwich stuff/veg) and yellow sticker haul. 5 spent in Home Bargains for lady things, 35 in Aldi (was well chuffed with this because lately it's been 50+ and 15 in Asda.

    The OH got a reduced rump steak for 2.60 and I got 3 packets of American style pancakes from the bakery for 20p each!!! Straight in the freezer - they'll last a good while not particularly healthy but I only get them when they're reduced!

    Tomorrow won't be a NSD either because we're going on a butchers run - we've officially ran out of chicken so need to stock up on the 10 breasts for 10 deal. They're fabulous quality breasts - no water leakage when you cook them!

    I'm grateful for the weather today - it's lovely and sunny. I might go into the garden and pull up weeds when it cools down a little.
    Credit Card 1: 0.00 (0%) | Credit Card 2: 1,951.50 (0%) | Credit Card 3: 764.20 (0%) Car Finance: 7,491 (7.9% APR) | Mortgage: 110,794 (2.79% APR) | Emergency Fund: 69.68/1000 | Honeymoon Fund: 1,042
    • abundant1972
    • By abundant1972 9th Jul 17, 6:17 PM
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    Today I am grateful for:
    1. Finding the motivation to exercise
    2. The internet and all the knowledge out there
    3. Laughs with my hairdresser
    Today alas was a spend day. I realised I'd forgotten yesterday to get it done, and not planning on another food spend for over a week. I didn't want to have wig hair so...

    Interesting observations on my energy levels when I spend money - and learning not to categorise myself as feeling 'down' so much as imagining some of my energy leaving me thus creating a sense of depletion/emptiness. With a bit of gratitude work I can swing this around and realise how much I have left. My life is overflowing.

    Love and light all x
    Ask do I 'want' or 'need' this before I spend
    Follow your heart & be true to yourself always
    Help To Buy ISA = 6046.13. EF = 2500/4500
    NST : NSD=0/18 : Food & Spends=0/200.00
    Exercise : Joe Wicks 90 Day SSS Plan!
    • apple muncher
    • By apple muncher 9th Jul 17, 7:27 PM
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    apple muncher
    Well done on the run, skinty. Hope the half training goes smoothly.

    Indigo - good to hear you are feeling more restful re your kids. It can't be easy for you at all. Hugs.

    Today I am grateful for getting shred #6 done before my brain could object, for finding out about a major road closure and being able to plan a different bus route, for finding out that the new bus route also avoided a boot fair bottleneck, for watching Fantastic Beasts and where to find them (for 99p), for an easy tea, for another NSD, for plenty of water to drink, for my apples growing nicely, for dd loving all the h potter stuff out there, for every day having fresh things to enjoy.
    NST May #1; NSD 14/19 ; Ex 17/20 ; craft 3/30 (66); remove 31 (402)
    2018 Pay off: 1626; 2
    018 sell

    Mortgage 21,422 (01/14: 78,201; 01/15: 59,629; 01/16: 39,915; 01/17: 27,295; 01/18 23,143) MFWDate Dec 2018
    • lcc86
    • By lcc86 9th Jul 17, 9:42 PM
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    A long but rewarding day today. Volunteered this morning and despite being really thin on the ground we managed really well. Time flew by and it was probably the most enjoyable session I've been to in a while.

    Also went out on my share horse and had a lovely canter - something I've struggled with on him so very pleased with that. Then sat and had a drink with other people from the yard for a bit and enjoyed the sunshine. The weather here has been beautiful today. I did splurge on a bit of chocolate cake at the yard and then had frozen pizza for dinner so probably undid all of the good work exercise wise but it's not the end of the world. Also notched up my 3rd NSD. - my original diary
    1117/1000 EF 538 saved for household jobs
    Debt free and in the black for the first time in 11 years
    • PlaysNicely
    • By PlaysNicely 9th Jul 17, 10:47 PM
    • 82 Posts
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    Hope everyone's OK.

    1) NSDs: achieved today, so 5 /16.

    2) At least one store cupboard menu week this month: longest run so far 5 days.
    No extra dinner spends today, spicy salmon, potato & tomato salad with salad leaves & rocket from garden.

    3) Try to up my own income in some way (legally of course)! Achieved! Extra weekend job starting this month.

    4) My NST health goal: 10,000 steps a day (as total of 70,000 across a week)!
    Achieved this today: 13780 (includes 1.5 km power walk first thing and a 6 km walk over reserve this evening. Total so far 27,780 / 70,000.

    5) No FleaBay shopping for the whole month - achieved again today so 9 / 31.

    6) Frugal focus: sourcing instead of spending: lovely day today so mostly spent time with OH on garden, so apart from small task which finished off skirt, everything's still work in progress ...
    * Valance in progress - one panel hemmed, still needs sewing to base.
    * Doggy glove puppet in progress
    * Summer skirt finished (but the elasticated waist, although easy to sew, makes me look very cluttered around the middle!
    * Repurposed shirt for OH finished.

    Simple pleasures:
    Lovely day, lots of fresh air and exercise.
    Beautiful sunset, truly magnificent.
    Tidy house (for at least an hour, until returning from walk with sandy dogs, of course)

    Hope next week brings good things for everyone. Sleep well all, PN x
    1000 Emergency fund challenge #236 - 5 / 332.05 + 365 day penny challenge - 18.15 / 667.95; 52 weeks challenge = 183 / 1,378;Frugal Living 2018 #42 <11,500
    • mothernerd
    • By mothernerd 10th Jul 17, 9:58 AM
    • 2,368 Posts
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    Joyful July Day Ten
    Good morning turtles (will catch up later).

    I recently watched a simple but tough TED talk. One of the points was

    Recognise That Each Day is a Gift

    Each day is unique and can never be repeated. No other day will happen in quite the same way. So wake up and give thanks for being alive.

    So for the gift of today, I am grateful for
    1 the rain (1) - the gardens need it and the air is considerably fresher this morning

    2 the rain (2) can't saw down shrubs in this weather

    3 the rain (3) no need to do more prep for now as Mrs Builder can't paint the fences in the rain and I think she has to wit until it is fully dry again

    4 the rain (4) has damped down my hayfever (welcome first summer cold)

    5 In any case I should be grateful for the hayfever (at least part of my immune system is working - even if it has an overactive imagingation and mistakes a grain of pollen for a poison gas attack)

    6 my sense of humour - dark, very dark but such a help in times of trouble

    7 for my pills - may be hard to swallow but some of them are keeping me alive

    8 for our wonderful NHS and may we all do whatever we can to keep it

    9 the rain (5) - no need to feel guilty about not washing my (rather large) bedcover as there is nowhere to put it and it need tender care due to it's age

    10 free geeky cross- stitch so tempting, so inspiring, so much to do, so little time, chibis of all the reincarnations of the doctor, many companions and enemies, a rendition of Van Gogh's Starry night/ tardis mash-up and lots of other friends as well as 'sayings' (DS1 would love "I am silently correcting your grammar" - my quotation marks which is why I haven't included the full stop before them.

    11 for my sons, so very different but with little connections between us, they all share my sense of humour (was going to repeat the "dark, very dark" but then my head went into the Funnybones intro).

    12 for my mother, for enjoying the time spent together, for our shared values (lots of differences but again, there are points of contact).

    I am going to stop now, otherwise the rest of mum's shopping will not get done and I won't have any of my work done before I go to mum's.

    This year I will be fierce
    NST May #13 SFD 10/19 Food 129.13/120 Travel 15.20/15 Ent 22.44/30 (+ 20 membership fee)
    No Debt No mortgage
    • Calling14
    • By Calling14 10th Jul 17, 10:02 AM
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    Lovely weekend spent 11.00 going out and about. 3 pounds on bday pressie, and 11 pounds in asda on few bits.

    Saturday went lovely walk along river, castle town and hunted a gs bday pressie down from shops. Went out for a drink Sat. night bf paid but I had cooked tea from leftover stewing steak, cauliflower and red pepper - yeh a curry was nice as well.

    Sunday full day out walking beaches to island couple of lighthouses, great day exploring. Shame bf decided we would have tea out. Not great meal so I contributed towards the bill. Next time picnic.

    Grateful for.
    Bf reappearing on scene whereas this weekend would been bit lonely, kids busy at weddings.
    Fab weather
    Lots of steps walked. (Still no weight loss however eek)
    LBM 13039 1.1.13 Start 2018 5552 NOW 3112
    EEK house repairs pushed it back up end of last yr

    PAYDBX 2018 #16 2440/5552 DFD 12/18
    Fund #9 220/1,000
    1 x 100 days challenge

    • thriftylass
    • By thriftylass 10th Jul 17, 11:48 AM
    • 3,312 Posts
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    Thank you for all the kind messages.

    I really enjoy reading frugalwood's UFM emails. However, they make me realise how much better off and easier finances would be without DH . I've tried the talk so many times....

    No SFDs over the weekend. Well, done a Tesco top up shop and got the kids new shoes and socks (shoes were reduced to 5 and 7 respectively) as they needed them (both have two pairs now and wellies). Will give the small ones to a friend. And had my girly night on Friday which I think cost me 20.

    Managed to built the playpark without instructions and without killing my DH. The kids are getting better at not being in the way and excepting little jobs we give them rather than wanting to do the drilling etc. Also I learnt to be less bossy and give DH a chance. We don't do decorating etc well together but carpentry seems to work. The little fence and now this. Might even do the decking ourselves this year then.

    The washing machine that I only just bought in April already has a broken door latch. So the engineer will come out on Thu to fix that for free.

    Cooked a couple of lunches and did some gardening too.

    I was about to do the stick my head in the sand escape but won't. This month is super tight due to mistakes at the start again. But I will not give up this month. I still start a rescue mission although I won't come in on budget. Oh just realised I will have to pay for a filling on Wednesday. Arrgh....and breath, do not lower head to will be ok.

    have a nice day
    Last edited by thriftylass; 10-07-2017 at 12:56 PM.
    NST May
    SFD6/20 spends 294/400
    Exercise 4/15
    Debt - all 0% 1010 to go from 5290
    DFD 5/2018 Mortgage 109343 (04/17) 104915 (02/18) OP 0
    • Lauralozzle
    • By Lauralozzle 10th Jul 17, 4:20 PM
    • 560 Posts
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    Today has been a spendy day but this was planned. 34 spent at the butchers but this included 20 chicken breasts 2 little trays of chicken tenders (southern style and lemon pepper) 8 very low fat sausages, four beef pies for the OH (we got three free!) and two sausage rolls.

    Also got some bits for the wedding and found a pair of converse hi tops for 35. They're usually 50 so I got a pair as my last pair for f converse had to go in the bin as they had a BIG holes in the soles and the sides were super glued down. I'm wearing every pair of shoes down to nothing at the moment as I can't afford to replace them all.

    I'm grateful for the lady at the butchers giving us 3 free pies (even f I won't eat them). I'm grateful for the rain - every time I mow my lawn I seem to kill it slightly so hoping the rain will help.

    I'm mostly grateful for being able to take today, Tuesday and Wednesday off work though. I need time to recuperate.
    Credit Card 1: 0.00 (0%) | Credit Card 2: 1,951.50 (0%) | Credit Card 3: 764.20 (0%) Car Finance: 7,491 (7.9% APR) | Mortgage: 110,794 (2.79% APR) | Emergency Fund: 69.68/1000 | Honeymoon Fund: 1,042
    • indigowarrior
    • By indigowarrior 10th Jul 17, 5:45 PM
    • 511 Posts
    • 3,717 Thanks
    Last two days have been a spend day. Need to get myself into gear.
    #545- SPC/ Frugal Living Challenge May NSD 3/19
    • SkintTeacher
    • By SkintTeacher 10th Jul 17, 6:46 PM
    • 333 Posts
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    nsd 4
    Had a bit of a ding dong with my boss today - end of term frayed nerves!
    • apple muncher
    • By apple muncher 10th Jul 17, 8:25 PM
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    apple muncher
    Today I am grateful for the opportunity to accompany dd + her class to a classical concert they were performing in, for not having rain as the walk and bus trip would have been miserable, for superb tennis, for a chance to thank dd's Head for moving dd and to let her know that it is going well, for a peaceful day, for my 3 sandals being super comfy to wear, for my workout (shred level 1 workout #7), for the UFM emails causing me to ponder.
    NST May #1; NSD 14/19 ; Ex 17/20 ; craft 3/30 (66); remove 31 (402)
    2018 Pay off: 1626; 2
    018 sell

    Mortgage 21,422 (01/14: 78,201; 01/15: 59,629; 01/16: 39,915; 01/17: 27,295; 01/18 23,143) MFWDate Dec 2018
    • swimminginaseaofdebt
    • By swimminginaseaofdebt 10th Jul 17, 8:59 PM
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    swimming are you allowed to play at soft play. DS1 and DS2 went to tumble tots until they moved to a new location, but as they were in different age groups I had to entertain the other one (sessions followed on).
    Originally posted by mothernerd
    Mothernerd, yes I go in with my wee one as he is only 1 and is just learning to walk so easily flattened by other kids if I don!!!8217;t supervise closely! Hadn!!!8217;t heard of Tumble Tots before so I looked it up online to have a nosey. Looks good but sadly they don!!!8217;t run classes in my area.

    So Sat, Sun and Mon have been spend days for me. I had brunch on Sat with friends and Sun/Mon I spent on groceries.

    Went for a walk around the park on Sat and I tried to get the little one to walk in shoes but no luck as of yet.

    I bagged up some vests and sleepsuits the little one had grown out of yesterday and today they have been dropped off at the charity shop.

    I also returned three library books which I've had for about 6 months and never got round to reading.

    Decided to finally open the toy storage unit I bought the little one 2 months ago only to find the boxes that come with it are really small and barely fit anything in. Will now need to hunt for an alternative.

    Been doing my surveys and signed up for some mystery shops which I shall hopefully finish tomorrow. I had to purchase train tickets, at my own expense, from various websites and evaluate them in the process. I went to collect the tickets from the train station ticket machine today and tomorrow I will need to go to the library and print of some paperwork so I can return them to the mystery shopping company to have my money refunded and hopefully collect my assignment fee. I did 4 of them at 3 a pop, quite a lot of work I felt for 12 but if it helps me reach my debt free date sooner then so be it!

    I have also had some money come through from survey sites and have added that to my buffer fund.
    Pay all debt off by Christmas 2018 #150 - 895.62/2018
    SPC11 #564
    • f0xh0les
    • By f0xh0les 10th Jul 17, 9:00 PM
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    NSD #2 (get me!) would have been 3, but I spent 4 on ice cream for DH as he has a vicious sore throat and feels drained. Everything else today was YS or free - 2nd hour of dentist drilling my face (boo!) he wants to go one millimetre deeper so I have to go back again. For one millimetre. One!

    Today's gratitudes

    the dentist only wants to go one more millimetre into my face. Yay!

    Ice cream in the freezer

    Hayfever meds.

    MFW START DATE May 16 118,340 : Oct17 - 109,495.00Dec17 108,800Jan 18 108,392.98 March 18 108,504.72April 108,099May 106,999
    NEXT GOAL is sub 105k before JulyMortgage-free wannabe 2018 #65
    • PlaysNicely
    • By PlaysNicely 10th Jul 17, 9:02 PM
    • 82 Posts
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    1) NSDs: not achieved today, OH went to town (literally) whilst I was at work and as he was passing certain SM in town he bought a job lot of cat-food as it's cheaper there than it is at our local one, still at so 5 /16 but at least spending was from pet budget.

    2) At least one store cupboard menu week this month: longest run so far 5 days.
    No extra dinner spends today, OH made lots of dips, including looking up how to use up over-ripe avocados, so we had a salad, dips and wraps dinner in garden.

    3) Try to up my own income in some way (legally of course)! Achieved! Extra weekend job has now started with a couple of training days this week, which I've frantically rescheduled my other work around.

    4) My NST health goal: 10,000 steps a day (as total of 70,000 across a week)!
    Achieved this today: slightly short of the 10k mark at 8970, mainly from being on feet all afternoon and dog walking this evening. Total so far 36,750 / 70,000.

    5) No FleaBay shopping for the whole month - achieved again today so 10 / 31.

    6) Frugal focus: sourcing instead of spending: remaining work in progress ...
    * Valance in progress - one panel hemmed, still needs sewing to base.
    * Doggy glove puppet in progress.

    Simple pleasures:
    Sunshine, despite wet weather warnings for our area!
    Dinner al fresco, think this is about our 10th in a row, let's see if it gets to 14 days!
    Wearing nail varnish for a change!

    Sleep well all, hugs to those who need them, PN x
    Last edited by PlaysNicely; 10-07-2017 at 9:03 PM. Reason: tiredness in charge of a keyboard
    1000 Emergency fund challenge #236 - 5 / 332.05 + 365 day penny challenge - 18.15 / 667.95; 52 weeks challenge = 183 / 1,378;Frugal Living 2018 #42 <11,500
    • misstara
    • By misstara 10th Jul 17, 9:50 PM
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    Yesterday was a NSD 4/16. Today I bought a birthday present and card for a friend, had a meal out with friends and got milk on the way home so quite a spendy day.

    Today I'm grateful for a work meeting I was dreading going better than expected, a hospital appointment coming through for OH that he's been waiting ages for and laughs with friends.
    Debt at LBM Jan 2014 10458.09 Now 0
    New flat debt Jan 2017 2302.75 Now 804.26 (65.1% paid)
    Car debt Nov 2017 797.68 Now 542.46 (32% paid) + monthly payments 146.82 6/60
    Emergency fund - 36/1000. Car fund - 0/1000.
    Mini Targets in May
    Exercise target - 10/16. Groceries target 170.88/200. NSD target 12/19.
    • mothernerd
    • By mothernerd 11th Jul 17, 1:34 AM
    • 2,368 Posts
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    Joyful July Day Eleven
    Do More of What Makes You Awesome

    Very tired - we nearly had Joyful July Day Elvan. Could have been interesting.
    This year I will be fierce
    NST May #13 SFD 10/19 Food 129.13/120 Travel 15.20/15 Ent 22.44/30 (+ 20 membership fee)
    No Debt No mortgage
    • Fmess
    • By Fmess 11th Jul 17, 6:20 AM
    • 2,702 Posts
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    Quick check in as yesterday was SFD number 3, I'm getting there slowly.

    Nothing much else to report except having the time to put my feet up after the marking contract finished
    LBM = 07/09/13 Debt = 13339 (100% cleared)
    New Car and Roof Debt 0/19033
    DecNST #2 SFD 13/15 Food 105/120 Personal 380/350 Petrol 80.01/80
    • Jo Blogs
    • By Jo Blogs 11th Jul 17, 6:44 AM
    • 730 Posts
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    Jo Blogs
    Good morning folks

    Great posts as always and super going with all the NSDs

    Loving the Frugalwood's e-mails and challenge. It's great to refresh and rethink - I'm loving each day

    Today will be NSD No.11 here - It's going to be another very busy day, but I won't miss spending at all - Thank goodness for the simple things in life. Going to have a walk sometime today. I've made sure that I've exercised everyday so far this month, and I have to say, I feel energised

    Wishing you all a wonderful and inspired NSDay!
    Saved Nitty Gritty 7440.75 [149%] / 5000-[Sep] 58.44 for the 'Save 12k in 2017' #157
    2017 Womble #35 3463.27 Sept NSDs 4/15CCCChl 9/12 months
    Sept PPChl#002 Pts 71
    • lcc86
    • By lcc86 11th Jul 17, 7:40 AM
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    Oops I forgot to post yesterday! So just to catch up, it wasn't a NSD as I had to pay for my riding lesson. All budgeted for and I REALLY enjoyed it so am really pleased. Also popped to the horse wholesaler and bought a big bale of wood shavings dirt cheap for the gpig - works out less than half the price of high street stores and will last AGES. I also love the smell of fresh wood shavings lol.

    Achieved a healthy day yesterday, am aching today from the riding lesson as she pushed me quite hard so I won't exercise much, if anything, today. Will report back this evening. - my original diary
    1117/1000 EF 538 saved for household jobs
    Debt free and in the black for the first time in 11 years
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