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    • determined new ms
    • By determined new ms 13th Mar 17, 7:38 AM
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    determined new ms
    What small DFW things will you do this week? w/c 13/03
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    • 13th Mar 17, 7:38 AM
    What small DFW things will you do this week? w/c 13/03 13th Mar 17 at 7:38 AM
    When we start out on the DFW trail we do loads of "big stuff" that makes quite a difference to our situation. These include having our lightbulb moment, cutting up the credit cards and cancelling Sky and the gym.

    But once we have done the bigger stuff, we often feel that we are not making the same amount of progress, when in fact the small steps are helping us form good financial habits and helping us get closer everyday to staying in control and becoming debt free, or staying debt free.

    Examples could be hanging washing out instead of using the tumble dryer or leaving your purse/wallet at home to avoid the risk of spending.

    So be proud of those small steps, they really are important
    DF as at 30/12/16
    Wombling 2017 £3016.55/Roadkill £8.73
    Wombling 2018 £145.73/RK £0.04
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    • La escocesa
    • By La escocesa 15th Mar 17, 1:16 PM
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    La escocesa
    Yorkshire - you are doing a great job! Don't let the pesky slow cooker settings get to you!!

    Bob - I hear ya re small businesses, like when customers don't realise the impact of not paying a bill on time etc...

    Ziggy - I've recently had similar stress with online appointment system. Have finally set it up but what a faff!! Hopefully it'll be easier in future for you.

    • La escocesa
    • By La escocesa 15th Mar 17, 1:30 PM
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    La escocesa
    Today is a good day for me so far!!!8230;

    1. Mobile people lowered my bill to £8.75 from £10.01 (not £9.01 as first thought!)

    2. I got £62.23 from an old savings account I closed

    3. Tenant paid on time

    4. YNAB says I can make a charity donation to the children!!!8217;s hospice (colleague running a marathon) and to the DEC for the Africa appeal.

    Other stuff:
    Packed brekkie and lunch
    Whole chicken in SC
    Shopping with a v small list on lunch !!!8211; too much work and too little money !!!8211; the perfect combo really
    Checked banking/YNAB
    Didn!!!8217;t wash my hair
    Used some freebies/gifts !!!8211; moisturiser, make up
    Made coffee in the moka; resisting the N espresso shop for now!!!8230;

    • FatVonD
    • By FatVonD 15th Mar 17, 1:57 PM
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    Slugs, it hadn't really occurred to me until someone spotted a hedgehog in our front garden a couple of times that I'd not seen one single slug or snail in the front garden (the back is a different story), maybe cut some holes in the bottom of your fences to allow them a free run on their nightly route?

    Apart from that I'm told the best method is hand picking by torchlight early in the morning!

    Ziggy, I too read the story of that young boy in the news. I hope your son will be fine and that the school address it with them all. One of my son's friends died inhaling N0S a couple of years ago and teenagers do seem to grieve in a completely different way to us 'oldies', they seem to be so much more in touch with their feelings (I blame the Emo movement!) There was none of the embarrassed 'sorry for your loss' with them instead all pouring their hearts out of FB. The boys parents buried him in a white coffin and brought Sh@rpies to the funeral and they all decorated the coffin with messages. So terribly sad to lose so many young lives (still thinking of you too, ClootiesMum )

    DNMS, how was your root canal treatment? I went to the dentist this morning and she did various tests and said it's pretty conclusive that the root of the tooth she was going to fill is dead but I have opted to have it extracted instead (it's a back tooth and, even aside from being scared for the root canal treatment I really can't afford it. Bizarrely she said that I have a wisdom tooth below the one due to be removed that has never been able to come through but might well do at the ripe old age of 57 once the other is out of the way!
    Make £25 a day in April £0/£750 (March £584, February £602, January £883.66)

    December £361.54, November £322.28, October £288.52, September £374.30, August £223.95, July £71.45, June £251.22, May£119.33, April £236.24, March £106.74, Feb £40.99, Jan £98.54) Total for 2017 - £2,495.10
    • FatVonD
    • By FatVonD 15th Mar 17, 2:09 PM
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    In money saving news, I brought in my YS sweet potato and black bean tortilla for lunch, it was lovely if a tad spicy. Im not sure what to cook for tonight, I don't think I can fob the teens off with sandwiches and chips tonight, maybe anchovy spaghetti.

    I was up until past midnight last night doing an application for a job I've been invited to apply for, I'm feeling I have as good a chance as anyone so why NOT me?

    I am still sorting and squirrelling stuff away for my forthcoming table top sale and my mum has possibly got me my first order of service to do for a friend's dad's funeral (who, true to form with my mum, hasn't actually died yet? )

    Tonight I need to sort the next stage of DS's apprenticeship application, it's in the works but the college he would attend one day per week have contacted him in the meantime. Luckily it's the college he attended a day release course with for his last two years at school so they know of him and that he stayed the course (rather than the other one where he has dropped out of two courses.) I have a good felling about this, hopefully *fingers crossed* everything is starting to come together
    Make £25 a day in April £0/£750 (March £584, February £602, January £883.66)

    December £361.54, November £322.28, October £288.52, September £374.30, August £223.95, July £71.45, June £251.22, May£119.33, April £236.24, March £106.74, Feb £40.99, Jan £98.54) Total for 2017 - £2,495.10
    • Happy Kitties
    • By Happy Kitties 15th Mar 17, 4:04 PM
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    Happy Kitties
    Not masses to report, finally got the shower saga sorted out yesterday only to come down with a full blown cold. spent yesterday afternoon sleeping, in fact done alot of sleeping and not much else.
    Did drag daughter shopping with me this morning, spends and receipt all logged.
    Wanted to do it today but ran out of steam, but need to get pegs from HB and make good use of the lovely weather we have as I have a mountain of washing again
    Ziggy-i hope ur DS is doing okay.
    CCL- i hope things are going better for you
    Foxgloves-u did make me smile when u said about the cake and the mouse. I bet he would think all of his Christmas's will have come at once seeing a tasty fruit cake.
    Have a good rest of the day money savers x
    2017 birthday savings shopping frugally = 481.15:money. 2018 birthday savings so far=359.51
    • foxgloves
    • By foxgloves 15th Mar 17, 5:24 PM
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    Afternoon Campers,
    Quick check-in with today's money saving activities:
    *Made tomorrow's packed lunch & work snacks.
    *Did meal plans for next week/
    *Free fitness tidying garden & my half of the shed.
    *Free plants!! (Self-seeded ones, lots of them. Yay to those!)
    *Use-it-up. Have officially now finished ALL the weird & wonderful tea bags in our cupboard. Actually, most were distinctly less than wonderful, but I can buy some nice ones now. Hope that sweet rhubarb one is still on sale, as I do like that.
    *One of my ebay items was bid up a little & sold today (she has got a real bargain there, I'd have liked it to go a bit higher, but no worries, another thing sold & on its way & the money will eventually go into our Loan Pay Down Fund. Another item is up tomorrow & has been bid up too, with quite a few watchers, so fingers crosssed.
    *Did some Onepoll surveys. I am at over £38 now, so very near to cash-in. They have had lots of 20p ones over the last week as they seem to be updating people's info for better targeting of surveys.
    *Free leisure - caught up on a couple of TV programmes & updated my blog.....did 2 posts as wanted to share my free plant finding activity as well as those chickpea burgers I kept going on about! Hope to read another few chapters of my library book too.
    I think that's it. I felt very tired last night & woke up in the night with a rotten sore throat. I'm clearly fighting some or other lergy, so hope this is as bad as it's going to get, & I can still get stuff done without feeling too sorry for myself.
    OK, that's my day.
    F x
    HappyKitties - re the mouse......we had one the other year in our pantry & out of all the food in there & stuff he could have nibbled, he ONLY helped himself to a jar of my chilli jelly!! He chewed the cellophane & wax disc off & ate a good centimetre or so of's hot stuff, I bet he had to trot down to our pond for a massive drink after that!
    Money can't jump out of your purse on its own so ask 'Can I borrow one, make one, grow one, bake one, re-purpose or recycle, acquire it for free?' Yes? Then put that purse away & keep your money because little savings grow!
    Loan pay-down fund instalment 2 = £716-58
    Payment received from surveys: 2015 = £320 2016 = £210 2017 = £304 2018 = £244
    • ClootiesMum
    • By ClootiesMum 15th Mar 17, 6:01 PM
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    Just catching up quickly as I need to go and potter before DH comes in. I got most of today's listy done - but I'm declaring my list for tomorrow to give myself a head start. It also means I can be pottering while the caffeine heads towards the grey cells in the morning.

    Plans are:-
    • Make fake tomato soup - only just found the recipe again
    • Phone cousin & aunt to make arrangements for me picking them up in hired car next week
    • Another couple of job apps for DH - started but need info from DH / company prior to further action
    • Review a company website for DH & fill in his details for him. I have to "be him" at times (insert roll eyes smiley in here)
    • Phone work to let them know I should be back 29th March - I'm going back on a staged return so this should allow enough time to have things put in place
    • Paperwork - start on 1st pass of this for Kondo. Will be piling like with like to all me to make a start on this.
    • Look out both passports & put them in folder with boarding passes (yes - I am that sad )
    • Review airport parking options for Tuesday
    • Review car hire offers for Tuesday
    • Print off directions & details for travel in Bristol/Wales on Tuesday
    • Print off copy of my "paper copy" for driving license (I have one for DH) in case required by car hire co - put copies of both in folder
    • Tidy & clean house with minimal products - DH is off on Friday & last time this happened his brother decided to visit at 9am
    • NSD
    That's about all I can think off for the moment - but as I say, this is to get a jump on tomorrow - and then if I'm awake @ 5am AGAIN, I might get up and start
    Last edited by ClootiesMum; 16-03-2017 at 11:06 AM.
    • angelpye
    • By angelpye 15th Mar 17, 6:30 PM
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    Evening all,

    Very productive day - house is all clean and shiny! Just finishing off bedding in the house now as got a little damp due to getting back a little late from DD's class.

    Earned £6.40 on a couple of surveys today and yesterday so the 'pot' is at £8.27 after spending on raspberries etc earlier this week. Happy with that as really wasn't much work This money I mainly use for fun as my budget is too tight to allow for it otherwise, currently saving for going for a nice day out on Easter Sunday. And yes, in this house, planting raspberries are fun!

    Also managed to squeeze onto my class for tomorrow night as last week it had already booked up but someone must have dropped out.

    Tonight I am going to spend some time sorting out a daily schedule as time is running low at the moment. I will live an orderly grown up kind of life...ok maybe not the grown up bit
    Happiness is wanting what you have...
    Debt Jan 2017: £2589.22 DFD: Sept 2022 April 2022 but this Marching Minimalist can beat that!
    Use it or Loose it gym target: Feb'17 5/6 Mar 4/6
    EF £0/£4200
    • DawnW
    • By DawnW 15th Mar 17, 7:10 PM
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    Afternoon all
    Not much achieved today, mainly due to having to go to DD2's to babysit little GD very early, before she had even got up, as DD2 had another appointment early this morning. I should really have brought GD back here instead of staying there, as I could have got a bit more done.

    Anyway, such as it is:
    Checked banks
    Cleared out little plastic lean to mini greenhouse thing, it has survived yet another winter
    Sowed 3 different kinds of salad leaves, leeks and spring onions
    Moved some big pots around outside, planted out a new sage plant, cleared up some dead plants / swept around where they had been
    Sowed parsnips and carrots in raised bed
    Given fruit trees, bushes and clematis some fertiliser
    HM meals from stores
    Sold an ebay item

    And that is about it! Will scout about for some surveys now
    NSDs for May: 2 / 19

    • crazy_cat_lady
    • By crazy_cat_lady 15th Mar 17, 8:43 PM
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    Hi everyone
    Better day for me today, but my laptop has spent over 2 hours installing some sort of update, so I don't really have time to catch up now as it's almost my bed time.
    It's that time of year at work when everything is just manic - and we were given news of redundancies yesterday as well, which isn't great. Thankfully my job isn't at risk but it doesn't make for a good working atmosphere.
    DFD 6 Nov 15 - paid £28,447
    • LuckyPenny
    • By LuckyPenny 15th Mar 17, 9:35 PM
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    So pleased to reach hump day. Tired.
    - Monday/Tuesday away with work so had 2 free lunches, dinner, coffees and overnight accommodation. Saved a bit of fuel too.
    - took packed lunch to work today.
    - cancelled my trial membership so I don't get stung.
    - sold and parcelled using recycled packaging an eBay sale
    - exchanged an item on Facebook buy/sell/swap for my friends birthday present.
    - FPL and comps every day
    - bought reduced price dishwasher tabs with Asda price guarantee voucher
    so totally free!
    - on my travels with work again tomorrow, will probably get free coffees. I'm planning to take packed lunch with me as trying to be good and don't want to be tempted by the services.

    Hope you're all okay, LP x
    1% Challenge #28 £1154.52/£4000 28.8%
    Pay off all debts by Xmas 2017 #40 £2,214/£6500 Christmas 2018 Saving #16 £29/365
    Competition wins £12,049
    Declutter 3 per day
    • Bobarella
    • By Bobarella 15th Mar 17, 9:55 PM
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    Hi everyone
    Better day for me today, but my laptop has spent over 2 hours installing some sort of update, so I don't really have time to catch up now as it's almost my bed time.
    It's that time of year at work when everything is just manic - and we were given news of redundancies yesterday as well, which isn't great. Thankfully my job isn't at risk but it doesn't make for a good working atmosphere.
    Originally posted by crazy_cat_lady
    Because of the cuts?
    " Your vibe attracts your tribe"

    Debt neutral 27/03/17 from £40k in the hole 2012.
    Roadkill 17 £56.58 2016-£62.28 2015- £84.20)
    RYSAW17 £1900 2016 £2,535.16 2015 £1027.20
    • FatVonD
    • By FatVonD 15th Mar 17, 11:18 PM
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    Evening all, just a quickie from me...

    Popped into the little Mr T and got a few YS bargains including two packs of sliced roast chicken so I decided based on that to make a roast, on a school night!!! I've not long finished cooking and washing up but it was lovely

    I'm trying to avoid takeaways at the moment but I've decided from next week I am going to allow myself one every Wednesday night as by the time I get home from work (and the YS run) it's nearly 8pm and then I have to cook and wash up and there's stuff that's getting neglected (paperwork, etc.) because I'm too knackered to do anything other than crawl into bed. So, from now on Wednesday is going to be my 'getting my **** together' day when I come straight home from work, ignoring the supermarket, order a cheap takeaway that can be eaten out of the wrappers so no washing up (fish and chips or kebab methinks) and then I have an evening midweek to catch up on stuff that needs doing.

    That's the plan anyway
    Make £25 a day in April £0/£750 (March £584, February £602, January £883.66)

    December £361.54, November £322.28, October £288.52, September £374.30, August £223.95, July £71.45, June £251.22, May£119.33, April £236.24, March £106.74, Feb £40.99, Jan £98.54) Total for 2017 - £2,495.10
    • determined new ms
    • By determined new ms 16th Mar 17, 6:47 AM
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    determined new ms
    Morning beautiful morning today, just calm, a little misty and the larks are singing a cauliflower and pepper seed have germinated and one one comes others will follow doubt I'll have any time to do more sowing tonight but maybe I'll try...

    small things for today:

    * check meal plan and get something out
    * stick to diet - I managed to yesterday first few days of anything are always the hardest for me but after that I'll be on a roll. 6 weeks till we go on holiday and I could definitely do with shifting this 1/2 stone from Christmas/post christmas junk frenzy!
    * have messaged runners group to see if there's a run tonight. If there is I'm going! it's on!
    * put together madam's lunch box, made sarnie last night so just a matter of throwing things in the box
    * boil an egg to make sandwich for me, take with soup & fruit
    * take note of mileage and update expenses
    * work hard - I have 2 days until I'm on leave for 12 days but today is going to be a though day with back to back appts. Must use time and resources efficiently to make it easier on myself. Will dictate case notes onto app throughout day as tomorrow I only have 1 appt and the rest is office time so hope by the time I've finished tomorrow I'll be up to date....
    * might be able to do flylady today but probably not more than 1/2 hour...
    * need to get petrol. will use cashback cc

    ok that'll do! See you all on the other side

    FVD have you thought about getting in a couple of frozen pizzas from the SM for Wednesday's? A few months ago we were struggling with takeaways and so I started getting a couple of fancyish pizzas in the freezer so when the inevitable cba night came around it was just a matter of bunging it in the oven for 15-20 mins, couple with some garlic bread and ta da! fakeaway with little effort for a lot less than a take out
    Last edited by determined new ms; 16-03-2017 at 8:00 AM.
    DF as at 30/12/16
    Wombling 2017 £3016.55/Roadkill £8.73
    Wombling 2018 £145.73/RK £0.04
    • By YORKSHIRELASS 16th Mar 17, 7:20 AM
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    Hi all

    FVD Well done on the job app - like your attitude!

    Up early, 2 big loads of washing out although its a bit dull. Off to make myself look presentable for work next. Thursday is a long day as I have both jobs then take DS2 to footie training, mind you that won't be for much longer.

    Oh, must remember to find something for my brothers birthday too.

    Right, best get moving.
    • foxgloves
    • By foxgloves 16th Mar 17, 8:14 AM
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    Morning Campers,
    Little bit of a slower start for me today as it's 8 a.m & I haven't done anything yet! Feel a bit headachey fighring off this small lergy but I think it will shift as the day progresses. Today I will:
    *Wash my hair & let it dry naturally (Conditioner is a use-it-up & will be swilled around with water to get the last bit out.....also cleanser as have just cut open the bottle).
    *Wrap 3 ebay sales (all recycled packaging).
    *Put tonight's meal in slow cooker as I have to go out this evening....persuaded mr f to come with me by mentioning tge word 'buffet'.......
    *Make tomorrow's packed lunch.
    *Make bread.
    *Sort laundry & iron only what really needs it.
    *Check & water baby veggie seedlings.
    *Scrub more plant labels so as to be able to re-use them.
    *Update grocery budget & sort out a 'money swap' by paying £20 off a CC.
    *Very little heating on now. No downstairs heating needed this week, so that's a saving & we can be secure in the knowledge our energy credit balance will build now, ready for next winter.
    I think that's all I'll get done today with having to get ready to go out early evening.
    Have a good day, all.
    F x

    Money can't jump out of your purse on its own so ask 'Can I borrow one, make one, grow one, bake one, re-purpose or recycle, acquire it for free?' Yes? Then put that purse away & keep your money because little savings grow!
    Loan pay-down fund instalment 2 = £716-58
    Payment received from surveys: 2015 = £320 2016 = £210 2017 = £304 2018 = £244
    • PurpleFairy26
    • By PurpleFairy26 16th Mar 17, 8:19 AM
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    Morning frugal pals. No post yesterday, it was just too much to do with not enough day feel today might be the same, but am trying to get a head start.

    Washing already outside from cheap overnight wash, another load in and that will go out too
    Check banking, DH has been paid a day early - something to do with next pay day been Easter so they need to pay that a day early too.
    Check surveys and FPL
    If number switches on new phone sign up to two trials, one for 6 months one for 3. Both free. Make a note of when they end so I can cancel in advance
    Meals from stores
    Work from home so no commute, hopefully able to do some more work in that time
    Pick up click and collect parcel
    Pay some coins in the bank as I think I have a couple of full ones
    Get DH to log on to bank and do some shufling of funds
    Pad to CC
    Message customer about items and let her know how much
    Car being serviced - work are paying, so no cost to me
    Signed up to charitable giving at work yesterday, need to log back on to check it's ok and adjust my income for next month. It's not a lots buts it's the most mse way if doing it as it's tax effective.

    Ziggy hope your son is ok

    Right, must get on.
    • DawnW
    • By DawnW 16th Mar 17, 8:39 AM
    • 4,997 Posts
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    Morning all
    Today's plans:
    NSD Done
    Dog walks x 2 I coincided the morning one with a trip to the post office with RM survey items, and OH did the second one
    Just OH and I, so plan to use up bits from the fridge for meals.Will investigate exactly what is in there shortly! Found a small dish of leftover mashed potato, which OH converted into fish cakes with tinned fish from the larder, fresh parsley, capers and a spoonful of tartare sauce from the jar in the fridge. Also found some leftover streaky bacon, which went into lunchtime sandwiches, and a thick slice of ham, some mushrooms, some slightly squishy tomatoes and an almost full pot of OOD cream. The cream looked and smelled fine, so I made pastry and turned the lot into quiche, adding eggs from DD's ducks and chives from the garden
    Also made a batch of hot cross buns and a dozen mince pies using up mincemeat left from Xmas
    Start a shopping list, though I don't intend to go today Done, nearly out of coffee , so I will need to go tomorrow!
    Clean bathroom floor (again - my black and white tiles look fabulous - for about 5 minutes directly after cleaning, and until the first specks of dust land ) Still dusty I am afraid, didn't get to this
    More stuff in the garden, go through seeds to see what else I have that can usefully go in now. Because my veg garden is very small, basically just one decent sized raised bed and a load of containers, I am looking closer into square foot and other small space methods, much fun being had with my gardening books and seed packets We didn't get the promised nice day unfortunately -it was cold and windy So I only nipped out for a few minutes to sow some radish seed. Also harvested second lot of forced rhubarb, now cooked and in fridge. I have taken the big pot off the rhubarb crown now and banked it up with compost to give it a bit of protection from any frost. It can grow naturally now!
    Stripped off DS's bed and washed the linen. Dried on the line in the cold wind I must pop it onto the airer before bed to finish off.
    I have chives, parsley, rosemary, sage and mint ready in the garden, so need to make an effort to use these Used parsley in the fish cakes made by OH, chives in the BLT sandwiches I made for lunch and in the quiche
    I have an item to post for RM surveys, plus an ebay sale once the buyer pays up! RM surveys stuff done, ebay buyer still hasn't paid
    Time for dog walk #1, back later to update
    Last edited by DawnW; 17-03-2017 at 8:38 AM.
    NSDs for May: 2 / 19

    • ziggy2407
    • By ziggy2407 16th Mar 17, 9:17 AM
    • 3,085 Posts
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    Good Morning All

    Another gorgeous day here, could almost get used to it Not much to do here, infact nothing, everything is up to date so will be sitting in the garden this afternoon with another book from bookcase (can't believe I've read 12 already this year). So today's plans:

    Packed lunch for DH & DS - Done
    Check Bank - Done
    Continue watching "A Touch of Frost" boxset on Firestick - In progress
    Continue purge on emails -
    Surveys -
    Enter a few comps -
    All meals from cupboards/fridge/freezer -
    Check: Luckyphone, Ashleigh, Numberplatelotto, FPL -
    Read (in garden) -
    Yantra Mat -
    Bake -

    Have a great day. Love to you all.

    C x
    It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward. (Old Chinese Proverb)

    Make £5 per day in Jan 18: £491.91/£155 Make £5 per day in Feb 18: £51.40/£140 Make £5 per day in Mar 18: £150.36/£155 Make £5 per day in Apr 18: £93.25/3150 Make £5 per day in May 18: £8/£155
    • angelpye
    • By angelpye 16th Mar 17, 10:50 AM
    • 988 Posts
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    Morning all1,

    Sun is peeking through the mist - love misty days! Really feels like the weather is on the turn and I can feel it

    *Bought pet food after school run (argued for the OOD discount that was on the shelf so got refund/saving of £2.44)
    *All meals from home
    *Flylady the bathroom
    *Check YNAB
    *Washing mountain
    *Pet related cleaning
    *Try to do the odd survey
    *Use it or loose it gym session tonight
    *Book next session before place run out as released today
    *Doe something from the 'long term MS' list i.e. claim to Equifax, sort life assurance (I find this mentally taxing
    *4 hours of work

    Hope all have a lovely day
    Happiness is wanting what you have...
    Debt Jan 2017: £2589.22 DFD: Sept 2022 April 2022 but this Marching Minimalist can beat that!
    Use it or Loose it gym target: Feb'17 5/6 Mar 4/6
    EF £0/£4200
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