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    • Cherryfudge
    • By Cherryfudge 3rd Mar 17, 12:10 AM
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    Cherry takes the reins
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    • 3rd Mar 17, 12:10 AM
    Cherry takes the reins 3rd Mar 17 at 12:10 AM
    Hi everyone.

    I'm hoping I can legitimately post a diary here as I'm in the blessed position at the moment of my only actual debt being my mortgage, but I've had a huge change in my circumstances recently and how I manage it will have a big impact on our finances.

    I need to talk things through, if only with myself, and motivate myself with small money savings and accountability. For the last few years I've not kept an eye on money but I work and DH's pay has gone up so we've had enough and a bit to spare and I've got lazy with some and wasn't mentally able to face other aspects. Now that I'm in a much better place mentally, I want to take the reins and be deliberate about what I spend. I need to start facing up to this right now because we are covering costs for my Mum's estate until probate is settled. I know this isn't legally necessary but we can pay ourselves back from the estate once the paperwork goes through and I don't like the estate to be building up debt (which oddly is possible).

    A bit late tonight to launch into details about the estate so I will give a brief explanation of other financial stuff. DH and I have a couple of joint accounts and a mortgage. We have an aging car which needs to be replaced soon and is essential (DH's work and transport for a disabled relative). We are also going to a family wedding abroad in July, and have paid accommodation and air fares but there will also be car hire, food, sundries and some of the clothes still to buy. DH's income is the larger and pays all the utilities, holidays, fuel and etceteras. Mine goes into the other joint account and pays the mortgage and food, which gives me a lot of pride . I also pay for contact lenses, some donations which I don't want to stop, my phone contract and, temporarily, costs incurred trying to sort Mum's estate.

    The breakdown of where my money goes (pcm):
    Mortgage: 282.24
    Donations: 120.00
    Contact lenses: 22.00
    Phone 8.40
    Amazon Prime: 7.99
    Food for 4 adults 80.00 (pw) (approx. 347 pm)

    Roughly 1,000 pcm (variable due to overtime)
    Bank 3 (if I get my wages transferred regularly)

    This month and possibly next I have lots of extra fairly hefty outgoings in terms of travel, paying a cleaner, insurance etc. that are all to do with Mum's estate. I will, as I said, get these back from my eventual inheritance but meanwhile I want to tread carefully and of course it will decrease what I inherit. Duh.

    To encourage myself I'm keeping this diary and would love to hear from others as I do so. I can't always see things clearly till others give input.

    Action I can see I need to take:
    Get my wages paid directly into this account so I always get that 3! Done in time for May 2017
    Cancel Amazon Prime - cancelled 7/3/17

    Little MS things I've managed today:
    Started this diary
    Taken lunch to work - overnight oats
    Mended a favourite cardigan so I can wear it in daylight
    Put myself down for 3 extra shifts. 2 of these particular type of shifts pay for a journey to work on Mum's house.

    Forgot DH had an evening meeting so went for the quick-cook supermarket pizza which isn't best use of food money when I could have been using stuff up.
    Far too tired after a late night and an early shift, to go for a run. I know that's nothing to do with money but for lent and my waistline I'm doing C25K.
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    • Cherryfudge
    • By Cherryfudge 3rd Apr 18, 3:52 PM
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    Overpayment of 500 to the mortgage and paid the milk bill so I have something to show for today. I have spent a lot of time trying to book leave for our holiday but there is trouble at mill... the online booking system keeps throwing me off so I've given up for now and have all the complicated bits written down so I don't have it all to research next time I try.

    I was going for a run but it chose to tip it down earlier: now it's nice and sunny again but I don't know what I want to do any more... tried booking DD's birthday present tickets but realised I need to double-check dates with her... texted and waiting for a reply.

    Had an idea for DS1's and DDiL's housewarming gift but the house isn't even built yet so that won't be coming off this month's money.

    Texted my friends to see if we're meeting today - I can't remember what we said.

    So everything's on hold: I ought to do something useful so maybe half an hour running will make me feel more productive (not fitter: got a way to go to get back to where I was).

    Other things to do:
    prep study material
    practise piano
    defrost pastry for dinner
    put washing in machine
    Last edited by Cherryfudge; 03-04-2018 at 4:10 PM.
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    • Cherryfudge
    • By Cherryfudge 3rd Apr 18, 11:54 PM
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    I actually did all my list today - that's why short lists rule! The actual list, the invisible one, is probably pages long, but it isn't written down any more: it got done once, just once.

    Updates: I managed to get back into the system for booking leave and hurried through the process before it threw me off again. Pressed 'send' and realised I have made a mistake somewhere and said I was due on a 7.5 hour shift somewhere, that I'm not. I'll have to see if I can get my manager to sort it out, poor man.

    Run accomplished, only about 2K but that's a lot better than not going at all. I'm feeling very unfit every time I run so I need to keep at it.

    DD didn't get back to me about the tickets but my friend mentioned the same show is on elsewhere later so it's not the end of the world if we miss this time round. She has been having difficulty picking up some messages since she got a new phone (and I'm wondering whether to buy her old one off her! My current one is miserably short of space despite my best efforts).

    Dinner was a pie made with lots of left-overs from Sunday so there is now more fridge space. Just as well. DS2 knocked stuff over from there earlier, so things went on hold till the floor was clean and safe again.

    The piano pracrise wasn't as bad as I'd feared but I had already cancelled today's lesson as, between work, being away and DS2 being on waking nights, I hadn't practised for at least a week.

    Mortgage overpayment 500.00
    Milks bill (housekeeping) 6.39
    MS stuff:
    10 saved by not having my piano lesson
    Cost of dinner saved by using stuff up
    Breakfast and lunch were 8p's worth of delicious hot cross buns bought at yellow sticker prices yesterday. Not the most balanced diet, but yummy.
    Confession time:
    Broken cup from the fridge incident, and waste of a bit of food.
    Tickets for DD's birthday would have been cheaper if I'd booked earlier.
    MFW #30 Paid off 2,481.24/3770 as of 4/8/18
    • supersaver1000
    • By supersaver1000 4th Apr 18, 10:05 PM
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    Love your positive post - yesterday at 1.07am! Makes me feel tired just thinking about it.

    Keep up with the running - well done!
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    • Cherryfudge
    • By Cherryfudge 4th Apr 18, 11:04 PM
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    Thanks SS1000 - I'm not known for being an early bird.

    No run today but got plenty of walking in so the step count is looking better than lately.

    Nothing spent today either.

    I made some inroads into the clutter. There are a number of boxes of books that were Mum's and which had just been stacked up. Some I knew I didn't want to keep and probably didn't have a resale value but to I felt I should get rid of the address labels on the front covers, only to have found those labels aren't designed to be removed. Today I found by accident that antibac wipes do the trick! Takes a few minutes but there must be a solvent in the fluid.

    The decluttering score is: 3 books into the recycling as badly damaged. 12 with labels (and odd scraps of paper used as bookmarks) removed and bagged up for charity. Emailed my sister about a couple she may want.

    MS stuff:
    Dinners from fridge and freezer again.

    Nothing much else to report.
    Last edited by Cherryfudge; 04-04-2018 at 11:24 PM.
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    • Cherryfudge
    • By Cherryfudge 5th Apr 18, 10:58 PM
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    Been a longish day but clear blue sky and warmer than for many months, and I got to spend time out of doors so I'm happy.

    I had a quick nap after work but got myself up again and popped down to the shops: hay for the guinea and a few cheap tins for us from the far end of town, and I will admit to four plants for the garden from the discounted ones. I nearly got a couple of pots of tiny daffodils then remembered I'd seen one with more bulbs in at a shop I had to pass on my way home. It was still there for 1 so I bought it and on the till it was 50p! The daffs were planned for a wall basket but the three dianthus weren't so I need to find a home for them. Still, 75p each... the ones I got a few weeks ago were 3 for 5, though much bigger.

    No run today but I walked over 21,000 steps so I'm letting myself off that one. I did hurt my foot somehow but I don't think it's bad, just unexpelained. DD has a half-marathon at the weekend so she ran from the town where she works to the next town after work today and sent photos - just an idyllic setting. I have ordered the tickets for her birthday present today. Memo to self - train tickets needed too so see if I can split tickets and cut costs by buying early.

    DD's birthday present 52.50
    Pets 1.99
    Housekeeping 4.16
    Toiletries 5.00
    Garden 2.75
    Household 5.00
    MS stuff:
    Plants all at half price
    3 off toiletries
    Saved about 1 on food by shopping where I did.
    Thought twice before buying the first lot of daffs I was tempted to, so saved money.
    Confession time:
    The dianthus (dianthi?) were unplanned (but will be pretty and smell gorgeous)
    Cheap eggs - can hens really afford to lay for 10p a day?
    MFW #30 Paid off 2,481.24/3770 as of 4/8/18
    • Cherryfudge
    • By Cherryfudge 5th Apr 18, 11:20 PM
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    I forgot to add - I've sent 11 books to the charity shop and some craft stuff to a friend - that's two carrier bags' worth of space gained!
    MFW #30 Paid off 2,481.24/3770 as of 4/8/18
    • Honeysucklelou2
    • By Honeysucklelou2 6th Apr 18, 6:18 AM
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    I don't think hens can lay for 10p a day! But then much depends on what they are fed on. I tend to feed mine on food produced by companies that don"t use GM ingredients which does cost more to buy.

    Well done on the book clearance.
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    • Onebrokelady
    • By Onebrokelady 6th Apr 18, 9:36 AM
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    Well done on the decluttering,I still haven't made a start on mine,I'm still in the planning stages at the moment (that's what I keep telling myself anyway) I'm on holiday next week so I'm hoping to get some done then,the actual house is ok it's my spare room that full of junk and I really need to clear it out for when DGS comes to stay,at the moment I put his travel cot up in my room but it's in the way then so being able to put it in the spare room would be great,but before I tackle the clutter in there I have to do battle with the ironing mountain that's built up on the bed
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    • parsniphead
    • By parsniphead 6th Apr 18, 2:26 PM
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    Well done on the decluttering. It's great when it reaches the charity shop.

    Have a good week off. I hope it's sunny for you.
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    • Cherryfudge
    • By Cherryfudge 6th Apr 18, 11:40 PM
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    I don't think hens can lay for 10p a day!
    Originally posted by Honeysucklelou2
    I was afraid that might be the case. Yours will be much better off, I know.

    So I have a weekend off! Yay! And rain is forecast, ah well.

    No progress made on the house today but half an hour or so has been spent in the garden clearing brambles and other weeds. The tangle that was a border isn't sorted yet but it's considerably less dense than it was this morning. I have also finally brought into use a little hand fork that I got two or three years ago. Would you believe it looked too nice to use? It's a sturdy little thing with a wooden handle, much tougher than the old plastic-handled one it takes over from - and it makes detail work a lot easier. I discovered a tub of marjoram which I thought had died off, too, which was especially encouraging as my neighbour and I were lamenting the damage done to tough-looking bushes of rosemary and sage in the recent snows. Now it just seems that nature is making up for lost time!

    I had one of those moments of unexpected objectivity this evening: I was washing some pans which we were given for a wedding present a lot of years ago and which have been treasured almost as members of the family. DH and the kids have been on at me for a long time to replace them as they are getting very worn: the copper bases have mostly buckled and a lot of the handles have loosened to the point where they wobble, but I hung on to them out of sentiment and because I can't be sure a new set wouldn't suffer the same fate! Tonight I decided they are no longer what they were and it's time to look into a decent new set. I had DH look up how much they are in the hope he will realise that dunking a hot copper-based pan in cold water does more than create an interesting bang. I don't think he's the only culprit but he's now the most likely person to wreck them, IMO.

    It's funny how I somehow saw them much as they were when new, but looking objectively there's not a single one in good condition any more.

    Housekeeping 3.48
    MS stuff:
    87p off bread
    Last edited by Cherryfudge; 06-04-2018 at 11:49 PM.
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    • Honeysucklelou2
    • By Honeysucklelou2 7th Apr 18, 2:20 AM
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    Enjoy your weekend off!
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    • Eager_Elephant
    • By Eager_Elephant 7th Apr 18, 8:00 AM
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    Cheap eggs - can hens really afford to lay for 10p a day?
    Originally posted by Cherryfudge
    I think the bigger companies who have 000's of chickens can lay for less than 10p a day.
    I know a couple who have 10,000 chickens who free range and they buy their feed by the hundred ton whereas the average backyard chicken keeper will buy a 25kg bag from a local supplier which of course costs more per kg.

    Most of the process will be automated so there is no wages to pay to staff, the farm I know have nest boxes with a conveyor belt so as soon as the egg is laid it travels down the belt outside of the barn and goes in to a shed where the eggs are packed in trays of 30.

    Its not ideal and certainly not a perfect life for a chicken but certainly not as bad as being a barn or caged chicken.
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    • Cherryfudge
    • By Cherryfudge 7th Apr 18, 7:43 PM
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    Who'd be a chicken? I am sure when I get mine (one day... I have the coop but not a lot of time and the weather has been too harsh to inflict my rusty skills on POL birds) I am sure they will cost me more than 10p a go.

    This has been a rainy day with both of us off work so I had the idea of trying to replace our missing kitchen cabinets. We measured up the space, looked things up and discussed layout (having already decided on white), chose some basic ones and set off to buy. Of course, as this isn't the sort of things we do very often - actually, have never done before - there were a few things we hadn't thought of, like certain finishes not being available in white, but we found some we liked and the assistant started to compile our order. Now I knew there were trimmings we hadn't factored into our initial costings (I told you haven't done this before) but when I looked over the man's shoulder at the screen, the total was 600 and rising! So DH and I asked him to put it on hold for a minute and I found a different set of doors that took 400 off the price.

    So we are now the proud owners of some hefty flatpacks and an empty space on the kitchen wall.
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    • Cherryfudge
    • By Cherryfudge 7th Apr 18, 10:16 PM
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    I don't think I'm going to be spending any more today so here's the summary

    Household 228.00
    Housekeeping 22.86
    [B]MS stuff[:/B]
    Was brave enough to do a last-minute rethink on the kitchen unit doors saving approx. 400
    Home-made hair cut saving ?? but shorter by two inches.
    Bread, mushrooms, sauce mix, biscuits all reduced at supermarket
    Too wet to go to the car boot sale

    I haven't got any gardening done, though while looking for the hacksaw I found four packs of assorted bulbs that should have been planted last autumn and which I'd completely forgotten! At least two of them look lively enough for me to pop them in, in the hope of flowers at some time in the future.

    Not much done in the way of decluttering though I'm working my way through another box of Mum's books, most of which can go to charity (I've long since got my favourites).

    We have made the shell of the smallest kitchen unit but we're too tired to press on with it tonight so are hoping tomorrow will bring DS1 with his DIY expertise!
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    • WannabeFree
    • By WannabeFree 7th Apr 18, 11:43 PM
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    Sorry just catching up again.

    Glad all seems well Brilliant news on the fridge and mortgage overpayment

    Happy new kitchen cupboards! I'd love to change the doors on mine

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    • Cherryfudge
    • By Cherryfudge 8th Apr 18, 11:55 PM
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    Nothing to report money-wise today apart from that I really need to get the meter readings done soon.

    Slightly eventful weekend among the wider family and Mum's house has sprung a leak. My sister is there for a few days and seems to be making significant inroads into listing things to sell, but will have to cope with no heat or water overnight. It's impossible to tell at this time of night whether it's water coming in under a slipped tile or a problem with the older parts of the pipework.

    I have managed both a run and some proper piano practise today so I am relatively chilled.

    Back to work in the morning then a couple more days off, so be prepared for the lists! Oh, and I did a few minutes work trimming the grass and what felt like about an hour sorting Mum's books, and DH has assembled the basics of another kitchen cabinet and measured up again to be sure where they are going to go. We have enough space to fit two more 'bridge' units above the new main unit so there will be better storage than there's been for a long time.

    I found another of Mum's old letters, telling Dad on no account to go to her parents' home before their wedding as she would 'never hear the last of it' if he went in. The bridesmaid that he was to deliver to the ceremony had to be dropped at the end of the road (she would never have been there before) to find her own way to the house! I suppose they were worried about the groom seeing the bride before the wedding. They needn't have flapped: the marriage lasted till my Dad passed away nearly 50 years later.
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    • charlies tribe
    • By charlies tribe 9th Apr 18, 3:02 PM
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    charlies tribe
    Hope the kitchen is coming along nicely and that the leak is an easy fix.

    So exciting to find the letters. Like little snippets into their lives together. It's great for the family to look back on after they have kept them all this time.
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    • Cherryfudge
    • By Cherryfudge 9th Apr 18, 11:53 PM
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    Worn out this evening! I bought stuff to make DD a birthday cake but was just struggling with everything I had to do, having been at work since first thing, so in the end DH kindly bought one. I tried to catch a bit of sleep but I was too wound up. I did get her flowers though.

    We all went out for pizza and someone had a voucher so it was a nice meal and not too expensive either (my share was just under 15 but DH paid ours). I think DD enjoyed herself! She only had half a day at work too so was able to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

    Housekeeping 7.30
    Gifts 2.50
    MS stuff:
    Tomatoes and almond butter on reduced.
    Managed to say 'no' to various over-priced cake decorations - there's a complicated story to the cake but no time to tell it now.
    Confession time:
    On Sunday, we couldn't find the mushrooms we'd bought the day before and had to buy some more. Today I found the butter we bought is also missing! I'm hoping there's not a bag of food going off somewhere.
    MFW #30 Paid off 2,481.24/3770 as of 4/8/18
    • Cherryfudge
    • By Cherryfudge 10th Apr 18, 2:09 PM
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    I'm very late with the promised list today but I need to press on or I'll just continue to feel dragged down by the state of the house. Some spending expected (piano lesson, groceries, replacement fire extinguisher - old ones were well out of date but the fire officer at work has offered to take them to be refilled/sold again).

    There is so much ironing I've divided it by four so I can achieve something! Maybe I should do similarly with the paperwork but those piles never completely go, they just shrink and expand again.
    • ironing 1 DONE
    • ironing 2
    • ironing 3
    • ironing 4
    • one load into washer DONE
    • put away clean laundry
    • prep study for tonight
    • piano practice
    • 15 minutes decluttering
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    • Cherryfudge
    • By Cherryfudge 10th Apr 18, 3:25 PM
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    3.20pm update:

    I have my Fitbit working again! I had to do lots of restarts and uninstall/reinstall it from the computer but then it's back to life on both phone and computer, which is great news.

    Doesn't increase my actual fitness, but great news nonetheless.

    The rain which has been dominating the day seems to be going, and the dense grey cloud has given way to steady grey cloud.

    ironing 1 DONE
    ironing 2 DONE
    ironing 3
    ironing 4
    one load into washer DONE
    put away clean laundry Done
    prep study for tonight
    piano practice DONE
    15 minutes decluttering
    Get dinner and random shopping
    MFW #30 Paid off 2,481.24/3770 as of 4/8/18
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