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    • shala_moo
    • By shala_moo 26th Feb 17, 5:02 PM
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    Get in the swing for Spring - Slimming World support thread 2017
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    • 26th Feb 17, 5:02 PM
    Get in the swing for Spring - Slimming World support thread 2017 26th Feb 17 at 5:02 PM
    Shiny new thread, with all the info carried over as follows:-

    Slimming World and Food Optimising is a plan for life, it's not a quick fix and you should look at weight losses over a period of time. There are no prizes for speed of weight loss.

    You need to commit to making changes to the food that you buy and how you cook it, because what you've been doing in the past hasn't got you to where you want to be.

    You can't use parts of the plan that suit you and forget the rest.

    If you are not prepared to make a commitment to change the behaviour that has got you into your current situation then nothing is going to change, and above all things, you need to be honest and accountable for every single mouthful of food that passes your lips.

    You need to care enough to take time out to pre-plan your slimming campaign. Look again at the menu plans and see the variety and volume of food you can eat. All you have to lose is the weight.

    Slimming World has been successfully helping people lose weight for over forty years, so trust them and read your Food Optimising books again and again.

    Food Optimising is easy but life isn't. Losing weight is a battle but you have the battle plan in your food optimising book, your secret weapon is free food, and that, together with your healthy extras and syns add up to a healthy way of eating that can (and should) be a life plan. Success is there waiting for you!!!8230;!!!8230;!!!8230;go for it!

    If you fancy having a go at EE, here are the official 'rules' to ensure that you not only lose weight regularly but get all the nutrition your body needs to function well:-

    Extra Easy:

    1: Choose your Free Food

    Most of the food you eat should come from the free foods list !!!8211; so that!!!8217;s pasta, rice, potatoes, lean meat, poultry, fish, fruit and vegetables.

    And for super-fast, super healthy results, fill one third of your plate with Speed Foods!

    2: Choose your Healthy Extras

    Each day select one Healthy Extra !!!8216;a!!!8217; choice and one Healthy Extra !!!8216;b!!!8217; choice from our simplified list of calcium and fibre-filled foods, including milk, cheese, bread, nuts and cereal.

    3: Enjoy 5-15 Syns each day


    If you find your weight loss has slowed down or stopped, check:-

    1. Whether everything you're counting as Free, is Free

    2. Whether you're under-estimating Syn values (over-estimate if guessing)

    3. Whether you're counting everything that should be counted

    4. Whether you're measuring everything that should be measured

    5. Whether you're sabotaging your success in any other way (using SAS logs will help uncover individual long-term self-sabotage patterns) and, if none of these is the culprit, either...........

    A: increase the proportion of Speed Foods to half of your plate
    B: switch to more Speed Foods


    C: try Extra Easy SP - details are on this link -

    And above all, if you follow the plan, any plan, 100% you will lose weight!

    Remember we are all here to support each other, and to have fun, and to share in any little disappointments.

    Link to the List of Healthy Extras as at April 14

    List of Speed foods here - Fruits & Vegetables

    We have a Facebook group open to anyone joining us on this thread; to join please mention it in your post or drop Lushlifesaver a PM and an existing member can send you an invite.
    Last edited by shala_moo; 26-02-2017 at 5:29 PM.
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    • maman
    • By maman 14th Mar 17, 8:04 PM
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    That seems like lots of different things to serve up for dinner lush . I don't begrudge you having what you fancy but it would be so much simpler and sociable (and less work for you ) if you all ate much the same.

    Glad to hear that's only a shorthand menu kathryna . You've done so well with all the stresses in the past few weeks. I have Puffed Wheat when I have cereal for breakfast but that's only about once a week. It's very bland (tastes like plain popcorn) but you do get loads The bonus of overnight oats is you use yogurt so can save HEA for cheese or milk later in the day.

    I ended up with errands to run so had to cry off meal with friends. As we've got so little in I concocted a JP with tuna and pickles. Still having promised wine syns though.
    • Cazzaswfc
    • By Cazzaswfc 14th Mar 17, 9:53 PM
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    So, after Sundays little STS strop I've made sure I syned everything and trying to up it speed.

    Today's menu

    Almond quark blackberries, grape nuts
    Chicken salad with of mayo 3 syns
    2 sasumas and Alpen bar hxb

    Thai curry 3 syns with loads speed veg and BNS chips

    1 ryvitas 1.5 syns and cheese hxa, a few Pringles 4 syns and melon

    Tommorow (so far)

    Salted Carmel quark blackberries

    HM broccoli, caulk and cheese soup 1 syn with 2 ryvitas and dairylea - half hxa and b
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    • kathrynha
    • By kathrynha 15th Mar 17, 7:40 AM
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    1/2 lb gain for me last night. Really rather relieved that was all. Determined for a good loss this week.

    Thank you for all the breakfast advise. I like puffed wheat. Ages since I've had any, but yes I remember it was good for quantity you are allowed.
    Fancy the suggestion of smoked salmon. I love the stuff. I definitely need to think outside the box on breakfasts. I don't necessarily need 'traditional' breakfast food.

    Today's plan:
    Breakfast - yogurt, fruit and grape nut
    Lunch - chicken and cottage cheese salad and birthday cake
    Dinner - Bacon, egg, beans, tomato and mushrooms

    HA - milk
    HB - grape nut
    Syns - cake, reckon it's about 10
    Weight loss start date: 3rd January 2017
    Weight loss total: 53 lb
    Last updated: 27th February 2018
    • Top Girl
    • By Top Girl 15th Mar 17, 8:01 AM
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    Top Girl
    I've made overnight oats for the first time. Not sure it's all speed though - Asda frozen black forest fruits, so blackberries, blackcurrants, cherries and Morello cherries, can anyone help?


    B - Overnight oats

    D - Ham, egg and potato salad, melon, strawberries. Possibly a tikka mugfull (1)

    T - Spaghetti Bolognese

    I'll have fruit later if I'm hungry too. HEXA on milk. Gone over my 5 syns per day so trying to pull it back...
    • Tete en l'Air
    • By Tete en l'Air 15th Mar 17, 8:11 AM
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    Tete en l'Air
    I'm no expert Top Girl because I don't like berry type fruit, but I think the blackberries and blackcurrants are speed but cherries are just free.

    Haylaluru - thanks for the JP advice and the giggle! It must be too early in the morning for me because I needed your explanation to work out what you meant!

    I am having such a bad week over here, just can't get my head back in gear. Tuesdays are always stressful and although I had on plan meals from the freezer, I ate biscuits all day while planning my lesson then came home and ate my godson's Easter egg and had a glass of wine.

    I've woken up this morning and have a week until I have to be back in work but I feel really deflated and almost bordering on depression when I should feel energised about having time to get stuff done. I guess the reality of not having a proper job is getting to me and I'm starting to feel panicked rather than free.

    Waking up knowing I've just spent five days sabotaging my SW efforts doesn't help either so I'm going to start by making a plan and a shopping list.
    • kathrynha
    • By kathrynha 15th Mar 17, 8:27 AM
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    Top girl cherries are definitely only free, but that black forest frozen fruit is definitely the nicest selection

    Hugs Tete. It's so hard when our schedules are different from normal. Well done for planning to make a plan. It's the best thing to do, and hopefully it will help to refocus your mind. Don't forget to put some planned treats in there, to help you feel better, and make you hopefully not be tempted by large unplanned treats.
    Weight loss start date: 3rd January 2017
    Weight loss total: 53 lb
    Last updated: 27th February 2018
    • Abbafan1972
    • By Abbafan1972 15th Mar 17, 9:45 AM
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    My favourite fruit for overnight oats is the Tescos "Breakfast Topper" it's in the frozen section (desserts). I think it's mango, peach, pineapple and strawberry, but it's in small pieces.
    Weight on 01/08/15 - 17st 5lb
    Target weight - 10st
    Target reached - 20/05/17

    Greatest Loser for SW group 2016, 2017 & 2018
    Woman of the year for SW group 2016 & 2017
    • pixtotts
    • By pixtotts 15th Mar 17, 10:42 AM
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    I am going to attempt to continue SW minus all the sweetener products (diet coke, options, gosh the list is endless there is sweetner in so much). Has anyone else done this? I am thinking drinks (which is where I consume most sweetner products) are going to be reduced to water and not a lot else...
    Originally posted by Mad with money
    This is something I try to do as in all honesty I can't stand the taste of sweetner, it just leaves me with this weird aftertaste, for that reason I don't really find drinks a problem, I just don't like the taste of diet drinks, I mostly just drink tea lol. Bog standard black tea, or flavoured black tea, I have some amazing stuff from Bluebird tea co, I have loads of different ones but christmas cake tea, hot cross bun tea, and maple bacon pancake tea are my favourites

    smallpackages I know exactly how you feel! so far each month this year I have finished at about the same weight as I was before Christmas even though I've been doing the same as I was doing before Christmas! urgh! These atovely people have very graciously put up with my whining on quite a few occasions
    Just have to stick with it, like you I go with a relative, who it's worked for, so we know it does work ( my mum, she got to target the week before last 8 and a bit stone off in 18 months ) , it just gets frustrating doesn't it x

    regarding the muller light talk the way I've always looked at it is (though I tend to opt for the danone light and free over muller I think they taste more like fruit). It goes back to the balanced diet thing, too much of anything is bad. I see free foods as being luxury, they aren't needed... SP days we have all we need S, P, HE A&B. So there's no NEED other than convenience, or because we like them to have free foods. Personally I never have more than 1 yogurt a day, just because the idea of having more wouldn't occur to me.

    Piglet - my mum has always had all her speed as vegetables as she became allergic to all fruit apart from bananas it's never made any difference to her, so if you don't want the fruit don't have it I guess they have to keep it in there because we do need our 5 a day (though think they said it's actually way more than 5 we need) and those who don't like vegetables can at least have fruit

    kathrynha - you should always weigh more after exercise, it means it's working . I don't do any on a Wed or Thursday now because of weighing on a Thursday night, when I was at uni I used to frequent the gym and it would take a rest day to lose what muscles gained through exercise x

    I'm back from my most amazing weekend in London, I completely ignored SW not that I had much choice in the matter anyway... I HAVE to tell you about dinner Saturday night though it was amazing! So we'd had cocktails on arrival, an amuse bouche, starter which was salmon so I only ate the salad haha, and a beef main, then the band left, they took all the flowers, and the wine and were sat there like umm...... are we off? Then music started playing and they rolled baking parchment down the middle of the table, and the pudding was "made" on the table, people walked down the room putting squiggles of sauce on the table, then piping cream onto it, we had chocolate brownie with poached pears, rhubarb mille feuille, lemon cheese cake with blueberries, a rhubarb sorbet, and a chocolate creamy moussey thing with blood oranges all served directly onto the table with sparklers for us to share, it was the most amazing experience ever! Aaaannnd soo I'm fully expecting a gain this week but totally worth it

    todays plan
    B - weetabix (HEB) sugar (2)
    L - pasta or noodles not 100% decided

    and that's as far as I've got, I have a smidgen of a cold from the lack of sleep x
    I hope you know your capable, & brave, & significant.
    even when it feels like your not....
    • Lois Lane
    • By Lois Lane 15th Mar 17, 11:02 AM
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    Lois Lane
    Morning all

    Feeling a bit better today - yesterday turned out to be the kind of day when you don't want to be too far from the loo IYSWIM. I didn't eat much either, some eggs and toast for lunch and LO spag bol for dinner, so hoping for a good result next weigh in.

    There's been a number of posts recently on Pinch of Nom's Facebook page about making a low syn treat with sugar free marshmallows and a HEB of Cheerios, and I'm thinking puffed wheat might work too.

    I like the sound of the Breakfast Topper Abbafan, I must get some when I'm back, small pieces would work well.

    Pixtotts - have you ever tried weetabix without adding sugar? There's sugar in them anyway and you could have sliced banana with them and save your Syns.

    I'm going to a 70th birthday party this afternoon and I expect there'll be buffet food so hopefully some healthy options too.

    Have a good day everyone.

    • joedenise
    • By joedenise 15th Mar 17, 12:49 PM
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    I don't actually like the breakfast topper very much, the pieces are too small. I tend to buy the Tesco value fruit which is mainly melon balls (2 types); strawberries & grapes. I also buy a bag of watermelon balls and add those too when defrosting and occasionally some frozen pomegranate seeds.

    Enjoy the party this afternoon LL. I would have thought there would be plenty of salad stuff as you're in Spain, unlike here in the UK, where you'll probablyl get the odd bit of lettuce & tomato garnish on the sandwiches, LOL!

    Today's plan:

    B - boiled egg & soldiers
    L - ham salad
    D - ribeye steak, chips, onions - would have had mushrooms as well but have run out! - side salad

    HEA - milk
    HEB - bread
    Syns - chips (not sure of syns but think about 5)

    • lantanna
    • By lantanna 15th Mar 17, 2:35 PM
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    Lush It sounds very similar to what I've had. The pain would start on my right under my ribs and would radiate around by back, up into my shoulder and across my chest. It was agony and would last about an hour and during that time I could hardly concentrate on breathing never mind anything else. Dr suggested Dioralyte every hour on the hour for 6 hours then water every hour on the hour for the next 24 hours (except when sleeping) to 'flush' out a potential virus. I had blood tests and off the back of those results an ultrasound which showed I was 'borderline' and no further action required. Borderline what? I have no idea as I can't get passed the bloomin' receptionist to make an appointment with the GP to discuss it further. I couldn't even get to see the GP before the ultrasound as the appointment just came though because of the LFT result so I have no idea what was suspected. (possibly fatty liver but that's the danger of a google search when you can't see your GP) The initial dioralyte/water did ease it a lot and got rid of the dull ache under my ribs although I had another 2 episodes of full blown agony between then and the ultrasound last week. My symptoms are much better after I started avoiding onions and leafy greens, I'd never had a problem with these ever before but from my food diary these seemed to be the only common triggers, so maybe it was a build up of gas which sounds trivial but jeez I've never known pain like it, and I've been through childbirth.
    So keep a food diary to see what your triggers are and get to see a GP if you can, hope you feel better soon x

    Tete Just !!!!! your Potatoes rub some olive oil on the skins and a sprinkle of salt, (I'm sure frylight would work too) wrap in tin foil, put in the slow cooker and forget about them. Mine weren't huge and were ready after 6/7 hours on low. The large ones you buy in packs of 4 will be ok for a good 8 hours in there ready for dinner after work. Or put them on high for 4/5 hours depending on their size.
    Originally posted by Haylaluru

    Sounds like a classic case of gallstones to me!
    3 stone 13.5 lbs to target

    • lantanna
    • By lantanna 15th Mar 17, 2:49 PM
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    Having a rubbish week...........

    First the 3o ft fall, employee was beyond lucky to walk away with fractures but as you can imagine it has generated serious drama and work.

    Second went to a conference yesterday morning, got a call about an interview at 4pm - went to it as best time to go as cant keep popping out for made up appointments! Mad dash to get home and changed etc

    Third was still awake at 4.30 am this morning, with a migraine and a nose I was sure was going to start bleeding. So had 2 hours sleep

    Fourth Had the Company owner ranting and raving to me for 40 mins first thing

    Fifth The 3rd part of the replacement was rubbish last night


    Not expecting any sort of loss this week as all out of sorts and not been focused on it. Anyway plough on!
    3 stone 13.5 lbs to target

    • beanielou
    • By beanielou 15th Mar 17, 3:43 PM
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    The Replacement last night was not what I expected
    Lou~ Debt free Wanabe No 55 DF 03/03/14.
    **Credit card debt free 30/06/10~** **Weight loss 2 stone 11 lbs **

    "A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of" Jane Austen in Mansfield Park.
    ***Fall down seven times,stand up eight*** ~~Japanese proverb.
    It starts with you, it starts from now. *** It is ok to be me.***
    ***Keep plodding***
    Out of debt, out of danger.
    • Lois Lane
    • By Lois Lane 15th Mar 17, 3:56 PM
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    Lois Lane
    Just back from the party - the buffet was cheese, biscuits and crusty bread, in other words a SW nightmare... I didn't eat much but a couple of glasses of wine were consumed.

    Lantanna - sorry to hear about your day. I'm with you on the replacement, I was really looking forward to the finale but very disappointed.

    • bubbs
    • By bubbs 15th Mar 17, 4:57 PM
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    Afternoon all
    tweets has pointed me in this direction
    I will be joining you all soon i am just reading and trying to take it in, i will be going to a class and stopping
    Sealed pot challenge number 242 £350 for 2015, 2016 £400 Actual£345, £400 for 2017 Actual £500
    Stopped Smoking 22/01/15
    :5 st 2 1/2 lb
    • tweets
    • By tweets 15th Mar 17, 6:19 PM
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    Afternoon all
    tweets has pointed me in this direction
    I will be joining you all soon i am just reading and trying to take it in, i will be going to a class and stopping
    Originally posted by bubbs
    Well hello bubbs

    Fancy seeing you here
    Lost 3st-6lb
    • bubbs
    • By bubbs 15th Mar 17, 6:26 PM
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    Well hello bubbs

    Fancy seeing you here
    Originally posted by tweets
    Fancy eh?
    Hope you are ok?
    Sealed pot challenge number 242 £350 for 2015, 2016 £400 Actual£345, £400 for 2017 Actual £500
    Stopped Smoking 22/01/15
    :5 st 2 1/2 lb
    • tweets
    • By tweets 15th Mar 17, 6:33 PM
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    Fancy eh?
    Hope you are ok?
    Originally posted by bubbs
    No being cheeky on this thread

    I am ok thanks
    Lost 3st-6lb
    • bubbs
    • By bubbs 15th Mar 17, 6:39 PM
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    No being cheeky on this thread

    I am ok thanks
    Originally posted by tweets
    I am a well behaved girlie
    Sealed pot challenge number 242 £350 for 2015, 2016 £400 Actual£345, £400 for 2017 Actual £500
    Stopped Smoking 22/01/15
    :5 st 2 1/2 lb
    • ali-t
    • By ali-t 15th Mar 17, 6:39 PM
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    1/2 lb off for me which isnt great but better than i deserve.
    If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got!
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