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    • mothernerd
    • By mothernerd 25th Feb 17, 7:40 PM
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    NST Muddy March Marathon
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    • 25th Feb 17, 7:40 PM
    NST Muddy March Marathon 25th Feb 17 at 7:40 PM

    Inspired by the Zumba Twins (my niece and her wife) who completed a 10k mud run in aid of their local hospice last month and in despair at the impossibility of following Captain abundant's Winter Voyage, I have decided that in March we will run a
    Muddy March Marathon.

    M March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, they say. However March is a lot more varied than that and usually manages to throw a bit of everything at us. So it is, in life, and on our debt free journey. Some months we sail through, accumulating NSDs, knocking chunks off our debts. Others we struggle, barely recovering from one setback before the next hits us. This March, we will be adopting the American Indian mantra
    !!!8220;Live in the Spirit of the Season!!!8221;

    Whatever the weather throws at us (or life or debt free journey) we will embrace it, enjoy the challenge, celebrate and commiserate with each other. We will relish any signs of Spring approaching but will also splash through the puddles (or slush), fizzle through the fog and giggle at the gales. The March Challenge runs from 1st March to midnight on the 31st March.

    U Use it or Lose it is our second theme for the month. Both words have many conotations so from using what we have in the cupboard, reusing something for a repair, putting skills we have to good use and losing (rehoming/ selling/ giving to the charity shop for it to find someone who loves it) any unwanted/ needed possessions (captain abundant advised us to look through out wardrobes last month) and turn them into cash or return them to productive life. We are all short of space (and time and money) so each day I will try to give a helpful example and welcome you to add your own. Useful ways of making the most of what we have and using what we have wisely.

    D Debt Free Date Do you know yours? How much should you be paying towards your debt or savings each month to reach your target. Mine was always a bit vague !!!8211; basically !!!8220;When I sell the house!!!8221;. When that was done, I paid for mum's (and mine? Help !!!8211; she's already deciding where 'we' will go on holiday) much needed bungalow and paid all my debts. Going forward, not having the burden of two sets of household bills is a great improvement. I have a very modest income but it is sufficient.

    D Debt or Savings First An important turtle rule, instigated by our original leader Ninja Saving Kat*. Anything left after debt (savings) payments and other regular outgoings (dd for utilities, council tax, rent or mortgage) is for you to live on (food, petrol or bus fares to get to work, 'extras'). If it is not enough, how will you bridge the gap !!!8211; extra income or cutting back, phones, tvs, alcohol and 'classes' are all choices. If your budget is tight, how do these extras compare to your need to get rid of your debt/ buy a house/ retire early? I am not suggesting that you forgo fun. Turtles love fun. We love free fun best of all. But when you have a serious debt problem you need to look at your past choices and how you go forward. * See turtle back story at post 2

    Y You will set all your BUDGETS before the start of the month. You are in control of your money, the money (or spending is not in control of you). (I want to sing 'You're not the boss of me' from Malcolm in the Middle). Food, travel (petrol, public transport, maintenance), any kids clubs (this can be put into a separate 'purse' or 'envelope' at the start of the month and will then not affect your NSDs. All regular outgoings including 'personal' spending money.

    M Monitor Your Goals. Misstara encouraged us to set goals at the beginning of the year and Captain abundant asked us to check them last month. As we enter a new month, we should do so again. Are you reaching your current goals? If you are meeting your current target(s) easily then maybe it is time to move forward a step and stretch yourself? If it isn't happening, you need to revisit your goals, revise your first step (better to do 10 minutes exercise a day rather than fail to get to the gym, repeatedly). Identify any snags/ obstacles and work out how to overcome them. * BHF suggestions on setting goals and keeping on target in post 15(as suggested by Captain abundant). New comers feel welcome to think about and post your own goals for the year.

    A Avoid takeaways, canteens (unless bargainaceous subsidised ones), vending machines, costalot coffee and all their ilk. Take your lunch to work (from home) every day and where possible take your own food or snacks for hospital appointments (if travelling or out at meal times), cinema visits, days out. Some turtles allow themselves some purchases from this section (budgetted for as a special treat). If you are stuck and have to purchase, try to support a local cause or cafe (ie 'friends' cafe), rather than a chain. The rule is there because small spends ('only a drink')like this can add up to a large amount over the year !!!8211; see Martin's demotivator and making your own lunches (and meals at home from scratch) can give huge financial benefits as well as being healthier (no hidden sugar, fat, additives).

    R Remember those in Need. Donate to your local food bank or charity of your choice. Money, goods or time. Remember the numerous charity shops when clearing your house !!!8211; your unwanted item could be just what someone needs. Apologies to those with children whose schools are constantly demanding 'donations' (especially making you pay through the nose for uniform and then charging you for your children not wearing it).

    C Cupboard audit (+ fridge and freezer), Meal Planning and Cooking from Scratch are all great aids to saving money. What do you have in, what can you make with it, what do you need to buy. Again several turtles are full of ideas for recipes, special diets, how to use that bag of whatever that has been sitting at the back of the cupboard since the year dot. We can even get children to eat veg. Save time by knowing what you are going to cook or cook at weekends and days off and have hm ready meals.

    H HELP and Advice are always available. If you don't understand something, need clarification or are just drowning in despair, just yell. The turtle gang will respond.

    M Mistakes. We all make them. We all slip up, forget things, go off the rails. One slip is not a failure, do not write off the month. Get yourself back on track as soon as possible. Don't be afraid to ask for help or ideas for how to solve a particular problem

    A Avoid temptation. Retailers want your money. You do not have to give it to them. They have all sorts of tricks to get you to spend. Be wary. Product xyz will not transform your life. Focus on what you want to achieve. What is a need and what is a 'want'? Who or what is driving that 'want'. Check your mood (applies to eating things you shouldn't as well). Are you sad, fed up, angry, bored. Think about that feeling (all feelings are valid). Will that purchase (or comestible) solve the problem? How else can you deal with it or make yourself feel better?

    R Repairs Every little helps. Last month I was congrtatulated on being able to sew/ alter my own clothes. It's a skill I am glad to have (largely self-taught although surrounded by sewers). However something as simple as knowing how to sew on a button can help. Would you throw out a blouse (which cost you 30? - sorry I only know charity shop prices) because a button fell off? Many people do. Fix something in your house or wardrobe this month and feel good about it. The days are getting longer. Make a list of small household jobs and repairs that need doing (even tidying 'that' drawer which never gets sorted). Start with the things you can do yourself for little or no cost.

    A Attend regularly. Daily posting is recommended. If you can't face posting (usually when we have done something wrong) carry on reading. We mostly confess after a day or two and the turtles will help you aviod the 'mistake' in future.

    T Try to follow the rules. Turtle rules are tough (and can be confusing at first). You sign up to the rules and should try your best to follow them all. No turtle is ever left behind. Think of the rules as woodworking tools. A hammer (something we can all use?) knocks nails into things/ joins things together, sometimes a bit crudely. Think about saws (all different types for different jobs), chisels and planes and different fixings (screws, nuts and bolts). Think about the fine furniture you could make if you could use all those tools properly.

    Turtle rules are like those tools. Some are simple and effective !!!8211; if you avoid shops (and the internet) like the plague, you will save money. Some are more subtle, may require skill in applying, take longer to fully utilise but he more rules you use, regularly, the easier it becomes to reach your target.

    H Health. Another important facet of the turtle gang. I promised you a marathon, we will be getting down and dirty with lots of sweaty lycra (optional) exercise. Lots of turtles have weight loss as a goal and for that we need to look at food intake and getting moving. Healthy eating I am going to be boring and say eat your veg. Very few of us are getting enough. Healthy exercise check your existing target and step it up 5 days a week. Do a bit more (extra class/ add to the length of your walk or run/ do more at home). Mental Health lots of us are suffering setbacks, low moods and stress. I will not be setting weekly mini-challenges this month but I have seen a 21 day wellness exercise which I might quote and I also have the book of mindfulness exercises. I will be continuing the daily gratitudes, you decide if you want to.

    O Outside. Lovely place. Get out there as often as possible, soak up any available daylight (it is really sunlight, I promise, even if it doesn't feel like it). Enjoy those invigorating breezes (imagine you are on a tropical island, it's all a question of degree). Helps to boost your immune system.

    N No Spend Days. Aim for 15. If you made it in February, March is easy because you have days on which to spend. If you didn't quite make it, believe you can do it this time and plan to do so. If you do not follow the NSD target as you have another way that works for you, carry on. The original idea of NSDs is to avoid 'popping into' the shops for one or two things and coming out with a basket load. If you are disciplined enough to buy only what is on your list (ys or yellow sticker goods are exempt, provided it is something you will use or a treat you would only buy at a greatly reduced price). Medical necessities (including hospital parking), ys goodies (as long as nothing else is purchased) and filling up with petrol (again as long as it is from a set petrol budget !!!8211; or diesel- and nothing else is purchsed) will not lose you a NSD. Unfortunately chocolate is not a medical necessity.
    Last edited by mothernerd; 26-02-2017 at 12:21 PM.
    This year I will be fierce
    NST May #13 SFD 10/19 Food 129.13/120 Travel 15.20/15 Ent 22.44/30 (+ 20 membership fee)
    No Debt No mortgage
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    • indigowarrior
    • By indigowarrior 16th Mar 17, 8:22 PM
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    Hi All

    Just watching a bit of Shop Well for Less, wow....It's amazing how far some people go. My gratitude for the day would have to be that I am glad I can live on a shoestring! Obviously in good company on this thread

    Originally posted by Bobarella
    I am watching to!! I could believe she was upset about the car. I would love to own a car like that. I really dont understand people.
    #545- SPC/ Frugal Living Challenge May NSD 3/19 Emergency Fund 1/1000
    • apple muncher
    • By apple muncher 16th Mar 17, 9:04 PM
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    apple muncher
    Today I am grateful for lots of walking in the sunshine, for finding the crafty bits I wanted, for not yet buying some beautiful fabric for my bunnies, for a good parents evening, for buses, for dd enjoying tae kwon do, for dh having a good meeting, for my dinner, formy snuggly bed, for my 2nd day without sugar.
    NST May #1; NSD 14/19 ; Ex 17/20 ; craft 3/30 (66); remove 31 (402)
    2018 Pay off: 1626; 2
    018 sell

    Mortgage 21,422 (01/14: 78,201; 01/15: 59,629; 01/16: 39,915; 01/17: 27,295; 01/18 23,143) MFWDate Dec 2018
    • swimminginaseaofdebt
    • By swimminginaseaofdebt 16th Mar 17, 9:15 PM
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    Evening everyone,

    Today I have:
    • finished a library book
    • started a new library book
    • done some surveys
    • cashed out 1.09 from a survey site
    • paid 7.70 off my debt
    • had a nsd
    Pay all debt off by Christmas 2018 #150 - 895.62/2018
    SPC11 #564
    • mothernerd
    • By mothernerd 16th Mar 17, 9:23 PM
    • 2,368 Posts
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    Thank you Greent virtual support is just as important!!

    Mothernerd You made me laugh
    Originally posted by Bobarella
    I make lots of people laugh - not always intentionally.

    Not a spendy day, bought chocolate, ate loads and put on a pound at weigh in, oh well
    Originally posted by Fmess
    I refuse to believe the two are connected. Give yourself a hug (+ one from me) and cut yourself some slack - it's done, it fulfilled a need at the time, next week will be better.

    Good morning all,

    Yesterday I had football which was meant to spoil my NSD but I forgot my wallet. So yesterday was another NSD and I'll pay double next week!

    No plans to spend today or tomorrow either so I should get a good run of NSD's. Today is my 4th in a row.
    Originally posted by SpekySquarehead
    Excellent excuse, you should try that again.

    HUgs Apple I hope the gratitudes help with getting the days in perspective.

    swimminginaseaof debt Hope the request for shorter hours is approved. had to google Chris Hemsworth but yum (I was raised on Tetley Bitter Men - similar model).

    Thrifty it's lovely that DS is enjoying chess club. I hope you have some joy with gumtree. I noticed a lot of pine furniture is being given away. Okay it would need sanding and painting but if it's been around from the 70's it's pretty solid (and would stand up to children climbing/ kicking or riding things into it). I am currently using a pine bedframe that my brother had for twelve years and I've had for the ten since he died. The slats are very supportive and I would look for something similar if/ when this needs replacing. I've seen beds that were fashionable put out for the bin men within 12 months - slats are smaller, thinner and more widely spaced.

    Calling glad you had good news and help from your doctor.

    greent nasturtium leaves and flowers are both edible (leaves are slightly peppery, good in salad) as are sunflower seeds (the ones you grow, the ones in the packet might have been treated). Sunflowers are attractive to birds and bees (most yellow flowers are bee friendly). Thanks for the sports bra advice (I'm still not running).

    ccl You could crochet some flowers or have a zen garden with stones livened up with guerilla crochet. My ex fil was once congratulated on his lovely hangin baskets - he had just stuck plastic flowers in them.

    EE I have a bramble but itis out in the 'backs'. I. want to train it to grow up next door's wall (end house and the man only uses his front door, even for his bins) so it doesn't snag ankles and the berries are out of p**ing range of neighbours' dogs.
    This year I will be fierce
    NST May #13 SFD 10/19 Food 129.13/120 Travel 15.20/15 Ent 22.44/30 (+ 20 membership fee)
    No Debt No mortgage
    • Calling14
    • By Calling14 16th Mar 17, 9:35 PM
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    Hi All

    Just watching a bit of Shop Well for Less, wow....It's amazing how far some people go. My gratitude for the day would have to be that I am glad I can live on a shoestring! Obviously in good company on this thread

    Originally posted by Bobarella
    How stupid are these folk ? Just get off social media
    LBM 13039 1.1.13 Start 2018 5552 NOW 3112
    EEK house repairs pushed it back up end of last yr

    PAYDBX 2018 #16 2440/5552 DFD 12/18
    Fund #9 220/1,000
    1 x 100 days challenge

    • mothernerd
    • By mothernerd 16th Mar 17, 9:38 PM
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    I've had a good day. Not quite enough sleep - fell asleep with the laptop on top of me and had to finish dresssing and meeet someone at the library in under 7 minutes (also closed down the laptop).

    Good meeting with a friend (school group were doing rhymes and songs and a baby was crying at the other side so we could talk without disturbing anyone).

    Spendy day as picked up a few bits from my list and then went to mum's. Have started yet another piece of embroidery but it's florentine work and makes up very quickly. Used one I made for mum many years ago to copy and have done as much in under two hours as I ahve of the difficult one in three weeks.

    I am keeping on with the more difficult pieces but this will be light relief - just so that I feel that I have got somewhere after 6 or 7 hours work. Want it as a thank you present for someone and I am planning to use rainbow shades so I get to use up a lot of 'leftover' threads. (It's very heavy on thread use - using embroidery cottons instead of tapestry wool).

    Today I am grateful for good company, for interesting things to do locally (there is a series of town centre walks next week) and for quiet relaxing time with mum.
    This year I will be fierce
    NST May #13 SFD 10/19 Food 129.13/120 Travel 15.20/15 Ent 22.44/30 (+ 20 membership fee)
    No Debt No mortgage
    • dizzyblnd
    • By dizzyblnd 16th Mar 17, 9:38 PM
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    Where is this month going? I can't believe we're past the halfway mark. U r all doing so well.
    NST2018 mortgage-free wannabe #145
    • Fmess
    • By Fmess 16th Mar 17, 9:48 PM
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    Thanks mothernerd

    SFD number 10 today I am grateful for, a quiet teaching day, lovely evening walks now it is light and my health
    LBM = 07/09/13 Debt = 13339 (100% cleared)
    New Car and Roof Debt 0/19033
    DecNST #2 SFD 13/15 Food 105/120 Personal 380/350 Petrol 80.01/80
    • ilovetea
    • By ilovetea 16th Mar 17, 9:51 PM
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    Sorry I've been absent for a few days,going through one of my tiredness phases. Well awake now,maybe not for long.
    I watched Shop Well For Less. Is that programme for real? Totally ridiculous.
    Managed 12 NSD so far. Bought a loaf and a T.V. guide (1.35) on Tues. and Mr T came today (29.60).Will update sig.soon.
    Managed to do a bit of decluttering.Lots of stuff gone and a lot ready for e-b*y.
    Going to work tomorrow,handy as I could do with a different book.This one is going nowhere fast.
    Hugs to those that need them
    ilovetea xx
    #10 Make 2018 in 2018. 338.99
    • mrshubbard
    • By mrshubbard 16th Mar 17, 10:51 PM
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    Hello not posted the last few days but have been dipping in and reading. Long shift at work yesterday so just zonked out when I got home.

    I've got to the 50 cashout on yougov so that should be going in my bank soon and straight on the cc. Only a survey or 2 off another 5 on ipsos too. Going to use the vouchers for mothers day pressies

    Use it or lose it

    Garden - I'm doing mine up at the moment but it's not ready for planting yet. We have made a backyard fence out of a neighbours old broken fence they were chucking away. Building walls out of stones we found in the garden. Got all our new fence panels and post in clearance sale. Covering up a window with free wood out of the bin at b&q ( we asked first ) and making a decorative alcove type feature out of it. I want to get a few things in pots though like strawberries and a blueberry bush. There're wild apples and blackberries near us that we scavenge for pies. I'd like to have some tomatoes in maybe a little lean to greenhouse and some salad leaves.

    Charity shops- Love them. There's a brilliant Barnados nearby that just sells kids stuff and it's all in really good nick and we donate stuff back there when we're done. Also a good Oxfam bookshop that we've had loads of kids books from. They do 3 for 2 offers on different genres every week or so.


    Coffee - not arranged a coffee but am hoping to sort a girly conema trip to Beauty & the Beast with my 2 for 1 cinema tickets next week and I'm sure we'll have a brew too.

    Don't complain - would've failed at this one today a testing day at work. Tomorrow I will endeavour to bite my tongue.
    1 debt vs 100 days -
    Debtfree by Xmas
    NST - 1/18 NSDs 54/250 food 0/60spends
    Debts - CC1-4438.89 4329.82 CC2-4560.38 3672.52 CC3-10,32610,155.85 CC4 - 3286
    • misstara
    • By misstara 16th Mar 17, 11:35 PM
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    Not much to report, last 2 days have been NSDs will need to check my signature to see how many I've got so far, poss 7/15.

    Wellbeing - had a stressful day at work so feel like all I've done all day is complain
    Debt at LBM Jan 2014 10458.09 Now 0
    New flat debt Jan 2017 2302.75 Now 804.26 (65.1% paid)
    Car debt Nov 2017 797.68 Now 542.46 (32% paid) + monthly payments 146.82 6/60
    Emergency fund - 36/1000. Car fund - 0/1000.
    Mini Targets in May
    Exercise target - 11/16. Groceries target 188.17/200. NSD target 12/19.
    • Jo Blogs
    • By Jo Blogs 17th Mar 17, 3:24 AM
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    Jo Blogs
    Good morning everyone

    Well done with all the NSD's

    Hope you all have a great NSD
    Saved Nitty Gritty 7440.75 [149%] / 5000-[Sep] 58.44 for the 'Save 12k in 2017' #157
    2017 Womble #35 3463.27 Sept NSDs 4/15CCCChl 9/12 months
    Sept PPChl#002 Pts 71
    • f0xh0les
    • By f0xh0les 17th Mar 17, 6:56 AM
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    Still only on NSD3 this month - lots of little bits from B+Q.

    I am no longer complaining about the smell of cannabis. The police raided after an anonymous tip off from a concerned resident. Two in custody, cannabis factory closed for business. Poor house has been gutted, every door removed, completely stripped bare for maximum growing potential.
    The poor landlord is not going to be happy, I do hope he is insured.
    MFW START DATE May 16 118,340 : Oct17 - 109,495.00Dec17 108,800Jan 18 108,392.98 March 18 108,504.72April 108,099May 106,999
    NEXT GOAL is sub 105k before JulyMortgage-free wannabe 2018 #65
    • mothernerd
    • By mothernerd 17th Mar 17, 8:50 AM
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    Happy St Patrick's Day

    Day Seventeen
    Use It or Lose It
    I mentioned buying a candle making kit from the charity shop so thought today we would talk about children's crafts (and having a craft box).

    It seems to be one of those things that has developed into a 'leisure industry' (alongside adult crafts of which more later). Expensive packages of bits and bobs available from a variety of outlets from pound emporiums to ebay stores..

    I am a great believer in encouraging children's creativity and always had a 'craft box' ( little set of drawers). Just household stuff like empty packets, bits of leftover wallpaper, basic supplies and the odd fancy bit. I helped out at nursery and ran a children's group so multiples of things always useful.

    Colouring books are okay for co-ordination but children should also have access to plain paper to 'draw' whatever they want without preconceived notions (got to encourage those future scientists, engineers and writers). Rolls of lining paper are great (if you can still get them - they have changed to blown vinyl). When DS2 had to spend a week in hospital, I bought him a pack of printer paper.

    So do you buy or do you make do - or bit of both? DS2 was making a Christmas wreath (must make that eye appointment) for a school competition one year and we needed ribbon - I went round the house, stripping every bear and toy that had one.

    Day Seventeen wellbeing

    Update/ create a new (worship) playlist.


    You're so hard on yourself
    Take a moment
    Sit back
    Marvel at your life
    - at the grief that softened you
    - at the heartache that wisened (sic) you
    - at the suffering that strengthened you
    Despite everything, you still grow
    Be proud of this.

    See you later turtles, I have to go downstairs and wait for chinchilla food to be delivered (mummy and daddy are both asleep) and I had planned to go shopping (food plus odd bits like ant powder and shelf supplies).
    Last edited by mothernerd; 17-03-2017 at 8:54 AM.
    This year I will be fierce
    NST May #13 SFD 10/19 Food 129.13/120 Travel 15.20/15 Ent 22.44/30 (+ 20 membership fee)
    No Debt No mortgage
    • SpekySquarehead
    • By SpekySquarehead 17th Mar 17, 8:51 AM
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    Morning all,

    Although yesterday should've been a NSD, I was shaking with hunger and my homemade soup didn't cut it so I spend 2 at the work canteen. Damn.

    Feeling better today so I should get another NSD today I reckon.
    Debt Free Date: 29/09/16
    • thriftylass
    • By thriftylass 17th Mar 17, 11:15 AM
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    Good morning,

    spend day. Ordered bedside tables we liked today for 78 for two paid from the savings pot. They're sort of 1950s style and often cost over 100 each .

    But also got an email from the nursery that we still owed them the money on top of the child care vouchers for March. I was so sure I had paid them and it was logged in my spreadsheet. But I actually hadn't . There was a time when my bank account and spreadsheet didn't match but I put that down to moving money from the savings for home improvements to my current account etc. Shuffled some money around and it will all balance out next month.
    NST May
    SFD6/20 spends 294/400
    Exercise 4/15
    Debt - all 0% 1010 to go from 5290
    DFD 5/2018 Mortgage 109343 (04/17) 104915 (02/18) OP 0
    • crazy_cat_lady
    • By crazy_cat_lady 17th Mar 17, 1:04 PM
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    Not managing to get going this March at all. Just busy and always something else to do... I've stopped making lists and lost count of spending. So today I am going to kick my backside and write a to-do list so I can at least make a couple of small steps.
    DFD 6 Nov 15 - paid 28,447
    • Calling14
    • By Calling14 17th Mar 17, 2:13 PM
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    Another spendy day as milk tasted weird this am. So milk bread and treats for gs got.

    Haven't spent too much on my food budget this month, but only managed to get 4 SFD.

    Mothernerd will work through all your challenges over the weekend. I am not ignoring them honest.

    Not highly excitable for the weekend when the highlight is tadpoles probably in the rain.

    Feeling a bit down, want a holiday. Missing having a man to wine and dine me at weekends as well. Really felt lonely last few nights.

    Hoping my replacement hoover arrives today as my house is so dusty and hair everywhere from me.

    Grateful for
    Work, warm office and bosses are ok generally.
    Family living nearby
    Finishing at 3pm - heaven.
    LBM 13039 1.1.13 Start 2018 5552 NOW 3112
    EEK house repairs pushed it back up end of last yr

    PAYDBX 2018 #16 2440/5552 DFD 12/18
    Fund #9 220/1,000
    1 x 100 days challenge

    • SkintTeacher
    • By SkintTeacher 17th Mar 17, 7:30 PM
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    nsd 12
    Love all the chat on this page but do find it hard to do the challenges - think it must be with working full time and spending quite a bit of my free time exercising.
    This week has been hard - work is tough at the mo for many reasons. Home is my sanctuary but 4 y o does continue to have outbursts every so often that are out of this world. I cope so well with 33 11 year olds all day and then...
    Money saving is going really well - I seem to have changed alot of my habits (eg, fancied chocolate but instead of buying it I offered to make double chocolate muffins with Little One and they were amazing - OH keeps my baking box well stocked for just such an emergency).
    Weight loss (ahem) has been good too despite the above! Lost 5 pounds this week. I can now see actual muscle definition too.
    I don't think I've ever in my life carried on working on new year goals into March and I can finally see why it is worth pursuing a dream.
    Seeing results
    Double chocolate squishy warm muffins
    Wedding dress trial tomorrow
    Hope everyone has an amazing and money saving weekend
    • apple muncher
    • By apple muncher 17th Mar 17, 7:41 PM
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    apple muncher
    Thank you for today's inspiration mothernerd (in fact, thank you for all of them). I feel like I am being squashed down by a whole load of concrete. Yet I also know that plants are stronger than concrete and their roots and stems can pierce through. So I am holding on to that - that one day I will realise that the pushing has got easier, that the weight is no longer squashing and suffocating me, that I can breathe fresh air and am growing in the sunlight.

    Today I am grateful for having time to mooch around some charity shops, for not buying 2 items because they were not lovely enough, for a walk with dh this afternoon, for finding some gorgeous turquoisey patterned fabric and some blingy gold fabric for bunnies, for getting 6 bunnies cut out, for Mission Impossible shenanigans on tv, for dd getting her 'pen licence' and a pen that she is allowed to use at school, for completing a 'toe-friendly' workout, for catching up with big sis, for mum not hating her visit to a care home (the one that is our #1 choice)
    NST May #1; NSD 14/19 ; Ex 17/20 ; craft 3/30 (66); remove 31 (402)
    2018 Pay off: 1626; 2
    018 sell

    Mortgage 21,422 (01/14: 78,201; 01/15: 59,629; 01/16: 39,915; 01/17: 27,295; 01/18 23,143) MFWDate Dec 2018
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