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    • Littlebirdie
    • By Littlebirdie 1st Feb 17, 8:53 PM
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    Real Life, Dating and Money!
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    • 1st Feb 17, 8:53 PM
    Real Life, Dating and Money! 1st Feb 17 at 8:53 PM

    So had a thread on here before and well updating it or not it kept me focused. That's what I'm lacking at the minute - focus. I'm in the train of thought that if I overspend here and there, it will all work out. Yeah so turns out it hasn't for the last two months and now I'm in well and truely in my overdraft! I've just spent many years since graduating from Uni to get out of my 4000 overdraft and I do not want to go through that again.

    So what are my plans?
    Good question as even I don't have a clue. I'm single, living in the big city and well don't really know what the future holds so let's see the road takes me. What I do know is I'm in my mid 20's and I want to enjoy them. What I dont want is to have to pay for it in my 30's! I wan to enjoy the dating world, create happy memoies with my friends, look good, go on holiday, eat out, eat well, give gifts, save for a house, save for christmas, have emergency savings and also accept that I cant do everything.

    I hoping this diary helps me reflect on my spending and create a good a comfortable life.

    Lets go....
    To staying out of debt!
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    • Littlebirdie
    • By Littlebirdie 18th Jul 17, 7:31 PM
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    Soooo update time.

    So recently I just haven't been in the frame of mind to think about money.

    And my credit card has now 363 of debt on it

    So how did I get there? I can't remember exactly but there was one expensive month so the end of the month I put it on my credit card ~ 80 and then my holiday. So the accomodation ~ 300

    So, I've got extra money coming in ~100 this month and next month ~ 200 and I've also had ~200 from my other job so theoretically I should have enough to pay off.

    I'm also going away on Thur so any money left in my account can pay it off.

    At the minute I have ~250 in my account but I know that I owe ~35 for bills and 20 automatic credit card payment.

    I have saved money as this month I'm not topping up my phone so I might put that straight onto my credit card now...infant I'm going to do that now!

    So hopefully this time next month the credit card total will be much much lower!
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    Credit card (Nov 2018):794.60 Aim: 683 December. Emergency fund: 204/1000
    • Littlebirdie
    • By Littlebirdie 27th Aug 17, 8:09 PM
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    I'm so frustrated! I wrote this by long update and it got deleted
    To staying out of debt!
    Credit card (Nov 2018):794.60 Aim: 683 December. Emergency fund: 204/1000
    • Littlebirdie
    • By Littlebirdie 28th Aug 17, 7:20 AM
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    So let's go back to writing it all or again! There is so much to write I'm going to do it in bullet points

    *my trip abroad was more expensive than expected
    * I've been really getting into pensions recently - having a nice pension is important to me!
    * I've got a M0nz0 card and I love it! I got it just for going abroad but actually it's really helpful for spending in the UK.
    What I'm going to do is from next month
    * put 500 spending money on it and this is to cover my food shop, socializing, clothes, eating out, work food, coffee shops, travel etc
    * I find it really empowering watching the money go down
    * hopefully (fingers crossed) this shall help me budget a bit more and be more aware of my spending
    * I think writing all my receipts into a spending tracker was great BUT it's lost its effect

    That's all for now - I'll let you know how next month goes!
    To staying out of debt!
    Credit card (Nov 2018):794.60 Aim: 683 December. Emergency fund: 204/1000
    • Littlebirdie
    • By Littlebirdie 29th Aug 17, 5:27 PM
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    I'm cross!

    A friend was meant to be coming over for dinner and I spent 20 on the food and spent ages preparing it. In going to take the wine back - that's 4.60 back at least. TBF I am glad I made a new meal at least - I've been sticking to the same old things.

    So I've actually gone into my overdraft which is annoying! By 4. Next month has to be a better one. Although I wonder if my account balance includes the refund of the shoes? One more day until payday!

    Next month has to be a better month!
    To staying out of debt!
    Credit card (Nov 2018):794.60 Aim: 683 December. Emergency fund: 204/1000
    • Littlebirdie
    • By Littlebirdie 30th Aug 17, 2:07 PM
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    Things done today to better my finances:
    - gone through my piggy banking direct debits (I had two set up for my contact lenses! Only 8 but still )
    - realized I haven't been putting in the 70 into my savings account so god knows where that money has gone! Anywho now set up.
    - via T0pC@shback done some free cashback options
    To staying out of debt!
    Credit card (Nov 2018):794.60 Aim: 683 December. Emergency fund: 204/1000
    • Littlebirdie
    • By Littlebirdie 6th May 18, 12:19 PM
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    Drum Roll please... and I am back

    So whats been happening since I've been away? I went on a big dare devil holiday and I'm so proud of myself! It cost me over 2000 but you know what every penny was worth it! Now that is done with I am feeling a little lost - no bf (more on that later), still living the same place and family are still messy. None the less I've strived to keep positive - not always the easiest!

    So again I'm just going to use this place to put all my finical ramblings - please feel free to comment! I'm not in serious debt (~800) on a 0% credit card from buying my phone and laptop but I'm axious I could become in more in debt - the more I obsess about something the less likely it is going to happen ...not healthy I know

    I now have a nicer laptop so no doing it on my phone
    My budget:
    Income: 1836
    Rent: 500
    LISA: 200
    Bills: 88.37
    Travel (work): 65
    Mealsout/takeaway: 60
    Weekends 200- 250(depending on how many weekends there are)
    Travel (not work): 65
    Alcohol: 50
    Eating and drinking on the go: 50
    Gym: 45.50
    Holidays: 40
    Emergency savings: 30
    Food: 120-150 (deonding on weeks again)
    Coffee: 30
    Waxing: 30
    Birthdays: 20
    Phone payoff: 20
    Finicial coaching: 20
    Laptop: 20
    Dentist/prescriptions: 20
    Beauty: 20
    Gifts: 20
    Hair: 10
    Phone credit: 10
    Contact lenses: 8.00

    So basically I do the piggy banking thing and I have buit up some savings in most of them which feels nice!

    Postive recent finicial decisions:
    1) Cleared my camera to sell on ebay (need to actually put it up )
    2) Bought my foundation for 13 and then the next day got a 3 voucher off so took it back and bought it at the cheaper price (every little helps )
    3) Anything I've bought I've checked cash back website first
    4) Cancelled unneeded subscriptions
    5) Started saving for my passport which needs to be renewed next year
    6) Got cheaper hair cuts
    7) Cancelled my gym membership for a month whilst I was away

    So plans:
    1) Send Shared ownership documentation
    2) I've got quite a few cheapish holidays coming up so I need to go back to my second job to earn some money.
    3) Going to look into taking my old laptop to a local place to see if they will buy it - chances are a no
    4) Get emergency savings to 1000 (currently 700)

    I actually feel better - I'm doing more for my finances than I actually realise!
    I think a diary like this will be helpful for me.

    Mental Health
    I'm a firm believer that mental health has a strong correlation to my spending habits.
    Right now I'm feeling really, ever so blue as I was seeing a guy and I honeslty thought he was perfect but without giving too much away it didnt work out. So back to Bumble and Tinder I go but really -->

    I've been comfort spending and eating but I'm hoping this will settle as I exercise more.
    I've also stared using an indoor expresso machine so hopign that will save some coffee money - it was getting ridiculous

    Before I go back to work on Tuesday
    1) Collect coat from dry cleaners
    2) Put things up on ebay
    To staying out of debt!
    Credit card (Nov 2018):794.60 Aim: 683 December. Emergency fund: 204/1000
    • Littlebirdie
    • By Littlebirdie 7th May 18, 7:58 AM
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    So my plan was to be productive and put clothes up on ebay (Sunday eve being the most popular time to sell and all that) but I went for a drink instead ...well it was actually a spontaneous date. No, no, no and no again! I like being fair and will always buy the second drink but he was SO boring after we finished out first I said it had been lovely but I needed to go. I felt bad although I physically couldnt stay there any longer - he was drinking his drink so slowely. So free date (I feel terrible!) but I did get a apple pie from maccy d's after 0.99p

    Yesterday I went into collect my glasses I was told last week I had 92 left to pay although they only charged me 57....they queried it and the girl said 'just charge her 57' so I wasnt going to argue although I'm slightly worried they will notice and ring me. If they do, it doesnt matter as I have the money in my glasses account but I've got used to having the extra 35. We'll see.

    I woke up early this morning (stupid body clock) and made drafts of 70% of the things I want to put on takes sooo long

    I feel a bit bad as a relative got me a jewellery box which I dont really like - being sold for 50! Argh I've had too put it up on ebay but I do feel guilty.

    So annoyed - its minor but every month I put 20 inot my beauty account and in recent months its taken a hitting as I've got spending trigger happy. Anywho I thought this month I wouldnt touch the 20 and the account would stay at 69 but I've had to get a new foundation (10 - with 3 off) and found out yesterday a new concelor (~6.99)

    Put drafts as active on ebay
    Do a face mask
    Sort out home
    send feedback to fav magazine (maybe I'll win an prize )
    Do food shopping

    Have a good y'all Meant to be 28 degress!
    To staying out of debt!
    Credit card (Nov 2018):794.60 Aim: 683 December. Emergency fund: 204/1000
    • Littlebirdie
    • By Littlebirdie 7th May 18, 8:50 PM
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    So today!!!8217;s been a better day!

    I done my food shop 28 (went to Sains and Li@l) and I went to the gym. Put the things up on eb@y which I!!!8217;m hoping they sell. Just about to make my lunch for the week.

    Done sooo much cooking this today - I!!!8217;m hoping my finances reflect this. I wen your for dinner thee times last week so looking forward to some home cooked food. Also made a new fish today which is good.

    Right..let!!!8217;s do this week!
    To staying out of debt!
    Credit card (Nov 2018):794.60 Aim: 683 December. Emergency fund: 204/1000
    • Littlebirdie
    • By Littlebirdie 9th May 18, 6:00 PM
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    So I've gone and booked another holiday and I have a weekend train tickets to pay for
    Urgh finding this balance of having fun and saying no is hard. Right I need to write up a budget.

    Holiday 1: 150 = 130
    Holiday 2: 400-500 = 350 - 440
    Weekend away: 100
    Accomodation: 100
    Holiday 3: 200
    Hotel (holiday 3): 300

    I'll use my M0nz0 card as contactless is free abroad so that should save too.

    Soooooooo yes I know this is my own fault and I feel a horrible sense of guilt when I know so many people on this forum are in big debt AND my credit card has gone up to 831 and it will increase when I book the tickets so lets say 1000

    Okay lets come up with a plan
    1) Put stuff up on ebay - done (one 0.99p item has a bid - every little helps )
    2) Put coat up on eb@y
    3) Take back 12 purchace
    4) Transfer money saved on travel - done 10.40
    5) Work my little bum off when able to restart second job aim for 300+
    6) Aim to pay off 70 off credit card a month
    7) Aim to save 40 into holiday fund
    8) Request refund of travel - 5.60

    So potentially I will have 27 to pay off creditcard (~15 for travel and ~12 return from clothes return). Then any money I get from my eb@y sales to go on credit card too.

    I used to be soo good and now where I have got the big for making the most out of life I have gone a little crazy.
    These days when my debt is at its highest is when my anxiety is at its worst - I'm not very good with it.

    Hmmm anything else I can do?
    I do have ~ 60 in an account from top cash back but I have been saving that up for a year to buy an 80 mirror. So basically I think with my second job, ebay sales and being a bit better I will be able to buy my mirror and it will be all ok.

    *Sigh* I feel better now I have got that out!
    To staying out of debt!
    Credit card (Nov 2018):794.60 Aim: 683 December. Emergency fund: 204/1000
    • Littlebirdie
    • By Littlebirdie 10th May 18, 5:42 PM
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    Feeling a bit rubbishy today. Just a long draining day.
    Good news is two things on ebay will defo sell - one is at 0.99p and another is at 5.50.

    Last night I was googling at how much payp@l and eb@y take from your sales 13% err what is that about!? Now I've sold things on ebay before but never really taken the deductions into consideration - so annoying!

    Not spent any money today which is positive!

    I'm just on the phone onto my bank for my help to buy isa and i am so cross - my old account hasn't transferred the money...that's 3975.65 hasn't gone through. Hopefully I can get sorted this week. Although intotal I have ~4425 saved towards a house. It feels so far away! The thing is I dont know where or what I will be doing in three years time (the realistic time I'll have over 10000) so it's hard to feel motivated. It would be different if I was with someone and we were saving up together. The only thing I can think is that if I ever do meet someone at least I have something saved I'm looking forward to having it over the 5000 mark. Gosh, its crazy how quickly 200 adds up.
    To staying out of debt!
    Credit card (Nov 2018):794.60 Aim: 683 December. Emergency fund: 204/1000
    • Littlebirdie
    • By Littlebirdie 12th May 18, 7:19 AM
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    So just signed onto my credit card app to see the total amount to update my signature to find that it has gone over the 1000 mark

    I'm just going to write down all that I have put on it
    21.95 - earphones for new phone (special connector)
    111 - flights
    676 - phone (really proud of me here I got a phone that was initally broken and fixed to make it cheaper - not something I would normally do)
    26.82 - accomodation
    10.96 - paypal - cant remember
    19.99 - p@ypall - cant remember
    26.00 - shoes for work
    26.76 - cant remember
    418.05 - laptop
    92.50 - eyes
    57.50 eyes
    195.92 - flights

    Total = 1683.40

    Paid off:
    133 March
    21 March
    70 April
    355 - towards laptop + glasses
    80.45 - glasses

    Total 659

    So the positives
    - I've had to do TWO big purchases in a short amount of time - laptop and phone.
    All the rest was one holiday I HAD to go on (family stuff)
    - I'm going to start my second job soon so that should hopefully get it down
    - I'm not running away from the fact I have money on my credit card...I'm facing it
    - I've also have three things on ebay that will defo sell. Although I'll probably only make a ~10 BUT it is still money

    So adding up: return of clothes 12 + unspent travel 10 + ebay + 10 that's ~30 off my creditcard and that should *JUST* take it to under the 1000 mark. Having it over that just makes me so nervous! Also next month I will put my allocated holiday spent to it 40 and then my laptop allocation 20 and then my phone allocation 30 so in total next month it should be down to 907 although I do know I need to book expensive train tickets . Okay so this is just an expensive time. It's just being in debt really does play havic to my anxiety.

    It's only the 12th and I've spent 19 on eating on the go urgh this just keeps getting worse and worse. I think I've been hiding from my spending habits.

    Right keep going, you can reduce this
    To staying out of debt!
    Credit card (Nov 2018):794.60 Aim: 683 December. Emergency fund: 204/1000
    • Littlebirdie
    • By Littlebirdie 13th May 18, 10:34 AM
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    So went out yesterday and had a lovely day. Spent 14 on food yesterday in a restaurant and 9 on dinner. Annoyed at myself rushing from place to place to please everyone and overall I just get stressed and spend more money. I had dinner at home all ready for me. None the less I had a good night out. Think I spent 23 which tbh I would have liked that to be under 20 but that's London for you. I did walk there and back which would have saved ~3

    Today I'm going out with some friends - been planned for ages - so annoying. I'm feeling greatful for having so many friends though - its a nice feeling. I'm going to have a frugal week though!
    Use freezer meals for the week. Any nights where I don't what to do I'll do a cheap pasta dish using things from the cuboard and freezer.
    So from S@insburys I just need to get lunch stuff AND loads of snacks to stop me buying out during the week.
    I'll also send my ebay sellings - I reckon after postage and packaging I'll make 10 so no biggie. Also want to return that clothing item to give me 12.

    Next weekend look quite and the weekend after too SO looking gorward to them.

    So annoying my m00n cup didnt work out. Could have saved me soo much money - on well at least I tried.

    No dates this week which should also save on the money front!

    This week I MUST sort out my LISA!

    So things are not good on the spending front! I'm trying to stay positive though as if I become negative I will just bury my head in the sand and spend more. Noone wants to to have their head in the sand!

    This week I want to try and put another 4 items up on eb@y.

    Have a good week everyone
    To staying out of debt!
    Credit card (Nov 2018):794.60 Aim: 683 December. Emergency fund: 204/1000
    • Littlebirdie
    • By Littlebirdie 14th May 18, 6:44 PM
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    So we have progress

    40.41 made on ebay so say ~ 12 for postage (being generous) leaves ~28 to be paid of creditcard bringing it down to just under 1000 and that's not inc the amount I have saved on travel or taking those clothes back which I really need to do. One problem - I cant find my bank card anywhere. So annoying as I want to see that balance lower! Thats the thing with touch payments on Appl$ you pay less attention to where your card is.

    Eb@y stuff all packaged and ready to go

    In a grumpy/angry mood (I really portray myself well on here don't I!? ) so I comfort bought and ate. In my defence though rather than buying one over priced item I bought a multipack thinking they would last me three days but of course I ate all three ) so lesson learnt don't buy the ones with chocolate in them!

    Nearly bought bread for my freezer soup but then remembered I had crackers so used them. Proud of myself as really fancied the bread

    Trying to sort out my LISA but proving difficult. I now have to fill out more forms - so cross I could go on and on about this but I will save you from moments of boredom.

    Really enjoyed my lunch today. Glad I have it for the rest of the week

    Gonna go to the gym and imagine I am punching a few heads

    This weekend must:
    Sort out coat
    Put more items on ebay - I've got three in mind

    Have a nice evening all!
    To staying out of debt!
    Credit card (Nov 2018):794.60 Aim: 683 December. Emergency fund: 204/1000
    • Littlebirdie
    • By Littlebirdie 19th May 18, 7:16 AM
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    So its been a better week. Had a friend around and spent ~ 25 on food and tbh it was a much better night than if were to have gone out. Pretty much all of the food was from Lid! and it was delish! Have spent less on eating at work, probably because my mood is better and I have brought in a lot more snacks. Did a good 20 min tredmil session last night and has made me feel better to.

    So this weekend is another busy one but I have got so much to do in terms of admin.
    The priority is sending the eb@y things. They are kind of late

    So 12 days left of this month until pay day and I have 132 in my account + 12 on M0nz0 card. So say 144.

    I'm going to spend
    50 on food for the two weeks
    35 on travel
    40 on socialising
    16 postage for eb@y things

    Have I forgotten anything?

    So its going to be tight - I'm going to really try and save on the food.
    Today I will get free lunch and free travel for doing a little bit of work for free which is nice.

    Right ahve a good day everyone!
    To staying out of debt!
    Credit card (Nov 2018):794.60 Aim: 683 December. Emergency fund: 204/1000
    • Littlebirdie
    • By Littlebirdie 19th May 18, 7:32 AM
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    So OFCOURSE I forgot something!

    I need to get my waxing done - total luxuary although I have gone without it before and actually I'm just worse off. I like swimming so its important.

    I bout some for 16 on treatwe!! and got some cash back - small amount but every little helps. So I am defo going into my overdraft!

    One thing sold on eb@y but the person doesn't want it so if I put that up I'm pretty sure it will sell for ~ 8 so that is something.

    Right lets go and smash this day
    To staying out of debt!
    Credit card (Nov 2018):794.60 Aim: 683 December. Emergency fund: 204/1000
    • Littlebirdie
    • By Littlebirdie 19th May 18, 4:37 PM
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    So, weekly shop done 14...we'll see how long that lasts me but it is accepting that I will be using up freezer items. Also going to bake for work this week so that will take a bit extra.

    Also bought my fav magazine 4.30...I go through phases of liking it so thinking I might just get a subscription... hmm we will see.

    Put up some more items on ebay *fingers crossed they sell*

    Weather is beuat today!
    To staying out of debt!
    Credit card (Nov 2018):794.60 Aim: 683 December. Emergency fund: 204/1000
    • Littlebirdie
    • By Littlebirdie 22nd May 18, 7:00 PM
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    This month just isn't great I'm looking forward to a fresh start tbh.
    I'm just feeling moody. I called a friend and got it all out - felt better afterwards. I think I'm better when I am around people.
    So day spent ~ 3 at work comfort eating.
    I then went to S@insburys and bought shopping ~4...I've literally just signed up for a nectar card. My M0nz0 told me that I ahve spent ~ 500 in s@insburys - the amount of points I could have had I did have freezer food defrosting but I just wanted something different.

    Went berlistic on the phone to Skipt0n - they have been appauling at sorting my transfer. Bascially it should been sorted last tax year but due to their poor communication it's rolled into this tax year. The lady was going to allow me to transfer 4000 and by that not be able to save any extra money this tax year - what was she thinking!? I'm fuming and will be letting them know about it. Its really frustrating as I was switching to a L!SA as you can save 4000 a year but with a Help to buy ISA you can only save 2400 so I was aiming to save an extra 240 a year once my pay went up in August. Its not loads but its something. Theoretically I could put it into another account but I would be worried I would touch it.
    She said she is going to speak to her manager and see what she can do - I am determined to win this!

    So one thing has sold on eb@y which is good! 4.99 - I've had a few offers for 5 and 6 but I know it will sell for more so I declined
    I have something on sale for 0.01 so that it is a quick sale but due to the item the postage is greater than 10 - someone messaged me asking if they could come and pick it up to save on postage - seriously its selling for 0.01p - Ive got to make something on it s that made me laugh! Ofcourse I said no - made an excuse.

    I havent had a payout on T0pcash back in a while - frustrating as would like to see at least one of my accounts going up in money

    So I currently have 22 on my m0nzo card - I think I am going to leave that for the last few days before payday so I can truely see how far I am into my overdraft

    I then have 42 left in my main bank account. Yep so I reckon I am going to need another 50.

    Oh I had every intention to take back the underware but I was wearing my old underware and I had rubbing in places that you dont want to know about so I had to open the box . Annoying to say the least.

    I'm struggerling to see the positives in the future at the minute - its so silly as there is lots of great stuff. I had one of those moments a few days ago where I was like - Uh oh, I'm getting to near my 30's and not really content with my life. It's so silly as I've actually achieved a lot but I'm just not feeling it at the minute. I'm sure it will all work out. Just need to take it day by day
    To staying out of debt!
    Credit card (Nov 2018):794.60 Aim: 683 December. Emergency fund: 204/1000
    • Littlebirdie
    • By Littlebirdie 23rd May 18, 5:29 PM
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    So today was a better day

    Good news from skipt0n is I can transfer last years amount and still save upto 4000 this year. Happy days! Yesterday they mentioned that they would give me compensation for all the hassle but they forgot to mention it today so I called back and they would get back to me. They only offered 10 but well its better than nothing!

    Today was a MUCH better day! I didn't buy from the work canteen and snacked less - just goes to show how much mood affects it.

    I could buy milk but actually I am going to hold off and see if I can have something else for BF. I know I will go in and find 10 other things to buy

    So I'm having an underware issue
    Basically where I have put on weight I'm inbetween sizes and my underware is rubbing - even my new one! So I have to start paying more awareness to my eating. Motivation has been a big issue but now that the weight gain is causing my significant pain this might motivate me further.

    So my most recent balance on my main account is 31.99 and that is defo gonna go down further. That is to last me another 7 full days no chance reaction should more be like .

    I'll get ~ 3 from eb@y sales and then I must email about my expenses! In fact let me do that now...that will be an extra 11.20 - hoorah!

    I feel more optimistic today
    To staying out of debt!
    Credit card (Nov 2018):794.60 Aim: 683 December. Emergency fund: 204/1000
    • Littlebirdie
    • By Littlebirdie 24th May 18, 5:41 PM
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    So today was a better day in terms of my mood - was listening to a podcast about positivity and it seemed to have helped.

    I just couldnt face my lunch I bought lunch at work 2.75 with staff discount which isn't bad at all. I'm not going to be too harsh on myself for the - probably the first time I've bought lunch at work in the last 6 months.

    I'm going on a date tonight - I'll be on the soda water with mixers to keep the cost down. Also I feel so much better after having soda water added to drinks rather than having wine so making sure I look after myself. Not too excited about it but then I never am.

    My balance is: 14.74.. not great. That wont be inc today travel which was 5.20.

    I'm proud of myself though - this is the most I've kept an eye on my balance the last few days before payday in a LONG time.

    I'll switch over to my M0nzo card when I am down to 0... then when I have to top up my m0nzo card I'll have a greater idea of how much I am into myoverdraft.

    Still waiting for my second eb@y thingy to sell - I'm so curious.

    Friday tomorrow - SO HAPPY although no beer for me and just a free gym clas - more excoted to go to that the pub

    Cheap dinner using up bots and bobs.

    Have a good weekenend all
    To staying out of debt!
    Credit card (Nov 2018):794.60 Aim: 683 December. Emergency fund: 204/1000
    • Littlebirdie
    • By Littlebirdie 25th May 18, 5:29 PM
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    So I've had to buy some new trainers as my old ones are just knackered. 55 - got them half price, through a cashback site and hopefully an extra 2.50 for buying something than 5 on a bank holiday weekend. Just got an email 4.44 of cashback

    I'm tempted to take out of my emergency fund but I HATE taking money out of that account. I might just accept the hit and work my socks off on my second job.

    Also adding travel money onto the card tonight for a weekend away. Urgh, just need to keep on track and spending money WILL SLOW weekend this weekend and turned down a few social events.

    Date last night cost like 9.90...should have got a soft drink on the second round as really was not enjoying my time there and saved me a bit of money.

    So my new main account balance is withdrawn by 17 and I reckon this weekend I'll spend ~10 on food (spent 11 already today on food for weekend and next week), 16 on waxing, then 5 on travel, 20 drinks and then next week I'll go to my monzo.

    So lets estimate that I'll be overdrawn by max 100

    This. is. not. good.

    Next month I have to look at my spending habits
    To staying out of debt!
    Credit card (Nov 2018):794.60 Aim: 683 December. Emergency fund: 204/1000
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