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    • MSE Andrew
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    • By MSE Andrew Verified User verified user 1st Feb 17, 12:03 PM
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    MSE Andrew
    Toto Energy reviews: add your feedback
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    • 1st Feb 17, 12:03 PM
    Toto Energy reviews: add your feedback 1st Feb 17 at 12:03 PM
    This is a feedback thread on energy supplier

    Toto Energy

    Please share your experience with other MoneySavers. Click reply to take part
    • Did your switch go smoothly?
    • Have you had problems since?
    • Is it easy to contact?
    The feedback comes as part of the

    Click reply below to discuss. If you haven’t already, join the forum to reply.
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    • veryangrywithTOTO
    • By veryangrywithTOTO 31st May 18, 9:52 AM
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    Have been trying for almost 12 months to get refund from TOTO - promised critical refund then changed their mind - they say they have gone to National Database (FEBRUARY , still waiting!!) - can't get thru on phone - get no call back - they refuse to supply hard copies of bills. Complained to Ombudsman -TOTO ignoring them so ombudsman asked me to deal with it!!!!!
  • archived user
    Have been trying for almost 12 months to get refund from TOTO - promised critical refund then changed their mind - they say they have gone to National Database (FEBRUARY , still waiting!!) - can't get thru on phone - get no call back - they refuse to supply hard copies of bills. Complained to Ombudsman -TOTO ignoring them so ombudsman asked me to deal with it!!!!!
    Originally posted by veryangrywithTOTO
    Hi - welcome to the forum. If you are 100% sure that you have a credit repayment due - and you have the evidence to prove this to be the case - then my advice would be to issue a Letter Before Action. I am not sure what the National database has to do with any credit refund.

    If that doesn't elicit a response, then file a claim against the supplier in The Small Claims Court.

    A further thought. Under the new GDPR, you are entitled to submit a Subject Access Request, and there is no longer a cost for this service to the person making the request. It might give you further evidence to add to your claim.
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    • rmbastey
    • By rmbastey 29th Jun 18, 5:22 PM
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    I think I posted on a different thread, but basically I clicked to join TOTO thinking it was a fixed rate tariff, found out it was variable and had a nightmare experience stopping the switch. Toto had zero customer service, spent ages on the phone trying to get through, they didnt answer emails, didnt do requested call backs and only bothered to contact me when I did a direct debit indemnity to get my money back off them when they raided my bank account. Heard lots of bad things about them and their customer service is shocking and their methods seem to be highly questionable.
    • Brigshaw
    • By Brigshaw 8th Aug 18, 10:59 AM
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    TOTO Terrible !!!
    I've been with TOTO for 9 months and the customer service has always been bad but has recently got much worst to the point that they are no longer operating as a reasonable company and cannot be recommended.
    The issue that I have experienced was: I am running a big credit as they have loaded the Direct Debits too much, against my advice and recommendations. I've asked for a refund but they will not pay out and say that they will keep waiting for the next bill / statement which now was due on July 23rd. However I've called 5 times in the last 2 weeks and they can't even give me a bill or a statement. I think they are stalling to avoid a repayment. I have a smart meter so getting a reading and issuing an immediate bill and statement should take no more than 5 minutes.
    Your customer service is terrible, absolutely appalling. They are taking ages to answer the phone, then they say I am in the wrong department and someone will call me back but they never do. They are exhibiting all the conditions of a company in serious financial and managerial difficulties and I'm worried about my overpayment never being returned.
    The prices they charge may well be competitive, but at what price and what risk? I'll certainly be swapping supplier in October when my deal expires !!!
    • ProConsumer
    • By ProConsumer 22nd Oct 18, 9:54 AM
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    Cashflow an issue?!
    I've been a customer of TOTO for around 12 months. They honoured the price I was quoted, which was low, so I was happy with that. However, there were some things I was not happy with:
    - Around December last year they inexplicably decided they were going to put everyone's DD payments up by 50%. This was due to a "seasonal" change they were making which meant you would pay 50% more in winter, then 50% less in summer, unless you opted out. Opt out clause was buried in the middle of a long paragraph of text and not on the first page of the letter!! I opted out, but a friend of mine who also happened to be with TOTO didn't opt out. The price hike landed (if you can believe it!!) right around Christmas day! What a lovely gift! Not only that, when the "Summer" version of the tariff came, the amount they were taking didnt drop down to the claimed 50% but instead dropped only to around 125%!!
    - As someone with accountancy experience I can tell you these actions would result in a lot of customers being in massive credit (suggests HUGE cashflow issues in the company and they are trying to get cash in they are not entitled to) and as can be seen from TrustPilot and on MSE forums most customers struggle to get timely refunds. I switched away in August and am still waiting on mine, though I am assured it will be processed in "28 days" - we'll see how that goes.
    - Took a DD payment AFTER we had switched - though again, reading TrustPilot and other sites this appears to be very common.
    - TOTO recently announced they would be taking an extra 50% of all customers DD payments for one month - not sure why they are doing this (unless they are again very strapped for cash?) but there is no option to opt out and if you leave you have to pay an exit fee!!
    - TrustPilot reviews for the company fall into 2 categories - customer that have had experiance with TOTO and those that have just been sold to and therefore have no experience with the actual service. You'll notice the ones that have experience with the company - calling customer services, getting refunds etc, are all 1 or 2 stars.
    - Getting through to Customer services is a nightmare - queue times are terrible. Though when you do (finally) get through the staff are actually quite helpful and I think want to provide a good service. I suspect there are just far too few of them - again pointing at big cash problems.

    All in all, prices were low but the way they hike DD payments with little warning, buried clauses, exit fees, difficulties in refunds, and some of the worst wait times on call centre contact I have ever seen, I would not recommend TOTO. Better to go with Affect (who I went with, though they are now owned by Octopus) or anyone else with a good TrustPilot rating and get great service.
    • j_a_k
    • By j_a_k 2nd Nov 18, 6:33 PM
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    I so wish I'd found this thread before I switched to Toto in April this year (2018). I'm on a fixed tariff until April 2019 and my annual energy usage hasn't changed much in the past 5 years. I pay monthly by direct debit which, on a fixed tariff, should remain the same until the end of the fix.

    In October I received an email off Toto which stated "we will be taking 100 out of your account over and above your monthly direct debit. Due to the beast from the east this year you may have used more fuel than normal, plus you'll obviously use more fuel during the winter and this is to cover the deficit". I was 280 in credit for heaven's sake!

    I immediately made a formal complaint. Number one: I'm on a fixed tariff. Number two: I have not missed a payment. Number three: my contract is for a set amount each month which is legally binding. Number four: I am in credit to cover me for the next 3 months. Number five: we may have had a cold spring but we've had the hottest summer since 1976. And Number six: unless Toto have psychic powers they have no clue what my future energy usage will be - we could have the hottest winter on record.

    I told them they were skating on very thin legal ice and if any extra money was taken out of my account there would be legal consequences. And I meant it. In the last 3 years I've taken 3 companies to either court or the Ombudsman over their shoddy practices and won every single case. I'm sick of being ripped off.

    They replied they'd try and stop the extra payment, but as it was so close they couldn't guarantee it. I replied that the due date was a full week away, we no longer use carrier pigeons or even royal mail, and if the payment went out of my account they'd be hell to pay. It has not gone off.

    They also moaned I had not provided any meter readings since I joined. I can't have a smart meter as I live in the countryside and my mobile signal isn't strong enough. According to the timeline on my Toto account three requests have been made to me for a meter reading - but I have received none of them! Plus, having taken a meter reading there is no way of submitting it!! Nothing on the website to let me input a reading - maybe I'm supposed to use thought waves?

    I will be leaving as soon as my contract is up, making sure I request any credit on my account well before my leaving date. This company shouldn't be included on switching websites.
    Last edited by j_a_k; 02-11-2018 at 6:41 PM.
    • BisKyt
    • By BisKyt 3rd Nov 18, 4:26 PM
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    I had problems joining Toto and I had problems leaving them. It took nearly 3 months for them to complete my switch in. For the switch out, the electricity was changed over in a reasonable time, but it took a couple of months for them to release the gas to the new company!

    The service is shocking and their website is useless
    • wavelets
    • By wavelets 3rd Nov 18, 5:05 PM
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    I had problems joining Toto and I had problems leaving them. It took nearly 3 months for them to complete my switch in. For the switch out, the electricity was changed over in a reasonable time, but it took a couple of months for them to release the gas to the new company!

    The service is shocking and their website is useless
    Originally posted by BisKyt

    At least we all still have MSE. I'll leave it up to you to decide if MSE is shocking and useless too...
    • rolleston reviewer
    • By rolleston reviewer 8th Nov 18, 10:45 PM
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    rolleston reviewer
    Still providing really poor customer service with a completely unhelpful next to useless website.
    • rossk26
    • By rossk26 19th Nov 18, 2:37 PM
    • 23 Posts
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    Still waiting for my 200 credit refund after I left them in August. Everytime I ask for it, I get a different excuse.

    Avoid this company if you can. I spend 30 minutes everytime on hold trying to get through. Everytime told I'll have my money on X date, and it never does.
    • MarkYork
    • By MarkYork 20th Nov 18, 5:23 PM
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    Left this shambles of a company over 3 months ago. Still waiting for my 300+ credit to be refunded. Opened a complaint using Resolver. Much time wasted, no progress made. Ombudsman next!
    • Brigshaw
    • By Brigshaw 20th Nov 18, 8:58 PM
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    AVOID ToTo Energy at ALL costs!!!
    I've just finished a nightmare 12 months with Toto, wrong meter readings, increased Direct Debits, difficulty in answering phone calls, emails NEVER replied to. TERRIBLE Company!!
    I've just transferred to another supplier and had to take Toto to Court using the small Claims procedure to force them to reply and refund my overpayments.
    And ...... when I transferred away guess what - they Overstated the closing reading despite me and the new company agreeing the actual with photos. Disgraceful.
    • Marshall 01
    • By Marshall 01 20th Nov 18, 10:05 PM
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    Marshall 01
    I joined toto energy oct.2017 both utilities i thought it wasnt until.i had unexpected bill from.eon that i realised after long time trying to contact them i got to speak to someone they said there was a problem with previous supplier yet they had taken the gas sane supplier.they took a full dd payment they did in dec give me half back.they sent me nail saying my dd was reducing in jan which appeared to be the summer payment anyway they then wanted more money so we settled for the same dd payment monthly.all was going well im in credit enough to cover at least 1 months dd.they sent me nail re price increase and there collections depmnt sent mail wanting an.extra months payment.i was i credit i tried to call them no answere.i had mail saying i was reaching 1st anniversary i had until date to change tarrif as it no longer existed.or swap supplier.i decided to change.i mailed them they mailed me back saying we know your leaving but dont cancel your direct debit it will adjusted for your final bill
    I was in credit they took full payment not an adjusted 1 making me further in usage was less than my why did they take a payment i wonder.i called them i got through after long waits.i was told the payment was taken for winter payment not with them so why would they want it.ive tried to call them no answer re my credit refund my advice is stay well away
    • AJMurrayUK
    • By AJMurrayUK 3rd Dec 18, 10:14 PM
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    AVOID - Either incredible incompetence or fraud. Not sure which yet.
    Toto are an excellent example of how badly to run a challenger energy company. Summary below of the continuing saga:
    - I sign up for the annual plan where I pay the full 1500 in advance.
    - They take the 1500 payment
    - Next month, they take another 1500 via direct debit
    - After 35 mins waiting on phone I get through to them, they apologise but can't send money back so I have to phone bank and cancel
    - During this process it transpires I received no welcome pack, and the website is broken so I for a good few weeks I cannot look up any details on tariff etc. on that. Another 25 mins waiting on phone.
    - A few months later, out of the blue, I receive a demand for an overdue bill
    - A few days later, I receive a reminder for a seriously overdue bill and threatening with referral to debt collection agency
    - After another 20-30 mins waiting on the phone, they apologise again, apparently there were two accounts created under my customer number. They put the money in one and sent the bills to another.
    - I received a bill today with 4 "actual" readings, none of which can be true. The gas reading is for one several hundred cubic metres too high (current reading is below both the actual reading).

    I am going through their complaints process and will be escalating to the ombudsman. I am not sure if they are systematically trying to defraud me or just hopelessly incompetent.

    • Joca316
    • By Joca316 4th Dec 18, 11:42 AM
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    Still awaiting refund
    Had similar issues to many other responders to this thread. This company is breathtakingly incompetent, and highly likely to be going under soon. Anyone who has access to basic company credit checking software (many options out there on the web, I think you can pay as little as 4.99 to check up on a companies public accounts) will be able to see that their latest filed set of accounts is massively worrying. I would guess that they will be the next supplier to go into administration.

    I'd suggest anyone still waiting for a refund to really step up with their calls etc because once they go under we'll get nothing. I've filed a complaint with the ombudsman and requested a subject access record from Toto so I can evidence what info they have on my account but I am now convinced that they have purposely over debited customers and are withholding refunds for as long as possible to try and rectify their woeful cash flow issues.
    • Mister G
    • By Mister G 4th Dec 18, 2:18 PM
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    Mister G
    I'd suggest anyone still waiting for a refund to really step up with their calls etc because once they go under we'll get nothing.
    Originally posted by Joca316
    Not true. Your money is protected by the OFGEM SoLR scheme.
    • Joca316
    • By Joca316 4th Dec 18, 2:32 PM
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    Not true. Your money is protected by the OFGEM SoLR scheme.
    Originally posted by Mister G
    Ok, well that's good news - I'll look up the SoLR scheme, but do you know if that definitely covers ex-customers who are trying to get a refund for a credit balance?
    • Mister G
    • By Mister G 4th Dec 18, 2:43 PM
    • 986 Posts
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    Mister G
    It certainly worked for me when GB Energy went under and recently Iresa. Co-op refunded my GB energy credit and Octopus refunded my Iresa credit.
    • twodogron
    • By twodogron 5th Dec 18, 3:46 PM
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    Winter Payments ?
    I was a customer with Scottish Power for over 14 years and never went into a debit situation with my Dual Gas and Electricity Account.
    Foolishly in October I changed supplier to ToTo Energy as a result of a persuasive cold caller at the doorstep.
    After a lengthy discussion he assured me that since I was currently over 200 in credit with Scottish Power my monthly DD would be the same (78/mth) with ToTo Energy.
    We have a smart meter fitted and closely monitor our consumption and have not yet exceeded our monthly DD payments and are currently over 100 in credit with ToTo Energy, yet, today have received an email from them after only two months supply advising us that they want another 155 on or by the 17th Dec to avoid me going into a negative account situation.
    I find this kind of behaviour from my Energy Supplier very patronising and offensive since I have never allowed myself to go into Debit situation with any Energy supplier.
    I have today advised ToTo Energy if they take any extra charges from my Bank without my explicit authorisation whilst I am clearly in a credit situation I will take this very seriously and most likely switch..........rather than be dictated to over my ability to look after my own accounts.
    Has anyone else received this email from ToTo Energy ?
    • Sharon Thornton
    • By Sharon Thornton 6th Feb 19, 11:50 AM
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    Sharon Thornton
    quested a refund on 18 December from TOTO and was told it would take 28 working days. Still no refund and after three phone calls (where I waited 45 mins each time to get through to an advisor) they are still not able to tell me when I will get my refund. I am owed 726 And they don't seem concerned this has caused me extreme financial hardship.
    The reason I stopped my direct debit and switch to payment after billing was even though they were informed I was massively in credit they still kept taking direct debit amounts that increased the amount they owed. Even after converting to payment on billing and being assured no further direct debits would be taken they still took another payment again adding to the money they owed me. Also even with smart meters installed they still kept estimating my bills. I keep hearing my refund has been escalated including that it has been given to management to resolve. God knows when I'll get my refund. Dreadful experience.
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