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    • lessonlearned
    • By lessonlearned 1st Jan 17, 8:31 AM
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    Frump to Fab 2017 - A Whole New World
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    • 1st Jan 17, 8:31 AM
    Frump to Fab 2017 - A Whole New World 1st Jan 17 at 8:31 AM
    Good Morning Lovely Ladies

    Welcome to the new Frump to Fab thread. A whole new world of frugal style and fabulousity. A place where we learn from each other how to be the best we can with the resources we have.

    Can you be both frugal and fabulous, I think so. You can be both skint and stylish. You can have your cake and eat it, you can "live it large" on a minuscule budget.

    So to all you newbies welcome. Join in the fun with the ladies in our fabulous online community. Here we discuss all things fabulous and we learn all about "fabbing".

    Yes I know it's a made up word but what does it mean.

    Well for us it means taking care of ourselves, our looks yes of course but it's more than "mere vanity".

    "FAbbing" also means looking after our health, our well being, our homes, our careers, our hobbies, our interests and past times and not forgetting our finances.

    ANd of course, it goes without saying, a verybig warm welcome to our regulars, returners, and lurkers.

    So dear newbies Join in the fun with the ladies in our fabulous online community

    Before we get started let me take this opportunity to wish you all A Very Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year.

    Today you may be busy with New Year's Day gatherings or you may Be feeling a little worse for wear after the New Years Eve Celebrations so for now we are going to be gentle.

    No fasting, no detox (unless of course you want to) but I would advocate that we ease ourselves gently into the New Year by remembering our first mantra.

    Step 1. Wear perfume. You should smell divine every day. Don't save your favourite fragrances "for best". Never again save anything for best. Don't we deserve to be the best we can be - every single day.

    Ah but what about the cost I hear you say. This is a Money saving website after all.......

    Well you don't have to douse yourself in your most expensive Dior or Chanel perfumes. A simple spray of cologne will still smell wonderful.

    And one of the nicest smells of all is a waft of fresh clean soap. So if you can't afford perfume then at least make sure you are freshly washed or showered and use a lovely soap or shower gel.

    So dig out some of those new smellies you got for Christmas and start using them.

    Today's tip.

    Got a perfume you don't like because it's too strong or heavy?? Dilute it.

    Don't throw it away or regift it. Add it to some simple cream or lotion or even some vegetable oil and make a luxurious moisturising body treatment. The height of luxury and decadence for mere pennies.

    I am still recovering from my chest infection.......feeling a lot better today but I'm still going to take it easy. So........I am going to spend some time today pondering on what I would like to achieve this year. I am not going to think in terms of New Years Resolutions it will be more a case of goal setting.

    As most of you will know Dad died on Friday so much of January will entail making his funeral arrangements and sorting out his estate.
    This means that, realistically, I am going to be busy for the next couple of weeks so I might have to catch up with my new plans.

    But.......just because I might not be posting everyday doesn't mean to
    Say that I won't be keeping a watchful eye on you. I shall be reading and observing!!!

    So please start the new fabbing year without me and I'll catch up with you all again just as soon as I can.

    Have a fabulous New Year's Day. See you all soon.

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    • LaineyT
    • By LaineyT 3rd Sep 17, 10:28 AM
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    Good leather saddles, even secondhand, can go for hundreds of pounds LL so you can see why I hope my current one will fit, despite being over 10 years old it's in very good condition having been well looked after by a qualified saddler and yours truly, love the smell of tack conditioner You can buy cheaper synthetic alternatives but you can't beat leather for comfort and durability,
    • indiepanda
    • By indiepanda 3rd Sep 17, 12:04 PM
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    LL what a lovely complement. I have to admit I am a bit vain and always rather gratified to find myself taken for younger than my age. I will be 45 this month but people I meet for the first time generally place me in my 30s. I reckon it's payback for having never been overseas on holiday as a child and always being quite careful with my skin - got a few little lines under my eyes and some faint ones on my forehead but especially compared to a lot of the men I've met who are my age or even younger internet dating, I am relatively line free. I guess guys take less care of their skin and are more inclined to skip sunscreen and get burned.

    Floss happy anniversary, Pembrokeshire is a lovely part of the world, been on a few hiking trips and we finished a hike in St David's at Easter. I think it that part of the coast is as pretty as Cornwall but not nearly so touristy.

    I had a very enjoyable and productive few hours in Winchester. The exhibition was interesting, focused on Turner's representation of sunlight in landscapes.Then I strolled through town and did some gentle shopping! I bought 2 summer tops in sales and some super indigo jeans in the White Company. They were expensive but I felt like treating myself. I'm going to pension off some of the jeans I've stopped liking to the CS and limit myself to 2 smart pairs and 2 knocking around pairs.
    Originally posted by maman
    Now that I am slimmer I've been able to get back into wearing jeans from some more premium brands - for years I wore M&S ones - and I can feel the difference in the denim, much softer and a higher lycra percentage so seem to keep their shape better. I need to get rid of my older ones - there's nothing flattering about jeans that have gotten too large.

    Hello Ladies,
    I will be forever grateful for this thread, as it gives me so much inspiration, especially on the days when I feel as if I can not be bothered, I try to make some effort with my appearance. I never want to be 'mutton dressed as lamb' woman, but neither do I want to dress older than my chronological age.

    I went to another Poetry group in Beckenham last night and I had another really enjoyable evening. It is run by the same man who runs the Blackfriars Poetry group. My friend of 13 years who I met at Hillcroft College, was there, as she is a regular attendee of this group and lives in Beckenham. She was really pleasantly surprised to see me there. It is 2 longish bus rides away from my home in South London, but it is a very straightforward journey. I had been inspired to write 4 new poems this week, so I performed those 4 poems for the group, despite my nerves.

    I am definitely returning to work on Monday for my usual 3 hour shift, but I will be on light duties for the next 2 month's, so my worn down body should be able to cope admirably with the light duties. One of the other cleaners has been assigned by Management to do all of the heavy work on my floor for the next 2 months.

    Okay, it is time for me to watch my recording of X Factor. This way I can cut out all of the adverts, the judges waffling and simply watch the acts and enjoy the singing talent in the show. I tend not to watch the really awful singers, as I feel it is cruel to put them through round after round, just to laugh at them.
    Originally posted by sugarbaby125
    I know what you mean, I am definitely making more of an effort with my appearance these days too - more inclined to wear make up, not save my nicer clothes for best, do my hair etc. I am trying to dress a bit younger too - when I was more overweight I think I was veering towards lamb dressed as mutton at times.

    I do admire your creative efforts, I was utterly useless at poetry at school and didn't enjoy much of the poetry I studied for my A level in English literature, all a bit too impenetrable for me (The Wasteland by TS Eliot was the main one we studied). I used to enjoy writing stories but as my English teacher told my Economics teacher I was too prosaic to be really good at English. As my economics teacher told me that was no bad thing given my university plans were economics and flowery language has no place in economics. All the same, books give me so much pleasure it would be nice to be able to write with flair.

    Hope the return to work goes well on Monday.

    I know what mean about the cruelty of the X factor auditions with the people who can't sign. I watched the early singing talent shows like Popstars and Pop Idol but I got tired of them laughing at people who had delusions of talent and have never really got into X Factor. At least the Voice they only show the decent singers, but they seem to be very bad at picking people who end up having any commercial success after the show.

    I think teal has been quite popular in home furnishings and even clothing for quite a while - I love it because it's one of my best colours in terms of clothes that suit me and I find now I gravitate towards colours in my life that would work well as clothing too. Most of my towels are chocolate and teal, and for neutrals round the home I always pick creams, taupes, browns rather than greys and other cooler colours. It's interesting that the stereotype of women is that we will go mad with pink given half a chance and yet the only pink thing I have in my house is a tealight holder given to me by a friend.

    I've been having a bit of a declutter of toiletries this morning - partly in preparation for the bedroom move and partly to help with packing for my upcoming holidays. Oh dear.... how much money have I wasted. I've found body lotions that must be at least 10 years old... things I would never use now, e.g. because they have mineral oil in (i.e. a petrochemical) or things that smell of things I wouldn't choose now (like blueberries and passion fruit... nice to eat, but to smell of??) and some which have evidently gone badly off. Am throwing a ton of stuff away but still have plenty left. Part of the issue is I get given some stuff as gifts and I don't want to be rude and say to friends "don't buy me any" or "only buy these brands" as it's ungrateful. But I have cunningly posted a status on Facebook about how much I had and how I am not buying any more till they are used up. Let's see if that cuts down what I get given instead!

    Part of my issue is I keep buying sample sizes of things like shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion and when I get home from a trip I've used enough of them to not want to take on the next trip, but I then keep the left overs in a drawer, taking up space. So the plan now is each time I come back from a trip I need to go through my washbag and move into the bathroom anything that isn't full enough to do another trip and use it up that way.

    I also need to get back into putting on body lotion day and night - I don't manage most nights and only around 1 out of every 2/3 days in the morning, and I can feel my skin is a bit dry. If I am going to keep any colour from my holidays I need to get rid of the dead stuff and soften up the stuff underneath.

    On the positive front, I have at least found my favourite hiking hat which will save me buying a new one (they are vital on sunny day to prevent heatstroke as well as protecting the face from the sun, and discovered my waterproof trousers needed cleaning in time to do it before the trip. I do want to replace them at some point, but am holding out till next season when I want to be down another dress size.

    Right, better get back to doing something useful. Have a great Sunday all x
    • sugarbaby125
    • By sugarbaby125 3rd Sep 17, 5:31 PM
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    Hello Ladies,

    Having been through the early part of the process as an applicant for X Factor, I know that you have to get through 3 rounds of auditions and get into the 4th round of auditions, as that is the round of auditions that is filmed and excerpts of contestants in that 4th audition round are then put in front of the judges. I only got to the 2nd round of auditions, but that truly amazed me, as the other singers on the day of my 1st audition were far more talented than me, including my sister who also was auditioning for the show.

    That was a real eye opener to me, that researchers from the show with no knowledge of music or singing choose what contestants go through. There were literally hundreds of incredible singers being sent home by people ill qualified to judge their talent.

    One of the men from Karaoke auditioned for The Voice and never got past his 1st audition and he was absolutely gutted and began to lose faith in his singing ability after that rejection even though he was in his early fifties. He was so mega talented as a singer though. I could never listen to him sing without having an emotional response. An equally talented young female singer from Karaoke auditioned for the X Factor and even though she did sing for the Judges, they edited her singing in front of the judges to less than a minute when that episode was shown. She is a young girl in her early twenties and she would make the hair on my body stand on end with her singing ability, so I was stunned when she did not get to Boot Camp. I think this rejection knocked her confidence in her singing ability as well, as she soon stopped coming to Karaoke.

    These shows can be the only vehicle for a struggling, talented singer to get a firm foundation within the music industry, but they also roller coaster over the dreams of so many aspiring singers.

    I am having another quiet day and resting as much as possible, as I had chest pains again today. There is a birthday party today for my great nephew's 2nd birthday, which I did not have the energy to attend. I have to give Karaoke a miss this evening as well for the same reasons. My cold symptoms have literally vanished today, so I do not need to continue taking medication for my cold.

    I had not seen my grandson for a few weeks, but he turned up today and surprised us. It was really good to see him and find out what was going on in his life. He starts College tomorrow, so he was excited about that positive step in his life and I am excited for him as well.

    Ladies in future if you are given toiletries that you would prefer not to use, then immediately donate them to one of your local charity shops. That way the gift givers money is not being wasted and you do not need to inadvertently offend the gift giver by not using their gift.

    I never buy travel size toiletries, I just buy sets of travel bottles so I can decant my favourite toiletries into them. At the end of summer Primark will usually reduced these sets to 50p.

    I have always liked to write. I loved English Literature and Language throughout Secondary School. It is a shame that none of my early writing still exists, so I can 'see' myself in my earlier writing. As I am reading over my earlier work that I wrote more than 12-14 years ago, I can see how my writing now has developed into creative writing that I think is much more reflective of the type of writer I am growing into.

    The Poetry groups will benefit me in so many ways as a writer, not just give me the opportunity to make like minded new friends.

    Now, that I am returning to work, I will not have as much time to go to other Poetry Open Mic events, but I will try my best for the rest of the year, as it gives me so much pleasure.
    • sugarbaby125
    • By sugarbaby125 3rd Sep 17, 5:38 PM
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    Ladies, this is why I love to write:

    I Write Because

    I write because if I did not write, my soul would be damned with all the strong emotions that could not be expressed.

    I write because the ideas, if not written down on paper would crowd my mind so that other thoughts would have to fight to see the light of day.

    I write because it is the way for me to have closure about all the life changing issues that have happened to me throughout my life. If I did not write these issues down, I could not have a safe outlet for them.

    I write because it gives me the vehicle to say what I need to say aloud. Sometimes I do this with humour, other times the subject matter is too intense.

    I write because I believe that I was born to be a writer and that one day I will finally realise my biggest ambition and will see my name as a writer in print.

    I write because words are balm to my troubled psyche. They soothe me, they ground me and they sometimes give me solace when no other forms of comfort will do.

    I write because sometimes it is the only way to share my pain and anguish, without it overwhelming me.

    I write because I have to write.

    I write because I need to write.

    I write because if I did not write, maybe the pain would engulf me and swallow me whole.

    I write because without writing, I would simply not be me
    • chanie
    • By chanie 4th Sep 17, 11:56 AM
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    sugar what a lovely piece of writing. I enjoy your style, as its very simple language but conveys what you want to say - I'm not a big fan of flowery words and concepts.

    indie I had a big clear out of toiletries a few years ago. I had to throw away a lot of stuff that had gone bad - some of it was expensive stuff that I was keeping for best and I was annoyed that I never got to enjoy them. I keep all of our excess toiletries in a box and when we run out, we get something out of the box. That way, everything gets used and it saves us a couple of pounds. It took me about 2 years to use all of the excess body wash/soap. It was only me using it though as OH has sensitive skin and I didn't want to use them on the children as they were babies/toddlers.

    The children are back at school tomorrow, so we are going to have a chilled day at home. Plus I have lots of tidying and cleaning to do.

    A couple of tips:

    Food - we often get stuck in food ruts, of eating the same foods and getting bored. I bought a few bits from Greek Week at Lidl and the IKEA food section, which have been really nice.

    Open House Days London- the weekend of 16th and 17th of September, where lots of buildigs are opened to the public and they let you access parts you otherwise may not see. Google the website and see if anything take a your fancy.
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    • maman
    • By maman 4th Sep 17, 12:39 PM
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    Thanks for sharing your writing sugarbaby. You've been through a lot lately especially with your health and it comes through.

    I've heard about the Open Days chanie. I think it happens all over the country IIRC. We have family birthdays around then so sadly I've never been able to take advantage.

    Another tip for ringing the changes to get out of a food rut is to look at menus online or when you're eating out or look at ready meals in places like M&S for ideas. The other thing I do is pick up in house magazines from places like Asda as they have recipes too. I often adapt them to use things I've got in or herbs/spices I have rather than what the recipe dictates.

    I've been sorting a few things out for my trip to Stratford tomorrow. The weather promises to be fairly dull but mostly dry so that's a plus. I'm mainly taking jeans and Breton tops (one blue, one grey) for daytime. I thought of taking the new cropped trousers/culottes for the evening but decided I don't love them so they're going back. I'll wear some silky evening trousers I've got instead with a chiffon blouse to go to the theatre/restaurant. The culottes have an elasticated waist and it doesn't look right. So the hunt for culottes goes on. I see them on other people and like them.

    I'm eating really healthily today as I know it won't be happening tomorrow. I've just checked out the menu at the pub/restaurant we're meeting up in tomorrow lunchtime. There's not a salad or a jacket potato in sight. Although it's quite a smart place everything has fillers like bread, pastry, batter etc. Maybe I'll be lucky with the specials!
    • sugarbaby125
    • By sugarbaby125 5th Sep 17, 9:54 AM
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    Hello Ladies,

    I went back to work yesterday. It was hard going for me, even doing only light duties, but I was thankful to be back at work.

    I had to take painkillers when I got home, as I had so many aches and pains.
    • lessonlearned
    • By lessonlearned 5th Sep 17, 5:43 PM
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    lessonlearned your writing. Glad you managed to get back to work, but please be careful not to overdo things.

    Having said that.....that's exactly what I have done...I have worked myself to a standstill today and like you I'm a mass of aches and pains. Especially my hands.

    I have ordered myself a paraffin wax bath for hands and feet. When I did my beauty therapy I did paraffin wax treatments as part of a luxury manicure package. Obviously doing it for yourself is not quite so easy so hopefully the bath will allow me to do my own treatments. As well as being a lovely beauty treatment paraffin wx is also recommended to ease arthritis.

    It's worth a try.

    Anyway going to cook a simple supper and then just take it easy. I can tidy up properly tomorrow.
    • sugarbaby125
    • By sugarbaby125 6th Sep 17, 7:11 AM
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    Hello Ladies,

    LL and Chanie, thank you for what you said about my writing. I really appreciate it.

    LL at the moment I do not have any choice about over doing it. I am supposed to stop what I am doing and rest if I get any of the atypical symptoms of having an enlarged heart, but in my work environment this is impractical.

    My body will soon get used to doing 3 hours of cleaning 5 days a week again. In the mean time I just have to look after myself as best I can. Once I get in from work, I have time to rest. I have been to bed early the last 2 nights, but that has not worked well for me, as I woke up at a ridiculously early time of the morning and I could not get back to sleep, so after an hour and more of trying I got up.

    LL please take it easier on your body. It is much better not to have to endure lots of aches and pains. It is our bodies way of letting us know we are putting it under too much physical stress.

    I could not go to Karaoke last night and may not be able to go for a few weeks, as my body adjusts to me being back at work. I am simply too exhausted after work, to rush home, have a quick bath, get dressed up and go to Karaoke on Tuesday nights. Sunday night Karaoke, I am not as keen on at the moment, as I want to get as much time to just rest and relax at the weekends and recharge my energy levels.
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    • lessonlearned
    • By lessonlearned 6th Sep 17, 8:44 AM
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    lessonlearned sorry to hear how much you are struggling. You do so well to carry on working. I know that financially you have no real choice. I think you are doing all you can under the circumstances. Shame you are having to miss your karaoke but perhaps it's wise for now.

    I know that I am now very fortunate. My pension income is enough for me to live on. I can rest when I have to. It would be nice to work a bit. I would like to have more energy. I used to enjoy helping at Scope and I was thinking of becoming a library volunteer. Perhaps next year.

    You are right I did overdo it the last couple of days. Today I am going to do some tidying up and just general sorting myself out. I am tired, a bit achey but better than yesterday. It would be nice to sit outside later If it warms up. A bit grey and chilly so could go either way.

    Anyone watching "Victoria" on TV. Jemma Coleman is really good. And of course the divine Lord M (gorgeous Rufus Sewell) is back ......can't stand Albert......never could. Pompous

    There's another Victoria film out the cinema .....Judi Dench again. Looks good.
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    • sugarbaby125
    • By sugarbaby125 6th Sep 17, 11:19 PM
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    Hello Ladies,

    LL even 3 days in, I am finding the work easier to cope with. I am trying my best not to overdo things. I hope you are feeling much better and are taking it a little easier now.

    I loved the 1st series of Victoria and I am now watching the start of the 2nd series with real pleasure. I will be watching the new film about Victoria and Abdul as well eventually.
    • chanie
    • By chanie 7th Sep 17, 6:16 PM
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    Sugar pleased that you are settling back into to work.

    Just a quick one from me. The children are back at school, so it means I get my Fridays back. It will be nice to have a bit of time to myself. I do fancy a bit of a potter around at home, but I have a laser appointment tomorrow, which, unfortunately takes up most of the day, due to it being quite far away.
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    • indiepanda
    • By indiepanda 8th Sep 17, 9:22 AM
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    A quick pre holiday post.

    Have to admit I am feeling a bit flat... work is getting me down, the woman who supposedly works for me has been out sick since January and I am having to do things I could do in my sleep, and not having the time to deal with important things because they aren't yet urgent, but it's not long before they will become that way. I've left my bosses with a paper explaining the likely impact of this with the hope they will take action while I am away but they are so slow at taking action I am not that hopeful!

    Anyway, hopefully once I get together with my friends that will be the distraction I need. Staying at a hotel near the airport tonight and a couple of my friends are staying there too, then will meet the rest at the airport in the morning. Hoping my knee holds out for the hiking - I have it lightly taped at present and have a kit with me the physio gave me to retape or move onto tighter taping if needed. Also got tubi-grip and plastic bags so I can get ice from the hotel and put ice packs on the knee after walks if it's giving me trouble.

    Taken today as holiday to finish packing and drive to the airport hotel before the main rush hour - starting my trip caught in horrid traffic wouldn't be a good start.

    Anyway, hopefully the time away will put me back to my more normal positive state. I've been so down this week I even had a little binge last night which is something I haven't done all year and feel really quite ashamed of, so back on the wagon when I get home, I feel physically bad for not eating so healthily as well as cross with myself, and I think it's a bit of a vicious circle, feel bad because of stuff that happens outside my control, respond by messing up something in my control, feel bad about that and then do more self destructive things... done it so many times before! So time to pause, reset and get back on the wagon. If I don't look after myself, no one else will do it for me.

    Have a good couple of weeks all x
    • lessonlearned
    • By lessonlearned 8th Sep 17, 1:57 PM
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    Indie. Sorry to hear you are feeling low. Hope you have a fabulous holiday, some good times with friends will, I'm sure, make you feel heaps better. Hope the knee holds up.

    And, don't beat yourself up for slipping off the happens to the best of us.

    Fab Friday.....I nearly went clothes shopping for some jeans/trousers and knitwear but couldn't be bothered. Perhaps tomorrow. Just went to Aldi instead.

    Feeling tired now, so just going to rest a bit, tackle the ironing and then an easy dinner.

    Hope you all have a fab weekend.

    Oh BTW. We legally completed yesterday, DS2s house is now officially mine.
    • maman
    • By maman 8th Sep 17, 4:15 PM
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    Just went to Aldi instead.
    Originally posted by lessonlearned

    Same here LL, we know how to live!

    Sorry to hear you're feeling low indie, hope the holiday sorts you out. I'm all for workers rights but someone being off sick since January and you picking up her work compared with sugarbaby at the other end of the spectrum with very few rights at all doesn't seem fair.

    I had a great time in Stratford upon Avon. I haven't been there since I was a child so enjoyed taking in the Shakespeare sights plus the theatre and a NT property nearby. That still left time for lots of leisurely meals and good company with our friends. The weather was kind to us and the wardrobe I took worked out well. We'll definitely visit the area again. There are heaps of NT properties in a small radius and Stratford is a super centre with all its restaurants. We stayed at a Premier Inn which I can thoroughly recommend: clean, comfortable, reasonably priced and in an excellent location. What was noticeable is how fortunate DH and I are to have good health. One of my friends has some mobility issues due to arthritis (and if I'm honest excess weight) and it really does prevent her fully enjoying life. As it was her birthday treat we took it at her pace but left to us we'd have walked further and faster!

    Back now and starting to undo some of the damage that eating out always does. I did my meal plan and food shopping so nothing to stop me.

    I'm planning to see Victoria and Abdul too. I really enjoyed Mrs Brown years ago so expect it to be similar. I have been watching Victoria on Sundays (fills the hole left by Poldark). I'm enjoying the history and the spectacle although I think the young woman who plays Victoria is far too pretty for the role. I've been looking at lots of royal portraiture lately and considering they were done to impress (both the sitter as patron and the public) then there is no way Victoria would have been that pretty even as a young woman. I wonder if the series will continue as she ages and fattens up?

    Not a great deal on this weekend other than a match tomorrow. Dancing starts again next week (I need the exercise!) and DH's birthday on Wednesday. I'm a bit fed up of the rapid change in the weather (can't believe just last Saturday I was in short sleeves and sandals) but hopefully will soon get my autumn head on and start to enjoy the season.
    • Floss
    • By Floss 8th Sep 17, 10:27 PM
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    Indie I'm sorry if this seems out of turn, but a company that does not provide temporary support to replace a member of staff on long term sickness leave (i.e. 3+ months) is taking the mick. That situation is unsustainable for anything over 3 months, and 7 months is just a money saving exercise with no respect for the staff having to keep everything going. Can I suggest that when you return, you stamp your feet for a temp, or at least half an existing staff member's time to support your work?
    • sugarbaby125
    • By sugarbaby125 9th Sep 17, 6:49 AM
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    Hello Ladies,

    I have completed my 1st week back at work and even though it was very hard on me physically, it was the right decision for me. Being on light duties for a few weeks will help me to adjust to being back at work without going so overboard, that I take a step backwards health wise. I did have to take painkillers all week to get by, but now today, I have not woken up in too much pain, so no painkillers needed.

    My son got a B in A Level Philosophy so it was a hat trick. I am so proud of him. Another celebration meal in Pizza Express tomorrow, courtesy of Nectar Summer Rewards vouchers.

    My daughter and I are going to see the film Detroit today, compliments of a Nectar Summer Rewards Vue cinema voucher.

    Indie, I hope your holiday has got off to a good start. When you return home feeling energised, please tackle the issue at work head on before you work yourself to a frazzle.
    • clippy_girl
    • By clippy_girl 9th Sep 17, 9:31 AM
    • 2,253 Posts
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    Hello ladies

    Have not been on for ages but am keeping up with reading the thread

    Nothing has really changed since the start of the year as I have not managed to loose weight and have put some back on

    So I'm back on it now. Going to calorie count for a few weeks to get in the swing of it then just continue to eat that way. This weekend I will be batch cooking lots of healthy meals and soups for freezer.

    Not feeling very fab. Had hair cut shortish in Jan and decided to grow it but just realised I've not even had it trimmed! Going to book a groupon for a trim then will go back to Toni and guy in November and get my fringe back in as decided I prefer it with one (hard decision as I had a thick blunt one so it took 18 months to grow out!)

    Going to start back at gym tomorrow or Tuesday so hopefully it will all go in the right way!

    Congrats on your first week back sugar, hope each week gets easier
    • LaineyT
    • By LaineyT 9th Sep 17, 4:08 PM
    • 2,206 Posts
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    Hello lovely ladies,

    Hope you have an enjoyable and restorative holiday Indie.
    Good to hear that have made it through the first week back at work Sugar and on your son's exam results, another good reason to celebrate.
    We visited Stratford earlier in the year Maman during our week in the Cotswolds and especially enjoyed the live performances in the courtyard of Shakespeare's house.

    Well I had an especially Fab Friday as went to pick up my new horse she travelled very well, the traffic gods were with us and she is now safely ensconced in her new home. She is such a sweetheart and we have already had a couple of little cuddles she will need a new saddle as Bill's old one is too long so she will have a few days off ridden work until the saddler can come out next Friday, but I will do some work in hand and lunge her just to keep her ticking over.
    With new tack, rugs etc I can see that, for certainly the next few months, there will be very little money left over to spend on myself but that's fine, would rather it was that way round than no horse and disposable cash. So perhaps it's a good thing that have I have built up a decent wardrobe and have no real 'needs' for some time!
    My nesting however is continuing, the new heavy winter cover for our bed is perfect, warm, cosy and a smashing lilac colour. The sheet and pillowcases are very good quality so all in all am pleased with my purchases.
    Right, the rain has stopped so time to pop over the stable to check on my girly, have a good evening everyone x
    • sugarbaby125
    • By sugarbaby125 10th Sep 17, 10:40 AM
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    Hello Ladies,

    When I saw Detroit yesterday, I found the extreme violence really disturbing and shocking. This film is based on fact and it is a very absorbing and brilliantly made film. I would not allow a 15 year old teenager to watch it though, as I do not think it is suitable for any teenager despite the film board classification.

    Chippy Girl, welcome back and always remember that you can be fab at any size. I have gained 2 stones this year due to ill health, but at last I am beginning to get back on my feet. I still make the effort to look the best that I can and take good care of my body with lots of pampering at home while I am slowly starting to lose the weight gain.

    , your obvious pleasure in your new horse just shines out of your post. I wish all the best for the both of you.
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