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    • Sue-UU
    • By Sue-UU 4th Nov 16, 12:10 AM
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    "Sealed Pot Challenge ~ 10"
    • #1
    • 4th Nov 16, 12:10 AM
    "Sealed Pot Challenge ~ 10" 4th Nov 16 at 12:10 AM
    Alright then Potters, it seems awe-inspiring that we're starting off with with "SPC "No 10"!!! Where have all the years gone since it first began! So very hard to believe that by the end of this year we'll have been going for a full decade!!!!

    For all newcomers, yes "Old Timers" too - it's so very important to please read through this entire post to see what the SPC is all about, dates for counting up and our re-opening date etc.. However, please be sure to Join the forum first in order to be able to join the challenge - if you haven't already! For ALL SPC members, please chat away on this SPC 10 thread about your conquests, money-saving ideas etc from Post 4 onward, it gives encouragement to all, including yourselves as it keeps the motivation to save far stronger.

    Hello yet again dedicated MSE Sealed Pot Savers! We're off once more with another Sealed Pot Challenge No 10. We've had 9 amazinly money-saving years, but it's all purely through the determined saving of you all - many thanks to you amazing folk who have made SPC what it is!!

    For all newcomers - a really huge heartfelt welcome! We're a terrific bunch who just adore greeting more members to the flock. Please read through the whole of this post and you'll be aware of why SPC is so special. You all settle in straight away and become part of our saving family!

    The idea is to save as much as possible throughout the following year until just before Christmas - which this year will be to open our pots on Thursday the 2nd November 2017. We save it in pots that we've pre-sealed to stop us being tempted to open them. Any spare cash can be put away, every day/week/month, whatever is best for you. If you have change left over after you've been shopping - pop it in the pot! After all why not! However small the change...the likelihood is that it won't be missed, and might otherwise have been wasted!

    Most of us put the difference in that we've been saved on special offers etc, it's all saved at the shop so it makes sense to save it in the pot to mount up!

    Below are the basics for making your pot and sealing.

    Firstly: Get yourself a pot, and remember - it doesn't need to cost much - if anything. If money's tight then use any pot for now, i.e. A sweet tin, coffee jar..extremely MSE!! Next - seal it with sellotape and be sure to make a slit in the lid, big enough for a 50p to go in, that way all coins will fit in. Later on, if you wish, you can always take advantage of finding a cheap pot in the sales after Christmas, or put one you fancy on your Christmas list! You can always buy ready sealed tins from reasonably priced shops! They're usually about a POUND from a store!!

    It can also be interesting and challenging to make yourself a Papier Mach! pig (or any animal) etc by using Frugaldom's recipe by clicking here then going to Post No. 597 or by going to a totally separate thread papier mach! animal here. Many thanks to Frugaldom.

    After selecting your pot, seal round the lid with sellotape or superglue if necessary. Again, be sure to make a slit in the top that is the right size for a 50p to go in! NB. If you make a Papier Mach! pot you will need to "operate" on it at the end of each challenge! Still, you can always have the pleasure of making a new one towards the end of the year, or getting the kiddies involved - if you're the daring type! The mind could run riot with what to model!

    Anyone wanting to show a picture of their pot on the thread, here are directions by jakes-mum: "Go to and create an account, click the orange 'upload' button at the top and select your picture from your computer. Once uploaded, select the picture and click 'edit' then 'resize' change the first size number to 400 and click save. On the right hand side click the link next to 'direct', come back here and click the little picture of the mountain above the reply box, delete out the http and right hand click, select paste and your link should get pasted in. When you post your reply your pic should be there and not absolutely massive". Many thanks, jakes-mum, you are a gem!

    Terrimundi pots are available in many shops and on-line, they're very attractive and another ready sealed way to save, and though the manufacturers and retailers would have you believe differently, you DO NOT need to smash them to remove your cash!! I've used mine for 9 years...and at the end of each year's (since 2009 when I graduated from a carton!) challenge, hubby and I have a whale of a time, doing things the 'old' way by tilting the pot and using a knife! Though, a few years ago DH bought a 12" steel ruler in from the shed which is thin and broad and perfect for the job. So be assured that, so long as you go carefully, you CAN use them again and again....unless you drop the darned things!! They are costly though, but this is where your Christmas list comes in handy, though always keep a look out in charity shops too!

    Regarding the Sealed Cans many of you use, apparently the best way to open the sealed tins is, rather than using a tin opener, squeeze the side of the tin, where the seam meets and you can pop the seal and tip the money out that way.

    The term roadkill = any money found on pavements, parks etc; even in car parks or on shop floors etc.

    NB. A few notes of interest.

    1/ Any money given as a gift (other than Birthdays, Christmas etc) i.e.. Inherited can not be included as savings. Likewise any money put directly into the bank cannot be counted as savings with SPC. Money from small second jobs is ok, such as cleaning for Mrs Bloggs down the road/ taking in ironing, a part-time job or anything similar is ok to be saved. Any savings saved via Christmas Clubs can also be used in your SPC Totals, it's another way of saving for Christmas after all. Money received from cashback sites such as Quidco, topcashback etc can be included in your pots. Likewise, any money made from sales on E-Bay, Facebook or similar can be saved.

    Also it's possible to include all other savings from MSE Challenges with your SPC Totals i.e. the 2 Challenge as, apparently they aren't put down on the challenge threads themselves. If you're unsure, please ask on the thread, and remember - there's no so thing as a stupid question!

    Second incomes can come in many varied and very lucrative guises and anything such as that would be unfair to other members. Mostly the SPC is a challenge to see how much we can save during the year...mostly it's relatively small amounts which are saved from wages, housekeeping, good budgeting etc. Remunerations via the letting of second homes cannot be included in the SPC.

    Whenever you're in the dilemma of "ooh should I buy that?" If you don't need it, but just want it - leave it there and pot the cash instead, you'll be much more satisfied with the accomplishment, pleased with your self-discipline too. All too often, if I go back a second time I find I didn't even like whatever it was anyway.

    3/ You can ask me to put a Target on for you to try to meet (it goes alongside your name and number on the 2nd and 3rd posts below) but it's not necessary. If you do set one, but are unable to meet it, it doesn't matter at all, at least you will have tried! A few people keep account of all they save, but most of us count what we save daily or weekly, then put it on the thread to help encourage others then we pot it and forget about it and ....wait for the surprise at the end of the year! If you're hoping for a particular amount, but still want a surprise at the end of the saving year, work out what amount you'd like and what's needed per week to achieve it - save that amount weekly/monthly as well as still putting your bits of change in without holding the amounts in your head - you're bound to come out on top that way and still get a surprise!

    Please don't worry about the amounts others save! There are such differences with jobs, wages, commitments etc so some naturally find large sums easy to save, while others of us don't. However, it's the pleasure that counts - so be happy with yours, proud too, and remember it's NOT a contest!!

    4/ Mainly SPC is a challenge to see how much we can save in a year for Christmas 2017. However, over the last 9 years we've had some members who needed theirs throughout the year for bills, and personally I'd far sooner they take the cash out for that than pay more interest or...miss a due date! You can always start again, even if it's getting later in the year, you can even include what you needed to take out, after all, you will have saved it. Whatever you need to do, don't worry about it - be happy and proud you have saved!

    5/ If you wish to save for something special, a holiday, wedding etc then please do so, just please remember to declare it on November 2nd. The most important thing, is that you are saving ...and hopefully not tempted to take it out unnecessarily. If anyone has any other queries, then please sing out...though not too might shatter your pot/s!

    6/ At the end of the year (or when we've saved for what we wish) count up all your money saved and declare your Total either by waiting until the declaration date - or (if you've needed your cash for other things - by putting your Total on your MSE signature to remind you to include it in your full Total; that particularly applies to those using their money for holidays etc, but PLEASE remember to return to the thread on the 2nd November to declare those Totals to me. Some members prefer not to keep too much money in the house and count theirs up every now and then to bank it, in which case they always pop the amount banked on their MSE signatures.

    7/ DO KEEP YOUR POT or POTS SAFE!! If you hide it, be sure to remember where you put it as it wouldn't be the first time that members have forgotten where they've hidden it!

    8/ "Holding Pots": To anyone concerned about putting money into their pot...then possibly needing it later in the week/month: Why not use an unsealed pot or purse as a "holding pot" and pop the money in there first each day/week/month - then, if it's not needed (for car parking costs, little Johnnies school trip etc) - put it in your Sealed pot so it stays put. Do that each week and it'll save you taking money from the bank. Discipline yourself to only take what's needed though!

    9/ "Where to take bags of cash at the end of the year?": With regards to this all important question, here's vital help from girlatplay: "I bank with Bank of Scotland and they accept as many change bags as you have, as long as you take them to the business banking counter." That is so handy for members to know, many thanks to GAP. This applies to many banks, I suspect most banks/building societies are the same if truth be known.

    10/ Members who do not return by the end of November of any year will sadly now lose their numbers as, many people who sign up to the challenge then don't bother returning! To be fair, I think a lot get swept up in the excitement of it all, but then, for one reason of another, can't or don't wish to keep it up, but that then leaves me with a long list of non savers on the list which makes things very difficult over time. Sorry folks, but any saving members won't be at all worried about this - but if those 'defaulting' (bad word, but...!) members remember then - come on back and ask for another number, they will always be be more than welcome!

    On the 2 posts below is a list of members and their numbers, always display your No on your signatures please, that makes life so much easier for me and my DH when counting up all of our Totals. In December or thereabouts I declare the Grand Total of ALL that we members have collected, what a terrific sight that is! Please declare yours savings ASAP on or close to the 2nd November, many thanks.

    Just a quiet word of warning to all those in the Cambridge area - forget ever thinking of looking for roadkill there as jakes-mum will even tackle you the ground to get to it first! Think I'm joking??

    Once again, we've just had another truly amazing year, let's keep it up and see what we can achieve this year. Good luck everyone and save well!!

    PLEASE take note everyone Thursday 2nd Nov is the closing date for 2017, the day we declare what we've saved on the thread, kindly declare your monies saved within 2 weeks of the 2nd, thank you kindly.

    Anyone wishing to join us please post on the thread to ask and I'll give you a number and an official welcome so you can join in the fun......and please do note that...time means any time of year!

    It's Never Too Late To Join Us! and You Never Need To Re-join....well, unless you stop visiting us in November! can always return to the fold and be made very welcome!

    Many thanks for reading
    , Sue x
    Last edited by Sue-UU; 04-11-2016 at 12:11 PM.
    Sealed Pot Challenge 001 My Totals = 08 163.95 09 = 315.78 10 = 518.80 11 = 481.87 12 = 694.53 13 = 1200.20! 14 = 881 15 = 839.21 16 = 870.48 17 871.52 Grand Totals of all members (2008 uncounted) 2009 = 32.154.32! 2010 = 37.581.47! 2011 = 42.474.34! 2012 = 49.759.46! 2013 = 50.642.78! 2014 = 61.367.88!! 2015 = 52.852.06! 2016 = 52, 002.40!!! 2017 = 50.456.23!!!!

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    • Purplemumof2
    • By Purplemumof2 4th Nov 16, 2:18 PM
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    Let's all try hard and make this the best year for Sue-UU and exceed all previous years totals
    Originally posted by mummytummy

    Here, Here!!! Will be sorry to see you retire so to speak but I agree, yourself and your family must come first

    Official DFW Nerd Club - Member no. 791 - Proud to be dealing with my debts
    MBNA: 6200.00 Cap 1: 395.80 BC: 6841.81
    AFD xxx LTW 6/16
    POAMAYC 2018 #041 PD 6288.87/7000
    Savings for Christmas 191.84/365
    20p Savers 2018 2 Savers 2018 50p Savers 2018 SPC 11 2018 #003
    • NeedToBeDebtFree
    • By NeedToBeDebtFree 4th Nov 16, 2:20 PM
    • 31 Posts
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    Hello, I'm back and am so thankful to Sue-UU for keeping us chugging along.

    My first pot is 5.00. I joined in part way through the year in round 9, so am eager to see how much better I can do this round!
    Whatever it takes.
    Sealed Pot Challenger #547
    • Baby Angel
    • By Baby Angel 4th Nov 16, 2:28 PM
    • 493 Posts
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    Baby Angel
    I need to buy a new pot, as the old one is beyond repair. Didn't see Jakes-Mum advice before ruining it.

    Good luck to all. I have a target of 500 this time. Want to exceed it though. I won't be posting as much, but will follow the challenge through to the end. Half way through it will be in Euros. So it is going to be interesting.
    SPC 08 - #452 - 415
    SPC 09 - #452 - 298
    • NeedToBeDebtFree
    • By NeedToBeDebtFree 4th Nov 16, 2:38 PM
    • 31 Posts
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    Sue, I'm so sorry about you and your DD's illnesses, please take care of yourselves.
    Whatever it takes.
    Sealed Pot Challenger #547
    • moneymanager
    • By moneymanager 4th Nov 16, 3:02 PM
    • 323 Posts
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    Hello everyone, I am back this year too. I just hope I can be on a bit more regular this year. I have decided to set myself a target in my head as when I confirm a target I never meet it.

    This year however, I will include Christmas and Christmas birthdays into that target along with Christmas food, a bit extra money to see us over Christmas, Staff Christmas parties and maybe a little weekend break after Christmas.

    We have a Christmas saver in work, can I include that in the challenge?

    Sue I am really sorry to hear you are retiring from this post but your health and your daughter's health is far more important. xx

    So since I don't officially open my pot until a week before Christmas as that money is usually just saved for extra spending money over the period and after at the moment (my hubby stops work a week before Christmas for amount 2 months as he is a gardener), what I put in now will be used this Christmas however I will include it in next years amount and will from now on try to get to my target by the end of October.

    So with that I can start this challenge with 7.24 going into my VSP which includes cashback, Qmee withdrawal and just piddly money sitting in accounts. I am also putting in a shiny 2 coin and a penny. So #283 total at the moment is 9.25.

    Hope to have some more later as going shopping.
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    My Money Managing Ways
    • nanto3girls
    • By nanto3girls 4th Nov 16, 3:38 PM
    • 5,106 Posts
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    Good afternoon potters.
    Sue, sorry to hear this will be your last year, but you and your family must come first.
    Thank you for all the hard work you have put in over the years.
    I save 2 coins,50p coins,20p coins and 5p coins. Also save any spare notes that i have.
    Made a start today with 2 coin and 2 50p coins.
    • rasp
    • By rasp 4th Nov 16, 3:51 PM
    • 82 Posts
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    Back for another year and a handful of shrapnel flung into a very empty pot
    SPC # 65
    • squanderscouse
    • By squanderscouse 4th Nov 16, 3:58 PM
    • 89 Posts
    • 321 Thanks

    Could I join this years challenge please?
    SueUU - so sorry to hear of yours and your daughters' health problems

    Thank you for taking the time to run this years challenge, it's really appreciated.
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    • Diodiva
    • By Diodiva 4th Nov 16, 4:13 PM
    • 31 Posts
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    newbie alert!
    heyo everyone

    Been reading the fun youve all been having on SPC9, and i'm inspired!

    I like the idea of a pot I can squirrel money away into and feel getting heavier or filling up

    how about some tips for the newbie?

    do people have a set amount they add or do they just add spare change in or a mixture of both?

    Do people put notes in or do you like to collect a specific coin (eg 2)?

    How do you all keep your motivation going?

    I have a milk bottle (laaarge glass bottle with black patches on like a cow) that has shrapnel in it, I was thinking though i'll put this into my pot as a starter, is that allowed?

    I need to go buy a pot, poundland?

    Last edited by Diodiva; 04-11-2016 at 4:14 PM. Reason: wanted to subscribe
    • mrs-moneypenny
    • By mrs-moneypenny 4th Nov 16, 4:28 PM
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    squanderscourse and diodiva you are both very welcome, Su will be along to give you numbers sooon. Read the first post it has all the info. Find yourself a nice sealed pot or tin and get filling.
    Diodiva, everyone has different ways of potting, none of them are wrong(unless you open your pot early Su does get cross with that!) shrapnel is allowed, (the pot I've used this year is one we'd put some money in a few years ago to save for a holiday it got left and never used not sure what's in it so it has a bit of a start) regular amounts put by each week, some have virtual pots aka bank accounts, money from extra jobs that wouldn't normally be in your usually budget etc. I find the main thing to help with motivation is to keep popping into the thread, when you hear about everyone else filling their pots it makes you moe likely to keep feeding yours.

    Su sorry to hear that this is your last year as leader I hope you will stay on the mse forums even if you step back from running this challenge. The main thing is that you put your health and you family first. Take care.

    Let's all make this a record breaking year and get the best total ever for Su's 10th challenge.
    Last edited by mrs-moneypenny; 04-11-2016 at 4:37 PM.
    SPC~11 No100 : : X4 O/t fund so far 2,300

    In a world that has decided that it's going to lose its mind, be more kind my friend, try to Be More Kind
    • Happybeingme
    • By Happybeingme 4th Nov 16, 5:24 PM
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    Hi Potters! !!!128513;

    Sue, firstly thank you for your kind words on the previous thread. You kept me inspired to keep saving and that's the first time I've ever had money put by for Christmas. Secondly, I am so sorry to hear this will be your final year, but family must come first. You will be missed!

    I'm going to increase my goal to 500 for 2017 (but I know you can't alter the amount in the savers list). My first pot of the year is 10. Quick question - DS2 owes me 85 which he will give me in mid December - am I allowed to add this to my pot?

    Good luck everyone - happy potting!!
    • Pinkwhisk
    • By Pinkwhisk 4th Nov 16, 6:10 PM
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    Sue-uu I'm sorry to hear about your retirement and health problems - MS is a nasty beast! Wishing your family health xx

    I filled up our coffee pot today so instead of throwing away the jar I've kept it and sellotaped the top to make my jar! Feeling really MSE lol xx
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    • MrsShazbat
    • By MrsShazbat 4th Nov 16, 6:21 PM
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    Hi I'm here. There was an odd 2 coin after my count yesterday so that's gone in the new tin.

    Sorry to read about yours and your DD's health issues Sue-UU ; of course your health is more important and I can onky imagine what a massive thing this is to look after aside from that.
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    SPCNo.10 682.31
    SPCNo.9 442.64
    • e4rub
    • By e4rub 4th Nov 16, 7:08 PM
    • 699 Posts
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    Definitely no stopping me Sue, I learnt from the best!! (You, obviously!)
    So sorry to hear about your health problems, you have supported many of us over the years and now we will support you and respect your decision

    Emily x
    SPC #209 315 banked so far 2018Debt Free Date 1st August 2016 Christmas 2018 600 far
    • bilko89
    • By bilko89 4th Nov 16, 7:14 PM
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    First post 8.28 started in the pot. Going to try for 200 for my first try!
    SPC10 #560
    • Karona
    • By Karona 4th Nov 16, 8:00 PM
    • 12 Posts
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    Can I join again and keep my no 526 please. I didn't post much during the year but kept potting. I truly am amazed at how much I've saved and how I haven't even noticed it
    ccard1 3000-paid. scard 1500-paid. od 3000-paid. ccard 2 996- paid Jan 17
    Cc3 4585 on 0% now 3750 til sept 2018
    car finance 6200/6200 paid April18 24months early
    M-FiT T4 no 35 starting 35000 now 29000
    WTSHTF 2750/1000
    Weight loss 21/36kgs
    • TheDapster
    • By TheDapster 4th Nov 16, 8:34 PM
    • 128 Posts
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    Hi all, first pot of the year, 2.50
    Sue I think you're making the right decision, you've looked after us all for so long and family does come first! Time to look after yourself a bit.
    Lots of love TDx

    Ps sorry folks, I keep trying to thank posts but just cannot get it to work on my phone! I'm thanking you all in my head if that helps
    SPC8 #80 592
    SPC9 #80 487
    SPC10 #80 400
    • 32b3in2013
    • By 32b3in2013 4th Nov 16, 8:46 PM
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    Good evening

    Sue - I am so sorry to ear this will be your last year. You can always be number 1 on the challenge. I hope you stay around to save still.

    I have decided to pot new 5 notes too this year, so I have potted 4 so far. also potted some change.

    Happy Friday savers

    SPC9 #125 - 816.85
    SPC10 #125 - 851.81
    VSPC #19 - 40.52/250
    • chickadee
    • By chickadee 4th Nov 16, 10:30 PM
    • 1,430 Posts
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    Great to be a part of this again Sue and all potters! Thanks for all of your support and encouragement. I didn't post enough last year (or pot enough!) but I'm going to do better next year.
    Sealed Pot Challenge #8 341.90
    Sealed Pot Challenge #9 162.98
    Sealed Pot Challenge #10 33.10
    Sealed Pot Challenge #11 Member #36
    • Westie983
    • By Westie983 5th Nov 16, 2:37 AM
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    Im here, to pledge my first 1 into my pot for SPC10, Going to target myself to 300 as I think this will take me upto the maximum amount the terrimundi pots hold.

    Sue UU I have posted on the SPC09 about my total, sorry for the early morning post im awake as I am finding my nerves pain general yuckiness with the weather changing, I will plod on as I need to get back into pool and continue with my swim, and must remember to take it easy when I put my socks on, I nearly passed out with the pain this morning, #hipproblems, #oldbeforemytime, #feels133not33.
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    Xmas 2018 1 a Day #2 Total 62.59/365 = 17.14%
    Virtual Sealed Pot #1 Total 900/1,000 = 90.00%
    2 Savers Club 2018 #16 Total (1,500)+-480/2,000 = 51.00%

    Total 12,022.59/15,865 = 75.78%

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