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    • ab_saver
    • By ab_saver 18th Sep 16, 11:04 AM
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    New Grad DFW
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    • 18th Sep 16, 11:04 AM
    New Grad DFW 18th Sep 16 at 11:04 AM
    Hello MSE-ers,

    I'm a mid 20s new grad after 6 years of uni and now employed

    I just have the pesky issue of my overdraft and CC to sort out.
    At it's worst, my total debt was about 2300 (never really had a lightbulb moment but racked it up living as independent adult before 1st month's pay, and on 3 months studying abroad, which I don't regret a jot).
    Currently I have:
    498.18 CC
    1243.88 OD
    Total: 1742.06
    (plus 22k student loan but let's not go there as I'm just planning on letting it come off with PAYE from April next year and not thinking about it).

    Good news is there's money coming in.
    630ish old student house deposit to be returned soon (hopefully this week).
    83 guarantor service rebate (they told me it was due and haven't paid twice so hopefully will arrive ASAP)
    20ish overpaid bills on old place
    20 owed by mum for vch I bought her
    6 in charges in error bank have promised to refund

    2k ish (will find out exactly how much on the day as had a bumper 1st payslip last month) due on 28th

    Plan is to pay CC with returned deposit and keep it hidden away until payday and hopefully beyond.
    Hope to keep spending to absolute minimum until next payday. Having big shop delivered today so hopefully only milk/bread needed until then. After payday will join the October supermarket challenge. I'm going out for a meal on Weds but only burgers so should be cheap.
    I estimate that I'll have about 1000 left to pay off by payday. After rent/bills etc, my disposable income is about 1000 - so any spending will go back on the OD.
    I'm hoping to clear 600 (i.e. only be 400 overdrawn) by end October payday, and be in the black by November payday.
    My 400 spending budget for October is as follows:
    120 food (for me and OH - I'll aim to be below 100 as my cupboards are currently well stocked).
    90ish contents insurance (I should have done this 2 months ago but kept putting it off because of the expense. Found a deal with cash back I plan to get as soon as payday is here)
    50 cash/spending (to include treats like coffees (allowed on 13hr long days only!))
    50 travel expenses (OH split between here and another city ~1.5h away)
    This leaves 90 for other expenses (which may have to include a 55 bike service I've also been putting off but needs doing before weather gets really bad).
    Under this umbrella - 36.99 one off payment to gym including joining fee (16.99/mo dd after) - this is a concession to my health both physical and mental.

    I have a list of 'treats' and hope to pick one a month - most of them are practical. On the cards after payday are: a pannier bag for my bike, and waterproof gloves to cycle in as weather gets colder (both of which I'm justifying as much needed!!). Estimated total cost (< 50) - so if the bike survives without a service I'll have these instead.

    I have banned new clothes (except tights) etc. until Jan sales at v earliest.

    If I can pay off 600 this month and the next that puts me up 200 and in the black! That's the plan - DF by November.

    Long term:
    Once I'm solidly out of OD, plan to upgrade bank acc so I get in credit interest and other perks - aim November.
    Close student CC and get a rewards one pre Christmas (and before I book expensive flights to see parents who live overseas) (thinking JL) - aim november if credit looks good enough
    Open Help to Buy ISA - aim November / December
    Open regular saver - aim December/January

    Savings goals:
    10k+ towards house deposit by mid 2018
    50/month into holidays fund
    100/month into wedding/life event/big purchases fund

    I'm mostly writing this down here to hold myself accountable (I know from fitness and food tracking that the mere act of documenting your habits gives a very powerful nudge to get them in order. That said, feel free to comment (is my spending outrageous??), but please be kind to me - I'm new to living like a grown up (and council tax ).
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    • giblet1979
    • By giblet1979 17th Oct 16, 10:44 PM
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    Sounds like a lot going on! How great is your mum to do all that x
    Debt remaining:
    Mortgage - 117,759 (134,600, Nov 2013)

    Work overpayment and home improvement loan paid back (19200)

    • ab_saver
    • By ab_saver 18th Oct 16, 11:01 PM
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    Thanks giblet - she is fab. I need to measure the windows, which of course I have yet to do.

    Had a rather prolonged meeting with the IFA. We will meet again after my holiday to discuss quotes for income protection. It might be a bit more complicated as I have had genetic testing in the past (nothing remotely serious, but I am theoretically 'at risk') . Will meet again after holidays to discuss this.

    Had some sensible advice about mortgages - the only possible hitch is whether my OH would be in a job that is salaried or paid from a research grant in some other way - essentially I was told that if it's not on a pay slip it can't be counted towards it (he wouldn't be self employed but in a situation peculiar to academia). However after some discussion with OH we could just use his extra pay to help overpay (he is totally on board with the idea of OPing and getting shot of our hypothetical future mortgage as quickly as possible). Anyway the crux of it is that the sort of thing we'd want would be affordable for us when we are looking to buy (in about 2 years time).

    Away from dreaming and back to reality.

    I've made an EPIC spreadsheet which I'm currently playing with - modeling different options for January onwards. I reckon the most I could save in some way (this includes short term i.e. holidays, Christmas, money aside for annual expenses) without too much pain is about 600 a month. So I'll aim for a minimum of 500/month saved to start with and see where I go from there.
    I got my staff flu jab and free cup of tea
    Still haven't done my relocation expenses or measured my windows... or packed my suitcase... or ironed trousers for tomorrow. At least the flat is tidy(ish)!
    House fund: ~5000 / 10,000 _1000 emergency fund #208 - 151.74/ 1000 _
    • ab_saver
    • By ab_saver 20th Oct 16, 10:54 PM
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    Off on holidays tomorrow! My OH has offered to get travel cash so all I might need to spend is a bit on the revolut card if needed.

    I'm doing well with the NSDs here - 17 so far.

    I got an email back from the gym (following my third email to them, which was positively irate at being ignored) and they are refunding the joining fee - 20 winging its way back to me.

    I'm doing the grocery challenge next month with a budget of 75 - but I hope to stock up on some wine for Christmas and fall well within that. I got a load of coupons from Mr W in the post as well as a 4 off 40 one from my last shop... and I have some others kicking around - so I'm going to try some offer stacking - I'm not sure it's a common practice for my rather genteel branch of Mr W

    I'm continuing to play with my EPIC spreadsheet - the problem is that I keep thinking of new categories and I'm not too sure how specific to make it. It's great fun being able to model the effects of small changes over the course of a year or more!

    It looks like the overdraft will be almost identical in size to last month - so a few hundred pounds of debt busting would have happened if I'd been paid correctly

    An email went round about a few extra shifts in work, which I'd happily do - but they haven't sent out the rotas yet so nobody knows if they are free to cover them I also think the overtime rate has been cut - I've emailed to check.

    Since payday is whilst I'm on holiday, I'm writing up my November budget now.

    Estimated amount left after rent and bills: 950
    75 food
    100 Xmas/ gifts
    20 dry cleaning (ballgown for work do)
    30 railcard (sadly now too old for a 3 yr one )
    30 travel (would allow me a trip to see OH as he has been doing most of the travel of late )
    75 personal/general spends/eating out/ any overflow from above budgets
    Total budgeted spends: 330

    Theoretical amount left for overdraft-busting: 620

    Inevitable spanner in works: at some point (as soon as leave is confirmed) I need to book flights to see my parents in January - currently looking at around 400

    So: my focus is to stay as far within my allotted budgets as possible - the Xmas one is high with the aim of spreading the cost and reducing costs closer to the big event. Black Friday also falls just before November payday (which is on Cyber Monday) so I'm hoping to get my OH's final gift plus hopefully a few bits for his sisters (am keeping eye firmly on boots star gifts also).
    House fund: ~5000 / 10,000 _1000 emergency fund #208 - 151.74/ 1000 _
    • ab_saver
    • By ab_saver 21st Oct 16, 2:27 PM
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    I'm on the train to OH's and off on my holidays
    Probably won't be much news from me as I'll be too busy having fun

    I had some spends today as I had to buy some tights (ALL my pairs are in the bin) but managed to get some branded ones reduced to clear in the Mr S at the station of all places. 5 for 4 pairs of posh tights is pretty good (hardly primani prices but these are much nicer and might last better).

    I had a bit of a savings brainwave - I have a spare old current account from my shared house that used to have my share of the rent and bills in before they were paid. I could switch it to 1st direct (who don't seem to require any DDs - can this be true?) and get the 100 switching cash and access a 5% regular saver for my long term savings.

    One to consider once I'm back I think.
    House fund: ~5000 / 10,000 _1000 emergency fund #208 - 151.74/ 1000 _
    • ab_saver
    • By ab_saver 31st Oct 16, 8:34 PM
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    Well hello there diary and MSE-ers

    I'm back from my holidays and a glorious and (mostly) MSE time was had. I enjoyed catching up with old friends in London, but it convinced me that the London life is not for me - I'm quite happy in the North East (to the horror of many) and live a lifestyle I would have to give up if I were to go back down South. Unfortunately I had something (other than alcohol as I didn't have that much) that disagreed with me and (TMI alert) I wasn't able to keep anything down yesterday and have been on bland foods and extremely queasy today. Still made it to work and was acceptably productive.

    On the moneysaving front, I got paid on Friday and what a bumper pay slip it was - I got refunded my overpaid tax so took home a whopping (and unlikely to ever be repeated except in the case of similar tax whoopsie) 2446

    So... for the first time ever (on payslip #3) my pay takes me far enough out of my overdraft to give me some money left after rent and bills.

    I did have some spends (topping up revolut card) on holiday but they seem to be pending for ages so most will come off November's monies instead.

    I paid my credit card on payday (which still had those train tix on...) but it was too close to the due date so the direct debit came out as well (nice to know it works - most reassuring!) and I now have a credit balance on it (i.e. they owe me money).

    I also got my gym joining fee refund whilst I was away, which I almost didn't notice!


    the night before payday:

    OD: 1052.57
    CC: 114.20
    Total: 1166.77 - about 80 MORE than last month (coincidentally I put 90 on the revolut card)

    After: Bank 1393.57 IN CREDIT

    Current balance (after rent and some bills, and double CC payments)
    Bank 242.79 (STILL IN CREDIT )
    CC 46.10 IN CREDIT (more detail on the spends to get it there in a moment)
    Total: 298.89 IN THE BLACK

    So.... today has been a spendy one, mostly in the supermarket.

    Groceries: 53.75/75
    Gifts/Xmas: 8/100 (24m of wrap and sellotape bought at Mr W)
    Travel : 10/30 (had to top up my card for local public transport- doesn't get used much as I mostly cycle)

    Total spends so far this month:

    71.75 as detailed above
    115 Revolut
    2.40 tube fares
    8 music (an album I pre-ordered arrived - taking this from general/misc spends pot)

    Total: 197.15

    Total budgets remaining (from my pre-holiday budget):

    21.25 Food
    92 Xmas/gifts
    20 dry cleaning
    20 travel
    30 railcard
    63 general/other spends
    TOTAL: 246.25

    I do have council tax, energy, TV license, union subs, mobile phone, and netflix still to go out - which sadly total 222.
    The good news is if I stick to my allotted budget I'll only (ha ha) be a maximum of 175 overdrawn at the end of this month. So that's my goal for this month - unless I have to buy flights to remain less than 200 overdrawn.

    I think my budgets were pretty generous so I'm hoping to come in less than 150 overdrawn (before any flights bought)- that's my stretch goal. One way or another, I'm going to be out of the overdraft for good at the end of this month!

    I'll be amazed if anyone managed to get this far through my stream of consciousness!
    House fund: ~5000 / 10,000 _1000 emergency fund #208 - 151.74/ 1000 _
    • ab_saver
    • By ab_saver 1st Nov 16, 9:01 PM
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    Wow- that was a very long post!

    I didn't even mention my big long list, which I have been variously compiling and crossing off since I got back from my holiday, and many of them are of an MSE bent, so here goes:

    - phone gas and electric - not needed as they phoned me - all booked in
    -Book gym - done but then I was still ill today so I cancelled today's classes
    -relocation expenses forms - all done with all my receipts but it's too big to email back in one go
    -grocery shopping - this was not v MSE but it's done now
    -meal plan - I've already gone off piste though...
    -pump up bike tyres - made a noticeable difference
    -laundry - well I've made a start
    -dehumidifier - have been putting it on and have changed the crystal based one
    - writing (something I've been working on for 6 months and is very nearly done - would be a career boost to get it sorted)
    -Xmas do meal/table bookings
    -dry cleaning
    -fabric recycling - check local charity shop
    -look up old phone recycling
    -measure windows for blinds

    I feel exhausted looking at this... but the expenses forms were a big job and are done. They hopefully should result in a good return of money to my parents, without whom I couldn't have moved up here.

    I'm going to call today an NSD as I don't envision spending any money online in the next 3 hours!
    House fund: ~5000 / 10,000 _1000 emergency fund #208 - 151.74/ 1000 _
    • ab_saver
    • By ab_saver 2nd Nov 16, 11:12 PM
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    No further along with my mega list sadly.

    But I did manage to bring home some windfall apples from work - 3.3kg of them. Someone has brought in a whole shopping trolley's worth! I think there will be lots of crumble etc made tomorrow and OH makes jams and other preserves so there'll be some for him to use as well.

    The friendly IFA has just left - after some discussion I think that I probably will go with the income protection. Need to have a more detailed discussion with OH as it is of course expensive - and aimed at securing our financial future.

    It is so cold here I've just turned the heating BACK ON an hour and a half after it went off - poorly insulated victorian flat

    Tomorrow is a pre-weekend rest day so lots to be done - will be spendy but necessary.

    A few additions to the list:

    -hoover belt
    -book haircut (someone at work forwarded me a deal for 25 cut and finish plus prosecco so I thought I might go before works do - I desperately need one!)

    I have updated my budget spreadsheet to model the effects of having an FD account and regular saver and it'd work. It'd be good for the house fund. I'm more convinced that this is the way to go and could v easily make it work.

    My updated clearscore came through today and made me happy - only negative thing is that electoral roll hadn't been updated yet...

    I am feeling more confident about my plans and having modeled a year on my spreadsheet I have my goals which I am going to write out in a time line (inspired by Dolly Rocker amongst others. I should be debt free forever (excepting at some point in the future a mortgage and at some point having to get a car.. ) at the end of this month - and have an exciting plan that assumes my bank balance starts at 0 in January, which it will not. I do of course have a few stretch goals in mind... I am formulating the plan and once I am DF and out of the woods I will share them on here to keep me accountable!

    In the unlikely event anyone is reading, and has made it this far - thank you. I have been so inspired by the diaries on here (Dolly rocker, Cheery, Greying, EH, Thistle, CCL, MrsSave to name but a few - and on the MFW board (my inspiration!)- (AFK, ATB, ShanghaiJimmy and many more).
    I'm sure I'd be getting out of the overdraft and onto a deposit soon but I think it's been much quicker thanks to MSE!
    House fund: ~5000 / 10,000 _1000 emergency fund #208 - 151.74/ 1000 _
    • ab_saver
    • By ab_saver 3rd Nov 16, 9:00 PM
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    So... I don't feel terribly well rested and didn't get much done. I bought sticker labels (instead of gift tags) for Christmas gifts for 2.25 but didn't manage to do any of the other spendy things so scuppered potential NSD.

    I did however make a batch of crumble to use up some of the apples. Buoyed by yesterday's realizations that 1. my credit score is actually pretty good and 2. I'm basically out of the woods, along with 3. My December payday is early (pre-Xmas) so financial January is quite soon - I applied for the FD account today (sans overdraft!). I'm a bit worried about being rejected but cannot see any reason why I would. Anyway we shall see - since it takes time to get it opened and then to switch my old second current account across I thought I'd start early.

    Had a very productive meeting (I went into work specially since one of my supervisors is only part time) and went to gym but only managed half an exercise class (rather than the 2 I'd signed up for!) - still feeling a bit feeble after the weekend of being ill.

    I got home to a phone call about my cousin who is ill - it turns out his cancer has spread a lot more than we thought. That really took the wind out of my sails to be honest. Lots and lots of comfort food eaten this evening.

    I need to go shower and get ready for my big weekend of work (ironing and lunch boxes).

    I realize that I have a lot to be thankful for. Mostly my health, my nearest and dearest, and the support I get both off and online. Thank you and goodnight.
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    • ab_saver
    • By ab_saver 4th Nov 16, 10:26 PM
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    NSD today thanks to a long day at work. I'm at work all weekend too, so unless I need emergency coffee I should rack up a couple more. Being a good MSE-er I have of course taken some steps to prevent emergency coffees including emergency cans of coke brought from home instead.

    I got accepted for the FD account - no reason why I wouldn't be but it's always nice. The identity checks seem fairly serious. Thankfully I do know a couple of people in regulated professions (through professional/academic circles i.e. not friends as they aren't allowed). I do feel quite embarrassed about having to ask though. Also a bit miffed that I'll have to pay the postage to get the wodge of paperwork to them... Ah well. I'm glad I got going with it early - I might get that reg saver set up before the new year at this rate!

    In other news, I remain in credit Shouldn't be hard only a week into the month, but as most of my direct debits go out on the 1st I do rapidly end up overdrawn - or did! This month should be the last one I overdraw for

    My leave for January is now in an interesting situation. In theory the rota is structured such that I can take it off... but there has to be someone available to cover my duties whilst I'm gone and there might not be. Annoyingly, in spite of being told that, I can't actually see said rota as it's being checked by HR....
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    • ab_saver
    • By ab_saver 4th Nov 16, 10:44 PM
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    Oh yeah... I also got a free lunch - and have submitted my claim for over 1000 of relocation expenses! Fingers crossed...
    House fund: ~5000 / 10,000 _1000 emergency fund #208 - 151.74/ 1000 _
    • ab_saver
    • By ab_saver 7th Nov 16, 9:41 PM
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    So... working 3 long days over the weekend was extremely MSE as I had no spends and was hardly in the house to need heating! That's just as well as I've had to turn the heating up - I've been getting cold in spite of having it on...

    Today was quite spendy but that's not to say frivolous.
    6.40 tights (20% off with sparks)
    5.25 darning mushroom and wool (very MSE methinks)
    2 wedding card for cousin
    2.55 coffee (a rare treat!)
    I have printed all my documents for the FD account and also the online registration for NS&I (as the account was opened when I was a child, my signature needs to be witnessed) and am going to ask someone I know through work to certify/witness as appropriate tomorrow.

    I have also got my work rota through - and my leave should be ok pending further approval. It looks generally ok. I'm working both Christmas eve and Christmas day, but that's ok (I kind of expected that having made a special request). I do have New Year's eve and day off though - and the bank holidays after Christmas... so not all bad! Putting 4 months worth into an ical is going to be quite a job...

    I have 4 further days leave to take before the end of March so I am discussing with OH and drooling at secret escapes...
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    • ab_saver
    • By ab_saver 7th Nov 16, 11:24 PM
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    Quick budget update:

    Budgets left:

    21.25 Food
    85.75 Xmas/gifts
    20 dry cleaning
    20 travel
    30 railcard
    48.80 general/other spends
    TOTAL: 225.80

    Currently in credit in bank and still on CC - total amount in the black: 57.25 once pending transactions are accounted for.

    TV license going out tomorrow (double amount as in first 6 months of DD) and still have phone and netflix also to go - so I will probably be back in the overdraft by the end of the week. I am however on track for my goal of being less than 200 overdrawn at the end of the month
    House fund: ~5000 / 10,000 _1000 emergency fund #208 - 151.74/ 1000 _
    • ab_saver
    • By ab_saver 8th Nov 16, 2:22 PM
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    A dilemma has arisen... there are some extra hours going at work that would amount to 250 after tax. They would mean working some of this weekend (making it 2 in a row) - and potentially plunging out of my depth as it'd be doing the same role in an unfamiliar department on another site out of hours.

    I know there will be more overtime going in future when I'm more confident and experienced (I've been in post just over 3 months). It won't affect my DFD (end this month!) as overtime pay is notoriously slow, but the extra cash would be a boost....
    House fund: ~5000 / 10,000 _1000 emergency fund #208 - 151.74/ 1000 _
    • ab_saver
    • By ab_saver 15th Nov 16, 9:44 AM
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    I have been busy lurking (and trying to read Tilly's MFW diary from the start - I'm about 220 pages in so a fair way still to go.

    On the personal money front - my account has inevitably dipped into the red - but that's ok as it was expected and I know it's for the last time.

    Spends since last week:

    2.80 travel
    2.60 market
    40 down jacket (for me - watch me attempt to justify it in a moment)
    28 Christmas (goodies for hampers for parents and secret santa gift)
    13 wine glasses - officially a treat for me from OH as he paid me back by buying dinner out.
    4.40 tea and scone at JL (other half free with voucher)
    Total: 78.80

    Currently just under 50 overdrawn and just over 50 on cc.

    I have upcoming planned spends of 25 on a hair cut and finish (new customer offer) and 17.20 payment on collection for dry cleaned dress.

    So... the spanner in the works is that I've found the perfect present for OH (a bit of a joke as it's a microwave - but we do need a new one as the one that came with our rented flat is useless). It was 199, now 79.99, can get it for 71.99 with a promo code. I'm tempted to say that's too good a deal to miss and that it's worth missing my goal by about 25 for.

    The jacket was a bargain - was 100 reduced to 40. I have wanted one for ages and am glad to have it at this end of winter. OH offered to buy it for me as part of my Christmas present but we both agreed that missing out on the use of it for a few weeks seemed silly - and he wanted the element of surprise.

    So... I've overspent a bit - but aside from my 40 coat - it's mostly been a matter of bringing the cost of Christmas forward so I have less to spend next month. OH also bought some gifts so we have made a really good start on that - and even the wrapping! All we have left is to finish off hampers for both sets of parents, a gift for his other sister (I have a 20% off voucher handy for this), and grandparents x3 to do.

    I guess I think I still feel a healthy amount of guilt for missing my goal - but am pleased that almost all the gifts bought have been bargainous!
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    • ab_saver
    • By ab_saver 17th Nov 16, 8:08 PM
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    I have been quietly lurking for the past couple of days - even finished Tilly's diary!
    I was tempted to post but I am now glad I waited as on Tuesday my planned annual leave basically fell through after someone said one thing and did another. It may be possible to rescue it if someone else can cover but we shall see. I was initially very upset and then it became quiet rage at the system as it turns out other people are having similar difficulty taking time for mandatory courses etc etc.

    MSE wise it's been pretty good. FD called the person who signed my forms!! Very thorough. I did however get a text from them today so I'm expecting the paperwork soon. I also got a refund from pre-paid meals from uni - 5.85 to go to the EF when it arrives tomorrow

    NSD yesterday but today went for a rare drink after work with colleagues - 4.60. Spent 3.18 on YS bargains on the way home - nothing more than 1/3 of it's original price

    I realized today that tomorrow will be 10 days away from my DFD - a week on Monday

    I know I've been very fortunate and taken a sprint rather than a marathon approach (and... erred along the way with a holiday!)

    Although it's generally pretty quiet over here, I'm planning on continuing a diary to track my deposit savings and general frugality - and probably this one as I'm not sure it'd fit anywhere else.

    Counting down the days and trying not to do anything too outrageous! I have been coming up with budget plans and savings goals, which I will share closer to / on the day - a bit more behind the scenes work to do first.
    House fund: ~5000 / 10,000 _1000 emergency fund #208 - 151.74/ 1000 _
    • ab_saver
    • By ab_saver 18th Nov 16, 10:35 PM
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    10 days to my DFD!

    In other news:

    - FD paperwork arrived today in THREE separate envelopes and I think there's still some missing
    - NSD (except for a Children in Need donation, but I'm going to allow that)
    - 5.85 refund arrived and sent straight to the EF
    - I looked back at my financial goals for next year (alongside my spreadsheet) and it transpires that they are tough but do-able - and ready to announce to anyone who might accidentally click on my diary!
    - Speaking of diaries - I think I'll stay here for the time being. I know there are a few people over on MFW who haven't bought yet, but I know OH and I won't be buying for about 2 years (for work-related reasons) and that seems like a long time to be an impostor for.

    Reminded that I have a lot to be thankful for sat in front of Children in Need.
    Plans/goals to follow.
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    • ab_saver
    • By ab_saver 18th Nov 16, 10:51 PM
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    Onwards and upwards
    Plans and goals for 2017

    January 2017
    -FD current account switched and up and running
    -5% saver up and running
    -main current account switched to club
    -linked 3% saver up and running
    - Help to Buy ISA up and running

    April 2017
    - 250 in car fund

    July 2017
    -500 in Emergency fund
    -KitchenAid bought (one of the big bowl lift professional ones )
    -money allocated to KA fund to be divided between house/furniture and holiday fund

    December 2017
    - 1000 EF
    -EF moved into ISA

    So... a list of goals is all very well.... but how am I going to get there?

    Monthly savings
    -200 to HTB
    -125 to 5% saver (75 to house fund, 50 to wedding fund)
    -252 to 3% saver (includes monthly contribution to annual expenses, and funds I want to access e.g. car, holiday, gadget, Christmas)
    -20 plus TTs to EF
    - Cashback and other unexpected monies to EF
    Total monthly savings: AT LEAST 597/month

    This gives me a projected discretionary spending of 270-300 per month for everything else including food... It'll be fine right?
    House fund: ~5000 / 10,000 _1000 emergency fund #208 - 151.74/ 1000 _
    • ab_saver
    • By ab_saver 19th Nov 16, 6:12 PM
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    Quick update to say I did spend some money on dry cleaning and milk - only planned spend until payday is a haircut on the day of the works do. I will take a bit of cash in case we end up buying more drinks. OH mentioned wanting to go and see Fantastic Beasts so that may also happen.

    I rang up and activated the FD account today. I haven't set up the 5% saver as they take the first payment the same day. Will do that come payday though.

    I have money off vouchers for Mr W that expire the day before payday so I may be extremely cheeky and do my shop the day before payday.

    I'm very excited about having knocked the OD on the head and staying firmly in the black from here on in. Now to try not to spend any unnecessary money for the next week!
    Last edited by ab_saver; 19-11-2016 at 8:59 PM.
    House fund: ~5000 / 10,000 _1000 emergency fund #208 - 151.74/ 1000 _
    • ab_saver
    • By ab_saver 19th Nov 16, 9:05 PM
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    Just popping back in to say I've accomplished a couple of other MSE things today.
    - My first attempt at darning went reasonably well - rescued a merino wool jumper. I need to get some black and some pale pink wool to do TWO more moth eaten jumpers. The lady at the dry cleaners said they have seen an increased number of moth holes and demand for moth-killing products this year. I'll be extra careful from now on.

    - Perhaps not strictly MSE but I changed the belt on the hoover (first time - adult points for the new grad? ) and it's a completely different beast - it actually works!

    - I managed to gain some extra meals as the stock I slow cooked my chicken in is so lovely I'm keeping it to use for noodle soups. Not sure why I didn't think of that before.
    House fund: ~5000 / 10,000 _1000 emergency fund #208 - 151.74/ 1000 _
    • ab_saver
    • By ab_saver 21st Nov 16, 8:13 PM
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    ONE WEEK to payday / overdraft gone forever day

    Not much else to report really. FD account all sorted, will upgrade Ll0yds and sort out savers after payday. Probably after following payday for savers in all honesty as I need to book those flights (400ish). I guess opening accounts earlier so they mature earlier and thus can get 5% interest and pay CC in full after early December payday counts as a mini-stooze. That's an appealing prospect but one to treat with *extreme* care.

    My only remaining planned spends are my haircut on Friday (25) and probably some drinks at/after ball.
    Time for some quick scribbled budgeting to make this work!
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    House fund: ~5000 / 10,000 _1000 emergency fund #208 - 151.74/ 1000 _
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