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    • *Robin*
    • By *Robin* 16th Jul 16, 8:03 PM
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    Blowing in the Winds of Change
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    • 16th Jul 16, 8:03 PM
    Blowing in the Winds of Change 16th Jul 16 at 8:03 PM
    A brace of raptors soaring in the breeze over the Nest just after dawn on Solstice morning gifted me the title of this, my reprise into MSE's Diary-world.

    I'd had little sleep. Partly because, well, Solstice is a special day and the night had been filled with memories of happier years, and partly because it seemed that my faithful companion was rushing towards The Light, her paws galloping in the air as she dreamed contentedly beside me.
    I was exhausted. Fear of what might come to pass if my dear girl's last, eternal bed had not been prepared before she was ready to cross Rainbow Bridge loaned me energy I could not afford; each day a single bucket of stony earth was added to a pile beside the chosen resting place.
    Dear Vet had nothing more to offer beyond comforting words and her promise to attend should the need arise, any time day or night.

    DS1 rescued me. He called to offer salutations not long after sunrise; apparently I was making no sense at all on the 'phone which led to a prompt visit - tools in hand - and the job was completed before the day's end.
    Bless him.

    Although resigned to the inevitable at that point, Clever Dog was not in pain so I decided to delay departure from the Nest until she had no more need of my staying. Her behaviour in the van suggested she would not welcome another long distance adventure and obviously, I did not wish to cause her any distress during her last days in this realm.** Despite Divo Four and Dear Relative's increasingly urgent requests for my presence at homehome, the weeks passed and each day the mercury in the thermometer rose higher.

    Meanwhile I have not been paying attention to financial matters since giving up m' previous diary: A bank card expired so I could no longer check that account. The gizmo for signing into another stopped working, but CD and I have been living comfortably on our 400 per month allowance - half of it spent on her medications and the best diet, another 50 on storage for the camper-van, and the rest - well I can't really remember, but there always seemed to be funds left in our 'daily' account when it came time to turn another page on the calendar.

    There's nothing praise-worthy about that though; it's easy to rack up NSDs when one has no energy to go out except on essential missions, and there's a plentiful supply of veg in the garden (mostly planted for me by a couple of winter visitors).
    "Garden" is perhaps no longer the right description for the wilderness which surrounds the Nest; I have not had the strength to undo Ex-Gardener's neglect (I forgave him, vastly overpaid him, but he lied and then stole from me so there was no choice but to terminate his employment, alas. I still feel very sad about that ending).

    Eventually DS4 lost patience. He 'phoned with two pieces of wonderful news: A double-first [justifying his decision to rack up a relatively modest student loan], and notification of his imminent arrival!

    We brushed the spiders gently out of camper-van, and went for a trial night away locally. CD amazed me; apparently quite happy to travel and potter about when we stopped. Maybe her vocal objections to being in the other van [**] were due to the fact that most of her trips out this year have ended at DV's clinic, being prodded, poked and stabbed (for blood tests)?

    Plumber put on his Mechanic's hat to check camper-van's travel worthiness, resulting in a trip to the garage for a little preventative maintenance and a service - which wiped out all the cash saved by living parsimoniously over the last six months. Plumber was incandescent at the size of the bill when he saw they'd replaced some good parts while failing to fix the actual fault; must say communication between the booking-in chap and mechanic was appalling, especially given that this was at the regional main dealer.
    <sigh> Not very MSE but I just wanted to get out of there so paid up (after they replaced the faulty bearing!). Oh well.

    The thought of driving all the way to the Chunnel filled me with trepidation - just don't have enough strength for such sustained effort these days, and DS4 hasn't held a full licence for long enough to be covered by insurance abroad.
    So I called the ferry company. Usually, pet-friendly cabins are booked up half a year in advance, but CD is still remembered (it's partly due to her Houdini behaviour in bygone days that pet-friendly cabins were introduced).
    Result: They found us a cabin on next week's boat!

    Now I am [supposed to be] packing. Camper-van is parked in the village; CD and I slept there last night, and I started this diary to help m' poor-ol' brain-fogged mind keep track.
    The acquaintance who outed me at the beginning of the year has not been in touch since, although half a dozen RL mates around the World did express their regret that I'd given up my first MSE diary. So much for anonymity - have decided I really don't care, because the support of all you MSEers is of inestimable value..
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    • ratrace
    • By ratrace 16th Jul 16, 8:36 PM
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    • 16th Jul 16, 8:36 PM
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    • 16th Jul 16, 8:36 PM
    Hi robin, great to see you back, I was an avid reader of your old dairy and loved all that you wrote in a very elegant fashion, I hope all is well in your world and I will subscribing to this one aswell hope you dont mind

    Sorry for the short reply, have a few errands to run, will be back later......
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    People are caught up in an egotistic artificial rat race to display a false image to society. We want the biggest house, fanciest car, and we don't mind paying the sky high mortgage to put up that show. We sacrifice our biggest assets our health and time, We feel happy when we see people look up to us and see how successful we are

    Rat Race
    • *Robin*
    • By *Robin* 17th Jul 16, 2:19 AM
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    • 17th Jul 16, 2:19 AM
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    • 17th Jul 16, 2:19 AM
    Hello Ratrace, thanks for popping by and your very kind comment. It's lovely when readers join in.
    Maddiemay, hello to you too - how is your four-footed friend getting on?

    CD and I are back at camper-van tonight, getting her used to the idea that we'll be living in it again. She was quite miffed when told to get in the other van after her walk, singing grumpily at me all the way down the hill. Released in the village, she sniffed the air and slowly but unerringly walked past the neighbours' cars to the spot where camper-van is parked. No hesitation about jumping up the steps, and now she's stretched out asleep next to my bed.
    Seems quite happy - thank goodness!

    Time for me to sleep too. It wasn't an NSD today - but details of that can wait 'til tomorrow.
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    • *Robin*
    • By *Robin* 17th Jul 16, 10:15 AM
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    • 17th Jul 16, 10:15 AM
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    • 17th Jul 16, 10:15 AM
    Good morning MSE World!

    Am so pleased Clever Dog appears to be happy sleeping in camper-van - during our first trial night she did her usual trick of asking to go outside sometime before dawn, but since then she has slept through (which makes quite a big difference to the way I feel in the morning).

    Yesterday we were disturbed at six ayem by metallic, industrial noises. It was Barbara and her hubby setting up their mobile clothes shop next to us.. I'd forgotten about that little detail of village life!
    Still, Barbara's presence was well-timed because I'd ripped m' last pair of vaguely respectable trousers on DV's clinic fence a couple of days earlier - someone must have driven into it but I didn't see the wires sticking out. Suppose it was amusing in a way, when DV cleaned up the jagged, bleeding hole in m' leg - not many folk get patched up by their vet (without charge, and she gave me a 20 discount on CD's stock of meds)!
    Anyway, Barbara sold me three new pairs of trousers and a posh top which DS4 might agree is suitable attire for attending his graduation ceremony; the lot cost under 40, with a free pair of knickers thrown in for good luck.

    Today began much more gently; heard m' name through the veils of sleep, then again several times: It was the neighbours calling out "Good Morning" as they set off to work on their land in the early dawn coolth - am so going to miss the lovely people here who have taken our family into their hearts..

    The tricks of living in camper-van are coming back to me now; thus far everything seems to be working as it should which is a great relief. DH would have been in his element, he was a huge fan of small living spaces; could hear his voice in m' head last night while making a list of items to pack:
    "Don't forget, everything you carry should have more than one use!" ..So I crossed off 'washing-machine-bucket' and replaced it with 'cool-box' (great way to clean clothes on the road; stick 'em in a large container and let the motion while driving do the work, then rinse off on arrival - it's as good as a domestic machine for everything bar heavy oil stains ). The cool box will come in handy as a supplementary fridge to avoid shopping every couple of days - am terrible for giving in to temptation while walking round the supermarket so it should save money there as well as avoiding launderettes - MSE all round really.

    Right, time for a cuppa then back up the hill to do more packing while it's hot.
    Hope everyone is having a good Sunday..
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    • *Robin*
    • By *Robin* 17th Jul 16, 4:49 PM
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    • 17th Jul 16, 4:49 PM
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    • 17th Jul 16, 4:49 PM
    Had a bit of a shock: Called in at the village shop on our way back to the Nest and was handed a pile of letters with the address so mangled that the local postman couldn't work out where to deliver 'em. Apparently a couple of days ago another foreigner worked out they were intended for me, while searching Postie's 'dead letter box' for some un-delivered mail of his own..

    Huge service bill for DH's flat, threats of legal action - each envelope I opened the news got worse!

    Paid the bill on-line straight away, and fired off a scathing email to the originator - they've got my email address, so why didn't they try and get in touch that way when they didn't get a timely response to their letters?

    So now feeling a bit broke.
    Might even have to dig out a CC if anything untoward happens on the road - problem is, it's been so long since I've used any of the cards that I can't remember the pin numbers. Oops.

    Also realised I misled you in Post 1: Haven't been spending half my money each month on meds and expensive grub to keep CD as healthy as possible; that total includes van tax, all the utility bills for the Nest, ditto DH's cottages and [must do something about the following] the electric bills for the Old House!

    Right. Back to the pre-departure sort out; washing and washing up next I think - had enough of paperwork for now!
    • joeyjimbles
    • By joeyjimbles 17th Jul 16, 5:08 PM
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    • 17th Jul 16, 5:08 PM
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    • 17th Jul 16, 5:08 PM
    Lovely that you are posting again - I have missed you, and have often wondered how CD is getting on as well as all the Divos. I hope the rest of your trip planning is a little less eventful.
    • *Robin*
    • By *Robin* 18th Jul 16, 12:34 AM
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    • 18th Jul 16, 12:34 AM
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    • 18th Jul 16, 12:34 AM
    Hello Joeyjimbles, thanks for welcoming me back; much appreciated.

    Clever Dog has good times and bad times. This evening she was quite wobbly and walking round in circles off-lead - heart in mouth moment - but then she 'straightened up' again when she smelled the sausages DS4 had started frying while we were out, homing in on him from about thirty metres away. No way was she going to let him snack on her favourite munchies in peace (she thinks all sausages belong to her)!

    The last load of washing is on the line overnight, and the kitchen is squeaky clean (just have to put away the pans when they're dry).

    Amazingly, found pin number letters for two of the CCs in the first place I looked, and a replacement card for one that had run out.
    Guts are churning now but am too wired to sleep.. Or eat, which ain't so good.
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    • Dansmam
    • By Dansmam 18th Jul 16, 8:01 AM
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    • 18th Jul 16, 8:01 AM
    Oooh good!
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    • 18th Jul 16, 8:01 AM
    You're back! Missed your tales of life on the road and in the Nest, and CD's potterings. I try not to come on here too much and keep firmly fixed in RL but popped in just for a catch up and here you are! Safe travels x
    • maddiemay
    • By maddiemay 18th Jul 16, 11:06 AM
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    • 18th Jul 16, 11:06 AM
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    • 18th Jul 16, 11:06 AM
    Hi Robin and CD, sorry that I had to read and run the other day, was in midst of packing the caravan for a few days away in the beautiful Brecon area of Wales. So good to see you posting again. Pleased that CD is still with you, I remember all those heart stopping moments so well as various much loved canines became old.
    Miss Border collie is well (apart from waking us at 04:45 this morning throwing up all over the mats in the van, just something she ate combined with being too warm I hope, have sussed out where local vet is just in case! All washed and drying in the sun.

    Very best wishes for your travels.
    MM x
    The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time. (Abraham Lincoln)
    • *Robin*
    • By *Robin* 21st Jul 16, 11:47 AM
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    (Written earlier):
    Good morning Dansmam, lovely to 'see' you again - how serendipitous that you popped in to Diary-World at the same time as I decided to start writing again! ..D'you know, I was thinking about your girls last night when trying to get to sleep - wondering how far they got exploring new countries and adventuring; are they back home yet?

    Greetings also to Smallholdingsister - thank you for letting me know you're reading.. Have we 'met' on MSE before? Or maybe we know each other in RL - can't help wondering?

    Maddiemay - Crikey - hope MissBC is feeling better now (maybe she picked up something rank?)!

    Quick update. First day on the road - 43'C - was hellish! ..So worried about CD but she coped very well; we poured chilled water over her cool-coat every thirty minutes and stopped for both her and self to rest every two hours. Still, it took me twelve hours to drive the first half of the journey, 300 miles approx (I'd rather drive slowly but safely - camper-van can get blown around a bit in the wind).

    Yesterday was blissful in comparison; a mere 28'C. Decided to stop at a small town where I thought it would be easier to find a vet to stamp CD's passport. Success; vet seemed nice and obviously had done it before..
    But. While I was talking to her, looking together at CD's paperwork, behind me I heard her assistant say:
    "Well done - you are a good dog!"
    Turned around just in time to see the nurse removing a syringe from CD's neck!
    "What was that? She doesn't need any jabs - you're only supposed to watch me give her the worming pills and put Frontline on her, then you check her chip and stamp the passport saying she hasn't got mange or any other nasty infectious bugs! ..What the [swear] have you just given her?!"
    "Oh it's just the rabies and annual inoculations," she said.

    I completely freaked out!
    "Look at her passport - that's all been done two months ago to give her time to get over the stress - she's almost sixteen years old; you giving her more rabies-poison now could easily kill her! Did I ask you to give her these jabs - did I? Did I?"

    DS4 did his best to calm everyone down. At least the vet had the sense not to inflame matters further by making me pay for the jabs as well as her time, and she signed and stamped the passport in every possible place.

    So now we're watching Clever Dog closely. I've upped her Golden Paste and also started her on another immune-system booster that Dear Vet gave me in case of need. Please everyone, keep your fingers crossed for CD - I will be heartbroken if this ends badly!

    Driving on, we got to the North Coast safely, where I spotted a line of camper-vans next to a beach so we found our way down off the motorway to join them.
    It's gorgeous; a surfer's paradise next to a little holiday / fishing village. There was quite a party last night among the people who were camping; made me feel much better being part of a group of strangers who'd come together because of their shared interests. Lots of different nationalities enjoying the surf, golden sands and well-kept dunes for walking in. It's on a hiking trail too, so this morning a stream of well-kitted-out active retired folk have passed by - great to see, and a stop-over we'll definitely remember for the future.

    CD is very sleepy, but seems otherwise ok - I'd better wake her now for her meds though, and go for our last Spanish walk of this trip in the dunes, before we head for the port. DS has gone off to take some 'photos - he's being wonderful; am so lucky the way all my kids have turned out.

    Fuel - 65
    Toll roads - 16
    Vet - 20
    Sundries - 20
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    • joeyjimbles
    • By joeyjimbles 21st Jul 16, 12:25 PM
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    Oh heavens, poor CD and poor you to go through all that unnecessary stress. The whole point of the Vet passport is to avoid such situations, not create more.
    Fingers crossed, and more, for continuing good health for CD. At least the sea and surf will be calming for you, and have interesting smells for CD. Best wishes.
    • *Robin*
    • By *Robin* 23rd Jul 16, 7:14 PM
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    Good evening World,

    Well the last few days have been a whirlwind of movement, exhaustion and worry!

    Got very lost - and horribly short of time - between our last Spanish overnight stop and finding the boat; Snoopy-the-satnav simply did not recognise "Bilbao ferry port". I guessed the wrong direction on the motorway which saw us heading for France, and then a tour of the border hills before finally being put right by a very helpful toll-road cashier (who inputted the port's name in the Basque language - Snoopy understood that, despite being set to "English" - it's makers will be getting email feedback about this glitch because I'd like to know why it happened!).

    On the ferry a lovely member of the crew called Juan-Antoine looked after us very well; he came to find CD as soon as we boarded, allowing her to bypass the usual rules for pets (she didn't have to wait alone in the vehicle, no gag required and he escorted us straight up to our cabin). He popped by every few hours to make sure we had everything we needed and to give CD a cuddle - she really is remembered and treasured; we felt like attendants serving an honoured royal guest!

    Joeyjimbles, CD is still very sleepy and not at all hungry, although she accepted Juan-Antoine's gift of doggie-treats with her usual dignity. Since then she's only eaten a few slices of ham, so our fingers remain firmly crossed and we're watching her closely..

    It took three hours to get around the M25 - due to schools finishing and families rushing off on holiday, apparently. But that was nothing compared to the twelve hours delay at Calais so am not moaning..
    Now parked up in suburbia; sweltering muggy heat which feels much worse than the version we left behind at the Nest - CD and self have slept most of the day, while DS has been gardening. His house-mates are all away so it's very quiet except for the neighbours; one lot held a raucous party well into the small hours, and another appears to be having a mental health crisis which makes him scream loudly and curse his Mum at regular intervals (erm, a bit concerned about that?).

    Road toll - 70p
    Topped up fuel tank before embarkation - 30
    Food and drink on the ferry - 20
    Takeaway dinner last night - 25 (enough for lunch today too ).
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    • Dansmam
    • By Dansmam 24th Jul 16, 12:45 AM
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    Hello again Robin and how good to hear you CD and DS made it back to the UK. What are your plans?
    Bloomin' vet though.
    Girls are back safe sound thanks - fit and well and tanned and unlikely to stay for long. They were away the whole year and ended up in somewhere pretty much the 21st century version of the garden of Eden for the last 6 months. No snakes as far as I'm aware but it's left DD with ambitions for a bit of farming land in Portugal and a yurt. Or a shed. Or anything really !!!55357;!!!56832;. They'll be back just long enough to earn enough to set off again I think! Did you see that Portugal operated entirely on renewable energy for a while this year? That's their kind of place...meanwhile DD's growing us salads and herbs and presenting us with delicious healthy meals. I'm not complaining!
    Looking forward to hearing about your next adventures and wishing you CD and the Divos all that's good. DM
    • milasavesmoney
    • By milasavesmoney 24th Jul 16, 2:19 AM
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    New reader and have subscribed.
    Overprepare, then go with the flow.
    [Regina Brett]
    • *Robin*
    • By *Robin* 24th Jul 16, 2:11 PM
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    Hello everyone,

    Welcome, stepuptothepl8, When the going gets tough and milasavesmoney- thank you for joining my second meandering MSE journey; hope you all find these jottings entertaining, and perhaps useful in some way on your own roads through life..

    This morning, next door's children started bouncing on their new trampoline just after six ayem!
    Am all for kids keeping fit, but..
    They got DS out of bed too - he went for a run while I searched for the WD40. Didn't find it, or I'd have gone and sprayed that trampoline's squeaky springs!

    The mentally ill chap was out in his garden screeching at his poor Mum before eight o'clock as well; her murmured replies didn't seem to be placating him, alas - do I really want to swap DH's flat for a house on this road?
    ..Maybe I've been spoiled by the lovely neighbours at homehome and the Nest - this lot seem very inconsiderate in comparison.
    Ok, the bloke with MH issues probably can't help it, but when someone collected his Mum a couple of hours later he started shouting: "F**k Jesus! F**k Jesus - I wish you were all dead!" ..Guess Mum was off to church - where I sincerely hope she found comfort and consolation. Another big bloke dragged MH-Chap away in a headlock - not heard a peep out of him since..

    Girls are back safe sound thanks - fit and well and tanned and unlikely to stay for long. They were away the whole year and ended up in somewhere pretty much the 21st century version of the garden of Eden for the last 6 months. No snakes as far as I'm aware but it's left DD with ambitions for a bit of farming land in Portugal and a yurt. Or a shed. Or anything really !!!65533;!!!65533;. They'll be back just long enough to earn enough to set off again I think! Did you see that Portugal operated entirely on renewable energy for a while this year? That's their kind of place...
    Originally posted by Dansmam
    Aha, Portugal eh? In many ways it's more attractive than Spain these days; we're "allowed" to have solar-water-heaters without penalty, but woe betide anyone who decides to install solar panels for power if they are within reach of mains electricity - the fines are utterly punitive (which is why I haven't done it yet)! ..Ridiculous in that climate, but the government are protecting their utility companies. <sigh>

    Here's an interesting plot in Portugal which may interest your Girls, Dansmam:
    Don't know the vendor but we must have mutual mates as the post has popped up on my FB a couple of times. It's a good price, and with that secure building would suit someone who may need to leave the place unattended at times (unlike the Nest - am employing Plumber to keep an eye on the irrigation system and Nasty Neighbour's antics this time around).

    DS4 and I were going to visit DS3 & GF last night, as they're working only about twenty miles away from here this weekend. But the festival organisers appear to have contracted a bad case of "Little Hitler": No camping in the car-park, no vehicle tickets even one night for friends, no dogs.. There was paid work and a crew-ticket available for Divo Four, but I could only join them in exchange for 185, plus having to find somewhere else to leave camper-van and CD, and not expecting anywhere to sleep!

    Instead, I decided to spend the unused cash which had been allocated to our journey - exactly 185 as it happens - on booking my 'birthday excursion'; a weekend bee-keeping course.
    DS4 is coming along as a reward for being such a hero by getting CD and self this far.
    Happily the total bill for this educational entertainment is only a fiver more than the aforementioned 'spare' funds, so seems a much better use for it than being frittered away at Tosco on 'treats' we can well do without.

    CD seems a little livelier today, but still won't eat last night's dinner (refrigerated overnight ). Rather than waste it, we've donated it to a mummy-hedgehog I found in the garden yesterday after DS trimmed back the burgeoning vegetation. .
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    • stepuptothepl8
    • By stepuptothepl8 24th Jul 16, 3:29 PM
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    Thank you for the welcome *Robin*.. I've been lurking on your threads for a while I'm so pleased to hear CD is a little better. And the bee keeping course sounds wonderful. I keep trying to persuade DH to let me have a hive or two.. I may just treat myself one day. Please do let us know how it goes.
    LBM 1st Feb 2015 16208 to go
    my diary: time to step up to the plate. SPC#503
    • Dansmam
    • By Dansmam 24th Jul 16, 9:19 PM
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    Thanks for the link Robin. With a few months' bar jobs and frugal living DD is aiming to leave again with 10k (she still has savings from the only 'proper job' she tells me she will ever have) so exchange rate permitting that's nearly in budget. I have yet to eliminate the eternal debt but could be tempted to help bridge the gap...
    Beekeeping course sounds such a treat! How lovely that DS is part of it. I well remember my grandad churning the big steel extractor and granny scalding out the jars for the bees they kept in a very ordinary suburban garden in the 60s/70s. Every grandchild got stung at some point but it was 'our fault' for not being understanding of the bees. We all learnt to remove the sting without squeezing the sac. Grandad in white hat and veil with smoker is an enduring memory. Happy days - what a legacy you will give the Divos et al once you are a fully fledged keeper of bees!
    • chevalier
    • By chevalier 25th Jul 16, 6:48 AM
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    Dear Robin
    I am SO pleased to see you back posting. I missed you even though I don't 'know' you. And I am so GLAD CD is still with you. Bunny wiffles from our pet.

    Life has become even more hectic since we last 'met'. I have done my courses, and got a full time job. children and husband still adjusting to me not being on hand to do all the housework. it will come in time. the main thing we need to do is get rid of the carp and then housework would be a breeze. Only w big rooms worth of stuff to go through....

    take care
    I want a job that is less than an hour driving away from my house! Are you listening universe?
    • *Robin*
    • By *Robin* 25th Jul 16, 10:40 AM
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    Oh how wonderful - two more old MSE friends have 'found' this new diary and joined in; welcome, Chev and lubava!

    Chev - you have often been in my thoughts over the months; am so pleased to read that you've escaped from your previous taxing night-shift job and found another one more commensurate with your skills and qualifications - very well done on completing those courses!
    ..Your boys are all big enough to do their share of looking after the home - it'll be doing them a favour by teaching them how to look after themselves now, ready for independent life!

    Dansmam and stepuptothepl8 - it's great that you're also both keen on bees; you'll certainly hear how DS4 and I get on during my 'birthday treat' weekend.
    Dansmam, thank you for sharing your childhood memories of your grandparents' bees - hopefully DD might carry on the family tradition once she's found her own perfect new home?
    Years ago I lodged with a man who used the same equipment as your Grandad, but this time I'm hoping a "Flow-hive" will be a lot simpler and less stressful for the bees. It's one of several different types of hive DS4 and I will be learning about (according to the course literature).

    DS would love to install a hive in the garden at this house too; no reason why bees can't live in suburbia - there's already a huge buddleia and lots of other flowering bushes for bees to feed on. In fact, the garden is one of the things I like most about this place. Yes, it helps that there's room to park camper-van on the drive alongside another two cars, and a studio at the back for DS, but the garden is simply magnificent given it's modest size.
    The only drawback is a gigantic fir tree which overshadows the section furthest from the house. I muttered something to DS about asking the owner to trim it back - it's on the other side of what would be 'our' boundary - but in fact it appears to have been disowned by all the adjoining householders; peering over, we can see that actually it's been completely fenced in on all sides.. Time to have a look at the Land Registry deeds, methinks. As there's no rear access it will be a difficult job sorting out this tree, so perhaps the true owner decided it would be easier just to make his/her garden ten feet shorter rather than having to deal with it? Hmm..

    CD and I are both still needing an awful lot of sleep, but yesterday DS managed to chivvy me awake in time to pick up a few groceries on the way to a local NT property where we took CD for a gentle stroll.
    My favourite cheap supermarket is disappointingly closed for rebuilding and there's no parking for camper-van outside the neighbourhood Co-op, so with some trepidation I found m'self walking through Tosco's doorway. Of course, I'd forgotten they close early on Sundays, which meant m' visit was perfectly timed to spot a plethora of yellow-ticket items. The cool-box had to be turned on to supplement camper-van's fridge, but the bill was satisfyingly modest for the amount of stuff which fell into the trolley.

    Groceries - 23
    NT parking - 3
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    Glad to see you posting again Robin
    Have to run now, will catch up soon
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