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    • sexymouse
    • By sexymouse 13th Apr 16, 12:29 PM
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    Official Trying to Conceive - Thread 13
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    • 13th Apr 16, 12:29 PM
    Official Trying to Conceive - Thread 13 13th Apr 16 at 12:29 PM
    This is the new thread for those trying for a baby.
    The previous one is here:

    Please be aware that this is a thread for those trying to conceive. If you wish to announce a pregnancy (or are only a couple of days from testing) and you have never used this thread before, please either wait until CD1 or use the less than 12 weeks pregnant thread. Hormones can run high on here (nature of the thread!) so please be sensitive. Many thanks!

    List of Users
    Alex_88 TTC #1 since 09/15
    angel11 (34) TTC #1 Since 08/15
    Apple1985 (30) TTC #1 Since 12/15
    (33) TTC #2 Since 2/16
    cats2012 (27) TTC #1 Since 05/15
    Clarabell1984 (31) TTC #1 Since 09/15
    easilydistracted (33) TTC#1 Since 01/16
    Keekee (38) TTC #1 Since 05/15
    MancMama4 (35) TTC #1 () Since 04/15
    Meepmeep (40) TTC #1 Since 01/16
    Midget1907 (29) TTC #1 Since 09/15
    Milliebob (27) TTC #2 Since 05/15
    newthrift (25) TTC #1 Since 11/15
    pinkpetal (36) TTC #1 Since 10/15
    sexymouse (32) TTC #3 (
    ) Since 02/16
    Tinks05 (27) TTC #1 Since 03/16
    VicVics (29) TTC #2 Since 04/16

    Those with * used Preseed/Conceive Plus

    Thread Graduates
    big5 BFP 15/6/16
    sexymouse BFP 4/6/16
    newthrift BFP 23/5/16
    VicVics BFP 16/5/16
    MancMama4 BFP 29/4/16
    pinkpetal BFP 24/4/16
    Apple1985 BFP 19/4/16
    Tinks05 BFP 18/4/16

    Link to abbreviations courtesy of MadMac from previous threads -

    The most common ones are:

    AF - Aunt Flo (period)
    BFP - Big Fat Positive (+ on home pregnancy test)
    BD - Baby dance (making babies)
    CBFM - Clearblue fertility monitor
    CD - Cycle date (CD1 is the 1st day of period)
    DPO - Days past ovulation (if ovulation was on CD15, then that is 0DPO, CD16 is 1DPO)
    HPT - Home Pregnancy Test
    IC - Internet cheapie (IC OPKs, hpts)
    NTNP - Not trying not preventing (pregnancy)
    OV - ovulation
    OPK - ovulation predictor kits
    SBDTA - Sticky baby dust to all
    SS - symptom spotting
    Temp - temperature (BBT)
    TLP - Tiny little positive (faint positive on pregnancy test)

    Also, an useful website telling you when to test, when you are ovulating and how the egg is developing etc found by Smash7 is here:

    This website is also useful
    It details the Sperm Meets Egg Plan (SMEP) which some have found helpful in conceiving.

    Some TMI cm pics here:

    Drugs you can take when pregnant
    Some CBFM FAQs
    Vitamins and minerals that can aid conception and pregnancy

    Sensitivity of home pregnancy tests (lower = more sensitive, earlier results)
    Superdrug Own Brand (pink box - states can use 4 days before late AF on box) 10mIU
    First Vue dip tests (poundland) - 20mIU
    One step midstream (ALDI) - 25mIU
    Clearblue - 25mIU
    Clearblue Digital - 50mIU
    First response early response - 12.5mIU
    Boots own brand - 25mIU/50mIU
    Sainsburys own - 15mIU
    Tesco own - 25mIU
    ASDA own - 25mIU
    CBD with conception indicator - 25mIU

    There is no such thing as a silly question, so please ask anything you are curious about. Many of us have 'been there done that' and many of our graduates still read this thread and are happy to offer advice when it is needed and relevant.

    As with everything deemed medical, we cannot offer medical advice, so please visit or call your GP if you have any concerns or questions. Getting a preconception check up is recommended and allows your GP to know that you're trying for a baby as well as identifying and rectifying any issues or problems that may interfere with a pregnancy before you conceive.
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    Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.
    I married Moon 8/4/2011, baby boy born 26/9/2012, Poppy born 8/11/2015, rainbow baby boy born 11/2/2017
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    • Munchkin84
    • By Munchkin84 6th Mar 18, 9:45 PM
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    Pkk, wasnt there something about asda tests giving false results I think. And doesnt the colour, either pink or blue make a difference too?
    I just buy cheaper, own brand ones. When I got my bfp I did the same and splashed out on a digital when I was three days late and had already had a couple of positive cheapies. I found some on Amazon that are really sensitive, for a fiver ish
    • Tryingin2018
    • By Tryingin2018 6th Mar 18, 9:53 PM
    • 57 Posts
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    I haven't been since 2015 but so much has changed. Lots of new development, seemed very quiet too compared to the last time I went in march. Me and hubby did remark that the next time we go we may have a little person or persons to show around (here's hoping).

    Can't really comment on the other q though but would be interested to hear answers!
    • HappyLassie13
    • By HappyLassie13 7th Mar 18, 11:31 AM
    • 147 Posts
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    Feeling really deflated today and not sure why. Well i obviously know why, but we haven't been trying long in the grand scheme of things, which i keep reminding myself. Making a conscious effort to be a lot more healthy (diet wise). Hope you all are doing well
    • Rambosmum
    • By Rambosmum 7th Mar 18, 12:29 PM
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    I've tried to write this 3 times now!

    First response early response tests (Frer) and the blue handled internet cheapy 'one step' tests are sensitive to 6miU/ML

    Clear blue early detection (two lines) are supposedly sensitive to 10miU/ml however get a stupidly high instance of false positive/ dye run/ evaps. So I do not recommend them and think they should be banned!

    Superdrug pink line tests are also 10miU/ml as are the first response rapid response tests.

    The clear blue ones that have the cross are sensitive to 25miU/ml

    Clear blue digital are sensitive to 50miU/ml and the clear blue digital with weeks indicator are sensitive to 25miU/ML! The weeks indicator itself though is less reliable, though the actual test is very reliable.

    Most supermarket tests are sensitive to somewhere between 15miU/ml and 50miU/ml.

    Pink dye tests are infinitely better than blue and clear blue are rubbish (except for the digital one).

    My advice would always be wait until AF is due, but if you can't use an internet cheapy until you get a positive/ AF, check it with a Frer then two days later a digital!

    The earlier you test the more likely you are to detect a chemical pregancy, which depending on your mind set could be a good or bad thing. Early testing makes no difference to whether a pregnancy would be chemical or not. 99.9% of chemical pregnancies are due to a dud embryo (either the egg or the sperm) and would never progress regardless of anything else.
    • LavenderBee
    • By LavenderBee 7th Mar 18, 2:19 PM
    • 262 Posts
    • 1,230 Thanks
    Hi PKK - I bought the Cassanovum early detection tests from Amazon, they were 4.49 for 5. I think you said you were mega late, I used these when I was 4-5 days late (from memory) and got a whopping great BFP on them, that was with last wee of the day and having drunk 3 litres of plain water that day, plus teas! So I reckon that they would have done the trick earlier too. They are >10mIU/ml so more sensitive than the shop ones.

    One of my pet peeves at the moment is that s****** advert for the ClearBlue sticks that tell you in words whether you're pregnant or not. It features the couple sitting on the floor waiting for the result and then not being able to decipher if the lines mean pregnant or not. Read the bleedin' instructions; if you can't work out to look at the packaging and understand the word printed next to the picture then good luck to you! Because as Rambosmum says, by the time these fancy tests are sensitive enough to give you an accurate answer, you should be getting a pretty clear result from a bog standard 'stick in a pot of wee' job anyway. I do feel that they're a bit misleading, like they have the ability to take away some of the uncertainty of an early "is that a very faint positive or is it an evaporation line" result when they don't.

    Sorry, I've intruded and ranted! TTC can be an emotional time and I am uncomfortable that companies seem to be in the business of conning those consumers out of their cash by not being totally honest about what the product is, and isn't, designed to do.
    • Rambosmum
    • By Rambosmum 7th Mar 18, 3:26 PM
    • 1,664 Posts
    • 2,187 Thanks
    Totally agree LavenderBee! I hate clear blue.

    Though I have just signed up for their trial! If they want to give me 100 for peeing on thngs, then who am I to say no!
    • Munchkin84
    • By Munchkin84 7th Mar 18, 4:43 PM
    • 200 Posts
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    Hahahaha lavenderbee. I thought exactly the same and have shouted at the tv. There were clearly two lines ! OH looked at me like I was mad.
    I only took a digital after bfps for the novelty of it if I am honest. I wanted to see that word.
    • PrettyKittyKat
    • By PrettyKittyKat 7th Mar 18, 6:42 PM
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    TTC Thread

    Two Week Wait (BFP Hopefuls)
    CD124 Nanyco
    CD54 CamelLady (38dpo)
    CD52 athensgeorgia
    CD41 PrettyKittyKat (20 dpo)
    CD33 Selement
    CD24 KatieBee123
    CD19 Toots14 (4dpo)
    CD17 NelliePie (3dpo)

    "If in doubt - BD" Zone
    CD46 SlothSocks
    CD18 Tryingin2018

    "Wine and Chocolate" zone
    CD8 Celepie
    CD6 Skimper
    CD5 Rambosmum
    CD5 T4Taylor
    CD4 HappyLassie13
    CD4 Zeni

    Those we haven't heard from in a while:

    When posting updates, can you please do them in Magenta so it's easy to spot. This thread is all about support, so remember to click thanks on as many posts as you can! It makes us all feel loved.

    For those posting on smartphones or tablets the code for magenta is
    ([ )COLOR="magenta"( ] )your text ( [ )/COLOR ( ] ) (lose the round bracket)

    Please let me know if anything needs editing (including the zone you are in) and I will try to keep up. If you would like adding to the lists just let me know what CD day you are (the first day of your period is CD1).

    2018 Thread Graduates:
    Afoolandhermoney - 23/01/2018
    • PrettyKittyKat
    • By PrettyKittyKat 7th Mar 18, 6:45 PM
    • 377 Posts
    • 398 Thanks
    Wow ladies thanks for all the advice on tests! I knew you ladies would be a fountain of knowledge on this!

    HappyLassie13 !!!8211; I have really let myself go diet/exercise wise since got married last year. A combination of a month of wedding/honeymoonings followed by starting a new job with a different routine that leaves me exhausted, and the dark winter nights meant I have filled up on rubbish food and stopped exercising completely. I thought recently how if I want my body to carry a baby then I need to make sure it is as healthy as it can be. I joined back at the local fitness place last week and I am currently on day 3 of no chocolate (this is killing me!).

    LavenderBee !!!8211; thank you for delurking and suggesting those tests! I haven!!!8217;t heard of them before and at less than 1 per test I think they are really good value. I have ordered 5 !!!61514;. I am currently 8 days late. Realistically I think I am missing a period and just having a long cycle this time. But I will probably take 1 test every week until AF arrives and it is useful to have these tests ready for next cycle!
    I agree that I think some tests totally prey on people that are TTC, hence why I don!!!8217;t want to be drawn into the expensive tests!
    • Tryingin2018
    • By Tryingin2018 7th Mar 18, 7:01 PM
    • 57 Posts
    • 72 Thanks
    Cd18. Monitor still showing high. Starting to get sore boobs and spotted EWCM today so think OV may be imminent - woop!!
    • skimper
    • By skimper 7th Mar 18, 10:10 PM
    • 131 Posts
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    PPK- when do I move in to the 'If in doubt' group? Closer to OV ?

    According to ovia my fertility window starts on the 13th. When's best to start testing for OV?
    • selement
    • By selement 7th Mar 18, 11:03 PM
    • 451 Posts
    • 1,903 Thanks
    Still no AF. On the bright side I'm hoping this increases chances of it not timing with holiday... on the negative I guess I'm back to my pre pill irregular AF it's awkward wheb it's hard to predict
    Trying to lose weight (13.5lb to go)
    • Tryingin2018
    • By Tryingin2018 8th Mar 18, 7:14 AM
    • 57 Posts
    • 72 Thanks
    I know it's a bit sad to get excited but just had my first peak on my cbfm and a raging opk too. Time to chase that egg!!
    • Rambosmum
    • By Rambosmum 8th Mar 18, 7:51 AM
    • 1,664 Posts
    • 2,187 Thanks
    Skimper How long are your cycles? It's best to DTD before ovulation, as once it's occured it's too late. On a 28 day cycle, from day 8 is best, then every other day until OV has happened.

    Now I've signed up to the CB trial, I'm getting cold feet abuot the whole TTC thing! I did this last time too, though I was already up the duff then so it was too late to back out! (didn't know I was pregnant for another week or so though!)
    • skimper
    • By skimper 8th Mar 18, 10:33 AM
    • 131 Posts
    • 107 Thanks
    Rambosmum I'm not sure, its my first AF in about 3 years because i've been on the pill. Will start from day 8 just to be on the safe side!
    • HappyLassie13
    • By HappyLassie13 8th Mar 18, 10:47 AM
    • 147 Posts
    • 269 Thanks
    PKK - with being snowed in last week I took notice of how much i was eating, and how much was really unhealthy. Feel like my eyes have been opened very wide. I usually walk to work as I don't live that far away but with the freezing mornings and awful weather I've been driving the car and i think this lack of exercise (albeit only a little) is having an effect.

    Feeling more positive today which is good, hopefully this stays. I was a complete moody mare last night, my poor OH.
    • Celepie
    • By Celepie 8th Mar 18, 11:37 AM
    • 78 Posts
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    I got a high on my CBFM today as my estrogen is rising, apparently, but it's pretty early in my cycle so I think it's just learning what my levels are and stuff. I'll probably get highs for another week or so until I get peak, judging on when I've ovulated previously, but we'll see. Annoyingly I think my parents are going to be visiting bang in the middle of fertile week, so we'll have to figure something out!
    • T4taylor
    • By T4taylor 8th Mar 18, 12:19 PM
    • 74 Posts
    • 88 Thanks
    Hi ladies,
    I enjoy reading how you are all getting on and do feel as if we are in this together! After feeling fed up at the end of cycle 4 I am invigorated and eager this month! AF has ended and I have received my conceive plus and clear blue trial kit! Unfortunately I am in the control group so must be restrained and not use and OPKs for the next 2 cycles. Maybe this will make me more relaxed? Who knows, anyway please can I move into if in doubt xx
    • athensgeorgia
    • By athensgeorgia 8th Mar 18, 3:31 PM
    • 686 Posts
    • 590 Thanks
    I know I've been absent of late, it's been too long TTC and feeling deflated, but yes I am CD53 today. Another reason to be feeling deflated. I'm going to spend the next day or so catching up on nearly 2 months of posts.
    • PrettyKittyKat
    • By PrettyKittyKat 8th Mar 18, 5:39 PM
    • 377 Posts
    • 398 Thanks
    TTC Thread

    Two Week Wait (BFP Hopefuls)
    CD125 Nanyco
    CD55 CamelLady (39dpo)
    CD53 athensgeorgia
    CD42 PrettyKittyKat (21dpo)
    CD34 Selement
    CD25 KatieBee123
    CD20 Toots14 (5dpo)
    CD18 NelliePie (4dpo)

    "If in doubt - BD" Zone
    CD47 SlothSocks
    CD19 Tryingin2018
    CD6 T4Taylor

    "Wine and Chocolate" zone
    CD9 Celepie
    CD7 Skimper
    CD6 Rambosmum

    CD5 HappyLassie13
    CD5 Zeni

    Those we haven't heard from in a while:

    When posting updates, can you please do them in Magenta so it's easy to spot. This thread is all about support, so remember to click thanks on as many posts as you can! It makes us all feel loved.

    For those posting on smartphones or tablets the code for magenta is
    ([ )COLOR="magenta"( ] )your text ( [ )/COLOR ( ] ) (lose the round bracket)

    Please let me know if anything needs editing (including the zone you are in) and I will try to keep up. If you would like adding to the lists just let me know what CD day you are (the first day of your period is CD1).

    2018 Thread Graduates:
    Afoolandhermoney - 23/01/2018
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