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    • greent
    • By greent 30th Dec 15, 12:31 PM
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    KonMari 2016 - The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up
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    • 30th Dec 15, 12:31 PM
    KonMari 2016 - The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up 30th Dec 15 at 12:31 PM
    Link to 2015: thread:

    'The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up' by Marie Kondo is a home organisation/ decluttering book like no other. Instead of looking for things to discard, Marie Kondo says we should instead look for things we wish to keep - using the 'does it spark joy?' method. Ultimately this means that everything in our homes should spark joy for us You might not think that everyday and seemingly mundane items can't spark joy - but you need to think around it a little. So whilst an iron may not spark joy, wearing ironed clothes may. A cheese grater may not spark joy, but your child may really like grated cheese in their wraps - which brings joy.

    Marie Kondo also says that this should be done quickly and properly. This may take six months to achieve, but tidying properly should mean doing it just once. This is against the often-seen decluttering advice of doing 15 minutes a day, or a drawer/ shelf a day.

    MK suggests an order as to what to sort through first and subsequently. This is important - she starts with items which many people do not have an emotional attachment to (clothes) and builds up to sentimental items (photos) so that a person's joy-meter can be developed along the way.

    Many MSE-ers have been following the KM method (kondo-ing) successfully. It fits into the MSE ethos by changing your mindse - you will no longer want to shop mindlessly for something 'just because' or 'it'll do' - you will want to buy only joyful items, thereby often saving ££ on random, impulse purchases.
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    • camelot1001
    • By camelot1001 11th Jun 17, 1:17 PM
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    You do what you feels to be right wort, big hugs to you.

    I keep my dishwasher tablets in a kilner type jar. When I get a new box I open them up and break them in half, our water is so soft half is sufficient. The jar stops them clumping together and there are no 'bits' falling all over the place.

    That sounds wonderful slinky, I used to think riding a horse was easy until I tried!

    I'm making a bag at the moment - one thread reel will go to school for the play area and it will minimise the fabric stash a little. Onwards ......
    • PollyWollyDoodle
    • By PollyWollyDoodle 11th Jun 17, 2:03 PM
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    Wort, another message of support - you do what is right for you, when it feels right. You'll have so much paperwork and organisation to do when the time comes, anything you can do now that helps for the future is good. It won't get any easier. This is where I find MK helpful; I hope you found a moment to acknowledge what those clothes have meant and the purpose they've served before sending them on their way. Best wishes to you.
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    • SpikyHedgehog
    • By SpikyHedgehog 11th Jun 17, 6:47 PM
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    I'd seriously got derailed on the kondo train - in fact, I got onto the slow boat to Messyland instead :-( !

    But I'm determined to find my home again under the stuff... Requested both books from the library and have been reading through this thread (currently at the beginning of Feb 2017) & chipping away at the stuff.

    Various bags gone off to charity shops, clothing banks, etc - the car boot is usually full of stuff on its way out.

    I haven't done clothes properly again yet, as there's still stuff in front of my wardrobe so I can't open it. But I've gone through my chest of drawers (which did involve moving the floordrobe to get to the bottom drawers) & only kept those items that spark joy.

    This afternoon, I've got the last bits of floordrobe off the floor and was pleased to find my own copy of The Life- Changing Magic... under it where it has been lurking since autumn 2015! That was woo though, as I'd had to take the library's books back this afternoon.

    I've sorted the winter stuff & only kept joy sparking stuff - gloves, it appears, spark joy as I have lots of them! All bagged up & labelled ready to put away and go through again when I get it out.

    I know a couple of items that will be going when I get to the wardrobe - a white shirt that needs very careful ironing of its pintucks that I had for a family holiday. I do like it but it reminds me of the time before Stupid Ex left us. & then reminds me that he doesn't take DS2 on holiday with him now. ( Or DS1, but he wouldn't go if asked & can afford to go on his own holidays.) So it doesn't spark joy. And I'm pretty sure the outfit I had for my sister's wedding 5 years ago needs to be released to spark joy elsewhere - it's not going to be worn again by me.
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    • x_raphael_xx
    • By x_raphael_xx 11th Jun 17, 8:12 PM
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    Thanks x-Raphael I want to buy one of those from quid land to wash them in. I have 14 pairs so I fear leaving them in the bag to dry, will make them smell.
    Originally posted by GoingToDoIt
    I don't dry them in the bag. Just wash them in it to stop the washing machine eating them.
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    • WeeMidgie
    • By WeeMidgie 11th Jun 17, 8:39 PM
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    In the process of kondoing the paperwork, I've found a receipt which sparked great joy, as it will enable me to take a kaput cordless vacuum cleaner back to Lakeland & claim a refund. They no longer stock the model and so it can't be replaced (I'm guessing they had too many returns: the first one I bought didn't work at all, and this one only lasted a few months. So I wouldn't want a replacement anyway.)

    All paperwork is now safely corralled in the locked filing cabinet, there are no piles anywhere, and the whole house has benefitted, as there was no point filing newer items until the big file purge created space. You were so right GQ, having eaten the frog, the relief and the feeling of achievement is immense!
    • mrs-moneypenny
    • By mrs-moneypenny 12th Jun 17, 7:50 AM
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    Morning all
    14 black bags of clothes went to the CS at the weekend! Dd3 had left them here in our attic saying she would at some point have them back-they have been up there about 3 years! I reminded her about them last week so she came round and went through them all and decided she really had enough clothes and wouldn't wear any of these so 14 went to the CS and 2 in the clothes bank. 2 bags of shoes and trainers stayed for her sister to look through but none fitted so we are back to the CS next weekend with those and anything else I can add.
    I've listened to the MK book on YouTube but never actually read it, I managed to get a copy for 50p at the carboot on Sunday so will be reading it and starting the journey again I think.
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    • Karmacat
    • By Karmacat 12th Jun 17, 10:23 AM
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    There are some amazing wins on the last few posts - congratulations all

    The awful smell from under my kitchen sink is gradually disappearing, and I'm slowly getting stuff back in there. Much *less* stuff, and all of it very, very clean ...
    Retired August 2016
    • oceanspirit
    • By oceanspirit 12th Jun 17, 12:35 PM
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    Clearing out OH's mum's house is really making us think about how much we want to put into our new place. There are cupboards stuffed full of random paperwork and clothes. It's going to be a far bigger task than we first thought.

    Food cupboards were fairly empty so what is left can be used up by us whilst we are there and books were easily sorted.

    OH has pointed out there are some big, full cupboards here plus full book cases and more kondoing needs to happen before moving. Other things are higher priority for now however some more paper did leave via the shredder and recycling bin yesterday. OH is being ruthless with his own papers so I need to up the ante with mine to show willing.
    • iamsalt
    • By iamsalt 12th Jun 17, 8:14 PM
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    I have been MiA on the kondo front. But really enjoy reading everyone's success

    Some of the issues around probate for Dad came up and l did have to sift through a couple of boxes of papers I hadn't gone through yet to try to find what was needed. Not a successful rummage unfortunately .

    I did kondo on behalf of someone else, and I am now the proud owner of a greenhouse in pieces ready to move to the new house. It is something coming into my life but it brings sooooo much joy

    S x
    New house, new mortgage.
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    • GreyQueen
    • By GreyQueen 13th Jun 17, 7:16 PM
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    Evening all.

    I've been charging around the county in a rental van and have returned one bike to the parental home and retrieved my original bike after a four year sabbatical. It looks a little sad and neglected so, as time allows, I will give it a wash and brush up. It's scheduled for a rear-wheel rebuild as it hasn't ever been true since a previous bike repairer had to hammer it back into shape after a close encounter with the pothole-from-hell, which I hit at speed one night on one of this city's main roads.

    I shall have that done in wintertime, when I'm not flitting up and down to the allotment so often.

    Some smaller bits and bobs went to the parental home, and some heavy and awkward things for the lottie were purchased plus, to my great joy, I was able to do a dump run with a whole van of carp from the lottie.

    I shudder to think how many separate bike journeys that would have taken at two IKEYA bagfuls per trip, so am feeling especially pleased about that.

    Well, mainly feel knackered, but pleased comes into it, also. Be glad to go back to w*rk tomorrow for a sitdown.
    Every increased possession loads us with a new weariness.
    John Ruskin
    Veni, vidi, eradici
    (I came, I saw, I kondo'd)

    • MMF007
    • By MMF007 13th Jun 17, 9:29 PM
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    No time to release stuff yester. Came home from a weekend away () to get a phonecall from the Police to say our neighbour had been run over and was being taken to hosp in an ambulance. He was conscious and had asked them to ring us because we have a key to his house and could take his dogs out for walk!!
    Anyway, we later went to collect him from hosp, only to get half way home when he suddenly announced that he was bleeding from the repaired head wound. A quick inspection revealed we needed to go back to casualty pretty quickly! This time they repaired him properly and we all returned home at 11.30pm. He looked worse than us but we were all shattered.

    I checked this morning and he is much improved

    Busy at work today because the 2 clients who said they didn't want me today decided they DID want me after all. Ah well, more income to put towards my next hols

    To round off a weird 24 hours, my dentists rang to cancel my extraction, been waiting for 6 weeks, have to wait another week now, after getting all psyched up So I won't be getting that sorted out this week. Still, it will free up an afternoon so I can actually kondo
    I have changed my work-life balance to a life-work balance.
    • VJsmum
    • By VJsmum 13th Jun 17, 9:30 PM
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    well done everyone.

    Only a tiny win for me on my visit to dads - just a couple more bits out. But the big win is that my brother has done some more tidying and clearing and is keeping the house clean
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    • Floss
    • By Floss 14th Jun 17, 7:48 AM
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    ...But the big win is that my brother has done some more tidying and clearing and is keeping the house clean
    Originally posted by VJsmum
    That's a big step forward
    • Karmacat
    • By Karmacat 14th Jun 17, 9:29 AM
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    Good grief! What a set of posts! A lot of physical pain involved too, unfortunately I hope everyone's okay today.

    I'm kondoing weeds today
    Retired August 2016
    • Pooky
    • By Pooky 14th Jun 17, 10:46 AM
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    Off to the tip after a quick cuppa - 15 tog kingsized duvet, far to heavy for us, passed around the family countless times and no joy with giving it away so off to the tip it goes, along with a small table that was being used by DH in his man cave but it's beyond economic repair now and needs to go. Will be passing a couple of charity shops on route to the tip so will drop off a big pile of books and a bag of shoes that DD's have found.

    Winning, one bag at a time!
    "Start every day off with a smile and get it over with" - W. C. Field.
    • Siebrie
    • By Siebrie 14th Jun 17, 4:15 PM
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    Two successes: the longterm guest has moved himself closer to potential work, and dd2's birthday party went well.

    I have cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom, and am back to my normal routine of doing something every day. My admin needs to be sorted, though, it is all over the house at the moment, because the guest stayed in our office. He was not happy with our office, as it has no proper bed, and only a small window high up, and he hinted he wanted our other guest room. Well, no, that room is only accessible through our dds' bedroom, and we are never putting a male guest there.

    Dd's birthday party was decorated from stock, was held at home, lasted only two hours, and had only five guests. She was allowed to pick six (as she was turning six), but only invited five. They mainly played in the garden while I provided homemade pancakes, water and icecreams They had a great time!
    Last edited by Siebrie; 14-06-2017 at 4:29 PM.
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    • Fen1
    • By Fen1 14th Jun 17, 9:23 PM
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    Siebrie: I'm so happy that everything is coming together for you. I have seen in your posts how things have been difficult. I hope you had some ice cream too, at your daughter's party????
    You were absolutely right in keeping your houseguest in the office. No way should he be going through your daughter's room. And if he had a nicer room he might never have moved out!
    Sorry for the bad English. A bit tiddled tonight as it is my belated birthday supper. My real birthday was a wash-out, as usual. But today, OH and I actually had a DAY OUT. Blimey.

    I would like to get rid of more from Chez Fen, but have to wait until the next charity stall day. Grrrrrr. At least I know that things are on the way out, and I just need a little patience.....
    • 12months
    • By 12months 15th Jun 17, 1:54 PM
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    Hope you don't mind me butting in. I've been reading this thread and feel like I need to tackle the clutter and mess in my life. I've got lots of inspiration from reading your posts - thanks Does anyone have any advice re which of Marie Kondo's books is best to read or does it not really matter?
    • Knit Witch
    • By Knit Witch 15th Jun 17, 1:59 PM
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    Knit Witch
    GQ you have't posted for a couple of days - is everything okay at Shoebox Towers?
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    • Knit Witch
    • By Knit Witch 15th Jun 17, 2:00 PM
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    Knit Witch

    Hope you don't mind me butting in. I've been reading this thread and feel like I need to tackle the clutter and mess in my life. I've got lots of inspiration from reading your posts - thanks Does anyone have any advice re which of Marie Kondo's books is best to read or does it not really matter?
    Originally posted by 12months
    I don;t think the book matters (oh and welcome!) but maybe try the 1st one?
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