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    • greent
    • By greent 30th Dec 15, 12:31 PM
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    KonMari 2016 - The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up
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    • 30th Dec 15, 12:31 PM
    KonMari 2016 - The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up 30th Dec 15 at 12:31 PM
    Link to 2015: thread:

    'The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up' by Marie Kondo is a home organisation/ decluttering book like no other. Instead of looking for things to discard, Marie Kondo says we should instead look for things we wish to keep - using the 'does it spark joy?' method. Ultimately this means that everything in our homes should spark joy for us You might not think that everyday and seemingly mundane items can't spark joy - but you need to think around it a little. So whilst an iron may not spark joy, wearing ironed clothes may. A cheese grater may not spark joy, but your child may really like grated cheese in their wraps - which brings joy.

    Marie Kondo also says that this should be done quickly and properly. This may take six months to achieve, but tidying properly should mean doing it just once. This is against the often-seen decluttering advice of doing 15 minutes a day, or a drawer/ shelf a day.

    MK suggests an order as to what to sort through first and subsequently. This is important - she starts with items which many people do not have an emotional attachment to (clothes) and builds up to sentimental items (photos) so that a person's joy-meter can be developed along the way.

    Many MSE-ers have been following the KM method (kondo-ing) successfully. It fits into the MSE ethos by changing your mindse - you will no longer want to shop mindlessly for something 'just because' or 'it'll do' - you will want to buy only joyful items, thereby often saving ££ on random, impulse purchases.
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    • YorksLass
    • By YorksLass 20th Apr 17, 7:21 PM
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    YorksLass I actually quite like the sewing-up, It's the actual knitting that gets me down! If you are ever over my way on the Lancashire coast, bring your bits of knitting with you!
    Originally posted by Floss
    Oh lors, they're not bits - I'd need a whole suitcase!

    First arrival, first sewn...
    Originally posted by Floss
    If I knit and you sew, does that get me to the top of the queue?
    Be kind to others and to yourself too. Life has its ups and downs, use the ups to overcome the downs!
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    • Floss
    • By Floss 20th Apr 17, 8:09 PM
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    Oh lors, they're not bits - I'd need a whole suitcase!
    If I knit and you sew, does that get me to the top of the queue?
    Originally posted by YorksLass
    I'm sure we can some to some arrangement
    • LizzieR
    • By LizzieR 20th Apr 17, 10:29 PM
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    You have all made me feel so much better about my UFOs/WIPs, thank you!
    Originally posted by PollyWollyDoodle
    Me too! My oldest is a mere 18 years old.... A cross-stitch embroidery to celebrate the millenium Maybe I'll set myself a 2020 deadline
    • Shortie
    • By Shortie 20th Apr 17, 10:36 PM
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    Evening all

    I'm in a weird mood, pensive over emails that were flying around this evening and at times like that, I tend to be great at decluttering - is it a distraction technique? No idea - am I the only person who does this?

    Anyway, some more stuff Kondo'd. Books organised, bits thrown and the CS bag is now full ready for Saturday.

    I can see the vast difference in the space I attacked and that feels good
    Apologies if there are random typos - I am usually replying via my phone
    • Igamogam
    • By Igamogam 21st Apr 17, 9:56 AM
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    Me too! My oldest is a mere 18 years old.... A cross-stitch embroidery to celebrate the millenium Maybe I'll set myself a 2020 deadline
    Originally posted by LizzieR
    I think I have the same one................OH bought me it and I was keen at first............maybe I will look at it again and set myself a deadline too!
    Be the change you want to see -with apologies to Gandhi
    In gardens, beauty is a by-product. The main business is sex and death. ~Sam Llewelyn
    'On the internet no one knows you are a cat'
    • grunnie
    • By grunnie 21st Apr 17, 12:40 PM
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    I have 8 WIP so instead of leaving them at the back of the wardrobe or dumping then in a CS I have decided to make them into cushion covers for my kitchen chairs. Will crochet the back for them and use up some wool as well.
    • Igamogam
    • By Igamogam 21st Apr 17, 12:54 PM
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    So OH decided to go into the attic............. Have removed box of craft stuff that I have put on fr**gle. If it doesnt go I wil take to work with me next week. Also old dolls pram that was going to be a renovation project for me...never going to do it. A few empty boxes. discovered where an item of mine has been lurking which is staying out for now and a few boxes of kids toys which looking at Eb*y they are fetching nice that is where they are going. Couple of big toys belonging to DDs are boxed up and staying there for them to decide what to do with when the time comes. There also a couple of things that came form my grandparents house that I will have to do some research on before I let go - dont want to keep but if they have a value I am not going to just let them go..... OH parted with one ski bag - better than nothing and removed a box with his train set in but I feel that may go back in.

    Not content with venturing into the Big Attic OH then decided to look into Small Attic - a small space you cant really get into unless you lie down but if standing on step ladder can put boxes /stuff in if passed up to you IYSWIM......anyway out came box of 'sensitive papers' no longer needed and now incinerated in the fire basket in the garden ( I did that before there was a change of mine and boy did it feel good ) Also a box of course notes belong to OH from study many years ago which he going to 'check' and case containing electronic gadget which I rescued from a skip and have never really found a use that is ready to go to recycle centre later today. In went two framed prints that OH brought from his mothers when she died........he took them out of SA 2 years ago to check out and they have leaned against a wall ever back into the dark - he will deal with them at some point but they are not under my feet anymore

    On a roll again. Planning a trip to CS tomorrow as now a great deal of 'stuff' is exposed and out in the house and unless I think I can get some cash out of it , it is going out the door one way or another!
    Last edited by Igamogam; 21-04-2017 at 3:52 PM.
    Be the change you want to see -with apologies to Gandhi
    In gardens, beauty is a by-product. The main business is sex and death. ~Sam Llewelyn
    'On the internet no one knows you are a cat'
    • Slinky
    • By Slinky 21st Apr 17, 1:59 PM
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    Load of money kondo'd to the opticians today. Both OH and I were overdue eye tests, we've both gone for reglazes on existing frames which we like and are in good condition even so that was best part of £400. Came home and I've ordered a pair from an online company which have transitions lenses that tint in the sunlight so I only have to take one pair on holidays. I would have got by with my old pair for a while longer but the transitions bit no longer works. OH has also ordered some spare pairs online so we're up to nearer £700 today. However BIL was telling us at the weekend that his single new pair were in that ballpark due to the strength of his prescription so we got away reasonably lightly. Just hope that the online company make mine quickly as they can take up to 28 days. We'll be on holiday by then......

    On the way back went via the tip and got rid of clut that's been building up in the garage for about a month and bunged it mainly into the recycling bins.
    • LizzieR
    • By LizzieR 21st Apr 17, 4:22 PM
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    I think I have the same one................OH bought me it and I was keen at first............maybe I will look at it again and set myself a deadline too!
    Originally posted by Igamogam
    Good plan! If it's the same one as mine it was all the gold swirls that defeated me - I did all the interesting bits, but just stitching one colour got really boring - I picked it up for a bit about 5 years ago and then decided to take another (extended) break from it!
    I've set myself deadlines in the past for finishing embroideries and it really has worked, and helped me focus on completing them. I did the same with my Mum a couple of years ago - set her a deadline of her birthday (approx 3 months) to finish an embroidery she'd been doing since I was a child - we think it was about 33 years - probably 90% complete, but she just didn't get round to the last bits. By the deadline it had been finished, professionally framed and is hanging in pride of place in her lounge
    In order to get all my WIPs finished I think I need to ask all my friends to stop getting married and/or having children as I seem to feel obliged to stitch them something for these events, and it puts anything I'm sewing for myself on hold....
    • Charis
    • By Charis 21st Apr 17, 5:47 PM
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    The Minimalists Podcasts
    I've been listening to a series of The Minimalists' podcasts . Amazed to find that Justin is an occasional friend of theirs . I listened to The podcasts on Media, and on Clutter where the old subject of clearing a deceased relative's estate comes up. They are actively telling the younger generation that no one wants your parents' things. Sounds harsh, but they are warning that of all the trinkets people leave behind only one in a thousand is really worth anything. They advise to check the market and dispose of stuff advisedly once they know its possible value, rather than, as most of my generation seem to, stuff a lot of things in the attic, garage, outhouse, shed, to be dealt with 'some time'.

    I wonder if there is a podcast on how to get your offspring to take the stuff they have left with you, while they go off to have a life? The podcasts are quite long, some very long, like their book 'Everything That Remains', which is on there. It's funny listening to them, like we are in a cult that uses all the same jargon. They are a genuine pair of guys and have made me want to get my house in order (getting there, have been gently Kondoing through various family crises) and I have a fresh desire to get out there, enjoy the company of others, and live my life free of all sorts of baggage, mental and/or physical. It's taken me almost eighteen months to get this far, but recently it's as though I have finally released a log jam. I've even started drawing and writing poetry again.

    I read this thread almost every day and am grateful for your news and stories. There have been days when I wondered what I had started, when discontent seemed unavoidable because there is so much left to go through, and a lot of it not mine. Actually I've started to release a lot of my things that I didn't think I would, tools and equipment and loads of books. I just love the feeling of lightness of having less to curate, dust, insure, renovate and carry through life. Onward and...onward
    • MMF007
    • By MMF007 21st Apr 17, 6:22 PM
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    Not kondo-ing but my day might give you all a laugh -
    Drove to a well signposted and well publicised church to take a look inside. Notice on door that key only available a limited times from an office miles away.
    DH, who is an excellent navigator set us off across country and we saw beautiful Herefordshire in spring but then.....
    Missed a right turn on to trunk road because it is only signposted from the opposite direction!
    Followed signs for a nature reserve to find nowhere to park at all and the road was a dead end with no turning point! I reversed for about 1/4 mile
    Turned off main road to take in more countryside to find this was also an unmarked dead end (sign said 'no vehicular access to river' not no through road!).

    DH said he had lost the will by this time and i was fed up of turning round / backing up so we have given up and are sitting at a scenic viewpoint with a picnic, listening to bird song and relaxing

    We did have a lovely visit to The Weir gardens, where we arrived in time to see the aftermath of a minor incident - someone had left their car on a slope without leaving it in gear and it trundled down the grassy bank, over a fence post and into the picnic area all by itself. Thankfully it was before most visitors arrived so no-one was hurt, except the driver's pride.

    Just one of those days.
    I have changed my work-life balance to a life-work balance.
    • iamsalt
    • By iamsalt 21st Apr 17, 8:55 PM
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    I have been enjoying your stories while I am away on my holidays,.

    the first part is almost finished, no souvenirs bought, but plenty of cake consumed, one face cloth has been released, I deliberately brought those which were to retire, the others will retire once used and thanked on the next part of the trip.

    Have a lovely weekend x
    New house, new mortgage.
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    • Floss
    • By Floss 21st Apr 17, 10:23 PM
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    Does removing a large Ike@ rug and a wooden futon frame from our home down to DS2 & DDiL count as KMing? I am sure I heard our elastic-sided house breathe a sigh of relief as we left to drive to the big smoke!
    • GreyQueen
    • By GreyQueen 22nd Apr 17, 7:55 AM
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    Morning all.

    Charis, I like The Minimalists, too. There's a very good TED talk with them, with Joshua talking movingly about having to clear out his late mother's belongings - it isn't morbid, it's tender and funny and thought-provoking.

    For all those who are in their senior years (I'm in my early fifties so not exactly a young gel myself) I would like to share a cautionary tale from my own extended family.

    Picture this; a couple in their eighties, childless, home-owners for 60 + years WHO DID NOT HAVE A WILL.

    They did have a large bungalow full of clutter and their nearest relatives are nephews. The man was in a care home with dementia when the woman fell down dead with an anerysim. At my mother's feet, as she was visiting that day.

    A day on which this relation had said, as she had been saying for decades on an almost-daily basis, to our certain knowledge, that she was going to get things sorted out.

    She did not get things sorted out. She was not long survived by her spouse, who didn't know which day it was and was non compos mentis. Their nephews had to sort everything out. One has a chronic illness which went into a severe relapse, due to the additonal physical work, worry and stress. The other had to take time out of his family and working life which he could ill-afford to spare.

    Safe to say, the memories of the dear-departed were soured by this experience.

    So, if we do nothing else, getting rid of a load of Stuff could be regarded as a loving thing to do for our families.
    Every increased possession loads us with a new weariness.
    John Ruskin
    Veni, vidi, eradici
    (I came, I saw, I kondo'd)

    • PollyWollyDoodle
    • By PollyWollyDoodle 22nd Apr 17, 8:13 AM
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    So very true, GQ. I'm single and have no children, and although like you, I hope to have a few more years on the planet I'd like to leave my lovely nieces some happy memories. The worst legacy I can leave them would be a house full of Stuff that's neither useful nor beautiful!

    If I'm stuck deciding whether or not I want something, I try and imagine them opening a cupboard and coming across it in thirty years or so. It helps.

    Hope you all have a good weekend ahead.
    "Inconceivable". "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."
    • camelot1001
    • By camelot1001 22nd Apr 17, 8:16 AM
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    Wise words GQ.
    • GreyQueen
    • By GreyQueen 22nd Apr 17, 8:29 AM
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    Thank you.

    I've come across other examples IRL of severe procrastination, but this is one of the worst, it caused such a lot of upset.

    The decluttering guru Don Aslett suggested that about aged 50 is a good time to declutter with a view to passing on. Not because most of us are due for the grim reaper at this age, but because health, strength and eyesight will weaken and it will all become more onerous with each passing year.

    I'm dreading one day inheriting the maternal hoard. It would be a job of work on my best year but to do it when grieving ........ !

    It's a Saturday morning, and I will be going to my pal's shop for a few hours of kondo-magic. Who knows what we might find today, hmm?
    Every increased possession loads us with a new weariness.
    John Ruskin
    Veni, vidi, eradici
    (I came, I saw, I kondo'd)

    • silvasava
    • By silvasava 22nd Apr 17, 8:42 AM
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    Bum - just lost my post!
    Totally agree with you GQ. After clearing my Mum's house (who had a will and had done a lot of sorting) and MiL who didn't it really brought it home.
    The new garden furniture arrived yesterday & we spent a couple of hours putting it together. Very pleased with the comfort & lightness compared to the old one. Managed to offload a 6ft cushion, a garden pot and three foxgloves to DS1.
    Floss - anything that leaves the house permanently counts as Kondo!
    Small victories - sometimes they are all you can hope for but sometimes they are all you need - be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle
    • Wednesday2000
    • By Wednesday2000 22nd Apr 17, 9:09 AM
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    I really like The Minimalists too. I've read their books and found them inspirational.
    2018: Simplify your life
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    • greenbee
    • By greenbee 22nd Apr 17, 9:20 AM
    • 12,600 Posts
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    My mum's doing a major clear out following my dad's death (he was a hoader... lots of cables to sort), and it is proving very therapeutic. We found his childhood diaries a day or so after he died, and last weekend I found the letters he sent to his parents during his gap year. These things have really made a huge difference to my mother who although feeling sad about my dad no longer being here realises that he made the most of every single opportunity and filled every day of his life.
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