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    • bellevie
    • By bellevie 23rd Aug 15, 9:38 PM
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    Preparing for the biggest move of our life
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    • 23rd Aug 15, 9:38 PM
    Preparing for the biggest move of our life 23rd Aug 15 at 9:38 PM
    I'm a single parent to 1 child.

    I work for a public sector charitable organisation, whom are making major changes. There are a few jobs remaining, though we have all been guaranteed the same job & pay if we transfer to the northern office...200 miles away.

    So after a few weeks of thinking it over, I am becoming more and more certain its the way to go.

    As a single parent, where I am, I will never be able to afford a home of our own. Its quite an important goal to me, it doesn't need to be big, a small 2 bed terrace or flat will suffice. I would just like some security for DD's future, for my old age, and some space within the monthly budget to save for uni costs, or help her with her own deposit so that she isn't struggling into her 30's as I have done.

    So, I have decided I will either:
    1) Take the offer and move up early part of 2016, renting initially with a view to having a deposit sorted within 3 years.

    2) Get a better paid role in the southern office save some more, find a different job and move in 2 years, perhaps slightly more choice in where I move to? Though DD will be 2 years older so I am conscious that this may impact her more later than me.

    Either way, I am moving. Our current life in this lovely, beautiful town is just not financially sustainable.

    I'm starting my moving fund at 210.64, no set target yet just as much as I can so that I rely on the relocation package as little as possible.

    Here goes........
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    • Plush
    • By Plush 6th Dec 17, 1:34 PM
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    DD after being so isolated for much of her life suddenly is part of this gigantic crew of young cousins. I keep waiting for a melt down, or some form of jealousy.....nothing! Its as though she has been waiting for something like this her whole life.

    As have I truth be told. I didn't realise just how much of a gap there was in my life waiting to be filled by someone like him. February 2018 a long 9 years since I last lived with someone....he is moving in!!!

    I am looking forward to this new chapter of our lives, exciting times ahead!!
    Originally posted by bellevie
    Congrats and best of luck!

    I don't know you (haven't been following your diary until now), but this part of your message gives me so much hope, especially the first paragraph... I am in a very similar situation you were in, but 5 years single and more debt. Do you mind me asking how old is your DD?
    • RosaBernicia
    • By RosaBernicia 6th Dec 17, 8:27 PM
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    Oh Bellevie that's wonderful - so pleased for you all!

    Rosa xx
    Debt free May 2016... MFW progress 2.3 2.8% 3.1% 3.3%

    • bellevie
    • By bellevie 10th Dec 17, 9:48 PM
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    Thank you

    DD is 9. She had plenty of male role models in terms of her godfather, uncle and one of my closest friends but we only really see them individually a few times a year due to distances. So DP is the first male to have full involvement.

    Its gone unbelievably well, never could have imagined something like this just slotting into place.

    I was single a long time, the relationship ended whilst I was pregnant. It was quite a traumatic break up so I just couldn't entertain dating for quite a few years afterwards. When things started to fall into place, I lost my nan quickly followed by my mum so it set me back a few years. I just needed to focus on each day as it came.

    It was only last year, a colleague showed an interest, it lead to a few dates not going anywhere but made me think OK,....maybe I can do this.

    I tentatively signed up to online dating, I was on and off for a year maybe. I had a habit of signing up, then running after a couple of weeks. Re-attempting a couple of months later. Not because of bad experiences it just seemed so alien to me.

    I met a couple of nice people for one off dates, no one I clicked with.

    DP was the 3rd person I met, we chatted for a good couple of months, he put no pressure on me to meet which I found quite refreshing. We met for a walk around a duck pond the most relaxed and easy date I've ever had. We clicked from the start, which freaked me out a bit. I realised I wasn't going to be able to run from this one...not that I let on.

    He said I kept him on his toes quite a bit, which he had never experienced and he liked. I didn't realise it at the time, but looking back I really did give him a bit of a hard time. I kept a real distance emotionally, part of that was DD, but I think also maybe some kind of subconscious testing to see what he was made off? He definitely proved himself anyway
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    • bellevie
    • By bellevie 10th Dec 17, 10:10 PM
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    Just returned from a long trip for a funeral on DP's side, it was a beautiful service, the sun that came out on that day I felt was little sign.

    We left this morning after an initial shock that we might get stuck when we woke up to inches of snow. We waited for the ploughs and gritters to arrive then set off home before it could resettle.

    We took my car this time instead of his van, it made the driving easier on us both sharing the journey but we worked out my car is slightly more expensive in terms of fuel.

    The weekend was a bit rushed so aside from the food at the funeral we pretty much lived off fast food :/ I don't think I could manage another burger for at least 6 months. Im really not used to it, DD & I would go to mc ds maybe once a month if that. DP eats it regularly and with the stops at services each way wanting something hot there wasn't much choice available.

    It was back to a good home cooked meal tonight though, so smiles all round

    I have a day off work tomorrow. I need a small food shop and to find a birthday cake for DD! 9 years.....I can barely believe how fast its gone.

    A couple more Christmas presents for DP's side. I done mine months in advance, he is I'm going to have to put in some work there
    • bellevie
    • By bellevie 31st Dec 17, 3:47 PM
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    Wow the past couple of weeks flew by. We had a super Christmas with DP's family, it was so eventful that we are now ready for a quiet new year celebration.

    Just the three of us, films games and snacks.

    DP has started to move bits across, his sofa came over today mine is going to the tip - not possible to donate as lovely Mr T chewed it to death as a pup.
    I took cushions over but the base is not doable in my car, so DP will take in his work van when we have the permit.

    DP's mum surprised us with a dishwasher for Christmas, after I had joked that he would not move in until I had a dishwasher - I was only semi serious - I had set it as one of our first savings goals as he eats constantly I get quite stressed at the constant washing up.

    I also have ordered a washing machine before I have even begun saving. I've somehow already had tons of his washing and my little 4-5k 15 year old washing machine was not built to handle the current quantities! It is my landlords so we will put that in storage so we can take ours with us if we move on from here.

    First couple of months this year will be clearing the washing machine & Christmas spends costs then I'm going to start tackling my car loan!

    Im feeling quite optimistic about finances this year. Splitting some bills 50/50 with someone will mean I can make some really good progress in savings for the first time in a long long time!
    • RosaBernicia
    • By RosaBernicia 1st Jan 18, 7:05 PM
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    Wow Bellevie, all sounding good - you have 2018 off to a great start and I hope the rest of the year is good to you too!

    Rosa xx
    Debt free May 2016... MFW progress 2.3 2.8% 3.1% 3.3%

    • bellevie
    • By bellevie 1st Jan 18, 7:30 PM
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    Thank you Rosa Happy new year xx
    • Tinkerbelle2000
    • By Tinkerbelle2000 1st Jan 18, 10:35 PM
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    Happy New Year Bellevie, turn my back for one minute and you're all loved up!!

    Congratulations hun, it will really be nice to have a bit more financial freedom for you now.

    I've been so bad at keeping up with diaries that I have been binge reading lol. I have started a new one for myself as my old title didn't apply anymore and it was kind of a reminder of the carp stuff I went through.

    Hope you all had a lovely Christmas, I can't believe your DD is 9. Mine is now allowed to drive and has already bought herself a car (which I am driving at the minute as mine went to scrapyard heaven). Time flies so quickly, they are soon to independent

    Take care.
    Tink xx
    As of 1st January 2018:-
    DEBT 1-38.96 DEBT 2-45.00/141.10 DEBT 3-0/297.00DEBT 4 - 5.00/644.12
    DEBT 5-0/700.00 DEBT 6-5.00/720.02 DEBT 7-100/1479.65 DEBT 8-53.20/1576.80
    DEBT 9-0/1622.49 DEBT 10-0/2300.00 DEBT 11-118.57/2722.44 DEBT 12-0/4349.39
    EMERGENCY FUND - 10/1000
    • bellevie
    • By bellevie 3rd Jan 18, 11:49 AM
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    Happy new year Tink, I found your new diary

    I know - its a bit of a shock for me too. I truly did not expect anything like this to happen, I've been so anti men for so many years (not all men - just at the thought of letting them close to me) its a pleasant surprise to find my heart isn't pure ice

    Oh Im sorry about your car :/
    • bellevie
    • By bellevie 3rd Jan 18, 11:59 AM
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    So, I contemplated a new diary for 2018 - but decided my aim for a move still hasn't changed, its just that someone may be tagging along. And him moving in is all part of that journey!

    I have started a new spreadsheet, and opened a new bank account with Mr T- mainly for the extra clubcard points and 3% interest on the current account until 2019 - its better than any of my savings accounts

    Im trying to work out in my head how best to split things. Im not ready for a joint account until we have lived together some time and I know he is financially safe. I thought we could use my spare account which I just get child benefit going into as a joint account just for bills, so have out set standing orders going in to cover joint DD's but keeping our own accounts for everything else.

    Other option is each taking certain bills to make up our agreed input, that seems a little complicated to me as all bills are already in my name.

    I know my rent will be increasing this summer, as landlord wanted me to sign a new 6 month tenancy when I told him DP would be moving in - I suspected he wanted to increase the rent right away but agency would have told him he cannot. We have agreed how much we are happy to stay, if its higher than this we will be looking for somewhere else. We have to take into account though admin fees, removal fees - it would be pointless moving unless we find a property a lot cheaper so that we still end up better off after these expenses.

    I really need to get a grip on grocery spends. Its already gone up a little since he is here often & eats like a horse....Im so not used to feeding men so its a bit of a shock....when he is here full time......eeek!
    • bellevie
    • By bellevie 6th Jan 18, 1:24 PM
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    I really must update my signature! Job to do this weekend.

    I made a saving of 108.91 on my pet insurance - I saw red when my renewal came through as I have yet to make any claims and its gone up by quite a bit 2 years on the trot.

    Mini shop of 8.91 when we stopped off at a supermarket near the estate agents after paying the admin fee for new agreements. We should manage with what is in the freezer next week which is just as well as I'm pushed to my limit after paying Mr T's vet fees - he got very poorly just before Christmas - it came to 98 which was my excess so no claim made.

    Im going to try using lentils to make the mincemeat last a little longer. Ive also got sausages in the freezer which aren't the normal ones we get and not as nice so I want to try to find a way to use those, maybe a stew of some sort - Ive never done that with sausages so that will be an experiment!

    I've set up my childcare vouchers to be deducted from my wages for the first time in feb as the small amount of tax credit help I get will come to an end. It will be a shock initially getting reduced wages, but I wont be paying the childcare from my bank so in theory because they are deducted before tax I should feel better off....we shall see!
    • bellevie
    • By bellevie 10th Jan 18, 10:55 AM
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    Im enjoying my first peaceful Wednesday morning for weeks!

    Quick shop in Lidl 15.95, then came home to eat breakfast in beautiful silence - that sounds strange but I really enjoyed it!

    Its been a tough month for the pennies, pay day in 10 days...phew!
    • bellevie
    • By bellevie 18th Jan 18, 10:10 AM
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    What a slow week!!

    DD came down with chicken pox, she was unwell after school Friday woke up midnight /early hours of Saturday burning hot...then Saturday when we were all more awake we noticed spots, spots and more spots!! Chicken pox...

    I had some AL left but my bosses agreed a couple of days work from home and it turns out I haven't used my special leave - designed for situations like this, we get 5 days per year so at the very least I will be paid for this week - phewwww!

    DD has actually been a saint, she has listened to me and resisted the urge to scratch, she was quite poorly to start with but such a brave girl. I have been giving her some homeopathic remedies to reduce the urge to itch which seemed to kick in quite fast when she woke in tears some nights. Paracetamol helped with her fever.

    High winds last night caused bins to go everywhere I had a quick dash around before the bin men came this morning.

    Pay day tomorrow at last. Straight in for a shuffle of funds, account 1 for most dd's & savings, account 2 for joint bills then 3rd for grocery, fuel and other cash buys. I will be putting a lump sum on my very account that I used far too much over Christmas & just recently to replace my dying phone. I hope to have that all cleared off by April, then I will move onto my Next account which also took a hit after recent washing machine purchase & dd's birthday party outfit.

    After that its time to start saving to bring the car finance to an end! I'm not sure I will be able to shave a huge amount of time off it, but even 6 months should help interest wise!

    Whilst this is happening, we will both be saving in case of a steep rent increase when its due for renewal in June.

    Being at home, so far I've had no issues sticking to the meal plan I created at the beginning of the week = no waste!

    DP will be working Saturday which Im a little bummed about, its been very isolating being away from work all week. DD & I will be going to his flat to continue with the clear out, everything is bagged up so it will be a trip to the tip and a good scrub. If I can get all cleaning done Saturday that will be good as its his birthday the following weekend, I didn't particularly want to be stuck in there cleaning then.

    In other news DD has been invited to spend the week with a friend over the summer - I have never been away from her for that long it will be a bit of a shock, but she will love being with her friends more so than the holiday club. The family live 20 minutes from the beach, we went for a beautiful boxing day walk there so I know she will have fun.

    It has made me push forward on giving her a mobile knowing I wont be with her for so long, I don't want her to be reliant on someone else letting her call my if she desperately needs me. I dug out my box of old phones, she has made her choice - a small pretty white one, Im sure my first ever smart phone. Its ancient so I hope it lasts!! To start I plan just to enable it wifi only so there wont be a credit loaded sim in it just yet, she will use it essentially as a mini tablet, that can accept incoming calls. I will put some credit on it for her holiday PAYG Im not risking a huge data linked bill!!
    The plan is I will phone every night after work, however just like I always have my phone on me in case school call, she can also call anytime she likes.

    Depending how sensible she is if she looks after the phone, handles her credit properly, I will consider allowing her to have her own 'new' mobile as planned after her 10th birthday in preparation for walking to school by herself. I say walking to school - she wont walk to school from our home we are too far, but I will be dropping her off in the village so she can walk in with friends. Im sure its half way through year 5 they allow it in preparation for year 6 then secondary school. Oh gosh time is slipping away so fast!

    I didn't get my first mobile until I was 13. I was so over the moon with the big blue Motorola one! Before that age 12 I had a pager which was a waste of money IMO. However a couple in my group had mobiles and I remember the rule was I was only allowed to play out over the park if someone had a mobile to call in an emergency - we never ever needed to call, but I guess it reassured our parents in the same way it will reassure me in relation to DD - that if we needed them we could call. Looking back, it changed pretty quickly even during my childhood. As a 6/7 year old I was allowed to play on the green at the bottom of our road until the lights came on! Then age 8ish we were allowed over the park as a group again until lights came on or one of our parents came looking for us. From 12 onwards there was a sudden hesitancy and rules changed. I did move in with my nan age 12 so maybe it was that.

    I'm not sure Il ever get to the letting DD over the park stage well not this park anyway its too hidden in the forest, Id rather she go somewhere, cinema, bowling, swimming or invite her friends round. I may not get much of a say when she is a hormone filled teenager.....time will tell!
    • louby40
    • By louby40 19th Jan 18, 9:13 PM
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    Kids are so excited to get their first phone.

    I had my first phone when I was 35 lol
    • bellevie
    • By bellevie 28th Jan 18, 7:29 PM
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    Pay day has been & gone. I was able to cover my share of bills, and put some extra payments towards debt and start of my savings fund. On top of that, I was able to treat DP to a meal out for his birthday - just a pub lunch, came in under budget.

    I should now make it another 3 weeks till pay day without breaking into a sweat - for the first time in a long long time!

    This weeks food shop has been done, we have our weekly budget so far I'm 19 under budget. We agreed to over estimate then save what's left towards a big monthly treat so covers fuel when visiting our families (all live far away) or a meal out for us all.

    DD has chosen next months meal out which is like a Chinese buffet place and easy on the purse under 30 for 3 of us.

    We are planning some little camping weekends this year instead of a long holiday - I haven't been camping since I was a child but DP and his entire family are big campers, so we will slowly get our own things together - second hand or expressly in the sales at first to be sure it isn't my worst nightmare
    • bellevie
    • By bellevie 30th Jan 18, 8:14 PM
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    Busy couple of days at work, looking forward to a little down time tomorrow morning.

    No food shop needed so I will have time to catch up with housework at a gentle pace.

    Petrol and lunch brought today, my appointments overran so I couldn't make it back to the office in time to make a mugshot sitting in my drawer! The day flew by, but I'm a bit cross I couldn't last with out picking up a sandwich such a waste of money!

    No spends planned tomorrow, in fact for the rest of the week.

    I had a really nice call from someone in another office this week, Im to feature in a company video talking about some of my cases and why I enjoy working there. Its to be a full blown production, mini makeover included...I've never had a makeover....I'm not good at public speaking, and whilst I wouldn't consider myself unattractive I seem to do very strange things when caught on camera - completely unphotogenic - not in a being down on myself way as I really am quite OK in real life and OK in selfie type shots. My theory is because I am in control of selfie's where as someone else taking photos I feel so exposed......the director better have a lot of patience with me...
    It will be an experience that's for sure
    • bellevie
    • By bellevie 7th Feb 18, 12:10 PM
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    Poor DP has suffered this week, I injured my back at work, sitting in a residents front room, on the floor for 2 hours - they didn't have a chair or sofa in there. I offered to make a charity referral but worried about germs they declined - I have struggled to walk since!

    I've been so wiped out returning from work, he has been left with cooking, cleaning etc whilst I try to ease my back in hot baths.

    Tomorrow I'm due to travel for that video, so he will be left to cook for another 2 days. I'll make up for it when Im better, hopefully not too much longer.

    I saved myself around 150 last week. DD had requested a high sleeper for quite a while, I always refused until we moved her to the smaller bedroom when DP moved in. I agreed and started my savings pot - aiming for a simple 230 metal frame high sleeper with desk & futon style underneath.

    I then spotted one on market place via FB, for 50 - wooden version. It was better than the one I had intended to get and so much cheaper! I snapped it up, and put DD's old bed on there - got 30 for that! DD then agreed to sell her desk, she had marked it so we only listed it for 5, and that was picked up and gone within the hour. I let her keep that towards something she wants and she is now constantly looking for things to sell

    Debt payments going well, overpaid on all but car loan, will update when all statements are in after interest etc.

    We agreed on a budget St V day, max 10 spends - we both over spent for each others birthdays (one each side of Christmas) and over Christmas so there really isn't much either of us want or need. I got him well us, a little quiz type game & photo frame, DD has a small teddy with a heart. I'm expecting an offer of a home cooked meal from him - well actually he might think he has done enough cooking after this week bless him

    Our next saving aim is for camping things, he has things lined up to buy, I think its taking all of his might not to dash out and get it all at once - I noticed he has a habit of buying then at the end of the month groaning about how fast his money has gone, whilst bills are covered as soon as he is paid, it does make me a little jittery to run down to a nil balance so I'm trying to ease him out of those habits. He is making good progress with packed lunches, religiously making his sandwiches the night before so cutting down on his daily spends. Still yet to nip coffee spends in the bud, although he has cut back massively on lunch spends so we have a good compromise.

    Savings off to a good start for the year my end, DP not so much due to leaving his flat, although his deposit will come back to him so that will get him off to a flying start if he doesn't touch it.
    • bellevie
    • By bellevie 10th Feb 18, 10:47 AM
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    Trip went well, although it seems to have prolonged my back pain.

    Im wondering if maybe I am low on Vitamin D, which has made my bones weaker. Bit of google investigation there :/
    Before this incident the past year I've frequently woke with back ache, not struggled too much once up but its been sharp enough to make me wake in my sleep. I thought it was my old mattress, so replaced to no avail.

    I will be going to the doctors on Monday if there is no improvement, but it wont help to test out some vitamin d, along side some gentle swimming see if I can strengthen my back a little. Hot baths feel so nice, so I hope swimming will have the same relaxing effect.

    The trip was an experience, I was so nervous infront of the camera, and I just couldn't hide it. All of my colleagues said you wont notice its there when you get talking - rubbish it was right in my face! I know I can not have come across well, lots of umming :/ I hope they have a super editing team. The experience itself wasn't bad, we had a nice meal on arrival met residents and staff from all over the country.

    MSE ways, I spent only 2.65 enroute to the location - hot chocolate, no other expenses. We saved around 5 on our weekly food shop so that's gone in for our monthly treat.

    I have moved my help to buy ISA over to another account which offers a slightly better rate. I've only just restarted saving in it since I last cleared it out for car works. I now have a reasonable amount going into an emergency savings account so there will be no reason to touch this again.

    Payday in 10 days and touch wood, I have not reached 'crisis point' my balances are low, but within healthy range so I should if there are no emergencies make it safely to payday.

    I'm going to check my accounts to update my balances hopefully some improvements well perhaps all apart from Next - I had ordered things in the sale that were delayed in being posted to so the cost of those goods would have only been added since I collected. I should actually though be able to make another payment in the next couple of weeks on top of my normal monthly payment which I've already increased.

    I need to pop out to do a small food shop today, well actually full but I'm in so much pain I will need to be as quick as I can so I will do a couple of small shops in the week.

    Hopefully doctors will be able to fit me in on Monday, here's hoping!
    • bellevie
    • By bellevie 21st Feb 18, 12:20 PM
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    Ongoing back pain, bruised area around my Coccyx it can take a while to heal, doctor estimated around 4 weeks, im in my 3rd week I have felt an improvement so hopefully not much longer.

    I have taken one positive step to try to build more strength and attended my first ever yoga class. I was a bit sceptical but actually I really enjoyed it! Its only once a week, but I figured I can practice some simple steps I learn throughout the week to alleviate any small niggles that crop up. Its quite reasonably priced via the local leisure centre, we have however had an email to say a private company will take over day to day running of the class. I really hope they don't wack up the prices.

    Payday, I didn't touch my emergency savings I did however book train tickets on my card as they were on promotional offer and would have expired before payday, so I will need to make payments towards that this month and next before the interest fees wipe out any potential benefits of paying before I had saved the money!

    We maxed out food budget last week because I took DP with me, its my fault I groaned I do it all alone - he was chucking things in left right and centre! That will teach me. I've been successfully keeping it under budget adding money to our treat pot, literally it came in around 40p under budget - and he has already lost one of the non essential items we picked up - a lunch box for him!!! He can stick to carrier bags for now, or replace it himself, I wont do it from the food budget again.

    I need to try and stretch out the food now to last until next Wednesday when I will restart shopping fully at Aldi / Lidl on Wednesdays. I picked up a small top up shop today which will hopefully keep us going - bread & milk will be needed before then that's all I can envisage so far.

    So we have booked a trip to visit friends in France end of May - hence my cheap ticket find - its so much more expensive paying for 3, that said we are splitting cost DP will cover kennels, travel to station and overnight hotel prior to train (leaving early) we will have a joint spending money pot. Accom whilst over there will be free, we have arranged 1 day trip to Paris which DP will cover the train fees for as part of his share, the rest of the time will be visiting friends that I have yet to introduce DP to.

    April we plan to visit Wales, free weekend aside from fuel and food enroute.

    DD has a new pet, with her birthday money she adopted a hamster. We contributed to the cage, and she has agreed that a small amount of her pocket money once a month will go towards bedding. She has been so good with cleaning out the cage, feeding her, changing water and learning to tame the hamster - I feel super proud of the gentle, kind, loving little lady she is growing into.

    Right, my free Wednesday morning has flown by, back to work for me!
    • bellevie
    • By bellevie 17th Mar 18, 2:37 PM
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    I read my last post out to DP when I logged on for a catch up yesterday, it was quite funny at how angry I got at myself for that food shop!!

    I have been true to my words though, he no longer comes to main shop, but I will sometimes give him the reins over top up shop - which is only 1/4 of our budget, it pleases him and I am not half as panicked, learning to compromise

    We reviewed our joint contributions after I had a mini melt down when my car needed 2 new tyres due to tears. I was really thrown by that, it doesn't sit it is used daily but not massive mileage, nothing was picked up at last MOT so I can only assume it is the recent bad weather in addition to the budget tyres that were on there from previous owner. I thought for a minute the garage meant my front two tyres which I only replaced a few months ago.

    I had to get the tyres to get the car through the MOT.
    In addition to that the leisure centre has been taken over by a private company, and prices have hiked up - DD's swimming lessons up an extra 20!

    Those unexpected costs put a severe dent into the little amount I had saved over the past couple of months.

    I was once more demanding we move somewhere cheaper when the tenancy is renewed to reduce our outgoings. We had initially agreed 50% on certain bills. DP is keen on staying the location works for him, and it does for me but the rental costs, knowing there will be an increase in the next couple of months really has set of some kind og anxiety in me.
    DP earns quite a bit more than me after he negotiated his pay recently. So we decided to work out on equal % of our salary, not including any extra little jobs he gets and not including my mileage as neither of those are guaranteed, its an affordable change for both of us so I hope that lessens my worry.

    Payday next week, so will see how it affects me the first month.

    I've been a bit lazy with cooking recently, we have been on a cycle of eating the same things, I'm craving change so I'm going to browse some of the bargain recipe threads
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  • It's the start of mini MSE's half term. In order to be the best daddy possible, Im stopping work and going off line?

  • RT @shellsince1982: @MartinSLewis thanx to your email I have just saved myself £222 by taking a SIM only deal for £7.50 a month and keeping?

  • Today's Friday twitter poll: An important question, building on yesterday's important discussions: Which is the best bit of the pizza...

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