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    • woody53
    • By woody53 17th Jul 15, 9:32 PM
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    Reclaiming money back from various payday loan companies
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    • 17th Jul 15, 9:32 PM
    Reclaiming money back from various payday loan companies 17th Jul 15 at 9:32 PM
    Hi all just wanted to share some good news regarding payday loan companies.....
    From early 2011 until mid 2014 I too was caught in the payday loan trap, all my own fault may I add, I borrow the money and in the end paid every penny back, would estimate 15000 over the years maybe 20.
    Early this year I saw all the news regarding payday loan companies and irresponsible lending, unfair interest etc etc etc, so I decided to have ago and try and get a few quid back myself.
    So far I have been in contact with 5 of the companies I was lending multiple loans from at the same time with many roll overs too, I have received 4 apologies and offers totalling over 5000 and the other complaint is now with the ombudsman.
    I never expected these amounts back but if you too were in the same situation, get all your facts in order and get complaining, from the initial email sent I had the money back within 8 weeks.
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    • GeeGee56
    • By GeeGee56 6th Aug 18, 7:08 AM
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    Please could you let me know how you went about this as I have had several of these loans in the recent past.
    • Kimboava15
    • By Kimboava15 8th Aug 18, 10:23 AM
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    Hi woody53 I saw your post about payday loans claim how did you go about it cause I fell into the payday loan trap about 8 years,just wondering if youbcoukd give me some advice thanks
    • Gems80
    • By Gems80 8th Aug 18, 8:28 PM
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    I would just like to share some good news. I had taken 6 loans from Quick Quid over the years. On 20th July I sent a letter regarding irresponsible lending. Today 8th Aug,after less than 3 weeks my claim has been upheld and am being refunded 2400. The process for me has been easy, I used the template from debt camel. Here's hoping my other claims are a quick.
    • salsapixie
    • By salsapixie 9th Aug 18, 8:13 AM
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    Anyone know roughly how long FOS take to sort out complaints? I!!!8217;ve a few outstanding, from March onwards.
    • DebbieJohnson
    • By DebbieJohnson 10th Aug 18, 10:57 AM
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    Thank you for sharing did you just send the initial email and they came back with an offer or was there emails back and fourth? Are you tempted to go to the FOS or are you happy with the amount?
    • downer01
    • By downer01 11th Aug 18, 4:58 PM
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    payday loan trap
    hi all, I am new here.
    As the title states, i fell into a payday loan trap with various lenders. It got to the point i was borrowing and as soon as it hit my account i was logging into another site and repaying that loan. It eventually got to much and i couldnt afford to make payments. I had not told my partner and dealt with the worries and stress myself. I decided i needed to get my head out of the sand and contact the creditors. I completed an income and expenditure and sent it to all creditors with an offer of a monthly token with a request for a payment plan. 3 out of 5 creditors agreed, those being myjar, satsuma and fernova. Myjar and satsuma ( 2 of the highest balances) refused to take my offer but instead asked for a smaller amount. Fernova took the full offer ( just under 200 owing and added interest ontop). The two lenders that wouldnt accept my offer was wonga and sunny. Both wanted to go through a DMP in which i explained this would mean a smaller payout. I sought advice from both stepchange and payplan. It was advised my best option would be to file for bankruptcy however because i do not have any assets this would mean all creditors would not get a penny. I have contacted wonga again with this information trying to explain that i do want to pay back but if im forced into bankruptcy they will as a result lose out. Satsuma have taken my request and put it through to the complaint team, i was told yesterday on the phone that they have sent it off to be investigated for irresponsible lending as given my income and job status they should never have lent to me. They have suspended my account for 8 weeks whilst it is being looked at and after this time they will help me. Satsuma have been by far the best creditor with their support. I have put a complaint in with wonga and have been told they aim to respond within 42 days.
    Has anyone put a complaint in with fernovo(quidie) and if so how long did it take for a response? With all applications for credit, i did not exaggerate my income and during this time they would have all been able to see the borrowing on my credit report, by this alone they should have been able to see that i was borrowing to much in a short time and if one account was opened another was closed. I have not been through this before. Is it fair to ask creditors to suspend activity on accounts whilst a complaint is put in and investigated? All i want to do is pay back what i owe at an affordable rate.
    I am sorry for the long post, i suppose in away i have had all of this festering and the stress on my shoulders affecting my all ready ill health and it just feels good getting it off my chest.
    • DCFC79
    • By DCFC79 13th Aug 18, 7:50 PM
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    Anyone know roughly how long FOS take to sort out complaints? I!!!8217;ve a few outstanding, from March onwards.
    Originally posted by salsapixie

    Either ask FOS


    Sit tight and wait.
    • Amyc86
    • By Amyc86 14th Aug 18, 3:21 PM
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    Hi all,

    Its been great reading people success re PDL refunds, I'm at the inital process of complaining Currently I have an adjudicator looking into my QQ complaint, they did offer to refund 1 of my 33 loans I took out with them amounting to 117 which is appalling why refund 1 why not decline.....makes me think i have s case. So hoping the FOS can help, if anyone has any info on the FOS procedure that would be very much appreciated

    I've just sent my complaint to wonga I recieved my statement of acc today 12 loans in 12 months......Just angers me that they didn't decline at anytime during that year period. It's clear I was struggling! My amoynts were increasing a majority of the time and basically paying one off then reapplying either the same day ir a few days later. Problem is these loans were taken 7-8 years ago so I know they will point blank refuse any refund is it worth going to the FOS with loans this old?

    I'm happy to report I'm more the wiser these days no payday loan for 4 years just trying to sort out the mess this part of my life has created now.

    It's so good to hear I others that are coming out the other side of it refund or no refund these loans have a lasting effect.
    • Akelly
    • By Akelly 14th Aug 18, 7:03 PM
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    Hoping someone could help.

    So I've received an offer from my jar threw my adjudicator.

    Now I have an outstanding balance with MYJAR and I'm currently paying them bk threw my debt management plan with stepchange. What they have said is rather refund that amount to take it off my balance.

    Now I would like to reject that offer. If they have already been getting my DMP payments why can't they just refund what they owe to me. I don't want it taken off the balance at all.

    Am I in my right to refuse this?! My adjudicator can't understand why I would want to reject it.
    • Amyc86
    • By Amyc86 14th Aug 18, 8:24 PM
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    Hi Kelly,

    Is the refund in regards to other loans you've taken from myjar? If so I can't see why You can't get that refunded, seeing as you've set up a DMP for your existing loan with step change your In a payment plan and don't wish to put the refund towards that as it is now in place.

    Tell adjudicator you don't wish to have monies put towards outstanding loan as your DMP has covered that with capping interest etc and you would like refund to your bank acc.

    How long has the adjudicator been working on your case for this outcome?

    • Akelly
    • By Akelly 14th Aug 18, 9:23 PM
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    Thanks Amy for replying. That's what's I've basically said to my adjudicator so I feel abit better knowing other people's opinions too.

    With my adjudicator my claim has been with her a week. Ha! I have a few complaints with payday loans. MYJAR has obvs give the offer. Sunny.. she is requesting more info from and won a.. Not being looked at at the moment. I was told that once an adjudicator gets one complaint they get them all. I've had to push her to look at the others.

    My complaint was originally logged with them in April first week I think. They seriously have taken ages.
    • Akelly
    • By Akelly 14th Aug 18, 9:25 PM
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    But I'd like to add. I rang up 4 weeks ago and got told them MYJAR had offered me something but waiting for an adjudicator to have it. She says she isn't in charge of MYJAR complaint but another one. Sunny. Until today when I asked for an update on the others. Knowing fine well MYJAR had offered a refund on the other loans I had with them.
    • Amyc86
    • By Amyc86 14th Aug 18, 10:00 PM
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    It's mad it's such a long winded process given the fact payday loans are do quick to send us loans.....10 minutes later it's in your acc lol.

    It's so nice to talk with someone going through the same situation. Have you actually recieved any refunds to date? Quickquid were really quick getting back to me once I sent my full complaint 3 days later they came back with an offer which was honestly was pathetic I was not impressed but read it as they want to shut me up quickly so I wouldn't go to FOS......which I did straight away haha.

    I hope you get your myjar refu nd sorted keep us updated.

    Amy x
    • Dura
    • By Dura 15th Aug 18, 10:28 AM
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    I learnt don't take out finance that can't be afforded and live with your actions. No?
    • Amyc86
    • By Amyc86 15th Aug 18, 11:04 AM
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    True, and i've learnt if you don't ask you don't get.

    Payday loans were not carrying out basic checks early on which is what I'm referring to.

    If a refund is given great if not at least I tried.

    The FOS are taking on these cases so clearly irresponsible lending was being done.
    • Akelly
    • By Akelly 15th Aug 18, 12:24 PM
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    So I've spoken to the Finicinal ombudsman or FO I'll call them. They have said I should really take the pathetic 61.86 my jar are offering me and the rest of the refund 686 should go towards my outstanding balance. If I decide to not accept this... Then it will go to another adjudicator and could take a further 4 months.

    However they then told me that they have not requested any files from MYJAR so the amount they are offering me.. To me would mean it might not even be correct. I've put a complaint in in regards to this as for 4 months is when all the information should have been gotten before it went to an adjudicator and they are telling me that wasn't the case for MYJAR.

    I've got mental health problems and I'm. Bipolar so I've informed them that I extremely distressed at the lack of everything in regards to my case that I will be refusing the money. That I want the money on my bank not in MYJAR and stepchange are still making payments to them.

    Im absolutely exhausted to say the least
    • Joeyr1
    • By Joeyr1 19th Aug 18, 5:03 PM
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    Hi, I am looking to reclaim money back from payday loans I took out in 2011-2012 and 2015-2016, is it worth going through a third party company to reclaim or to try myself?
    • Willing2Learn
    • By Willing2Learn 19th Aug 18, 5:20 PM
    • 2,256 Posts
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    Hi Joeyr1,
    Why pay someone to do it, when you can do it yourself? Follow the guidance and use the letter templates at DebtCamel
    I work within the voluntary sector, supporting vulnerable people to rebuild their lives.

    I love my job

    • bmws1985
    • By bmws1985 19th Aug 18, 5:35 PM
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    HI everybody am in the process of claiming my payday loans back and unfortunately used a broker for half of my loans before I saw the template letters on debtcamel. I am now chasing half and the claims company the other half. My question is this who has had success with loans,

    OVER 6 years old with,
    Sunny Loans
    My Jar

    Under 6 years with
    Pounds to pocket
    Payday Express

    • LOVEHB
    • By LOVEHB 19th Aug 18, 7:06 PM
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    I learnt don't take out finance that can't be afforded and live with your actions. No?
    Originally posted by Dura
    This is supposed to be a non judgemental forum. Your comment is unhelpful and unwelcome.
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