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    Warning re 24/7 Home Rescue
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    • 26th Dec 14, 10:26 PM
    Warning re 24/7 Home Rescue 26th Dec 14 at 10:26 PM
    Dear all

    I just wanted to give some feed back on the terrible service we have had this Christmas from 24/7 Home Rescue.

    Firstly, they are not 24/7 - whist you can make a claim with the engineering company they outsource their work to, you can't actually speak to them directly because they are closed until 5 January 2015! Which company in this day and age is closed for this long without someone being available to contact, especially when the say they are 24/7? I have asked the online "webchat" machine wether they have an emergency number they can contact and all I got was an evasive answer to the effect of "someone will call you soon" presumably when they re-open on 5 January!

    Long and short of the story is that we had problems with our boiler. They sent out someone to look at it. This engineer reset the boiler and went on his way. The problems persisted and 24/7 have not sent someone to look at the boiler again as they think the problem is a pressure issue. How would they know this without even looking at the boiler after the problems persisted? Any way, it's a fault with the boiler itself but they won't send anyone out to have a look at it. The boiler has broken down again and when I called the third party engineering line we were told there was a note on the system not to send an engineer out until the dispute was investigated. Problem is, they are closed over Christmas and there is no one we can speak to.

    If there was an issue which was genuinely not covered the policy then fine, we would get it fixed. But they they allegedly fixed our boiler then when the problems persisted they said it was a problem with the pressure without even looking at the boiler. Also, pressure isn't specifically excluded from the terms of their service.

    I have used both British Gas and Homeserve before and for all their faults, at least you can speak to a person at the company over Christmas. Out of Homeserve and British Gas, I would say Homeserve were the best so will be going back to them.

    I am sorry to say that these smaller independent companies really don't provide the same level of service.

    Sorry for the rant but I was most disappointed to hear the company left us without cover over Christmas.

    We've got the electric heaters on for now!
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    • GeorgeRB
    • By GeorgeRB 8th May 17, 10:35 AM
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    Phones Citizens Advice
    • Just Jacques
    • By Just Jacques 10th May 17, 7:08 PM
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    Just Jacques
    Just a rip off firm
    I took the full package with them for everything the boiler the drains and everything. My boiler is 13 years old so I accepted a £75 excess on that. Yesterday 9 May 2017I had a blocked drain and phoned them to get this resolved. The person who answered the phone said I had a £75 excess on everything on my contract which is totally untrue. I'm retired underwriter and insurance broker and I would sue them if it was worth the money. I know exactly what my contract says and they wanted me to pay £75 over the phone for someone to come and fix My Drain. It was cheaper to get the local firm to just come and do the job. I've cancelled my direct debit and signed up with another firm called reactive who look like a really good firm. This is just a firm of rip-off merchants I was paying £28 a month.
    • jicms
    • By jicms 10th May 17, 7:36 PM
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    I never received a reply to my email so have just cancelled my direct debit. Amazing that these people keep going.
    • Skoosh
    • By Skoosh 11th May 17, 8:31 PM
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    Do not go near this company a total rip off who quote t&c that make it impossible to cancel during your contract, took out a policy for our son in his new home, so after 4 months his boiler brokedown had to pay £75 to get someone out as we did not have a service on the bolier in the last 12months [ we only owned the house for 5 months ]even then they outsource to a local heating company to contact you who in turn arrange a day which is not instant, so we went elsewhere and paid £90 to get it fixed the same day we tried to get our £75 back no chance as they claim the company had started the procedures of arranging to come out even though we did not agree a day.

    Tried to cancel policyeven that was joke eventully cancelled after 12 months and since then had 2 texts threating a 3rd party to start dedt procedings nightmare PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM GO ELSEWHERE
    • jicms
    • By jicms 11th May 17, 11:06 PM
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    I was emailed and told to view my renewal in my account. "Viewing" actually confirmed my policy had been renewed. They never bothered to reply to my email to discuss the nearly 50% premium hike. I've cancelled my DD so hopefully won't hear from them again.
    • Edvin Paus
    • By Edvin Paus 12th May 17, 3:27 PM
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    Edvin Paus
    You are better off getting a company that offers all in one package, which includes the new boiler, boiler installation and boiler cover just in case anything like that happens again. Hassle Free Boilers offer this type of deal.
    Love combi boilers!
    • fireoyster
    • By fireoyster 16th May 17, 4:24 PM
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    247 Cancellation SCAM
    STAY AWAY FROM 247 HOME RESCUE Ö..Ok So I am another unhappy customer with similar poor service and tales of woe! , Like many other people here are reporting.

    Apparently it is a 30 rolling contract as long as you have not had a service or call out in that service year. However like many others I am sure have the boiler service after the contract renewal with in effect ties you back in to the full Length of the contract.

    So I would like to know what my rights are. I have told them I want to cancel the service, they are telling me I would need to pay £120..To cancel how is this a 30 day rolling contract, as they advertise.

    I currently pay by DD
    Has anyone had success in cancelling without the penalty?.

    This company need shutting down.
    • jicms
    • By jicms 16th May 17, 4:30 PM
    • 368 Posts
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    I was emailed and told to view my renewal in my account. "Viewing" actually confirmed my policy had been renewed. They never bothered to reply to my email to discuss the nearly 50% premium hike. I've cancelled my DD so hopefully won't hear from them again.
    Originally posted by jicms
    Interesting as I've cancelled my DD. It's due next week so I imagine they will suddenly decide to reply to my email after weeks of not being able to speak to them. I'm not wasting my time reading their Ts & Cs but can't imagine they can tie me into another year's contract with doubled premiums!
    • GeForceuk
    • By GeForceuk 18th May 17, 12:44 PM
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    This company is terrible! They do not provide the service level you would expect from their glossy website and the level of cover which they state is actually misleading and they will avoid providing any service without you having to pay extra. At £25 a month I would have expected some reaction when my 3 year old boiler failed last month but no this is what happened:-
    April 27 (0630) We discovered the boiler had failed with no hot water and on investigation boiler displayed two error messages L2 or F2. Following the boiler reset procedure resulted in either of these error messages with no heating or hot water. Phoned 24/7 Home Rescue emergency line. I was informed that due to the L2 error code it could be a gas supply problem (despite my gas cooker working fine) and I would therefor have to pay £75 up front to cover the fact the 'problem' could be outside of the contract. I agreed to pay on the condition this amount would be refunded if the problem was not with the gas supply. I was then told someone would be in touch to come out and have a look within the next few hours, they could not give a specific time frame. Waited all day and at 4:30 phoned them to ask what was going on? I was told that due to the Bank Holiday weekend I would not have an engineer visit until Tuesday (2nd May). This I believe is totally unacceptable.
    When the engineer finally arrived on Tuesday he was unsure what was causing the problem and listed all of the parts he would replace to try and find and fix the fault. He would have to order the parts and contact 24/7 to make sure the cover was in place.
    I received a call from 24/7 on the following day stating that the parts required exceeded the 60% cost of the boiler as stated in the small print of their contract. They could however get the manufacturer to send an engineer but I would have to pay £100 contribution as the repair with the current parts listed was likely to exceed £700 and because of the 60% limit this would be my contribution. At this stage I just wanted my boiler fixing.
    When the Ideal engineer arrived he diagnosed the fault in 2 minutes. A leaking washer had allowed the gas jet to become corroded. He fixed the fault in about 20 minutes. He used 1 washer and a new gas injector (cost approx £30).
    24/7 have refused to provide a refund for £175 additional payments I have had to make to get this problem resolved and so there is no justification for £25 a month they are charging. If I had gone direct to Ideal I could have had a same day call out on April 27th with an all inclusive price of £280 including all parts and VAT.
    I have been paying 24/7 £300 a year for nothing!
    An absolute rip off! there are far better companies out there providing proper cover for a lot less!
    • GeForceuk
    • By GeForceuk 18th May 17, 1:01 PM
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    247 Home Rescue Rip Off Warning!
    Just to add insult to injury 24/7 Home response have a cancellation clause in their T&C's which will cost you £144 to cancel their policy outside of its anniversary. You must notify them within 30 days of the contract anniversary, if you attempt to notify them that you do not wish to continue prior to the 30 days they will only do it if you pay the £144. Avoid this company at all costs there are far better reputable companies out there!
    • _Anna_
    • By _Anna_ 20th May 17, 12:31 AM
    • 19 Posts
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    Dear all,
    I experienced some problems with 24/7 HR, emailed CAB and they told me that they would report them to Trading Standards. What else I can do? They charged me for work that had never been done and I have their invoice. Does anyone know whether it's an offence in the UK?
    • Harley666
    • By Harley666 21st May 17, 5:06 PM
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    Scam Company
    I too have had very bad dealings with this company don't be fooled into thinking that as you have cancelled the DD that is the end of the matter they went into my bank account twice and re-instated the direct debit to take money it was only when my bank alerted me to the fact that I was able to stop it -This Company has no scruples or ethics in how to conduct themselves This was only 4 days ago so please please check your bank
    So, our boiler stopped working and I wasn't too worried as we had a company called 247 Home Rescue on our side!!! I left endless answerphone messages.....was on hold for ages.....until it said at the very end, no one is here to take your call. If you know no one is there......why not put that at the start of a message. I have actually had £7.48 added to phone bill just because I was trying to contact this company....with no success (that waws just one phone call)! Plus.....they were not there when I needed them. It took two more days till I was actually able to get through to anyone. What a joke!!!! Like someone else said, they just outsource to other companies to get the job done. So this company is probably one person, not sitting at their desk as no one answers the phones....and just passes it on to someone else to deal with at a very cheap price. I ended up just going elsewhere and the issue was fixed in a couple of hours. I'm out!
    Originally posted by stuco36
    • _Anna_
    • By _Anna_ 26th May 17, 12:09 AM
    • 19 Posts
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    Dear all,
    I cancelled my contract with 24/7 HR, several days later they called me and told that I have to delete my reviews on Trustpilot, otherwise they will not be able to close my account. I told them that I will never delete my reviews; moreover, I have already reported them to Trading Standards, I shall report them to Watchdog and I will be looking for a legal advice about court action against them because they own me money I paid for the job that has never been done. They asked me how much I want. I told them that if they want to offer me money, they have to send me a letter or email and I will go to a legal adviser with their letter first. Anyway, I would like to encourage everyone here to write a review on Trustpilot. Please be aware that they report all negative reviews and you review will be suspended quickly. Just send an email to an admin in this case.
    • scd3scd4
    • By scd3scd4 26th May 17, 6:18 PM
    • 770 Posts
    • 633 Thanks
    I have been watching TrustPilot for a few months now. And it makes interesting viewing.

    Negative reviews are removed within the hour or less. The use every means possible to say why it has been removed.

    One reason may just be that you compared their service to British Gas say. Or you used a staff members name. However they allow names if it is positive. And comparisons if they are the better company. You have to use their reference you can not remain anonymous. I assume you do not have to prove anything when leaving positive comments.

    I would be interested in knowing what method they use to get people to post positively. I am sure they encourage the leaving of good reviews I just do not belive they are without coercion.

    Ohh and many of the reviews are nothing but services and how effective the staff were on the phone!!
    Last edited by scd3scd4; 26-05-2017 at 6:21 PM. Reason: add
    • jhangrim
    • By jhangrim 1st Jun 17, 4:28 PM
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    My boiler broke. They wanted £75 before they would even come out. I paid thinking they would come out and fix it but no. Came out after 4 days and within 10 minutes the engineer left. I was later told that the repair would cost £700 so they refuse to fix it. Complete scam. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!
    They will NOT repair your boiler. Cover is not worth the paper it!!!8217;s written on.

    Last edited by jhangrim; 01-06-2017 at 4:30 PM.
    • Cartel123
    • By Cartel123 3rd Jun 17, 10:29 AM
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    Triple Hit - Big SCAM
    This Company has been my worst Nightmare. I had a pest issue in my loft. They took £75 telling me they will refund upon confirming that the problem was a current one. The engineer comes and tells me that the 'droppings were fresh' and this was a current problem. They declined to refund my deposit on the grounds that the problem has been there in the past. I HAVE NEVER LODGED A SINGLE CLAIM FOR 5 MONTHS since I got this policy.
    Second Hit - I can't cancel my policy even though it is a rolling contract - they seem to have some hidden clauses. They threatened me that they will refer me to the debt collectors if I cancel the rolling contract.
    Third Hit - I had a roof leak and they claim it is not covered while I took a complete cover.

    • europa
    • By europa 9th Jun 17, 12:00 PM
    • 76 Posts
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    Another dissatisfied customer!
    Unfortunately i feel the need to add my name to this list, in order to warn others about this company.

    The service is appalling, they ignore cancellation emails, and they will do everything in their power to avoid insurance repairs. They even insisted i pay the 75£ old-boiler excess even though my boiler hasn't quite had its eleventh birthday yet!

    • RogerPHP
    • By RogerPHP 11th Jun 17, 2:13 PM
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    Be very! Very! Warned.
    I've had 12 Months of disgraceful treatment by this so-called company. All of the issues described in the many posts going back years were experienced, inc £75 excess when 'no excess' was stated; failure to attend a breakdown for 5 days (''can't get an engineer'') despite their statement saying they would attend within 24 hours if anyone was aged 60 or over (me) and then sending a guy from 1 mile away who was ok but didn't have a clue who had employed him; telling me I could organise my own engineer! and stating all extra charges were 'at their discretion'. Culminated in my trying to cancel as they hadn't fulfilled their contract which was refused unless I paid £140. Finally did cancel at end of 12 month period giving 1 month notice and the following is a copy of events after I cancelled.

    'This account was cancelled on 11th/12th April by phone, giving 1 month notice. Last payment made 2/5/2017 by DD and then DD cancelled. Contacted you on 4/5/2017 at 11:13 by phone and cancellation confirmed. Contract expiry was 16/05/2017. Check your records.
    I have now received 4 (Four) threatening texts and one call from 01254460054 telling me I am in arrears and you are transferring the matter. You do not answer my return calls.
    I now give notice that if you continue I will place this with Trading Standards and my Solicitor and will seek damages for harassment.'

    Throughout my contact with them (when I could get through) they were unhelpful and curt. Be warned and do not go near this company. They are fraudulent and only want your money and will acquire as much of it as they can from new and unwitting customers until you can finally remove yourself........
    • Manju_thapa
    • By Manju_thapa 16th Jun 17, 10:38 PM
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    24/7 home rescue
    After reading many unhappy post about 24/7, I have posted my letter to them which was sent in October 2016 and still waiting for reply. Letter is below:
    27 October 2016

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I would like to make complain about your service. Since I made claim first time to fix boiler, an engineer named Mike came and remove some part of boiler, checked gas supply on pipe and said motherboard need replacing and he will report this to you in order to order parts. I called your office and i was told I must pay £245 for boiler parts, when I disagreed to pay and tried to cancelled my subscription, I was told you will charged me one yearís subscription fee plus cancellation charge, which would come as higher than paying £245. I was also told by your staff that if I pay £245 Ideal engineer will come to fix problem and will guarantee that boiler will run for next 5 year or they wont touch boiler and give all money back. I agreed to pay £245 extra on top of monthly free. Engine who came first put all part back together and gone but we started to smell gas. We ignored thinking this may be just boiler. In few days time smell of gas increased and I called your office and lady I was talking to advised me that I must call national grid which I did. Engineer from national grid came and found gas leaks under boiler and has switched off and capped gas mater and gone. I called your office again and I was advised that I must wait until Ideal boiler engineer to come and everything will be fine. When I asked when this will happened, I was told engineer coming tomorrow between 12 and 6 PM. Next day lady called me again around 11 AM to say that engineer is on the way. I was happy. But by afternoon ideal boiler company called and said engineer will come in one week time which was next Thursday. I told ideal lady who called that I am expecting engineer today she said that is not going to happend. When I told her 247 homerescue lady told me about engineer coming today, ideal boiler lady said that is scam because 347 homerescue do not have access to idea boiler appointment diary. I had no choice than to wait for another week.

    After waiting week, idea boiler engineer named Ian finally arrived; he changed part and fixed leaks. Everything was up and running including hot water, heating and gas cooker. Engineer left, we started boiler to keep house warm, after around 45 minutes later boiler stop working. This time boiler did not have light. It looks electricity supply is cut off. I called 247 home rescues again, they asked me to changed fuse in plug, and asked me to do many things such as press reset button, see what error code is in display, try to turn off and on, also tried to change temperature from thermostats, see if mainís fuse box is down etc like if I am myself boiler engineer myself. I tried my best to do what they said and I also told them boiler does not have power supply so there would be no display, no reset button would work. They told me that idea boilerís problem and they will speak to them for engineerís assignment and will let me know. Next day lady called me and said boiler engineer will come between 1 PM and 6 PM, I told her that you donít have access to idea boilerís diary how can you tell me engineer coming today? I reminded her that last time she told me same thing and next day ideal boiler Company called me to give me appointment for one week later. But your staff insisted that actually Ideal boiler told her to tell me that engineer is on the way. I trusted her. But again in few hours time idea boiler lady called me to tell me Boiler Engineer will come on Thursday 27 October 2016 and engineer will on same day for exact time. I had no choice than to wait for given date.

    This morning Ideal Boiler engineer named Gavin called me and told me he will visit my house between 1 and 3 PM, I had mix reaction, happy and nervous. Unless engineer come and fix problem, I would not believe if I will have heating and hot water today. But around 12.30 PM Idea boiler company called me and said 247 home rescue has cancelled todayís appointment and advised me to contact 247homerescue to find out why. I called your office today around 1.45 PM and spoke to guy called Atim and he assured me not to listen to anyone and assured me that engineer is on the way and definitely will come today before 6 PM. Time now is 2.45 PM and I do not believe that engineer will in fact come today. Mr Atim also told me he will call me to let me know if some reason engineer wonít come. To give a benefit of doubt, I am waiting however I now started to feel that I have subscribed to scam conning company. I wish to be proven wrong for sake of children living in the house however hope is fading hence this complain. To let you know this is my first official complains I have ever made. I am a person with big patience and do understand what things may not work exactly the way it said however 247 home rescue has gone against humanity, trade and business ethics to full fill their greed to make money.

    I was already conned and ambushed by 247 home rescues. I would not be able to cancel my membership without paying hefty cost. On the top of £204 for one year fee, I paid £245 extra already and still no hot water, no heating. I have three children of my own aged between 2 and 8, on the top my cousinís has two children aged between 2 and 5 and on the top my mother is 76 year old and we all are left to die in this winter by 247 home rescueís scam.

    16 June 2017

    Today, I called them again because my water pipe burst under the floor; I can only hear big water sound coming from under floor and my carpet started to get wet. But guy who was taking my claim said I have to pay £70. I told him I am already paying £16.99 a month for service; he said system is telling him to take £70 from me before sending engineer. It reminded me what happened last time, how I ended up paying £245 and still paying £16.99 per month, and told guy not to record claim and let me call independent plumber and I told him to disconnect me and take another victimís call.
    • sajuabraham
    • By sajuabraham 21st Jun 17, 4:48 PM
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    I called 24/7 out because my tenants boiler broke down, the boiler had been serviced less than a month earlier , I had to pay £60 for the service, which took the engineer about 10mins. After the service hot water was delayed. The boiler then broke down less than a month after the service was done.
    I called the company and another engineer came and turned the tap on and then left, the engineer didn't even have a look at the boiler, the engineer had to be paid £75 for callout! They claimed that the engineer who didn't even look at the boiler told them that the 'boiler was beyond economical repair and They wanted me to pay £250 before they would repair the boiler. The company then cancelled my cover without even informing me because they say that it would be uneconomical to repair the boiler. I only found out that they had cancelled my cover when I called 247 about a missed call from them lasting all of 2 rings. They also didn't have the basic decency to refund the callout charge!!! The customer service personnel were extremely unhelpful and rude. The engineers they have must either be unqualified or incompetent. This was the worst experience of my life, one I wouldn't wish on anyone. Avoid 24/7 at all cost!!! Do not fall for their adverts which claim discounts for anything and everything, I was misled by their adverts but their service truly shocking and utterly disgusting!!!
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