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    Top Ten Products that you DON'T need (Babies!)
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    • 6th May 14, 8:13 PM
    Top Ten Products that you DON'T need (Babies!) 6th May 14 at 8:13 PM

    I don't see a thread discussing this.

    I didn't know what items we needed/didn't need for our baby (she is 5 months). There was a couple of items that I know that we didn't need like the nappy stacker. I found that even though cot sets are lovely, they are full of items that are not recommended to have because of SIDs.

    But what items have you regretted buying?

    And also

    What items have you bought which have been useful?

    I would have to say I disagree with the Electric Steam Steriliser being a good item. We bought a 6 bottle steam steriliser second hand (along with some other items) and this is one of my regrets. When you break the seal you break the sterilisation which means you have to run it every time you have done a bottle which is a waste of electricity. We use cold water sterilisation, lasts 24 hours. mum I know uses a bottle which has an inbuilt steam sterilisation for the microwave.

    Second item would be the nappy bin. The Cassettes are expensive. The Cassettes are 10 for three at the moment and the price goes up and down like a yoyo, they also get more expensive the larger the nappies. I stopped buying these when I realised that the amount spent on this was crazy and we couldn't get them at 7.50.
    Nappy sacks cost 35p per 300 bags.

    We don't use the door bouncer as it only fits on one door which means she is out the way of supervision as we cannot see her and she is in the way. She also falls asleep very quickly in it. Luckily we only bought it for 5 second hand.

    Good items we have bought have been a Fisher Price electric swing. She loves it and it was very handy in getting her to sleep in the early days. It is also the most expensive as we spent 70ish on it. Suffice to say we debated over it before buying!

    Best item has to be Grobags. She is a fidget bum and blankets are off her in seconds (even swaddled) Grobag keeps her warm at night and no chance of being on her face like a blanket might be. Official grobags are expensive, but they don't shrink as much as others.

    Audio baby monitor is also good, she wakes us up by chatting in the morning, obviously you can hear crying etc or (if you have a mat attached) get alerted if no movement/breathing has been detected.

    Bumbo is also a good item. Pricey if bought new. My mum bought me the Bumbo. Profits of the Bumbo do go to charities in South Africa (hopefully...). As with all toys baby should be supervised as there is a 'tipping out' issue - so that doesn't really bother me. I would call it a lifesaver as she loves to sit up and as I had a caesarean it is difficult for her to be up against me all the time.

    My partner made an over the cot changer, it has a hinge so it gives me a nice space to change baby or to bath her. It doesn't match the cot or look especially pretty but it is practical.
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    • mrsHall2b
    • By mrsHall2b 29th Jun 15, 9:25 AM
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    This article has in the last week resurfaced on DM again (they repeat so many articles!)

    and I couldnt actually believe their suggestions..
    I never used a monitor of any kind with either of the girls and I wont this time either.
    nappy bins & all that are just ways for a company to continue to extract money from already squeezed stones..
    Door bouncer well my DD1 loved hers didnt have one for DD2 as our living room is L shaped so we wouldnt be able to see her.
    Baby washing bowls, I used a baby bath for the first bath but after that i just held her in the bath with shallow water, as I bathed her & elder daughter together from the beginning.

    Breast pump, I never had any success what so ever with mine.
    Cot mobile she still uses now at 2 and I didnt have a bumbo I had a cushitush seat which was a life saver!

    anything that let me go hands free was brilliant!
    • HB58
    • By HB58 1st Jul 15, 12:57 PM
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    It's 30 years since I was pregnant (where did the time go?!) and I have found reading this thread very interesting. I had never heard of some of the things talked about (like the Bumbo, for instance) so have had fun looking them up.

    I would exhort any new, or expectant, parent not to rush out and spend a lot of money on things initially. Every baby, and family, is different and one person's 'must have' is someone else's 'waste of money'. Beg, borrow, steal, or buy secondhand before you even consider laying out a lot of money for all except the most essential (somewhere for babe to sleep, something to catch excretions and some sort of car seat/pram/buggy depending on your lifestyle).

    Looking back, the things we did without were moses basket (although we did have a carrycot, wouldn't have one these days though knowing that they are not safe in cars!), baby bath (used a washing-up bowl when he was really tiny, then came in with one of us), shoes for the first 12 months (saw a paediatric podiatrist who advised against them, used 'padders' only for the first year).

    Our baby walker was a godsend, bought secondhand and used when DS was frustrated at not being able to get around as he wished.We used loads of bibs because my son dribbled a lot, right from the start, so at least I could change the bib several times a day rather than his clothes. I also used tights under his trousers when the weather was very cold and he was at the stage where he kept pulling off his socks. He doesn't like to be reminded of that these days! LOL

    I wish you all many happy years of parenting.
    Last edited by HB58; 01-07-2015 at 12:58 PM. Reason: typo
    • desperate2save
    • By desperate2save 9th Aug 15, 11:56 AM
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    Great thread!!

    Babies don't need all singing all dancing items! my best purchases have been muslins, cold water sterilisation including the dummy one for out and about and gro bag. Also wipes, I find them the biggest waste of money until child is older and only for out and about! Cotton wool balls for nappy changes even when are toddlers and even my change bag has a bag in there, and flannels for cleaning mucky faces and hands. When weaning why waste money on jars and pouches, they don't eat big amounts so why spend unnecessary money on completely different meals when eventually they will eat same as the family, start them off on our food from the start!

    And colour matching big items for girl or boy? If you plan on having more why would you waste your money buying pink if your first is a girl then getting rid of it to buy blue if you have a boy for the second! What happens if you have a girl for the 3rd?
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    • loopy_lass
    • By loopy_lass 26th Aug 15, 11:44 PM
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    my first grandchild is due in new year, my daughter asked me what do i REALLY need...
    Growbags, great idea look out at boot sales, or ebay, so long as they in good condition and washed no problems.

    washing up bowl, they fit in there for washes when tiny, once bigger take them in the bath with you and have a bouncy chair in the room once they are out and dried while you get sorted out. If you use a baby bath use it in your bath so you can just tip water out.
    Muslin cloth for discrete breast feeding, mopping up dribbles, washing them, keeping the sun off them in pushchair or car by draping them as a screen of some kind.

    baby grows, usual attire for a while, some lovely ones, use with coat/cardi

    gloves and hats

    bouncy chair

    nappy bags

    the no tears stuff works as it has anesthetic in it... yak,,,,, go green

    • Andronyme
    • By Andronyme 1st Nov 15, 11:59 PM
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    Wow ! You girls have stock up loads on baby stuff !

    Feeding : Advent bottles (260ml) - Microwave sterilizer - Cold sterilising tablets - Booster seat - Aldi Nubi pots - soft spoons

    Sleeping : Mose basket + rocking stand (second hand) - Cot bed 140 x 70 cm + changing topper (second hand) - Mattress - Video monitor (my partner's choise)

    Toys : Jungle playmat + niece/nephew ''baby toys'' and ''baby books''

    Others : bouncer seat (borrowed - he hates it !) - Baby carrier (USELESS ! unless you want to get some sport !) - Safety gate x2 - changing mat

    I have bought him new draws and wardrobe but adult size. He has got a few wall sticker as decorations. When I bought his cot bed I have been given a full bedding set. When I bought my Graco Symbio travel system (with footmuff and rain cover) I have been given the mose basket rocking stand. I couldn't breastfeed him. My mum bought us half of the bottles, my mother in law bought us the microwave sterilizer (which had a dummy). We have been offered a voucher for mothercare on which we bought the jungle playmat. I received a lot of nappies, baby products, clothes on my surprise baby shower. I have got just enough toys to entertain him simply and they are my nieces and nephews, same for the books. I don't have a changing unit. I feed him homemade puree from veg to leftover meal (without salt) since he is 5 months (with GP agreement due to very bad reflux). Aldi does very good quality products for kids despite what you think, try them and if not happy send it back for refund. Scratch bibs are the worste, all in one bibs are really worth it.

    Nappy, wipes and powder milk are expensive enough ! I don't see myself having any of those fancy stuff like the nappy dustbin, swing door, walker, bumper seat in the future. However I might concider a baby bath for my second one. And a new larger changing bag. I often first look at second hand and then concider new.
    • Miss Samantha
    • By Miss Samantha 9th Nov 15, 12:53 PM
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    Miss Samantha
    Feeding : Advent bottles (260ml) - Microwave sterilizer - Cold sterilising tablets
    Originally posted by Andronyme
    So true!

    I guess that for the first one we just don't have any clue. Then for the second one we don't buy any of these things.
    • VfM4meplse
    • By VfM4meplse 28th Mar 16, 9:34 AM
    • 25,625 Posts
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    Brilliant thread, I've enjoyed reading it.

    "No man is worth, crawling on the earth"- adapted from Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio

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    • Craftingmama01
    • By Craftingmama01 25th May 16, 6:01 PM
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    Nappy bin was definitely a waste of money they smell and the cassettes are really expensive. Best buy was a clip on high chair which clips onto the table directly, it was a real space saver.
    • ludhiyaparker
    • By ludhiyaparker 23rd Jun 16, 11:42 AM
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    I think Toys . As they can't even hold them, let alone play with them .
    • airgead
    • By airgead 5th Aug 16, 8:21 AM
    • 34 Posts
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    Reading this thread it stand out how different all babies and individual needs are, so I will just share some general advice. If you plan on having more than one child, I suggest you buy unisex colours/designs from newborn onwards. Much easier to pass on to the next child.

    (yes, we could have a whole discussion on gendered marketing and stereotypes, and yes, dress them in whatever colour you like and stand up to this nonsense, however, it exists and keeping things neutral is an easy way to get around it)

    Also buy second hand where possible, charity shops are often awash with baby clothes as they are barely worn before the baby grown on to the next stage. I find from 0 up to about age 5-6 there are a ton of good quality, cheap clothes in charity shops.

    We invested in a really good buggy which was carseat/carrycot all in one and was great on off-road tracks. This suited us as we lived in the middle of nowhere and had dogs to walk daily. It didn't matter that it was a bit cumbersome, as we we rarely took it on a bus, or carried it up flights of stairs etc. It lasted both children and we did a LOT of miles in it. But everyone's different, and it can be hard to know what will suit you/your surroundings/circumstance/lifestyle before your first is born, so I would hold back on all but the essentials until you get a handle on what will be most useful, and then borrow/buy second hand.
    Last edited by airgead; 05-08-2016 at 8:32 AM. Reason: add info
    • mrsbunny1979
    • By mrsbunny1979 10th Oct 16, 10:30 PM
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    Ikea sell white cotton hand towels for about 35p each. They aren't fantastic quality but I bought 20 of them, and used them as changing mats and covers for changing tables in public toilets. Just washed them until they started to feel a bit rough and then chucked them out.
    • Fitzee
    • By Fitzee 26th Mar 18, 8:20 PM
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    Door bouncers are great! My son loved his and spent lots of time in it.
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