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    • becca0417
    • By becca0417 10th Feb 14, 7:07 PM
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    MSE Pregnancy Club 28
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    • 10th Feb 14, 7:07 PM
    MSE Pregnancy Club 28 10th Feb 14 at 7:07 PM
    MSE Pregnancy Club 28

    Official Insert:

    What's it about?

    Back in July 2006 Bailey started this thread to help all pregnant MoneySavers and their partners save on anything pregnancy-related plus give each other moral support. It's been hugely popular and now has a long list of pregnant mothers-to-be.

    Now it's not just for those that are pregnant but also those trying to conceive and MoneySavers that have probably already given birth and yet are probably too tired to let everyone know.

    What should you do?

    As well as being a great source of tips, baby-related bargains spotted, mutual support and help MoneySavers here have also gradually built up a list, adding themselves to one of these categories (the last one, people are moved to for obvious reasons!):

    EDD (Estimated due date if you're pregnant)
    TTC (trying to conceive if you're not) we now have 2 seperate threads for people TTC - 'Trying for a Baby' and 'Trying for a baby (12+ M/not straightforward)'
    Birth List
    Probably given birth but too worn out to log on list

    If you want to add yourself to the list follow these steps:

    Click on the link at the top of this page that says "Last" (it'll take you to the last page of the discussion)
    Scroll down until you find the message with the very latest copy of the list in (if you use one further up the discussion other peoples' changes after that will be lost)
    Copy that (highlight it and click control+c)
    Click reply at the bottom of the thread to open a screen where you can past it (click control+p)
    Add yourself to the list then click save
    And don't feel shy. Introduce yourself, say hello and ask a question if you need to.

    Plus, if you're thinking of how to cut down on nappy costs remember to have a read of the Nappy MoneySaving article too and for later down the line if you need childcare first read the Childcare Vouchers article.

    Also please don't forget that this is a public forum and anyone could be reading it. Don't let this put you off discussing anything personal, just please be aware that the people posting on the thread may not be the only ones reading (it may just be that these people, aka lurkers, are too shy to post).

    If you're new to the Forum it can look scattergun but read down and remember it's a conversation, starting with first post, scrolling forward for the latest. To reply you'll need to join the Forum but it's free to do.

    This is a continuation of this thread which will be closed due to it's length.
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    • arbrighton
    • By arbrighton 7th Jun 17, 9:07 PM
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    LIE IN? Wot is this?

    I slept in this morning a bit, having been poorly last night, but in the back of my mind, I always know the dogs need their walk and I tend to wake with the birds even if I doze off again :/
    • sweetbabu
    • By sweetbabu 7th Jun 17, 9:56 PM
    • 160 Posts
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    Arbrighton, I know what you mean - I have my last client before my due date tomorrow. I do have another booked on Tuesday though - I have been booking them in, subject to change!

    Will be glad to have the weekend off! And, thankfully OH is off this weekend as well.
    • fluffysox
    • By fluffysox 7th Jun 17, 11:00 PM
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    Hello ladies, (gatecrashing from the less than 12 weeks thread as I seem to be the only one there at the moment)
    Can anyone recommend some over the bump briefs that offer light support without digging in anywhere please? This is my third pregnancy and my belly feels much bigger than it should for this point.
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    • arbrighton
    • By arbrighton 8th Jun 17, 8:08 AM
    • 1,934 Posts
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    Sorry Fluffy, can't help, still waering my existing pants, wherever they get to these days.

    Came on to say:

    I SLEPT TIL HALF SEVEN without a dawn chorus or 1am wake up. Now off to vote with OH and then walk the dogs down the hill back (we've always walked before but it's up a really steep hill and I can't now)
    • april87
    • By april87 8th Jun 17, 11:24 AM
    • 345 Posts
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    Snow they don't half know how to frighten us, keeps us on our toes I guess. Hope your appointment went well.

    Arbrighton hope you feel better and enjoy/take it easy walking the dogs.

    Sweet fingers crossed she can squeeze you in, if not at least she can see you the day after.

    So induction booked in for Sunday, the wouldn't entertain a second sweep as I am already favourable. Again, they hope I go before then as do I. Lots of twinges/contractions but nothing concrete. Also lost my plug, had to get the OH to double check told him he'll see far worse come baby's arrival. I'm glad he can find the humour in it as much as I do. Back on my ball now, and meeting some of the other NCT ladies later. Another one is due to get induced Saturday, and one is due Sunday so could very well have our own wee reunion this weekend.
    • sweetbabu
    • By sweetbabu 8th Jun 17, 12:30 PM
    • 160 Posts
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    Fingers crossed April!

    Last client has been and gone, wishing me all the best and saying she can't wait to see the baby.

    Still no lost plug here, and the monkey is still really far up. Scrubbed the kitchen floor last night as MIL kept saying that's what I needed to be doing to get things going....
    • arbrighton
    • By arbrighton 8th Jun 17, 12:47 PM
    • 1,934 Posts
    • 1,789 Thanks
    Dog walk was erm entertaining. BIGdog chased ducks and fell in the canal. Again.

    Little dog just kept providing 'gifts', not appreciating that the floor really is a blinking long way away now!!!

    I'm pottering around the house vaguely tidying it and a friend is going to be driving more or less past on the motorway on tues so arranged for them to come to lunch
    • vanilla8
    • By vanilla8 8th Jun 17, 4:15 PM
    • 620 Posts
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    Hi all,
    Day 12 here and made it out the house for the first day yesterday. Went to register the birth.
    Finding breastfeeding much easier now, that first week is very tough and nipples survived with lanisloh helping after every feed. We are in a feeding every three hours routine which means we are getting a few blocks of 2 hours sleep at night which is good!
    Thanks for the nursing top recommendation Penguin. I haven't bought any yet, just been lazing round feeding in my PJs.
    My C Section scar is healing OK but definitely tired today after walking abit yesterday.

    Looking forward to hearing more baby news shortly!
    • firebird082
    • By firebird082 8th Jun 17, 5:50 PM
    • 533 Posts
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    Well done Vanilla! And good luck April...

    It's been a bit of a carp week here - had a call from work yesterday asking me to go in for a meeting. Turns out my role is at risk of redundancy, with a 30 day consultation period. Poorest ever possible timing. Am in again next Tuesday for the first 'meeting' (assuming baby doesn't arrive between now and then). So have been a bit emotional and all over the place - was in tears in bed this morning. OH was brilliant, just found me a hanky and gave me a cuddle, which is what I needed. Could really do without all the extra worry though

    Apart from that, no real signs here - a bit of front pelvis aching, which I assume is just the baby's head going deeper, and occasional mild period type pains is all. Really doesn't feel real at all. Pretty tired though - 1 trip out of the house a day seems to be about all I can manage, and still struggling to knuckle down and finally finish packing hospital bag.

    Sorry no specific comments everyone else - I am reading and thinking of you all, just feeling a bit sorry for myself and not terribly chatty. I think going into labour would be a relief, as it would at least give me something else to think about
    • sweetbabu
    • By sweetbabu 8th Jun 17, 6:31 PM
    • 160 Posts
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    Oh no, firebird - I'm really sorry to hear that

    I've been under threat of redundancy before and it's awful enough to deal with without being pregnant! Much as I'd love to say, please try not to stress about it, I totally understand that you won't be able to do anything BUT stress about it - even though it's the worst thing right now

    And Tuesday as well! That's the day before you're due, isn't it? I'm hoping everything goes well for you.

    When I was put under threat of redundancy, the feeling between all of us was horrendous. We felt SO undervalued and I ended up leaving anyway - and it turned out to be the best thing I've ever done! Again, though, I wasn't due to give birth imminently!
    • penguingirl
    • By penguingirl 8th Jun 17, 9:30 PM
    • 1,371 Posts
    • 1,160 Thanks
    Enjoy maternity leave arbrighton and sweetbabu.

    April- fingers crossed for baby soon! I found the contractions etc really frustrating as I felt my body was so close to labour but not quite getting there. If you do get to induction, I hope your experience of it as positive as mine, the worst bit was the sitting around waiting and being on and off the ctg all day.

    Well done vanilla. We need to book to register, something for next week! I have also found the first week of breastfeeding harder than I expected, hats off to you for managing it after a C section. We have managed to get out twice- once to a retail park for a wander and a coffee, and today we went to vote and the local shop. Our feeding routine isn't the really there yet and at nighttime we have 4 hour screaming sessions that are truly awful. But during the day he is a dream and once down at night he is great.

    Firebird- thinking of you. That truly sucks.
    • arbrighton
    • By arbrighton 8th Jun 17, 10:31 PM
    • 1,934 Posts
    • 1,789 Thanks
    Oh SIL and BIL are lovely- they've realised they cannot get the aged and rickety moses basket to us so have ordered a new one and rocking stand to be delivered. Lucky lucky bean. Totally overwhelmed

    Rowing event meeting went on longer than I thought but it was useful and I'm conscious I need to do what I can now.

    Bean's had hiccups today, and lots of foot squirming and just now, something right at bottom of bump, a few little wiggles from hands I guess
    • Lifestartsat40
    • By Lifestartsat40 9th Jun 17, 10:14 AM
    • 37 Posts
    • 18 Thanks
    We're all still hanging on in there then?
    Ive had 3 sweeps in the past week which have come to nothing more than quite intense contractions that fizzle out after a few hours and lots of light bleeding. Im booked in for induction a week today, but Im having another sweep on Thursday as a last ditch attempt. It would be nice to go into labour naturally but Ive been induced before so I know roughly what to expect and at least I can make arrangements for my daughters care whilst I'm in hospital.
    Sending lucky labour vibes to you all!
    • arbrighton
    • By arbrighton 9th Jun 17, 10:13 PM
    • 1,934 Posts
    • 1,789 Thanks
    So, SIL and I kept talking about babies stuff last night after the message re the moses basket- the stand actually arrived today as well. Plenty of muttering about growth scans from both of us and good to chat with her as she did some of her junior doctoring in Obstetrics as well as the two nephews.

    Then today, it really does feel as if bean has moved right down. Some pressing low down and all the feet type movements are now belly button level. So that's hopefully a good sign.

    Oh and I have just been through the contents of the hospital bags, taken a few bits out as I'd overdone them, short list of things to add in, including finding plenty of change for parking. But really it was as much about making sure he knows what's in them. So just the real discussion of 'preferences' to note down and we're as ready as we can ever be. Which, if we end up discussing induction on weds, will be good timing.
    • Beckyy
    • By Beckyy 10th Jun 17, 5:20 PM
    • 2,753 Posts
    • 4,170 Thanks
    Hello ladies, (gatecrashing from the less than 12 weeks thread as I seem to be the only one there at the moment)
    Can anyone recommend some over the bump briefs that offer light support without digging in anywhere please? This is my third pregnancy and my belly feels much bigger than it should for this point.
    Originally posted by fluffysox

    They don't go over bump these were (and still are ) super comfy!
    • sweetbabu
    • By sweetbabu 10th Jun 17, 5:47 PM
    • 160 Posts
    • 122 Thanks
    Hope everyone is well and April has delivered!

    I ended up with another client this morning I find it really difficult to say no when I work from home!

    Afterwards, we were in the garden. It's quite windy today but boiling hot! I was helping OH build a new gate as the old one was ruined - we justhaven't had a chance to get to it since we moved. It's looks great. Howe, what I really wanted was a planter as my poor toms have really outgrown their existing home. Saying that, they're still flowering and fruiting well, along with the cucumbers.

    I showed my DD how to root the strawberry runners so we could make more new plants, so this is her new responsibility.

    SIL texted me today to ask me how I'm feeling and to ask me to hurry up and have him. I said I've been trying everything and he will not be moved!

    Just been tickling a tiny little foot in my side. He wasn't long in moving it
    • snowscreamer
    • By snowscreamer 11th Jun 17, 12:03 PM
    • 500 Posts
    • 274 Thanks
    Hmmmm, so weird things are starting to happen over here. Pressure in my pelvic area which is only mildly released upon a loo trip and mild-moderate period pains. Plus super active baby. Didn't manage to sleep much last night as was quite uncomfortable. I'm trying to carry on as normal (albeit gently) as I think it's probably way too early to be getting excited and not entirely sure whether it's a false alarm or not. Will probably start getting excited when it's regularly painful rather than mildly uncomfortable with the occasional sharp pain.

    Currently in the car on the way to lunch at PILs (50 min drive from home; 40 min from hospital).

    Best wishes to april87! Hoping baby has arrived safely.
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    • arbrighton
    • By arbrighton 11th Jun 17, 12:22 PM
    • 1,934 Posts
    • 1,789 Thanks
    Fingers crossed snow!
    • penguingirl
    • By penguingirl 11th Jun 17, 5:57 PM
    • 1,371 Posts
    • 1,160 Thanks
    Fingers crossed that April has had her baby

    Hope things are happening for you snow!
    • sweetbabu
    • By sweetbabu 11th Jun 17, 9:25 PM
    • 160 Posts
    • 122 Thanks
    Well I'm so thoroughly !!!!ed off tonight. He is simultaneously kicking my ribs to shreds and also lying on my nerve - I almost toppled down the stairs the first time he did it tonight

    So I am wishing you good luck snow! I hope this is it for you x
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