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    • busybee100
    • By busybee100 4th Feb 18, 3:43 PM
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    As molerat says fixed rate refers to the cost. Eon do fixed tariffs for E7. Have a look on your account or ask for the specific tariff then you can look it up to make sure it's the correct one for you.

  • E.ON Company Representative: Malc
    E.ON Economy 7

    This is my first time posting, but Iím in a real state of confusion around my electricity bills and am concerned that Eon May have mis-sold me on my tariff.

    Moved into a 2 bed too floor flat. We have storage heaters in every room, immersion heater, full electric house. So, by the general consensus I have seen on this website and others, we should be on the Economy 7 tariff (note. Our meter does split between a day and a night rate already) However! When setting up with Eon, and giving them this information, they said a fixed rate tariff would be the best choice for us.

    We recently had the meter replaced as the old one was faulty, and the readings were obviously 00000 for night and day when installed. Then, 11 days later 00074 for day, and 00261 for night. I contacted Eon, who assured me over the phone that we were definitely better off on the fixed rate still. Im assuming this is because our summer usage at night will be so low that it all balances out. But canít help feel those numbers do NOT currently add up.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated. My current plan is ride it out and try to manage the amount of energy we are using a bit better through the winter and see what happens up until we are up for renewal. But that is just down to my limited experience in these matters, and probably some naivety.
    Originally posted by Cdeeks
    Hello Cdeeks and welcome to the Forums.

    Already some excellent advice from molerat and busybee100. Thanks both. To confirm, our fixed rate tariffs guarantee the price per kWh and daily standing charge will stay the same for the duration of the agreement.

    If you've registered with our website, have a look at the tariffs we currently have available. If there's anything better, you can change through there in a few clicks. Don't worry about exit fees. They don't apply when moving from one of our tariffs to another.

    For a fuller picture of what's available, pop your details on to the independent price comparison sites. These will list the tariffs available both with us and with the other suppliers. Here, exit fees might apply if you change supplier unless you're inside the renewal period (open 49 calendar days before a fixed tariff ends until 20 working days after).

    With Economy 7, you have 7 hours of cheaper off peak electricity during the night. Generally, the off peak times are active between midnight and 7am although these times aren't set in stone and do vary depending on the region and metering set up at the property. If you don't already know them, we'll be happy to tell you these times.

    Economy 7 meters are usually the most cost effective set up for all electric properties with storage heaters. The storage heaters charge up during the cheaper off peak times and release heat gradually throughout the day.

    The lower rates apply to all electricity used during these times. I know these aren't particularly sociable times but, if possible, using timers on high load appliances like washing machines, tumble dryers etc might help you save a bit. There's more information on our website about ways to save money by saving energy.

    Hope this is of interest Cdeeks. Let me know if you need any more information as happy to help.

    ďOfficial Company Representative
    I am an official company representative of E.ON. MSE has given permission for me to post in response to queries about the company, so that I can help solve issues. You can see my name on the companies with permission to post list. I am not allowed to tout for business at all. If you believe I am please report it to This does NOT imply any form of approval of my company or its products by MSE"
    • xxnikkib76xx
    • By xxnikkib76xx 6th Feb 18, 1:06 PM
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    Hi. I was wondering if anyone could help me.
    I have two pre payment meters one for economy7 which I use for my storage heaters and water heater throughout the night and the second for your everyday electric use. My econony7 is with sse and the everyday electric supplier is with Utilita.
    The problem Iím having is my economy7 seems to be using an awful lot of money I put in around £35-£45 per week just for my heating. I have storage heaters in 6 rooms but only 5 are being used and a small water tank.
    I was just wondering if this right as I always thought the night time rate was a lot cheaper. Last night/this morning I put the meter onto emergency at 01:08 and throughout the night it used all the emergency plus and extra £1.06, Iím thinking £6.06 is a lot for 6 hours use. Am I right in thinking this?
    Can anyone recommend who is the best supplier for my economy7 meter. I have no problem with my other supplier for the meter for everyday electric.
    Please help I really cannot afford to keep this up.
    • ImDoingItForMe
    • By ImDoingItForMe 7th Feb 18, 7:26 AM
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    If it helps just one of my storage heaters running for 7 days costs me over £13 a week. So x that by 5 and the cost of running yours seems about right. They are expensive.
    • charlieheard
    • By charlieheard 8th Feb 18, 4:08 PM
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    We don't have storage heaters, but we've just bought an electric car for SWMBO to commute into Leeds and back and to save on diesel for shorter trips at the weekends. The battery capacity is 22kwh, but typical daily consumption is 7-12kwh. We're currently on a fixed single-rate tariff with EDF till August 2018, so we just plug in the car to charge whenever we get back. This is going to increase our electricity consumption by 50-70%. The car has a charge timer, so we can set it to charge at certain times, so we could easily use that if we went E7.

    Is it worth going for an E7 meter, and how would we go about it? I've looked online, but can't see anything on EDF's site, or any more general info on changing. Can we just get a smart meter installed nowadays, or do we need a special E7 meter? We have solar panels - will these be affected? I'm assuming you don't need to modify the internal wiring to take advantage of the reduced rates like my parents did years ago with storage heaters

    "You may have speed, but I have momentum"
    • jk0
    • By jk0 8th Feb 18, 4:49 PM
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    Charlie, there is a gadget available that puts any spare solar power into your car battery rather than the grid. I think this might work out even cheaper than E7 in the long run.
    • Flowboy
    • By Flowboy 10th Feb 18, 12:49 PM
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    That sounds like an E10 tariff, with the cheap rate spread over different periods in the day. E7 is only cheap rate at night. At least with SSE that is the case.
    • Flowboy
    • By Flowboy 10th Feb 18, 1:26 PM
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    Deleted response as was reply to a post I can't now find!
    • Flowboy
    • By Flowboy 10th Feb 18, 1:38 PM
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    Charlie, assuming you don't have solar PV panels, if you are increasing your usage by 50-70% then E7 should save you money. It is half or less than std day rate. You will have to have your cable to car on a timer so you only charge overnight between say 12.30 & 5am (supplier e7 hours vary a bit). Also you shouldn't run the cable over the pavement it might be used as a trip accident claim against you!
    • charlieheard
    • By charlieheard 15th Feb 18, 1:58 PM
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    Thanks for the replies - just realised I hadn't replied even though I've been reading them.

    I've seen the Zappi charger, which manages charging to your solar panels, but the car is seldom here during the day, so we can't benefit unless we invest in battery storage. I am toying with the idea of diverting the electricity produced into the immersion heater, though.

    The car has a built-in charging timer, so we could easily use that if we did go E7. I'm not clear what needs changing in the house nowadays if we do go E7. Do we need 2 separate meters still, or is a smart meter enough? And how we go about swapping? Our current supplier EDF don't seem to have a way of converting, and I can't find any useful info via google.

    "You may have speed, but I have momentum"
    • jk0
    • By jk0 15th Feb 18, 11:41 PM
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    Charlie, what I did was to switch to my old area electricity board for energy temporarily, and asked them to install an E7 meter. Then I changed to the cheapest supplier.

    You don't need new wiring. Just use the car timer as you mention.
    • charlieheard
    • By charlieheard 18th Feb 18, 10:42 AM
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    Thanks for that. Just to check that I need a specific E7 meter - a normal smart meter isn't enough

    "You may have speed, but I have momentum"
    • caledonian80
    • By caledonian80 4th Apr 18, 9:43 PM
    • 15 Posts
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    Is Economy 7 the right tariff?
    Hi all,
    I have just moved into an all electric flat.
    It has a Horstmann BX2000 Immersion heater controller and storage heaters.
    I obtained the best price via the Cheap Energy Club with One Select.
    The prices are: Day rate: 13.1250p.
    Night rate: 7.1232p
    And a daily standing charge of: 21.55p.
    There are three of us living in the flat and the hot water needs boosting most of the time in the late afternoon/evening.
    Because the weather has been up and down recently, there have been occasions where the storage heaters have not been required.
    An advantage of living on the third floor is that the heat from other flats rises.
    How do others manage when the daytime is colder than they thought it was going to be and they didn't charge the heaters the night before, and also when the opposite happens?
    The heaters are standard with Input and Output dials.
    Would a standard electric only tariff be better?
    Its my first time on Economy 7.
    Hope someone can help.

    • jk0
    • By jk0 4th Apr 18, 10:48 PM
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    Are you sure your storage heaters don't have an automatic input? What is the make & model no?

    No, don't switch to a flat rate.
    • Softwaremad
    • By Softwaremad 15th Apr 18, 1:19 AM
    • 37 Posts
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    Looking for help - lady has come to me - property was E7 but then rewired and storage heaters removed. ISupply supplier
    refused to change meter or tariff - she is now getting into increasing debt as the £250 paid monthly is not enough to cover electric usage and service some £2500 built up debt.

    ISupply have lied and stated that dual meter is not in place - and E7 tariff is correct despite removal of systems at property. They refuse to believe it has been rewired and/or investigate.

    Lady is disabled with young child with significant health care needs?
    i have directed her to complain to CEO
    we are at a loss. ISupply stated that she cannot move to another supplier until debt is below £40 - she could change meter - however all others have stated only current supplier can change the meter. Sounds like she is trapped to me and i am failing as to know how to get someone to listen and try and resolve this.

    Blooming awful state of affairs from an energy supplier if you ask me
    • Chrislincs
    • By Chrislincs 15th Apr 18, 2:46 PM
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    I am currently on E 7 as have storage radiators. I have also got 4kw photovolcaic solar .and thermal solar panels. Am on the brink of outing the storage rads in favour of air source heating. I am now in a quandary about whether it might pay me to stay on E7, The PV will help drive pump by day, and PT heat the water, in longer days, at least. I am so into thinking use power by night that everything has timers on it. However, winter months, when I will need heating most, will use more grid electricity. Have had conflicting advice from various "experts", Does anyone have personal experience or information? I am a sole pensioner, so home by day, much of the time, now, and in a no gas zone.
    My storage rads are costly to run - but no boilers to service or replace, and so much easier to add on as I am a serial extender. They are just not very green.
    • fasteddy13
    • By fasteddy13 19th Apr 18, 9:50 AM
    • 10 Posts
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    Hope I am not hijacking this thread or repeating an issue..
    I have 2 meters, 1 is off-peak and the other is standard.
    Apparently this prevents me from switching to any company other than the big 6. I have tried to find a way of getting a digital meter which will accommodate both rates but I am getting nowhere with my current provider (Scottish Power). 18 phone calls, no-one calls me back and just passes the buck to another department.
    Anyone done this? I cant seem to find a route to getting one meter so I can be free to switch to a smaller company, preferably one that specialises in renewable energy..
    Any advice would be very welcome..
    • afmfifgh
    • By afmfifgh 20th Apr 18, 2:18 PM
    • 256 Posts
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    Have you tried to actually do the switch. I have the same and have never had an issue switching provider though the only non big 6 I have switched to has been Ovo and Coop.

    Never been an issue they just ask for both readings and then combine them.

    If you haven't tried switching I would just give it a go.
    • caledonian80
    • By caledonian80 22nd Apr 18, 3:56 PM
    • 15 Posts
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    Hi, my storage heaters are basic Sunhouse models, with manual input and output dials on top, along with a main hard wired switch at the side.
    My last bill with Scottish Power for just under a months usage before I switched via cheap energy club was just over £125. (Feb/March)
    I!!!8217;m still trying to work out how to prevent the hot water from running out/going lukewarm.
    • fairyqueen
    • By fairyqueen 26th Sep 18, 2:31 PM
    • 3 Posts
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    Hi im sorry if someone else has asked this but im on economy 7 and have storage heaters is it normal that my night usage is much higher than my daytime usage
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