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    The '101 days to change our lives' challenge
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    • 29th Apr 07, 4:54 PM
    The '101 days to change our lives' challenge 29th Apr 07 at 4:54 PM
    Hi everyone,

    The idea for this thread had been swimming around for a few days in my head but it has come to fruition thanks to a great thread started by swishster, it can be found at:Click here

    Now I know we are all making changes somewhere and I know you are all making progress; I guess this thread is intended as an extra catalyst for those of us who want it.

    The idea is that we have a 101 day challenge to make a difference to our lives, right across the spectrum of things we want to change. All of us on the DFW board want to reduce our debt and this will of course be a part of the challenge, but what about the other things? Such as; losing a little weight, dropping a bad habit or taking up a new one, setting up a filing system, eating breakfast every day, visiting someone you have not visited for a while, etc etc etc.

    The challenge is that there are no strict rules and no hard-and-fast targets. You decide in your head what things you would like to do over the next 101 days which will improve your life in some way and let's go and do them. You may have one target, you may have 20, it really does not matter; just remember that in 3 months time we can look back over this thread reading all the encouragement we will have given one another, then we can look at what we have all achieved and feel a nice warm boost inside for the summer.

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    • CAFCGirl
    • By CAFCGirl 29th Apr 07, 5:08 PM
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    • 29th Apr 07, 5:08 PM
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    • 29th Apr 07, 5:08 PM
    I've been waiting for this one!

    Right for my 101 days I want to make a concise effort to be healthy with my eating.
    I've got a very high metabolism, and according to my GP, panic anxiety brought about by hypoglycemia.
    Basically due to poor eating habits, my body has become overly reliant on sugars (from what I could tell from his blurb!)

    Not helped by a high metabolism!According to my Gp my BMI is not looking good.

    I know some people might say "ohhh whats she complaining about, I'd love it if that were my problem", which trust me I've heard before! And I'm not filling you all in so that you'll all hate me.

    But I figured, whats healthy for one person has to be healthy for us all right? Given a few exceptions! i.e I can't have nuts, allergic

    So really I want to really get motivated and stay strong to changing my bad eating habits, before I end up on Freaky Eaters or something!!!

    Look forward to meeting lots of people on the new challenge

    10 years and still don't have a clue what I'm doing

    Trying to get by on a single Emergency Services income
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    March Grocery Challenge 250\46.77
    • taka
    • By taka 29th Apr 07, 5:18 PM
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    • 29th Apr 07, 5:18 PM
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    • 29th Apr 07, 5:18 PM
    I would love to become more confident and less negative!! Oh and loose some weight!! Actually just not putting on more weight would be good!!
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  • emzig123
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    • 29th Apr 07, 5:20 PM
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    • 29th Apr 07, 5:20 PM
    Hiya, can I join in?

    I am about to do my Finals for my degree in two weeks and really need to make some changes to my life over the summer before I start a PGCE in the autumn.


    1. get down to 11st (I'm at 12 and a half now) in time for BF's sisters wedding in September
    2. get a 2:1
    3. get a tan
    4. save up some money from my summer work for a holiday in september

    So to do this:

    1. Stop snacking and keep a food diary. my spending diary has saved me loads so hopefully my food one will work!
    2. work harder, handing in dissertation tomorrow but gotta get on with the exams.
    3. actually sit in the sun!
    4. work at the evil shop and budget tightly so I can save up the money.
    5. visit the gym/ go running/ swimming at least twice a week

    Good luck guys, i look forward to keeping this up!
    Official DFW Nerd No 275

    • Crown
    • By Crown 29th Apr 07, 5:39 PM
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    • 29th Apr 07, 5:39 PM
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    • 29th Apr 07, 5:39 PM
    Hi all, I like the sound of this and I'm up for the challenge!

    I have already changed my life dramatically since using this site as it has opened my eyes up to the "bigger picture" about finances.

    So my Goals for the 101 Days to change are to

    Eat Healthier & Get some type of Regular exercise
    Start my own small home business even if its only trading on Ebay
    Get back to being the postive person used to be before my Redundancy

    I guess baby steps are the way to go jusrt as I have been doing with my debts. lets see how it goes
    Official DFW Nerd Club - Member no. 297 - Proud To Be Dealing With My Debts
    • KellsBells
    • By KellsBells 29th Apr 07, 5:43 PM
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    • 29th Apr 07, 5:43 PM
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    • 29th Apr 07, 5:43 PM
    Oooh I'm in too!

    For my 101 days challenge there's loads I want to achieve, so for now I'll just say reduce debt by at least 20%, Lose 1 stone in weight, and make some home improvements.

    I might come back and edit my post though, because I might think of more!!

    *Take more packed lunches to work
    *Shorten debt free date
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    [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=1]Official DFW Nerd Club - Member no. 414.....Proud to be dealing with with my debt!
  • WelshWoofer
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    • 29th Apr 07, 5:43 PM
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    • 29th Apr 07, 5:43 PM
    Mine are quite straight forward.....

    Pay off the last £800 on the credit card - this will mean that I have paid off nearly £7000 in a year or so and will be debt free apart from a longstanding loan that I personally count as kind of part of the mortgage (even though it's not) as its for a conservatory.

    Lose 7lbs - this will take me to my target weight and its taking ages to lose the last bit.

    Train enough to do the Race for life and run all of the way - have started this but its hard-going:rolleyes:

    A really simple one - take my make up off every night and not wake up with the Turin shroud on the pillow and dull looking skin!!!

    No excuses - am going to try hard!!!!
    January grocery spending - 82.73/ 120
    • CAFCGirl
    • By CAFCGirl 29th Apr 07, 5:48 PM
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    • 29th Apr 07, 5:48 PM
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    • 29th Apr 07, 5:48 PM
    I'm so adding that last one onto mine!

    I'm so bad with the make-up thing!!!

    10 years and still don't have a clue what I'm doing

    Trying to get by on a single Emergency Services income
    Fashion On The Ration Coupons 14\66
    March Grocery Challenge 250\46.77
  • postingalwaysposting
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    • 29th Apr 07, 5:52 PM
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    • 29th Apr 07, 5:52 PM
    ohhh this is a great little challenge... i am going to join and these will be my goals, they are small but then the following 101 days challenge i will up them ~ thats if we do it again :rolleyes:

    1 ~ save at least 1000.00
    2 ~ be more confident
    3 ~ have 3 balanced meals a day :rolleyes:
    4 ~ walk more

    3 months seems a long time but in reality is very short but if we put our minds to it we can all do this...

    • joeblack066
    • By joeblack066 29th Apr 07, 5:54 PM
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    I like this!! Count me in! My goals are;

    To lose 2st in weight (exercise and diet).
    To maximise my earning potential, to enable me to clear my debts quicker and afford some kinda life!
    To have some 'me' time...all I do is work and family....think subconciously this has been a defence mechanism since the break up of my last relationship, but now's the time for it to CHANGE!!
  • tigtag02
    I like the sound of this one

    Me & OH are starting the WW diet tomorrow - we stopped smoking 4 months ago and our waist lines have paid for it

    We have done WW before and did really well so wont be paying the obligatory 5.00 to be told that we're fatties (Cue Marjory Dores )

    So.....worried about not having the motivation this thread has come at just the right time!!

    I want to be back at my goal of 9st 5lbs and OH isn't bothered about weight as long as he is happy with how he looks.

    Weigh-in is tonight so I will update my siggy once that ordeal is over!!

    2nd challenge is to have saved 1200 for the new windows!! We were almost halfway there BUT life took over

    Good luck to us all
    baby no3 due 16th November
    DFD 16/6/10
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  • Swishter

    Thank you for an honorable mention!
  • Swishter
    Ooops not finished got overexcited!

    Just worked out that starting from tomorrow 101 days takes us to the 8th August which is my big day! The start of the great adventure which is 30!

    So I am going to get involved with all of you! My dinner is nearly ready to have to run, but will updating all my plans and progress with you all.

    • CAFCGirl
    • By CAFCGirl 29th Apr 07, 6:03 PM
    • 8,657 Posts
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    Great to see you on board Swish since you were the divine inspiration for starting the thread

    10 years and still don't have a clue what I'm doing

    Trying to get by on a single Emergency Services income
    Fashion On The Ration Coupons 14\66
    March Grocery Challenge 250\46.77
  • Lillibet
    Please may I join? I don't post hear very often as I feel like a bit of an interloper I'm not actually a DFW as we don't have any debt but I have given up work to be a SAHM & we are digging into savings to stay afloat & I follow the DFW board (esp. I_A's brilliant diary).

    We are going to Paris in August for my Mum's 60th birthday, I want to improve my self image a bit for that so that I don't look my usual dumpy self in the photos for once, so my challenges to myself are :

    1) Lose some weight, don't care if it is 1lb or 1st (1st would be good but I'm a realist) anything will do. I will weigh myself tomorrow morning so that I have got a benchmark to kick off from.

    2) Following on from losing weight, I pledge to eat a salad meal at least once every 2 days. It should be a it easier now summer is here, but does anyone else find salad a bit of a chore?

    3) Have at least 1 chocolate free day every week. (best not clash with the salad day or I'll be a nightmare to live with!) Should save me...hummm... around £1 a week.:rolleyes:

    4) List at least one item a week on ebay or amazon or do a car boot sale. I'm desperate to have a bit of a de-clutter, hubby is a natural hoarder! We have a car boot sale planned for next sunday so I am already on schedule for this

    5) Cleanse my face everynight. I'm lazy about this and as I have naturally bad skin I really really must make more of an effort. I bought some BOGOF cleansing wipes this week so I've no excuse, althoguh I'm sure they're probably a rip off & soap & water would do the trick

    6) Be stricter with myself about sticking to the grocery budget. I'm good with the others, food is my downfall:rolleyes:

    EDIT :
    7) Use that flipping Davina MaCall workout DVD at least once a week!

    Hopefully by doing all of the above I'll look fab in Paris & have a bit of extra spending money.

    Good luck everyone
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  • taxi73
    This sounds interesting....
    I aim to pay as much as possible off my debts and at least clear the Halifax one
    I aim to lose 2 stone
    What do we we post our stuff as it happens on this thread?
    • Spendaholic Chick
    • By Spendaholic Chick 29th Apr 07, 6:24 PM
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    Spendaholic Chick
    I'm in!

    My goals:

    - lose 2 stones
    - get up to date with OU work
    - get overdraft down to 1500 pounds
    - list something on ebay every week

    If 8 Aug is the day as noted above then its the day before my birthday so would be great timing!
    Official DFW Nerd Club - Member no 293 Proud to be dealing with my debts

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    • KellsBells
    • By KellsBells 29th Apr 07, 6:24 PM
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    hey Taxi,

    I'm also in Blackpool - who d'ya drive for?? Is it the one with lots of blue cars?? or the yellow cars? Or do you drive just for yourself?

    To add to my 101 challenge I'm going to take more packed lunches to work with me to stop going me from having Pub Lunches as often!!
    Last edited by KellsBells; 29-04-2007 at 6:27 PM.
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    • Purpleroses
    • By Purpleroses 29th Apr 07, 6:31 PM
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    Hey! good idea for a thread. i'd like to

    ~ Lose Weight
    ~ Get the business online and running

    Thats the most important things right now really. C x
    #36 2019 in 2019 ~ 851/2019
    #88 CYDBX ~ 0/6500

  • hypno06
    My goals for the next three months are to:

    - complete my assignments that I should have done weeks ago.....!
    - get on top of the housework
    - ditto re the garden
    - increase business turnover
    - get my Egg card under 1000
    - start claims for all OH credit card charges
    - enjoy life and to appreciate what I have, rather than to hanker over what I haven't

    Good luck to everyone on this challenge x
    Successful women can still have their feet on the ground. They just wear better shoes. (Maud Van de Venne)
    Life begins at the end of your comfort zone (Neale Donald Walsch)
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