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    • DawnW
    • By DawnW 4th Dec 12, 7:20 PM
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    Hope you feel better soon GQ x

    • mardatha
    • By mardatha 4th Dec 12, 9:58 PM
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    Second that, you've been overdoing things miss! xxx chiil oot!
    • vanoonoo
    • By vanoonoo 5th Dec 12, 7:35 AM
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    morning all - damp and cold here but ten miles down the road its snowing apparently - how is it where you are? are you all prepped? I've worn completely the wrong footwear in to work today if we get snow but at least the husband is picking me up tonight from the front of the work building so I'll only have to skid about 10 yards and one small step to get to the car!

    stay safe, hydrated, dry and warm everyone x
    • catznine
    • By catznine 5th Dec 12, 8:15 AM
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    We have snow here in the south east! Brrr but pretty! Little dog staying snuggled up indoors atm lazy girl! oh went off on a long drive to Lincolnshire forgetting his flask of coffee but he does have a scarf gloves and a blanket in the car! It seems to be worse here in Essex with cars slipping and sliding on the roads that the grifters didn't get to! Going to get some soup going in the slow cooker for his return!

    Still dizzy but only in the mornings and at night! When I sit up too quickly it feels like someone is forcefully pushing me back down! Weird! Hoping pacing and resting (typical me symptom management) will help! Stay safe and warm everyone!
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  • D&DD
    Whats a gritter then Catz?? We never see one here rare as hens teeth lol.
    Reporting in Noo *salutes*

    South east london has snow so be prepared for copious amounts of cockups on the news

    DS2 was due to go to school,cab was here at 7.20 looked out at 7.25 and we had a blizzard! I've had to keep him off but DS3 has gone in as its not too bad and he was chomping at the bit to get to school for a change! It's not bad enough to keep him off and seems to be thawing already.

    I had Tesco's deliver yesterday so we're set X
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    • maryb
    • By maryb 5th Dec 12, 10:00 AM
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    we had snow at quarter to 8 this morning so a scary drive to school - it wasn't settling on the main roads but the side roads were a bit slippy. All gone now but the trains are doing their usual - ie not running 'cos they don't like snow so they won't go, so there! At least I don't have to go to work any more but my poor DD was standing on a cold platform for quite a while.

    I'm away for a few days from today so must remember to tell her where the snow shovel is (NOT at the back of the shed despite DH's best efforts when tidying up) and remind her to put some salt on the step in the morning. It's York-type stone and lethal if it's icy. Nice to be prepared but no use if other family members don't know what I've got and where it is!!
    • missrlr
    • By missrlr 5th Dec 12, 10:20 AM
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    Thanks GQ - hope you feel better soon.

    I made it in to work and did an hours worth of work to look out the window and bingo - snow covered car park. DH is safely tucked up in bed and I am not going to be able to work out what the snow situation is on our hill until he wakes up - could be interesting getting up the hill home tonight, if only because no one else thinks to put either winter tyres on their cars or attempt to drive sensibly in this weather so they clog he hill up with "stuck" vehicles. As for gritters, it's only a bus route, why would we get a gritter??????
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    • boultdj
    • By boultdj 5th Dec 12, 10:31 AM
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    If you'v got a Lidl near you check it out,mine had snow chain's in yesterday, in 3 size's, at 20,hth.
    • kittie
    • By kittie 5th Dec 12, 10:44 AM
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    I am desperately trying to make a bit of room in this house, doh I was going to run long term food stocks down but after reading what mar found about feed wheat futures, well nothing is going to go down and it`ll be more than likely that food prices will carry on upwards.

    So I am thinking smart and vinegar that I use for making preserves won`t be needed until next year, so they are going into the inaccessible far end of my low corner kitchen cupboard. I mean I would go and get gallons of wine vinegar and cider vinegar so they are all at least half full. I will probably be smiling next year mind as they got 1/4 the crop of cider apples from here this year. Then it is on hands and knees with a head torch on, how flipping ridiculous, to burrow into my understairs cupboard where they are residing now, just so I can release some space for the olive oil and grains that I have all over the place in cool areas

    Time also to take my sauerkraut out of its fermentation crock and I`ll repack into kilners, which will go into the cold lean to. All my brined veg is looking and tasting good, I have deliberately left some from 2011 and it is keeping very well. I had a mad moment and brined small plums, well they will be nice and pickled by now, just got to think what the heck to do with them

    Beautiful sunny day here after a wet and not so cold night, dh is cycling and as usual I am doing stuff in the house, ie washing, sorting stores and cooking all at once but I stop dead at 1 as I often do and I knit, read, eat a bit of chocolate, listen to the radio. I admit to getting twitchy when it rains at the moment as it still looks like an inland sea when viewed from the top road

    Went to the farmers place yesterday and bought a mousetrap which caught the little beastie last night, also bought lovely local beef from them, which is casseroling now. Its a very good place for all sorts of basics for the house as well as all the usual for farmers and smallholders. All local stuff where they can
    • nuatha
    • By nuatha 5th Dec 12, 11:43 AM
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    I had a mad moment and brined small plums, well they will be nice and pickled by now, just got to think what the heck to do with them
    Originally posted by kittie
    It might be worth looking at umeboshi for inspiration.
    • ginnyknit
    • By ginnyknit 5th Dec 12, 1:32 PM
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    OOh Kittie your stores sound very interesting. I need to make pickled red cabbage this week as DS loves it with his tater hash and must find a recipe for either onion chutney or sweetcorn relish as I am addicted to them and they are 1 a bottle. Will keep the squeezy bottles from the last buy and decant into them.

    No snow here so far but looking like its on its way. OH popped out with his carer for a couple of hours so am trying valiantly to get the house sorted. I need to make a door curtain for the front today so thats next job on the list.
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  • 2tonsils
    Kittie I really enjoyed reading your post,thank you very much. Re the olive oil, it can go cloudy if the temperature it is kept in is too low, but it does not spoil the oil . It will clear again when moved to a warmer place. The best way to keep it in small amounts is in dark plastic bottles.As you use it you can squeeze the air out and it will keep it fresh. You can also make it into a spread by putting it in a small tub in the freezer, but remember to return it to the freezer as soon as you have used it. It can be flavoured with herbs and garlic and frozen in little blocks in an ice cube tray for use in cooking. Hope this info is of some use to someone.

    Had hardly any sleep again last night due to the storms coming back. We did not get the winds they forecast but boy, did we get the thunderstorms. At one point, around 4am, the whole house was shaking with the thunder. There has been quite a bit of damage to houses, olive trees blown over (some 200 years old) and many computers and electricals damaged with the lightning and power surges. For the first time ever its not taken off our electric, water and internet...miracles never cease! We are still on the dangerous weather warning till the weekend but at least we are getting the odd bit of sunshine between the storms. The North of Greece has got really heavy snow and the ski resorts are now all open. They are doing cheap offers for skiing for Greek families so that is good. I hate snow and Ice as I am scared of slipping and hurting myself so I won't be heading for the ski resorts.

    If the weather is okay tomorrow I am going out to replenish some of my stocks as I have used a few in the last ten days while it has been so bad. The roads here are full of potholes and at the moment covered in gravel washed from the mountain and bits of trees. It's like an obstacle course of the worst kind on the back roads to the village.

    Hope you are all managing to stay safe and warm. My daughter said its snowing really heavily where she is in the North East.
    • Uniscots97
    • By Uniscots97 5th Dec 12, 3:04 PM
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    2T there was an article in the mail this morning saying the hospitals don't have enough basic items like disposeable gloves.
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    • kittie
    • By kittie 5th Dec 12, 3:48 PM
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    Thank you very much nuatha re umboshi and 2T re the lovely olive oil tips. I`ll be taking both on board from tomorrow

    I finished at 2.30 not 1pm and got so hot that I had to swap my jumper for a t shirt, I should have changed out of my long skirt as I kept catching my knees and feet in it, every time I stood up. I did a massive sort out but can now see and reach all my dehydrated veggies, herbs and fruits. I have loads of jams, chutneys, pickles, bottled fruits and marmalades and I mean loads, all looking pristine so lots of shifting about went on under the stairs. I have a load of bags of Lg organic brown rice which completely filled a big old laundry basket in there, I went mad when ethical superstore had its 25% off everything sale. All pasta has now been moved to a two shelf cupboard in a cool room and that is all kamut or spelt and brown organic and also from the same place. I had to bring half of it down from the wardrobe . All that is left up there is a case of 12 packs of lasagne So that basically leaves buckwheat, quinoa, wheat groats, hemp seeds, flaxseeds but I do use them, the flaxseeds are mostly in my small spare fridge. Nuts too but I vac packed them weeks ago and they are fine and now handier and won`t go rancid as they were packed as soon as I got them home

    2T your weather sounds surreal, like a movie really but I would not like to be in it. I am going to look for dark bottles soon and I do like the sound of the spread, so will make at least one tub today

    oh and was delighted to find my net produce bags under there and also all my string bags that I thought I had lost. I should think I will be able to hang fruit in these bags, in the cool in the lean t, on hooks from the ceiling and it will be mouseproof. Maybe even a cabbage. I bought those bags ages ago and am so happy to have found them
    Last edited by kittie; 05-12-2012 at 3:55 PM.
  • 2tonsils
    2T there was an article in the mail this morning saying the hospitals don't have enough basic items like disposeable gloves.
    Originally posted by unixgirluk

    The main problem is that the Greek government have not been paying money owed to the hospitals and pharmacies. So now they owe almost 9 billion to them and can't pay it to them. I read that 4000 pharmacies were on the edge of bankruptcy as they took out loans so they could keep providing people with medicine. At times they are not providing things on prescription even if we have health insurance, we have to pay for them in full and try to claim the money back next year. It takes weeks and months to stand in queues and claim it and most never get paid back.

    I don't know about disposable gloves being in short supply (they are cheap here and the hospitals are paranoid about AIDS and infections like MRSA) but drugs and some equipment have been in short supply for the last eighteen months or so. We stocked up on our meds (with long use by dates) and first aid stuff. If you need an injection you have to pay for a nurse or learn to do it yourself for your family. The doctor taught me! Things are very different here...

    Kittie, I am glad the tips were helpful re the olive oil. You are right, the weather is Surreal....I took one look at the clouds and thought of the 2012 disaster movie (which they are showing on Sunday just to make us feel better!). I have never been scared of thunderstorms but the last few have made me feel apprehensive about what might be coming next. I am so glad we have to have full insurance (including earthquake) due to having a mortgage. The insurance is different covers enough to rebuild the house as it was before damage and our house is 300 years old with marble steps and oak floors and roof. It would cost a fortune hence the massive amount we pay each year for the insurance..650 euros for the building.

    One good thing is that they never claim something was ''an act of God'' , I asked about it when I first got the insurance and the reply was ''why on earth would God do damage to a house?''........quite right LOL.

    My daughter rang me today and told me they have heavy snow. She asked me if I had heard about all the scaremongering about 21 st of December and I said I had and that I planned to have a nice tipple (I am usually a non drinker ) and a big box of chocolates in the house, just in case on that day.....and she said she had just been to buy her big box of chocolates for the minds think alike!

    My OH said he is apprehensive but not worried but I have a definite feeling of Que Sera , Sera....what will be , will be. Why worry? It will probably turn out just the same as December 21st usually does...
    Our ferries are cancelled once again...about the tenth time in a couple of weeks, I am beginning to think we won't be able to get away for a few days at Christmas. Many of our friends have booked flights back to the UK but with the weather as bad as it is I have my doubts if they are going to get off either. It's going to be a long wait to see if it clears in time.
    • mardatha
    • By mardatha 5th Dec 12, 5:03 PM
    • 14,827 Posts
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    We got snow last night and its lain frozen solid all day. Was at minus 3 in mid afternoon, might go down a good bit yet. Roads mainly gritted but the back one through the hills was fun At least I don't have to trek out to work in it so I can enjoy it..
    Went to Costco for
    • missrlr
    • By missrlr 5th Dec 12, 5:26 PM
    • 2,189 Posts
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    oh C0stc0 cake, trouble is I can eat a whole one, and I always end up buying more stuff, just because, it is a dangerous place. Although the pork loin steaks were half the price of any other pork product even at my butchers so I had to get a few!

    Daft tenant has put too high wattage light bulbs in the kitchen and is overloading the transformer, apparently I now need to change the lights!!1 Erm I think not, get lower watt light bulbs
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    • TeaCake
    • By TeaCake 5th Dec 12, 7:25 PM
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    A freebie just up our alley today
    Last edited by TeaCake; 05-12-2012 at 7:28 PM.
  • Confuzzled
    My daughter rang me today and told me they have heavy snow. She asked me if I had heard about all the scaremongering about 21 st of December and I said I had and that I planned to have a nice tipple (I am usually a non drinker ) and a big box of chocolates in the house, just in case on that day.....and she said she had just been to buy her big box of chocolates for the minds think alike!
    Originally posted by 2tonsils
    we're travelling on part one of our two day trek to the other side of scotland for christmas on the 21st, if it all goes to pot at least we'll get our time in at the christmas faire and get to see the hobbit, mind you we'll be sleeping in a travelodge so hmmm

    i don't have any fear of anything, that calendar had to stop at some point, my worst concern for the day is the points freezing up on the rails or them giving away my room i booked 6 months ago etc etc

    still the idea of a tipple and a box of chocolates sounds good, any excuse right?
    • Popperwell
    • By Popperwell 5th Dec 12, 7:42 PM
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    As said on another thread SHTF around 12.20 today here...the electric went off. It came back approx an hour later but yes I did not have any hot water in the flasks, I was not hungry as it happened but I had access to water, UHT milk or fruit juice and could make sandwiches.

    My worry was had it gone on for hours all my valued yellow stickered items would be lost in the freezer. I only use one light at night and yet I was happy the power cut happened before night set in even though I can use torches and candles/tealights.

    It affected most of the town including the shops.
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