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    • Little Miss Uni-Debt
    • By Little Miss Uni-Debt 14th Jun 12, 3:40 PM
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    Little Miss Uni-Debt
    Starting again, 1% at a time. 100 ways to make 80!
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    • 14th Jun 12, 3:40 PM
    Starting again, 1% at a time. 100 ways to make 80! 14th Jun 12 at 3:40 PM
    Hey all,

    I'm back again. *sigh*. Progress stopped for a long while and the debt total has spiralled back up to crazy heights again. I'm pretty angry with myself but happy to be back here!

    I'm annoyed at how I wasted my hard work but I intend to sort it now instead of letting it go back up to it's original level.

    I was almost debt free in 2009 (just a few hundred pounds off) but I had worked so hard for so long, I was properly burned out. Fortunately the systems I set up to manage my bills held up and I'm not behind with anything.

    So the situation now. Back at just under 8k debt, I can make small overpayments each month.

    Estimated debt free day is in around a year - June 2013.

    I want to smash that so that I am debt free before Nov 2012 which is 5 years since I started this journey.

    I enjoy my little projects, building, writing and creating. I'm going to see if I can make money from my ideas instead of taking on an evening job like I did before. Having 2 jobs was very tiring and I missed out on a lot with friends and family.

    Now I just need (hehe 'just') 100 ways to make 80! I can try lots of things and hopefully find something repeatable that will become a good source of income. Doing it 1% at a time seems manageable.

    I've found a pack of 100 wage envelopes, so I'm going to use them for collecting my cash from each of my projects.

    If you have any ideas I'd love to hear them!!! Maybe this method might suit others too!

    Here are the first few I'm starting with :-

    ***I will edit this list with new ideas and progress so far***

    Edit - My list of progress has had to be moved to make way for new joiners. This post had reached it's max of 25k characters. The list of things I've done can be seen on this page here.

    This Forum Tip was included in MoneySavingExpert's weekly email

    Don't miss out on new deals, loopholes, and vouchers

    This thread has taken on a life of its own!

    Join in on the challenge! - Post in BIG colourful letters, your name, 1% and total so far. I'll add you to the list.

    When the budget has settled and you have a long journey ahead of you, it often gets tough, trying to look for the light at the end of the tunnel. We often push ourselves hard but always wish we could pay more, do more and save more. Sometimes it's hard to be satisfied with the baby steps that we know are good for us.

    By doing it 1% at a time and celebrating every milestone, you're on the debt-free ladder & you know exactly which rung you're on. You can take the steps as fast or slow as you like. When you need to, you can pause for a while and reflect on your progress and then carry on renewed.

    We need to enjoy the journey and not just the destination.

    What you might need :-
    Moneybox / petty cash tin (keep your s safe!)
    100 wage envelopes, or 100 paperclips - (the freer the better)
    Free printable 100 square here or here (press begin & then print)
    (or make one of your own! Get the felt pens out! )

    How to...
    Take your exact debt or savings total and divide by 100.
    Round UP to the nearest 1 or 10. This is your 1%
    In your notebook start a list of 100 ways that you can earn 1%
    Use the list above for inspiration
    Use the thread for support & motivation
    Contribute new ideas and what worked for you
    Shout up and join the list & get a member number.
    Post a weekly/monthly update of what you've done and how you did it!
    Colour in your progress on your 100 square
    Put your member number in your sig, and your % so far & spread the word!

    Important Notes

    ***You MUST MUST MUST pay your minimum payments to all of your debts AND save your 1%'s as well.***

    Your 1%'s are what you owe, your min payments are the interest you are paying. I consider the min payments as a 'service charge' the cost of rolling your debt on to the next month. This makes you consider just how much your debt is costing you each month!

    As you pay your 1%'s to your cards, your min payments will start to drop. The faster you put your 1%'s to your cards the less interest you will pay.

    If you save up to 100% and pay it off in one go this is MORE expensive than paying each 1% as soon as you have earned it. (I try to save 5% then pay it off)

    This challenge is probably best for debts/savings 20k or less.
    If you find your 1% still too daunting, just decide on how much you want to pay off this year. Divide it by 100. That should give you a 1% figure that is more suitable.

    If your debt is still increasing through spending, this challenge isn't right for you yet. You need to go back a step to your SOA and re-work it until your debt is steady and you have a little room for overpayments. Then come back when you're ready!

    Please contribute your 1% ideas - we need to build a fantastic list for people to choose from!

    So far, people are listed in the order they have contributed to the thread. You guys got us up to post 240! Anyone wanting to join from now on please post in BIG letters and you'll get the next number on the list.

    ***The Official '1% at a time' Members List ***
    ------------The Percentage Peeps!-------------
    # Username--------------- 1% ------Progress
    1 Little Miss Uni-Debt -------80---------17.68%
    2 Time to face the music
    3 tony_ack
    4 sickasachip13
    5 DharmaBunny
    6 RedSaxon
    7 Zepsgal --------------------12----------0%
    8 Starbrite
    9 BlushingRose
    10 Treacle1983
    11 DebbieDebt
    12 LindsayGalaxy
    13 7Roland8
    14 MuffinTops
    15 Shrimpy_80 --------------30---------- 5%
    16 TenBob84
    17 CraftingMad--------------20------------ 86% !!!9733; 2nd saver to 100% 16/10/12 was 30
    18 Starnac
    19 Ss3n08
    20 Fae -------------------- 129.95----------- 29.5%
    21 Emmaglet
    22 Danni-R--------------------15 -------------3%
    23 Remote-Control ----------- 10------------38% !!!9733; Complete 01.12.12 was 38
    24 TattyCath--------------28.75/7.22 ------8%/100%!!!9733;
    25 Everhopeful09--------------47 ------------14%
    26 Hummingbird
    27 Paulmapp8306
    28 TakingControl
    29 NatterJack99----------------50--------------0%
    30 sc1
    31 ToriaTerrier-----------------10--------------0%
    32 Skinto_7
    33 Tiff
    34 Elaine1966
    35 DD265
    36 Cuba Cat----------------------27-----------------17%
    37 Lesgeo2012--------------------40 / 46-------- 0% / 38%
    38 TeamNicholson -----------------98--------------0%
    39 Chelmsfordgirl1
    40 Liz-Paul ------------------------80 -------------14%
    41 Ammonite
    42 415SanFran---------------------50 -------------20%
    43 HappyTails ----------------- 65/7/21-------16.3%/100% !!!9733;/57%
    44 EccentricRavenJewellery
    45 SkintSue-------------------------30 ------------10.5%
    46 Shoe_gal_84
    47 LisaJane
    48 ever-hopeful
    49 Sbarkia
    50 Moneysaverme
    51 Kte------------------------------29 -------------0%
    52 FlacosFloozie
    53 bpsp10 -------------------------- 70 ------------14%
    54 mark88man
    55 Electrobix99
    56 Clairelg88-------------------------20 --------------12%
    57 ThemStarryNights
    58 BeadGirl87
    59 KitchenBunny-----------------------10 -----------0%
    60 LondonGirl252
    61 Jubilee76
    62 Buffythedebtslayer -------------100-------------0%
    63 Katsu
    64 mosaic012---------------------13.71------------0%
    65 billysmum
    66 Lezley307 -----------------------40--------------5%
    67 LynseyDee --------------------- 50-------------- 0%
    68 Helen2012b ---------------------100------------5%
    69 MrsM1983-----------------------15--------------11%
    70 MessyMare----------------------50---------------31%
    71 xJoJox--------------------------20----------------29%
    72 Kellbobs------------------------ 10----------------0%
    73 Nimbo-------------------------- 60 ---------------5%
    74 HappyBucket--------------------10 ---------------0%
    75 Seashell------------------------125 ---------------0%
    76 Braddy970----------------------100 -------------10%
    77 MayForHer----------------------80----------------0%
    78 Welsh Girl Slim------------------32- -------------0%
    79 Hanliam------------------------140---------------6%
    80 Ali-t---------------------------160-----------------0%
    81 GraceSophia--------------------10----------------0%
    82 Emzilla-------------------------60.66------------- 0%
    83 Ruby789-----------------------40----------------- 0%
    84 Clairelg88----------------------20-----------------7%
    85 Kelfen-------------------------5--------------------4%
    86 Smoosh-----------------------13.33---------------0%
    87 Marshy1985--------------- ----13-----------------22%
    88 Jammydodgersandrhl-----------13-----------0---11%
    89 Mrs Rosecroft------------------25-----------------0%
    90 x.nukke.x----------------------70-------------------7%
    91 Hele_an-----------------------40/30--------------1.4%/6%
    92 SaraSage----------------------24-------------------2.6%
    93 Decluttering-------------------25--------------65% !!!9733; 1st to 100%. 10/10/12 was 5
    94 LeaLea89----------------------25-------------------0%
    95 ChocolateBum-----------------25------------------1%
    96 KirstyMcManus----------------6-------------------4%
    97 Mossop93--------------------2--------------------0%
    98 JackieRHE-------------------8---------------------13%
    99 NikkeiPositivity------------167-------------------11.43%
    100 WelshGirl78 --------------100-------------------5%
    101 LaughingLorna-----------68---------------------12%
    102 TudorFan22--------------19.30------------------14%
    103 Debt Free Soon-----------10---------------------40%
    104 Hmm-----------------------60--------------------2.5%
    105 Tra--------------------------25-------------------23%
    106 FunkyStarfish-------------10--------------------4.4%
    107 Asoe209---------------10/15/16--------------11%
    108 EllieGibbo------------------76--------------------0%
    109 PaintYourBox--------------12--------------------0%
    110 Mummy2threeboys-------42--------------------0%
    111 LizH-------------------------70-------------------0%
    112 Soxxxxy------------------260--------------------2%
    113 Ellesbellesxxx--------------25-------------------21%
    114 BargainBetty---------------70-------------------10%
    115 Diana3564------------------?--------------------0%
    116 Naughty-yet-sorta-nice-----10------------------0% !!!9733; 100% done 25/10/12 was 30
    117 Kaz665---------------------13--------------------6%
    118 Tiggy10--------------------20--------------------15%
    119 Munchin-------------------11--------------------0%
    120 Floella80------------------48--------------------0%
    121 DebtBeGone---------------50--------------------7%
    122 FatPuddingMumma---------19.67---------------0%
    123 KKing----------------------80--------------------2%
    124 JennyPennySaver----------246------------------0%
    125 Triangle--------------------20--------------------22%
    126 Rachel84-------------------12--------------------27.4%
    127 SpecialKaye----------------23--------------------100% !!!9733;
    128 PottersGal-----------------75---------------------2%
    129 Digging-------------------90----------------------0%
    130 KayleighPea---------------38---------------------6.5%
    131 Pernicious-----------------106--------------------29%
    132 THEMONEYSPIDER---------5---------------------17%
    133 Rubyinamountainofrocks---22-------------------2%
    134 Henna123----------------16----------------------0%
    135 Frugalgdubs--------------?-----------------------0%
    136 Thrifty_gal26-------------100--------------------4%
    137 Sapanga-----------------30-----------------------0%
    138 Motoko------------------60------------------------3%
    139 Jeneflower---------------20-----------------------2%
    140 Hummingbird-------------18----------------------3%
    141 OllieGami----------------45-----------------------5%
    142 NockyNoonah------------30-----------------------0%
    143 Vintage43 -------------10-------------------------0%
    144 PataraWendy-----------200-----------------------0%
    145 Katie26----------------45--------------------------0%
    146 AprilShower------------40-------------------------6%
    147 MrsGriff---------------22---------------------------0%
    148 Nanell-----------------20--------------------------31%
    149 Gerturdeanna-----------5-------------------------0%
    150 MrsPoppy--------------30------------------------0%
    151 Moneymakestheworldgoround --5.74-----------14%
    152 Headoutthesand--------30------------------------5%
    153 Jez1020----------------80-------------------------0%
    154 Fedupandskint----------160----------------------7%
    155 Quok-------------------$50-------------------------0%
    156 Alana171---------------60------------------------12%
    157 Bublin1-----------------60------------------------20%
    158 SleggySortingMoney----90-----------------------0%
    159 Lily_the_Legend--------45------------------------5%
    160 Kerfuffle----------------70------------------------10%
    161 Liberty6201-------------25-----------------------10%
    162 LittleMissKitty-----------?-------------------------?%
    163 TrulyMadlyDeeply_indebt--5.5-------------------67%
    164 FallenArcher-------------90----------------------20%
    165 StarrySaver--------------50---------------------0%
    166 DMPtofreedom----------460---------------------?%
    167 Abundant1972----------125---------------------20%
    168 Ecoverbee (Andy)--------9-----------------------9%
    169 Happy Daddy------------52----------------------0%
    170 Determined Diva--------110---------------------20%
    171 Rising from the ashes---6.50--------------------0%
    172 Gelmc-------------------?-------------------------0%
    173 HappyTorty-----------23.30---------------------0%
    174 Mthanry----------------5.33---------------------15%
    175 DanielleNic87-----------88.19-------------------1%
    176 Justamummy------------90----------------------0%
    177 Youareallhelpingme------??----------------------0%
    178 Treehouse ------------300-----------------------13%
    179 TheShinyOne-----------5-------------------------3%
    180 MrOrchard-------------400-----------------------10.5%
    181 WinterGhosts-----------20-----------------------2%
    182 Shell78 ----------------120-----------------------0%
    183 ilovetea-----------------10-----------------------27%
    184 Nomi1-----------------24.97---------------------22.5%
    185 Embirch---------------5--------------------------7%
    186 Nat21luv--------------8--------------------------53.83%
    187 IWannabeasaver------100----------------------49.02%
    188 AccountingBod--------74.03--------------------6.3%
    189 Unoriginal_uk---------50------------------------0%
    190 WorkFromHome-------10-----------------------0%
    191 Elmly-------------------40-----------------------57.5%
    192 Nicci985----------------20-----------------------10%
    193 Natterjack88----------30------------------------18.72%
    194 Westie660-------------??------------------------0%
    195 Maddie57--------------60-----------------------10.5%
    196 Melodramaticme------45-----------------------0%
    197 Rushy------------------25----------------------41%
    198 GreenSaints-----------150---------------------0%
    199 Saz186----------------40----------------------0%
    200 SophiesMum----------75----------------------0%
    201 CouldSaveMore-------140--------------------1%
    202 Ninno820--------------18---------------------0%
    203 Vics199----------------18---------------------0%
    204 Pisces72---------------40----------------------0%
    205 Debtisgoing-----------70-----------------------0%
    206 WillGetThere----------??-----------------------0%
    207 Purple.Sarah----------??-----------------------0%
    208 Utopiah----------------45----------------------0%
    209 Honeypisquared-------7.33-------------------0%
    210 VW Campervan Mum-??----------------------0%
    211 Stressed Steph--------172-------------------0%
    212 ThriftyFelicity----------100-------------------0% _____END OF 2012

    updated to post no #1948 pg98 !!!9734;!!!9733;
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    • 7roland8
    • By 7roland8 17th Jun 12, 9:04 PM
    • 3,572 Posts
    • 6,832 Thanks
    Also Dooyoo and Caio for reviews.
    Doing most on Dooyoo and if you don't mind writing regular reviews and rating others you ca make a good bit - eiher redeem in sach (once you get to 50) or as vouchers.
    I've had 40 vouchers this year and 50 in cash on its way so am really pleased - takes a bit of effort though.
    Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day. -- Sally Koch
    • Little Miss Uni-Debt
    • By Little Miss Uni-Debt 18th Jun 12, 1:48 PM
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    Little Miss Uni-Debt
    Another quick update, sold my iPod. Just need 15 each for my 2 old phones and that's another percent complete!
    Total@ LBM - Nov07 14k - Nov 08 5765 - Aug 09 3k Dec 09 998 - May 11 6900 - Jun 12 8k Sept12 7k 19.5k Done - 0k to go
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    • MuffinTops
    • By MuffinTops 18th Jun 12, 2:24 PM
    • 2,119 Posts
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    Another quick update, sold my iPod. Just need 15 each for my 2 old phones and that's another percent complete!
    Originally posted by Little Miss Uni-Debt
    That's great news. Well done on all the steps you're taking.
    STARTING 2017:
    Credit Card Debt: 2,650.00!!!
    Saving For a New Property
    Pot of Gold = All gone to the above
    • shrimpy_80
    • By shrimpy_80 19th Jun 12, 8:57 AM
    • 1,611 Posts
    • 6,747 Thanks
    Hi Little Miss, just wanted to say good luck, and that I love your idea of breaking the debt down in percentages. i have mentally 'borrowed' this idea and am already finding it very motivational. Have subscribed to your thread and will be wishing you well along the way.
    Starting debt 18,600
    • 7roland8
    • By 7roland8 19th Jun 12, 10:17 AM
    • 3,572 Posts
    • 6,832 Thanks
    You've got us started now and we are anxiously awaiting your next instalment!!
    Think I might need to break mine down into 200% but a great way of viewing things.
    Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day. -- Sally Koch
  • tenbob84
    i find music magpie to be really really bad value
    • craftingmad
    • By craftingmad 19th Jun 12, 11:08 AM
    • 1,471 Posts
    • 5,687 Thanks
    Hello Little Miss,

    I just wanted to say well done you - firstly on tackling on your debt and sewcondly for an inspirational thread. My OH and I managed to clear all our debt apart from our mortgage a few years ago and are now working towrads the goal of owning several properties to rent out to eventually become our pension. I am madly saving to try and achieve the deposits and will be "borrowing" the pecentage idea if this is ok with you. 3000 does not seem that hard when broken down in 1%'s. Thank you xxx

    Keep up the good work. I will be following keenly.
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    • starnac
    • By starnac 19th Jun 12, 11:16 AM
    • 5,244 Posts
    • 24,611 Thanks
    This is a fab idea. Since we got down to 6k owing I have really struggled to motivate myself (and DH) but 60 a hundred times over doesn't seem so bad. Thank you for the brilliant idea. I wish you well in your DF quest
    Last edited by starnac; 19-06-2012 at 11:23 AM.
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    Overpayments made 0
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    • Little Miss Uni-Debt
    • By Little Miss Uni-Debt 19th Jun 12, 11:26 AM
    • 832 Posts
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    Little Miss Uni-Debt
    Hey Shrimpy,

    Thanks for the kind words! I hope it works well for you too! Now you're subscribed I'd better keep it up!! Once I've sealed 1% into a little wage envelope and put it in the box, there's no way I'm breaking into that again. Where as if I had a handful of tenners, a few would probably get spent.

    @7roland8 Excellent! Whatever works for you. I think just linking a reasonable cash figure to a significant % milestone makes you think more when you spend. It's easy to get frustrated if you're tackling your debt as a whole. Whatever you pay off you'd always wish it was more. Putting it into little capsules means you have lots of little successes along the way!

    Hey TenBob84. I totally agree. However, I'm really bad at listing low cost items. Usually after packing, postage & petrol for 50 trips to the post office I end up at a loss. I definately agree I could get more individually for each item. I'm just glad that I can put them all in one box and they're gone. I'm grateful for the space they've created too.

    Uh oh I think I'm turning into a minimalist!

    Just researching car boot locations and dates.
    Found 1 broken gold chain that's about 7/8 grams so that should be another 1%

    Also I've got a few other things up my sleeve that might bring a little extra income in!
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    • Little Miss Uni-Debt
    • By Little Miss Uni-Debt 19th Jun 12, 11:43 AM
    • 832 Posts
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    Little Miss Uni-Debt
    Wow, I'm really motivated by all of your comments!

    @craftingmad - Congrats on clearing your debt. It's quite an acomplishment to go straight into building savings! Also, I'm keen to know - what crafts do you do? What kind of things do you make? I LOVE making stuff!

    @starnac - Yes, it's quite comforting to know. Each step for you is only 60 You don't have to think of the total, it's just the next 60 that's important!
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    • ss3n08
    • By ss3n08 19th Jun 12, 12:37 PM
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    Hi, Gumtree is a good way to advertise yourself for dogwalking because it is completely free. Its also a good way to get rid of stuff you dont want locally because you don't have to pay any selling/listing fees or postage costs. I sold an old computer monitor that had been stuck in the garage for 80.00. Even sold an old car that didn't work for a lot more than expected. We had a load of rubble from a garden re-landscaping which we wanted rid of but didn't want to pay out for a skip, stuck it on gumtree as free to collector and it went within a week.
  • Fae
    Hi Little Miss, love the name btw
    What a great idea re the percentage, think I may use this myself, does make it seem easier somehow, and congrats on the success so far

    LBM 29/10/2013 14,218.00 As of 13/04/2014 6477.00
    Paid 54%
    3 months to go 13 weeks
    DFD 28th August 2014
    • Little Miss Uni-Debt
    • By Little Miss Uni-Debt 19th Jun 12, 2:08 PM
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    Little Miss Uni-Debt
    Hi ss3n08 - I used to use Gumtree years ago but it was always very empty. It seems it has picked up quite a bit in the last couple of years! Thanks!

    There is some stiff competition on the dog walking front locally! People doing it at all hours, at cost price. Even trained vets with animal first aid qualifications are doing it! As much as I love animals I'm not sure I'm cut out to give mouth to mouth resuscitation to an alsatian. I think I'll just ask my neighbours, friends and family. After all, I only need 80 from it to make my 1%.

    Hey Fae, go for it! I set myself a very tough deadline & the only way I could think of managing it is by breaking it up. I've got to do 4% a week to hit my desired debt free date! Even if I don't make it on the date exactly, I know I'll be close!
    Total@ LBM - Nov07 14k - Nov 08 5765 - Aug 09 3k Dec 09 998 - May 11 6900 - Jun 12 8k Sept12 7k 19.5k Done - 0k to go
    DEBT FREE! Nov 15
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    • Little Miss Uni-Debt
    • By Little Miss Uni-Debt 19th Jun 12, 3:03 PM
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    Little Miss Uni-Debt
    Bit of a bumper afternoon today. Had my payslip and there's a little extra from working over here and there. Enough for another 1% me thinks!
    Total@ LBM - Nov07 14k - Nov 08 5765 - Aug 09 3k Dec 09 998 - May 11 6900 - Jun 12 8k Sept12 7k 19.5k Done - 0k to go
    DEBT FREE! Nov 15
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    • emmaglet
    • By emmaglet 19th Jun 12, 3:35 PM
    • 1,236 Posts
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    Hi Little Miss...

    Not sure how you feel about this one, but what about bingo, etc? The ones that are "risk free" or where Quidco etc give you the same amount of money as you wager so you've not lost anything? Obviously some people don't feel too confident about this. I'lm PM you a link to my blog post about them.

    I REALLY love your % idea. I'm trying to raise 5000 for uni fees alongside tackling debts and saving for a mini break to treat my Dad and bf. For every 100 I get "extra" I split it into uni, debts and holiday fund. My uni fund is just under 250 having started last week...but I'm definitely thinking of something along these lines for the fund and for my blog. Will have to get my thinking cap on.
    I like to make money
    Best wins: 3,000 luxury holiday, holiday in Cornwall, 250 Murad Skincare hamper, angle grinder

    Make 10 a day challenger - it pays for trips to Florida!
    • Danni-R
    • By Danni-R 19th Jun 12, 4:16 PM
    • 594 Posts
    • 935 Thanks

    I also love the idea! Might try and clear my pesky OD by christmas.

    Dont forget if you are selling gold to remove ALL stones. they dont take these into account and you could be selling it for a lot less than its worth.

    Good luck!
    2200 19501850 1600 on my credit card
    5000 6000 Savings
    40 fund for holiday
    • remote_control
    • By remote_control 19th Jun 12, 4:29 PM
    • 226 Posts
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    Subscribed as this is right up my street.

    Come on lets get your list up to 100 things - then I can just print it out and copy it :-).

    have you tried royal mail surveys?
    Interest from bank accounts
    boots advantage, nectar points
    complaining (I have done this a couple of times recently, once to kingsmill as I had two or three stale loaves in a row and they sent me a few s of vouchers) I wouldn't be able to do this if there wasn't a true complaint though!
    • Little Miss Uni-Debt
    • By Little Miss Uni-Debt 19th Jun 12, 5:25 PM
    • 832 Posts
    • 2,875 Thanks
    Little Miss Uni-Debt
    Thanks for the tip Danni-R!

    remote_control, hah I love the enthusiasm!!!

    I would love it if I could make enough in bank interest. I'm probably on track for 80p this year

    I've not heard of Royal Mail surveys before, I'll look into it. I know some folks are professional complainers! I've only ever complained when I found an elasto-plast in a bag of salt & vinegar Discos - blergh!

    They wrote back said it was "conveyer belt webbing" Likely story!! They did send a cheque and said that they hoped I would spend it on more KP products. Haha.

    However if anything untoward comes my way, it's good to know your consumer rights!

    I might kick off the competitions tonight, I prefer surprises of that kind. Also need to finish that CV too.
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    DEBT FREE! Nov 15
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    • tattycath
    • By tattycath 19th Jun 12, 5:46 PM
    • 6,797 Posts
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    I've subscribed-I'm hooked and keep coming back for a read. Very motivating!
    Keep up the good work
    GE 36 *MFD
    MFIT-T4 No 83
    Mortgage overpayments:

    Emergency savings 100/2000
    Savercard Christmas savings 10
    12/3/17 175lb - 15/3/17 173lb - 28/6/17 167lb - 14/7/17 164lb - 12/9/17 160lb - 29/12/17 155lb
  • Everhopeful09
    Hi LittleMiss,

    Hope you don't mind if I borrow this fab idea too, broken down it doesn't seem so daunting.

    My debt to be exact is 4,727.2, luckily 2,500 of this is interest free to parents, other being 900 o/d and 1,300 odd left on loan repaid monthly. I'm going to break my down, so at present mine is 100 ways to make 47, put like that sounds easy lets hope this is the case!

    I'm off to write a list of ideas on how to achieve this .

    Good luck with your journey.

    EH xx
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