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    • Little Miss Uni-Debt
    • By Little Miss Uni-Debt 14th Jun 12, 3:40 PM
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    Little Miss Uni-Debt
    Starting again, 1% at a time. 100 ways to make 80!
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    • 14th Jun 12, 3:40 PM
    Starting again, 1% at a time. 100 ways to make 80! 14th Jun 12 at 3:40 PM
    Hey all,

    I'm back again. *sigh*. Progress stopped for a long while and the debt total has spiralled back up to crazy heights again. I'm pretty angry with myself but happy to be back here!

    I'm annoyed at how I wasted my hard work but I intend to sort it now instead of letting it go back up to it's original level.

    I was almost debt free in 2009 (just a few hundred pounds off) but I had worked so hard for so long, I was properly burned out. Fortunately the systems I set up to manage my bills held up and I'm not behind with anything.

    So the situation now. Back at just under 8k debt, I can make small overpayments each month.

    Estimated debt free day is in around a year - June 2013.

    I want to smash that so that I am debt free before Nov 2012 which is 5 years since I started this journey.

    I enjoy my little projects, building, writing and creating. I'm going to see if I can make money from my ideas instead of taking on an evening job like I did before. Having 2 jobs was very tiring and I missed out on a lot with friends and family.

    Now I just need (hehe 'just') 100 ways to make 80! I can try lots of things and hopefully find something repeatable that will become a good source of income. Doing it 1% at a time seems manageable.

    I've found a pack of 100 wage envelopes, so I'm going to use them for collecting my cash from each of my projects.

    If you have any ideas I'd love to hear them!!! Maybe this method might suit others too!

    Here are the first few I'm starting with :-

    ***I will edit this list with new ideas and progress so far***

    Edit - My list of progress has had to be moved to make way for new joiners. This post had reached it's max of 25k characters. The list of things I've done can be seen on this page here.

    This Forum Tip was included in MoneySavingExpert's weekly email

    Don't miss out on new deals, loopholes, and vouchers

    This thread has taken on a life of its own!

    Join in on the challenge! - Post in BIG colourful letters, your name, 1% and total so far. I'll add you to the list.

    When the budget has settled and you have a long journey ahead of you, it often gets tough, trying to look for the light at the end of the tunnel. We often push ourselves hard but always wish we could pay more, do more and save more. Sometimes it's hard to be satisfied with the baby steps that we know are good for us.

    By doing it 1% at a time and celebrating every milestone, you're on the debt-free ladder & you know exactly which rung you're on. You can take the steps as fast or slow as you like. When you need to, you can pause for a while and reflect on your progress and then carry on renewed.

    We need to enjoy the journey and not just the destination.

    What you might need :-
    Moneybox / petty cash tin (keep your s safe!)
    100 wage envelopes, or 100 paperclips - (the freer the better)
    Free printable 100 square here or here (press begin & then print)
    (or make one of your own! Get the felt pens out! )

    How to...
    Take your exact debt or savings total and divide by 100.
    Round UP to the nearest 1 or 10. This is your 1%
    In your notebook start a list of 100 ways that you can earn 1%
    Use the list above for inspiration
    Use the thread for support & motivation
    Contribute new ideas and what worked for you
    Shout up and join the list & get a member number.
    Post a weekly/monthly update of what you've done and how you did it!
    Colour in your progress on your 100 square
    Put your member number in your sig, and your % so far & spread the word!

    Important Notes

    ***You MUST MUST MUST pay your minimum payments to all of your debts AND save your 1%'s as well.***

    Your 1%'s are what you owe, your min payments are the interest you are paying. I consider the min payments as a 'service charge' the cost of rolling your debt on to the next month. This makes you consider just how much your debt is costing you each month!

    As you pay your 1%'s to your cards, your min payments will start to drop. The faster you put your 1%'s to your cards the less interest you will pay.

    If you save up to 100% and pay it off in one go this is MORE expensive than paying each 1% as soon as you have earned it. (I try to save 5% then pay it off)

    This challenge is probably best for debts/savings 20k or less.
    If you find your 1% still too daunting, just decide on how much you want to pay off this year. Divide it by 100. That should give you a 1% figure that is more suitable.

    If your debt is still increasing through spending, this challenge isn't right for you yet. You need to go back a step to your SOA and re-work it until your debt is steady and you have a little room for overpayments. Then come back when you're ready!

    Please contribute your 1% ideas - we need to build a fantastic list for people to choose from!

    So far, people are listed in the order they have contributed to the thread. You guys got us up to post 240! Anyone wanting to join from now on please post in BIG letters and you'll get the next number on the list.

    ***The Official '1% at a time' Members List ***
    ------------The Percentage Peeps!-------------
    # Username--------------- 1% ------Progress
    1 Little Miss Uni-Debt -------80---------17.68%
    2 Time to face the music
    3 tony_ack
    4 sickasachip13
    5 DharmaBunny
    6 RedSaxon
    7 Zepsgal --------------------12----------0%
    8 Starbrite
    9 BlushingRose
    10 Treacle1983
    11 DebbieDebt
    12 LindsayGalaxy
    13 7Roland8
    14 MuffinTops
    15 Shrimpy_80 --------------30---------- 5%
    16 TenBob84
    17 CraftingMad--------------20------------ 86% !!!9733; 2nd saver to 100% 16/10/12 was 30
    18 Starnac
    19 Ss3n08
    20 Fae -------------------- 129.95----------- 29.5%
    21 Emmaglet
    22 Danni-R--------------------15 -------------3%
    23 Remote-Control ----------- 10------------38% !!!9733; Complete 01.12.12 was 38
    24 TattyCath--------------28.75/7.22 ------8%/100%!!!9733;
    25 Everhopeful09--------------47 ------------14%
    26 Hummingbird
    27 Paulmapp8306
    28 TakingControl
    29 NatterJack99----------------50--------------0%
    30 sc1
    31 ToriaTerrier-----------------10--------------0%
    32 Skinto_7
    33 Tiff
    34 Elaine1966
    35 DD265
    36 Cuba Cat----------------------27-----------------17%
    37 Lesgeo2012--------------------40 / 46-------- 0% / 38%
    38 TeamNicholson -----------------98--------------0%
    39 Chelmsfordgirl1
    40 Liz-Paul ------------------------80 -------------14%
    41 Ammonite
    42 415SanFran---------------------50 -------------20%
    43 HappyTails ----------------- 65/7/21-------16.3%/100% !!!9733;/57%
    44 EccentricRavenJewellery
    45 SkintSue-------------------------30 ------------10.5%
    46 Shoe_gal_84
    47 LisaJane
    48 ever-hopeful
    49 Sbarkia
    50 Moneysaverme
    51 Kte------------------------------29 -------------0%
    52 FlacosFloozie
    53 bpsp10 -------------------------- 70 ------------14%
    54 mark88man
    55 Electrobix99
    56 Clairelg88-------------------------20 --------------12%
    57 ThemStarryNights
    58 BeadGirl87
    59 KitchenBunny-----------------------10 -----------0%
    60 LondonGirl252
    61 Jubilee76
    62 Buffythedebtslayer -------------100-------------0%
    63 Katsu
    64 mosaic012---------------------13.71------------0%
    65 billysmum
    66 Lezley307 -----------------------40--------------5%
    67 LynseyDee --------------------- 50-------------- 0%
    68 Helen2012b ---------------------100------------5%
    69 MrsM1983-----------------------15--------------11%
    70 MessyMare----------------------50---------------31%
    71 xJoJox--------------------------20----------------29%
    72 Kellbobs------------------------ 10----------------0%
    73 Nimbo-------------------------- 60 ---------------5%
    74 HappyBucket--------------------10 ---------------0%
    75 Seashell------------------------125 ---------------0%
    76 Braddy970----------------------100 -------------10%
    77 MayForHer----------------------80----------------0%
    78 Welsh Girl Slim------------------32- -------------0%
    79 Hanliam------------------------140---------------6%
    80 Ali-t---------------------------160-----------------0%
    81 GraceSophia--------------------10----------------0%
    82 Emzilla-------------------------60.66------------- 0%
    83 Ruby789-----------------------40----------------- 0%
    84 Clairelg88----------------------20-----------------7%
    85 Kelfen-------------------------5--------------------4%
    86 Smoosh-----------------------13.33---------------0%
    87 Marshy1985--------------- ----13-----------------22%
    88 Jammydodgersandrhl-----------13-----------0---11%
    89 Mrs Rosecroft------------------25-----------------0%
    90 x.nukke.x----------------------70-------------------7%
    91 Hele_an-----------------------40/30--------------1.4%/6%
    92 SaraSage----------------------24-------------------2.6%
    93 Decluttering-------------------25--------------65% !!!9733; 1st to 100%. 10/10/12 was 5
    94 LeaLea89----------------------25-------------------0%
    95 ChocolateBum-----------------25------------------1%
    96 KirstyMcManus----------------6-------------------4%
    97 Mossop93--------------------2--------------------0%
    98 JackieRHE-------------------8---------------------13%
    99 NikkeiPositivity------------167-------------------11.43%
    100 WelshGirl78 --------------100-------------------5%
    101 LaughingLorna-----------68---------------------12%
    102 TudorFan22--------------19.30------------------14%
    103 Debt Free Soon-----------10---------------------40%
    104 Hmm-----------------------60--------------------2.5%
    105 Tra--------------------------25-------------------23%
    106 FunkyStarfish-------------10--------------------4.4%
    107 Asoe209---------------10/15/16--------------11%
    108 EllieGibbo------------------76--------------------0%
    109 PaintYourBox--------------12--------------------0%
    110 Mummy2threeboys-------42--------------------0%
    111 LizH-------------------------70-------------------0%
    112 Soxxxxy------------------260--------------------2%
    113 Ellesbellesxxx--------------25-------------------21%
    114 BargainBetty---------------70-------------------10%
    115 Diana3564------------------?--------------------0%
    116 Naughty-yet-sorta-nice-----10------------------0% !!!9733; 100% done 25/10/12 was 30
    117 Kaz665---------------------13--------------------6%
    118 Tiggy10--------------------20--------------------15%
    119 Munchin-------------------11--------------------0%
    120 Floella80------------------48--------------------0%
    121 DebtBeGone---------------50--------------------7%
    122 FatPuddingMumma---------19.67---------------0%
    123 KKing----------------------80--------------------2%
    124 JennyPennySaver----------246------------------0%
    125 Triangle--------------------20--------------------22%
    126 Rachel84-------------------12--------------------27.4%
    127 SpecialKaye----------------23--------------------100% !!!9733;
    128 PottersGal-----------------75---------------------2%
    129 Digging-------------------90----------------------0%
    130 KayleighPea---------------38---------------------6.5%
    131 Pernicious-----------------106--------------------29%
    132 THEMONEYSPIDER---------5---------------------17%
    133 Rubyinamountainofrocks---22-------------------2%
    134 Henna123----------------16----------------------0%
    135 Frugalgdubs--------------?-----------------------0%
    136 Thrifty_gal26-------------100--------------------4%
    137 Sapanga-----------------30-----------------------0%
    138 Motoko------------------60------------------------3%
    139 Jeneflower---------------20-----------------------2%
    140 Hummingbird-------------18----------------------3%
    141 OllieGami----------------45-----------------------5%
    142 NockyNoonah------------30-----------------------0%
    143 Vintage43 -------------10-------------------------0%
    144 PataraWendy-----------200-----------------------0%
    145 Katie26----------------45--------------------------0%
    146 AprilShower------------40-------------------------6%
    147 MrsGriff---------------22---------------------------0%
    148 Nanell-----------------20--------------------------31%
    149 Gerturdeanna-----------5-------------------------0%
    150 MrsPoppy--------------30------------------------0%
    151 Moneymakestheworldgoround --5.74-----------14%
    152 Headoutthesand--------30------------------------5%
    153 Jez1020----------------80-------------------------0%
    154 Fedupandskint----------160----------------------7%
    155 Quok-------------------$50-------------------------0%
    156 Alana171---------------60------------------------12%
    157 Bublin1-----------------60------------------------20%
    158 SleggySortingMoney----90-----------------------0%
    159 Lily_the_Legend--------45------------------------5%
    160 Kerfuffle----------------70------------------------10%
    161 Liberty6201-------------25-----------------------10%
    162 LittleMissKitty-----------?-------------------------?%
    163 TrulyMadlyDeeply_indebt--5.5-------------------67%
    164 FallenArcher-------------90----------------------20%
    165 StarrySaver--------------50---------------------0%
    166 DMPtofreedom----------460---------------------?%
    167 Abundant1972----------125---------------------20%
    168 Ecoverbee (Andy)--------9-----------------------9%
    169 Happy Daddy------------52----------------------0%
    170 Determined Diva--------110---------------------20%
    171 Rising from the ashes---6.50--------------------0%
    172 Gelmc-------------------?-------------------------0%
    173 HappyTorty-----------23.30---------------------0%
    174 Mthanry----------------5.33---------------------15%
    175 DanielleNic87-----------88.19-------------------1%
    176 Justamummy------------90----------------------0%
    177 Youareallhelpingme------??----------------------0%
    178 Treehouse ------------300-----------------------13%
    179 TheShinyOne-----------5-------------------------3%
    180 MrOrchard-------------400-----------------------10.5%
    181 WinterGhosts-----------20-----------------------2%
    182 Shell78 ----------------120-----------------------0%
    183 ilovetea-----------------10-----------------------27%
    184 Nomi1-----------------24.97---------------------22.5%
    185 Embirch---------------5--------------------------7%
    186 Nat21luv--------------8--------------------------53.83%
    187 IWannabeasaver------100----------------------49.02%
    188 AccountingBod--------74.03--------------------6.3%
    189 Unoriginal_uk---------50------------------------0%
    190 WorkFromHome-------10-----------------------0%
    191 Elmly-------------------40-----------------------57.5%
    192 Nicci985----------------20-----------------------10%
    193 Natterjack88----------30------------------------18.72%
    194 Westie660-------------??------------------------0%
    195 Maddie57--------------60-----------------------10.5%
    196 Melodramaticme------45-----------------------0%
    197 Rushy------------------25----------------------41%
    198 GreenSaints-----------150---------------------0%
    199 Saz186----------------40----------------------0%
    200 SophiesMum----------75----------------------0%
    201 CouldSaveMore-------140--------------------1%
    202 Ninno820--------------18---------------------0%
    203 Vics199----------------18---------------------0%
    204 Pisces72---------------40----------------------0%
    205 Debtisgoing-----------70-----------------------0%
    206 WillGetThere----------??-----------------------0%
    207 Purple.Sarah----------??-----------------------0%
    208 Utopiah----------------45----------------------0%
    209 Honeypisquared-------7.33-------------------0%
    210 VW Campervan Mum-??----------------------0%
    211 Stressed Steph--------172-------------------0%
    212 ThriftyFelicity----------100-------------------0% _____END OF 2012

    updated to post no #1948 pg98 !!!9734;!!!9733;
    Last edited by Little Miss Uni-Debt; 29-01-2013 at 12:44 AM.
    Total@ LBM - Nov07 14k - Nov 08 5765 - Aug 09 3k Dec 09 998 - May 11 6900 - Jun 12 8k Sept12 7k 19.5k Done - 0k to go
    DEBT FREE! Nov 15
    Proud DFW Club Member - #1073
    '1% at a time' Member - #1!
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    • Little Miss Uni-Debt
    • By Little Miss Uni-Debt 14th Jun 12, 4:52 PM
    • 832 Posts
    • 2,875 Thanks
    Little Miss Uni-Debt
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    • 14th Jun 12, 4:52 PM
    100+ ways to make your 1%
    • #2
    • 14th Jun 12, 4:52 PM
    OFFICIAL !!!8216;1% at a time!!!8217; LIST
    100+ ways to make your 1%

    Print out the list!
    Circle ones you definitely can do, cross out ones that don!!!8217;t apply, put a star by the !!!8216;maybes!!!8217;.
    Don!!!8217;t forget some can be repeated & some will earn more than 1% for you.
    Get Started!
    Selling !!!8211; Making money from things you already have.

    What to sell!!!8230;

    Check your loft, car, shed, under stairs, storage, garages for anything unused then decide where to sell it using the !!!8216;Where to sell!!!8217; list below.

    1. Clothes !!!8211; Get cash for your clothes by the kilo !!!8211; also local drop off stores are available.
    cashforclothing (50p per kg)
    jendacollections (40p per kg)
    sellmyclothes (1+ per kg + free collection)
    returntoearn (60p per kg)
    clothesbank (60p per kg)

    2. Precious Metals - Gold, Silver & Platinum !!!8211; Check prices paid on postal gold websites, e.g. cashforgold, Hatton Garden Metals, Cash4Gold or your local gold exchange or jewellery shop.

    3. Collectables - coins, stamps, china, ornaments, beanie babies, Yu Gi Oh, Pokemon cards.

    4. Baby & Maternity items !!!8211; Netmums or other parenting forums. Don!!!8217;t forget children out grow their shoes while they!!!8217;re still in good condition.

    5. Expensive Electronics - Ipods, straighteners, Consoles, laptops etc. Even broken items still fetch 's as people use them as spares/repair

    6. Books - Amazon Trade-in, Green Metropolis, Zapper, FatBrain, WeBuyBooks. Try BookBarn/Abe Books for rare or sought after books.

    7. Media !!!8211; Sell CDs, DVDs & Games - MusicMagpie, CashConverters, CEX/WeBuy

    8. Foreign Currency !!!8211; Make the most of the change left over from holiday. e.g. Cash4Coins

    9. Scrap Metal. Collect any scraps from your shed, garage, off cuts from plumbing, boiler replacements or house renovation. Take it to a local scrap yard, get cash based on the weight & metal type. Don't forget to take ID.

    10. Musical instruments These often can be sold to a local music store, on eBay or Gumtree, listed as !!!8216;buyer collects!!!8217; to avoid posting expensive fragile items.

    11. Mobile phones !!!8211; Trade in old mobiles, shop around for the best price for your model. E.g. Envirofone & Mazuma.

    12. Large Items - unused cars, bikes, gym equipment, golf clubs & bags, working white goods replaced when upgrading, furniture. You also get the added bonus of extra space.

    Where to sell...
    • Car boot, Village Halls, Fayres, Craft shows
    • EBay - Use free listing weekends. Even random things sell! Best time for listings to end is between 8pm and 10pm on a Sunday.
    • Gumtree
    • Local Paper
    • Freeads
    •, Amazon marketplaces/trade-in.
    • Notice boards at work, schools or village halls
    • Online classifieds or online version of your local paper !!!8211; e.g. & pick your county.
    • Freecycle !!!8211; Although most items here are !!!8216;free to a good home!!!8217; some ads do ask for a donation/price
    • Craigslist !!!8211; Although US based, it still works if you are selling digital services. e.g. music tuition via Skype.
    Earning !!!8211; Requires investing your time to earn. Making your own products or providing a service to earn extra in your free time.

    13. Overtime Picking up extra hours at your existing job is the simplest way to !!!8216;up your income!!!8217;.

    14. Part time work Bars, nightclubs, evening factory shifts, cleaning, catalogue delivery all have flexible hours. Use to search for local p/t jobs.

    15. Feedback for Developers & lets you become a beta tester for new websites that are being built. You report any errors, bugs and your opinions. Get paid $10 into your PayPal for 15 min reviews.

    16. Crafting - Quilts, Greetings cards, face painting, temporary tattoos, party bags, hampers, nappy cakes, invitations, hair accessories, bath bombs, cross-stitch cards (ask 415SanFran & CraftingMad). These can be sold on Folksy, Etsy, your local Facebook group, Gumtree or at local events.

    17. Freelancing !!!8211; Use your skills and earn money proofreading, completing data entry, CV & article writing. Also good for anyone with artistic, technical or specialist skills. & ODesk are busy workplaces where you can bid on jobs.

    18. Pocket Money Freelancing. You can offer !!!8216;gig!!!8217;s on Fiverr, FiveSquids. Where you offer a simple service for a flat fee.

    19. Affiliates. Lots of websites run affiliate schemes. You get a commission any time you help the company to make a sale. Create an affiliate site (ask Little Miss if you need any help)

    20. Competitions - see competitions board

    21. Local Errands - Dog walking, house sitting, , lawn cutting, errands, car washing, ironing, tutoring, music lessons, Avon, hosting makeup, underwear parties

    22. Check-in Apps Use QuidCo app when out shopping; get 10p or 15p for every shop you check into.

    23. Change - Look for cash on the ground. If out in a pub, notes are usually found by on the floor by the bar or by the fruit machines.

    24. Shopping Checks - Use the FieldAgent app, get paid around 7 for every price or store check your do.

    25. Mystery Shopping / Dining

    26. Baking - Cupcakes, cake-pops, wedding cakes. Ideal for parties, country fairs etc

    27. Local Businesses !!!8211; Try to strike up a relationship where you get a commission for any sales you refer. Your local gym often has this scheme in place already.

    28. Typing !!!8211; TV subtitles and Film !!!8216;closed captions!!!8217; can be done from home.

    29. Plants - Germinate seeds & sell as plants

    30. Writing - If you have experience in a particular subject or niche, write an e-book an sell it online (Ask Little Miss if you need help)

    31. Reviews & Surveys - DooYoo, Ciao, Valued Opinions, Swagbucks, Pure profile, My Survey, Superpoints, Maximiles, One Poll, Global Test Market, SlicethePie, YouGov, Royal Mail Surveys

    32. Focus groups - for teaching staff.

    33. Bank Accounts - Switch to a Halifax Reward account & get 5 pcm

    34. Peer to Peer Lending. If you have savings you could consider using sites like Zopa. Lenders earn better interest on their savings. Borrowers get cheaper loans

    35. Government Funding If you're creative and are working on an expensive project that benefits your community - consider applying for National Lottery Funding. Thousands of projects a year are funded. Also look at Business Link they give details for grants and funds to support people in certain areas. May be useful for people wishing to study, start a business or get skills training.

    36. !!!8216;Risk Free!!!8217; Gambling !!!8211; Please do plenty of research before starting, follow the guides & never deposit more than you can afford to lose. Matched Betting has an MSE guide. Wahoo Bingo & Bingo referrals have also been mentioned.

    37. Cash - Purge your money boxes, tins, old accounts, car ashtrays & down the back of the settee.

    38. Video Clips !!!8211; Instead of uploading your funny moments to YouTube, send them into You've been Framed & potentially get 250

    39. Internet Researcher - Join AQA ( when they are recruiting. Answering questions from home on your PC

    40. Lodgers !!!8211; Advertise your spare room or home on if you are looking for a permanent lodger or on AirBnB if you!!!8217;re happy for guests to pay to stay occasionally. Ideal if you live close to big cities, convention centers, music venues or tourist locations

    Saving!!!8211; Finding ways to minimize the expenses you already have.

    41. Clubcard - Use clubcard coupons for grocery shopping, save the cash.

    42. Cashback - Use cashback websites before shopping online - TopCashBack, Quidco

    43. Promo Codes - Use Hot UK Deals to search for promo codes before buying online

    44. Budget - Re-do your SOA to see if you can save an extra percent each week/month out of your budget

    45. Direct Debits - Check your direct debits are all correct, cancel any un-used ones & put cash aside

    46. Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) - Follow the simple MSE guide to see if you were mis-sold. Consider that it may have been added to any mortgage, loans, car finance, credit cards without you knowing.

    47. Bank charges - follow the guidelines on MSE use the letter templates. Get charges returned.

    48. Birthdays & Christmas Politely request cash instead of presents. You could also request specific useful items that you would need to buy anyway !!!8211; then save the cash.

    49. Insurance !!!8211; An expensive essential. Shop around for house, car, life, holiday, mobile phone, business - or any kind of insurance on comparison websites.

    50. Returns - Take back any impulse purchase while there's time

    51. Faulty products. Don!!!8217;t forget many electrical items have long warranties. Save buying a new one.

    52. Transport - Find free car parking and then walk the last bit into work.

    53. Buses - walk an extra 1 or 2 bus stops to decrease the fare or for short journeys walk it all

    54. Lunches - Invest in a coolbag & take packed lunches.

    55. Daily Spends - Avoid taking cash to work

    56. Snacks - Pre-buy snacks/cans to avoid the vending machine prices at work

    57. Dentistry - Go to a local dentistry college to avoid expensive treatments

    58. Hair & Beauty - Go to local beauty college for lower cost treatments

    59. Groceries - Look at Grocery challenges & recipes to get better value for your weekly shop

    60. Credit cards - Balance transfers to 0% card will save you interest

    61. Avoiding Interest !!!8211; If you have a close relative who is in a position to lend you money, even if just for 1 debt, the debt becomes interest free.

    62. Clothes - Swap clothes on my !!!8216;Big Wardrobe!!!8217; instead of buying new

    63. Car Repairs - Do some googling - check if what needs to be fixed is a common problem which should be fixed at no cost by the dealership.

    64. Days Out - Use Clubcard rewards for days out tickets instead of cash

    65. University - Check any local bursaries available to help with fees

    66. Loose Change - Ask pubs & shops to change coins instead of paying 8% fee to use CoinStar machines. HSBC also have free coin paying in machines

    67. Snowball - Pay off your highest interest debt first. Use the online snowball calc.

    68. Loans - If you definitely need a loan contact your local credit union for cheaper than bank rate loans

    69. Utilities - Shop around for cheaper gas & electric suppliers. Also works with phone & internet providers too.

    70. Holidays - Use the MSE !!!8216;flight-checker!!!8217; to find for low cost flights

    71. Bills - Give correct Gas, Electric readings to the Utility company instead of going on their estimates. If they have been overestimating it will put your account in credit.

    72. Government Allowances - Check those retired in your family are receiving winter fuel allowance.

    73. MSE Challenges - Join in with the 'NSD' or 'PAD' challenges or start a spending diary.

    74. Reduced Items - Shop at the end of the day. Supermarkets marks down products at different times - Morrisons - around 6pm, Tesco - around 7pm

    75. Supermarket Shopping - Some delivery slots are cheaper than bus fare or a petrol thirsty car

    76. Books - If you have a Kindle, iPad or iPhone there are a million free books to read on Amazon - to save buying full price paperbacks

    77. Entertainment - Reduce your Sky package - get Freeview

    78. Loyalty Points - Cash out your Boots, Nectar or other loyalty points for your next purchase

    79. Monthly Payments !!!8211; These are long term savings. You often pay 10% extra to pay your car insurance or TV license monthly. Start saving an extra monthly payment & pay the yearly fee at renewal time

    80. Groceries (Shelf Life) - Consider shopping with Approved Foods (VERY cheap online shopping for short date food)

    81. Groceries (Best Prices) - Use MySupermarket to find the lowest cost groceries

    82. Transport - Trade down to an economical 2nd hand car - can save hundreds in car tax & hundreds in petrol

    83. Music - Use ChartBrain or on your computer instead of buying new albums/music

    84. Appliances - Use Freecycle to pick up replacement washers, freezers etc for free!

    85. Opticians - Shop online to save on contact lenses or glasses. Just use the details on your prescription from the optician. If you use a computer at work check if they have a scheme to reimburse the cost of your eye test.

    86. Expenses - If you claim expenses from your employer, become strict about getting, keeping and collecting your receipts safely. It all adds up.

    87. DIY Repairs - If your washer breaks use for instructions on simple repairs

    88. Council Tax - Check your council tax is in the right band using the MSE guide

    89. Phone Calls - Don't pay for expensive calls to banks etc - use the SAY NO TO 0845 for well hidden freephone numbers

    90. Groceries (Brands) - Do the "drop a brand" challenge. Shopping one brand lower on all your items than usual, to see what you save

    91. Fuel - Drive economically to save fuel (gradual acceleration & breaking). There are smartphone apps that grade your driving ability after each journey.

    92. Benefits !!!8211; Use the !!!8216;entitled to!!!8217; benefits checker to ensure you are getting what you should be.

    93. Car Insurance !!!8211; For 'young persons' car insurance, go with an insurer that uses the 'telemetry' black boxes.

    94. Pet Food !!!8211; Buy dry pet food online, in bulk to save money.

    95. Utilities !!!8211; Switch to direct debit, an eco tariff, get both from the same supplier (dual fuel) Also some suppliers!!!8217; link your utilities spend to your Tesco Clubcard allowing you to collect more rewards.

    96. Bills !!!8211; Some companies are now charging for paper statements. Switch from paper (1.50 per bill) to e-statements.

    97. Trains !!!8211; Use the MSE 'TicketySplit' app, or for frequent journeys get a RailCard

    98. Kids !!!8211; Check out the MSE Summer Holiday tip page & also the !!!8220;Free ways to entertain the kids!!!8221; forum thread, to find fun, free things to do.

    99. Foreign Currency - Use the MSE Travel Money checker

    100. MSE Weekly E-mail !!!8211; Sign up & get the latest, time-sensitive deals, offers and tips.
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    • Time to face the music
    • By Time to face the music 14th Jun 12, 4:59 PM
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    Time to face the music
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    • 14th Jun 12, 4:59 PM
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    • 14th Jun 12, 4:59 PM
    Has anyone got any suggestions of good places to sell books? Even if it is just for a few 's?

    It's such a pain to list small items on ebay.

    Also has anyone got any suggestions of random items that sell on ebay? I've heard of empty perfume bottles going for a fiver (for show homes) and old tax discs being bought as tv/film props too!
    Originally posted by Little Miss Uni-Debt
    Have you tried Amazon and Green Metropolis for books? I have sold quite a few on each of them.

    Since we started our DFW journey, we have been having a massive declutter and discovering one person's junk is another's treasure on ebay. Old copper bits and pieces, measures, pans, jugs etc seem very fashionable now. Vintage craft items sell very well, as does vintage costume jewellery.

    Good luck with your plans
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  • tony_ack
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    • 14th Jun 12, 5:05 PM
    • #4
    • 14th Jun 12, 5:05 PM
    I've heard Amazon is good for books, but never tried them. I've got a few uni textbooks I could part with (seems a shame but I never use them), and they could fetch a decent amount. 'Historical Linguistics' may be nothing more than a big door-stop if sold at a car boot sale, but is worth quite a lot to the right person on Amazon.

    With small eBay items, I tend to work in batches - if you can list 15 items to end at the same time and aim for 1 per item total, it's more worth your while. Plus there's always one or two items in there that pull the value of the batch up - 30 for 15 items is a lot better, even in reality two of those items go for a tenner, and the rest for a tenner between them. Listing them is a pain, but if you can aim for a couple of batches a month, it can be a regular income (until the stuff to sell runs out).

    Perfume bottles do sell for a couple of quid - the cynic in me thinks that they're more likely to end up in a dodgy back-room enterprise watering down perfumes rather than in a show home. Can't really comment on the tax discs, though I suspect there are a lot of old tax discs, and not many TV shows needing them, so demand may not be that strong.

    As for item (2) on your list, I've just done the same recently and I know your pain.
    • Little Miss Uni-Debt
    • By Little Miss Uni-Debt 14th Jun 12, 5:07 PM
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    Little Miss Uni-Debt
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    • 14th Jun 12, 5:07 PM
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    • 14th Jun 12, 5:07 PM
    Thanks TTFTM,

    Ahh Green metropolis was prob the one I'd heard about, it rings a bell.

    I've got a few crates ready to drop ebay-able items in, so I can blitz them on a zero listing fee weekend.
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    • sickasachip13
    • By sickasachip13 14th Jun 12, 5:08 PM
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    • 14th Jun 12, 5:08 PM
    • #6
    • 14th Jun 12, 5:08 PM
    I've done amazon - it's good unless the books are really big/heavy (because there are fixed postage amounts) or, if the books are former top-sellers in big outlets, as the dealers can afford to let these go for pennies. The good thing is you can just put in the isbn number and the system is pretty quick to use.

    Best of luck :-)

    • Dharma Bunny
    • By Dharma Bunny 14th Jun 12, 5:08 PM
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    Dharma Bunny
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    • 14th Jun 12, 5:08 PM
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    • 14th Jun 12, 5:08 PM
    Great thread, best of luck.
    I've friends doing a roaring trade with craft enterprises through Facebook.
    One day...

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    • Little Miss Uni-Debt
    • By Little Miss Uni-Debt 14th Jun 12, 5:11 PM
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    Little Miss Uni-Debt
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    • 14th Jun 12, 5:11 PM
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    • 14th Jun 12, 5:11 PM
    Cheers tony_ack.

    Yes, I do have quite a few Uni text books. I'll give them a whirl. Unfortunately with Computer Science it all changes so fast everyone wants the latest edition! Even so, a few quid is a step towards 1%!
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    • Little Miss Uni-Debt
    • By Little Miss Uni-Debt 14th Jun 12, 5:18 PM
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    Little Miss Uni-Debt
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    • 14th Jun 12, 5:18 PM
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    • 14th Jun 12, 5:18 PM
    Hey DharmaBunny,

    I'd love to do something like that! I've set up plenty of websites for other folks and have made tons of craft items as gifts etc even sold a few. It's tough finding products that sell really well though!

    That's the dream though!
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    • redsaxon
    • By redsaxon 14th Jun 12, 6:06 PM
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    Scrap golds going at a premium right now,managed to make over 140 off some old rings with the stones missing.
    • Little Miss Uni-Debt
    • By Little Miss Uni-Debt 15th Jun 12, 11:52 AM
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    Little Miss Uni-Debt
    Yes! Excellent point! I'll add that to the list.

    I made 72 from a broken chain last year. Will search to see what other treasures I have.

    Thank you for reminding me!
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  • mummybearx
    Webuybooks is another one to use for textbooks. I have read good things about them, never actually used them myself. Although i have signed up, not actually added any book IEMB (or something!!) numbers into the site yet. Another thing I said I would do and haven't gotten round too

    You could try dog walking in your spare time?

    Swagbucks, I can refer you so I get extra points People on the up your income board are earning 25 of amazon vouchers a month, or you can get money into paypal, but I think it works out you get more for your points getting the amazon vouchers. You could buy bday/xmas presents with this though, and keep the cash you would have spent to pay the debt.

    Erm.... Use coupons and vouchers to get money off things, put that money by into a savings pot?

    Can't think of anything smart to put here...
    • Starbrite
    • By Starbrite 15th Jun 12, 3:00 PM
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    I've got a few crates ready to drop ebay-able items in, so I can blitz them on a zero listing fee weekend.
    Originally posted by Little Miss Uni-Debt
    This weeked 16/17th June is a free listing weekend on ebay

    Good luck in your quest
    Saving 2,000 in 2013!
    • Little Miss Uni-Debt
    • By Little Miss Uni-Debt 15th Jun 12, 3:37 PM
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    Little Miss Uni-Debt
    Hey zepsgal!

    Never heard of WeBuyBooks before, thanks! What's SwagBucks? ***just looked - seems interesting***

    If I double up my Tesco clubcard vouchers for clothes I can put that cash to one side!

    I'd LOVE to do dog walking! I'll have to have a think about how I could find folks that need it.

    @Starbrite - Cheers! Perfect timing eh!
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  • BlushingRose

    Swagbucks, I can refer you so I get extra points People on the up your income board are earning 25 of amazon vouchers a month, or you can get money into paypal, but I think it works out you get more for your points getting the amazon vouchers. You could buy bday/xmas presents with this though, and keep the cash you would have spent to pay the debt.
    Originally posted by zepsgal

    I wish I did, I've been using survey sites since jan 2012 and still haven't got enough to get anything.
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    • Treacle1983
    • By Treacle1983 15th Jun 12, 8:05 PM
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    either to win cash or items you can sell easily

    There's a COMPETITIONS TIME forum on this very site for a start.

    I'll gladly give any help/advice I can.
    Not really comping any more as too ill - but hoping to win 1000+ in 2017 in cash prizes - watch this space!
    • debbiedebt
    • By debbiedebt 16th Jun 12, 9:07 AM
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    Amazon is good for old DVD box sets as well. I've sold a few books but now that postage is so expensive you have to make sure you get a reasonable price. If you're only going to get less that 1 for the book it's not worth.

    Good luck!!
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    • Little Miss Uni-Debt
    • By Little Miss Uni-Debt 16th Jun 12, 11:58 PM
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    Little Miss Uni-Debt
    Well first item done on the list today! Music Magpie DVDs & a few CDs & PS3 games a grand total of 102. That's my first 1% done plus an extra 22 change!
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    • Little Miss Uni-Debt
    • By Little Miss Uni-Debt 17th Jun 12, 2:25 AM
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    Little Miss Uni-Debt
    A handful of books go off to & some textbooks go to

    I have to say Zapper took the ones no one wanted, even DVDs that Music Magpie rejected! Also FatBrain seems to be very fussy but pays around 4 per book! Worth an hour or so!

    Another 27.02 raised! Well done me!

    Ebay listing tomorrow. Got 6 items to list. Hopefully I'm expecting 2 or 3 lots of 80. A few more percent chipped away! Yippee!

    Night all xxx
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    • lindsaygalaxy
    • By lindsaygalaxy 17th Jun 12, 7:53 PM
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    How about using cashback sites e.g. Quidco and topcashback to your list? I make a few hundred a year on there.

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