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  • 123ALI
    Well it is slightly reassuring to know I am not the only person who has been taken in by these people, have charges for 3 separate products on my credit card - ordered the samples on 20th August (including the 'free' serum) and then charged full whack for each on 1st, 2nd and 6th September. Have cancelled my credit card and emailed them asking for a refund, but hey what good will that do?
  • 4zat
    Hi I'm new! I have also been duped by this scam. I paid for trial offer in July and received pot of Total Radiance cream (50ml) and Eye cream. I checked my bank statement yesterday and found two lots of £74.99 gone. I contacted company today via link on this page and they have stated I will get full refund if I send back product unused. They gave me address but I would like to know if anyone else has sent theirs back successfully and how they did this? I am really concerned they will say they didn't receive product/was lost in post etc. I really need the money back ASAP! Any help gratefully received
  • suckered
    Hi I'm also new to this forum, in fact this is the first forum I ever been on - don't usually do things like this but, because like everyone before me I too fell for this, I feel the need to warn others. I contacted the company via the link on page one of the forum and had live chat. They cancelled future orders immediately (or they said they have) and have promised confirmation e-mail within a couple of days. Will let you know on that. In the meantime I have gone to the extreme of cancelling my credit card so hopefully they cannot take any more funds (not sure how much they have taken at this stage as my statement is due next week). I can't believe I didn't read the 'small print' I am always preaching to my children to read things but guess I was taken in by the claims of how well it works and though I would trial the cream - think I need a gallon of the stuff now as I have aged 10 years and went hashen when I found out how much a month they intended on taking! Feel so stupid as a couple of pots of cream that initially cost me £5 or so is clearly going to cost me £150 +
  • suckered
    Received e-mail cancelling both Revitderm and Perfect Radiance this morning. Still don't know how much they have taken out of my account - awaiting statement from credit card company which should be here shortly.
  • David Milton
    I also got caught by this con trick, I, like another post author found that the web page was incomplete and without the terms and conditions displayed. Being really over cautious when browsing let alone buying online, my wife and I both studied the web page and could find no catches with what was displayed. So I paid for the required 50% of the "Free samples" carriage coming to £2.95 and £2.97, and 12 days later we received a 56g pot of "DERMOLOGY" Anti-Aging cream, and a 28g spray of "DERMOLOGY" treatment serum. On checking my Halifax credit card statement I found not only these two amounts but also on the same day as the delivery of the goods another amount of £74.95 had been paid to a different named account yet having the same account no. as one of the items of carriage.
    We only wished to try these "Free Trial Products", but having paid were suprised when we did not receive any confirmation emails, or any supporting paperwork with the delivery. Therefore we had no contact details for the supplier and therefore could not have contacted them to cancel any agreement even if we were aware of one existing. So what you do, if like us, you are stupid enough to give these con artists any bank/credit card details, is to invite them to empty your account whenever they want.
    Having paid by Halifax Credit Card, I thought there would be some safety cover when fraudsters attack, but I just spent over an hour onto Halifax in a futile attempt to stop any future charges to my account, so just like some previous post authors, my only option is to cancel the credit card account completely.
    With products that appear to have different names coming from USA, being despatched from Scotland, being paid for through Cypriot banks, telephone calls diverted through Chinese call (Stall) centres, and with the only person whom seems to have managed to recover some of their outlay making about 7/8 phone calls in order to achieve that result, it would appear that these fraudulent operators are very slippery.
    I would like to thank all of you contributors for the information in your posts without which we would not even know whom was stealing money from us, what the missing terms and conditions contained, or even that we are in danger of yet more charges.
    If anyone can help, we would appreciate any Email addresses that actually make contact with these underhanded businesses.
  • 4zat
    Hi really sorry to hear you got duped too. I cancelled my 'subscription' with Perfect Radiance using the link on page 1, I gave my name and then communicated with an 'operator' who stated my account would be closed and no more funds removed and that if I returned my products unused I would get full refund. I have received 2 e-mails confirming my cancellation to both the face and eye cream and account numbers are contained. The only contact information I have for them are e-mail and the return address for products which is Perfect Radiance, PO Box 13583, Linithgow, EH49 7AP. I have returned my products and await my refund! I bank with Natwest and they have sent me forms to fill in and return, they will then forward these to company and money removed thereafter can be reclaimed. However if any more goes out I think I too will cancel my card and get a replacement. Thats the story so far, hope it helps.
  • ang7998
    refunded - don't give up
    Just wanted to let others know that despite us feeling our attempts were futile we have just received a full refund for the amounts taken from our account by this company. My husband called them on monday this week (after many previous calls) and said that they were perfectly accomodating and agreed to refund the amounts. We did not received emails to confirm so I was a little dubiuos but today i have checked and both amounts are refunded.
    So relieved!! Lesson learned
  • zoebrodie
    I have spoken with company about 7 times. Each time getting a different person but when I asked to speak eith the Manager a man called Jan came on phone. I have psoken with him twice. It turnes out the company is a third party call centre. On friday 29th Sept I called the fraud department of Lloyds to report unauthorised payments as I had email confirmetion that my acounts were closed, they said this fraud amounts to 50% of her daily calls. the bank said they would refund the amount to my accounts and start investigations on my behalf. After that call I phoned the Perfect Radiance call centre again andthis time spoke to a person who atually seemed to understand whats happening and said she would authorise full refund and this would take 5 - 7 working days. This morning I have found the full refund in my account. I'm pretty sure this is the company and not the bak who have refunded me becuase the amounts tally up. I am still £46.73 short - a payment taken from my account AFTER cancelling but I'm sure the bank will refund this. So happy days and lesson well and truly learnt - stick to buying in a shop.
    Just keep calling - sont bother with the emails mine stopped replying after I started complaining loudly. Good luck everyone
  • David Milton
    Thankyou 4zat
    Update, have used Email ( from 4zat) to contact Perfect Radiance whom may or may not be the people trying to bankrupt me. Another £74.95 was taken on the 3/10/2011 so that's nearly £160 taken in 32 days plus the additional costs of all the phone calls.
    At least had a return email confirming its receipt this is a 100% improvement on my anxiety rating. Like (4Zat) my credit card company are sending me forms to fill in and return,to enable them to dispute the charges through the Cypriot Banks. Unfortunately when I said that I wished to settle up and cancel the credit card account they told me it would not do me any good as they would be duty bound to honour these charges and then chase me for the recovery of the amount. By the time this dispute is resolved there will without doubt be several other charges since they appear to be charging at £75 every two weeks.
    The banks advise you always to buy with a credit card, but I cannot see any sign of this being safer so far, quite the reverse it would appear that their rules are "Pay First" and you regret later. I wonder why they bother to put a credit limit on your card.
  • Cassandra56
    Perfect Radiance
    Another idiot joins the perfect radiance scam! This is the first and only time I buy something that is a special offer!!

    I've just had £75 taken out of my account and only found out when my credit card fraud dept contacted me but, like the rest of you, because I gave my credit card detail they can't do anything. I was advised to email and cancel but guess what? address doesn't exist! I've now cancelled my credit card and am hoping to get through to the customer service number on Monday.

    Am so angry!
  • competitionscafe
    They give an email address here and claim to have had problems with their international lines (more likely they have just been flooded with calls, complaints and people trying to cancel)


    (00) 800-2358-7491


    If they say they will not refund you tell them you will file a complaint with the FTC and will also be requesting a chargeback with your credit card company - this should 'encourage' them to change their mind.

    You can make cheap(er) landline calls to the US using a predial number like Simply Dial:

    The company is called Atlantic Coast Media Group, LLC
    Their address is:
    499 Washington Boulevard
    Floor 15
    Jersey City, NJ 07310
    United States
    Phone: 201-420-8282

    You could try that number if the other one does not work. Dial 00 1 first for US, then 201-420-8282.
    Last edited by competitionscafe; 09-10-2011 at 2:19 AM.
    "The happiest of people don't necessarily have the
    best of everything; they just make the best
    of everything that comes along their way."
    -- Author Unknown --
  • competitionscafe
    Another idiot joins the perfect radiance scam! This is the first and only time I buy something that is a special offer!!
    Originally posted by Cassandra56
    The Perfect Radiance scam appears to be promoted by a marketing company called Convert2Media in Florida USA.

    Their contact details are:

    From doing a quick Google search, it seems they have a bit of 'history' when it comes to dodgy dealings.
    Last edited by competitionscafe; 16-10-2011 at 11:35 PM.
    "The happiest of people don't necessarily have the
    best of everything; they just make the best
    of everything that comes along their way."
    -- Author Unknown --
  • Cassandra56
    Perfect Radiance Scam
    Thanks to all for suggestions on cancelling account. After several unsuccesful attempts at emails (non-existant) and phone calls (either couldn't understand/left hanging on/hung up on!), I have today finally managed to cancel my account using the live chat on page one (took several attempts until I got the time zone right). I am supposed to get a confirmation email within 24hrs, and have been told that I will not be asked for any further payments. I've printed out the 'chat' so, if anything goes wrong the credit card company can act on my behalf. I did try to get a refund but will only get this if I return the goods. Having read some of your blogs I realise I might still not get a refund so.......I've decided to keep them. I think I might frame them and put them on display to remind me NOT to do the same thing again
    For those of you still fighting - don't give up.
  • Rebji
    What a nightmare company, taken money out after I cancelled!!! Now in hands of bank. Finally got through to them and they said they would only refund half, I told them I was reporting them and wanted to speak to a manager and wanted their address. I was given no to both and then told I could have a full refund!!! Wish I had seen all the posts about them first, I wouldn't have signed up to their trial offer. Hope you've all got your money back now and I look forward to seeing my money back in my account soon!
  • evepanteli
    acquiring bank/merchant account
    Personally I blame the merchant accounts/acquiring banks and even our own credit card companies/banks who allow these companies to operate with their unethical business practices.

    Sure, people should read the terms & conditions... but these offers deliberately mislead you and aim to sucker you in.

    Anyone actually spoken to their bank and asked them the name of the actual bank/merchant who processed the transaction?

    Without a doubt they'll tell you that these companies are known to them but they're very reluctant to give you any more information such as the actual names of the bank/merchant account. Truth be told, your own bank makes money of the transaction too... charging a foreign currency transaction charge in the process.

    If these companies are known to credit card companies them surely it wouldn't be hard for them to flag the transactions... or put them on a reserve where they have to wait longer to collect payment. But all the banks and merchants in the transaction know that of the hundreds of people who fall for this scam only a tiny fraction will ever complain... so they all keep making money. Yes - even your own bank is in on the scam too! It's like the BACs fraud perpetrated by Satellite Direct a few years ago. The banks and merchants were making so much money they turned a blind eye provided they kept the refund rate below 10%.

    Don't believe me? Put it to the test, if you've been scammed ask your bank for the actual name of the merchant/acquiring bank... they'll tell you that the payment was processed in Cyprus but very little else.

    Atlantic Coast Media Group might be responsible for the scam but they wouldn't be bale to operate if the greedy banks didn't give them carte blanche to your bank account... even after you cancel your credit cards! It's just despicable!
  • Cassandra56
    Perfect Radiance Scam
    You are right - my bank told me it had been processed in Cyprus for an American company, but couldn't tell me anything else. They did give me an email and phone number, but neither were valid.

    I've received confirmation emails that my accounts have been closed, and so far no more money has been taken. However, what I didn't realise was because I had been sent a FREE sample eye cream, and not returned it, I had an account for this too!! So please, if and when you get through to the company, make sure both accounts are cancelled.
  • competitionscafe
    You are right - my bank told me it had been processed in Cyprus for an American company, but couldn't tell me anything else. They did give me an email and phone number, but neither were valid.
    Originally posted by Cassandra56
    Interesting, as many of the payments in the Jesse Willms scams also used merchant processing/shell companies in Cyprus:
    "The happiest of people don't necessarily have the
    best of everything; they just make the best
    of everything that comes along their way."
    -- Author Unknown --
    • jtk174
    • By jtk174 26th Oct 11, 10:23 PM
    • 346 Posts
    • 171 Thanks
    My elderly sister was also caught out by this. I spoke to her Credit Card company and they said there was nothing they could do about it as she had agreed to the terms and conditions. I said that I was fairly sure this was not the only complaint they would have heard about, having carried out my own quick research. The operator said she was aware of other complaints but could not comment further. She suggested I contact Trading Standards.
    I asked what would happen if I cancelled the credit card and was told that it would not prevent charges continuing. I assume this to mean the charges would continue and be owed to the company should they wish to use legal means to recover the debt.
    They did offer to send out a form to fill in and return and in the meantime they would monitor the situation!

    I contacted Trading Standards and they said they were aware of an article in the Guardian about a week ago and to follow the instructions on the website to cancel the order.
    After sone time on the phone, my sister did get through and cancel both accounts but the salesperson said it was too late to stop this months shipment as it was on it's way.

    Although bith products were ordered from the same website, I noticed they have different individual websites and each has a different number to phone if you want to cancel. In case we had only cancelled one product, I got my sister to phone the other number. They knew she had already been on the phone.

    My sister is just out of hospital and says she is not aware of receiving any of the products she has been charged £74 and £79 for.
    I was wondering if that was true for anyone else ?? Have you actually received the products apart from the trial sample?

    This really needs to be stopped and questions asked why the credit card companies allow this to continue.

    Moderator is this something Martin knows about? Can he warn people in his broadcasts ?
  • linda124
    Revitaderm/perfect radiance
    Have seen the postings of people saying how good this cream is for the wrinklies (me )
    Have read the scams that have happened
    So Can Martin/money saving expert or anyone else give an address or a chemist or shop where one can go in & physically buy this cream instead of all this nonsense ?????????????
  • Strangely
    There's a lot of shift jiggery-pokery about.
    The Linlithgow address pops up several times over several years when googling with the keyword "scam"!!

    Even more bizarrely, I've found that this whole moneysavingexpert website has been cloned by someone called "Transon Wong"!!! The webaddress of this very section of the forum is so everyone can see what they wrote here -somewhere else!

    Interestingly, a "Dana Wong" was a contributory employee to the scams for which Jesse Willms has been supposedly forbidden from using (see message from CompetitionCafe above). Among his modus operandi of his many scams were anti-aging creams charged from a Cyrus address and despatched from an address on Mill Lane Trading Estate, Linlithgow.

    Putting it all together seems to be either some of, or the same, individuals running the same schemes again; or an unfortunate case of copycat ripoffness.

    I'd go for the former.
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