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    Jean Louis
    about the green scam letters of "Anthony Carr" and others
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    • 5th Jan 07, 5:48 PM
    about the green scam letters of "Anthony Carr" and others 5th Jan 07 at 5:48 PM
    Warning to all who receive "medium" letters

    Hello! I hope my english is accurate enough to convey my message.
    (But certainly many among you wish their french was as developped as my english, no ?)

    Don't ever reply to all these fake mediums, astrologers, who might send you their so "personalized" and kind letters. The letter's pattern are always the same:

    - They make you believe you deserve a prior and special treatment, and that they received a "special sign" (dream, vision, etc) invinting them to warn you of near future dangers, or to help you pass trough near future challenges.

    - They want you to believe you are one of their friends, that you are important for them. You are not. They are signing their scams with "my friendship"; "your friend", etc. You are just an ambulant wallet for them.

    - They constantly invite or convince you the next 90 days are crucial for big changes in your life, and that you must reply the very day you get their letter. Otherwise it will be too late for them to help you, or they will lack time to prepare God-knows-what "action" to protect you. Notice it's never too late to save money, so don't send anything.

    - You are going to win on every battle field: money (You are going to win the jackpot, my dears!), love, seduction, profession changes! Isn't it too much, at the same time?

    - Why would you hesitate to send them 30, or a relatively small amount of money in euros or dollars? You are a near-future big winner, they assure it: you are going to become a millionair, in the coming few weeks ! The letter might be ended by fabricated small testimonies, along with faces photographs, of "recent and happy winners". Keep in mind there is only one winner in the trick: the self-declared medium.

    - Notice they always speak of a free help or a free something in their letters, the below asked money is only to cover registration and postage fees! Well then it is not for free!!

    - They are playing with people's superstition. You will receive a splendid golden talisman along with the master's reply, that will protect you against pernicious cosmic radiations or something of the kind! No need to be an expert in physics to understand their blabla over the power and action of the talisman is a pure nonsense. Notice the golden jewel might rust in a few days... as I experienced.
    They are manipulating people.
    Notice they try to convince the reader that he/she will regret his/her life long not to have replied as requested, if he/she doesn't. They are thriving upon a thin layer of faith/fear in/of the irrational, still present or reactivated in the reader's mind. They are mastering that technique.
    That is bringing us centuries, or millenia back in time, when men did not understand much of Nature, and believed in all kinds of good and bad supernatural influences to explain facts, illnesses, even states of mind.
    So are you living in the rationnal 21th century?

    - They are exploiting the need and dream, among many of us the anonymous people, who are living a sometime uneasy life, to be lucky, to be choosen by the Chance. Eventually. To live a "star life". Today's society is keeping a dream active: everybody can win millions at a lottery. It happens every day. Why not you? Notice the scam letters are insisting upon money an upon a most likely big win from you. With their help.

    - Isn't it curious that if you answer to one of these "magicians", you will receive tens of other letters within the year, promising almost the same miracles in your life, always within the next 90 days? And why do so many of these letters come from very few countries? Switzerland, Austria. Even their names are sounding fake! "Gabriel d'Annunzzio" for example. Does it make you think to an angel who made an annunciation to Mary ? If it does, it is not a pure coincidence!

    - Many of them are telling stars and high society's members are knocking every day at their door. That they are charging hundreds or dollars or pounds or euros for the service. But YOU are a special someone, and for the same service, YOU will only pay the amount written below the letter. So they convince you they are not at all money minded. Ready to work as hard, for almost nothing, just for your sake! How fair! you might think.
    Please understand you will never see the sent money back. Do not trust their warrant, frequently ending the letter, and written on the back of the last page: it pretends you will be paid back of the sent money, would you be unsatisfied with the results promised by the medium. By answering and sending your reply with the last page form, you are at the same time sending back the whole warrant! It doesn't make any difference if you signed it or not: he or she gets it back, you keep nothing, and they won't pay you anything back. So did Maria Duval with me.

    - Their letters are sometimes pretending You have been choosen among the many to become the beneficiary or the Heir of something.
    Recently, I learnt in a letter from Marianne (PB Astro-shop, Postfach, CH-8603 Schwerzenbach, Schweiz) that she had choosen me as
    her "Cosmic Heir" !!!
    It doesn't mean anything, really. I was going, if replying positively, to learn many secrets and to become a medium myself !
    Another letter from Maria Duval established I had been that courageous monk, back in the 13th century, France, who helped preserve the existence and the transmission of a precious knowledge... .
    That is another way to convince the reader that he/she is special. If not in your present life, You played an important role in a past life! That explains why You will benefit today of an unexpected money gain, or why You are the one that deserves to be initiated in their secrets!! Every pleasant tale is helpfull to inflate the ego of the reader, and convince him/her to give credits to their letters. And to their "medium power"! Are you going to discuss the advices/ visions of someone who is "revealing" (inventing, to be true) your prestigious past to you, or unknown merit, something that is raising You to the peerage of Humanity? Manipulation!!

    I wish you all a good week-end,
    keep your eyes open!

    Jean Louis
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  • Jean Louis
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    • 8th Jan 07, 12:14 PM
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    • 8th Jan 07, 12:14 PM
    Hello Toots!
    Thank you for the welcome!

    I am impressed by the amount of problems your father ran into, by responding to these scams. It's a fact people temporarily weakened in their critical sense by loneliness, fatigue, lassitude, ... are the most likely to find the bait attractive.
    Elderly people are certainly even more likely to enter into that manipulation process: someone is promising them the unexpected arrival of money, love, ability to convince and to make friends... .
    Truly, many elderly do not know such a life in their old days. I personaly noticed a few times that some elderly carefully hide an impressive bitterness towards life in general.
    They have been disappointed by their life. Many possible causes, and chidren are not responsible of that, most of the time. They keep silent almost perfectly about their bitterness, and let nothing come out, because they know doing it would only result in more loneliness, or incomprehension.

    They might even hurt those who care for them: children, friends, nurses,... because these people would believe their help, their love, their warmth is not counting! We never or rarely know the hidden dreams and expectations of even our family members. Not everything may be told.

    As you say, falling into their trick is not reserved to stupid or elderly people:
    almost everyone can do that. I had the blues when I first got a Maria Duval's letter.

    About how to get rid of those letters: one time, I returned a letter from Maria Duval by simply not opening it and writing upon the envelope: "remball!!!233;" wich can perhaps be translated in english by "sent off" or "sent out". She never sent me another letter after. Here, the post office doesn't charge you anything for returning a letter as long as you didn't open it.
    So why not try that way? It will only cost you the time to go to the post office.

    I found a testimony on internet of a flemish man whose father also ran into bankruptcy after many years of responding and sending money to Maria Duval. He thinks she doesn't exist, that the name is just a cover to the scam enterprise which is acting in her name. I personaly add that her postal address, a very small village in Flander, is rather curious for someone pretending to have such a reputation among mediums, and is simply one of the post boxes "she" has in Europe.
    Another strange fact was that "she" sent me the same letter as one of the first ones, months after I began to respond.
    For someone pretending to have a personalised relation with her clients, that is a major error. It's a fact many of those "mediums" are sending letters everywhere in Europe, if not worlwide. (if you judge by the various testimonies of people posting advices on internet, from many parts of the world).
    Regarding the linguistic accuracy of their letters, there is nothing to say. Perfect polyglots are not so common. So there must be a team behind each one of those mediums, including at least good translators. No wonder your written letters asking for a stop where not considered: the scam enterprise is only paying attention to the "good" letters, that is, those in which the reader has filled the expected options and has sent money along.
    All letters that do not match the proposed pattern are probably discarted. Time is money. Also for the scam enterprise. Reading and responding to the not-na!!!239;ve-anymore letters of a few clients is a waist of time.

    Wishing you a good week,
    Jean Louis
    • DjP
    • By DjP 8th Jan 07, 12:41 PM
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    • 8th Jan 07, 12:41 PM
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    • 8th Jan 07, 12:41 PM

    I can't believe anyone would EVER be (temporaily) Foolish enough to send off to any of these scams.

    They certainally attack people through their greed or grief

    And once they've drawn someone in - they suck them in further and further. Pride keeps the 'mark' coming back for more. Like some gambling addict. They don't want to admit to themselves that they've been foolish - so keep 'paying' out in the hope that they will eventually hit the jackpot. Quite often they are holding out for this - and the chance to then tell everyone what they've been doing. But until the 'win' (which never comes - of course) they keep quiet - as deep down they know they are being foolish/tricked. These scams don't just take away money - they also distroy vulnable peoples lives.

    On the one hand I can't belive anyone would ever send off - for/to any of these schemes. So why should we even bother to stop the scams. On the other hand i know they do. People (however sensible/clever young/old they are) do need protection.

    So ...

    Do all join my scam protection plan. Just send me !!!163;100. And by return post I guarantee you !!!163;10,000* from the spanish lottery you never entered.
  • Money~Bunny
    • #4
    • 8th Jan 07, 2:48 PM
    • #4
    • 8th Jan 07, 2:48 PM
    Do all join my scam protection plan. Just send me 100. And by return post I guarantee you 10,000* from the spanish lottery you never entered.
    Should I send it via Western Union, and is it 100% Risky Free? :rolleyes:

    Very good post regarding why people continue sending in cash for something they know is a con, but they still keep hoping. Very sad.
    Old-styler, crafter and freebie junkie!
    Frogga's Amazing Weight Loss Campaign: Member no.20 since 2/9/07 -- lost 10lb
    Wedding bells 04/10/08
  • Turning_into_scrooge
    • #5
    • 8th Jan 07, 3:25 PM
    • #5
    • 8th Jan 07, 3:25 PM
    Even though this is one of the biggest scams around people still fall for it due to their circumstances. These letters are sent out to carefully selected areas such as housing estates where the majority of people living there are on benefits and really do not have any money at all are probably depressed and have other issues in their lives such as relationship problems, feeling like they have curse on them because they have so much bad 'luck' etc. They will also target the elderly to bring them the dream they had years ago that they couldn't fulfill such as a trip around the world, going off somewhere for 3 months to probably visit their children who have emigrated. They know what buttons to press to make the recipient of the letter believe that they can make this happen for them. No one can make something like this happen only yourself by saving the money, no one can guarantee you're going to win the lottery. Something really needs to be some internationally to stop this.
  • wantmemoney
    • #6
    • 8th Jan 07, 5:00 PM
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    • 8th Jan 07, 5:00 PM
    brilliant post, good idea

    problem is this dutch judge doe not agree with us.
    2 November 2006

    IT'S perfectly legal to flood Britain with rip-off "prize win" junk mail - that's the extraordinary outcome of a Dutch court case.
    This is only my thinking on this. These scams and cons are mass marketed and have been around for a long time, it's not in Royal Mail's or any other carriers financial interest to have them banned.
    Is this why the OFT etc appear so slow and hopeless at clamping down on them.
  • lerryngal
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    • 28th Oct 10, 1:46 PM
    Mine's arrived!!!
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    • 28th Oct 10, 1:46 PM
    My 'lovely' letter from Anthony Carr arrived this morning.
    I am promised wealth beyond my wildest dreams, and 3 spirits are willing all this for me from above!! Just send him the sum of 16-95, and all this will be mine!

    Yea, right!!!

    However the letter won't go to waste, it's in my recycling bag as we speak!!
  • Freddie_Snowbits
    • #8
    • 28th Oct 10, 3:43 PM
    • #8
    • 28th Oct 10, 3:43 PM
    3 spirits are willing all this for me from above!!
    Originally posted by lerryngal
    Brenda's got the mulled wine ready and the spiri6ts are flowing down the Dog and Duck

    Oooops, is that supposed to be free spirits?
  • helibor
    • #9
    • 30th Dec 10, 11:25 AM
    Another Carr letter
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    • 30th Dec 10, 11:25 AM
    Received today, he is claiming to be the 'world's most documented Psychic'. He is such a brilliant psychic, he sent this letter to my father who has been dead for over a year. He predicts the future may be rosy beyond description!! Beyond is right. What a nob.....
    • paddyrg
    • By paddyrg 30th Dec 10, 11:59 AM
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    Anyone who can predict the future does not need thirty quid from you, therefore it is always a scam.

    I don't doubt there are some sincere psychics out there (they really believe they alone have special powers over time and space), but that doesn't make them useful. Given a choice between a crook and a deluded person, I don't know which is worse, but by and large, the delusional do the work for free as a "gift grom God to share"
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