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    • pjbltd
    • By pjbltd 20th Jul 11, 7:26 PM
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    • 20th Jul 11, 7:26 PM
    OneTwoTrade 20th Jul 11 at 7:26 PM
    Hi guys,

    Has anyone had any experience with OneTwoTrade?

    Many thanks,

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    • By iAMaLONDONER 7th May 14, 12:48 PM
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    I'm a former employee and I beg everybody to STAY WELL CLEAR of OneTwoTrade

    As soon as I realised how much of a scam it was I made a swift exit. I would also urge anybody who wishes to have a successful career in finance to stay well clear of this company. They are making money from the small print in their terms and conditions and also by expoiting their staff.

    Unless I am mistaken, OneTwoTrade's website features no office address, they are constantly moving between different temporary serviced offices around the city, this is not coincidence, this illigitimate operation does not want to leave any breadcrumbs.

    I would call them cowboys, but I don't want to offend any actual cowboys out there. As I said, give OneTwoTrade a wide berth!!!
    Originally posted by northernmonkey6190
    I heard that they give you 250 bonus for depositing 500- I assume that there are restrictions to avoid someone withdrawing 750 (700 after fees) and running!
  • Arnisovo
    [edit] This post is quite long, but if you want a chuckle its worth a read. if you want to skim read, just read the bold.

    Hey, I've only just come accross this. To re-word the current unbiased posts am I right in saying:

    This company is like betting on red or black on Roulette:
    a) 50:50 chance of win if you are a novice (presumeably if you arent you wouldn't use it)
    b) rolling 0 in roulette is similar in theory to the fees.

    It differes in that:
    a) In roulette you win or lose 100%. In onetwotrade you win 70% or lose 95% on the same odds.
    b) If you play roulette once and you don't like it you can walk away having risked 10. If you try onetwotrade and stop you are subsequently fined for not playing.
    c) Minimum risk in roulette is 2.50 on red or black in my local casino. Minimum risk on onetwotrade is 104 - a minimum 10 bet and 50 fee to withdraw your funds and 11x4 fines for not playing the next 11 months (less than the risk of 11x10 minimum bets to avoid the fine).
    d) Roulette, if you hit 0 you're done and can walk away. In onetwotrade if I hit 0 I get fined everymonth for the remainder of my contract or deposit a further 200 (50 of which is a guaranteed loss when I withdraw).

    Sound right?

    A little maths to show the risk:

    I bet 1 in the casino on red, and black in the same game. Play 37 games and I have only lost 2 (36x red or black, 1x 0).

    I bet 1 on up and down in onetwotrade 37 times and I win 37*70% = 25.90 and lose 37*95% = 35.15 Thats a net loss of 9.25, over 4.5 times that of casino roulette.

    Looking at a near real example, taking into account minimum deposit and some fees, starting with the 200 deposit played carefully over 37 games across a year to avoid non playing fees.

    Casino: on average net loss 5.40 (200 / 37 = loss of betting on red and black when a zero rolls). Thats 2.7% of original stake.

    onetwotrade: average loss of 25. and then a 50 fee to withdraw and close the account. Net loss 75. Thats 37.5% of your stake. (not exactly possible as minimum stake is 10 and our stake on 200 over 37 games is 5.40, but it shows the odds, you could play around 18 games at 10 and the figures would be the same)

    "But with onetwotrade when you get good it's better than 50:50 chance of winning!" I hear you say! Possibly true, so lets look at how good you need to be.

    There's a bit more maths which I can share if you like, simple but long. Essentially you need to win 27% more games than loss... to get the same odds as the casino. And that DOESNT take into account the 50 withdrawal fee, just the 70% per win and 95% per loss.

    You need to win 35.6% more games than you lose to break even, and then pay your 50 withdrawal.

    You have to beat that % to start to recoup your 50. If that hasn't put you off enough if you win just over 45% more than you lose (damn you're good, go get hired by IG Index), and you bet 10 every 30minutes you can earn a STAGGERING.. *drum role* 6.19 per hour. A whopping minimum wage. and still pay 50 everytime you need to withdraw...


    Yes you CAN WIN. But you CAN ALSO WIN in a casino, which gives MASSIVELY better odds, it's quicker, you can risk less, it's more fun and you aren't DELUDING yourself that it's not
    (an incredibly stupid form of) gambling.

    You've been mathed.


    ps. let me know if I missed anything!
    Originally posted by NinjaSquidy
    Very detailed and great explanations about possibility to won by using Binary Options services and how odds are calculated. Good compare of services between Casino games and Binary Options, BUT
    Each Binary Options client can increase their odds by 50% just by using some of Binary Options Cashback web sites. Everything is legal and works perfect. For example, you made deposit in Binary Option X 250$ and get back from Binary Option cash back website 125$.
    That`s mean you reduce your risk by 50% and in that time you increase your odds.
    In such cause and scenario Binary Options became more profitable then Casino games.

  • Iceman68
    One two trade
    I opened an acount at them and it went well then i wanted to withdraw 250 dollars, and closed my laptop, and next day i open up they have lost all my money and they even didnt withdraw my 250 wich i was in and see on acount was ok and after 7-10 days i would have them, then i contacted them, they only answered you cant withdraw 250 dollars when its lost, i said i withdraw when there was money on acount, then they said look at terms i said what, yes you cant withdraw money from empty acount i exploded they are so fake, and the guy Jack who called me before i started, i cant not reach that guy anymore
    stay away
  • tmahmoo2
    I can categorically and unreservedly state this is a very sophisticated scam and clinically orchestrated fraud. I have been a victim and have hired legal teams to deal with them. I will keep you posted regarding the developments as I have managed to capture much evidence including recorded conversations.

    One thing you may be able to assist with other victims can supply me with contacts, as they are complaining they have never had any complaints, further they are claiming no one has ever complained to Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) who are supposed to be responsible ensuring Malta's gaming regulations are adhered to, from the tone of their response I get the impression they do not exert much authority over them, so it will be persued through the legal teams.

    One saving grace is they cannot operate with the MGA license and any proof of criminal fraudlant or other such action would ensure these people will not be able to rob others like me in future.

    System manipulation is thier key trait, better to simply throw away your money then to have it put towards
    • lordteddy
    • By lordteddy 3rd Aug 15, 12:29 PM
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    Not honouring agreements
    I am also having much difficulty with OneTwoTrade. I started with them two years, but it started horribly wrong as I made a wrong trade and lost 3,000. I got it back in the form of a bonus, but under the T&Cs had to trade it 20 times to get it back so I stopped trying after a while.

    In December 2014 I was suddenly called up by one of their Relationship Managers who claimed he was an owner of the business. He stated that if I deposited another 2,000 and got my account back up to 5,000, he agreed that I only needed to turn over the full balance three times before being able to withdraw it. In fact, he withdrew 3,000 never returned the 1,000 over withdrawal.

    We proceeded to do a whole of trades with around a 50% success rate and then in January he persuaded me to add in another 5,000 as we were doing well. Then when he was away, another manager called me up and persuaded to add in a little more and do more trades. We had some very successful trades. However, on one of the trades when I said I wanted to withdraw my money, we did some trades that lost me 6,000. These were trades that they told me to put. I was furious and tried calling the relationship manager back and he just went silent and never contacted me again.

    The original relationship manager then recontacts me a few weeks later and I said that I wanted to withdraw my money and that I had felt that I had turned over the right amount as per our agreement. After some arguing he said that I needed to turn over another 4,500 and that in the meantime he would return 5,000. I have written confirmation of this and a voice recording. I turned this amount over on my own as I did not trust them anymore and when all my trades were finished I tried to withdraw my money and for two months now they have not returned my money. They have come up with reasons and stalled.

    I have now decided to take this up with lawyers, the police for fraud and the regulator. If anyone has had success in taking legal action or has started legal action, please do advise since I am keen to ensure that these guys do not treat others in the same way.

    One other question I have is whether they are allowed to tell you how to trade. I thought this was illegal and goes against what is on their website.
    • alexandra1948
    • By alexandra1948 26th Aug 15, 1:47 PM
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    fraud victim
    I think these guys at just managed to clear $6,500 AUD (approximately) from my bank account after I agreed to sign up to a $250 'we do it all for you' program, trading partnership (?) with them.

    I'm currently under advice to have no further contact with them while the issue is being investigated.
    • lordteddy
    • By lordteddy 26th Aug 15, 2:44 PM
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    Hi how are you pursuing the matter.

    Can I suggest that as many of us as possible go the Malta MGa Licence website and submit a complaint. We need to get these rogue traders banned.


    • Pagg
    • By Pagg 26th Aug 15, 5:49 PM
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    One two buckle my shoe, Three Four your money's out the door.
    • alexandra1948
    • By alexandra1948 26th Aug 15, 8:52 PM
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    I'll look at the website now.

    For the moment my bank is investigating.

    I have a friend in Malta who's a retired lawyer - I've only recently connected with him after many years but I'm thinking I'll ask for his opinion, at least.

    Otherwise I'll go to the media in Australia, lawyer up and see.

    Slowly slowly, but it's inconscienable to let it go unchallenged and unresolved.
    • alexandra1948
    • By alexandra1948 26th Aug 15, 9:55 PM
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    one two trade

    We might also consider a 'class action' - I'm a retired researcher, so I'd love to gather a list of names, draft a document and launch a Class Action legal prosecution.

    • alexandra1948
    • By alexandra1948 26th Aug 15, 10:28 PM
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    Lord Teddy
    Lord Ted

    I just quickly scanned the Malta Gaming Authority website - yes your idea is very good and possible - you probably know that. But definitely if we could have a group approach them about the problems it could be good.

    I've got to log off now, but I'll check in and see if you've been back later,

    • lordteddy
    • By lordteddy 27th Aug 15, 10:04 AM
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    I am on hols now but glad your are keen to take some action. I will be back middle of next week and we can see how to proceed. In the meantime I will discuss with some lawyers and see what their thoughts are. I am also of the same view that we should tackle this on various fronts including legal, press, regulators and even police. I am also wondering whether they could be a money laundering front! I hope you get your money back.
    • alexandra1948
    • By alexandra1948 27th Aug 15, 11:11 AM
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    Enjoy your holidays.

    I'm glad we can tackle this thing not alone - it's great.

    I agree about each 'front' you suggest. My bank mentioned the Australian Federal Police may have to become involved.

    Take care
    and thanks
    • alexandra1948
    • By alexandra1948 27th Aug 15, 11:19 AM
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    Enjoy your holidays.

    I agree with you on all points. My bank even said they may involve the Australian Federal Police.

    I have just sent a second email to OneTwoTrade requesting they close my account and return funds ... let's see how long it takes.

    I'm glad we're in the same loop - it's easier to deal with, tho I wouldn't wish this crowd on anyone,

    • alexandra1948
    • By alexandra1948 1st Sep 15, 12:15 PM
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    I've just been reading your comments on OneTwoTrade.

    How did you cancel your account? I'm having trouble closing mine,
    • alexandra1948
    • By alexandra1948 1st Sep 15, 12:35 PM
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    i have deposited 2000 and have been completely freaked out by the sales calls it generated. i want to get my money out asap.

    i have mailed them but they say

    We received the withdrawal request you made on 02/03/13 for 2000. Unfortunately, we are not able to process this request.
    Why we couldn't process your withdrawal
    Clients cannot withdraw funds unless the same funds have been wagered at least once.

    can anyone help me to minimise my loss??
    Originally posted by scraggyashley

    Did you get your money back in the end?
    I'm in much the same position, tho I invested more money.
    I'm really interested to know what happened, if you're still around,
    • D-money
    • By D-money 19th Jun 17, 8:09 AM
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    Where to help, I'm a victim of this binary they both ran away with my deposits and profits, locked in their platform, I feel like killing my self every, I don't know what's going to happen to me now, don't know the steps to do, where to get help.. I feel like I just want to die, they ran away 38k my platform is 125k but they stop speaking to me when we discussed with some of it for 50k
    • Malthusian
    • By Malthusian 19th Jun 17, 9:54 AM
    • 4,324 Posts
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    Where to help, I'm a victim of this binary they both ran away with my deposits and profits, locked in their platform, I feel like killing my self every, I don't know what's going to happen to me now, don't know the steps to do, where to get help.. I feel like I just want to die, they ran away 38k my platform is 125k but they stop speaking to me when we discussed with some of it for 50k
    Originally posted by D-money
    See a GP or call The Samaritans (116 123) immediately. The money can wait.
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