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    • tinktay84
    • By tinktay84 10th May 11, 10:25 PM
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    Millionaire Challenge
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    • 10th May 11, 10:25 PM
    Millionaire Challenge 10th May 11 at 10:25 PM
    I sat pondering on what ive achieved in my 27 years and realised that anything ive ever said I wanted to do or wanted to have I have managed to achieve.

    Last year after 10 years in catering I completely changed career and last week I achieved a distinction in painting and decorating. This got me thinking that since I always achieve goals I set myself what could I do next....

    Thus the Millionaire challenge!

    So phase 1 is opening a savings account and getting money building up...

    I work for myself so have a bit of control over my earnings, we have 1 property that we rent out and my husband has a decent (secure) job.

    My aim is to get to the million mark by the age of 40 (im 27 now)

    So how many of you think im mad and its impossible and how many of you think i'll do it and have ideas to help me
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    • ani*fan
    • By ani*fan 9th Jul 17, 5:39 AM
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    Hi there. What a positive and inspiring thread. Can I join please?

    I want to reach this goal by the time I retire. I have no plans for early retirement as I love my job (not the place where I do it though) so I have some time.

    My pension at retirement will be 170k.

    My half share of the flat OH and I just bought will be 100k.

    At the moment I have some savings for our wedding (3k-ish). I'm not counting this as it's needed.

    I have some debt (6.5k-ish), and some equity in the flat from the deposit and first 2 mortgage payments (my half share is 4.1k), total -2,400. This makes my starting point 270k - 2,400.

    So only 732,400 to find!

    At the moment we're renovating our flat as cheaply as we can, preparing for the wedding and hoping for a couple of children.

    I have loved the process of flat hunting and buying. OH has long had a dream of buying to let and I'd like to go down that road too. We live near a university, which is hopeful for becoming a landlady, but I'm waiting to hear Martin's revised advice about the new changes.

    I also loved the idea of taking a penny and doubling it a step at a time. This is how I plan to save for a btl deposit.

    I haven't been able to read all of this thread but I look forward to meeting you all.
    If you know you have enough, you're rich.
    • lessonlearned
    • By lessonlearned 9th Jul 17, 10:39 AM
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    Good Morning Everyone

    What glorious weather.......well I did order the sun especially for my birthday. I was 66 on Thursday.

    And I'm loving FI is truly wonderful.

    And I'm having the most fabulous birthday weekend of treats and outings, being spoilt rotten by my sons.

    Of course there's always a downside......

    As Bette Davis said "getting old ain't for cissies".

    My knee injury will require surgery at some point But with my consultants advice I am postponing it for now, using a more conservative less invasive approach, exercise Physio, massage, leg brace, diet, vitamins and supplements. The pain is well managed and my knee is getting stronger, so fingers crossed I can beat this without surgery for sometime yet.

    BB thanks for the book recommendation. It arrived yesterday so will make a start reading it next week. After the birthday weekend.

    Well now, it's all change here. I have decided to buy DS2s house. He has moved In with his girlfriend, they will sell hers too and then buy together.

    It gives him a quick easy sale and we both save shedloads of money on fees and moving costs. I shall finish the last few bits and pieces here, go on my big trip in January and then look at putting this on the market next year. Sorted!!!

    Actually it should shake down ok. There's still growth here and room for profit. I am buying below market value, saving money on costs and as this an "up and coming area" I shall easily cover my costs with a nice little profit at the end.

    I still have a nice little nest egg to play with so the investing book should come in handy.

    Welcome ani*fan and useitorloseit - good to have you aboard.

    Not read the Science of Getting Rich.

    I agree some of the books can seem a bit "Airy Fairy" but I do think there is a place for motivational books, videos, seminars whatever especially if you are not one of life's natural optimists and struggle to stay motivated.

    I have always been a motivated self starter and come from a sales background. Over the years my various employers would regularly send us on sales training courses, motivational trips, seminars etc. And of course I am lucky in that I guess I was just born a natural optimist. There is one valuable life lesson I took from all of those books, courses, stories. It's this.

    "Persistence Pays Off".

    There will be set backs and failures. However, what really matters is not how often you stumble and fall but how often you get back up again.

    Work on your positivity. Stay focussed, keep your eyes on the prize and you will reach your goals. Just show up every day and give it your best shot. If you fall by the wayside - and you will - then just pick yourself up and start again. Back at square one if you have to, but don't just throw in the towel.

    As Churchill said "Never surrender, never give up"

    So......every day, exercise, eat well, dress well and show up. Step up to the plate and make those dreams come true.
    Last edited by lessonlearned; 09-07-2017 at 1:43 PM.
    • Kayalana99
    • By Kayalana99 9th Jul 17, 12:45 PM
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    Been a bit quite on here lately. Sorry to hear your having trouble with your knee but hopefully things start to improve.

    Welcome Ani*fan your already on a smashing start then

    Things are still at a standstill here, I'm due to start my training a week on Monday but Hubbie's job which I mentioned a while ago has FINALLY been advertised. Because the job includes moving, I'd have to either give up my job or transfer but the transfer *if* possible won't be the same hours which was the main attraction to the job in first place.

    I'm not overally happy about the situation ATM as my number one priorty was to get the kids in a decent school and have a decent garden for them to be able to play outside in....and there is a house well within budget (considering I was working too) for sale 5min from my number 1 perfect dream school aim was always to move into this area before the kids started secondary school as both primary and secondary are excellent schools but always thought the price of the houses to be out of our reach....and yes most of them are but there are some nice 3 bed houses that would be perfect for us. One more then most, but even if that one went we'd still be able to afford another.

    I spoke to the wise old man (Dad) and he pointed out that my husband's job would be a career move whilst my job is more a stop gap...and I'm totally on board with that and if he doesn't take this job (assuming he's offered it) he's going to have regrets and we don't know when the opportunity will arise again. We're not taking a small promotion here but company car, managing staff etc....the whole works....

    It's just so annoying, as we are now with this job we'd finally be in a really good financial position and it feels like a step backwards but forwards at same time. It sounds a bit backwards of course he will get a decent pay rise, but I'd be bringing in 11k+ which mostly isn't taxed where he will have the company car tax to pay etc plus moving costs and we'd have to rent temporary most likely which will be a huge strain (we'd most likely be in the - per month till we could buy again or I got a job/transfer)

    I guess we will get the kids into a school that has breakfast and after school clubs and I should be able to find work during the day (although youngest *may* not be able to attend till year after as he would be classed as Nursery even though he should get his 30 free hours) and hopefully I'll find another job.....but it just feels like my dreams are actually in reach only to be taken away again... hopefully we'll find out in next 2-3 weeks it's been advertised they will be starting interviews etc.
    Last edited by Kayalana99; 09-07-2017 at 12:49 PM.
    People don't know what they want until you show them.
    • lessonlearned
    • By lessonlearned 9th Jul 17, 1:40 PM
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    Oh difficult for you. So many decisions, so many things to factor in, so many complications.

    It's never easy is it, especially when you want to do the best for your children. We made a lot of sacrifices for our children. My husband had long commutes so we could provide stability for our kids.

    Then, when our boys were at secondary school my husband got made redundant and that's when he took the plunge and went self employed.

    The boys were settled at school, working towards exams and we felt we couldn't switch schools at that stage. My husband became a part time husband and father, living away from home Mondays to Fridays. It wasn't ideal but we worked round it.

    Your father is a wise man. He's right - when you become parents it becomes nigh on impossible for both of you to have a full on career. One of you has to compromise, make sacrifices and make do with "jobs".

    The right solution will soon become fairly obvious - you will find a way to make it work.
    • Kayalana99
    • By Kayalana99 9th Jul 17, 6:49 PM
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    I've started to realise that re career as I appreciate I have my degree still, but now looking into juggling working life round the children there is no way we both could be doing the same job my Husband is doing. I guess I could still hope that my career path may mean I can work from home even if I'm employed...

    Commuting is a possibilty but he'd be driving just under 3 hours a day, do able in the short term whilst we are in process of moving but I don't think I could ask him to do it long term although money would never be an issue if we did it that way and we would still be able to get help with childcare here so it would make it easier to juggle our jobs....I'm not sure if it affects the company car tax but petrol would even be paid for too for him so it would literally just be the time..

    I guess we will just see if he gets it and go from there. We've had a really productive day today and basically getting the house ready to sell. One way or another I don't think we'll be here much longer.
    People don't know what they want until you show them.
    • ani*fan
    • By ani*fan 10th Jul 17, 5:57 AM
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    Thank you for the welcome Kayalana and lessonlearned.

    I've been doing some research into buy to let, and wanted to check that the new tax rules only effect those who pay higher rate tax. This means it would be the same as before for a basic rate tax payer like me, with tax relief on mortgage interest payments for the btl property.

    Also, belated happy birthday LL. Glad it was sunny for you. And best of luck Kayalana with your husband's job and all the changes that will bring.
    If you know you have enough, you're rich.
    • ani*fan
    • By ani*fan 10th Jul 17, 6:12 AM
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    "Persistence Pays Off".

    There will be set backs and failures. However, what really matters is not how often you stumble and fall but how often you get back up again.

    Work on your positivity. Stay focussed, keep your eyes on the prize and you will reach your goals. Just show up every day and give it your best shot. If you fall by the wayside - and you will - then just pick yourself up and start again. Back at square one if you have to, but don't just throw in the towel.

    As Churchill said "Never surrender, never give up"

    So......every day, exercise, eat well, dress well and show up. Step up to the plate and make those dreams come true.
    Originally posted by lessonlearned
    And I loved this piece of advice, it is so true and pretty much how I've managed to whack my debt down to a manageable level and stay on track to pay it all off. Persistence is the thing.
    If you know you have enough, you're rich.
    • AnimalTribe
    • By AnimalTribe 16th Jul 17, 9:47 AM
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    Although I keep an eye on the thread, I haven't contributed for a long time.

    I just wanted to say that I've just sent a gardening tip and a photo to a well known magazine and earned myself 60. It's not much I know, but it's the first time I've sent anything in so I'm very pleased. The tip was something I was doing anyway, and it only took a couple of minutes to write. So not much effort involved. It's worth giving it a try. Since I sent the tip via e-mail it didn't even cost me the price of a stamp.
    • TomSurrey
    • By TomSurrey 16th Jul 17, 11:01 AM
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    Between myself and my wife we hit 1m net worth (450k property, 450k pension saving, 100k ISA and shares) this year at 36 and 44 years old, so an average age of 40. It can be done...

    Our new 10 year plan is to be worth 4m+ in 10 years time then retire at 46 and 55 respectively, or a bit earlier and move to part time.

    We've only recently become higher earners, for most of our careers we've been above average (40k each - I know for many this will sound like a lot, but we live in the south east and pay 4k each to commute into London) but have always saved 25% of our earnings into pensions and always stretched ourselves property wise.

    Easily the biggest bit of advice I can give is don't just put the money in the bank, invest it consistently for the long term in cheap stocks and shares products such as ISA or pensions.

    Albert Einstein - Compound interest. Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it ... he who doesn't ... pays it.
    • lessonlearned
    • By lessonlearned 16th Jul 17, 6:20 PM
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    Hi Tom. congratulations on making that magic 1m figure. And good luck for the 4m. I'm sure you will do it.

    Definitely agree with your investment strategy.

    My investments dipped last week down to 6.1 growth during the 4 months since I took the plunge. On Friday they were back up To 7.25. So I'm a happy bunny.

    As you say these kind of results knock spots off the banks.

    Animal Tribe.....well done on sending the gardening tip. Great idea.

    Have had a really good week. I had a Fabulous birthday, lots of treats.

    Finally finished painting the dining room table and chairs yesterday. It was a bit of a marathon but I'm really pleased with the results. Total cost - table 80, 6 chairs 10 - paint about 30 (posh Farrow and Ball).

    A similar set in somewhere like Laura Ashley would come in at around 600. So I'm well chuffed. A Scandinavian Designer look for peanuts.

    Having a break furniture from painting next week and will be helping DS2 redecorate what will be my bedroom. Determined to get the house finished by Christmas and get it on the market around next May.

    Then on to the next one....

    Hopefully now that my life is back on an even keel and all the nasty stuff is behind me I am aiming to flip 3 in 5 years.

    Kay.....any news about your husbands son job.

    Just half watching "Flog it" - which reminds me I have boxes and boxes of antiques and bric a brac, just sitting in the loft. I really must get it sorted and start selling.

    Hope you are all well and making lots of money.
    • cazmanian_minx
    • By cazmanian_minx 17th Jul 17, 9:00 PM
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    I've been doing some research into buy to let, and wanted to check that the new tax rules only effect those who pay higher rate tax. This means it would be the same as before for a basic rate tax payer like me, with tax relief on mortgage interest payments for the btl property.
    Originally posted by ani*fan
    Nearly - the one way they might affect you as a basic rate tax payer is if the change in tax treatment pushes you into the higher rate band. e.g. (very simplified figures) you're receiving 12,000 a year in rent, paying 6,000 a year in mortgage interest and are only 8,000 below being a higher-rate tax payer. In four years' time, when none of the 6,000 mortgage interest is allowable as an expense, you'd pay an additional 20% tax on 2,000 (400), 40% higher rate tax on 4,000 (1,600) less the 20% allowance on the 6,000 (1,200) - so you'd be 800 worse off.
    Home: 06/08: 145,145.00 Currently: 114,428.66 Offset: 51,337.84 Amount paid off: 30,716.34 (21.2%) Paying interest on: 63,090.82
    Holiday let:
    02/17: 177,416.86 (Family loan: 129,146.86 + 0% cards 48,270.00) Currently: 169,836.86 Amount paid off: 7,580.00 (4.22%)
    Sugar days 2017: 17/26 Debt-free: 17/02/2017
    • Kayalana99
    • By Kayalana99 20th Jul 17, 10:03 AM
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    I wish I was more crafty, I had a table a while back that I knew would look lovely done up but couldn't even sell it second hand cheap. I wish I had kept it now as I have more time although I'd prob just made a mess of it...I really was never good at colouring in the lines etc lol.

    No news yet I'm afraid but just a matter of time now.

    Started my job but just more training ATM in the classroom so haven't actually done a proper days work yet...I think 2-3 more training days and then I'll be put to work. Nice to find out I got mixed up with payments and actually going to be paid this month for half a month (so they pay a week early but overtime is paid the week after) so that's money I haven't budgeted for essentially that can go in the pot.

    We've done loads round the house, big plans for the garden and started on that, bathroom finally finished and dining room has been stripped, re-pappered and painted. Got someone lined up to do our hallway (above the stairs is too high and too much for us to do ourselves) so hopefully that will be started soon.

    We've got a hole in kitchen ceiling from a leak but we're going to get that re-plastered in August too. Trying to spread it out slightly so we don't spend too much in one go + kids are off shortly so want a bit of money to one side to treat them to a few days out etc.

    All go ATM...if Hubbie does get this job we've agreed for him to commute for a while now at least. I think bottom line is we'd move eventually but we are finally in a good financial position so we'd not move until I got a job/transfer etc. At least we don't have to make any big decisions yet, so I've sort of calmed down a bit for now. Just main focus get house sorted, clear any debts, and rack up some savings
    People don't know what they want until you show them.
    • Chesapeake
    • By Chesapeake 22nd Jul 17, 8:33 PM
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    I've been doing spreadsheets again... I do love em! I've been looking at ways to make land pay and glamping is my current favorite... both the fianc! and I have extensive customer service backgrounds and like to add value to what we do.

    Glamping can be very lucrative if you do it right but I can see why so many people get disillusioned with it and stop. I think a lot get into forgetting that they have to provide a high class service, cut the grass every week, keep everything tidy etc. There is enough money to be made that you can afford to replace soft furnishings every year yet many seem to fall foul of greed and try to squeeze every penny out of it. Anyone who has worked in high-end establishments knows you have to constantly re-invest in decorations, linens etc in order to satisfy customers who are paying a premium.
    • AnimalTribe
    • By AnimalTribe 24th Jul 17, 9:32 AM
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    I would love to offer glamping. Unfortunately, as I am completely off-grid, expanding my existing utilities to cover visitors would be difficult.

    Solar is great when the sun is shining, and domestic wind turbines have limits, and water and waste recycling would be a major issue.

    I hope you get your venture off the ground though - as you say done right it would be great.
    • Kayalana99
    • By Kayalana99 26th Jul 17, 9:12 AM
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    Me: Still training

    Hubbie: Had first interview and second one tomorrow, we *might* even find out by the end of this week but more likely going to be start of next week ish fingers crossed....I'm 99% sure he has it now but we'll wait for the final say!
    People don't know what they want until you show them.
    • lessonlearned
    • By lessonlearned 26th Jul 17, 10:17 AM
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    Exciting.......fingers crossed for you.

    I'm up to my neck in interior design projects and a final tweaking of the garden. Half way through decorating the master bedroom. The look will be pure decadence dahhlings

    .I do love these old Victorian houses, yes they are high maintenance but dress them up in their glad rags and they can look sensational. I am loving this stage, the final "fluff", scouring the junk shops, markets, diy sheds etc, getting creative. Taking photos as I go in case I decide to do a blog at some point.

    I have booked some trips - mini breaks in London, Devon and Coventry. I'm "living it large" All on a budget of course. The break is doing me good, getting lots of ideas for the next stage of the Master Plan.

    I am thoroughly enjoying my "senior gap year". And....I have still got the Amazon trip on the horizon.

    After that, market this house and on to the next one.

    It's now coming up to 3 years since my husband died. I still miss him of course but the worst is over. Life is good again, I am almost at my 300k so am financially secure. I'm feeling well, losing weight.

    Even my knee is getting better.
    • minxy-x
    • By minxy-x 27th Jul 17, 9:44 PM
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    Hello all
    I had logged myself out, so had to scroll through the thread to find what my user name was

    Hi ani*fan wishing you luck on your journey.

    LL happy belated birthday, glad the sun was shinning for you! Enjoy the new bedroom.

    AnimalTribe when you have made extra money, I don't think there is ever a just/only about it- what ever you make its more than you had before, well done!

    Congrats TomSurrey thats an epic achievement. You are right about investing and compound interest- I saw an article about how much a child's pension could be if for the first 3 years of their life (I think it was), you put the max amount into a pension pot.
    I don't remember the figures, but parked that in the things I hope to be able to do when we have children.

    For now I think I need to be doing some work on our own pensions
    There is a long term plan, and our first BTL was part of this, I hope next year we will start to do some investing...
    Being in the middle on the 2nd business purchase and planning the 3rd, money keeps getting tied up with these, which is investing in a way, I suppose.
    But I would like to spread our money a bit.

    Now I hope people reading this take my last comment from the place I am saying it (chatting with like minded people whatever our position with money as I am in a different position now as I was a few years ago) , it could read as boasty- its not meant that way and yes I am well aware we are privileged to be where we are.

    Kay Hope the job is going well. your all go with your home renovations.
    Hope your husbands second interview went well, and you don't have too long a wait.

    Chesapeake I like the idea of a holiday business also! You are so right about people forgetting why their business originally made them successful and not continuing to re-invest in it!

    MrMinxy is working pretty much 18 hour days again, 7 days a week, to fit in all commitments and the new business.
    I'm not sat on my !!!!, I am also busy doing things behind the scenes for business, as well as work, and my new business, and keeping home running.
    Sometimes I think he's a machine and I miss him We are working in different time zones at the moment for the few hours he isn't working, so to make sure I see him even for a bit I'm going to bed/waking up crazy hours.
    Cant complain, we just have to remember why we are doing it, and hope it all pays off

    I have not been doing as much as I should on my own business development, but slogging away slowly.
    Looking at packaging for the mainproduct next, which is exciting, but soon to be a steep learning curve I have no doubt.
    Pretty much finalised the design of the main product (I say pretty much- I have finalised, but its always subject to me changing my mind)
    I looked at the final designs the other day and I was this looks like a real product.
    Still not even 50% done before it could be launched.

    Looking into buying another house now (residential for us), makes sense for where most of our commitments are, my job is part time and commutable, and my other I can do from home, and my business I will set up wherever I fancy.
    Mortgage broker does not see any reason why we couldn't turn our current home into a BTL, and purchase next as residential- but until things are signed and happening, I don't let myself get excited, and have made plans for things going wrong.

    I think this is a mamath post- so I will shut up
    • minxy-x
    • By minxy-x 27th Jul 17, 9:56 PM
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    I am almost at my 300k so am financially secure.
    Originally posted by lessonlearned
    Something of an inspiration to us all.

    You started this journey after loosing you husband and being in the red.
    Along the way you suffered other close family bereavements, and dealt with the usual rough and tumble life throws at us all.

    Also achieving this later in life than many of us <ducks to avoid the slap through the screen>

    Always with kind words, a positive attitude and sage advice to us!

    • minxy-x
    • By minxy-x 27th Jul 17, 10:12 PM
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    I want to give a bit of a shout out to Kay also...

    I feel I am venturing into an Oscars speech, so will close the tabs after this!

    Kay your posts are always a post of energy, always thinking what you can do, and weighing these up with family commitments, and also getting on with things, and pushing your self in areas you can control.

    Sometimes I can feel your frustrations through the screen, and I totally get them, as I have felt them.
    Frustration to an extent can be good as we can flip those frustrations into positive moves- which you do time and time again.
    Your adaptable and roll with the punches.

    You absolutely will achieve you dreams, and go far in life- in no small part down to your attitude!
    • Kayalana99
    • By Kayalana99 28th Jul 17, 11:29 AM
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    LL - Glad everything is going well, Amazon trip sounds like it's going to be amazing.

    Minxy - I'm not 100% sure if you are working from home on the business? But I understand it's very hard to self motivate. If I'm not flat out busy I find it really hard to get cracking on the things that don't need to be done straight away. When I'm busy I just proitize and get stuck in but during slow times like this I'm sat on my book keeping and really only doing it out of bordem (or I was before kids broke up)

    Thank you for your oscar speak I appreciate it.

    Quickly, I did my first real shift last night. It's a manual job and god I'm suffering today. I will get used to it and in fairness I'm really happy with it as whilst it's quite a dull job - in light of my fitness goals it's going to be a real benefit and I'm happy to just get on with it for the money.

    Now for the main news....he got the job! My heads all over the place ATM and I'm so emotional I keep coming close to crying (but in a good way)

    It's just crazy in the space of a month we've gone from living month to month to being in the position we're in now but it's also over whelming as so many decisions to be made.

    In short, he's looking at an 8k payrise to start along with my 11k from my job now...he'll get a company car which personal and private fuel will be paid. (obv we'll have that car tax to pay but it's still worth it)

    We've agreed we're going to move inbetween both jobs so we will both be travelling around an hour, I still have to travel past where we live now so if childcare is ever an issue I can drop them off with grandparents and sleep over somewhere before driving them back in the morning for school.

    The options really now come down to when we move, it would be easy enough to move in next 4 weeks to rent, and sell this place in the process and get the kids settled into the start of a new school year (and with us keeping both jobs we'd be able to live comfortably even with cost of renting for a year) or wait till after Xmas and clear off debts, look to buy and take our time.

    The problem we face now, is because we're going to be going over the tax credit limit, everything we got this month needs to be paid back + the amount on the CC I just want cleared and gone and it means we could move after Xmas with a clean slate. It would mean Hubbie commuting for longer though.

    I've not really had chance to talk to him properly about it as he found out yesterday afternoon and I had to leave for work in the evening again after dinner and a chat about how it all went.

    I think everything hasn't really sunk in yet, but hopefully the only way is up from here.

    ETA: His start date is early Sept
    Last edited by Kayalana99; 28-07-2017 at 11:33 AM.
    People don't know what they want until you show them.
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