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    A Complaint with
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    • 17th Mar 11, 8:36 PM
    A Complaint with 17th Mar 11 at 8:36 PM
    I ordered a sofa in Jan but due to a change in my circumstances cancelled it within a couple of days (you can cancel within 14 days anyway). The problem is 3 months on and after over 10 phone calls I still have it added to my account. The operators keep telling me it will be corrected but that department can't be contacted by phone? How do I complain to someone who may actually listen to me? The phone operators tell me there isn't a complaints department!
    Your help is appreciated.
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    • DoSomethingAboutIt
    • By DoSomethingAboutIt 22nd Nov 16, 5:44 PM
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    How nice of VERY to post me a voucher offering £30 off my first shop. Or so I thought..
    After glancing through a mostly uninspiring catalogue of products, I found a few pleasant items, and purchased happily, waiting to enter my voucher code...No box to enter promo and payment has gone through. Eh?

    So obviously phone customer services is the next answer..
    Online help, Kim M. informed me that as I had bought a sale item the voucher code could not be used. Fair enough. But why not write that on your promotional material??? Feels a bit of a con.
    Concluding, I asked for an email address to take my complaint further, no email available, only postal complaints apparently.
    How thoroughly convenient for them.
    • shakeitright
    • By shakeitright 22nd Nov 16, 7:55 PM
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    You can tweet them here or email them here
    • Rose Walsh
    • By Rose Walsh 8th Dec 16, 3:29 PM
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    Rose Walsh
    Awful awful service
    I know this is reviving a very (pun intended)! Old thread ....but I have had the worst experience with these guys.

    Ordered numerous items from very- they accidentally sent a box of Turkish delights- threw them out assuming they were a free gift and having nut allergy sufferers in the family. When I chased up missing items I was told Turkish delights were an incorrect item and they would be keeping my money paid for the correct item to pay for their mistake. After numerous calls I was finally told I would be credited for my correct item only to be called a day later and be told they wouldn't be doing that. Whoever told me that I could have credit had added contradictory notes to the system saying I had been told nothing could be done- when the call was listened to they accepted the advisor had deliberately misled me but offered only £5 not full price of my correct gift so was charged for their mistake and spent almost 2 hours on a premium rate number to fix weeks before Christmas....worth mentioning the first time I called all I could hear was laughing and belching!! So waiting ten mins to answer a call is purely to drain your phone bill and line their pockets
    • Danny1988r
    • By Danny1988r 16th Dec 16, 10:57 PM
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    16.12.16 Poor Service
    I hope someone will read this.

    Here is my experience.

    To whom it may concern,
    I wish to complain about a purchase I have made, order number 22633108 and the service that was provided.
    I purchased on 4th December and it is now 16th December 2016
    I am complaining because box 3/5 was damaged at the time of delivery. This has resulted in a broken glass mirror panel.
    My brother had noticed this at raised my concerns to your driver who said that both himself and his colleagues were aware of the damage but thought it was fine.
    This damage would not have been brought to my attention had I not noticed the damage to the corner of the box. Your delivery drivers would have been happy for me to accept this and not inform me of there findings.
    My brother kindly asked the delivery man if he would wait a few minutes whilst he checked the item ( and make a call to me for advice as I was still on my way to the property)
    The driver said he didn't have time to wait and asked the driver if he would wait outside (as he already had a negative attitude)
    The driver said he didn't have time to wait and that he wasn't waiting outside. The driver also exchanged some verbal abuse to my brother then left with his co- worker in his van and refused to take the items back with him (I have photos of the driver and the van if required)
    This is highly unacceptable to be given verbal abuse especially in your own home and no company should accept employee(s) demonstrating this type of behaviour as it is brand damaging.
    I contacted your customer service team and explained the situation to a gentleman by the name of Pambili. I explained the situation and cost implications and that I would be seeking compensation for my financial losses and the distress and inconvenience caused. (which I will detail later)
    Pambili advised before going on any further I would need to open all the boxes delivered to checked for damages before we could move any further and that he would make his line manger “Sanele” aware so that they could work towards compensating me for the abuse and inconvenience caused as he agreed this was unacceptable.
    I was not best impressed as each box is a bout 50kg’s and required two of us to carryout this task. Upon inspection it was only box 3/5 that was damaged I rang back to update customer services.
    During my second call I spoke to a lady L. Teboto who said Pambili was not in but she would try to help and Pambili has noted he would call me on the 15th December. ( This never happened).
    However L. Teboto was able to order a replacement part for me but no delivery date was specified.
    L. Teboto said that Pambili was working from 8am the following day and I should expect call at 10am. I waited all day with no phone call.
    I then rang back and spoke to a lady called Pindiya where I had to explain my whole situation again in an attempt to get a resolution. Pindiya was able to confirm a delivery date of the 22nd Dec 2016 for the replacement part. After detailing my losses I was told that she would need to get a manager. I then explained everything to a manager called Sarah Cross who was very understanding.
    I explained the following:
    1.We had booked a wardrobe builder which was £150. We had to pay £50 call out as we had to turn the builder away due to damaged delivery.
    2.Myself and my brother booked a day o work. My day rate is approx. £130
    My Brothers day rate is approx £80
    3.In addition to this we would then have to take another day o to wait for the replacement part which again would be £130 and £80 respectively and book the builders again. (This is providing I am able to book the builders for the same day as the re-delivery otherwise I’ll have to take another day o which again would cost me.)
    4.I do not know what would be deemed reasonable for the verbal abuse so I have no figure to put on that.
    5. To top it o this is a new property I am moving in to and if this issue is not relieved before Christmas I will hold you responsible for ruining my Christmas as I will not able to move my belongings in to my new premises. By no means am I willing to live out of a suitcase nor am I willing to incur anymore costs of moving old furniture to make do as I should not have to make these adjustments due to your poor service. I do not want this situation to be at the back of my mind during Christmas either.
    At this point the numbers were racking up very quickly totalling £420. At this point I said I understand that this is a significant number therefore I have an alternative to avoid us talking numbers.
    My suggestion was a small good will gesture and for yourselves to send your own assembly team out to build them at my convenience. Your charge for this service is £99 for the 6-door wardrobe and £89 for the 4-door. I felt this was more than a reasonable suggestion which is less than 50% of my additional expenditure you have caused. I would be happy with that.
    Sarah Cross said all she could o er me was £20!!!! This was an insult to me given the situation and the time and e ort I have spent trying to resolve this. My last phone call alone was over and hour and a half.
    Sarah then said I would have to write in if I wanted anything more than £20. I made myself clear that I do not want to do this as it would take up more of my time to put everything into a letter. Sarah then asked me to hold the time whilst she spoke to the customer experience team and relayed my finical losses and proposal and they said they couldn't come close to the total figure. To be clear I did not ask for £420 I asked for a reasonable amount or to come and build it for me. (£20 doesn't even cover the cost of the delivery)
    I was also dissapointed that the “customer experience team” relayed there answers to Sarah to give to me and didn't even speak me directly which in itself if poor service.
    I have now spoken to several people and spent endless hours trying to resolve this issue.
    To resolve this problem I would like you to pass this on to a person with authority who can relieve this issue.
    1.Consider my reasonable suggestion to o er me a small token and send out your own assembly team to build my items.
    - or -
    2.If you are unwilling to accommodate my request above, consider my total losses and make me a fair o er for all the trouble caused.
    I would also like a full investigation into the abuse my brother was given and would like and conformation of the outcome.
    I would like a written statement explaining your company’s position and what you will do about my complaint.
    I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible to resolve this problem. I aware you legally have 8 weeks to send me your final decision.
    However given the time spent on this and the sensitivity of the situation. If I do not hear from you within 7 days (as I expect a resolution before Christmas.) I will submit the form I have completed to file my complaint with the financial ombudsman service and consider my legal alternatives.
    You may reply to me at this email
    Sincerely, Danny
    • wealdroam
    • By wealdroam 17th Dec 16, 11:19 AM
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    I hope someone will read this...

    Originally posted by Danny1988r
    You can forget any compensation for the alleged abuse that your brother suffered. You have absolutely no proof that any abuse took place, but even if you did have that evidence, the best you can hope for is a goodwill gesture.
    Just to add to that you have no right to know what action may be taken against the alleged abuser - other than perhaps an 'appropriate action has been taken' statement.

    You were foolish to agree a fitting date/time before you actually had the goods in your possession. Any loss suffered because you booked the fitter too early is yours to bear.

    Why did both yourself and your brother both book a day of work to receive this delivery?
    You have a duty to mitigate your losses and I would suggest that only one person - the 'cheaper' person - was necessary to receive the delivery.

    I guess you are yet to read MSE's Failed Delivery article.
    It is explained in there that you have not yet actually suffered a loss. Both you and your brother were planning to take a day off work, so you are no worse off than if the goods had been delivered intact.

    You only suffer a loss when the next delivery is attempted because a second delivery is necessary due to the seller's failing.
    Can you arrange for the second delivery to be made within say a two hour window? If so, perhaps you can mitigate your losses to around £20 - two hours at your brother's daily rate.

    Very's offer of £20 is beginning to look good to me.

    Perfectly reasonable for them to ask you to put your complaint in writing.

    By the way, you might want to remove your email address from your post before it gets harvested and sold on.
    • susancs
    • By susancs 18th Dec 16, 10:30 AM
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    Danny, Wealdroam has given you sound advice. As per MSE guidelines you should remove personal details such as the order number and your email address.

    May I also respectfully suggest that having a shorter, more concise email, leaving any emotive language out of it, may get a better and quicker response. e.g. 239 words for something that could be summed up by " on delivery it was noted that there was damage to one box, which had resulted in a broken glass mirror panel. The driver admitted he knew there was damage, refused to take the damaged box back with him and became abusive, before driving off". 541 words come be trimmed down to "On the advice of customer services I opened all boxes and there was no damage to other items. I had to make several calls to get the glass panel ordered and a delivery date of 22/12/16. Sarah Cross (manager) offered me a £20 goodwill gesture. I explained that I have had to pay £50 cancellation fee to the wardrobe builder I had employed and would have to take a second unexpected day off work to wait in for delivery, so £20 would not cover my losses. I think a fair goodwill gesture would be £?.

    You also need to bear in mind that the maximum the ombudsman will pay is £50 for a days loss of wages (with proof of wages).
    Last edited by susancs; 18-12-2016 at 11:17 AM.
    • Plaher
    • By Plaher 18th Jan 17, 9:25 PM
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    Appalling service with Very
    I am also very angry and disgusted with Very. The Ordering processs is a good service but once you have any issues with a product ie; replacement or refund and having your account all rectified it is a very poor service and so confusing.

    I ordered two beds back in July last year for my two boys and unfortunately one bed was faulty the slabs gave way so called very and I ordered a replacement in September which was due to be delivered in Nov, but then got delayed due to no stock. As I could wait no longer as my son had been using his mattress on the floor all this time I cancelled the replacement and got the bed from elsewhere. It was agreed that the money should have been refunded with a good will gesture of £5 and refund of all payments I had made so far. My account should have been all corrected in December and therefore no balance outstanding and actually they owed me money which has been credited to my bank account. However my very account is saying I still owe a balance of £153 so called and was assured that this would be rectified and balance to be changed to zero. This of course did not happen despite several phone calls lasting ages with recent one taking one and a half hours. I have been receiving arrears letters saying I owe money which does not make sense at all and the amount of money I owe changes when actually it should be zero - it all does not make sense. The 08.... Number also charges you for the call so you can imagine now there have been many calls, not sure how much they all cost in total. My recent calls to very were today, first call the adviser hung up on me, the second call lasted 50mins and after explaining everything the advisor did not come back to me, the last call lasted at least one and a half hours and still can not agree on the money transactions on my statements and have been told that the adviser previously should not have given me goodwill gestures or refunded any payments..... It has now been left where I have raised a formal complaint as had enough and requested a full investigation with copies of all telephone recordings and list of how many calls I have made and the length of each call. I am so fed up and have spent over two hours of my evening on the phone......I have no confidence in very anymore and after the complaint has been closed I want to close my very account and have nothing to do with them again. My advice to anyone using very is to stop and close your account as the service is appalling ..... There is no consistency and it is so unfair to the customer causing so much stress and inconvenience.

    What a shame celebs like Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton endorse this company.....
    Has anyone else raise a formal complaint before with Very?
    Last edited by Plaher; 18-01-2017 at 9:30 PM. Reason: Spelling mistake
    • wealdroam
    • By wealdroam 18th Jan 17, 9:30 PM
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    Has anyone else raise a formal complaint before with Very?
    Originally posted by Plaher
    Yes, I do believe they have.
    • Jan Richards
    • By Jan Richards 31st Jan 17, 4:03 PM
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    Jan Richards
    I add to the complaints of bad customer service from Very. I have emailed the with my complaint, because I have been round and round in circles trying to get someone to make a decision.

    I won't go into detail but my complaint refers to a faulty laptop. I will not be purchasing anything else from them in the future.

    Very - if you read this you need to sign up to Resolver for good customer care, surely you are big enough to be able to handle it!!!
    • stellar
    • By stellar 28th May 17, 9:35 AM
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    My emails to were ignored but @VeryHelpers replied quickly when I told them my emails had not been acknowledged.

    They also told me where the secure contact form was 'hidden' in my Very account! Go to:
    My Details tab-Account Queries-I have a query-I have a complaint!
    No spam please I'm British!
    • Daven1960
    • By Daven1960 25th Aug 17, 10:57 AM
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    I wonder if anyone can help me resolve a complaint with Very. Basically I ordered a 2 seater sofa, a corner sofa and a footstool at the beginning of May, after 6 extra deliveries and returns of faulty items it has finally all been returned and my account cleared. My husband has taken 6 days annual leave for the deliveries etc as I am unable to do this due to ill health, I have spent hours on the phone trying to sort this out and hours sending secure web messages and web chats regarding this. They have offered me £50 compensation for inconvenience and refuse to consider a token payment for my husbands losses of annual leave. Today they have offered me £50, 20% off my next order and free delivery. Obviously this is unacceptable as I don't want to order furniture from them again. Please can somebody suggest what I should do now, Very say they can't escalate the matter but I can write to their customer excellence team. Many thanks for any help offered.
    • KeithP
    • By KeithP 25th Aug 17, 1:14 PM
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    I wonder if anyone can help me resolve a complaint with Very. Basically I ordered a 2 seater sofa, a corner sofa and a footstool at the beginning of May, after 6 extra deliveries and returns of faulty items it has finally all been returned and my account cleared. My husband has taken 6 days annual leave for the deliveries etc as I am unable to do this due to ill health, I have spent hours on the phone trying to sort this out and hours sending secure web messages and web chats regarding this. They have offered me £50 compensation for inconvenience and refuse to consider a token payment for my husbands losses of annual leave. Today they have offered me £50, 20% off my next order and free delivery. Obviously this is unacceptable as I don't want to order furniture from them again. Please can somebody suggest what I should do now, Very say they can't escalate the matter but I can write to their customer excellence team. Many thanks for any help offered.
    Originally posted by Daven1960
    Have you read MSE's Failed Delivery article?
    • Daven1960
    • By Daven1960 25th Aug 17, 1:59 PM
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    Thanks for that I'll try and adjust the template to suit my a complaint of repeated deliveries and collections
    • Misc2050
    • By Misc2050 1st Dec 17, 12:56 PM
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    The VERY worst Xmas 2017!
    Before I explain my issues with Very, I wanted to warn others NOT to trust this retailer under any circumstances - every commitment they make is false and their customer service is extremely poor!

    I attempted to order a TV online, to get the 10% off first purchase promotion. The website took a ton of details, opened a credit account (a requirement of the offer) and after all that told me the item was out of stock! I rang Very to find out what had happened and they told me that it’s ok they could place the order over the phone. I confirmed that the offer I saw online was still applicable with the advisor and placed the order. I received an Order confirmation and a delivery date email - all good so far. The evening before my delivery, I got a call from their logistics provider to tell me that the delivery couldn’t take place because they hadnm’t recieved the TV. I rang Very and after being cut-off twice and holding for 15mins, the advisor came back on the line and calmly (as though it’s normal) told me “your item is out of stock” and that she could offer me an alrternative. I was pretty annoyed as I really wanted THIS particular TV, but I asked anyway, what alternatives she could offer. Sufficed to say, these were all inferior, pretty awful options. When I asked how long I would have to wait until the TV I wanted would be delivered, she told me she didn’t know and that I should “JUST WAIT PATIENTLY”. That was the point I realised that Very was a pretty shady outfit! I mean, what kind of reputable retailer would say that to a customer?! A manager was supposed to call me back the next day, but before that, I decided to call them to query whether the “10% off” offer had even been applied and (you guessed it!) - NO! In short, DON’T TRUST VERY TO DO ANYTHING CORRECTLY (i.e. charge the correct price, deliver when they say, or even speak to you with any service mentality).
    • Kay101
    • By Kay101 4th Dec 17, 9:58 AM
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    Terrib le customer service
    Ordered fridge freezer end of Sep, delivered with cracks and faulty, over freezing despite correct temp. Ordered replacement of the same product, over freezing again! Engineer confirmed the appliance is a write off! 17 days later I am still no closer to resolving the issue and in the mean time still left with a faulty fridge which has caused a huge inconvenience. My food has been ruined and I am unable to go food shopping since I have a faulty fridge! Bearing in mind each time they are collecting the faulty fridge I have to defrost/use up/waste all of my food! I have been passed around to numerous people and they take over a week to answer one email! i do not wish to call them as I want everything in writing since they cant be trusted! When I have called in the past I was told to go online and fill out a form! I will never order from them again!
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