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    • headcoat
    • By headcoat 22nd Jan 08, 11:06 PM
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    I've noticed the overdraft usage fee recently....i presume we were told about this in the change of terms they send out ever so often that I never read.
  • PhatDad
    i had/have an account with these people.i decided to go back to my old bank.
    didnt cancel a direct debit,but there was a little money left in the account,albeit not enough to put me £1.02 i was no longer using this account,i never checked on it, until i got a statement saying that i was now £100 overdrawn.they are charging me £5 per day.ive just checked on line,and i am now £187 overdrawn.
    is this right or are they taking the p***s out of me.can i try to claim this back or not
    Originally posted by big chief
    I made a post earlier in the month to say they had done the same thing to me. A payment was taken by from A&L because my main accounts card had expired and I'd not changed it.

    I phoned them up and had it out with the person I got through to. They gave me the usual 'You should have been keeping an eye on your account, it's up to you to make sure you are in credit and not us.'

    I then asked to speak to their manager as I wished to make a complaint. The complaint was that I found it amazing that they don't send a letter like the other banks a day or two after you go unauthorised overdrawn and it would appear it is their new way of extorting money out of us.' but the manager didn't give me a chance to say that, he was apologetic and said he would pass it through to the charges team and put a note on saying he thinks it should be canceled as it was the first time it had happened.

    I received a letter a week later saying the charges were correct and they were sending the letter to give me tips on how to make sure it doesn't happen again. I have checked my account today and the £130 was taken out... but then returned. so it would appear they were kind to me.

    So I'm going to take my last tenner out and bin the account.

    I think if you deal with someone on the phone they feel more obliged to say they will do what they can to help, if you remain polite but stick to your guns, compared to sending a letter in. It's easy for an oik to say no to a bit of paper.
    In the spirit of gloating... you what... I can't gloat on this site anymore? Awww, how unfair.
  • tilly0212
    spookily even though they have sent me a letter telling me "tough " till the court case is over they have refunded all the fees on the 22nd. BUT! i for some reason have managed to go £8.95 overdrawn and they are charging me £70 for 10 days of being overdrawn!! still daylight robbery!
  • tom0407

    I've just had a response back from Alliance and Leicester regarding the fees they had applied to my account. Just to recap I was charged !!!163;55 for going overdrawn by about !!!163;100 for around 12 hours. I thought it was a little steep and luckily the power of the written word managed to make them agree with me. I've been refunded !!!163;50! More than I'd hoped for really, having originally been offered a !!!163;25 refund when I called up to complain just over a week ago.

    So it just proves that even when dealing with huge corporations it pays to take the time to write a letter. I'm very chuffed, thanks Alliance and Leicester.
  • Greg1974
    Regarding the next letter I'm planning to send to A+L . . .

    I am writing to request that you kindly repay all the default charges that have
    been applied to my account. I do not believe these charges reflect the true
    overall cost to Alliance + Leicester Bank. The charges total £534.

    Aside from the the more commonly used reasons about whether excessive
    bank charges are unlawful or not, because I use my account with A+L to
    receive my JSA benefit payments from the DWP, it is therefore a breach
    of the Social Security Administration Act 1992 to apply charges that
    deprive benefit claimants of money they’re entitled to by law

    I therefore ask that you repay me the full amount mentioned above.
    Please find a full schedule of the charges enclosed with this document.

    I look forward for a full response to this letter within 14 days.

    I'm planning to send this on Monday. Before I do, I'd like to know if anyone thinks it
    sounds OK, or whether I should make any last minutes edits before I send it to A+L.

    BTW, thanks to melissa'smoney for the suggestion of which address to send it to.
    • melissa'smoney
    • By melissa'smoney 26th Jan 08, 4:44 PM
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    hi all,

    is there any update on the OFT court case?

    I'm still waiting to hear from A&L regarding my bank charges they STILL have on a 'stay'

    Is it worth getting in touch with them, logging it with MCOL or do we just have to sit and wait it out??


    Quidco to date = £1224 cashback
  • kriandor
    Hi all. Apologies if this has all been covered before, but there's a lot to plough through!
    I've just discovered that my partner has been paying a monthly amount on her A & L Flexiplan account for "Flexi Premiercare". When she orginally queried this amount they said that it's a standard amount for 'payment protection'. Protection against what?
    So is this legit, or is it another dodgy charge that we can claim back?
    • bells on it
    • By bells on it 28th Jan 08, 2:45 PM
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    bells on it
    A&L attitude make me feel physically ill
    I took out an account with A&L following recommendations from MSE, Money Supermarket etc. worst mistake I could have made. In the last 2 months due to changes to their charging system (which in my opinion is worse than ever) I have managed to incur £235 in charges!! In Nov I didn't realise I'd gone over my overdraft by £3 so got charged £25, then my boyfriend and my standing orders for £1900 went it then in December I went £2 over my overdraft, that cost me £25, I paid in £48 to cover it and have a bit of breathing space, I wasn't expecting any further debits but unfortunately had another £28 debit which took me £8 over, that incurred me another £25, in addition the £2 over I'd gone in Nov cost me a further £60 as I didn't realise for 8 days so that took me even further and then I have another £65 due out as I hadn't realised I'd gone that £8 over for 13 days - surprising they're charging me for non working days over too even though I can't pay any money in over those days.
    I have just had a conversation with the bank regarding the £65 due out, they have given me a date of 29th to withdraw their charges and my standing order has come out of my other account as it does every month, the deposit date into A&L varies from 27th to 31st of every month so I can't be sure it will hit them by their date of charging me. Their answer is tough!! They wont change the charge date, wont stop me getting a further account. I've said I can't govern the date that it appears and they said it takes up to 4 working dates.
    I find it unbelievable that with the test case going on now that they aren't trying to help people out a little more. I find it unfair that they have a set charge for £25 everytime you go over then also charge again for the amount of days. Not only that they'll charge you for charges that take you over!!

    I will be looking for other accounts. I have been impressed with Lloyds TSB recently, they have a texting facility that for £2 a month they'll text you weekly your balance and also warn you if you go over your agreed overdraft. Not only that they give you until 3pm that day to pay in the funds. Their charges are £15 per day but capped and if they charge you and it sends you over your overdraft then you don't get charged again. Its a little fairer, just in the sense that they try to help and don't have a done give a tss attitude like A&L.

    I did try and complain about the charges, they promised me twice someone would be in contact, but I had to chase it then finally got a standard 2 page response about the test case. Nice personal touch wouldn't you say...

    I'm going to send a letter requesting my money back, I know with the test case it wont go anywhere but at least it will be there.
  • big chief
    ive just checked my account,and couldnt believe it.there is going to be another £150 to be added on the 12th feb,that will take it to over £300 charges.if i keep waiting for the court decision ill be thousands in i write the next stage of letter or just give up
  • Greg1974
    Don't give up, just add their latest extortion to the list. Keep the statement
    with details of their latest gouging as evidence when you reclaim it back.
  • big chief
    im going to pay the £300,just to stop it going up claim it back,do i start charging them £5 per day like they are doing with me,or do i do it another way
  • sam84uk
    Exceeding Overdraft Limit Fee (Alliance & Leicester) - Is this capped?
    Hi there,

    I notice that A&L charge 50p a day for being within your authorised O/D and this is capped at £5.

    Is this the same for the £5 a day that they charge for exceeding your authorised overdraft? i.e. is it capped or is it a case of if you were over your O/D for 100 days you'd be charged £500?

    Thanks for any replies, I'm off out for the afternoon now but will check back later.

    Thanks again.
  • sam84uk
    Hmmm, reading the above posts I guess that answers my question! They'd happily charge you £5 per day for infinity!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Greg1974
    I've received my latest statement from A+L, to find another !!!163;30 charge is to be applied to
    my account on 9th Feb, listed as "Exceeding Overdraft Fee". The reason for the overdraft
    being exceeded was their most recent "Exceeding Overdraft Fee" taking me overdrawn!

    So, essentially ... I'm being charged another !!!163;30 for being charged !!!163;30 . . . !
    Last edited by Greg1974; 31-01-2008 at 1:32 PM.
    • shavedchimp
    • By shavedchimp 1st Feb 08, 10:23 AM
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    I despair
    This has been my first nasty experience with a bank and for me it has really exposed the evil hairy underbelly of that industry. And of course it is an industry - ruthless, merciless and designed to distort the last penny from hapless well-meaning customers. I mean, for gods sake, we give our custom to a bank to save our money and perhaps make a little interest - not end up down on the deal.

    I have been into our local A&L branch 4 times this week and had numerous dead-end conversations on the phone to customer service. They have all told different information from their colleagues. They have all implied that there might be a course of action we could take to stop the rot, stop our situation getting worse - but when you actually try and start that course of action, they'll tell you it can't be done for a whatever reason they cook up. It is a process of deflection and passing the buck. Here's our system, go and get lost in it, but don't expect to resolve this issue without driving yourself to despair first.

    So, the message is "there might be a course of action". The reality is, the only course of action you can take is pay up, and wait for some unspecified period normal banking services can be resumed.

    Spitting mad

  • big chief
    Is There Anyone Out There That Can Give Me Some Advice On Which Way To Charge These Muppets.
    I Have Written To Them To Say,if Your Waiting For The Result Of The Test Case,can I Take It That Youre Not Going To Put Anymore Charges On Me.
    They Cant Even Be Bothered To Reply Back
    • tycooncico
    • By tycooncico 7th Feb 08, 4:03 PM
    • 28 Posts
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    I feel robbed... Alliance & Leicester
    Hi All,

    i had a letter through from A&L last regarding my premierplus account saying my overdraft limit had been exceeded by 98p (£250.98). I immediately went to the bank and paid in £20 to bring it in line. However, i recieved a letter yesterday saying my account was £65 overdrawn... the cheeky gets had been charging me £5 a day for exceeding the limit, and to top it off, i phoned them today to try and get the charges removed, they tell me its now actually £95 i owe and counting.

    The kind lady said she'd send an email to the relevant department requesting a "good will refund" but to expect no more than £50 at most, if at all.

    What do i do, transfer the balance onto my CC and take it as lesson learnt (an expensive one at that) or should i fight it, unbelievable how 98p ends up costing £98 in 2 weeks!
    • doodlez1612
    • By doodlez1612 7th Feb 08, 6:22 PM
    • 41 Posts
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    I have just had a very similar argument down the phone with Alliance & Leicester, tycooncico.
    In December I went overdrawn by about 50p for 1 day so they charged me !!!163;5. I noticed a few days later and immediately phoned them up to set up an overdraft so it didnt happen again from direct debits etc and was told it would be refunded since they were supposed to send a letter to inform me. Great I thought, and ignored the account again (its just for household bills so money just goes in then out again).

    Got a letter yesterday saying that our rent payment had bounced so they charged us !!!163;25. I knew the money was definately in there so looked online and the cheeky wotsits had charged a total of another !!!163;80 worth of overdraft charges - all because of that one !!!163;5 which they said they'd refund!!!

    I phoned today and was told that they couldnt be refunded til this whole court case malarky was resolved and that the first woman was wrong, that since it was an internet account I would not receive letters about charges. I pointed out it was bank error and she said she'd pass it on and it might be refunded in a few weeks. That's basically what she told me in december and it clearly wasnt. What exactly am I supposed to do until then? Just keep getting charges? If I had the !!!163;85 it would be in there and its their fault anyway so why should i pay it in?!
    It's ridiculous.

    So anyway - advice:
    Bearing in mind that they didn't do anything about it last time (and I have had a bit of a history of A&L being lazy wotsits) do you think I should write to them explaining all this, or should I rely on the telephone advisor actually doing their job and passing my charges to the right people??
    Also, how long should I wait til I harass them / the ombudsman?
    And should I be able to get the !!!163;85 to pay in, do you think I should? I'm torn between not wanting to risk more charges that might not be refunded and it not being my fault I was charged so why should I pay it in. :confused:
    • tycooncico
    • By tycooncico 7th Feb 08, 9:52 PM
    • 28 Posts
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    And should I be able to get the £85 to pay in, do you think I should? I'm torn between not wanting to risk more charges that might not be refunded and it not being my fault I was charged so why should I pay it in. :confused:
    Originally posted by doodlez1612
    mate i was torn with the same situation, i've just paid it to get the account into the agreed limits, if a refund comes through happy days! Soon as i can pay this burden off the better, cant wait to close this sh*tty account - excuse the french
    • doodlez1612
    • By doodlez1612 8th Feb 08, 5:59 PM
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    Since I wrote my last message I have discovered that in addition to the other errors they shouldn't have even charged me. Basically after the initial !!!163;5 charge, I set up my arranged overdraft (only !!!163;50 altho they offered more) and the charges they made following this were for 'exceeding' the agreed overdraft when I hadn't. I phoned them again to tell them that and spoke to someone with a few more braincells who said they'd send it to refund department and ring back in 3 days.
    So fingers crossed I'll have good news next week!
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