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    It's STILL tough and not getting better - so how are we coping?
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    • 15th Jul 10, 7:07 PM
    It's STILL tough and not getting better - so how are we coping? 15th Jul 10 at 7:07 PM
    This is a follow-on thread to Kittie's "It's tough NOW - so how are we coping?" thread.

    Kittie started up that "installment" of her thread in November 2008 - because the original one had had 235,000 views and she felt the need for a change of emphasis.

    That thread has now been running for some time - and has had over half a million views and BigMummaF suggested (and has been seconded) that perhaps it's time to start up the next "installment" of this popular thread.

    As Kittie is the "founder" of this thread - I have sent her a P.M. yesterday asking for her views on starting up a new installment. I know she has been on MSE since then - so will have seen the PM - but does not tend to frequent the Old Style Board now. The need for this thread is greater than ever now - as it looks like the Hard Times are "bedding in" for a while yet...

    So - kittie - if I may take the liberty of starting this new installment of your popular thread up on your behalf - as I know you feel we are much in accord in our way of thinking about the situation?

    So - kittie - if I may take silence as assent to my suggestion that I start up the Mark 3 Version of the "It is tough Now" thread on your behalf??

    - then here it is folks.

    So - perhaps folks would like to now start putting up their "Its tough now" posts on this new thread.

    EDIT: I've now put a post up on the previous thread to re-direct people over here.

    FURTHER EDIT (as per suggestion) - link to old thread here:
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    • Souk08
    • By Souk08 16th Jul 10, 10:27 PM
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    Hey all, great thread. Great to see so many people really trying hard to make it all work for them. I'm AMAZED at the number of people who shove it all on cards, despite having a decent salary. Not saying I haven't spent a bit in the past but am deffo older and wiser now. I have just found out this week that I have a new job and a payrise so am in a lucky position that way but it's only a years contract so wont rest on it and going to save a few hundred every month to act as a buffer in case I don't get more work. Will also slightly overpay loan and plan to stockpile big time in case another job takes a while to get. I rent in a nice area and prefer to rent on my own so will NEVER be able to afford to buy whilst renting here and having a life but I'm okay with that. I buy very few clothes and keep my food tight so that I can enjoy life with the rest of my cash, however much it is. For me, the odd meal and night out is a sanity saver and I stay OS so that I can have that!
    'The road to a friends house is never long'
    • LindseyandMatthew
    • By LindseyandMatthew 16th Jul 10, 10:28 PM
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    Hi all just want to pop in and say hello. My DH was made redundant in May but luckily found another job within 3 weeks. Our money is a complete mess though just because of those 3 weeks and the end of this month will be our first 'proper' wage since 15th may.

    We have been food shopping for only what we need and have managed to stay afloat and are doing ok, we do want to get some savings behind us though now if we can just incase this happens again.

    It was a shock redundancy and staff were only goven 1 hours warning to leave the buildings as the company had gone into administration.

    I would love to find a job myself but am my mams carer and there are not many things I can do around that and our 9 year old boy and almost 2 year old girl.

    I hope to keep up with this thread as it is a huge help on stretching the pennies.
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  • penelopedee
    When I started work 20 odd years ago, all my bosses were quite happily 'advising' me how much they over paid their pensions, how big their houses were etc etc. I spent many years worrying I would never be able to plough loads into a pension and have a massive 2.4 kids type house to pass onto my children.

    It kept me awake at night that I was failing as I couldn't do all of these things, yet I still worked full time and didn't blow my money each week.

    Now that I accept my life isn't going to be the same way I am enjoying it much more. I can pick up DS after school and take him home and make him tea. We can sit and discuss school and homework together, in our own time. We might not have loads but we do have a good laugh and he is learning what the real cost of things are.
    This time I haven't smoked since 6th Jan 2014 and still going ok.
    Fingers crossed x
    • jollymummy
    • By jollymummy 16th Jul 10, 10:36 PM
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    Another lurker here too, hope you don't mind me joining in. We've just been told that hubby will have a two year pay freeze and my part time job selling houses looks like it's going to end soon as we simply can't sell at the moment So our tight finances will become even tighter.
    ESMF73 - fab ideas for the holidays there, think I'll steal a few for me and DS !! We're in Yorkshire, whereabouts are you moving to?
    look forward to joining in this fab thread.

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    4/366. 2016 Decluttering challenge
  • apple_mint
    Another lurker here :-)

    I haven't been missing, I kept popping in to read. MSE had been our matra now in this house for quite a long time and it has changed our lives. It is tough now but we are keeping our heads above the water simply because we have learnt so much on these boards. This is a lifeline. It reminds us of what we need to do to keep on track and that we are not alone in making our lives more self sufficient. MSE is a community and as such we help each other. Posting ideas helps others think 'I could do that' or 'that could work for me'.
    Enjoying an MSE OS life
    • Larumbelle
    • By Larumbelle 16th Jul 10, 10:57 PM
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    I sometimes feel very lonley like no one I know understands as everyone at school gates and in my family say everythings fine.

    He moans our house is boring and he we poor as not got everything hes got at home and turns his nose up at homecooked meals as has mainly readymeals, takeaways and snacks at home.

    maybe lots of people keeping up pretence but if interest rates rise more will feel the squeeze.

    according to grazia this week in quarter life cris turn 30tommorow and bit down.
    Its to do with high expectations as teen that will aquire everything that parents did.
    so work hard go to uni, accrue debt, dont get well paid job, accrue more debt, married started family but cant afford a car for me or to buy a house.until we clear current debts and save 25deposit seems impossible round her thats 50grand saved.
    Originally posted by gailey
    Aw pet, you seem very down It does feel lonely, if you are the only voice of reason. But it's human nature to try and pretend that everything's fine. Doesn't mean it is. Most of my friends are drowning in debt, and they all confide in me but wouldn't dream of admitting it to each other. The chances are that many of the mums at the school date are buying their lifestyle on credit. At some point their lives might crash down around them. If not, they might well have sleepless nights worrying that it will. Big question: do you care what the folks at the school gate think? Do you care how they live their life? Probably you do, but why? Only because you are comparing yourself unfavourably.

    And that's because you still have that teen expectations mentality that you mention. Heck I had it for years, and still get pangs every now and then. But the fact is, it's bullpoo. Kids these days leave home expecting everything their parents have, without considering the 20 or 30 years it took their parents to earn it. It's a false expectation and it's one you need to come to terms with before you'll ever be happy. And actually, you know, it wasn't so different for our parents' generation. My dad went to uni in the days where it was done on grants and you left with no debt. He was in a pretty good job from the off, and my mum worked part time as well. House prices, as we all know, were so low you could buy a mansion for six bob and a rollie. And yet my parents were in their late 30s before they could afford to by a house - and in their late 40s before they could afford to trade up tot he house they wanted (BTW some of my friends would consider the one they wanted to be 'a starter home'!!!!!). They were in their early 40s before they got a car - and even that was a company car. And yet... a whole generation feels depressed that it hasn't been there and done it all by the age of 30! And that is not a dig - I am 29 myself!

    If anything, you should feel sorry for SS. Imagine how miserable he's going to be when he hits the real world! I would point out that you're not poor, you just value other things. If that's 'boring' that's his problem. How old is he? If he's old enough to understand, I'd get OH to have a chat with him, then if he still had a problem I'd leave him to sulk! But then, I don't have any kids, so don't take my advice!!!!!

    Do you mean it's your birthday tomorrow?! If so

    Happy birthday from all your new MSE buddies!!!
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  • smileyt
    This post hasn't really got anything OS about it, ut i just want to echo other peoples comments about the camaraderie here. A couple of nights ago i had a car crash, the car spun out of cpontrol and i ended up ON a very busy roundabout. My car ended up wedged on the roundabout and sticking out at an angle preventing traffic moving...i was ibn total shockbut eventually managed to reverse the car off the roundabout, but do you know what? Not one person (and there were many stationary vehicles) came out of their cars to see if i was okay, nobody even wound their windows down and said 'heyup love, are you okay?'. Nothing. I
    Originally posted by katholicos
    Katholicos, that's awful. I don't know which is worse, the accident or other people's lack of caring response! I'm glad you're OK now. Perhaps the other people could see you weren't injured, or didn't know how to react. I always try to check on people - I live in the inner city and often see drunks spark out in the local parks and I always have to go and check that they're breathing. They're not the pleasantest of people (or the cleanest or sweetest-smelling) and I have to remind themselves that they are human. One day it might be me or mine lying there, people walking past sneering and assuming you're drunk. Actually I think I'm just a nosey so-and-so!

    Silvercharming and Primrose thank you for the advice and kind words. I know I just have to keep on keeping on. I do think there's quite an insidious outlook in our society though, that if you're not useful (ie if you're disabled, or elderly and infirm) and not economically contributing, then you are useless. It's hard not to get sucked in to that and begin to see yourself the same way. It makes the tough stuff even tougher. What happened to people being valuable because they are human beings? I'm a (radical, disrespectful, erratically-practising, lazy,) Catholic and I think there are loads of things wrong with the Church, but it at least has taught me that human beings (as opposed to human doings) are of value just because they exist!

    Anyway, I will get off my soap-box before I open a can of worms about religion! Sorry about the long post.
    Aspire not to have more but to be more.
    Oscar Romero

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    • Spirit
    • By Spirit 16th Jul 10, 10:58 PM
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  • smileyt
    Hey gailey:

    Happy birthday for tomorrow.

    Actually, getting older isn't as bad as people think. You become more 'you', which in your case sounds like a good thing. I hope you enjoy a lovely birthday snuggle with your daughters and hubby.
    Aspire not to have more but to be more.
    Oscar Romero

    Still trying to be frugal...
    • AnnieG
    • By AnnieG 16th Jul 10, 11:21 PM
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    Now that I accept my life isn't going to be the same way I am enjoying it much more. I can pick up DS after school and take him home and make him tea. We can sit and discuss school and homework together, in our own time. We might not have loads but we do have a good laugh and he is learning what the real cost of things are.
    Originally posted by penelopedee
    I'm sooo looking forward to being able to do this next term if I haven't found a job by then. Since DS started school when he was 4, all he's wanted is for me to take him to school and pick him up every day. I went back to work full time when he was 6 months old... he'll be 10 on Sunday... and have never been able to do this. I kept the childminder on till the end of term on the hope that I'd find a job, but haven't yet. I really can'twait to be able to spend more time with my gorgeous boy, it just about makes up for being skint!
    Say what you mean.. mean what you say... without being mean.
  • penelopedee
    Annie, I hope you can find a part time job that lets you pick him up from school soon. Its the best x
    This time I haven't smoked since 6th Jan 2014 and still going ok.
    Fingers crossed x
    • JackieO
    • By JackieO 16th Jul 10, 11:36 PM
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    I have just read through the posts, and what an inspiring lot we are on here ,even though some of us are feeling a bit down and blue we can all see that we are in the same boat together I only wish the politicians could read some of the stories on here about how the general public are coping .No gilt-edged feather-bedded pensions or expenses for the man/woman in the street. Its often a case of walking to a cheaper shop or buying second hand, not that there is anything wrong with doing that .Far better than getting into debt and it keeping you awake at night. I live in Kent and the other day there was a discussion on local radio about how the local county council is going to spend 12 million quid on a large white horse to be erected at Ebbsfleet so when visitors get off the Chunnel Train they will see this as a sort of 'angel of the south ' statue.This is a council that is going to cut at least 12.000 jobs and put thousands of people on the scrapheap.
    Although I live in the south-east we too have a large unemployment problem,not as much true as other parts, but none the less its creeping slowly southwards.Education is being cut right, left and centre, and our schools are falling to bits.I know the country is in a mess but throwing millions of pounds on a blasted statue of a white horse is absurd .Perhaps it should be a white elephant instead it would be more appropriate
    When are politicians going to wake up and see what is happening in our green and pleasant land.
    I worry about how my grandchildren will cope and what sort of future is there for them.I grew up during the austerity period of post-war Britain and I never thought we would be turning back the clock in the 21st century.We do have better facilities than in the 1950s but at what cost to the community.Whe a woman has an accident and folk look the other way its a sad sign of the lack of care that is abounding at times .
    When someone posts a page on the internet hailing a killer as a hero what sort of message does that give our young people.I have always had great faith in the young people of this country, but the Government are not helping them to have a future by shutting things down we need something to kick start things again and perhaps less thoughts of what's in it for their personal gain, and more of what can be done to help.Politicians with their hands in the till does not send out a good image for kids to emmulate
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    Quot Libros,Quam Breve Tempus.
    2018 Food spend so far this year Three months totals 96.53 April 8.98 . this morning short shop was 5.62 only bought essentials
  • mummyslittleboy
    Hi everyone,

    I have been lurking on this thread tonight I hope no-one minds me joining.

    I noticed a couple of people had written about things they do in the school holidays to keep the boredom at bay we have a few things planned some will depend on the weather, I plan to have a couple of picnics one on the beach and one at the woods whilst at the woods the girls will have a list of things to find and the first one to collect all the things on the list will get a prize (i will pick something up from the pound shop!) If the weather is bad it will be a carpet picnic and treasure hunt round the house or maybe a dvd.
    We will spend one afternoon a week baking, one afternoon scrapbooking or making models out of empty loo rolls,boxes etc.
    We will do some card making and put these away for birthdays.
    There will also be swimming and maybe a trip to the pictures.The things we do will all be very cheap if not free. I have 3 children 2 girls 14,10 and a boy 3 so can be hard work finding something that they will all like

    I was beginning to fret about 3mths ago when it was evident I couldn't spend less than twenty quid in a visit to the supermarket, but now it's rising every time & almost breaking the 25 mark Just today I bought apples, pears, grapes [on offer], weenie pork shoulder [also on offer] & a couple of other bits--24:45!
    Originally posted by BigMummaF
    I am glad it's not just me that has noticed this all my friends seem to be just carrying on as normal and when I have mentioned the supermarkets prices they dont seem to have noticed but me and my aunt have

    I'd like to announce I have a flower on one of my tomato plants. Yay me! I feel like a proud mum. Awaiting a whopper harvest now!
    Originally posted by wigglebeena
    And one of mine has to this is my first year of growing anything so am really pleased.

    Katholicos I do hope you are ok after your accident, I find it sad though that no body even asked if you were ok
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    • gailey
    • By gailey 17th Jul 10, 12:49 AM
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    Thank you everyone for such kind words and birthday congratulations.
    Thats what I love about mse and oldstyle most of all everyones so nice no rows like on other boards.
    Cant belive people dont stop to help breakdowns and that people celeberate awful people on fb whats world coming to now im sound 30 going on 60.

    I have been a bit down latly its been a struggle last few months july is cartax and mot so was dreading it.
    Also in back of mind my daughter starts school so needs uniform , new shoes and coat already spent 40pound but she needs few more bits shoes and coat be most expensive.
    Also both girls are growing fast and need new stuff in general.

    I curse the house as seems to shrink since we had kids we need more storage but cant afford it.

    our bed frame broke propped up by toolbox
    chest of draws broke
    wardrobe door has fallen off.
    beige carpet in lounge is beyond repair
    oven is complete rubbish but landlord says its fine.
    Daughter needs big girls bed and more storage.

    just seems never ending me and hubby have an enrich list of things some really stupid that would make life better.

    Today hubby took me shopping in ikea for birthday got

    pie dish
    ladel so dont ave to serve stew with icecream spoon
    cake tin
    pie tin
    pastry brush
    new pan

    I know not very exiting but I need them as do lots of cooking and enjoy it.
    saves us money and really want to get better at baking cakes, biscuits and desserts as im fine with main courses.

    I know we lucky rents lower than most its long term rent so some security and in lovley area close to shops , parks and good school.

    downside is

    landlord says no to a dog when kids far more destructive.
    keeping chickens be nice too.
    kitchen and bathroom desperatly need replacing very dated.
    new build so 3rd bedroom a box room and 2nd room small double

    I have kind of accepted if we dont buy in next 5-7years then it wont happen.
    would love to rent older property more spacious but wrong time.
    hubby 38 feels even worse he does not own.
    most people we know do own especially in their 30,s
    we get by just on one income its hard yet mums at school have very expensive cars and live in huge houses not jealous just baffled most of time.

    Im lucky love hubby been married 7years this october and have 2lovley girls do hope for 1 more but will see.
    As for stepson hes never happy, some says its his age but hes alwasy been bit ungreatful and spoilt think hubby overcompensated when he was young as felt bad.

    The garden exites hubby and we have huge veg patch this year.
    I know like my nan says plenty people worse off then you.
    i try not to wallow but live in very affluent area and some days feel like the pauper of estate.

    At school today there was another collection.
    Theres fundraising every month.
    most mums think im well strange not driving and seem to feel sorry for me but everythings walkable and im quite fit.
    Would love mobility of a car but cant afford it right now, sold vespa as cant fit baby in backbox.

    The kids make me so happy, its hard but rewarding.
    Yes i worry about their future.
    stepsons 12 and behind acadmeically i suspect e will leave school at 16 with few or little qualifications and have trouble finding work in small town he lives in.
    mine guess im little more hopeful hoping country be fixed by then and theres some hope.

    But worry about their education getting them into decent secondary
    affording a few hobbies like sports/music and school trips.

    Dont really have illusions of being rich as such just wish i could walk round supermarket without dreading what bill is and buying couple small treats every now and then like buying in sales.
    Not having to avoid phonecalls and dreading bills postie might bring would be nice.
    Having days where im not thinking or worrying about money.

    Still we tight as family and really embracing oldstyle way of life. kids too young to realise altough im mostly saying no to eldest as its too expensive.
    Money has brought me and hubby closer together he feels dissapointed he cant provide for his family but truth is life is expensive and sometimes on paper it seems good wage but we never have any spare cash.

    I wish i could help out more and hoping dog walking might work, lots of stupidly rich people round my parts with dogs.
    Given up applying for part time jobs was so depressing.

    going to pay off debts over next few months and try and save so maybe next sept can start a course and career plan as still dont know what want to do when grown up but hope to be positive role model to kids and instil good money sense in them.
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    new grocery challenge 200/250 feb

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  • mummyslittleboy
    Having days where im not thinking or worrying about money.

    Still we tight as family and really embracing oldstyle way of life. kids too young to realise altough im mostly saying no to eldest as its too expensive.
    Money has brought me and hubby closer together he feels dissapointed he cant provide for his family but truth is life is expensive and sometimes on paper it seems good wage but we never have any spare cash.

    I wish i could help out more and hoping dog walking might work, lots of stupidly rich people round my parts with dogs.
    Given up applying for part time jobs was so depressing.

    going to pay off debts over next few months and try and save so maybe next sept can start a course and career plan as still dont know what want to do when grown up but hope to be positive role model to kids and instil good money sense in them.
    Originally posted by gailey
    Hi gailey,

    If dog walking doesn't work how about taking in people's ironing maybe that could be an option.

    You are doing your best and that's all any of us can do. 4 years ago I had a very good job, we rented a piece of land and we had pigs,chickens and ducks we had a lovely life girls went horse riding 3 times a week and we didn't have to worry about the bills.Now I live in council rented house and am not working but looking after kids and spending time with tham,don't get me wrong I miss having the land and animals and a job,but I love being with the kids my eldest is 14 and this is the first time in her life I have not worked, but my son has various health problems and finding childcare for him just wasnt possible not only that the various hospital appointments etc that he has it would have been a nightmare with work.Once he starts school then I will find something to fit around school.

    Your friends might have money but you have the love of your family and your child will learn well from you.
    I did have a giggle when I saw you went t ikea for your birthday that used to be my favourite birthday present
    Have you tried looking on freecycle to see if there are any household bits on there that would help you out?
    School uniform can be expensive last year Tesco did the whole uniform for 25.00 coat,shoes,socks,skirt and polo tops I got one for DD2 and it did her fine just a case of keeping an eye on the offers
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    • gailey
    • By gailey 17th Jul 10, 1:24 AM
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    ahh my ironing skills are frightful definate no no my mam used to do it.
    Love ikea but was bit rubbsih today got overcharged on few things
    But cant wait to use new cake trays and pans quite domesticated in kitchen at least.

    I know theres positives to me being at home love being with kids left eldest in day nursury from 10months as tried to work fulltime.

    Do miss working, having own identity and times and just adult company apart from overcompetative pushy parents at school.

    must join freecycle.

    got 2cardies direct from school plus pe bag, book bag and hat as all emblemmed.
    Got asda 10quid deal june 5shirts, 5polos, 2skirts.
    need 2more skirts, pinafore, 2more blouses, pe kit and summer dress as sept still warm month.sainsburys and asda do some so will go there .
    pad by xmas2010 14,636.65/20,000:
    Pay off as much as I can 2011 15008.02/15,000

    new grocery challenge 200/250 feb

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    • lessonlearned
    • By lessonlearned 17th Jul 10, 1:35 AM
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    Hi everyone

    Four years ago my oh became ill and I am now his full time carer, so money is very tight and I have to be really inventive. I try to treat it as a game or a challenge. Luckily I have a few practical skills, cooking, sewing, diy etc. Yes we are in debt but I just do what I can to pay it down and pay our way. MSE has been a lifeline.

    I just wanted to comment about something Jackie O said about her local council wasting money on a sculpture of a white horse. Our local council is doing something similar - a new 33 milion, yes million!!! building for their HQ.

    They justify this wanton extravagance by saying the money has already been earmarked. How many jobs or services could this have saved. Flash new buildings could surely wait a couple of years or so until things pick up. It seems like madness. Rant over.

    Gailey - don't torture yourself - you are doing your best. You are giving your family your time and love - far more important than "stuff".
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    • kezlou
    • By kezlou 17th Jul 10, 3:12 AM
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    Happy birthday gailey x
    Know what you love about lack of money etc, were in the same boat, all the kids are wandering around with flash ds's etc., ours well not a chance.
    Last year we got our eldest a pc for his room, cost us a small fortune, but we saved up all year for it. He loved it and hopefully it will last throughout his secondary school years. So i'm trying not to feel depressed / gutted about the price by outweighing the good points of it.
    Silvercharmer thanks for all tips regarding wUL etc going to have a look in wilkos for the various bits and pieces next week.
    v8monkeyboy sorry to hear about your OH, but as everyone has previously said they is always nursing jobs, don't worry everything will work out for xx
    Sequeena:- i know this sounds silly, but love you need to eat more than once a day. Even if its soup and bread. It will help feel happier in yourself doing it x,
    Jamanda,"siege mentality" yep thats me lol cupboards stacked up tins lol actually need more flour and tins next week.
    kath what rotten people out there, how are you now xx

    Well i used to lurk on the old thread but never posted as it was just so darn long, but if its okay i'll join up with all from now on x
    Okay my introduction, well theres me, my OH and two boys aged 10 and 6 yrs old. Were all becoming more oldstyle. We Over the past few years we've really curbed our spending but due to unfprseen cicrumstances got ourselves back in debt paying basics like food and rent.
    I've started making my curtains,cushion, bags, reusing old clothes for rags, cooking everything from scratch. My OH is a crack hand at DIY and he's hopefully going to be gas safe registered by the end of july. He just finished some of gas assessments on Tuesday, so forked for them but its all good. He's currently full time employed but his contract is on a weekly basis, so everything is still up in the air at the moment. We use freecyclle al ot as i hate waste, have giving loads of our clothes on they and been given a few things too.
    My boys are now in the mindset that car boot sales and charity are great as they are guaranteed a book whenever we go in one. Guaranteed they ask every sunday to go to one, and called one of the parents at school a "ignoramus" for thinking they were full of tat. In the words of my 6yr old "its called recycling!!!

    so were slowly getting they, but its really tough, were living in our overdrafts but were still keeping up with repayments, paying the rent etc
    Over the summer holidays were planning on visiting lots of castles, with lots of picnics (all HM). We decided to invest in an english heritage deal where you pay 77 for a joint couple (annual)and up to 6 kids can go in free. We thought it was a good deal and already paid for itself the first two months we had it. CAncelled the direct debit though so it couldn't automatically go out next year. We skint ourselves buying it but its been goof so far.

    Well i've posted my life story lol, thanks for starting up the thread Ceridwen x
    • northwest1965
    • By northwest1965 17th Jul 10, 7:47 AM
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    Happy new thread, seven pages already???? Just goes to show the amount of increasing interest in reducing our costs of living. I make crab apple jelly every year, and the tree in the garden looks like there will be a fantastic harvest this year. I am also nursing along a couple of tomato plants (flowers and small fruits already showing), some runner bean plants that are already in flower, some pepper plants which show no signs yet of fruiting, a load of raspberry bushes which are showing the odd berry here and there, and a few troughs of salad leaves that I use for all salad meals. There are even a few potato plants resurrected from last year which are in full leaf. Every morning I check out all the plants, like Ebeneezer Scrooge checking out his bank balance! Must get round to making the laundry liquid, it sounds really nice.
    Originally posted by Nargleblast
    I too am like you, I inspect mine 1st thing in the morning. I dont have a garden its a yard. Previous years gone it was all tubs and baskets with flowers. Apart from some red salvia I now have tomatoes in the hanging baskets and in the tubs, salad leaves (rocket'lollo rosso etc) runners courgettes potatoes and all herbs.
    Its surprising how many lovely flowers you get with veg
    Loved our trip to the West Coast USA. Death Valley is the place to go!
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    Gailey my love Ikea is VERY exciting, don't ever apologise for your choices, in anything! I worked abroad for years and when i came home and got a store management position I couldn't beleive what people would come and blow in one go. It used to really rattle me as my salary was low and I remember saying to my mum 'How on earth do they do it'. She said 'Maybe it's on credit to keep up with the Joneses and they don't sleep because of it, maybe they have men who buy them it but aren't that nice to them or maybe they've been sat in some mind numbing job for the last 10 years and they do this rather than jumping out the window!!!' We don't know what others really feel about their finances because it's a tabboo topic and they wont really talk about it. On here we are talking and able to honest and that's what I love about MSE. I'm in a different position to most folk on here and suppose I don't really 'fit in' but I love it and it has got me and my money on the right track so I will stay and say for me too it has been tough, but thanks to MSE I manage okay!
    'The road to a friends house is never long'
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