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    • mioliere
    • By mioliere 6th Jun 10, 12:02 PM
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    Knit Your Square to Give Your Share - PART 4
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    • 6th Jun 10, 12:02 PM
    Knit Your Square to Give Your Share - PART 4 6th Jun 10 at 12:02 PM
    Hi everyone

    Penelope Penguin has been in touch this morning and suggested that it's time for Part 4 because part 3 has grown and grown, thanks to you all for your hard work! She will add links to this thread so that we can carry on seamlessly.

    It's wonderful to think that we are now at the start of part 4! It's thanks to you all that this little idea, started just over two years ago, has become such a success!

    FOR ALL NEWBIES AND LURKERS - I have tried to post a link to a post but, for some reason, it hasn't worked. Until I have sorted it out, please look for post number 1885, which you will find on page 95 of this thread - it will tell you all about what we do! Do please join us!

    For all those who may have been lurking, please, please feel free to join us! You will receive the warmest of welcomes and I just know you will enjoy it here!


    Official MoneySavingExpert insert: 'Knit Your Square to Give Your Share' is a wonderful group that knits and crochets for charitable causes, both in the UK and overseas. They provide ideas, links to stockists, tutorials and other useful websites, encouragement to one another and, most importantly, handmade items that are distributed among deserving causes. For more information please see this post. Thanks to mioliere for starting Part 4 of what is, undoubtedly, a fantastic group.

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    • Penelope Penguin
    • By Penelope Penguin 6th Jun 10, 12:12 PM
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    Penelope Penguin
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    • 6th Jun 10, 12:12 PM
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    • 6th Jun 10, 12:12 PM
    Good afternoon everyone Part 3 of Knit Your Square is here
    Sheep, pigs, hens and bees on our Teesdale smallholding
    • psso
    • By psso 6th Jun 10, 12:44 PM
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    • 6th Jun 10, 12:44 PM
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    • 6th Jun 10, 12:44 PM
    WOW - part 4 already !!

    Just popped in before getting organised for the birthday party and found we have a nice new thread.

    As Kathy says, stop lurking and jump on the bandwagon. We got a few more joining in last time we got a new thread, so come in and say hello, you`ll be in good company.

    Update for me ( covers past few weeks, I`m not that quick at knitting)

    2 Oxfam type jumpers
    2 Chalky squares

    One jumper is actually a larger size aids T top and the other is the blue one from Maytaurus`s link the other week but it will be easier just to put them in as oxfams probably - save having umpteen jumper types.

    Hope everyone has a happy Sunday doing what they enjoy doing.

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    Charity knitting 2015
    • k2tog
    • By k2tog 6th Jun 10, 1:27 PM
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    • 6th Jun 10, 1:27 PM
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    • 6th Jun 10, 1:27 PM
    Just popping in quickly -
    wow, part 4!

    Hopefully anyone that was lurking and put off by the huge pt 3 thread will feel able to join in the shiny new one

    Will catch up properly later.

    Hope everyone is well
    • roamin in the gloamin
    • By roamin in the gloamin 6th Jun 10, 1:29 PM
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    roamin in the gloamin
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    • 6th Jun 10, 1:29 PM
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    • 6th Jun 10, 1:29 PM
    OOOO lovely new thread....we are all doing well
    The Hooligan Wooligan – age 9¾
    Charity Knitting 2015-
    2xSIBOL butterflies -86x squares
  • sock-knitter
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    • 6th Jun 10, 3:30 PM
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    • 6th Jun 10, 3:30 PM
    just popping in to say say wow, part 4 already, and welcome to any newbies that are lurking
    sk x
    loves to knit and crochet for others
  • In Search Of Me
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    • 6th Jun 10, 6:01 PM
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    • 6th Jun 10, 6:01 PM
    Shiny new thread! As others have said hopefully lurkers who were intimidated by the size of the last one will come out and play! Nice day today with church then some friends for lunch (pork loin and then cheesecake) followed by a snooze. Poor mums tummy didnt appreciate food so am hoping that the scan shows something as its getting her down now...just sent her to bed!
    Going to have a bask as kyuuto lacy crochet pattern before I get too tired! Dont hold your breath though!!
    Nerd no 109 Long haulers supporters DFW #1! Even in the darkest moments, love and hope are always possible.

    • chalky 75
    • By chalky 75 6th Jun 10, 9:04 PM
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    chalky 75
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    • 6th Jun 10, 9:04 PM
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    • 6th Jun 10, 9:04 PM
    Hi -- Well a lovely new thread--- Hope to see "old" and " new " friends here really soon
    Love to one and all

    Update 13 Lapacuddlyghans completed
    Try and do a good deed every day.
    • SGT
    • By SGT 6th Jun 10, 10:35 PM
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    • 6th Jun 10, 10:35 PM
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    • 6th Jun 10, 10:35 PM
    Wow.... A new thread to play with. lol.

    Drum roll - I have managed to complete some of my work in progress, I managed to 'create' the faces for 2 snuggle blankets & sew up a baby cardigan, unfortunately the buttons I had to hand were too small, so this week I must go through my stash & see if I can find some that are suitable.

    Big hugs to all those in need xx
    'Money and good health is coming easily to Flypeople'
  • In Search Of Me
    First post of the week from me lol! Just winding down after another night at a&e...poor mum being sick all day and was in agony so rang an ambulence and then spent rest of night there with her. Shes staying in and will have another scan tomorrow so hopefully they can find out whats wrong. Poor love is feeling really rotten and quite woozy when they gave her morphine but at least that took the pain away for a bit. Shes on a drip and looking quite frail for the first time ever and is still frustrated that her body wont do what she wants it to... Prayers please from those who say them. Shes in great hands and, as always the case of late, was well looked after but its a worry and Im knackered.
    well done sgt - I feel a bit like that lol!
    Nerd no 109 Long haulers supporters DFW #1! Even in the darkest moments, love and hope are always possible.

    • maytaurus
    • By maytaurus 7th Jun 10, 5:49 AM
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    I’ve been reading through posts trying to catch up ..........sorry I'm a bit behind

    Thanks for all the positive thoughts & hugs

    Glad to hear that everyone has had some nice weather
    I hope ur all enjoyin it!

    I’ve done quite a lot of making but ... argh ... those wips!!!!!!!!!

    *Penelope Penguin

    Thanks for the link to our new shiny part 4 and

    to everyone on all your great work getting here!
    I think some cake is in order


    So sorry to hear your sad news

    and your Mum x

    Re ‘We are going to sue the hospital because the way they have treated my mom, They said if they done the op within the 1st and 3rd cancellation she wouldn't be going through this now, And don't forget there was 9 cancellations,’
    As I’ve said before, the medical ‘profession’................

    One has to ask, just how you are supposed to get a GP to take notice of what you say to them?!?
    It just seems to me that if you’re in an accident or drop down somewhere with a serious problem like a heart attack, you will be helped to survive, but beyond that I have found that nobody is interested
    I’m sure there must be some people with GOOD GP’S but I don’t know of any and haven’t seen/spoken to anyone from the so called*medical profession* since I put the phone down on my GP and spent an hour crying because of the way I have been spoken to / treated ................
    Or should I say NOT TREATED


    re ‘I had every intention of getting some crochet done last night, but we settled down to watch a film and I slept through the entire thing, with my crochet on my lap! Better luck this evening, I hope!’
    That sounds very familiar to me Kathy
    ‘trying to get anywhere with France Telecom and Orange is a real challenge!’
    LOL you’d have to go out of your way to find a worse combination than those 2 Kathy!
    I hope the nice weather is helping you to feel better
    The swallows sound almost human, actually that’s an insult to them ... they sound lovely!
    I love all the birds in the garden, family say it’s a wonder they can still fly, cos I’m always feeding them
    Your blogs lookin good!

    Re ‘We're thinking about getting a couple of goats but need to do some more research first.’

    Have a look here

    My SIL used to have a few b4 she moved to Cyprus ...they were Pygmys tho
    ... so cute ... (the goats that is! )

    Not all breeds of goats are good grazers, but some, such as Angoras and Boers graze well, Goats generally prefer to browse and like to vary their diet with more fibrous foods.
    Hay is the staple really ... like horses they love it
    If you need grass kept down, geese or sheep are better and you could have you’re own wool


    re ‘can you ever have enough ........ (wool) ........ erm ........... NO!

    I always have to buy my wool though, I’ve tried freecycle etc but never had any luck boo-hoo

    Hope you’re settling into your new home


    Re;’my memory just lately keeps going walk-about...

    I may be absent minded, but I can’t remember!

    Re ‘Have spent hours in the garden digging a couple of beds out my goodness the places I ache you wouldn’t believe’

    I hope your MIL improves in leaps & bounds

    My mum had a pacemaker fitted and she was back to her old busy self in no time!

    What size is the ripple blanket you’re making?

    The knitting set for your DGD's 6th birthday sounds like great fun .......

    French knitting and pom-pom bring back happy memories for me!

    *roamin in the gloamin

    ‘’2 huge bin bags full of material and 2 huge bin bags full of wool for the machines’’
    You’re going to very busy from now until you come back to the UK then!!!!
    Best get those tax forms done first tho!

    It’s a good job you don’t have hay fever with all that grass cutting

    What sort of yarn is the 100g ‘s?

    Have a look at these Hoochie Cozies!


    Glad you are at least getting some tests done, hope you get more support from the medics than I have and keeping my fingers crossed for you getting better


    Sorry to hear that you still have the moths ... pesky little blighters!
    I’m sure the time till ur move will wiz by!
    It would be fab to have alpacas, they’re so cuddly ... and what about a horsey?
    Still waiting for Jean to get one!!!

    *chalky 75

    You may be bonkers but your lappys are brilliant as always!

    I see you hope to be home on July 1st, so I will wait until then to send the squares, hats and hedgehog wool

    Love the blog!

    Sorry to hear about the mozies, afraid toothpaste nor anything else helps with my bites ... I only get bitten here tho another reason to move abroad !

    I'd post a piccy but don't want to make folks fell yucky


    Any news on your craft fair?


    I hope you are feeling better and the family are all well
    RE ‘the whatsit thingy !!!!

    `Border, do you mean Mum` she said. The very word I was looking for - it was THERE, right on the tip of my tongue - I could feel it sitting there!!’

    Thought I was talking to myself again then ... you made lol
    How lovely that you have two llamas in the field behind you awwww

    on receiving your award

    A new photo of Jayden would be lovely

    I’m not sure about you sending rock to our


    Kinsey Keiss 21 toottifrootti Mrs Twins sock-knitter k2tog DON79 salome OnlyGirl linedancerann Mrs Twins SGT Blackcrow pol PurpleTeddyBear finequine
    Prfungi ?? LC Wilson ??

    For all the poorlies, those who haven’t been here lately ... hope you’re lurking ............. and those of you /and around you, who are struggling

    *In Search Of Me, *sock-knitter,

    Hoping your mums will soon be feeling better

    It is so much better if they can move near to you
    I’m so glad I persuaded my mum & dad to move and was so lucky to find them a bungalow in the same road as us

    *In Search Of Me

    Just saw your last post; I hope that your mum is getting treated properly and that they soon have some answers for you

    Prayers said for extra strength and spirit help for all of us

    "Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is a quiet voice
    at the end of the day saying, 'I will try again tomorrow"

    Don’t forget.... Lots of patterns & info inc **cheapest p&p** here ... #143
    Square patterns ... #
    2257 Easter & toys ... #3682 Pet patterns & info ... #2422
    Info for Imageshack & posting all your photos is here #
    The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane Marcus Aurelius
    • mioliere
    • By mioliere 7th Jun 10, 5:50 AM
    • 6,827 Posts
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    Hi everyone and welcome to Part 4!

    ISOM - I'm thinking about your poor Mum; hope she's feeling a lot better today and that they find out what's wrong.

    Chalky - the latest lappy is lovely. I love all the shades of blue; it has a Delft look to it.

    I did a bit more to my throw last night. It's very soothing to do because it's just treble stripes (pattern adapted from one of the crochet blocks in my new book) and grows quickly. Once I've finished it I will have to sew my cushion squares together - at the moment, it's just a pile of squares waiting to be put into some sort of order.

    I have a bag that I've put together of wool and hook to keep in the car when we're out and about, so that I can crochet ten-minute preemie hats on trips when DH is driving, especially when he's buying materials - those shops are not the most interesting pf places to be, and I'd much rather be in the car crocheting than looking at bags of plaster, as long as we're not parked in full sun!

    We're waiting for the electrician to finish off all the electrics here. DH has done most of the work of installing sockets and switches, and running cables through beams, and so on, but, as he's colour-blind, we need to get the professionals in to do the final connecting up! It's a bit frustrating for him but better than blowing ourselves up! We're hoping that the tanking solution we ordered from the UK turns up today - we need to apply that before we can plaster the rest of the kitchen walls. We're going out to choose new lighting for the kitchen and conservatory today. By the end of the week, we should have made a lot of progress. The bit I'm really dreading is when we come to altering the kitchen units around. We just put them in a temporary design when we first bought the house and I've got used to where everything is; now I shall have to empty them all so we can move them, and I'm not looking forward to that bit!

    Anyway, I hope all those who are MIA are well. Maytaurus - it's been ages since we've heard from you. I hope everything is OK?


    Squares: 11, Animal blankets: 2
    • mioliere
    • By mioliere 7th Jun 10, 6:06 AM
    • 6,827 Posts
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    Hi Maytaurus - our posts crossed! I was going to pm you today to tell you about our shiny new thread, so I'm glad you've posted! Lovely to hear from you and such a lovely post, as always! Thank you so much for the goat info - I've looked on the net and not found that site before; it's exactly what I've been looking for. I love the sound of pygmy goats. I did think of sheep but was told that they are a lot more difficult to look after, and that goats were easier, so I'm still deciding what to do! Also, we need to make sure our neighbours don't mind looking after them when we're away! It's the reason we haven't got chickens yet - we need to make sure they can be looked after when we visit the UK and so on. Unlike one set of neighbours here who just go away for weeks at a time and leave their cat outside to fend for itself (which it does by practically moving in with us!).

    It's good that your Mum and Dad live so close to you - it must make life easier for all of you, and great that you found them a place in the same road!

    It's so good to have you back here - we all really miss you. Hope you have a good day today.


    Squares: 11, Animal blankets: 2
    • maytaurus
    • By maytaurus 7th Jun 10, 6:40 AM
    • 2,080 Posts
    • 7,795 Thanks
    oh boo
    now I won't get an email!

    I would post more often, but it just takes so much effort at the mo ... sad I know

    Mum is still in the care home Kathy and I haven't seen her much cos of my stupid ME etc

    re '
    one set of neighbours here who just go away for weeks at a time and leave their cat outside to fend for itself''

    Sounds like the neighbor of mine with the dog ..........

    HUMANS !
    ..... I'm glad he's got you though

    Can't really say how I feel about everything just now hun

    Two more of the lads from my sons regiment where lost on friday, 23yrs and 24yrs old

    they've only just released their names, though obviously we knew them, ... sometimes there are just no words e_Teaser_Region_5&
    lid=ARTICLE_15644439_Afghanistan%3A_Tributes_To_Co rporal_Terry_Webster_And_Lance_Corporal_Alan_Cochr an_Killed_In_Firefight

    The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane Marcus Aurelius
    • dpixie
    • By dpixie 7th Jun 10, 9:37 AM
    • 314 Posts
    • 1,952 Thanks
    morning all - how fab - a new thread, i can't believe that we have been here so long! and there are so many lovely people.

    i had been very good and have been finishing some of my WIPs, and can now update:


    5 hexagon jumpers

    yippee - these are now out of my crochet bag and in the "algerian action bag" which will be posted just before we leave.

    May - how lovely to see you back here, i do hope that you are feeling okay, we love your posts and love seeing you here, so thanks.

    ISOM - hope that your mum is feeling better. prayers to her.

    Shez - hope that your mum is coping, best wishes and prayers to her too.

    oh well i have a list of things to do that is a whole page long, so i had better jump to it. (sadly it doesn't include crochet, but i have scheduled in an hour for lunch and if i eat quickly ....)

    have a fabulous day everyone, even though they do forecast rain, it will water the garden and save you a job, so more time for fun!

    hugs to all

    1 oxfam jumper, 19 hexagon jumpers and 1 beanie!
    • Pippa.S
    • By Pippa.S 7th Jun 10, 10:20 AM
    • 2,648 Posts
    • 19,310 Thanks
    oooo a new thread how lovely

    Hope we get some new friends as well....all are welcome, we're a very friendy bunch Come in and say hello

    Hiya May nice to see you the latest ripple blanket is 51.5" (131 cms) wide, and the length I am hoping will be around 65" (165 cms) but we will see, I will post a pic of the colours when I have done a bit more, they are very Autumnal, was'nt sure at first but they seem to be working.
    thanks May MIL's Pacemaker is being fitted tomorrow I don't think she really understands what she is having done.
    All that wool....dopey me I thought it was a smartie cake

    kathy - whats the 10 minute crochet hat??? how does Louis get along with your neighbour's cat. I have been promised a new kitchen..... but OH did'nt say which year it would be

    ISOM - your poor Mum, she will be in my thoughts and prayers (you too) x

    dpixie - is'nt it a lovely feeling when the WIP's start disappearing and you can see the bottom of the bag again, sadly does'nt last in my case

    Better go OH is back and we are off shopping then over to the hospital.
    See you later
  • In Search Of Me
    in haste as bath is running and i need to gather some energy for butt kicking me thinks..not easy after 4 hours sleep...spoken to hospital and as mum is now quite happy they want to let her not happy with this as we'll just go through the same thing again as theyve still not ascertained whats made her sick for a month...she needs an ultrasound but theres a long line of other people wanting one too...grr
    Nerd no 109 Long haulers supporters DFW #1! Even in the darkest moments, love and hope are always possible.

    • psso
    • By psso 7th Jun 10, 10:50 AM
    • 1,209 Posts
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    Having a Techy Numpty time. Can`t get the pic to show.

    Back later when I suss what I`m doing wrong.


    Crossed posts ISOM - you go for it girl. Put on a pair of steel toecaps and kick some butt. !!!
    Last edited by psso; 07-06-2010 at 10:53 AM.
    Fully paid up member of S.A.B.L.E.
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    Charity knitting 2015
    • psso
    • By psso 7th Jun 10, 11:08 AM
    • 1,209 Posts
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    Yippee, done it at last. Kept getting it wrong but couldn`t work out where - kept forgetting to delete the http bit in the box on imageshack.

    Little man all ready to go to his cousin`s birthday party yesterday.
    Dd is going away to put all his first size things away as they are too small already.

    Have a good day everyone and I`ll be back later.

    Fully paid up member of S.A.B.L.E.
    Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy

    Charity knitting 2015
    • mioliere
    • By mioliere 7th Jun 10, 11:58 AM
    • 6,827 Posts
    • 71,655 Thanks
    Just popping in quickly before lunch - had a busy morning out buying materials but should have some more time on here later on.

    Pippa - here is the link to the ten-minute hat - it really is quick and easy and ideal for doing at odd moments! There's no photo but you only need to do one to see what it's like! Louis gets on quite well with the cat next door, mainly because we think he's his dad! We feed him because we can't stand the thought of him being hungry and he's always hungry! Once he's eaten he usually disappears for hours - he probably has other people feeding him too!

    Elaine - Jayden is absolutely gorgeous; you must be so proud of him. I would just love to give him a cuddle! Please give him one on my behalf!

    Well, I'll pop back later.


    Squares: 11, Animal blankets: 2
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