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    Won't power - What will you not do in 2010?
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    • 18th Dec 09, 3:18 AM
    Won't power - What will you not do in 2010? 18th Dec 09 at 3:18 AM
    I think it's fair to say that anyone who finds themselves with excessive credit card debt has made a fair few errors of judgement and rergetful purchases in the past.

    So in 2010 it's as much about "won't power" as willpower in order to get a tight grip on our finances and hopefully not make the same mistakes again.

    For me:

    1. I won't make any impulse purchases. If I see something I want I will write it down on my "impulse purchase delay list" and wait at least a week before making a purchase. I have done this this year and found that I only purchased about 25% of items that I put on my list. One exception to this rule is of course items that won't be availible to purchase in a weeks time such as second hand items, special offers or clearance sales.

    2. I won't own a constantly depreciating cash draining lump of rubber metal and plastic otherwise known as a car. I will use my motorcycle for personal transportation and hire a car on the few accoasions I absolutely need one.

    3. I won't buy new when I can buy second hand.

    4. I won't buy when I can borrow (goods not money).

    5. I won't use or apply for a credit card or take out a loan.

    6. I will plan out my spending for each day the night before and unless there are exceptional or unforseen circumstances won't purchase anything that is not on my list.

    7. I won't buy a new computer. For the last fifteen years I have bought a new computer every three years and on this cycle am due a new one this year too. However my current computer does everything I ask of it and don't need another one for bragging rights only (My hard disk is bigger than yours!)

    What won't you do?
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  • tlc123
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    • 18th Dec 09, 5:37 AM
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    • 18th Dec 09, 5:37 AM

    I won't

    1. Use a credit card or take out another loan

    2. I will make a budget for every single month and keep a spending diary

    3 I won't buy on impulse

    4. I won't spend money for the sae of spending money

    5. I won't just accept the renewals for insurance etc, I will shop around

    6. I won't waste water and electric

    7. I won't be so overly generous for people's birthday and christmas!!

    Great post Asiacat, Thanks!

    T x
    Long Haul Supporter #203

  • Pinky15
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    • 18th Dec 09, 6:08 AM
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    • 18th Dec 09, 6:08 AM
    I wont'
    - Make any purchases on ccard unless it's an absolute emergency
    - make minimum payments all will be over even if it is a few pounds
    - Just because it is a good deal doesn;t mean I have to have it
    - I wont shop without a list and meal plan

    I will
    - continue to internet shop then empty my basket before checkout!
    - Try and pay at least 100 over my debt per month
    - Take any overtime offered
    - Ebay unwanted goods in 2010
    - Use car boots for needed items which kids may grow out of quickly
    - Stick to a weekly budget cos if I do this I can afford to give up work in sept and take some time off with my kids - this is really what spurs me on and if we hadnt wasted money in the past I wouldnt have to work - but LBM lesson learned
    OP - great post thanks - Hope everyone has a lovely DFW Christmas!!!!

    Nov 2012 - Loan 1200, CC1 1450
    CC2 1300, CC3 100
    Next 200

    I will get rid!!!!
  • catspaw
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    • 18th Dec 09, 9:14 AM
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    • 18th Dec 09, 9:14 AM
    I won't: shop without a meal plan
    Go out with my cash card (only carry cash)
    Buy on impulse
    Agree to days out with friends if I can't afford it

    I will: clear all my debt (god knows how but I will)
    Leave my cash card at home
    make my cakes not buy them
    Stick to a budget
    shop around for insurance(using cash back sites)
    Proud to be dealing with my debt

    TOTAL: 6,437 (04/01/2013) slowly but surely it is decreasing
  • LilacPixie
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    • 18th Dec 09, 11:49 AM
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    • 18th Dec 09, 11:49 AM
    I won't:
    shop without a list and mealplan
    spend money just because something is a bargain

    I will:
    Ebay unwanted items
    Overpay debts and mortgage if only by a few
    Earn more in 2010
    Cut grocery and energy bills drastically
    MF aim 10th December 2020
    MFW 2012 no86 OP 0/2000
  • Snowmoredebt
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    • 18th Dec 09, 4:04 PM
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    • 18th Dec 09, 4:04 PM
    I won't
    Buy on credit
    Turn down overtime
    Bury my head in sand
    Let my family down

    I will
    Get married
    Go on honeymoon
    Clear loads of debt
    Debt at LBM 19700
    Arrears 4800

    married 14/08/2010
    Date wife can move to live with me 28/02/2011 (date she can leave work for good)
  • tlc123
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    • 18th Dec 09, 8:18 PM
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    • 18th Dec 09, 8:18 PM
    woo I'll be getting married and going on honeymoon too!! high five!!
    Long Haul Supporter #203

    • Shoe Gal
    • By Shoe Gal 18th Dec 09, 8:27 PM
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    Shoe Gal
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    • 18th Dec 09, 8:27 PM
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    • 18th Dec 09, 8:27 PM
    I won't buy anything I can't pay for with cash - cards are off limits
    Sometimes it's hard to walk in a single woman's shoes - that's why we need really special ones!
    Total debt @ Oct 2008: 29,226.42 Credit Card- 7493.56 - 7243.56
    Weightloss : 0/34lbs
    • juicygirl
    • By juicygirl 18th Dec 09, 8:47 PM
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    • 18th Dec 09, 8:47 PM
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    • 18th Dec 09, 8:47 PM
    I won't:

    -Book expensive holidays on my credit card (or at all!)
    -Eat out
    -Waste money on takeaways when I can't be bothered cooking
    -Put off trying to sell on Ebay any longer
    -Put back my debt free date again
    -Buy every magazine under the sun

    • MargB
    • By MargB 18th Dec 09, 8:51 PM
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    I won't
    1..... buy on impulse. without a list
    3......waste money on stuff I know I'll never use
    4......carry too much cash with me (then I can't be tempted)
    5......waste energy around the home
    6......leave the tv on when I'm reading/studying (one or the other, please)

    I'm sure I'll think of others

    nice posting...makes you really think about things
    Debts (incl Mortgage) at LBM (24/09/08) 102849 Now 1110.57 DFD March 2023 by the end of 2019
    • crawley_girl
    • By crawley_girl 18th Dec 09, 9:59 PM
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    As I am a 'glass if half-full kind of person' I am turning my post into a positive. So here are the things I will do (as opposed to won't do)

    I will
    • post on the 'what small dfw thing have you done today?' thread daily
    • keep checking online banking and making sure I know what is going in and more importantly - what is leaving!
    • continue to work more than 1 job
    • make more than minimum payments on cc debt
    • try to mealplan for those days where I don't get to eat at work for free!
    Ever wonder about those people who spend 2 apiece on those little bottles of Evian water? Try spelling Evian backward.
    • Amatheya81
    • By Amatheya81 20th Dec 09, 11:28 AM
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    Ooo I like this thread

    In 2010 I won't...
    ... Carry credit or debit cards with me
    ... Impulse buy
    ... Spend more than 10 on food per week
    ... Buy anything new that I could buy second hand
    ... Take out any new loans or credit cards

    I Will...
    ... Ebay old stuff regularely
    ... I will spend more time working on ways to increase my income
    ... I will pay more than the minimum payemts on my debts
  • TEK
    Good thread this!

    In 2010 I/We won't
    ...Spend any money on cards
    ...Buy anything without budgetting for it
    ...Shop without a list or go over shopping budget

    I/We will
    ...Use a spending diary to account for every penny
    ...Have a maximum of one takeaway/meal out a week,but if we don't have one one week it doesn't mean we can have two the next!
    ...Try to shift some debts onto 0% or low LOB cards
    ...Look for the best deals on EVERYTHING & use vouchers for days out,meals out etc.
    ...Do as much overtime as possible
    ...Learn to Ebay
    ...Have a financial overhaul once a month to continually try to save money
    ...Enjoy life no matter what it throws at us,there's always someone worse off than ourselves!
    DEBT AT LBM(1/7/07)-35,052.19 DEBT (31/08/10) Average amount paid off P.M. 67.96 Paid off so far 2582.68(7.3%) Target to pay off in 2010 2,340.14/3,600 LH Supporter(165) DFD September 2110
  • misswissy
    This is a great thread op. I've been having a think.....:confused:

    I won't give up my Make 10 a day challenge. It's fab!
    I won't (ever!) take out another credit card or loan. (my cc finishes Feb hopefully and loan in April)
    I won't keep buying Costa lattes (reduce to once a week!)

    I will keep shopping to a list and meal plan - it really works!
    I will keep ebaying the endless junk in my house (250 in last 2 months)
    I will constantly keep tabs on the ins and outs of my bank account
    I will become debt free!

    I hope this thread inspires newcomers. New year is a great time for resolutions, and mine is to become debt free. Have a great crimbo everyone.
    • property.advert
    • By property.advert 23rd Dec 09, 3:20 AM
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    A simple one is not to go shopping when you are hungry or to get to a point doing things during the day that "forces" you to buy in food rather than cook when you are tired.

    Get something put in the freezer such as a curry and rice or some lasagne or even just making sure you have some bread in the freezer and a tin of soup in the cupboard (adjust for numbers).

    Remember to hit the supermarkets between Christmas and New year and then just after New year as they will have to discount all those great big hams and things which they will never sell at full price next week !
  • carlos*the*mackem
    Great thread Asiacat! I think we're all pretty much on the same wavelength on this one.

    Hmm...I won't:-
    1. Buy stuff on impulse or because it's the 'latest thing'
    2. Use credit cards or apply for new ones
    3. Food shop without a list or mealplan
    4. Food shop with the kids (too many expensive treats end up in the trolley that way) :rolleyes:
    5. Buy things we don't really need or won't use
    6. Make minimum repayments on CCs (I will always aim to overpay)
    7. Procrastinate when it comes to selling old stuff on ebay
    I'm sure there will be more; tbh, we do try not to do the above anyway, but seeing it written down really helps to reinforce it. We shop around for the best deals, use Quidco, shop at Aldi or Lidl (not just ASDA or Tesco), bulk buy stuff we use a lot, and just try to be careful moneywise. I know we can do better though; the CCs are a reminder of that! In short, in 2010 I will try to be an even better Moneysaver!
    Happy Christmas to you all!
    This space for rent

    Ignorance is not an excuse. How about utter stupidity?
    • MessyMare
    • By MessyMare 23rd Dec 09, 7:33 PM
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    I wont:
    Drain my bank account to zero every month!
    Go shopping for pleasure every week
    Buy things 'just because'
    Keep things that I don't need!

    I will:

    Do that bloody car boot I keep putting off!
    Save up for things, not impulse buy them and make myself skint
    Take better care of my car, even though she hasn't let me down so far!
    Start selling my jewellery in a more professional way!
    DEBT: 3585.91/76843
    Pay ALL your debt off by Xmas 2018 #033 635.78/2435.78
    EMERGENCY FUND: 1000/1000
    Our greatest weakness lies in giving up; always try just one more time
  • paulabear
    Getting right into all this saving/making money, hopefully this will be a good year

    I won't;
    -put off switching energy suppliers
    -forget to take back library books on time! Think we're paying for their energy bills just through the fines we pay...
    -use Tesco Express just because it's across the road!
    -leave it til I'm really hungry to start cooking, and end up eating the easiest and more expensive items in the fridge or freezer.
    -buy drinks or snacks for the kids while I'm out - I'll plan ahead and take them with me.
    -put off applying for Jobseeker's, getting help to find something that fits around school hours, and try to put aside any extra cash this gives us, as we've been managing quite well on one wage so far scared of learning to drive...I won't be scared of learning to drive...

    I will...
    -research and apply for a nursing course.
    -continue to be excited about the 10k in 2010 challenge, but also be very sensible about it!
    -keep obsessing about this site. It hasn't done me any harm so far.
    -use more of the Old Style tips
    -de-clutter this house and make a profit from our unused items
    I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick @ss.... and I'm all out of bubblegum.
    • Flickering Ember
    • By Flickering Ember 26th Dec 09, 8:14 PM
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    Flickering Ember
    I don't have any cards or loans but I do spend too much and keep ending up skint.

    So, I won't eat as many meals out, be it sarnies or sushi, it's excessive.
    I won't drink as much alcohol as soda water is cheaper and healthier.
    I won't waste food either as I have done this year a bit.
    I won't see my overdraft facility as "available funds."

    I will spend less on "stuff", stop taking EVERY Sunday off for leisure and earn a bit of extra money doing paid work.
    I will do well at my Open University course and work hard.
    I will chase up 3 people who owe me money and have been avoiding paying me for 2 years now.
    I will declutter more and sell loads of excess stuff I've got.
    Last edited by Flickering Ember; 26-12-2009 at 8:18 PM.
    Flickering Embers grow higher and higher...I need a break and I wanna be a paperback writer!
    • Nottoobadyet
    • By Nottoobadyet 26th Dec 09, 10:56 PM
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    Here we go!

    I wont prioritize other things over my debts
    I wont travel at every opportunity
    I wont use the new CC (my first ever!) for anything except one necessary big expense (visa extension) and one necessary flight booking, and when I use it for those I will pay it back ASAP
    I wont dip into the money I put aside each month for my debt to cover shortfalls that are my own fault anyway
    I wont let my social life revolve around the pub any longer, for my health and wallet!

    I will become a better cook so we can enjoy eating at home and entertaining here for less than the cost of going out
    I will take advantage of all the wonderful free and nearly free things there are to do in London
    I will take lunch to work every day without fail and attempt to meal plan at home
    I will be good and generally organized in every way!
    Last edited by Nottoobadyet; 26-12-2009 at 10:57 PM. Reason: forgot one :-)
    Mortgage free by 30: 28,000/100,000
    Debt free as of 1 October, 2010
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